Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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-Mrs. Jane Lowenth'al,

SResearch Institute for
the Study of Man,
f 162 East 78 Street,,
j: New York 10021, N.Y.,
. U.S.A. r-
1 OS/5 LAd
SJ 2! Stite rs Av, W F


..- .P- --HYL S ",.- .'
L......- PHYtl L iS S'Ar" AU S." ,

Ten Ct.3!

l~--~Erti- N(2~~----- 0 ---------

As we write these words,, ddegates to the
ing of pnoosiion .leaders who will discuss fuly the
coimoversia "Greviada Declarati.;i' are arriving i
Dmi-nica, a .nd their wits for one of tbe
m'ss crual cAaonferences of our tifrme-, And we ail know
,ha! t a lot conferences West Indians have et-joye
r en -ured i; the pas. 2u0 vyenp .

Whar. maakes thi. one diffe-ren i ts roal W jnc-
rtaneiy,. ~s absence of fftia finmanciS backing, a"n.
ihe- indiganat cui-agec f its paricipauts. They arc
teaiyv coming: on a cr uTade., to protect the "iuvre of
the-ir S a es anr citi.zens,
Let nct.her the delegates nor h'oss be lab-Se'd "ntr-
n'regratiozal" or "anti-regional. This get-togeter tx
a move, and ackhough it is early yeti w. yre.
dict ihat decisions will be m!ade on the basis of pI.::
mumualy beneficial to ali the laods concerned.
Mzainwhil e we await with eager interest the fr' ..
,airing E'. ws .hIk:b ih bound to take place, amd the
.agreed sentt which will folow., The whole tret.
efa. -of ris matter will por be handled with the dis-
,i i s.ecy wh ,ich has been the halraark of Go

arurraolaaenarr n~orum

A Voice From The Radio

In The 6Shc:. of Our Heritage

Great samran tree, branches spread
over a patch of gne :, an ardent
guardi2sa of fcmii .ar scene players
watcbfua around th.. pitch to catch
a soaring ball seed shadows,'blends colours i
of boy? a' bright shirts. girls in hot pants
n:!sing like lovers V iis arms,
studc:ns In'.tnt, orn encbes in its shade;
a maesstic fan, sun r.'oul d in the afternooim.
r-ic:rpin above the whit screen, sig'it seen
beside a ionely roller enea h the bushes
of arnindant v'getation-,, as the pacermaa pauses
before his devastation takes anolih-r wicket;
sirs lthe b.hti. wavess the trees, leaves -
a genie rain fall, as tir fieldsman leaps
to catch the man out. He g eCs sadly
so near his century the long walk back;' tears.
which well in his eyes are denied by the cheers
froa men of his country proud of his stand
in the shade of our heriS te; the great samfan.
Royston Ellis

SJ'oan Sc-anasn of Radio Dorinica in mte new br6ad-
c as..Ig studio.


I *0 -~ '; ...... ..................


Fs-4djVy, 4NovFrmbsr 12, 197 -7 i

Quote of the week: "Men and women in Government tend to need the
harsh medicine of criticism and defeat from time to time to
preserve their humility." -- Royal Gazette of Bermuda.

The tgpic.of the week of writing this piece is, of course,publication
on 1st November of the :so-called "Declaration of Grenada". Months ago I
had written.that the day on which we commemorate the dead in our cemeteries
seemed an appropriate one for publicly releasing what had seemed to be a
doomed issue. For at the precise moment that our Premier was at the Nat-
ional Day rally hurling anathemas at those of us whom he felt sure would
be opposing this unauthorised trading of our rights of self-determination,
his St. Lucia counterpart was back-tracking on his equally unauthorised
accession to the Declaration of Grenada by publicly stating that a unit
composed of Guyana and five minuscule Associated States was dangerously
reminiscent of a giant shark swimming alongside of five tiny sardines.
Which brought to mf.nd the song of the Mock Turtle in "Alice in Wonderland":
"Will you walk a little faster?" said a whiting to a snail.
"There's a por pOse close behind us, and he's treading on my tail.
See how eagerly the lobsters and the turtles all advance'
They. are waiting on the shingle -- will you come and join the dance?
Will you, wornt you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance?
Will you, wort you, will you, won't you won't you join the dance?
"You can really have no notion how delightful it will be,
When they take us up and throw us, with the lobsters, out to seal"
But the snail replied, "Too far, too far." and gave a look askance --
Said he thanked the whiting kindly but he would not join the dance.
Would not, could not, would not, could not, could not join the dance.
"What matters it how far we go?" his scaly friend replied,
There is another shore, you know, upon the other side.
The further cuff from England the nearer is to France... o or Guyana.
or Latin America, or Red China. or the Sotlet Union...)
*...a.~olcgies to author Lewis Carroll) Ed.
SAt about the same time, the host country of the Declaration of
Grenada was openly! through its Premier musing that a federation in which
Barbados and Trinldad/Tobago were not taking part (as had just been offic-
ially announced) Vtas an irrelevance. These pronouncements from fellow-
conspirators agai'ast the rights of the people to self-determination in so
important an issue left our Premier with his feet firmly planted, as they
have so often bee:a, -- in mid-air.
I don't know when West Indians will ever realise that, a few vision-
aries and academics apart, the mass of people is not ready for close pol-
itical integratican. The prerequisite feeling of togetherness is not yet
sufficiently developed. It is a very slow-growing plant which may cone.
ceivably bear friit when those being born today reach adulthood,provided
that during the 'intervening period contact and communication between units
are maintained and stepped up. Exhortation and denunciation by West Indian
politicians and wrell-meaning advice by expatriates take us nowhere in this
I find it galling ever so often to have to share in the ridicule to
which Dominica is so subjected because of our leaders being not up to it.
If the proposeel constitutional arrangement had not been stillborn,Dominica
wouldin any case not become part of the proposed new State because the
people of Domi.nica are opposed, root and branch, to participation for
reasons which I have tried to summarise elsewhere. All such embarrassment
and ridicule vIould have been avoided had prior discussion of the idea been
initiated and encouraged by our Government. The people, in my view, certain-
ly have the r eight to discuss the matter even before thb Premier betakes
himself to a Conference arranged with other States,
(Concluded on Page Four)

Page Two

Friday,November 12,1971


Friday, November 12, 1971 THE
The Spanish Government got an-
noyed this week because Prince
Charles, who visited Spain this
week as a Sub-Lieutenant in HMS
NORFOLK, is stationed in Gibraltar
- their bone of contention with UK.
- Princess mnne has been voted
"Sportswoman of the Year" by the
British Sports Writers Association,.
She won the show jumping champion-
ship against riders from 9 countries

last September.
nett, senior career diplomat, is
new Governor and Commander-in-Chief
of British Honduras. He has been
head of the West Indian Dept. at
Foreign & Commonwealth Office.
ST. LUCIA: the three men accused
of murdering Mr. James Etherington
near Castries last June (his wife
also died and their home was burne
down) were sentenced to death by
Mr. Justice Bishop after an all-
male jury declared them guilty.
Each man tried to blame the other.
DOMINICA: Arrivals Mr. Justice
Renwick, who replaces Mr. Justice
Berridge as Supreme Court Judge
here; OPAM's Field Director for
Central America and the WI., on
a 4-day visit regarding the 30,000
'health centres promised, provided
Dominica undertakes family planning
work in these clinics; Mr. Hugh J.
Gray, agricultural engineer, who
is 1st Principal of the Dominica
Technical College and holds several
agricultural diplomas. The 17-acre
college cost $50,000 EC (UK aid).

Sir Louis Cools-Lartigue is visit-
ing Guadeloupe (returning today)as
the guest of Guadeloupe Prefet M.
Pierre Brunon, during the anchoring
of the helicopter carrier "Jeanne
d'Arc". He travelled in the Prefets
private aircraft with ADC Major
Twistleton Bertrand.
AWAY: Premier Leblanc with his
adviser Fin. Sec. C.A.Sorhaindo
went to Guyana for the diminished
Grenada Declaration conference,and
then to Grenada to discuss the
winding-up of W.I.B.S. service.

LONDON: Wearing clothes designed
by Mrs. Gilda Nassief, Jennifer
Hosten handed over the Miss World
crown to the^winner among 56 inter-
national beauties. **B********, e

STAR Page Three
Madam Editor, Now that a new Roseau
Town Council will soon be inaugurated,
it is desirable that the responsible
Authority should nominate to the Coun-
cil people who are qualified to make
a valuable.contribution in promoting
and maintaining the development of
our small city, Roseau.
I would suggest for nomination:
(a) The Chief Medical Officer or a
qualified Public Health Officr.
(b) The Financial Secretary or an
(c) The Chief Technical Officer or a
qualified Community Development Officer.
Also, with the political campaign-
ing "axes" now buried deep, I hope,
there should be some co-operation be-
tween Contral Government and the Roseau
Town Council, which apparently has
been sadly lacking. Fussing and quar-
relling over such "little" things like
the naming of a street only show us
to be a simple-minded people, which I
dare say we are not. It is time for
us to try, at least, to overcome the
weaknesses of our egoistic human
nature and think and act "big" for
our own good and that of our Country.
I trust some consideration will be
given to these suggestions.
(Roseau) Citizen Dave.
(Roseau)_ _
We regret that we lack the necessary
space in this issue for publication of
this fairly lengthy letter.

Citizens are reminded of the official
commemoration of Remembrance Day which
will take place at the War Memorial,
Victoria Street, on Sun.Nov.14, at
8.30 in the morning. Service men and
women are especially invited. Medals
and decorations to be worn. The two
minutes silence will be observed at
8.30 a.m. and all traffic and normal
activities should be suspended during
the silence. Time Cathadral clock.
Govt. Ministers, Council Members,Heads
of Religious Denominations & Govt.Depts.
Bank Managers & the general public are
asked to be in their places punctually
at 8.25 a.m.

3T. VINCENT VOLCANO: unusual activity
in the St.Vincent Soufriere (temperature
rising to .900) has given rise to some
uneasiness in that Island State. Heat
waves and bubblings have been noted.
ARBADOS: Gen.strike occurred Wednesday,

A FISHY PLAN by Androcles (from page two)
When you study the Declaration of Grenada with its detailed phases and
stages of action, you get the impression that the people do not matter.
I am, however, old-fashioned enough to regard the people as the source
of all such authority.
This view seems to be borne out by the attitude of Trinidad/Tobago
which, before making its decision against participation, had stated
that even though it were given the period between 25th July (date of
signing) and 1st November (date of publication) to enable it to make up
its mind, it could not properly do so without consulting its people,
but our small-snall-island politicians now in power, under the hypnotic
spell of Burnham and Ramphal, chose to commit themselves without ref-
erence back to-.their people, only to look ridiculous the very day after
publication of the Declaration. The accident of alphabet which makes
Dominica head the list of the declared makes it the more humiliating for
I was very amused by the way in which Trinidad/Tobago got out of the
thing. It reminds me so much of the parable of the great supper. The
host, you will recall, at the appropriate time sent his messengers to
summon the invitees to the prepared feast. There ensued a variety of ex-
cu-ses for not being able to attend. One has bought a property and must
go to look it over. One has acquired a yoke of oxen which he wishes to
try out. There is reasoning in'both these excuses. But the third invitee's
I have always found very intriguing: "I have married a wife", he said,
"and therefore I cannot come"I This non sequitur has a finality which
amuses. In much the same spirit said Trinidad/Tobago, forwarding- a
cheque for $15,000 to help defray preliminary expenses, "the Government-
of Trinidad and Tobago fully appreciates the fact that the conference
postponed any public announcement of the Declaration of Grenada to enable
Trinidad and Tobago and others to be included among the signatories.
However as a result of its appointment of the Caribbean Task Force and
the Conatitution Commission in June 1970, it has come to the inescapable
conclusion that it cannot participate in the proposed plan. Moreover,
the Government of Trinidad and Tobago cannot contemplate any such com-
mitment as is now under consideration without the fullest consultation
with the people of Trinidad and Tobago."
Many Dominicans have commented upon the difference in attitude of
Englishmen when contemplating entry into the European Economic Community
and that of West Indian leaders of the Associated States proposing the
new State: how in England every opportunity was given to all segments of
the population to think over and comment upon the proposal for years.
West Indian leaders', on the other hand, secretly plan and then present
their peoples with faits accomplish, denying them the opportunity of ex-
pressing themselves in a matter which goes to the fundamentals of their
day-to-day existence. Is this, like a political Speaker of Parliament in
Dominica, another example of the West Indian genius ? or, for that matter,
is it yet another example of the West Indian political genius that a
Governor should, at a National Day Rally, at a National Day Rally, make
such oblique and barely-concealed unfavorable partisan references to
the political activities of a Party in Opposition to Government ? As
though criticism of a notoriously faulty and inefficient Government
were one of the deadly sins.
Towards the end of October two lecturers, one in the Department of
Education at Mona, U.W.I., and the other a Lecturer in Biology in the
University of Guyana, were shot.,. .. The Jamaica murder was connected
with robbery: criminals tried toseize a handbag from the lecturer's wife,.
and he sprang to her aid. In Guyana, Dr. Ramsammy, 45, was shot as he sat
in his car in a Georgetown Street- He has been flown abroad for treatment
of a damaged lung.(Teaching at Caribbean Universities seems to be a hazard-
ous occupation. Ed.) *

FridasNovembe~ EZ, 1971


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I -



Frk$?, November 12. 97 -


FPake. ,

4^c l^i .1

" "-, -. & -'
"~!. ,.-- ., ..,:: .:i
ij^,- .' *-.--.Si J o- -". n

"Jr b^"
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Bruce Mayban.
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iFriay, November 12, i97tf


.--~rr ..~..~.,1._-~


Page Nine

Friday,November 12, 1971

'e** 0O N THE S CEN E by RAMA
The national 'jump-up' was boy-
cotted'by quite a few people as was
evidenced by the number of families
heading out of town for the day. It
would appear that these people made
the right choice as the event wcs
marred by fights and a bottle-throw-
ing incident. At one point police
cordoned off a section of Lagon and
traffic was diverted up kennedy Ave.
Quite a few mulatres showed their
true colours;they were incoherently
drunk and boisterous. No foul play
was ind- evidence, and this columnist
takes the credit for putting certain
people on the alert. At one point
"too much friendliness" was not ,'
and the proceedings duly observed,
Choking at lunch-time has become
part of the mass-media menan. Domin-
icans don't mind a little "tim-tim"
now and then, but when they hear ,
from Radio,;Dominica's advertising
"spots" overenthusiastic references
to service, they feel that their in-
telligence is being underestimated,
Rama wishes he were in a position to
introduce a new piece of legislation
entitled "The .Truth in Advertising
With shouts of "No' Nol" at a
recent public meeting, the citizens
of Roseau and adjacent conmmuhities
made it quite clear to Premier E.O,
Leblanc and his Party that they were
not prepared to enter into any pol-
itical union with Guyanan The Free-
dom Party seemed to feel that there
are sinister motives behind this
undercover pushing for the union,
and gave as proof of the pudding the
facts (among many) that Guyana had
wanted no part of the now defunct
West Indies Federation; that all
the recent .Grenada :,ego.tiating was
done without the knowledge of the
people: as a matter of fact, in tot-
al secrecy; that had the Press not
.exposed the sordid mess, we would
have heaa gobbled up by the power-
hungry Guyanese and the office-hungry
incumbent Ministers; that certain
Associated States who had previously
been..sold on the idea were now opt-
ing out fast; that our young men in
the Defence Force could be used for
Guyana's territorial defence or ex-
pansion; that Guyana offers no pol-
itical, moral or economic salvation
to Dominica; and that it would be a
sure step into the jaws of Marxism.
One speaker, a true federalist in her
own right (Mrs. Allfrey) and in my

On Tuesday November 2, the Museum
in Victoria Street (which had been
used as a Magistrate's Court for many
years) was reopened by the Minister
for Education and Health, Mr, H.L.
Invitees, who included former Lib-
rarian Miss Blanchard, Father Proesmans,
members of the Carib Council and Mem"
bers of the Waitukubuli Group,gathered
outside to hear addresses from Mr.
Christian, Mayor Ed Scobie, Mrs. Rita
Riviere and Mr, Lennox Honychurch of
Radio Doiminica. The speakers praised
the tremendous efforts made by Wai-
tukubuli volunteers to present the
opening exhibition and expressed hopes
that this "rimodst start" would evolve
into a permanent Museum of which all
Dominicans could be proud.Mr.Honychurch
went on to describe the exhibition as
"attempting to begin at the beginning
of the West Indian, and Dominican
story." Its historical emphasis, ex-
pressed in the title "1493 +" was a
deliberate attempt to relate it to the
National Day Celebrations. Following
these remarks the Minister invited his
audience to view the exhibition,
Entering through the front door,vis-
itors felt the full impact of bold
modern lettering, strong colour and
sharp contrast .exemplified by the
magnificent black-and-white photographs
taken by Mr. Peter Green, which high-
lighted many of the display panels.
Adding greater dimension and warmth to
a scene dominated by flat surfaces
were cases of Amerindian artifacts,
examples of Carib basketry and a Carib
canoe obtained with the help of the
Carib Council.
The striking visual display resulted
from the assistance of Mr. Edward
Milota, ILO Craft Designer at present
attached to the Dominica Government.
The Waitukubuli Group, .responsible for
the inspiration,research and labout
put into the project, is to be congrat-
ulated. Its members look forward to
the enrichment of the Museum's stores
of historical material, and solicit
the support and generosity of the
public in this regard.
Editor'a note: The Museum was orig-
inally named "Victoria Museum".,

opinion a progressive liberal,asked
of Mr. Leblanc, "Who do you think you
are, Mr. Big Stuff?"
The crowd took up the chant from
there -- loud and clear.


Page Ten THE STAR Friday, Nov~ber l2~7l

Cynthia Watt
Since a long time Ma Titine's
eyes hadn't seen blue! She dressed
hurriedly, almost crazily, reviewing
in her mind all those talks about
the Declaration of Grenada. Hommph:
she muttered angrily to herself,two
pull out... Hmmph! Just because Trin-
idad an Barbados don' join. Dose
dam fools!' So... here began a
struggle with her panty-hose, to
which she was not accustomed in the
tropical heat... Bradshaw said "I
signed it" that's all. He playing'
man...he want to 16ok about his land
in Ahguilla. So he bong to bawl
against the British..."
She surveyed herself in front of
George's full-length gift mirror.
Meanwhile her radio had been broad-
casting at top speed. Radio Dominica!
with a sniff she switched it off.
"I goin' see dat market of deirs.
Long I don' pass dat way...I want
,+ -,11 it

0. UO. a -
"Hey Titine!"a friend hailed her.
"Sa ka faite?" "Sa ka faite?
all-you is dam fool. So long dis
market bong to open and up to now...
"Look-out," whispered another.
Fpr Ancine was strolling by with a
few minor Party squibs, talking loud-
ly and boldly: "Well sorry I was de
las' one to take dose las' tree
stalls."(Then a well-aimed scowl at
Ma Titine). "No more stall...all
gone. An'mines is de fresh meat.."
"An wey you kill de meat?"asked
Ma Titine. "Is it have abbatoir?"
Ancine ignored her.SidMa Tittne;
"So you goin' sell fresh meat, an'
what about you old boyfren' sell us
to 4Guyana? Boy, I not in dat at
all,nuh: I hear Big Chief Big Stuff
sign too; widout we know one t'ing
how it moving! Eh-ben zo bon."
She left her friends and made a
thorough walk-round of the market,
commenting shrilly now and again.
"Me Titine, I small fish, I not meat
for sale, I go show dem. What de
hell. Dey believe de place is deirs
alone! Is shares I have share in it
anA is not DomCan 2Timbers take our
money dis time"
Her eyes shooting off fire,she
fired a parting shot:
"Is give dey give dis land to
Bunnam fo' a mayor chair in Ports-
mout' and de chair so stiff de man
leg stick out an' he get cramp."


It is notified for general-inform-
ation that special Postage Stamps of
Dominica to commemorate the Dominica
National Day Observance held from 3rd
to 4th November, 1971, will be re-
leased for sale on Monday 15th Nov-
ember, 1971.
2. The stamps which are attractive in
design and colours of red, green,
black, violet,, brown, blue, silver-
grey, pink and gold are printed in
four denominations : 8 cents, 15 cents
20 cents and 50 cents.
3. The 8 cents stamp features the
groyne at Portsmouth; the 15 cents
stamp, a pictorial Carnival scene in
Dominica; the 20 cents stamp, the
1971 Carifta Queen, and the 50 cents
stamp, the famous "Entwistle" Rock
at Atkinson, Dominica.
4. First Day Covers will be on sale
at a cost of $1.00 and souvenir sheets
comprising the Carifta Queen only-,will
also be available at $1.0. 2
5. The stamps will be withdrawn from
sale on the evening of Friday, 18th
February, 1972. EMENT JSEPHS
Postmaster General.
MP C&W 4/65,G.178,217-1/1.


1) Applications are invited for the
post of temporary Research Fellow/
Junior Research Fellow (Soil Sur-
veyor) in the Department of Soil
Science, U.W.I., St.Augustine.
91sing date: as soon as poss8
S) Applications are invited for a
post of Assistant Registrar, Univ-
ersity of the West Indies, St.
Closing Date: November,23, 1971.
Further particulars can be obtained i
from the Extra Mural Department dur-
ing working hours.
Dominican-born Mr. Royal J.George,
who has lived in Britain for some
years, has been appointed Supt. of
the new Roseau Market. He had been
employed with the U.K. Meat and Live-
stock Commission as a Fat Stock Oficer,
and holds advanced certificates in
market management,meat inspection,
hygiene, food catering etc., also
the Intermediate in Accountancy.



Friday, Novtnber 12XD71


Page Ten

Page Eleven

Friday. November 12, 1971 THE STAR


Goodwill, Dominica: 8 November 1971
Madam Editor,

Kindly permit me to
reply to an article published in
the columns of your paper on Friday
November 6, 1971 under thQ pen-name
As I do not know your contribu-
tor well, I am unable to say that I
am surprised at his line of thought.
Suffice it to say that he epitomises
what is becoming a fashion now in
Dominica (albeit a dangerous one)
namely: "if you do not support the
political party which I support, I
am disappointed in you".
I shudder to imagine what the
position would be in Dominica if
Androcles and those who think like
him were to hold the reins of power,
even for a minute. Then we should.
expect to see those ills which he
now imagines tp exist i.e."dehuman-
ization, dictatorship, repressive
legislation, violence against the
people," etcetera, etcetera.
Androcles has the freedom to
join the political party of his
choice and to preach its faith; I
hope he will condescend to allow me
the.same freedom.
Yours faithfully,
Nof.O. Liverpool.

OPINION ON RAMIA from abroad -
London, W.13, England.
Dear Editor: the determination of
those wives trying desperately to
stop their husbands' secret affairs
shows how marriage is no longer a
romantic expression of two people.
While 'I sympathize wholeheartedly
with the wives, I believe they should
handle the matter tactfully and
firmly in the privacy of their homes
instead of demonstrating their hum-
iliations elsewhere. In my opinion
the question of unfaithfulness will
never have cause to arise if mar-
raige is founded on a solid basis of
love and understanding,
Once love has entered two people's
lives they will remain true to each
other for life.
But as usual, too many people
prejudice their marriages because
they were married entirely for the
wrong reasons. (Contd, next column)


Friday. November 18, 1971

Instead of enjoying their marital
relationships, they simply consume
it just for the sake of the chil-
dren. The key to a happy marriage
is to love and be loved in return.
This has to be sought for and found.
Otherwise one will be driven further
and further away from the other, and
draw closer to clandestine roman' f.
Searching for happiness perhc

I agree that Rama is a bit taken
up with sex but so am I as a young
unmarried man. At first I thought
Rama was an old lady who spent her
time peepingbetween blinds and cur-
tains. Then I reached the conclusion
that Rama was a fellow not much worse
or better than myself.
Here in Dominica the men expect
the girls to be pure before they
marry them (unless they HAVE to).
They themselves feel they can do
what they like. That is called the
single standard. One law for the men
and another for the women, but is
that fair ask my girl friends and my
sister? And when married we men find
it hard to change our ways so that is
why a lot of people don't marry;but
when they do, we men expect the girls
we marry to be perfect while we are
just ourselves. BACHELOR, Goodwill.

Some days ago Sister Tutor of Prin-
cess Marggret Hospital accompanied
31 Student Nurses and explained to
them the new chlorination process at
River Claire pumping Station. Sister
Tutor underlined that water purific-
ation was one of the most important
factors in human health and consump-
tion, therefore the need for chlorin-
ation. She explained that the price
of pure water is constant vigilance
from its source to the consumer's
tap, as the risk of outbreaks of
epidemic are ever present in connect
ion with all water supplies and
particularly so in the case of under-
ground-sources of rivers and water
(This news item was contributed
by the Operator of the River Claire
Pumping Station, Mr. Henry A. Gustave).
WAVE OF CRIME: High Court Judge Horace
Mitchell said a wave of crime was now
sweeping Guyana,appealed for"rescue

Friday November 12,1971

*****S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R9T*S *** W E L C 0 M E
FOOTBALL: St.Kitts draw both matches to all the Delegates from neigh-
Last weekend, the St.Kitts Nat- borring West Indian States who
ional Team held both the knock-out have taken the time and trouble to
Champions Harlem Rovers & the Domin- join with us here in attempting to
ica State Team to one-all draws.The solve a difficult inter-regional
Kittitians who were due 'on Friday problem involving all our peoples.
didn't arrive until Sat. mid-day be-
cause of flight difficulties. They I N V I T A T I O N
took on Harlem Rovers that same aft-
ternoon a very entertaining encoun- Citizens of Roseau and of Dominica
ter. The boys from South seemed to as a whole are cordially invited to
get a shock from St.Kitts' ballcraft attend a PUBLIC MEETING at 8 o'clock
and control, and took some time to tomorrow night (SATURDAY), to hear
get into their own. However Harlem speeches on the "Grenada Declaration"
showed their colours when Caesar by our distinguished political vis-
Emanuel got a loose ball from a itors from FIVE other Island States.
melee and sent a right-footer scorch- President of the Dominica Freedom
ing into the nets a one-nil lead Party, Hon.Eugenia Charles will be
for Harlem at half-time.At resumption in the chair, and a fabulously ex-
the Kittitians seemed to have more citing and historical gathering is
zeal, going right into the attack. expected. TRADE UNION HALL,Freedom St.
'They kept pounding at the Harlem EARLY ARRIVALS
goal area, but had to wait until the First to land in Dominica by air
35th minute of the 2nd half for an today were Mr. Ebenezer Joshua,one-
equalizer, when Auckland Hector got time C.M. of St. Vincent, and his
a dolly through the hands of the legal adviser; also Dr. Watts, Mr.
Harlem custodian Aaron. Both sides Gofldon Renwick and Dr. Friday (one-
pressed on for a winner but could time Ag.Headmaster of Dominica Gram-
not beat the final whistle :score mar School) of Grenada. Later in
level at 1-1. the afternoon two gentlemen from
On Sunday, St. Kitts clashedwith undaunted little Nevis (Messrs.
the Dominica National side and gave Daniel and Morton) were met by
them the time of their lives; our Councillor Mrs. Annette St.Hilaire.
Squad, playing together for the 1st Dr. Billy Herbert was also expected
time, were never given a chance to momently. The delegates will be
settle down, and fared badly,partic- staying at Fort Young Hotel, and
ularly in defence; worse the for- will attend a closed conference to-
wards failed every scoring opportun- morrow after which they will meet
ity. -Goalless at halftime,things be- the Press to present their findings.
gan to happen, a sign that the tide As noted above, the big show for the
had change-d with play centred around public will happen on Sat.night 8 pm.
mid-field. ?The Dominica team showed plc wll h n on
then that they were a force to reckon PREMIER'S STATEMENT & RADIO TALK :
with, going on to share the honours A release of about 1200 words was
of the day as Brinsley Charles put issued by the Premier's office giving
Dominica ahead with a one-time from his view on developments re Declar-
a rightwing cross; but after this ation of Grenada. 0It deployed state-
things never looked so easy against ments attributed to breakaway States.
the fast-moving Northerners, who got who previously signed and declares
their equalizer when Paine beat"Bogo" that nevertheless "they cannot alto-
Roy with a direct rightwing cross. gether frustrate its purpose". At
Excitement mounted and interest- 8 pm tonight (Friday) Mr. Leblanc
as temper's' flared and players sought will take to the air again on Radio
a winner in the dying stages of ?the Dominica to elaborate on this.
game. When referee Casimir blew the CROWDED OUT TILL NET WEEK Do
final'whistle at "score level" the R & Industrial Develoent Bainica
Ag. & Industrial Development Bank;
crowd had received their money v~ca'h. Poultry Producers Co-operative; Dom-
RED STARS of Guadeloupe,on yet another inca Banana Growers Assn. report
visit, will engage Saints on Saturday, prepared by Canadian consultants;
and on Sunday they clash with the and other interesting news items;
Dominica National Team.STARTTIMlE 4pm and other interesting news items.
Printed & Published by the Proprietor NEW MISS WORLD is Lucia Peterrie of
R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House Brazil,22,medical student,who danced
at 26 Bath Rd. Roseau, Dominica, W.I. till dawn at a ball after election.


~Rge ..'TweLve

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