Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs, Jane Lowenthal,
Librarian, I I
Research Institute for
the Study oft Mn,. -iri
'162 tast 78 Street, f..,
New York 10021, N..~
UI..S.AAr b .tA ,e '-.
?..XJI Nu' %22


T' 7TiFT, Vwhos-e $aftriere vcloa '
is .reckoned to be Vte most active in
the Garibbean. (it has erupted most
tdsastrously three times in as many
cetauries), is threatene' s again. An
..e.enC7y CoEr,~ ttee has 1,id its pls
and -'3 Berwick is standing by to
evzjit~e, villagers from the roadless
north part cf bthe St:.te.Dr.iguardsn,
vulcanalogist frcm Trinidad, states
t.t as long &i the pito~s continue
t form ir the Crater TLfe (at 6'per
day) the 3angS-r of a violent er npt -
is small. -
3oufrte're is 4t,0' high.,but; the
-walls of the TaSl are ar t 3 000' and
lescoend sheer to.the water s e e:. --
1,0 b.' below. At the bottom of the
Lake lles "one of the largest soafr-
ieres in the ari"bbea'", A-corring
to Robson ai-Willmore (1955).
Thf 1812 explosive eruption kill-
ed many p're-blooded Garibs in a Re-
serve, and in the 1902 eruption and
s:.ueeding earthquakes a third of tfe
island was devastated and 2,000 3ied.



Mr E Parro"tt
Manager anc C hiS Cor
msoon 'r oi the Canb c
ean Secticp of RtArs
Niews Agency i'. Barha-
*s arted, here on'
lhoidSy accompa d ni -'
hc wife, Mrm. Parroti.
He '^wnt to St. Vi-,:
cant bdorte 11i4rmn t6
,; rif4 o -

12360 IWafa I mp


1971 : Tea C4a:n
Fish Vendor from Soufrier.


: ,,ar ~ `. .

at the old Mirket
........ e-- --~-, -.IPU----- IL-- -l~~~~

_N OT i.. 'C
It is notified for general information that bc: I
First M.,-mg of the Second Session of :he -
cond Parhiamenr under the 1967 Cos;t-r;'..i
will ie held at, the Court Ious. R.;. :aL, at ,.-o .
a.m on Thursday, 9th December, 1971.
Members cf rthe public are hereby invited. t
S. 'arie Davis Pierre
G: C! rk of thi House oa A..s rm'
. . ,,-_ ,,...,, .- -- ^ n 1 - - - -- -. ,. -, ^ ^ .-

1971 FordCortina No.3234
One owner; 4,000 miles.
Brand newv G CSo (SGodyear Radial Ply Tyres
| e .and Radio
Ci ":2481,exr. 32 8a.m. o 4Pm.
23: Ca;,*rg ,e t

Editor - -... AL. rPs

pni^a! twruczbet 26

~,~-u*-,-~YJarr~u .p-arrLu~na~,~lrrwnuu-~nr~ar~nlrrr~-- -ir~


R E J 0 I N D E R S ... by ANDROCLES
I have a friend alas, no longer on this side of Jordan who
.used to say that evil carries within itself the seeds of its own destruct-
ion. This aphorism came back to mind when I read the Leblanc Shoe Party's
organ the "Educator" (what a choice of name') -of 17th November. The
particular form of evil associated with this publication and, indeed,with
the Party itself, is untruthfulness. And here in this issue wgs untruth-
fulness carried to a length which could, and should, destroy credibility
of both organ and Party in the eyes of decent, honest people, once and
for all.
Before I come to this aspect of things, however, let me dhow up the
shallowness of the Editor and his patent inability to distinguish between
closely-related terms, He is talking about the constitutional status of
the Leader of the Opposition in the local Parliament and expresses the
opinion that since Mr. Moise did not sign the Statement issued after the
recent Dominica Conference of Opposition Delegates but instead Miss M.
Eugenia Charles did so on behalf of Dominica, this "renders it in so far
as Dominica is concerned, an unofficial document, representing only the
views of certain individuals who have no political mandate to speak on
behalf of any sector of the voting community" (page 2). In this short
statement, there are about as many fallacies as there are words.
It is surprising, I think, how an Editor of the supposed calibre of
the one of the "Educator" is unable to distinguish between jhe terms
"Leader of the Opposition" and "Opposition Leader". In his principal act-
ivity of life, .1 believe that tremendous consequences can follow failure
to see fine distinctions. And, in any case, this one is not as fihe as
all' that. The persons who gathered in Dominica on 12-14 November came here
as Opposition Leaders. Two of them happened also to be Leader of the Oppos-
ition in their respective countries and Mr. Moise of the Dominica deleg-
ation.made three. Therefore, since the Statement was the conclusion of a
meeting of Opposition Leaders, Miss Charles as the most outstanding
Opposition Leader in Dominica (as the Editor of the"Educator" and the
hierarchy of his Party know to their recurring cost) was the obvious one
to sign on our behalf as, indeed, to chair the Conference.
Another stupidity in the quotation from the "Educator" is Atatatant
that Miss Charles, the Dominica signatory to the Statement, has "no political
(mark the word) mandate to speak on behalf of any sector of the voting
community". Now Miss Charles, as recently as last June, was by popular
acclamation re-elected as Head of the Dominica Freedom Party which, at the
General Election of one year ago, obtained 58.352% of the votes cast, as
against the ruling Party's 49.95%. Maybe the Editor was thinking not of
political but of constitutional mandate. In which case, he would still be
wrong, for Miss Charlest is a nominated Member of the House of Assembly and,
as such, has a mandate, like any other Member, "to speak on behalf.....of
the voting community"land, indeed, vote iti the House.
So much for editorial naivety: let us look at editorial truthfulness,
or lack of it.
A few lines later, the Editor of the "Educator", still referring to
Mr. Moise, writes this: "The official Leader of the Opposition himself a
member of the Freedom Party has not been involved...., in the convention of
opposition leaders assembled in Dominica to discuss the Grenada Declaration,
not has he been seen at the public meetings which followed their discussions".
It is only a pathological condition of mind which can produce a state-
ment like the foregoing. Mr. Moise was seen and heard by thousands of those
present, including the representatives of the "Educator", as he addressed
the huge crowd which attended the public meeting at Freedom Street on the
night of Saturday, 13th November. The reporter of that Government paperwho
attended the Press Conference held at the Convention's meeting place also
saw Mr. Moise among the conferees.
The front page of the issue of the "Educator" under reference abounds
with deliberate untruths. Copies have been sent to the overseas delegates
(Concluded on Page Four)


Friday, November 26, 1971

Page Two

Friday, 26th November,1971

Fiction: MA TITINE by Cynthia WVtt
The Old Market was crowded and
Ma Titine squeezed her bulk in and
out of the narrow lane made by its
sweaty customers. Her basket was:
heavy and she was perspiring freely.
She mopped her face and neck with a
handk erchief which was already sod-
den. There were still a few more
things to buy from the local shop
nearer home, for Ma Titine was old-p
fashioned still and bought her rouid
provisions off the pavement and
practically .everything else from
small neighbourhood retailers. er
hand was numb...she shifted the bas-
ket onto her head.
"Titine" IBrat it! She was long-
ing to get out of the heat; she bet
it would rain now Baby, a girlho0d
friend, was calling her; Ah chen!
"Titine!" Baby gained' the side-
walk too, sweating and panting pro-
fusely. "Way, way, what a heat.
You finish do your market? Les' go,"
She'd forgotten that she had invited
Baby' to take a cool Saturday after-
noon seabath with her, eat, drink
and go to the meeting in Lagon.Two
things she and Baby really loved
were 1'Audience (High Court) and
political meetings;......
This time the whole street was
crowded before Baby and Titine arri-
ved, dragging~ antique three-legged
stools with them to spare their legs
and ward off enemies with. Very soon
Baby espied Ancine and nudged her,
companion: "Look Titine, Ancine don
say she Shoe Party an' look she han'
in glove wid you' daughter- set"
Ssssh2' For the people aroundwere
listening intensely. One after one
the speakers were saying that they
didn't want any Grenada Declaration.
"Whaddah?" Asked a girl the other
side of Ma Titine. She replied in a
hoarse curt voice, "It mean we-all
doh wan' one Nennen foh de.chrisning
It mean we want, to cornsult fuss."
"Oh, is Bunnam de Nennen?" asked
the innocent young girl. Meanwhile
Ancine had moved away from her ex-
change of boeuf with the young set.
Digging her umbrella into a hole ir.
the pavement, huge handclaps drowned
her mutterings as she advanced upon
her one-time friends."Shut you mout'
an' let Moise talk!" bawled Baby.
But Titine only said softly, asa
if to no-one at all, "Vache c'est
Vache, and when cow sell is de but-
cher alone de man dealing wid."

When the new session of Parliament
was opened this mohth by the Queen,
Montserrat's Chief Minister Mr.Aus-
tin Bramble had-a ringside view of
Her Majesty in crown and robes from
a seat in the House of Lords. He was
in Britain as a guest of the Govern-
CARIBBEAN: Mr. Wm. Bell has a new
job as Director-Gen. of a new indep-
endent Council which will replace the
present one for Tech. Education and
Training for Overseas Countries.Funds:
will come from UK's global aid pro-
gramme, Mr. John Rednall will take
over from Mr. Bell in the Caribbean
next January as Head of British Dev.
Division for the area.
BRITAIN: A big Trades Union March of
unenmloyed clashed with Police in
Parliament Square this week* One pol-
iceman was de-horsed, several persons;
injured, others arrested. (Weds.) ***
BRITAIN gave $285,631 froxDeveopment
Aid funds to cornruct a modern primary
school for Roseau on the site of .the
burned out Old Grammar School. It will
hold 600 pupils.
CANADA: Canadian aid for Dominica was
discussed with the Premier,other Min-
isters and Senior Govt.Officials on
the one side and visiting C.I.D.A. men
headed by J.Copeland and G.Razon., No
commitments were made but a team from
Canada is due early next year to ex-
amine education requests etc.
DOMINICA: Banana problems lbomedlage
this week, when the Banana Board met
Hon.Thos.Etienne; and even more so when
Mr. John van Geest held top level dis-
cussions with the Premier & Ministers
(he was accompanied by Sir Garnet Gor-
don, Mr. Box and Mr. A.F.Rodriquez -
Directors of Geest Industries. There
would be an estimated shortage of scene
60,000 tons of bananas from the East
Caribbean which would leave the sales
field open to lands such as Surinam,
Ecuador & Ivory Coast,said Mr.vanGeest.
Boxing problems were also aired, but
decisions await the outcome of a pro-
posed meeting between Mr. van Geest
and Windward... Is. Banana Association.
CITRUS: Important citrus talks also
took place this week, and we shall try
to give a full report next issue. We
thank Mr. Leo Narodny for his cutting
reproduced on p.10 (grapefruit), and
will be happy to print his letter next
week. We also thank Mrs. M.G. of St.
Lucia for her wise comment, also to
be published.

Page tee


Page Four THE STAR Friday, November '6,39'1
Rejoinders by Androocles.(from p.&) that they may see the calibre of the
persons comprising the Party whose organ this paper is. It says, for ex-
ample, tthat "the much publicisAe Meeting of Oppositions in Dominica
ended, in a near disaster. Reports indicate that the Leaders of the Oppos-
itions: (he presumably means Opposition Leaders) were angry when they were
told that publicity had been given to a mass meeting ... at which they were
down to speak". Here again, the verve and enthusiasm with which the speaks
addressed the .meeting will indicate. to the thousands of hearers whether
this would have been the attitude- o mnaggfj&tr the reason of the quote.
"The Freedom Party Conference were' angry when the leaders ... decided that
they wished to meet the Government as well". Yet another stupid lie, but
one with an interesting story behind it.
The long and continuous publicity given in advance to the public meeting
arranged and at which the visitors would speak on the subject of-the Gren-
ada Declaration had unnerved the ruling Party. Characteristic of the in-
fantete- mind of the:'Deputy Premier was the strategy attempted. He invited
the overseas delegates to meet him and other Ministers (but not including
the Premier) and when, after consultation with their hosts they did so
about an hour before thea scheduled time for the public meeting, Mr.Armour
(1) tried to hold them back so as not to be able to address the public
meeting and (2) attempted to detach them from their loyalty to the commun-
ique they had signed an hour previously. Can anyone imagine Ronald Armour
turning the minds of people like Joshua of St.Vincent, Friday and Dr.Watts
of Grenada, Jean Baptiste of St.Lucia, Herbert of St.Kitts, etc.?
All this is intended to show the public of Dominica and our recent vis-
.itors the standard of truthfulness and of general decorum to be associated
wtvith theLeblanc -Shoe Party, its hierarchy, its organ .... This leads me
easily at this point to reply to Dr.Liverpool's: letter about this column-
ist published in the Star of November 12 referring to my piece, "The Bitte
and*the Sweet" in the Star of November 5 in which I regretted, more in sorr9m
than in anger, "that two persons, both with legal training, chose the
moment of the week preceding the recent election formally to join the
Leblanc Labour Party".
br,Liverpool has chosen to identify himself as one of the two and in so
doing shudders "to imagine what the position would be in Dominica if Andro-
cles and -those who think like him were to hold power, even for a minute".
He says also that this columnist's line of thought epitomises a dangerous
fashion which says that "if you do not support the political party which
I support, I am disappointed in you". Well this, at least, is far less
dangerous than the credo of the Party to which he has affiliated himself -
which holds that if you do not support that Party, steps will be taken to
make you regret your not doing so. Surprisingly, Dr.Liverpool, misses the
whole point of my comment. I have no objection to anyone's choice of pol-
itical association. "Chacun a son gout". Apart from the fact that Dr.Liver-
pool's timing of formal adherence to the Leblanc Shoe Party has been con-
sidered by all to be atrocious (unless it be explained in terms of the 28th
of November), I said that "what these lawyers did was in effect to endorse
repressive legislation, violence against the people, dehumanisation, dict-
atorship, misuse of public funds on a massive scale, selling the country
to pro-Communist political. mentorss of those in power -- that all these
things are laudable or, at the wort', morally neutral".
Dr. Liverpool has not categorically denied that the Leblanc Shoe Party,
has been doing ?these things. He could not, in ;the face of the presently
aroused public opinion. Timidly, he asserts that these are imaginings. So.
that he. must realize that his adherence. to that Party has another aspect
than that of his freedom to) join a political party of his choice. Freedom
does not mean the right to do as one pleases; it is the right and opportun-
ityv-to. do what one ought. So that, apart from the personal aspect of Dr.
Liverpool's action, there; is also a public or social aspect in thismatter,
since no one has a right to support and promote- repressive legislation,
violence against the people (e-g. 23rd September), misuse of public funds
(e.. the period receding the last General Election) dehumanization (e.g.
on Cole) etc. What make]s.the step worse is that, unlike those already
in tha olit, a ociation wno may claim that when they entleed, these,
Wong things MadI not yet been done, ease two lawyers, concluded on p 12)

jauenthar- 9C- #Wt TI-ff STAR Page, Pl-^-C?


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wines.Which accounts for\VPs fine quality.

Buy a boule today. _m ...

ft is notified for general iormat;cn that the
following persons have been appointed members
of the Labour Advisory Board:.
Mr. F.E. Degazon
Mr. C.A. Burton
Mr, A. Frederick Joseph .
Mr. WiiLmnt Dalrymppte
Mr. Edward R.over
Mrs.Rit< Riviere
Mr. Egbert Char.

H7/05/04 G.184.jt,
19ih Novembr. 1975

Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Home .Aftairs,

:11 j !.a rk,&V IM a -1 -.i.-rrl.-- -,<^


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wi sh&. to advise all copra suppliers that;
the Factory will be closed for the annl.
vacation of workers during the Christmas
;:ear;,. :is a result, purchase of copra
will be discoinued as from Wednesday,
D,-.c--.-r -15th at 4.00 p.m. Purchases
will be resu:n-..' on Wednesday 12th Ja
uary, X972 froT? 7.00 a.m. M'.&
A p ion of land situated in the Parish
of'St. Patrick, in the colony of Dominica,
Loit wn:: 7.5 acres. Rivier Cocoa runs
,tlfrou.h land
For particulars apply to:
Vauya Dupiny-,
Sl2-s: Chamnbers, Roseau.


at the Imray Schoiorowm and Grounds,
mon Sa~trlay 4th Decembe r 19 7
-Te, prizes, and games.
I, I'ea.' ,;' ,, r .
E ^-y Ad'ii'n,, 25c Ce'f-Jrcn irc
To the Chief of Poice & Magistrate District G
I, Janerte Augustiine now residing at Wesley Pa.
rish of St. Andrew, do hereby give you notice
thu at is ray intention, to apply at the Magistrate's
Court to be held a: '.;Lr Ca on Tuesday the 4Th
day of January 1972, ensuing for a SPECIAL
my premises ai Wesly Pa: kih of St. Andrew.
Dated the r5h day of November 1971.
220 Janette Augustine.
: o aaert

fnlg'a, s iv


C*.;3!!-, .j

____________________________ .- -- - I _L7~

A Hasty Political
0E 300 PERSONS flocked at tbe Basseterra Hig1
School on Welesday night when a panel discu
Son the Grenada Declaration was held. while
t ~ovana stayed at home and listened to th
vt broadcast
Panelists were r. Dr. Herbert said I
W, V, erbert, Barrister- had recently return
I...!Lagw and Piesident from Dommica whe
of t e People's Action opposion n parties di
Mwovhment, Dr. F. Mar- cssCe in gZrat detail t
t:-,1, aEconomist, Mr. A vhol ie ue of t0 Acting Educe- Grenada Declaration at
n,':' anci Mr. L that ie would base t
,Iore. Attorney Genral remarks on the state
Mr. W. Archibald, Head- me-t that was prcducc
master of the Basseterre He said we mtst beg
tluor High School who to think first of oursilv
was the moderator, called as being West India:
arn the four. speakers because "it seems th
*B make an opening we cannot continue
tIemcnt before answer- drift about as isoiati
,lg questions from the units in a big Caribbel
Audience. Sea.

Mr. Hughes said
among other things that
see people have said
that if CARIFTA were
to go ahead for some-
-time, the islands repre-
sented would eventually
see the necessity of
forming another federa-
tion. However, this was
not the attitude of
hno.te countries benefitting
most from the economic
arrangement. He thought
that the smaller islands
shOcnld come together
i a new attempt at
political unity to produce
something that woold
meet the aspirations of
the people.
Dr. Marthol felt that
a country like Guyana
would offer the kPow-
how and financial e-
tources to enable the
amaller islands to benefit
frpm a planned unit
which could be set up.
It was clear,, he said,
that governments, politi-
cians, professionals and
businessmen could benefit
from a planned machinery
to decide which type of
economic policy can be
used for the of
the small Caribbean

S"Having said that, the
issue which arises is this :
Is the Grenada Declara-
tion honestly and gen-
uinely aimed at creating
a West Indian Nation or
is it really creating some
form of super-structure
which is bound to perish
from the beginning ?
That's what we came
here for : to discuss
whether or not the Gre-
nada Declaration is the
correct step at this time".
He said one should
bear in mind the fact
that the old federal
attempts failed miserably
because of certain ob-
vious pitfalls, one of
which was the secrecy
involved in the planning.
He pointed out that it
was no use trying to get
public opinion after the
event and that as to the
Grenada Declaration, all
opposition groups and
parties should have been
involved in the discus,-
Beanng it mind that
CARIFTA is not bene-
fiting the smaller islands,
he said, the proposed
grouping with Guyana
is extremely unrealistic

h dcoudnot se eiw
St, Kitts can think about
e a wder grouping with
* Guyana when it cannot
grup with Antigua and
~ Motrrat. He suggested
fd that the first thing the
r i.lands, shouldd do in
i- Y prepar4'ior for political
he infegrat on is to get them-
he selves closer economically,

SDr, Herbert went on
to say that West tndian
Governments should al-
low the people to move
freely between the islands
and there should be no
deportations for political
or other reasons
He suggested that "we
should start a massive
education campaign simi-
tar to that we are pro.
jecting tonight so that
people of all ages and
groups can understand
important issues, In this
respect I am very pleased
that we are being broad.
cast live over ZIZ because
in this way it seems that
the treAd towards the
opening up of the radio
station and other means
of communication is well
on the way (prolonged
He said that "we should
forget about means of
coercion and fear. People-
should be involved in
the business of Govern-
ment. Civil Servants
should not live in fear
if they tend to support
Labour or the People's
Action Movement. I
would like to suggest
also that especially ia
vi:w of the involvement
of our young people
here. the voting age
should be reduced to 18.
Dr. Herbert stressed
that any form of political
structure must of neces-
sity be organized by
these persons best
qualified to do so and
he hoped that the

I -.

(" ijw


would play their pf-.
SHe also -oped ih:
People would not
bogged down in Pa
politics, petty it',
and personality da, .
bhen dealing with
issue of national sipr
ficance b mcuse the V'c.
Indies most come f~,-
and the individuals ml
taik second place.
'"Comeqaenly," 7I
west o0, "I am as -;
in ai btutility all ..
people to tfi tnk of tb-:-.
issues on a wider ,G',-.- :
and io aHm uihrtiTna:i'
for a united West ndhls
--not (o start off w orsg
ly or foolishly, rot t,
say because we
decided to get togeth-r
even if St. Kitts and
Guyana 0 are we
will still go together e .
Mr. Moore spo<.c at
sorre length on the n ow
defunct West n.1- ..
Federari:n and gave
several reasons for
failure. He then ou'inei
the backgrouaid of ;l
Grenada Declaration t..
fore going into the sub
ject. He said that the
Declaration itself pr-r
Sides that there was :.i
time for the signator;
governments to thi';
again ard that ever)
government knew abo.'
the proposed group.1.:.
one month in advance.
He gave quite a lengrty
talk on the Declaration
insomuch t h a t !he
moderator found it neces
sary to say at the end
that he was represerting
a Government's point cf
view' and hence was
allowed extra time.
At question time, Mr.
Calvin Farier, B.Sc., :aid
be was surprised that
the Grecada Declaratisn
opened with the tetii-,
"The inescapable, destiny
of the West InIaA

I-- -- ---l~r*-

P*a* Sir


Friday November so

Friday~~~~~P Not-n -I'7 iES

People. to come tether
as one' ard asked foa
an explanation. Mr.
Hughes indicated that
f 'ck power and ether
groups. the ozeness of
a culture in the West
Indies aod economic
p;oblms led to the
Dr. Heberet said there w~e
rX.ithing "iescapable" about
'*he destiny of the islands in
'hat context and be thought
h!q-, term was used as a mere
rrvtgther'rg of ssioient.
Mr. van lB~g chaqanr did rot
agree with Mr. Hughes that
'e'r was a nwness .f cuiuire
> th- Caribbean. M Cah ir
ri're pressing h L point ti
:., M rarhoi ad Mr. Moore
said that it was mow4 desirous
for the islands to cime to- and not that it was their
irtescapabte destiny. If that was
so. he said, things would just
have fallen together. Xr Would
not take vnan made decisions
or actors to bring the units
in one,
Mr. Ho'ace Warner asked
the onar whether the fianMia"
situatiu of the simater islands
-ad improved to merit anothct
: together pnh ically.
Dr. Herhert said the smaller
is,'ads are unde totped having
a low standard of living 'and
'ot much meaas of diversifi-
cation. He felt that Giraya.
hersef is no economic salve-
tion to them at the moment
and that without Trinidad,
Barbados and possibly Ja-
maica in the new grouping it
will be a waste of time. That's'
why he had said earlier that
uhs union with Guyana only
was unrealistic,
Mrs. Vanier asked : Is it a
fact that Guyana is subject to
oonfrontadion from her neigh-
bours and secondly, from the
standpoint of the political
leaders of Guyana, one seems
iu be drifting towards China
and one seems to be ridin$,
on the waves of Russa ?
Mr, Moore replied that
while the dispute was not
so;ved between Guyana and
her neighbours, it was now
shelved and it ca.nnot etudael
be that this was the reason
vhy Govana wanted to be
i>ciaed with other ar's.
SemoWly, he said it wa posai-
b: it,Sleafn soraethtUg from
C hira and Rusima, bla the
aiim of the Grenada Declara-
.;oa was for the Caribbean.

Dr. Hrbert said tha~ evn
though the matter involvir
Ouyans an4 her neighbofu
wat, Adcved at thee i fmfw5
Venetzuela can stdif WAriai
she is entited io 5' Vr. Gy*
ana. This should hb te;,
mind wbta tAlkirg a r*t
Guyana being 9s lIFra sl.,
havrvig so muth pt -'I,'..iX',
of d&veiopmsn0 M' :.p4 Wf
Lb sNea that ste yrfo) i pmss
of this ra siarmEit Wtr^t Ifi
involve TtiOsilvos ia a
frontier war.

Ad: re-united Aussie .c(pe

ther :^:-fti. ;;fe"' 29. y.-ar's ,a
'an Is ) a ALI ANw
x;~ m ,r ts Q iJ i s-4,40 aaker.

51s "' ttrc.wI! "Ya'eso qrB tiwm
'iffed tub wife, iWi' 'ht Wa*

1s tnfj a WW 4e1. MW *?.
-;dsa i .P s lvesa g} ir ir
";?? i.4; tj." asr e uter afcba+afi,''
j>}(n Beatsm ont t? i awatswtte
3n. *ha uiife


*I portr$rt fro^h ie pas



Meeting at Palisadoes Airport many years
ago, the great West Indian writer C.L.R.
James, seen (left) with his wife Selsa
and the late Forman Manley. Soon T'U.I.
Jamaica will hcoar "Yello" James (now
over 70 and famets not only as political
thinker, histori s an 'novelist but as
a super cricket-critic) with a whole week
of tributes, readings and other events.
Ve hope Dominica will, mrk the celebration

C.LR.J.James'a works ticldde The Black Jac-
obins, HEstory of Fan African Revolt, Be-
ycr.f a .o,.rcary, sPcing. Reality, Party Pol-
itics in the Test Indies, and the newly re-
issued novel kIf ALLEY (New Beacon Press)

"IWrr*rlbr'"llCICAV+~L~C--~--ru-rY-~.i- ~q;UC -1L-~-_l ~i~Y-- .~i~Yl~j/i~i~ylJ~

,-i XA*,

Friday Novarqw 2& 1971

I;: "i:

try, *.*

Page Eight


One (1.)
One s )
One 1;,

Miller Welding Plant
1951 International Crawler Crane
1964Ford F 300 Van

2, Tenders'which should be in sealed envelopes
and clearly marked "Tenders for purchase of used
Public Works Division Heavy Equipment" should
be addressed to:-
The Chairman,
Tenders Board,
Ministry of Finance, Trade & Industry
and should reach him not later than i5th Decem-
ber, 1971.
3. Government does not bind itself to accept
the highest or any tender. I

C&W li1l2, G183.131-lif
18th November, 1971

Financial Secretary.

require a civil and structural Engineering
draughtsman. Preference will be given to Domi-
nicans with 5 ordinary level G C E. passes,
O.N.C. or equivalent who have been actively en-
gaged in civil and or structural engineering
draughting for a minimum of three years Inte-
rested persons should apply in their own hand
writing to:-
Consulting Engineering Partnership,
Jean Baptiste House (B2),
Cross Lane,
*;_____________ ^R ',, ... i

Fridar, Nove-mber s,.

I. 'AL',

A Complete Sawmill Complex consisting of t
following Equipment:-

Tenders are invied for the purchase of the
following used Public Works Division Equipment
Two (2) 14A D8 One located Mahaut
School Grounds
I9<7 P.W.D. Garage
Two \2) 977 Traxca-'ators On at Tarish
Pit E.CR.
1956 One on P.W.D Compound
One i 1957 Rustnn & Hornsby Diesel
Electric Set 31iK-W. at rooo RPtF located
at Portsmouth
One ,r) 1966 Ford Escort Car
One (i; 1064 Land Rover Station Wagon
One (4) 1965 Bedford Truck 5 ton
Five (5) Perkins Marine Engines and Access-

-~-~---3113 I-U-- ----~-~--~K --rY~-ls~-r---ll~-----~l-r-La~--- - -----'I~Lw~-r~ .~ -s~~-

1. Live Deck, stop & Loader, Simondsion

2. Automatic Carriage, Taper KRees, Extend-
ing Dogs, Cant Flippers C/W Eilworthyi
Four Position Preset.

3. Heavy Duty Top and Bottom Saw Husk,
C/V Saws.

4. Carriage Feed Drive C/W Air Controls

5. 6" x 48" Heavy Duty Edger C/W Saws

6. Slasher Saw Assembly C/W Floor Chains
7. Live Roll Cases and Lumbs Transfers
8. Two Saw Trimmers and Steel Dip Tanl

9. Roll Top Green Chain

io. Waste Conveyor C/W Steel Trough

uI. Planer

a1. Filing Equipment, Sawmill & Gauges
This is an adequately Powered, all Electric
Motors and switch Gear as required for
Tropic conditions.

Apply: M. E. Charles,
P. O. Box 12,

Two Products
of Outstanding Merit
A Laxative made from purely vegetable Ingredients
for the treatment of Constpation and Biliousness.
75c per bottle
For the treatment of urinary and bladder
Iiscomforts, and Backache- $1.20, $1.45 & $2.25
The Dominica Dispensary Co, Ltd.
at3^j s_____________

Page Nine

Friday~ November 26, 1971 TH~ STAR

"They just weren't convincing," Two Sundays ago a very successful
was the average response from the Pop Rally was held in the Gardens,at
small crowd whih. came to hear mem- which thousands of young Dominicans
bers of the Leblanic Shoe Labour Par heard several prominent agriculturists
ty tell 'their side' of the Guyana speak on various aspects of farming-and
story. It would have taken easily the current problems facing it. Major
ten times the L.S.L.P. audience to Earl Johnson, Director of the Regional
anywhere elual the crowd which came Youth Camp, gave a soul-stirring speech
to the Saturday Freedom-sponsored on the reasons why working the land had
meeting. become unpopular of late but why it
Dynamic though some Labour speakneeded to be reinvigorated especially
ers were, the majority of listeners by young people. Other speakers inclu-
appeared to take the verbal on- ded Mr. Stanley Pringle, Dep.Chief Ag-
slaughts with a pinch of salt. It ricultural Officer, Michael White,
was interesting to note that the chairman of the project committee,Mr.
family of a prominent Shoe supporterVanoulst John-Charles, a St.Joseph
made its' exit early' farmer, and Hilroy Thomas,Youth .reprea-
Truly the most entertaining tentative. The Gaylords Power Union pro-
speaker was Minister Patrick John; vided free musical entertainment which
Editor/Speaker/Vice-Pres. ("Educator") proved the main draw of the rally.
didn't do too well as he was con- Over 2,000 persons heard about the
stantly booed. I would say that Young Farm Hands project which is beirn
the others held their own but they initiated by the Jaycees aimed at
received nothing like the vital res.-solving the twin problems of unemploy-
ponse which was accorded the Oppos- ment and labour shortage. Close to a
ition delegates from far and near. hundred potential young farm hands are
That recent'tiny crowd filtered away said to have been registered,plus ano-
early and I, too, eased myself into other seventy-five who attended a follow-
my old jaloppy and headed for home, up meeting next day. At that meeting
Arriving in and leaving the Sta were many interested individuals who
in such a short space of time that are already employed but still wish to
he was hardly noticed was Dominica- take part in the project in some way.
born Brother Egbert Germain, of the Those present heard queries and questims
Christian Brothers of Ireland. A on the project answered by a team of
gentle liberal in his own right, BrIJaycee panelists including Michael
Germain was here due to the death ofWhite (Chairman of the P.CG),Parry
his This columnist Bellot (Secretary), Tony White,Michael
extends. to the Germain families hie Didier and Colin Bully.
condolences. Brother is eager to be One observer at the meeting described
back. here at home and when this hap the scene as "beautiful". He found it
pens' I am sure he will not only be most encouraging to see so many young
a cr.-edit to Saint Mary's Academy, people turn out and seem so genuinely
his Alma Mater, but to the State as interested in helping themselves aswell
a whole as their country. One elderly person
We can't keep on being like the present was so impressed with the pro-
ostrich which buries: its head in the eedings that at the close of the meet-
sand whenever danger approaches. I ing he made an outright cash donation
am no ostrich and I am going to pub !owards the project. Contributed by
licly write that most of our young a Keen Listener.
girls in the high schools DO carry HONEYMOONS FOR PRISONERS
contraceptives with them. While Prisoners who get married in Finland
they may not be Boy Scouts, they sure while serving their sentences will be
make use of that organization's allowed to have 48-hour honeymoons
motto Be Prepared, outside, said a Helsinki Prison Dept.
A howl of protest from trusting spokesman. Recently the Justice Minis-
fathers and mothers is expected; bu try decided to allow prisoners to get
they should approach the situation married while in jail.* DAUGHTER'S
sensibly and with tact. Your little COURT ACTION: Picasso's illegitimate
Miss may be somebody's Madam. How's daughter Palmna (22) is suing her
the ulcer? famous artist father (now 90) for Jegal
But enough of tales I have pt recognition, which he denied to her
for these things once already....., brother Claude, 24. ( chance)
(.uripides:- Helen). (France),


Friday November 26, 1971


Friday, November_ 26,


Consulting Engineering Partnership,
Jean Baptiste House (B2),
Cross Lane,


ehampiot %anm ei?. Mrs .Jeannette
i:'t-appel (15ist to 9ist in ten
months) tdid it on a grapefi-it
diet. The or-i final grapefruit
diet, printed :n The Sunda'y
Times two Eat:rsy ago. was se-nt
ftr by 5,00t. readers. and when
Outstan 4itspiycie the grapefrmti
dietin an Oxford Strect window.
the parveents were biiocked bV
plump ladie huslvy rcpv:na it
rXtmordiariy claims ar0e made
for the gaipfruit, not the leait
of which is that it acit as a
ctatis't ft other foods and burns
up all the surplus fat. t'aimn
like these lead ptroplt to helie'
that as long as xyou -:urt off a
meat with a grapefruit it doesn't
mater what you *eat afterwvards.
But is all this iaith in the
grapefruit unfounded" One thing
most people know about grSpe
fruit diets jf they'd tried them is
that they sfem to Waork. but do
they actually sped up the mreta-
boiianm and burn up fat"
Absolute rubbish, say tihe
e !Cprts. Derek Mideir, lecturer
in nutrition at Queen Elizaheth
CollegAe says that the fiotd wvirh
speeds up the metabolism ha.s't
vet been invented and it it ha-
been. he'd like to know about .it.
Dr Peter Greave of the Britis!i
Nutrition Foundation sumnrmd up
the value of the grapetruit thu-:
It food value iss a a good
sottce of Vitarhoi C. Period.
There's no physirtniloial fourina-
,tion for the fact tha :t hvilrls r:

bwtr Eat. That's abi.oiile non-
Otne thing ; rr~a;, that
belief ist the irapefri'.it' 4'-li-
mritn powers has salfi
Tgia, even fivc ye-ar, aao3 the
grapefruit was an exotic Irut-
wtat the trade calls "queer
gear"-alon, with the avocado
arnd the auiergipe. XNow this
(tr)%*iig dermneld i d plushed 1ip
uatkmnal consumption anywhere
between 20 and 40 per cent in
thse !ast tvwo yc!rs.
Nobody 'i :noter surprised by
the grapefruit'i Mild .:;:c'ss than
the gra ewfrul' m1porre r' th(ln-
slvese Jaffa and OubTspar. who
*;p!lt t ; bulk orf r!ts citrus market
ibctwe',n thenn. a;r thafflcd but
piiased 'rTh' know that irape-
tfntut ha til, hilhes.t Vitanun c.
content oi arn fruit. even
oran1 n tta that thc' are ver'
iouw. I; oaior i Bilt they admit
t i t it"-; lli'fi(! It ; ;i.jl.;tlfty tle
theoryy that if you eiut g apifruit,
you Ai-m
With al ti:s de ,ire fo-r arape--
eruit arounlti. you maL I'- wonifer-
Tir wihy ,rJap<;rrii;.: are ':o ,.xpen- fop ealc at the
nmonient. The answer )s that high
dcnmai d puts upl the prices,
though tere i a faint posibility
that .laft'as may be che;apier thbi
winter hbcaiLse uf the divalua-tion
It' tihe srae:i pOiunrd. But maybe
that's thje expianat!on of tihe
slmming access. 'CM 'ic In h fIruil.
11 sO e('xp(nilv': yo11u '.ciT only
atff)ord tu cat ;, %cr3?' h!:tt!e at d
tim.sley G
Lesley Garner



Cornsulting Civil and Structural Engineers
An Assistant Civil Engineer is required for
oir office in Dominica.
Eligible for admission to the grade of Asso-
ciate membership of the Association of Profes-
sional Engineers or Trindad and Tobago or Bar-
b-dos, plus at least two iz years good experience.
West Indian with preference being given to
a Dominican.
attractive. We are a progressive, growing, West
Indian firm and the opportunities for advance-
ment are very good.
APPLY in writing to:-


News has recently been re-
ceived that Ers. Margaret Rose
Blackman, S,.R..,S.E .., Dipl-
oma in Tropical Nursing, was
successful in the subject "SQC-
iology" at the Jone exams of
the U.W.I. (Barbados)
She had already passed in
the "Usage of English", Pers-
pective in Nursing, Psychology
and Norsing Administration at
the U.W.I., Jamaica, in 1967.
Congratulati ons

Back from a Regional Train-
ing Course in Family Planning
(Trinidad) is Yrs. Justina
James, Staff Nurse at P.M.H.
lier course will aid greatly In
family planning clinics here.

radiation Ceremony

Gmodwill Parish uill
5.30 p. t.

P.a. -T

p "

#N OP g PAlS;L Dr Alex Comfort, who
has done so much in the study of old age. is the
subject of the programme on the BBC WORLFt
SERVICE VtISDAt. PVfC. 21 at. o. t w.
verses by Dr. Alex Comfort
But if two and two and fifty make a million,
We 11 see that day come round
We 11 see that day come round...

,,UMII^-nvinii 1.,.r-i v-.-_i '*-n '^^^--------J--


,,+,. .


SeduLic of App!canisr. for Criti'cafe of Tit0 art No r;vng
|a f nd Cavear* we k ending- 2i('sf NoeLrabW,^.
iprf~ r ^.--^ inri^...^ ..^^. l ^4.i.a. M l f ... *N

S*&e Riequsited Perwo Perr udr Nature

.4 ki....


I~ fl-~ ~


.. ,, t, tereorf or Iant e:ac

,I l ni ciot-a t f

;',e; 4i " c .I-n. oi t. Andres a ,aen tot Siaz
ti.,. n op rnyca. c"a r- a ta
i,31qsbt. b"i'b :-': r~erickk Tiertracqu. and s'epaVrating it ro lanrWd) of
,iPreta BlarnmiB andC Brurae ,Maxwer; East y an4 oF ,
S8rarne Maneli ad F woxod DtRtaI; South bO ind of
4 azn: jospt, West by a Puboif Road.
hI""-~-~--- --- --7- ----
4' f igtue sused ersci Presenting Nature of r-re'fitS
Sihether a Cerricsar
S. f tien orf tsfoing
S' ffhI oirec-n or Caveta.
ia.R-;i.a dar&i t'e Eus-"t ILtS Pr qutast of the iitie t a
1.hAasd' o lf Nfvem- .:V Citrticate oi Tiit ia

c- '? '?t -. Cjilaa.A.A M. Dui4l? oseau. min the ParTilsh & St.
1 i'*'1 a: i 15 ar.. t| ozges ictheSareuoiD cm
ific,.4 n tttnalitingittOsq. ts,
ad ,bown'aed asftltorS .-
JIa-iWas t by hJer San ; NorhF-East by lands of toward -*
tir An end GCvernmens of om1Bnio; South-Eat by landEr O
E. t-e4 asnifp ; outh..tWss kby ?aan of E, o E a.e w's O office.
5Tr h.t.iW: u, Q C s

RiKeistrar of Ty!j,

N'OTE:-- Any peracn who doeIr.s to Osject to th6e isue of
k-it- Catificas of Tlie the atrove FpDicac'vn msay epste a
CiaIat. s the gsove Ocf withPtn six wetks from the dam
St.e $f-ss appearance of this ScheUte in ths STAR' Newspaper
;.Si.eS i st s i 5Ste sor from tre date whenr the notice pel.
cibed by ;lw .as served 0on ay owner c-rocculeor of adjt'ining
i. respect of wtlch the zppkhtc*on is tmade.t
rl*^y'"*^W --'a"'----'-. *

Our New Telephone Numbers
are as follows:

.3074 & 3075 r Ofice
Si0 Reservations
2161 -- Estate Manager




Springfield Estate, Dominica.
S 7-r1T a "

- PcJCATieNt tWnEvr

App>ati''u are ivit-ej icr fte posr f
Geni'r-l M naer to the Dominica Bnaua Grow-'
ers' Aoc.o'.
Prefernct e will be givtn to candidates .w ho

tmasnacemn. wi;h a ; ea' three years xperie.c
in top ttnanagetwr.
An thre men.:( fh. required C2;i:;Cid:?.A
C-wiedPu.riI.r; fl2- P. n r' ai^r anw; i aliep Cwith
ten .r mxrte yeasr$ -f cxriex t'rielce li' ,op -

In :;T .'sscs a diploma or degree in Agricul*
rare desirable.
App .-, ;; shall be on a three ye:a cnrr.-i
in ite first instance and may be terminary4 by
either party upon giving three months notice,.
The salary of the post shall be $12,o00 (fs-
ed) per annum with a gratuity of 25 of salary oW
the termination of the contract.
A trin<.' ai.'wance will he paid in accota
dance with Government regulations.
Leave 'hai! he granted at th:e rate of 36 worrk
ing days per annum an4 shall not be allowed to
No leave passages or ac;cro'.u-
dation are provided.
Applications stating y'al..ator.,, and expe-
rienC and accomroanied by three testupomah
shov)d be addressed to:-
The Acting Gene-al Manager,
Dotrminica Banana Growers' Associations,
Dominica, The West Indies.
amid should reach him not later than 0oth Novem.
-ber, 1971.

lith Noivembr, 1971 !i


47"r~~~U~I U-rr-I~LLI*

I Lavilk Francis of Salybia, Dominica, wish to
inform the genera! public that my lawful wife.
Rosline (Nte Sanford; left her married bome on
5cth June 1970, and ha4s refused to return despite
the a.ivJ'; of the Court and my repeated attempts
to persuade her to return home.
I therefore wish to make it known that I am
not responsible in law fr ant dehtC or liabilities
incurred by her. She lft! my home of her own
2a12 I Lavillr Francis

J.- __

Advertisement,; in The STAR

appeal to people of thought
and action. Ask our Advertisers!



lFi.w, N,:?nba- Mj !971,,
'*S,^^^^LP~-->^ ^^^^






<*.*- i r3

ai .,. ... .. _ida. November 25. ,1,1
*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* Androcles (from p.4) with deliber-
FOOTBALL action and forethought, at a time when
Popham Tournament Here Tomorrow the community is expressing horror at
State Teams from the Windwards are what the Government has been doing in
arriving today for the opening. cer- rent months, chose this moment to
emony and kick-off on Saturday when stand up and make their decision on
defending champs Grenada clash with the side of repression, violence and
St.Lucia after the parade of teams. dictatorship (e.g. the proposed union
Goalkeeper Edmunds leads the St.Lucda with Guyana. without reference to the
team of P.Charles, M.Cauldron, T. people). Such denials of freedom for
Mason, I Prescott, MAndrew, P.Gabr the people are facts, not imaginings,
T.Jame;z, A.Emanuel, B.Amos, G,Joseph" as Dr.Liverpool avers, and therefore
R.Ramson, H.Lawrencin, S.Pilgrim, G. his gmes on what people like Andmiles
Nelson; manager is G.Leausoleil, and would do in a position of power must,
P.Phillip is coach. At presstime the of necessity, weigh much less than
Grenada line-up was unavailable but the: eil ( acts which stare all Dr in-
Tyronne Harbin is expectedd to lead loans (except, presumably, Dr. Liver-
the team. Host country Dominica mee pool) in the face. Moreover, as Dr.
St.Vincent, on Sunday (we: gave youth iverpool knows, to hom has been
line-up last week but omitted Brin- given, of him much is expected,
sley charge esfrom the strikers). The
St. Vinoeat team will be lead by Ru- WE SHALL NEED ANOTHER
dolph Bouche r, Winston Soso, Frank by Hugh Lawrence
Hypolite, Tyrone Spence, Leslie. Oliv.- Our new market is now in its cam-
ierre, Chesley Lawrence, Fred Trim- pletion stage, therefore it is time
ingham, Kelly Laidlowr,Ainsley Quintin that our Government make a move to
Ken Millington, Gideon Horne,Adolph- erect another bridge adjoining it.
'us Davis, Norbert Hall, Guy Lowe, .:I had written about this matter about
Edsdn Burke,George Forbes and will 2 years ag6 in your paper. That bridge
be managed by Carlton Home. All in should be built similar to the Ros-
all, a week-packed with football alia one;. The people living on the
action for all of Dominical north of the river will be eased a
great deal for I can already see the
CRIqKBI: Rain Afects p first Test congestion the market will cause. I
Rain affected play on the first would not advise that it should be
tday of the First unofficial Test be- for vehicles. It might cost about
tween the Rest of the World and Aus- 50,0 not $150,000 as the last
tralia. When the rains put an ear one It is a pleasure to see such a
stop to play, Australia were 21 large shed put up on the Bay Front to
for 3 with Keith Stackpole scoring ease up the Customs. By the time our
a whirlwind 132 and Ian Chappell 71 deepwater harbour is built, it shall
not out. Greig was the most im- have served its useful purpose
pressive Rest of the Wprld bowler. hesv. p o .

Earlier this week in the Iinited Nations, a resolution that Rhodesia
should NOT be granted full independence (and relief from sanctions) unless
there was full majority rule was passed by over 100 votes; 9 countries
abstained; Britain, in the suspect company of Vouth Africa &*Portugal,
voted against. News then broke that Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Dcuglas
Home had made an agreement with Mr. Ian Smith of Rhodesia, which has re-
ceived severe Press attacks throughout the wnrld and the ire of the Brit-
ish Labour Party, as a "sell-out". By the agreement, five million unen-
franchised Africans, now ruled by less than half a million Europeans, will
gradually become enfranchised (on a basis of tax paid) and the number of
Africans in Assembly will increase until 50% white & 50% black have seats,
when the Constitution will be revised (but with 2/3rds majority). Smith's
pledge to work towards complete desegration (in return fcr a 50 million
loan?), and eventual parity between whites and blacks, must be seen against
his promise to followers that Rhodesia "will never be ruled by uneducated
prsons." Sanctions will be lifted gradually as "progress is made".-
Printed & Published by the Proprietor, Robert E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill
PHouse at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

ffciila~. hTo9'emb~hr ~~. Z~L


PFmnr ranml Tel

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