Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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newspaper ( marcgt )
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Krs. TanetLowenthal,
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the StLudy of Lan, 0 ;OM E ..STWRUT
162 East 78 Street, '
New Y.rk 10021, N.Y., o .A
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U.S.A. L lrtd.rU7rr tt t~cg *OtI1t3RasE/WlftSTfL t
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NorVIPr~ )~ p ~2 ~~~
-t. -, .tr i h --.

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Caribbe an ,,

Spt 4f te search for
a Wbt Im intitiy.
eTo C te 'pa of thi
amtinaliaE eCA fl da .
the "are carY ibbea"
Ra&'. Bet, this searc

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on aln l ivae ap rsal
lo. the baTlrc ciirtiUra
i.-gir ticrn Cit coartys to,
be a gr-opg fora Tpis L e
ment of oirthe. om'-'p-e7.
hnage formerly prO -ideCi
by t-iSaia. The wmlisationa
has not yet corn e ist.
nrc. ony are wo. net.
"id0eyk Elishmen,"'. but,
t'e West lndian ioter'
thie new Ca, i rb. an man,
'-ri not be foid iI.
exchanging British apron
srias for foseg of AiAfrie.
India or any .o *othe.r,

Thne 'e- I ndi a s
idenr'ty wil! emerge when
West indians overcome
their insecurity and mass
inferiority compkx.

- .... The
new Ca ibbean man will
be found when WXLtL
inJians discard their
cultural crutches. When
they Ic', k,.-c, feel the
need to identfy thecr'
selves with. some other
rmtj.i_ or 'race. When
they ktpow that their
cultue is'. inot African.
Nor is it Indian, nor
jFwe:h. nor British, Eor
P' rtga sec, nor Chi(ep.,

Seso dtay the iteBiral
s"Irch n ir be cae.d off.
Tld 'the ai r ifenity,
'rih t e the Cari ia fa

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product ofsthe impaBf -.O
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&WeO ms.

General Purpose Frigate -
HMS TRT4H was t ha"e speat Friday
asI Saitairday ff ftirati fe.
i et eripus engine trouble,combifned
ti th .thew farther disatrbasee elaued
by tropieal disreosaie moving up
'frem ft.rBeeao es Thuarmay, vhich made
claizons madleay uhrrieaue-eoasioa .,
,h e*l.yI.ed thet visit of this, edier
tLrial. clas frig.te, SO feet leg.:

The Plight of the $
I SSI IT MXON throw the world 's
ueyBi atrkets iAto absolute co ...
fuiasa by going off tWn gold stan-
darad 'tu a&i tihe US dollar. lo.1,C.
currencies *%met critica1-; Japa
ami Asstralia are ba~Ay affected.
Barriie fBine tal cofer*eMceo are
taking pla&e. At the n amm Qastt,bte
U.S, Pr"Mideat MiaouaeMN a price :A

P rtx 'f finished goods iant U.&.A...

Oa Sunday s tsh August ts abt 5.2 p.r.
David Joseph of Poasmnouth, five year old sao
Cynthis Williams a.C-cil Jo (both reading,.
1euea \), 'ws admitumd to the i aouth Hospif
presumably under the iflkence of liquor.
. At about 6.55 the next day, he died. An i,,
quest imtu his deas! wss hded on Tuesday. The jfwr
e=mrned a verdict of death by Misadvenure.

i0 N
ib ~. **

The population is taking the Government's secret negotiations with
Guyana even more seriously than I had expected. One must be encouraged
by the rapidly developing sense of reasoning being .exhibited in the mass
of the people, particularly the younger ones. They know from which quar-
ter to seek for real education in public affairs.
The crude 'core of these secret negotiations is becoming known -
as usual, from sources outside of Dominica, even though the matter con-
cerns us. Nice democracy that'
The heart of the negotiations is this: that the present Government
of Dominica, in the person of the Premier, took part in discussions aimed
at making this island PART OF THE REPUBLIC OF GUYANAG If this
takes your breath away, well it did the same to some of his Ministers.
Are we such dumb driven cat tle, that the Leblanc Party can so
negotiate us, trade us, offer us for sale or grant, without our knowing
anything about it at all? Have Messrs. John Royer, Earl Leslie & Co.
been empowered by the people of Dominica to do as they wish and feel with
the lives and future of Dominicans., living and to come? Yet, this is ex-
actly what has happened. I am aware that there is one Government-inspired
newspaper here which, in the holy name of regional integration, will take.
side-swipess at the views now expressed here. But I feel that if ever
anyone here ponceiVed or,. more realistically, was brainwashed into this
proposal, the proper step was to throw out the idea for public discussion,
so that our intellectuals, newspapers, youth groups, trade unions and
other organizations could discuss it before any steps were taken. If
there showed up a generally favourable reaction, then go on to the next
stage; if not, consign it to the waste-paper basket- But the Government
does not act in this way; stealthily, secret meetings are held and the
Attorney Geheral of Guyana is authorised to draft A Constitution to take
Dominica into'political integration with the Republic of Guyana. All we
are told is that we shall be informed about it all on the 1st of November
(perhaps this is an appropriate day, the day on which we commemorate the
dead.). No doubt, in reply to these comments we shall be told that it
was not only Dominica, but all the other Associated States, save Antigua,
which took part in these :negotiations. But what is the argument here and
what is the consolation? For my part, I would say that we have nothing to
learn from other Associated States about freedom, including the freedom of
a people to determine their own future: in other words, the right to know,
first about any fundamental change proposed.
Not long ago, every West Indian knew that the Guyanese people took
their political stand on their country's "Continental Destiny", that is,
that their main interest lay in developing closer relationships with their
South American neighbours. Mr. Burnham who, it appears, exercises a fascin-
ating charm over the Dominica Premier, may be (for reasons which need not.
be spelled out here) trying to interest West Indians to come along with
him in his racism-ridden country.
Should Dominica become part of a State in which half the population
Sunder Burnham is at the throats of the other half led by Jagan? Is
. there any future in this?
..4 Then, too, this Republic of Guyana is shot through with Marxism;.and
other forms of extreme Left-wingism. This was patently obvious under Jagan;
it appears to be slightly more concealed under Burnham's Nationalism, and
those who know Guyana well tell you that in philosophy there is little to
choose between these two leaders:.
Burnham seems to be on the look-out for two things in his flirt-
ations with the Associated States: (1) a strengthening of the non-Indian
population for election purposes and (2) manpower for the development of
the int erior -regions of Guyana.
(Concluded on Page Four)

Friday, August 20, 1971

Page Two

T H: E S T .A R

Page Three

Following the detention without What's the groove this weekend?
trial of Irish Republican, leaders Don't tell me you're just gonna sit
further terrible events of violence around doing nothing. Yeah,Talking
took place in Northern Ireland,and about action and that kinda thing, I
both He.r Majesty and the Prime Min spent last weekend at Pichelin and
sister are deeply concerned at the sure did enjoy it, especially with the
new outburst. Accusations that M.P. village children who, lik9 the adult
Bernadette Devlin has been urging village folk, are so considerate and
the Catholic populace to kill Eng- charming...But I did not only enter-
lish soldiers have been reported tain people, for at nights mosquitoes
by the BBC, which however is under found me a delicious piece of steak
criticism for being critical of on which to practise their stinging.
the Army units involved. Detention And while we're on the subject of
without trial is alien to the Brit- insect sting, a nine-year-old friend
ish democratic ideal. A to Miss insect stings, a nine-year-old friend
ish democratic ideal. As to Miss of mine fed his dog (named Windsor lhrk
Dovlin, she is regarded as a saint- _-- yes WINDSOR PARK)a meal of honey-
patriot by thousands in Eire and i bees. Said he wanted the poor creatuY
Irish communities of the USA, but to get bad..,now the 4-legged canine's
a witty American correspondent saidmore afraid of her shadow than anything:
recently "Bernadette is said to be Our adolescents are just about fed-
a modern Joan of Arc, but St.Joan up with cinema-going as their mainform
never expected an illegitimate child of recreation: all those cowboys and
not even by the Dauphin," Mean- war stories and secret agents and...
while this desperate bloody strug- They're looking for something which
gle for civil rights, jobs,property will create goodsocial ties. I agreed
and nationalism goes on apd on..... and strongly favour creating
ANOTHER BLOW FOR POOR BGTANAS creation centres where both boys and
Early reports indicate that con- girls can share in lively conversations
siderable damage has been done by -educational as well as amusing play
the tropical depression this week games like table tennis, dominoAs,cards,
to banana cultivations in S.E. and scrabble,ludo (you just mention them!)
other parts of the State. Roads are ...and with proper planning, running
still under mud but so far no major such centres should not be a problem.
landslide is reported. Riversreached The other day I overheard an old man
flood proportions in some districts 'predicting' a great famine. Said he
can foresee that pretty soon we may
TRINIDAD: A Diego Martin, man was an foresee tht pretty soon we may
arrested and charged with then was have to eat some of the things most of
arrested and charged with the shoot- our civilized world never thinks of
ing/wounding last week of T.Guerra, eating. I suppose we'd better start
Chief prosecutor in the army trial
(Port of Spain).English-born Capt rearing rats, mice and spiders. They
should make a good broth together with
Bloom, a witness in the court mar
was shot at the week before. ~ bn anas, dasheen and yam plus .a little
___________: ant seasoning in good measure. After
ANTIGUA: : A few days ago the:.Prem- all, don't some world citizens eat
ier (George Walter) called for;:.-. roasted worms,, caterpillas and snails?
calmness after a 2-day "go sloy' Cousin Jennifer sure did create a
by members of Royal Antigua Police -great impression on our girls...I mean
Force. 36 Policemen reported sick these days we have so many of themplay-
and several others did not report ing Miss World it just ain't funny
for duty. Government: called in:40 any more. I don't have to tell you man,
young men to. act as Special Police. but when someone like me who is girl-
The row was:-over appt. of an Acting -shy runs into five Miss Worlds in one
Supt. from Tortola & St.Kitts; who day, I must complain of nervousness:
was retired (Antigua-born). ******* Did I sap 'rts' above Her i a
newspaper port of a ra ciA en which
AUSTRALIA: NEW ZEALITD : all troopsreally happened-in South England,July:
from these two countries will be "A man who bit his pet rat's head off
withdrawn from Viet Nam by December, and tossed the corpse out of the train
Australian ex-Prime Minister John he travelled in was fined 30 ($150)in
Gorton,recently Foreign -Minister, Hertfordshire for ill-treating the rat
has resigned his post following pub and behaviour likely to cause a breach
location of revealing articles in of the peace. He said he was angry -the
the Press. ;:::::: rat bit him." With you next week-end'

Friday, August 20, 1971


THE GUYANA SPECTRE.. by Androcles (from page two)
It is claimed that there is great agricultural potential in Quyana and
this is probably true. But we can say the sage -- in a smaller way,
of course -- of Dominica and so the main attraction of the union-pro.-
posal in its economic aspect cannot interest us.

I do not think that anyone can argue that the fact of indep-
endence or of republican status has made any significant improvement
to the quality of Guyana life such as could be the source of the at-
traction and the interest. One of the loose arguments often used in
the ruling party political circles is that political independence
would bring us access to a lot of foreign funds and other assistance.
This is grossly exaggerated. Many of the region's countries have not
improved in any impressive way since independence. Trinidad's rate of
unemployment was never higher, while. all the independent sugar terr-
itories do not know whether they are coming or going. Things are said
to be very bad in Jamaica. So on thoe economic side, there seems no,
attraction in the proposal as far as we are concerned.

It is significant that Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad (the
latter sent a low level observer) had nothing to do with this integ-
ration meeting which shows that it is the fatal political charm of
Burnham operating. And political frameworks ought not to be based on
personal charismas.

I cannot understand how is it that it is only political and
constitutional activities which occupy the minds of our leaders. Ever
since they have been in power, it is such things they pursue unremit-
tingly. If half the energy spent in this favourite pastime were given-
to increasing the agricultural productivity of the farmers of Dominica,
we -should all of us have been much better off.

So the people of Dominica are once again being led on one of
those pointless and fruitless marches which only end up and always
have as the unmentioned end the self-glorification of individuals.
Between the end of World War II and now, West Indian politicians, in-
cluding ours, have devoted themselves mainly to bringing about changes
of constitution and constitutional status. The sums that we in Dom-
inica have spent on transportation alone during this period would have
built a castle; Can we honestly say that the quality of our life has,
because of this activity, improved to the benefit of the mass of people?
If the energy, the enthusiasm, the financial resources, devoted to the
pursuit of these fruitless aims had been otherwise channelled, much
'mre would have happened in national development. No doubt, these
politicianss have chosen to concentrate on these political, tidbits be-
cause they give their populations a distraction. from their miseries,
we are now in the. throes of another such adventure, but this time a
more dangerous one. It is time the people speak out with vehemence,
the more so that their continued unconcern appears to be taken for
granted by the politicians.

Fans learned with shock of the Stephen Kistner, 21, chose to go
death by stabbing in New York of to jail in Miami,Florida, rather
King Curtis,36, lead of the Rhythm & than live with his parents and
Blues Band, performer & composer, attend college, after the Judge re-
An argument between Curtis and John lented following the parents' plea.
Montanez,26, led to a knife fight. Stephen said: "I don't want to live
Montanez was taken to hospital with by their rules, I'll do the year."
woundd. The Police have chargedANDS & POP MUSIC FOR METHODISTS
him with murder. King Curtis re- STEEBANS & POP MUSIC FOR METHODISTS
cords had recently reached a popul- The- thodiS Church of the Caribbean
will use combos etc. during services -
arity high. recommended 8-man commission,Trinidad.

P~idav, Aurm~st 20. 291~

PDmrro e R nITI


Sv, August 20. 1971

_-__- 4Tjja!


AS l0 ATA. -' HI m in the atne wtve -has vA are of
til bo s o kist sa -a f*y Tiji.-i raen .
&re do ,oanSfEitw- yol wwidn't Wani Blim c4 ch
yea-N' E n ay f-sa ering or JaeAing irises acse'- it rirka yes k s asratF rtaf-fl i t,
,i ie have a k*ig or baesdctt-up retaCtstet aIgaeinSgt GC4 rad4
.' esougt r: nauay be i vIsn wirfth' o3e w br, o
Swao iaaeri op: a t ier sa
.leis tEld a sarv of a ernat at ohe ie .ed
r a? a res mn o !rar ty fl. trw Gsa aniF on t(i .c4$r tie
e't- tS'- to inve--t fmr :m;i. Tht *ifti s . te^r' sc*7*v~n* iday .- Si ,*.V ^ Cr S GA*'w
t^*;;WN tee.5 r 9..r-*; Vc ise 9t crrfaet ^.' 8f0. his i 4 is
tStt any uso. iw. hiTn4lh, the ire iT End.; a'hds
*r sa d lmpy bfr,!d &t; and relati, and a best o orter
Sio-niM tes., 1he 'amia-r re'- things. iut N atr T !ew we&tf IrtY
turned tr aa C n to anuonaed his booekepiT.a -". is
.- 'ifk he asve is. aid t, him :aQposeibS far me to hai. ce the
-.n tq .an!ent stats-.t that look'" thK satid. ": cunsta iy fiad
.i -.!is astPr to e1 a hard G(i to be *ny ClIiter an what
,. rh-.ting whcer? i3a. ...c! rot .;i Hk fn othiimng bki Csm,
'l:>y, anti nol w he c(ui take it God is rite, abolt ee loed, and
san. nature (f e lo, ve gitve.
Was not rorgt, tG'B :e aan .G. d- not, rea where He has
la;. and inroisPdi nt; he not He doE. not asa4 if Re
>.. !tC to pace te;iar!;y hss nowt first given. He gave yo
,? ii a. ish-teomiinrg ."- us er- th- I'e you now i -ve, cnut ee
.r Simar cAres or- a.e yu!b ccanno. aIee it &ad ie i
God o by r-en 'y "Wi 4 mccAringn He asr1s yu tu put it
a., are a 'rad faster." Lack Ult His han&. 'Thn1, i-.
a.,' c if tt; dte 't sy stad f a enst'ted a-nm her-
e; y harlb-r bittervTeas tieir dcine'! ti.e. .*t wieibesewtc 'of
a- t.owaard Hn. They .iRnk of nIara&e(- and en 'aiment. If yora
to as 'tanmndinw iach sad core Mto HrI elieving in Hlis litwe
y little, L.s Goid eaoy ik. an! atepting HiM. iftI of e, I
'the Losi Jeis Chrny, yju r ij1
e P'naps rwe iut itn blow the. find Hita not a hard Ttf.ainltc
-;Z ipte of s cata airSsa tasn it a us w i tOaV! Easer. '
"Fy Bott d fo5 0 y r -sfe blaeokite, ".1',r;. EW o &w&'o V"
:'a r.i nirc e (t c aly eg wvriing to i.

*rpn v*y'r* 4.60y aiZtma.a-bwt wiaS defs t
whim y wG'tf ynswagf"

Pht R?

MALE 424d 35 to 45 ycars t manage
General Itsurance Agency-
I Knowl.a e of Life insurance ('rdirary &
I ndustria),h ,otor, Fire, W'cr~tmn cmnpeasa-
tion Inruranq and Marine. At least fvr (s ytars
Managerial c -hienace essential in thse ercs.
[SALARYr Si LE; $3oo.o o$400.00
Write hiding copies of Testrimnitls from
previoust and presea employers o E. rngle,
14 ~i (,r, e V Si Roeau.

Senior Clerk Requir

REQUIhEs;. seruor clerk experience 3 and wedi
Sversed il shi~ ing matters, capable of performing
duties as Sh:ping Supervisor. GC E n Englsh,
Matx:l. -':m:c,-.lssential. Salary accord g o quali-
fications, ra- es from $3oo to $4WC p rt mjnth

Apply to

S, 1

.1 i;>.j at the requcct of
OThe Chranri Mr^^e*ara" SJ pf

;~ncr I*L -y

In A Grema Tradition -- A Great Car
Styling Means More Than ILooks

Ian ThisCAar

'e Service: What We Selt

__ I_ ___~^I~_I~

Verses: F R E E DO M by A Barking Preacher
Garfield Barnas Giraud praised me for my high rating of
Freedom! Freedom! religious knowledge, and wished all
You want it. I want it. members of my church were so diesosed.
Elusve Freedom In the dream I could hear the
We don't have it. preacher going on like a parrot with
the words 'No church can save you,
Everywhere you go, everywhere no religion can save you, and even if
The bells clang freedom, loud and you kill a man it is nothing;, only
clear.. believe in Christ and you will be
Some live for the D-day of Freedom, saved.' The preacher seemed to have
Others die for it in martyrdom, discarded the ten commandments of
God completely, and ec'orned even the
But freedom, freedomLord's prayer. Does he run a church
What is freedom?
hat no-one has told me yet, just to make his belly his God? We
To my great sorrow and regret cannot accept everything in a dream
to be correct, and if I could speak
My search is done: no more 'alas'' in a dream I would tell the preacher
I've found freedom, lasting freedom; to read Peter where he warned that
No-t fragile freedom, made of glass many shall read the scriptures to
But lasting freedom of another form. their own destruction. The p ea-
Freedom to me means health & happiness: cher, not knowing that this Holy
Mental,physical and spiritual health, Book contains a lot of ccntradictiorz
The prerequisites of happiness un- should first make sure that he is
doubtedly, a man born with a gift to expound the
The basis of full development and scriptures. Simeon himself prophesied
maturity, those sort of contradictions.Though
Christ agreed with the Jews that
Happiness is appreciating little things through the scriptures they woud
.. the beauty of life. find eternal life, He still ;~t.'i'od
Happiness is being able to stand and that He came to give them the life, bul
say: Life is worth while they would not come to Him.
Happiness is a flowering personality, It may take this dream preacher the
The ability to match with joy balance of his life to understand this
responsibility. and..end his days in a state of re-
morse and regret. Christ warned us
Now you know what freedom iw very seriously not to accept any false
he goal, I hope, you will not miss. prophets when they come to us in His;
Freedom is for everyone: Name (not the devil's name) for they
he good, the bad, the weak, the will deceive many; and John warnedus
__________strong* not to receive them on our doorsteps.
(To our correspondent H.L.: this CRIME AND CASUALTY; v-
letter is really too long for the
STAR: please be briefer next time) Followin our reportlast week on the
death after a fight in Trafalgar area
Madam, A Barking Preacher of Renneth Corbet, 21-year-old C & W.
Some nights ago I had a dream, employee, after a thorough investiga-
On the outskirts of Roseau I could tion into this eaPersonnel
hear a voice like a barking preacher under Inspector J.C.B. Phillip, on
hear voice lik a barking preacher Friday 13Desmond Aexander as:
telling his hearers that any church arrested and charged with Corbet's
they go to that does not use the murder. Alexander, a resident of
Bible, they should not go there any Roseau aged 24, is alleged to ave
mor In the dream I presumed that Roseau aged 24,, is alleged to have
more. In the dream I presumed that been the leader of the Howling Gang,
the preacher hailed from some remote n our report last Friday on the
part of the Island, and with little our report last Friday on the
part of the Island, and with little theft at Island House, we should have
or no education, being paid perhaps said that "the method o the crime and
a few hundred U.S. dollars a month sthe meto crime and
previous observation by LLgg32.qr~
to blast my church, with its near vious led to the retrieving of the
600 million members, and thinking he articles...e ving of the
could fool everybody. Crime Reporter
I took a course some years ago BARCLAYS NEWLOOK SUNS-r -1i- e--
in Bible Study and came out in flyinghamij costumes (since Feb.) and not
colors: (85%), and our late Bishop. c rming costumes sd
any firm in Barbadosa. Bravo, SUNSTYLE!


Friday,August 20, 1971

Page Six

Heinrich Heine, one of the most ROSEAU TOWN COUNCIL ELECTIONS 1971
famous German poets, once said : It is notified for general infor-
"Goettingen is the most beautiful nation that the Governor has been
city when one's back faces it I pleased to appoint the under-menticm3d
felt the same on leaving the air- election officers for the conduct of
line office in Roseau a few weeks the forthcoming Roseau Town Council
ago, On March the 2nd, I visited Elections, under the provision of
LIAT in order to book a flight to Section 39 (1) of the Roseau Sown
Paris on the 9th. On entering the Council Ordinance (Cap.189) of the
office there were about 8 custom- Revised Laws of Dominica 1961, as
er', but only one gentleman at the amended by the Roseau Town Council
counter. After waiting 40 minutes, (Amendment No. 2) Ordinance, 1962 (
I asked him if he could not get (No.14 of 1962):-
someone from outside to help.(Many Mr. S.L.Jolly Presiding Officer
clerks had gone back and forth into Mr. Bennett Austria Assistant to
the back room). He did not reply; Presiding Officer
however, within the next few minutes Mr Vivian Thomas Assistant to
a pleasant young lady came to assist Presiding Officer
m.She noted. all the particulars Presiding Officer
me. She noted all the particulars Mr. Milton Green Assistant to
of my 'open' ticket' and asked me Presiding Officer
to check with her on the 4th. On myresiding Officer.
return then, the booking had not 2. Mr. S.V.Joseph, Local Government
been confirmed, so I was asked to Commissioner, has been appointed to
return on the 5th. At that ,time it render such supervision as would ensure
was discovered that Air France was the successful conduct of the Eleetians
on strike and that I would have to T. ST. R. BERTRAND (Major.)
be re-booked on a BOAC flight via P.23/11 GOVERNOR'S SECRETARY
London; the confirmation would be G.128. 68-1/1.
definite by the 6th, but I was told 13th August, 1971
to return on the 8th, that is the TOURIST BOARD OFFICES ABROAD
day before me arigot) on that Dominica Tourist Broad advises
eI returned home (Marigot) on that that its representatives in New.
week-end My sister checked at York and Toronto have moved to the
the airline office, and brought me
the schedule of the re-routing. I new offices as below:-
then called to find out if this wasEW Y- ern Caribbean Tourist Assocn.,
exact, naturally it was. I was asked 22nd East 42nd St.,9th Floor
to go to the airport early in order New York NY 10017,
to get the ticket re-routed. At the U.S.A*
airport, Melville Hall, I was told CANADAEditori
that the re-routing would cost me ial Services Ltd.,
quite a sum. Naturally I disagreed, 900 Yonge Street,
because this I thought was on Air Toronto, Ont. CANADA.
France's account, and I did not un- SCOUTS, GUIDES, YOUNG CATHOLICS
derstand why I was not told before. Gay coloured tents in the grounds of
I refused to pay the extra for the DGS advertised the presence of many
re-routing and asked to go to Guade- hSObts from neighboring islands who
loupe on the same plane that would have been exploring-the State. Also
have taken me to Antigua. LIAT's. Man-in Dominica for 2 weeks, some 20 mem-
ager at the airport said that my bers of the Jeuness de 1'Eglise
ticket was still 'open' and that I Catholique stayed at Mero and also at
would only get on the plane if it St.Martins School, doing interesting
had space How this could still be assignments in pairs on social work,
unknown to him at that late time, re- politics, the land etc. Seven girls
mains a confusing puzzle to me' from this group and six boys trekked
I was able to get to Guadeloupe to the Boiling Lake on Tuesday.
on the same flight, and after a two- the relics of Paradise like Dominica.
hour stop over, was on my way to Earis. In my eyes they were glowing because
AIR FRANCE office in Guadeloupe told I faced them. I wonder why Dominica
me that they did not have any corres- takes pride in her special form of
pondence with LIAT regarding my passage.alienation? (Dr.) John Thomas,
I have been through several lands
during the past 20 years: not one had Cologne, (Koln) West Germany.

Page Seven

Friday, August 20, 1971


.. ...TE TARg __' Fas______t S, 19

tiIIa i 8TEATgg-1l A

I Agrw o f II parAm." dtate frto. di
4 MOUske vtBIT^^^^ SsfiMS *22 n^ es
4Sevj ok .lBes 3 sep- oa
lte ai:liast sociall consu taiaald his-
; I .o.fty siubk *=065;P atl o hET s wi-

.i dfiB flo l h'ia fliB wmdeion n ak imar -

; toI gs1. dO ba W O'gnaaffi sf lR9aW_'-iDJiW"l '
j dirt'dpi. -iPai Moda aad coniatnai .-
i ty as well as on eco omi- develpi eant.
Dr. Vaughn Lewis of the Departmet of
GoverPrmet will present as upper on.."The Via-.
isity of Small Staas and Internstional ReWtions'*
whirie lIaph Gcsal ;de will discuss po "The Po-
liHial AdJanSages of Windward-Leeward Intera-
tion". t ernard Marshall will present a survey of
"Aitteipts at Windward-Leeward Association ,
whie IDwight Venaer will offer a view of "The
Enomlmic Advantages of Integration of Snall
Teiteui .k
i Thp Res den Tt"ar
S3fa :. Dr, E. Matter,


TheJ.Pre-Professional Curase is sc!Wb:led to
ia~#t M September 6th. Interested pssm ar Ire
r qeatied to register in person as soon as possi-
Ski with the Etra Maral Department.
The detailed programmte will be published
Ms s as it itis finalized with the tutors.
S -(

WANTED URGiNTLY Three and fowr
bedroixi houses. Write to the Chief Establish-
m t (iOfficer, Government Headqutartm, stating

:Chif Establisah t Officer
M/2. G W66-s l
Q* Aoua T*iM

ow1 upon a tinme there waa a bree tkCe la4 wws cas4e
A-ab h. aed w iv ther a + oeee as as arte cas calld
Cbrtoiw r. On the Eswee iliv ae ol idt'a ctWed Leo. 0*e
4 the mseM ra ny. &Rfap d tM ca ctsaen ft ad tried ta "b-
us a op. bua the 4ea Ier sne t and sdaered the mou se is
Us nosaw
"Gve me beck my mose you big bWSlty" sd the Go tos
*"14", Mai the tio;, "tlwe mase May risgt hemr
So t~e cat addressed himself to the mouse.
"Yiso e a vla'ry foo h mose. Lons are old fasholied nd
dagiweres. How come you prefer a lon to a cla?"
The brae little mouse answered, "Cas esa mice. I ows4


Date Requested

SPeoon Presentng Nature of requIest
whether a Certiicate
of Title of Nourng
S__ ther ereon o ave

Reqsf dated t he Chadiie Cchristuaa Requesi for the issue ot s
2th 4ayof Jul First Certificte of Titke a
1971. hv h' So.icito- a portion of land
Preented thrc 10h t i a v!i!age in the fPi-
day of Augut, 1971 CdiaiA.M.Dupiiay! r.Ls) of S. A .trew, in tf
3j.35 p__ __ f DovVAskUW Cvnl ii,-.
... ........... .. .72 q. f. f t tmM6 od ss i
North East by larns if Ks leb RicharJ and Denis Cyril:
East by land of Garrifck Chri~tinas; South East by land o
Violtet .osph; South West by and of isatheple Christmae;
North West by land of oresas Burnaite.

gt,'a, O .ie, 5"!sLVA J. STEA .~ !
Roseau, Dominlca. 1971 Registrar of (; t |--~~- ------- -----------'
NOTE : Any person who desires to object to the issuing of
Certificate of c irle cn the above applitatoon ,may enter a Cavest
In the above office wrh r six weeks from the date of toe F-rst
appearance of thils sctOdu e in the STAR Newspaoer putblished
tr thil State or from the date when the notice prescribed bhy
taw was last served on any owner or occupter of adp jointg i
iand in respect of which the app!asttlon its made.


A ppo;i' Of Reising Officer

it is notified for general. information that i
the Governo has beM pkied to appoial MatI
Vanya DEpiguy a Re*ii.g' Officer to revise and
settk the ist of voters for the purpose of Ihe
Romean Towa Council iOrdianmce (Cap. 189) of
the Revised Laws of Domsinica 961.

s3tb Au

i l

SGownsror's S$

13/,1 G i1
n 1" 97!.


Schedule of Appl!ctuon for Certificate of T"tle znd Notings
thereon and Caveats for week e~ndig I4th day of Augaut,. 97f.

Dae Requ estad Pen Pr-ese!n.C g Nature cf requesr
whether a Cerrificac, .
of Title of N, ,i -

aReqesn i lte tbe R&mscb!ad Dawani Requst for the issw of
24th d~a of June. I Frit Certificatc oa Titn it'
[719 I b hI oicitoi r o 'trf Ashr Esite No. ,
Prensted the iloh : at (jiiiet, in the iPrish ofS,.
dayiof Aug, 1971 Cilrna A.M.Dtpiry Jo, "t th-es tate of Dornin'
ia ca. containssg 0.22 sre m en
_-_- .. .. ...... 7_ .--- --.,-- --.. ..- 'X + -- w.follow .:-
On the North East by Asha Estat No.l; On twn Eaen by laad
S of Aneka aJoeph; On the Sou c Etase y Ifan of Clfment
Js. .pasgm: On the sou*h by laid of Clemen jno. Bap-
edee; CM tea West by tend of Analta aan.
14th oy of Autats, 197L

- --- -.-------~~"~~~."M.L~Fm`

by Randolph Riviere and McDonald Thomas, DG.S., Duke of Edinburgh
Silver Medallists on Tour
If one keeps in mind a last image of Dominica the wild and savage
East Coast as seen from the Plane one can understand without difficulty
how brutal the shock was when we discovered for the first time the smooth
and hospitable coast of Martinique with its plains planted in sugar-cane,
and bananas climbing lazily up the hills.., with so many cars along so
many large roads!
In short, Martinique appeared to be a symbol of hospitable nature:
and a well-developed island, very far advanced ahead of Dominica, which
seems to be the symbol of an under-developed country with a few cars
along a few narrow roads.
Walking around the streets of Fort-de-France will deepen one's first
impression: the streets are clean at 6.30 in the morning, no rubbish'
People and traffic are fast -- discipline and correction seem to be nat-
ural to the drivers; and after a while we discovered that we missed our
noisy "horn-blows The many big buildings, and so many beautiful show-
cases, are among the many reasons,why so many tourists visit Martinique,
More than 150,000 people live in Fort '-de-France, and at week-ends more
than 27,000 cars come in and out of this city, which poses a problem of
parking. More than 10 hotels of high standard welcome 50,000 tourists a
year, and 150,000 visitors spend at least one day in Martinique. Also,
Martinicans are well-dressed, never wearing vulgar clothes; even the.
Afro-style has a zip from the Fr ench background!
We saw a pair of shoes which cost $50 US. Asking who can buy such
expensive shoes, they told us that they sold more than 20 pairs per we.ek.
("Not for the Bourgeois"). At the drug-store -- a smart snack bar --
steak and small fried potatoes. cost $2.50 US; but in another snack bar we
discovered the same thing cost $2.00 US. A Chinese dinner was $5 US.
The Public Library was closed, but we visited the Carib Museum --
what a beauty -- there, we discovered that the Arawaks were more refined
artists than their followers, the Caribs:. Also, there we saw beautiful
pieces of French and English furniture of the XVII and XVIII centuries.
This we do not appreciate in Dominica, selling them for almost hothingi
The Museum of Martinique;has just been selected as the main museum: of
of the West Indies for the Carib Arts at the last congress of Archaelogy
of the W.I., which took place last week in St. Lucia,
Martinique has many butcher-shops with all kinds of fesh meat; two
shops for fish and a well-provided large Market. There are three Second-
ary Schools one for 1,500 boyso, the other for 1,250 girls and a technical
one to accommodate 1,250.... -
Everything tends to make you think that Martinique is the happiest
Island under the sun, that her people earn a lot of money and that life
is easy there. But behind this bright rich face, there is also a wrong
poor face, and this the Tourist will not know about, because he does not
try to make the necessary contacts with the population, being on holiday.
Through conversations, we discovered that Martinique has 340,000
people (half of whom are under 18 years). Martinique imports 650 millions
(New Francs) of goods; exports are 150.million francs. Sugar-cane produc-
tion is going down every year and the Factories are closing; the banana
industry (like ours) is falling down; the Common Market overtures are
small price not competitive with bananas from Africa. The small local
industries, we were told, were curbed in their development by the French
Government, which openly protects imports. Everybody gets the feeling t4at
something is wrong in the Island that things must change that things
are going to happen if...
The Parties of the Left do not have enough seats to be heard at
Government Level, we also heard. Nevertheless the protests last May seem
to have woken up the "High HeadsR. They are going to study some kind of
internal participation. But we also heard that the business men of France
are not ready to go ahead with the Islands if they cannot earn enoughprofit.
People in Martinique are still charming with their West Indi n smile,dances
(concluded on Sae 12a

Page Nine


Friday, August 20, 1971

fPar e' -Ten *. ~ L * .- ^ r- S'

Britain' s Unemplo ied ;

'housaunes of trade uriponist# ^ t.L i
. the march against unemployment
gain in the Autum. '
The TUC is aira~gi six or seven
re- 'onstrations in October and Novem-
ber for-the hardest-hit regions.
Ta .July fig,.4. ju't issud sW
of w* the wtal rkForca ae now
1 *work 90,L, tea Wom e^an a.

Accounts clerk required at Melville Hall Estste~
office preferably with GCE.-Salary commensurate
wirth experience.

Apply: Manager
Melville Hali Estiats.

fAR F. dra, Angrt 20 1971,


We have iuSt receiv'ld a lmired "ti :'.- f f


made frtU Wheat Grown on organic farms where
no artifii a fertiMiers or persicides re used-

Get your s'r-p.zs early for nakilg protein
.d vsi.ain .~icb bread, cakes etc.

Cartons of 2 x 3-1lb bags,
as'ailble at

The Dominica Dispensary Co.

7t '/s



Cash BiA s date r te ennin of Auust until an
Cash Bills dated from the beginningg of August until an

jndAfinite time wi` be exchanged for' valuable merchandise:-

i' R ios,.TapRe RcoEder Cameras, Cigarette Lighters, Sparklet Syphons,

.': : .,AI i2dis, a 4 di Purse. Hairpieces, Perfumer,.Flashlights, Ball Pens,
Child ren Bc

.;" So when you pu;cishase goods from us or have prescriptions
filled, see that yb'get your cash bills.

| 7 ,- ?,': ".:

--'-Q1ISO7J-- J-- ILn,aD.nsqinn~ s~~a'nen- C---s'-






d~C4~YD* --I~~s~-~c- ~DYPs)l~VWI~

PI(L~~IIII~-Q~I~Mri~~l~CDD~~- --YIIYliI~OS~I

. ..........~a qslouru~r w~

i 'b$U4,~::




- -2~ /4 i~a 4t: `;S

-- .




*14 .,

Saa3t k

N44. A


the c nce to win a fort 1 ,ire .o.

f ..N , IN.'I

't a .n . ; l

2n1, n0;e y Avenue
s tau,

Dor rsica


'-"f~ kC~~ar,


c^..., .



i '



Tart zswRiad, q t 0 ---, A0 1

Htalem/Celtic -- A Goalless Draw
An exciting but not very skillful
battle between Harlem Rovers and
Celtic United started the 1971 sea-
son after the ceremonial speeches
and kick-off by the Governor, The
1970 Champs, Rovers, had the better'
of the early exchanges but in any
case both sides frittered away easy
scoring chances and lacked finesse
in the goal area. However it is eadry
days and the Emanuel brothers, Her-
minus and Caesar along with young
Irving Benoit pressed hard for tha;
Roasers but lacke&-finish. The Harlem
defence proved too tight for Celtic
skipper John Baptiste, Dewhurst and
Mondesire. B- Smo'ich for Sunday.
On Tuesday Division II held their
opener at Windsor Park and Spartans
and Celtic's 2nd gave the crowd a
lot to cheer about with the first
goal of the season coming in the
28th minute from a timely Lafond
header to put Spartans in the lead.
After the. interval Spartans forged.
ahead getting the, better of most ex-
changes and completely outplaying
their opponents to lead by 3 goals
to nil, the last two fromTitre and
Cools-Lartigue. But halfway through
the second half little Roy Murphy
making his debut with Celtic U. did
a solo dribble- past three Spartans
and sent the ball screaming into the
net; it was a solo effort and stayed
that way because Spartans added 4
more before the ref, blew 'time'.
Lafond headed one from a Jeff Defoe
free kick, then Titre scored again
and finally twice Dana Hurtault
wenwd his way into the net right
past Celtic's goalee.
CRICKET: 2nd Day Washed Out
The 3rd Test, India/England, 2nd day
was washed out by rain after England
were allout, 1st day for 355 (at one
stage they were 175/6). Knott 90,
Jameson 85, Hutton 81; Solkar 3/28.

by our Correspondent REDEMPTEUR
Poor Portsmouth! Pauvre Grand Anse:
You are truly and really going by the
tail. When will you show your name?
They call you second town; but you are
just a shorborder colay rasee. So
Portsmouth, you find yourself gone
right back to your great granmama's
day, instead of coming forward.People
from Granvillia have to fall in river,
nearly got drowned to be able to cane
to Portsmouth for a little message. So
instead of progressing, they are gone
back to the days when old Moochay Henry
used to pull the Gabar in the Indian
River to cross people from one side to
to the other side of the river, WELL!
Well! Well! Poor Portsmouth! Didn't
Rabess warn us that would happen? Good
for you, keep going backward still,you
have eyes and you don't want to see.
God give you sense but you don't want
to understand.
What a disaster Papa God saved the
peop1 of Portsmouth with the collapse
of that bridge. So long that bridge
show signs what would happen any time,
but Portsmouth had nobody to look after
its interest and take responsibility
of its needs, it has representative
in name but not in deed. What a cal-
amity! So many lives could have been
lost, if this collapse took place in
another manner or in the night last
Poor Portsmouth, pity Portsmouth
with a half-High School shed on top of
red clay, a rusty hospital with hardly
a private ward, an old Police barracks
with big men like little school boys
in a dormitory and no privacy.
Open your eyes Portsmouth people,
arise, we want a better plan than Sun-
day Island to open, w we want people who
can speak for us and open work for the
place and not those saying "Pay More
Tax, Pay More Tax", and where is the
money coming from. So when we cannot
afford to pay the tax, they will sell
our little property on our head. I only
say,God bless Geest Industries who is
keeping up Portsmouth. Thank you.

DASA Athletics Committee thanks for IMPRESSIONS OF MARTINIQUE (frp.
medal awards: Hons. H.L.Christian, and Parties., that it is easy for any-
Patrick John, Anthony Moise, Justiceone to forget about all the bigproblema
Berridge, .~. Martin & Dra.-Bernard We will tell you more later about the
Sorhaindo, Dr.H. Elwin, Messrs F.A. people we met here and you will under-
Baron, Jerome Lloyd, Pat Rolle, stand what a great time we ppent in
Alv-in Armantrading, C.E.Butler, J. the Island of Martinique. Bye-bye --
B E ne, . bud, RA Fr ton, Randolph & McDonald.
Printed & uliashbdbyte PrtPbe- SEMINARY A 4-day seminar for taxi-drivers
8tEsr~1tBkR #.aaiaD a WIetc. (D/ca Tourist Board)opens Mon.8pm.

Pri~7:~V, AtZg~USt 20. l97a


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