Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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krs. Jane Lowenthal,
librarian, 9
Research Institute fort
-, -e Study of Man,
S152 East 78 Street,
i ew York 10021, ,.Y.,

o!. ~- XI No. ;.


Friday, Awgest 92. 1971


Ten Cents


To underm~d bte following lines, you must know
'. Ma ~grtiti is a French overseas department;
:ere. The main public affairs are examined by a gen.
Sal acodfl io presence of the representative of France:
'he Preft. Firal decisions are made by the central
wero~a t of Paris. There also exists a Town Coun-
1i of Hart-de-France, which is led by the progressive
avor Ax QCAsaire. It is well known that the govern-
et: does not like at all the fact that the main city of
e island is in the hands of a progressive party, and
,.any of the problems of our town council come up
O-m s~ime deliberate slowness on the government's
die; but never does the Prefet iterfere in the deci-
-* *oof the sown council.
Now, conomrning the probkam of naming a street
r plansinig a political meeting, the government does
n::, mtefere in the normal Modus Vivendi of the town
cc.,ncil. Here e three examples:-:

S) One of our sons: a prominent boxer Francois'
Pavila, died in France, a.few years ago; one
month later, the town council, at a normal
eting and .by a simple resolution, decided to
name a street in honour of this great son of'
.oMr soil.
2) Last Mavy the Minister of the overseas depart-
ments 'isnted the island; there were fights be-
tween t;e extremists and the police forces; a;
young' studentt died in' very curious circum-
stances still not cleared by the special com-i
iissinr designed bv the French government.
Only two weeks after the murder, the town
o aicii, at a 'normal meeting, decided byI
simple resolution to name a street in memory
of this young student; and so it was done.

3) Last May also, to commemorate the liberation'
of Slavs by themselves when the French gov-
ramenit had decided im 1848 to abolish slav-
ery, bul the local "BEKES"' tried to delay the
applica ion of the decree, the town council, at
a normal meeting and by a simple resolution,
decided to name a phc:., "IPLACE DE LA
LIBERTE" which means "F R E E D 0 M
PLACIE"; and so it was done.
Even though the representatives of France were
vered, they shut their mouths and remained quiet.
C,-rlncitded i', Page 3

0 R LD


3 I G E

Christiane EDA-PIERRE
Thias .ast.ifiul weI.;t Inuiiin woina., wiose
ausrane voice has ta.Son Paria Oper:a-
.oers by storm. vTs born im Martinique;
;ad iDominica.ns ill sooi be able to hear
her singrini the greia. .,ria from "The
lBarbe of .seville" uver RadCio. iominica.


-The fifth A n nua.
General Meeting of che
Carii'bean Conservation
Association takes place
in Puerto Rico in Sep-
temb.r, and conserva-
tionits in this hemisphere
are getting ready for the
big event.
Thc Caribbean Cova-
serval ion Association was
founded in !967, and,
after initial teething trou-
btes, established itself as
an ini ernational organisa
tion dedicated to serve
the teeds of the area in
the s vrial fields of con-
serva:ion and to foster
in thf people of the area

a. greater awareness of
the value of their natural
and cultural resources.
..Its growing membership
includes several regional
Governments, Govern.
meat agencies, National
Tr s t s, comservatioi
groups, business organi-
sations mad individual
from North and Souiih
America and from the

ctl to the Aesociatsi
have indicated that expestl
in the fields of Toutism,
Industry, Mrine & Lud
Resource Use and Ecology.
will present papers


X l 9.. l1 r

S .. 41 ....
. '*1:- F._.: '1 .'- 7
: *'" .' ^ 1 '. : ; f

Page Two. THE STAR Friday, August 27, 19,71
FALSE CLAIMS by Androcles
This week we heard the Premier on the radio talking hysterically at
the formal inaugural ceremony of the Bagatelle-Fond St.Jean-Pointe Caribe
Village Council. Hundreds must have heard him and these will be able to
judge whether or not what follows is accurate and the comments fair.
First of all, the Premier attempted to convey the impression that Vifile
Case, the village from which he comes, was the birthplace of the rural
government movement in Dominica. He further sought to make his hearers
believe that the Vieille Case Villagereached its zenith during his member-
ship. Both these impressions sought to be conveyed are false.
It was Marigot which, under the prompting and inspiration of Capt.
Ashpite-l, an Englishman, first established a Village Board (later, termed
Village Council). From Marigot, the idea went to Vieille Case and some
other villages. As far as Vieille Case is concerned, it was during the
Chairmanship of the late Mr. Benjamin Royer, a really fine gentleman,
that the Village Council of Vielle Case attained its highest point. Never
mind what the Premier says about this. The streets and environmental san-
itation services of the village were never better since. The regime of
Mr. Benjamin Royer was eventually succeeded by Councils bearing an element
of low mentality which persists; to this day, while deterioration of the
physical appearance of the Village continues. Hence it is untrue for thePrra
i to make believe that local government in Vieille Caserxached its highest
point during the term of his membership. It is significant that the com-
paratively small sums at the disposal of the B.A.Royer administration pro-
duced more local improvements than the much larger sums the Council has
controlled since, Readers will draw the obvious conclusion.
In the course. of his speech, as indeed in nearly all others that he
-makes, he tried his best to make people believe that Dominica only began
to have a history from 1961. What nonsense! It is as though the present
Bishop of Roseau set out a claim that the Church only began to have a
history under his administration. Of course, a man of the Bishop's sense
would never make such a silly claim, but your Premier persists in attemp-
,ting to convey the false impression that all good that had happened before
and since 1961 has been due to him. He may conceivably get away with this'
when he talks with small groups of benighted people in remote areas, but
it is plain stupid for him to attempt this on radio*
Take, for example, his claim of having established many large schools
during his administration. This columnist, in particular, has often made
it clear that this is not something for which the Leblanc administration
can take the credit since all the best and largest schools were direct
gifts-of the Government of Canada at a time when Canada was giving schools
to every single Commonwealth Caribbean island and some of which got'even
more than Dominica. The Premier tries to make it appear that it is because
of him that Dominica got those schools. He has even tried to cast asper-
sion on his predecessor in office by this silly argument: Canada has al-
ways existed; how is it that previous Governments had not succeeded before
his in getting schools for Dominica? If ability to persuade outside agencies
and other Governments were the only basis of getting assistance, then Mr.
Baron would have got infinitely more aid for us than what we have received
in Mr. Leblanc's time. Unfortunately, however, these were years when the
consciences of the richer nations. had yet to be touched, so Mr. Leblanc
was being plain silly when he said to the good people of the south that
Canada was always there: how is it that it is only during his regime that
we are getting help from Canada. All the other islands of the British
Caribbean are only now getting help in the form of schools and water sup-
plies, etc. from Canada -- the same as Dominica. It cannot even be said
that we were the first to receive such aid. To say the truth, I cannot
think of any leader in Dominica who, on the basis of his personality, man-
ner and style of expression, was less likely to get overseas assistance
for Dominica than Mr. Leblanc. It is clear therefore that we got our share
of Canada's largesse despite, and not because of, LIr. LeBlanc. If he is
what he thinks e is let him tell us hy he has not got assistance from.
the U.S.A.: .. (concluded n page four

Friday, August 27, 1971 T H E S T A R' Page Three
Prince Charls has hiThe .Waitukubuli Group, in an
Prince Charles has his "wings" effort to create an awareness of and
from the Royal Air Force, and after d evelop a kee interest in the wealth
four months intensive training for develop a keen interest in the wealth
four months intensive training for of talent latent in Dominica,presents
advanced flying, he is now a quali- AMIISMENT LA PLACE at the Dawbiney Mar-
fied pilot. The Prince joins the ket on Sunday, 29th August, 1971.
Royal Navy next month, to study at ket on Sunday, 29th August, 1971.
Britannia Royal Naval College like ISThe show begins at 8.00 p.m.organ-
his father, grandfather and great- AMISMENT LA PLACE has been organ-
granhis father, who grandfather and grea- ised with a view to catering to the
grandfather, ho served at sea taste of all Dominicans.
CARIBBEAN: Board of Directors of Among the items on the evening's
the Carib.Assn. of Industry & Trade programme are: Raymond Lawrence's Kubuli
met in Barbados this month. Mr.C.A. Dancers, Claudia Joseph's dance group,
Maynard & Mr. J.N.Liburd (Pres.&Sec)Belaire dancing to the beat of "lapeau
represented Dominica Chamber of Com-cabrit", "Tim Tim" by a Conteur,reading
merce. Mr. Wm.Demas addressed the of poetry and short stories produced
delegates on implications of Brit- by Dominican writers, the performance
ain's entry into the E.C.M. Nation- of a skit, etc.
alization policies in the region AMISMENT LA PLACE is being presented
and the development of the smaller free, and the WAITUKUBULI GROUP takes
territories of the CARIFTA area wrre great pleasure in inviting every Dom-
among the subjects discussed. A inican to attend.
resolution embodying means of set-
ting u A CERTAIN KIND OF FREEDOM from page 1
ting up a body in each state to
improve efficiency and effectivenessIf we turn our camera over France we
of service/management,increase nat- see that even under General de Gaulle's
ional productivity and bring about reign the Press, the "Chansonniers",the
closer understanding among peoples Cartoonists never stopped attacking or
was adopted. mocking the General and his government.
DOMINICA Agricultural Society has Moreover, the General himself had,once
long been concerned about the lime a year, a special party for those people
industry's future. Recently A.C.. so aware was he that without opposit-
Shillingford & Co.announced cessat- ion and critics, a chief and a govern-
ion of their lime processing,leavingment have no value, and cannot be- "au
L.Rose & Co. as sole professors and courant of all the intimate -desires and
and exporters from Dominica. In a needs of the people.
letter to Mr. Conrad Cyrus,Pres., Now, even Mr. Nixon is -reading back
D.A.S.,Mr. W.Price-Davis,Mg.Dir. of the de Gaulle Art of Governing, and I
L.Rose & Co gave a broad outline believe that most of our West Indian
of the Company's policy in Dominica Premiers would be well inspired to learn
He said Rose's plans not only to some of his rules for ruling a nation.
maintain but to increase by 20-25% These Premiers might keep in mind that
the present leyel -of production.The a real chief is the one who can listen
past two. years progress has great- quietly and with objectivity to the
ly increased the Company's confiden.fiticisms of his citizens; in fact,the
in the..viability of their operatiorsmain difficulty of our leaders in the
here; they expect to increase their West Indies is that too often they for-
lime products requirements (fresh get that-we did not elect them as- prem-
fruit or raw lime juice) to a total iers to reign as omipotent kings, but
of six million gallons of juice pa. only as representatives in charge of oT
They will continue purchase abou~affairs, and that they are supposed to
2/8 of fruit from outside their ownjlet us know what is going on minute by
estates. Mr. R.W. Hasler, Acting m.inute.
Attorney for Rosesrevealed that due In conclusion, although one must not
to increased planting on their est- forget that in every office, on each
ates since-the sale of Bath Estate, telephone, at every corner of every
the Company will by the end of this street there -is usually an eavesdropper
year have a larger acreage of lime of the government, yet, on certain mat-
cultivation than at any time in its ters and in certain places, there is
history. Experimental shipments o: still a little hole' though which the
green limes to UK and inquiries from reeze of a certain kind of FEEDOM can
Canada & Europe were promising.Air lowe ca
freight was costly,however. (See p.l

Page z our 9 9- --

FALSE CLAIMS by Androcles (continued from p.2).bearing in mind that when
he. took office he found a U.S. financed school of road-building and the
use of in existence. It should be remembered that
when large financial assistance was not available to these islands from
the British Government,-Mr. Baron extracted our airfield from the British
and this also caused St.Vincent to get its own.
Mr. Leblaac made rather similar claims about roads. He even spoke un-
trutahs by saying that when he assumedoffice, motorable roads from Roseau
only reached St. Joseph to its north and. Pointe Michel to its south. Mr.
Leblanc shouldbe ashamed of himself to utter such a falsehood, particular
as the people, to whom he- was speaking, had long been used to getting to
Roseau by buses from Bagabtelle or Fond, St.Jean driving along the main
/ Grand Bay road. It is also a fact that the people of the Northern District
already then had the Transinsular Road 'on which they travelled to Roseau,
The Rosalie road had been built before 1961. The Soufriere road commenced
in 1960. The Layou Valley road was in use in 1960, and one could drive to
the Freshwater Lake. and Giraudel in 1954!
As often as he lays claim.'to being personally responsible for the ex-
tended road system of Dominica since :1960, I shall publicly expose this
untruth by pointing out that this is the .period when United Kingdom fin-
ancial aid to all the non-self-governing territories of the British Carib-
bean began on a massive scale to improve these islands. The increase in
scale since 1960 must be at least four-fold as compared with the immediat-
ely preceding period and it is likely that the scale will increase in the
u. furire for England, in the spirit of assistance., is proposing to give 1%
f...-her national income (or, more correctly, her gross national product)
to .-ihelp .the less developed countries. of the world and she begins with her
formerr colonies. So during the past decade or so, the United Kingdom
Placed large sums in'the hands of'the Government of Dominica, as it did
-to the Governments of 'all'the other Associated States, Montserrat and the
Virgin Islands, 'for improving their countries. It was these sums which
were used to. build roads in Dominica as they were also built in St. Vincent
St.Lucia, Gre ada, etc. So where is-the special credit that Mr.Leblanc
seeks? Any Government of Dominica would have got at least the same amount-
'of aid., It is high time'that this man stops fooling and taking advantage
of the lack of education of so many in the population.
If Mr.Leblanc is really the statesman he would like to think he is, I
list below some outstanding problems and ask him what he has done to solve
them. This i;.a more correct test of his ability than laying claim to
having got gifts at a time when gifts were being freely and widely offered
to all Caribbean Governments:
(1), The drug .problem and the. crime wave now sweeping Dominicao It is
down on record in these columns that when the hippie .type of person
first began to come into Dominica introducing this dangerous habit,
it was suggested that ,such personsbo not allowed to land in Dominicae
At that time, Mr.Leblanc's Government knew of the drug orgies being
practised by these people, in various parts of the island.
(2) Employment opportunities for the young people. (Instead, he dis-
courages persons who could invest and create employment from coming
to Dominica).
(3) Doing something to resuscitate the Banana industry and in part-
icular to have a close critical look at the Banana Contract, By a
very strange coincidence,.as I was typing this, news came over the
radio of St.Lucia's' unilateral action in getting the Development
SBank and the British Overseas Division to come over and help the
Government to re-establish the industry on better lines.
It is in areas like these that one tests the statesmanship in a pol-
itician, not in the'keeping'the ignorant ignorant (what has he done for
'adult education?):and in making rich friends richer.
.... .. L.... '-00 .

T^- />./., "n^.,.,.^

fflPiCj:RV, Aurmst 21,1961


Friday Aa8ga 27,1971 THE S5
Ir ,, :; n :i. ;V- T S TThe Pre-Professional Course is scheduled to
start on September 6rh. Interesed persons are
reuested to register ia p. rw as Sons poo i- aj
bie wi.h the E1-ra Mural Department. j
The detailed programme will be publihsed
Ss .v oo as ta is fioa lzed with tth 'tonrs.
I Ant- 5 I

J N 0 T 2;I 1 I
nE W'Pj: Ct.. [
It ra nt"ie fior genera! ,f',mnioit thba:
he Governor has been vieas-d to aispint
SMr. S.V,.JsqE h Lecal Goverrmem Cmamision-
er as Supernvsor of Elections cder time pro-
i visions of 2,8 &tf .he Pci tonmcth T own m
SCoucil Act, 1969 TNo. 27 of i'q '.)A
c'+ev no. Se" $ cr se ary,
Ref P. 13 33, G.i 7. :T'"
i3t.v u?(. A ca'gm f'h .

RI is i--si-fi frW general information tr.ha
the Governor has be-n pleased to appant .
Mt. A.B. Malie, s.'':g Mag istrate District '"",
-a Revising Otxfeer to revise and seile the list of |
S s- tr- for the purp we of tihe P ort-smouth Town
ICounci, l Act, 1969 (No. 27 of 1969
| 'g.J~t, G3'"tvncr s $.iccrep-ry jS
Ref, P. 23,133, G f36. -,
t b3'h Augu"-t, 197!

Government Of Dominica A
I *Treasury Bils
SSixth Issue
The Sixth Issue of 1 treasury Bills cblsed on
Wednesday i8th August at an average discount
rate oa 1.68 This represents an average ar2.j,.?
Sitterest rate of 6.84 .
A The total amount tendered stood at $737,500
ag ainst a total amount offered of $ Notice of another isiue wiil p',4d in
due ca rse.
~afl? <-.O ,f C.A. SO)RHAiND
S2th P.L ,; 197i ausia;nl Secriary.

Appontments Vacant
Vacaur... ,:,:. t ar Expte u -I'J:d Arcbirhecnai
Pr.reb c gven to knowledge of Metric Di- ;
WnsrsIomag and Work in French Islands.
Salary according to Exprtfenece.
Ap'pls-aions in ;Vi nW ; and eznaipscs of Work
o 'e s.ubrui t:o our 0Gice by 3rd Sept., 1971.
Gefcfrey MAaclka Architect
P 0'. B&x 00,
fewl Bapi'tra House,
-,osx Liae. ko$ti .i
'-.25-. 2 4. '
.TiEAS RE7i&NERY CORP. ofnfe spport'wtty
for hBgh itncimnf PLIUS .e; ,at a'.Iw ,'* btcefts
n yatore ian m the Rosea tutes English
esscnatl. Import experience helpfw, bvt nr-
Airqaafl Repiy ta:.
A. M.,PAI, Pe I-.- t.
IE ?.U, ,X 71, For Wot, T exas U. U. k M33

Vacancies exist for Terei- .:.:e Tc-b i:. zi :
Trainees. Applicants should be about 18
y au-, of age with 'O'Level M.aths, English
and c... t- Sj-,.c .
Appty i- Writing gi. faullde-tails to:-
The Manager,
C!;-& Wirel-ss (W.I.) Ltd.,
.7 Roseau,
fVY- :--h -

A 'vacancy exists ior a Watchnan
Apply to:-

77 -, ,

.The Manager,
Cable & Wireless (W.I.) Ltd.,
?; ..,---3r

inaPrivate Hour.- for American 'fourist,5,
Bed and Breakfast.
(Aso Apartments or Beach Hdomes Wanted for
Weldwide Acis=nasahtona
P61 Ycrk Ave~te, New York, N'Y. 100C! U.S.A. 7 f4
Get Htgh Qualit
in a wide variety of shades.
Take Advantage of
And get $ off per Gallon.
Also in stock, Varnishes, including
Polyurethanes. Poth i-pack & 2-p: ck


Friday, August 27, 1971 T H E S T A-R Page Six

It's nice to have been away on a HOME AFFAIRS.
short vacation. I hear that this
columnist was sorely missed by quite From Messrs. R.P.Joseph,J.A.James,
a few Thanks: To those who wished I Reginald Kirton,John La Ronde,Stuart
had stayed away because I keep hit- Williams,Roy La Ronde,D.P.Lawrence;
ting their tender spots, I want them Miss V.G.Nicholas & Miss A.J.James;
to know that they are in for some Mr. Stalin Joseph, substitute.
more. 24th August, 1971
I enjoyed our front page piece To Mr.A.D.Boyd,
from New Caribbean Man by Alister Manager,Dominica Banana Growers Assn.,
Hughes. This writer is echoing my iDear Sir, Roseau.
thoughts. As a matter of fact, during This is to drawtoour attention
the Rosie Douglas affair, I said that that by a draft copy of a letter to
we in Dominica weren't sure of our youdated 22nd July,1971,the Dominica
identity. Depending on the occasion, Employers: Federation submitted a draft
we identified ourselves as black, proposal of the Dominica Trade Union
negro, and African. We must be some- Lancemen Industrial Agreement for your
thing else; because we are! We must Board's consideration.
be West Indians: The Union, by 6th August,seeing
I understand that a corpse was that nothing is done, wrote to you on
"sitting" in a car for the longest that date and among other things
while at the Princess Margaret Hos- stressed that early attention be given
pital. If that is correct, it would to the matter because the Lancemen's
seem that even the dead have to patience is exhausted. But strange to.
"take their time" in Dominica. date not even an acknowledgment of the
Which reminds me. When will the Union's letter has been received.
Cable & Wireless issue a statement In the Union's letter of August
advising the many citizens who de- 6th, you should have noticed the time
sire telephones, especially in the expended in arriving at most of the
Goodwill area, when they will be workable basis for the Agreement,and
connected? It would seem that the you should also have given consider,
present system was already obsolete nation to the hard patience displayed
before it left the planning stage, by the Lancemen during such long-drawn-
There is nothing as dangerous and out negotiations.
stupid as having a black policeman Consequently, since such consider-
in black uniform directing traffic nations are absent in you, the Union
in the dark of night without the has come to the conclusion that the
proper equipment, such as white arm- delay on your part is wilful and,there-
bands and gloves, Some time ago,Iwas fore, has decided to take the necessary
stopped in the New Town area by such steps.
an officer who requested to see my Sincerely yours,
license plates lights. All well and D.P. Lawrence,
good. But I could have run over the Secretary/Treasurer, D. T. U.
poor chap, and I almost did: b.c.Min.of Home Affairs
Rama's Bad Taste Award goes to Joint Charles,Northern area Lancemen
the occupants) of the vehicle who Steward.
decided to make things rough and em- orom the same Dominica Trade Unionists
barrassing for the discreetly parked the following letter was despatched
couple. In a big country you would on 24th August, 1971, to the Minister
have ended up with a bullet hole. of Homo Affairs, Ministerial Building,
Of course nothing has been done to Roseau, Dominica.
the Rockaway Beach. Typically Domin- Dear Sir, In the Matter of D.T.U.
ican. But what do you expect when the Lancemen Industrial Agreement
people who are in a position to help From copies of correspondences your
are more concerned about the renaming Labour Division have already received
of a STREET? _from the: Dominica Trade Union,to the
Manager of the Dominica Banana Growers AssociationY in connection with the
above mentioned matter, I am sure you will agree that the Union has no alter-
native than to inform you that a grievance ex::sts between the Dominica Trade
,Union and the Dominica Banana Growers Association, (Concluded on page 10)

JFM^9 *YE jaiA,7, nrisim s

II- r---- w fl wS--nnn~~eDs~r~~rrua1

_6, OiB"-
ON IN, W',s~

si A Grev Traditni; A -- A Gre.t Car
Sty teAns More Than Loots

'C ThisCar

WeI Service W?)c

1. A G E
We S !f"

4i" .tvn.t~

-4 W'

We4 have j's rhcce a litiaed supply o

-. ?
*s a .- : -. .-.. ...* .w s
(t -- *Atpis eaary ,: .g rea'i
GA vt -rA h theWy, aas n l ;z

- u "., x 1 & f C r 1....
-. C 3 P -
,72.. r, x f

S. .. .- 5:
. -n.: rman Lsw ,



Some insecdicid., zary be o:'" r.-.;. kco
humans and can p- ,uc, .Lu.; ;. -- :2.i
AI EM Inseicide hugh e of
the most powerful i i Ociu Oo on R'he-Tt.
is non-toxic to hulanaR; and cim hri sad is
sa c to ule where food is being p p. .r
AIRKEM INse, kills al ir ':.
quickly whst leavmg a pleasant c r be-
So protect youlf ss fi d
crawling insecs as l as disme by -n o.
THE KING OF ,P,-ST. .7rj .
of health hia!

O'habie at all leading Supenrmrkes, nid awr :.
AIRKEM is distributed bt r

yor kcal Agtsrns.

~A~I~leraiIwn.fl no r








TH____ jn^&R


Page t Ti 1111

J"A Expe '71

Isgesr t Ever rational IandEtriMl
Exhibit ion
XITHRMTORS i J3fA CWPO 71 will lmin erre!j
Stn of their exlihits at the National Arena
frI' Tnesday Ang ,t 17, wilk a view to bavinag
their products ready' for d~apjy and official pro-;
viwwing batwoen Aigiut 93Z-4 .
All axhabits wl b co Emptette by Auget 30,1
in timU for the offiia t ope sg of the Jarnfteo
saafacrtorers Atsooiatwin's largest -over natiomntl
tndeatrial exhibitionn on S*ptmbabr L. .
to .pomia timne fer tte. ahtoie ars from ai
;to lp.n. oindwya to Prliayv mad 11 ma. to Ir
p.i. oe SBar ldaye atid S uwdays
The official opening wiM beI performed by.
the Pritm Mi'uimter. the Rt. Hon. Hugh 8hearer,
st 5P,.. on the openiehg day, Thutrsday, Septembo

Added *nterti scn t# for the muoe tbsa 150,,
00( people expoetAdp attnd will inelnde nightly
fftehton shows and It" shoyw. IMt on by record
producers sa4 their artist, aSotust other orowd
pleasing attractionr-
Oate prizA dprin~g itb first and second we~k!
triclde trip for tom Iby Air JamaLic to Minar,'
the grind prize being a trip fof two. via Air J*-
maia, to'New York. plus spfndl g mMotry,
Daily prizes wilt include tilvisioxn sets, gasp
stoves and ot er itedi. i.
Details of the finalised E[XPO 71 plannir,
were diiscl'jed at a pptewil meeting las week
whidh was attended by more than 70 exhibihtoSw
ranl their representative, in the Board rooim of'
th," Jamaica Mannfaiotrrm Aeso iAtion. .'
Preuiding was the 0htmirwoan of the A&dve ti -
ing man Public OReOlattons Committee for IXP2J
71, Mr. Ray Miils.
It was dilomnd that a lare eConingent of aimes
60 to 70, hbinesti men woald be visiting EXPO 71
from Canada, with a view( to dieviring prtas
in wbich they might trade with Jamaica. Vistore
are tNso exported from inside and outside of
------ -------^--


It Was All Their Own Fault

H ARE and his wife built
themselves a small
house in the forest. They
,:eared the ground, swept
he walk and all that was left
or them to do was to move a
-g rock front the path.
"Let's push it together and
-,i it off the path," Hare's
;ife said.
"Why bother?" said Hare.
"'iet it lie there. If it is in
anyone's way they can walk
iond it.-
And so the rock remained
here it was near their front

In moving meimnory of our dter mothne

who died on the 277h Augurst 1968.
Treasured memories keep you near
As tne u~ifoblds year
No need for wordJs eixc:i to say
Still ioved d missed in every way.
Ever to be rel'nncmbrced 'by hber
Loviag Childre-n: Camrnri Vaderpoo], nek
Douglas; Elma Il-hi. af Douglas; Alie
Letblanc, ne Dogie PSrc DougP.lasv, Davidsoa
D-uglas aad Owen Dougla,.
4a 1 iac, ndr in7c' er

Aad we ra e new
hie fere art? echaim.
U3 the age of e'aes
people loeek
Vtr a maw awS!,
smanse ppiSe aWT beeemiftr o
of this hx&k om aeder
4hy w"am X& to Ve se
Bt e sata eAs



Th t EW
set of ekatm bK strw-
she isn R e t tae vre.

awa?. sa th sem f atwe
he iu the wee at.

&A iAdt&t so Ozy a5,w tyha


JEEP NO. 187 (1'i967 MODEL) in good wLri i
F"o more derais ap,'V:-
DAV3 Oi, &" YS ... N LTD.,
FaartiCoI. Pb"aI: 2450. W/
BtejniiwMawtapifai^Tiwp^-"nYflia iTua i'raniuanair---r--ir-*r

the soup and burned herself.
That rock was really no end of
"Let's move that old rock,
Hare!" she pleaded. "Before

yiou know it, someone' wii
One day Hare waS hopping .. ,- hi. ,,., it

home from the garden and
forgot all about the rock ou
the path. He stumbled ov;r it,
fell and hit his ne e.-
"Let' move tve the rock." hi.
wife said again. "Sec how
you've hurt i,:r-.i,"'
"So whatt' Hare sa'd.
"ist' noi worth the trouble."

"Let it :;ie where it is"'
the stubborn Hare replied'.
Then Hare aind h wi i fe
invited their old friend Misha
Bear to dinner.
"Yes. Ill be glad to comee"
Bear said when they asked him
over. "You bake a cake and

Soon after. Ha re's wife wia P'1 bring some honey.'"

carrying a p-: of hot soup to
their outdoor tahle. She
looked at Har, who was
banging his spoonn n he tale
impatiently. for'go all about
the rock. tip-ped over it. spilled

WheiR the hares ?aw hImr
coming they went Qul uo the
porch to meet theli giue(r.
Misha was h'unrr-ynm ,aitg.
pressing a keg of bhonc o hi.,

chest with both paws. He f v
not oiw.t in;f at the
Hare and has i wife shti.;r
and waved.
"The rock! Watch ouat f,
the rock!"
Bear could not unde'sta
wha* they were shouting as
w-aving about, and .befoin' he
knew it. h.e had tripPed o'el
.he rock. He was '.,,
he did a sorners .lt and caiJ:
crashing. down against Ha;Ire'
The keg broke ;nd the
",,use came ti ibling dvwn
around him.
Bear groined at the. sigit
0o it ali. The hares both wept
Bui what was the. srnse ('
weepng? .ii was all 'thei ow..E
(aul .

r----rlir^c---* ~-- ~- ----I

Fi~adiirr. Jw;Fwd t~ f971
___-_,,___. ...~--. ..l-,..~~...-c--t~,-.- ..~



Friday, August 27, 1971 THE S-T A R Page Nine

by.- .Rupert Sorhaindo
It is a rare :occasion when, an Associated States Premier makes an
appearance on United, States Television. So when the TV newscaster men-
tioned Grenada I,.stretched across the sofa, grabbed my tape recorder,
dashed across the. living room to shut off the noisy kitchen fan, and al-
most simultaneously raised the volume of the old and temperamental TV set.
I was determined--to capture every word that Mr. Gairy.uttered, remember-
ing the reputationof .our Ministers who (when abroad) make statements
that they disavow when they return home.
The occasion being covered was a cocktail party.given for the purpose
of promoting tourism in, Grenada. It was suggested that this Industry
accounted for about 17% of the Grenadian economy. Miss World (a Grenadian)
was a guest of honour at the affair. Outside, a group of demonstrators
shouted-their disapproval of Gairy's high-handed and. repressive policies
at home. Inside, the Grenadian Premier was interviewed. The reporter tried
to draw a comment On the demonstration. Mr. Gairy replied: "I understand
there's' some boys outside demonstrating..I suppose they are jealous because
they were not invited; and they're jealous about the progress that we are
making in Grenada."
"What kind of progress?" the reporter asked.
"Well, the economy is-growing fast; so many people-coming to Grenada
that hitherto never came tp Grenada; we have won the title of Miss World
as you know; we have our'Lady Governor, the first,- the only as a matter
of fact- in the British Conmmonwealth of Nations; and the. island is -just
"going fast and everybody just loves it-'"
'Mr. Gairy's remarks should- be of interest to us, because.,he is a,
politicall bed-fellow" of Mr. Edward Leblanc,, Premier of Dominic.a. Ineed
.it is Mr. Gairy who may have the' honour, of announcing to Dominicans and
other Associate:d States citizens what has been secretly concocted with
.with Guyanese officials, about the future status of Dominica.
The Grenadian Premier's remarks give us an insight into his character
and disposition; and incidentally reveals much about his politician friends
including Leblanc. ,A certain arrogance, pettiness .and detachment from
the real problems facing Grenada -are ,evident 'from the. dismissal of legit-
imate and justified opposition as mere jealousy. These traits seem to be a
common fixture .in West Indian "leadership".
Gairy's shallow'analysis (not to be mistaken for superb diplomacy) is, considering-that he is supposed to be a 20th century LEADER. How
does he arrive at the conclusion that indicators of"a booming Grenadian
economy are -1) A Grenadian won the title of Miss World, and 2) Grenada has
s,- Lady Governor?' "As' proud as"Gre~adians should feel in having one of their
pretty .nationals .in the international spotlight, none but the most naive
would suggest that any individual's achievement is evidence pf national
progress :
S And to suggest that having a Lady Governor is a mark of growth betrays
S- a. little-mind- indeed. After 'all, we in.Dominica had a woman Federal Minister
(the first'. nd only .one so far). Then we. had a female local Minister of
Government for ..years; and no Dominican would identify that specific era
with economic progress.,
And when-Mr. Gairy says that "everybody just loves it" (Grenada), I
wonder whether he.means "tourists love it" or"Grenadians love it" (the
prevalent conditions,in Grenada) .? Judging from the heckling.that Gairy
was subjected to, it would appear that not all Grenadians "just love,".
Grenadian reactions would be most welcome.

lovers only. Male and female. APPLY Last week on our back page, in.the
DAVID B. ALLFREY, list of kind donors to the DASA awards
Sc/oSTAR OFFICE. Tel: 2610. Misses Bella Shillingford & Emma Grell
were omitted.

Page Ten THE STAR -- Friday, August 27, 1971
i Ga p(from p.3): There is already a "large
Sdats Spartans in Goal. Spree market existent among the neighboring
A GOAL fiesta was enjoyed by Saints islands for fresh green limes, and
and Spartans at the expense of 7-up Rose's are also experimenting with ways
Crusaders and Blackburns last week- to retard the yellowing of limes so
end, that shipments to the UK etc. by sea
On Saturday afternoon, Saints would arrive in prime condition.
made light work of a poorly organ-
ized Crusaders line-up and trounced DOMINICA TRADE UNION Correspondence
them 9 1; Brinsley Charles netted (from page six)
four. The core could have beennmuh ...and to further inform you that if
higher had Saints made.better use nothing is done to bring the Agreement
of their scoring chances, to a close by September 6,1971, the.
On Sunday before a large crowd Lancemen are contemplating withholding
Blackburns fought gallantly to lim- their labour.
it Spartans to a 5-nil win. The Yours sincerely,
Blackburn players showed determin- D.P. Lawrence,
action and looked like an inspired Secretary/Treasurer D. T. U.
bunch, particularly in defence. So c.c. Manager DBGA
Spartans had to struggle for every Joint Charles,Northern Area Lance-
goal. Chce more the lack of proper men Steward.
shooting in the goal area was vis- CRIME AND CASUALTY : by our
ible (by the strikers). This was Crime Reporter
evident in Spartans' Clem John,Len- GUN RAID On Thurs. 26th at about 7 am
nox ~mannuel & Dixon. Scoring for the residence of Eten.Bellot of Cit-
Spartans were Hurtault and Dixon(2 ronnier was broken into and articles
each) and Emannuel (one). *~-~** (including one shot gun) were stolen.
In Division II, on Tues. Harlem C.I.D. personnel set out to investigate
Rovers beat Emeralds 1-Nil in a most and succeeded in retrieving all the
exciting encounter, missing articles at the house of Ackie
CRICKET: Windwards Youth vs.Guyana Denis, aged 32, of Roseau. He was ar-
Youth, Starting at the Botanic rested and charged with housebreaking
Gardens on Friday is a clash between and larceny.
the Windward Islands under-19 Youth. MISSING WOMAN: At Press time, Police
team and the Guyana under-19 Youth, were still searching for Alion Lenard
The Windwards team announced recent-aged 89 of Loubiere, reported missing
ly reads: M. Francis, St. Lucia from her home at 5 pm on Wednesday.
(Capt); B. Henderson (Dominica) According to Police report, she was
Vice Capt.; K. Ghitolie and L4Stew- last seen at 5.45 pm on that day wear-
art (St.Lucia), D. Abrahaml,G.Samuel ing a black & white long-sleeved dress
and LSebastien (Dominica); R.Rush, and black tennis shoes unusual garb.
J.Ctpimnigs, S.Charles (Grenada); C.
Brown ain, D. harnes (St.inenta); COMMONWEALTH: Border fight between
Browand D.. Haynes (St.Vincent) ; .Uganda and Tanzania took place this
with Eversley Willett of Nevis as a ad aaia too lace tis
week. No casualty figures released yet)
guest player,
NETBAL: *Grenada, St. Lucia & Bar- *** Ex-President Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana
bados scores victories as the 1971 is reported to be suffering from cancer
W.I. Netball Championships went on. THE DOLLAR : Japan's currency, the Yen,
Grenada beat Montserrat 38-10, St. after sales of $1,200 million US dollaru
Lucia beat StVincent 28-24,and Bar- was untied from the dollar on Friday.
bados defeated Antigua 29-14. The The US surcharge on imports is 10% and
matches took place in St.John's, not 3% as mistakenly printed in last
Antigua. week's STAR. America's Balance of Pay-
AUSTRALIA SPORTS COURT CASE:a Writ ments is the most depressing for 20
claiming $100,000 against Olympic years. The dollar is stated to be "now
Swimming star Dawn Fraser was iss- no longer the leading world currency".
used on behalf of a 53-year-old
r!Polish &ailor as ung t guiy. EX-PRIM MINISTER r'6old Wilson has ~
raping assaui g r. slammed Mrr Heath's Government for not
Printed & Published by the Proprie- consulting both Houses and the Nation
tor,R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill before instituting detention without
House at 26 Bath Rd., Roseau,IDcaWI.trial in Northern Ireland, ***** ****:

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