Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs. Jane Lowenthal,
Research Insti&ute for
tfe Study of Man, 4
162 East 78 Street,
New York 1001I, N.Y.
U.S.A. ,- I? rrtr r ot ive
OS/5 t .
i Shaift ery. Awt,
*4. Xiii o 7




t U s l* s to be larnd Zom f IHe of D1e
twiE C:-iiSiaw tit i tfe kan zi5 discerning
*" ? ,sAi be sMe to nead
B~are the ofS a hulife Tr iniaad coca taVierg
*s 'T4fe w at t he% fdvajfltht Iawe 'we to thel,@ yeaik

:!.. ; "CVi- aW h. rS% miy 12 S in k im owa tleax ht ist j
es to win ,,gm Le. Cs S. n ids ow-enE t.i y ad i

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fork: j s Cogaslmte ws mad eo a* t st;h ths k -^ml
.--e' was 'o b f bthc. t && aretd AtiwA
e-.C a eke-camai& a smzmhuab ai'* of!

F#idmue, Aavai t1 a3, tA1 77t
14(W "ORK
fdtor PHTLLSS Sf AND, ALLF l'Y *cy

Ten Cents

M 9.
Lfflulse -1 Ofs


(See. C6
- -.-- ---,- c^.
A. n Y irrrr*4

Let ieta,'roagh this medium, extend my sincr
ppeitu'aarivt tnd. congutalationa s to you aini yoaur ea
t:- 'srtaf fofer the wondetfl job in which the STAR Xi
aactivly'e.gaged. NothiS I can say is adequate 'eacij,
to describe rhe necessity for such an impartial pipe
in the Caribbean which is very informative and qpi.
-d--e with nSa of the entire- region.
Although the Freedox Party was not suceessf1a
at.the.last Gentral Electionvs it has c-rtainly lived up
Lqt expectaIons; the conribtinS of its rm rlbes i"'
Piarsament. re outstanding and from all appearawaes
t iis ?'rflv.Ti'? its wr&rth tani i 4";. -l
.a ~#3 atA fls .f~tLAL~~ C LAL t

**'.rgy., ?d,, w.. st a~ f aU, a sewse of be rconede, with at.he. next election.
.. -. j I read with interest the struggle between thg Cefr
Am rlo'vi taE s i g-a, di dWat, tral Govemmran t and the Town Council with respect
S*r'. p e tes i."tl or tr 1~P ~ aim iE to the changing .of the name of a certain street to
.-Al.:, e..W E ..t n eve-.a ai si iag ta k with 'Freedom Street'. It seems to me as though Whenever
S.s.11'. te 9.word 'Freedom' is mentioned, the present Gov-
i. ,~e .crnerit is aggravated. But let me remind them that
SA.fsmsive rpMeRahe was M pe iS by the dn- freedom is embodied i democracy and if they are tru-
'-h7 :;arle t-U.ssea. ,iscimim'fal praemAed tao -ly democratic, they should at all times strive to main.
&. sO-. he. Owe_ s-. aof Ms bb k 'Cokr tain the'high principles on which" it is built, To the
R.. f, t was mab ke ntirathe ~agnFg aid the Town Council. I say stand firmi br your convictions
Of,- d g. -igArOfe e d&EsAsgages of -tay. 'and decision'; the people are solidly behind you or,
o : ur march to ,victory.
R~ah9dwi~i sBrs d ., .iitrt a tSj .fi ; C`. WALDRON.
fcsg-,saiEt t .o. bmdEcaS oateS isrriesa o e St. Michael,
;-: ^ ^^,rj7^iA, $a.;,~B a rbados.

. ,t. ata Ms. m Bisai's Rase Retuadsi Te kso of hks Jlow ad traital me: ias a th
,*M1 bes te bao hat bpaticfary by those dissiemt
lWS aw vseiE o Ws tam sss W hMs cas ew regents in our society, who are intent un foenatin,
r ak hs fta bridgog Chi cbams f m ace of re cial hatred hi a cosmnopoitan community Notew! for it
t-! s:ptg Is k C, frnm t*e higiih WoOMs -t-b come or m M ay.
-way. low e teo f-ct 'iL, eiSdion to the LApasBt of CONSTAM NTI'3S 1 COC[
Lsexe- me mi f s rtn'WsN knWEag s saliwfrsis, ar IU tioctuon of Lord Coatnamtine 'a t li
*o wa^.^ wfs apeigtatment tou a -Grs? ip of .th (-fiday) oaove har litt s- tae. rit o4.-
-Brapcessttg Crporatoa ?and aw life ienahe { tuag phil atrop'hia t ad ring Mse lifetto
? H d Lod? I is-teworchy that is title '- 95,143, of vhi ch only CS3,3655 (Aor
ib-*4i f e* asses .elbo h trict wheVe Ce was a ",o) is- left far Mi. wite. t im
STr d .an te-Briii twm of Wich hr was LaT UMA CONStlTtU SaOU B.B A IWA Pfl.
vewaB >- r enW'"iAIttifoa t of Co nafa tei4rosas wl pr.


Provocation' The word is now taking on a comic-trag6ey ~ onnotation
locally since the Government reacted so' violently to the Town Council's
act of re-naming a thoroughfare "Freedom Street", this on the ground
that the'"ame 'Freedom Street' has no meaning or significance in Dominica"
(the comic aspect). In turn, citizens are developing a strong and defiant
attitude towards the Government for so making the name of our State rid-
iculous to the outside world. This is the tragedy.
Would you like, in the local context, a really fine and juicy spec-
imen of provocation? I shall give you one. It is provocation which
should annoy all good and sensible persons, irrespective of political
Sometime last November, following the results of the October Gen-
eral Election, the House of Assembly met in solemn session. Its first act
was to elect a Speaker. Now a Speaker of, the House of Assembly is the
symbol of impartiality. In the House of Commons, Mother of Parliaments,
the Speaker, once elected, ceases to have.any formal affiliation with any
political party, even with the one to which he belonged up to the time
of his election to office. The reason is clear. The Speaker is expected
not only to be impartial, but equally important, he must appear to be so
as between the Government and the Opposition. A Speaker does not function
only in public. There are aspects of his duties which are performed in
private, e.g. decisions on whether or not to allow certain Parliamentary
questions from the Opposition. Thus it is absolutely necessary for the
smooth working of a democratic Parliament that both sides of the House
have complete confidence in the impartiality of the Speaker acting in
public and in private.
So last. November, unanimously and without demur, the Opposition
joined the Government in electing Mr. Eustace H. Francis as Speaker of
the House of Assembly. Mr. Francis has the additional advantage of being
a barrister-gt-law and no doubt, the Opposition must have reasoned that
Mr. Francis'I legal training and his studies in constitutional law arid
practice would stdnd the Assembly in good stead.
But less than a month later Mr. Francis, 4Seaker of the House of
Assembly, accepted the offer of Vice-President of the LeBlanc Labour Party.
Six months after this, he Was appointed Editor of that Party's weekly
partisan publication. So the Speaker of the Dominica House of Assembly
holds, in addition to his prestigious office, those of a leading member of
the hierarchy of a political party and its public protagonist (in which he
often attacks the Parliamentary Opposition members) in the rough and tumble
of newspapering' Perhaps Mr. Francis feels that the full-bottomed wig and
the gown of the Speaker covers all, but the intelligent citizens of Dom-
inica contemplating this spectacle see in it a provocation to their in-
What arguments, I wonder, can Mr. Francis advance for such unusual
conduct of taking on partisan offices at the same time, or more correctly,
following upon his election to the office of Speaker of the House of
Assembly? Will he tell us that, despite the recognized importance in the
ancient democracies of having as Speaker one without attachment to any
political party, West Indian or Dominican democratic practice can justi-
fiably run so counter to the experience and practice of countries in
which democratic government has evolved? Or is it what "Seraphin", a
columnist in Mr. Francis:' party publication, means when he writes: "It
must be understood that no longer are we a Colonial State, no longer are
we dominated by the shadow of Westminster. We are our own Masters; no
longer are we renting the House, we are now the Owners" ?
It is against this background that I wish to comment on Mr. Francis'
editorial in his party's publication of 28th July, 1971. The editorial is
.entitled "The Word Freedom Street Has No Significance or Meaning in DIninica'.
I cannot understand this title because there is no mention of the topic
suggested by it. This,however, is by the way. It is rather that he is
trying to make us believe that the Seditious and Undesirable Publications
Act of 1968 has not sought to deprive Dominicans of any of their freedoms.
(Concluded on page four)

Friday, August 13, 1971


Page TWo

SFriday,- August 1 1971 T -H E STA R Page Three
When Chay Blyth,31,exParatroop Reporter.
yachtsman who covered .30,000 milesin Island House Hotel Ransacked
a record 292 days sailing mostly with- During dinner-time on the evening
out steering gear smashedd by wild of Friday July 30, all rooms of Is-
waves)landed at Hamble in Hampshire land House Hotel were searched.Var-
Prince Philip; Prince Charles and ious articles including jewelry,
Princess Anne were present to greet $118 E.C., $100 US,S100 T & T C and
the heroic loner. He went round the valuable documents were stolen. A
world "the hard way" east to west. report was made to Police and inves-
Meanwhile British woman flyer gheila tigation started immediately under
Scott claimed her 100th air record: Inspector E.Joseph of the C.I.D. The
she was the 1st person to fly solo method of the crime and previous ob-
over the North Pole. in a light air-. servation by Police finger-print ex-
craft, and gained val`table' scientific pert led to the retrieving of the
information. articles and the arrest and charge
inormaion._____ -----of Jones Robinson of Delices and
I N D I A celebrates her 24th Inde- Benoit-Cuffy of Roseau. They were
pendence birthday on Sunday Aug.15. brought before the Magistrate and
EASTERN CARIBBEAN: Tourist Assocn. sentenceded to 12 and 6 months respect-
ended its 3-day Sisserou. Hotel sess- ively. Train Robbery Actor?
ion Thursday after Europeap Director T b er A r
Wendy Jolly, leaving while the closed. Astaphans SuperMarket was broken
session was in progress, said the in-o recently and a number of articles
meeting was being very satisfactory, including records,record player,radics
Representatives from Canada & U.S.A. and many other objects were stolen,
and these countries' airlines, also After investigation, a search was
BOAC, BWIA, LIAT & CARIBAIR were pres.garxied.out by Police on the premises
ent with ECTA delegates, who will of a- AosoGm -a Bn. All articles were
irge increased budgets from their recovered. Soon afterwards Edmond
Home Governments for dynamic promdt- Charles of Trinidad (who entered the
ion public relations& advertising. State illegally and was allegedly about
ion, public relations advertising to escape) wa arrested by CID perso'rn.
Neville Dabreo of Grenada elected as to escape) wa arrested by CI person .
Chairman,Miss Y.Maginley (Antigua) According to police report,Edmond
Dep.Chairman-Coordinat or 'andDomin- had in his possession at the time of
ica's T.B.Chairman f.ABaron, Treas: arrest black gloves, a domino mask,
S.A.Baron, Treas. leather goggles and other train-robbery
E.C. CURRENCY AUTHORITY released on costume.effects. These were alleged to
10th Aug* the Dominica $4 coin as have been used by him during the theft,
part of the 8-coin' series to commemo-His alleged accomplice Benoit Cuffy vas
rate Inauguration of Caribbean Dev, also arrested. The two have been reman-
Bank. Mg.Diri Roy Smith presented a ded to prison to await trial.
coain,to Hon.R.O.P.Armour, Min/Finance. Foul Play Susnected
DOMINICA: Provident, Fund topped the 'According to police report, Renneth
half million dollar mark in six mths. Corbet, 21, resident of Atkinson and
Cash received incl. late fees and employed by Cable .& Wireless, was in-
interest was $512,647.51. Details of evolved in a fight near a night spot,
investment of these funds were given on the road by Trafalgar Power Station.
by Director Fred Joslyn. Some employ- On Sat.-Sun. night 7th August he re-
ers are finding increase of 5% on ceived injuries and was hospitalized.
plus increased fre t costsAt about midnight the following day,
wage bill plus increased costs he die His body was being transport-
and CARIFTA "consumption taxes" plus ed to AHol X but on receiving in-
harsher taxation a curb to expansion, formation that he had been in a scuffl,
and reduction of employment results police got hold of the body and re-
as- well as a rise in the cost of turned it to Princess Margaret Mor-
living exacerbated by the lower tuary, where a postmortem examination
productivity of Givil Servants due was performed by Dr. Watty. An inquest
to reduced hours and higher top- on Corbet's death commenced the next
bracket salaries, day: adjourned sine die. Police sus-
A PARTY of Royal Dominica Defence pect foul play.and are busy with in-
Force cadets went by Ap_- is t. ves;tigations.
to St. Xucia for extra training. HMS TARTAR will visit Dominica from
*' "" '* 20-22 August.(Tribal Class Frigate).

Friday,August 13, 1971

Page Pour

Mr. Francis argues, quoting from the Constitution, that.provision
exists for testing the constitutionality of any law by recourse to the
Courts and that since the Freedom Party has never done so as regards the
1968 Act, he finds it "astonishingly confusing to understand why no app-
lication has been made to the High Court to have the law declared ultra
iresApart from the fact that this is a radical departure from the
views held and expressed by Mr. Francis at the time of the passage of
the law when he openly and actively campaigned against it, it is to be
presumed that Mr. Francis knows better than this and would not advise a
client of his to go into Court without being in a position to show harm
or hurt inflicted by the mere passage of the law. I understand from those
who ought to know that Courts are not moved in vacuo, but re -uire evid-
ence of hurt inflicted or damage done. In fact, the very quotation of
Section 16 of the Constitution so quickly glossed over by Mr. Francis
provides the answer:' "If any person alleges that any of the provisions
of sections' 2 15 of this Constitution has been, is being or is
likely to be contravened IN RELATION TO HIM, then without prejudice
to any other action.....that person may apply to the High Court for
redress" (Please comment, Mr. Francis, on the words in blockcapitaEbt
A Seditious and Undesirable Publications Act, 1968, on the Statute-book
and not used is no hurt to man or beast. It merely reflects- the monumental
fatuity of a Government which acts first and thinks later. So it is easy
to throw back the question to Editor Francis and ask the obvious: why does
the Government of the party of which he is part not take steps .
against those who continually on platform and in press comment as they
see it on "the motives and intentions of Government Ministers" and often
excite'dislike of some tyrannies within the Commonwealth, contrary to
Section 3 (1) (b) of the Act? Governments do not normally pass laws not
-t6 be applied. So Mr. Francis will be interested to know that the Freedom-
Party has very competent opinion on the whole matter. He may recall, too,
at the time when he was publicly opposing the passage of the Seditious
Aet, that international bodies and organizations took dim views of that
law. *0
On the topic of Freedom Street, the "Dominica Chronicle" of 7th
August has commented: ...,. We see, not surprisingly, the apparent over-
reaction of a Government not willing to tolerate what a more mature
one could and would -- and add leverage to waiting Opposition claims
.. that its reaction is proof of its immaturity."
But there is more to this matter -- a move that does no good to the
name and reputation of Dominica.
All over the British Caribbean, astonishment is being expressed at
this- action on the part of the Dominica Government. People cannot believe
that' in this day and age the e-lected representatives of a people can behave
in such puerile fashion and they are inclined to question the fitness for
the democratic process of both the electors and the electees-of Dominica.
As a matter of fact, the Government's morbid behaviour-seems so
fascinatingly ridiculous to the outside world that a.syndicated piece on
it, prepared outside of Dominica, will appear in the leading newspapers
of the .region.
Moreover, it is believed that this will be followed by a regional
rash-and spate of naming thoroughfares "Freedom Street".'So as we'stand.
on the threshold of national buffoonery, let us thank Messrs. LeBlanc,.
Armour, Francis & Co. For this is the supreme provocation.

SA crowd;of.over 2,000 in streets lined with listener-filled cars lis-
tened with "electoral intensity" to Opposition speakers, chaired by Hon.
Eugenia Charles, at a mass meeting from DTU hall on Monday night. They
were reminded of their right to attend debates and it is highly probable
that a large section oft'he~population will walk to the House on Sept.23
in protest against seizure. of power from Roseau Town Council & other motions


Prdy, Asue IS ,;r71


MAN WHO TO.NtiENTA HtMSE.Lr wit eonsAiderations if what
his hIe would have been if he had til en a different
course, now ta9t it is too, iate tq change, is weakening
his power )o act in the present. To ask,. "What if" quecs-
tions. whtn the supposiwton ,< clearly impossible. belong to the realri
bf childhood. The only Inteihgent qtysuon you cap ask. regard.ess or
your present circumq&ances. Is hov you can make the best of what you
are and have, to become as nearly as possible what you want tLo h.
It rs the sirne with religion. Life that we .4se; in nature, in the
You would be surprised at the animals andc i pfiants We would
profound questions even the most hardly say that they haMAe '-ter-
foohsb met cap ask. ni! lihfe'" even f they were t.- go
lETADING We preachers hear on :-inng for evert What about
TIMS: them all An atheist human t.s.ris, their? If nan, could
'2 Minutes once got into cexVer- prtpwg Uis ',f indjfitrteiy,
5 Scinds nation with a cEu"''r woui o we -ther sa,& that he po..
minister. 1,e mar- tasesa ter'na iife"& No. fon it :s
hated all his questions and mited not a questior of duration but ryf
t tul be grew tired. .4t the end' quality.
the r:;inister turned tn? hiu and. .-esus Hirntsei4 p-'s 4s the doe-
.'ad. "L'iten. sor,. You nust allow nitipon of ':tfe-',a :!fe wihern ie4.!
ti. A:li.nig-ty to know mr.eo tha. .ays, "This i. rfe eternal, that
nu r<." "th''y right Kiw i e in ne nij.
m{ n.m you mav kanw a !o)t. but ttue i;od. and Jeaus i rist. wtoim'
.1f you are rea,:v 'V!se you .tilf thou .'.snt"' Pi. ,jnts and anm-
a !e .ip to the Ifac' t'nat 'ha.; you mnali, carnoT have (teman iife ;e
don't know far exceeds what you cause tnrv cannot Know God, Orfni
Ao. Nobody ha vet been aole to man has this ability. Mah is not
,xpla.n the mystery of life. If we an anmral. though some like to
nd; i n hav rt. y u c ouid not reAd call him so. ; odi created man In
zhfte nme nor i, x-ite them, yet His owr. image -- nht ,nrly for
wu-e t-'al don't know what it is. earth but also for heaven.
We, cannot taste it. weigh it. or The intelligent question to ask
et it .- vet we cannot deny its herA s. "Do I want this eternal
existence. here is. 'Do, wat this eternal
But -there is something eve life and can r have it"' Do y(m
more mi) serious than that,: t is want to exchange your limited
the concept of eternal life spoken powers and visions for linitlefs
of by Jesus (ThrTst. Jesuq said He And abundant life beginning here
care that mnn might have life, and now and enduring hereafter?
"and hav,' it more abundantly.4 C(Tne to know God for yourself,
bid Hu e moan the abundance of and He will give you just that.

* ~ ~ ~ ~ 1I *I- . ii -i 1r n ii--- -'-T - **"*'''*"**'

j a y, 1 '. ; -y- .... .. '. -.--.... ', ria?i?_l .,.in Z,'B i w t -' l"n '- :

Owl P 2hanin- ,wk.r the Tt..i '1onsC. '
'be *c,-i the "C ur 'C: oe W .

m. ... t i
U Menibers of usit puIblw art h'..!.''-
IW H0 P.1 4.
a.t4 C, ark hZio-z rf Hotse o A ,Q
-I I .4O $ A-. !?) $' o
h Ay r. .'*^

- 'a r '-. 4 e .ati

"BuVt" you may say, "how can I do that?" I'd like to send you g"M 0_.4,is t1 '
free copy of my booklet. "CAN MAN SEn Gor Yot can sectrre it 'ae r t s M. .C g JoCl ipi|',
only by writing to .


W E'^ ~ t/t

. . . p _.A.^t -_F, ,, i .. --. ,

fA.U Ti - VAC4T "

Xtinzxi a k /kc'riC'2 t s -A xt, rc ve
M B ^K 35 t 4^ y Tr>
General Is' ranc' Agency

Knowfeie of lte Insurxn:a-& ''Orr'.r?
dA f., S;\ c F, re, Wc .-..or. ':

1,4-ana42:eraal eXIaPTe nca Ck' ira. i f se hs ...
SALARY? ~. SLE di a $4. o

.:F~l~bc;nravrPa*an-~r .vn~~~nrr;.s;-~unu~H7n~cr~nnx~a~lh~~~~r; -


rage .Six

Try ?

,Question marks hang
ever the latest move
towards political unity
in the Commonwealth
Caribbean. West Indians
are pleased that talks
have started on this sub-
,cct. Few will dispute
the vital need for closer
integration at all levels.
But, the Heads of Gov-
ernment Conference in
Grenada last m n t h
seemss to have been a
hastily thrown together
happening and the out-
comne miay be ess fruit-
ful than it could have

What is surprising is
that those who met in
St. Lucia did not think
the rnatter important
enough to ensure that
the proposed meeting was
fully attended. It seems
that no effort was made
to find a date convenient
o everybody and they
merely fixed the meeting
for Grenada on July 25th
aad hoped for the best.

Obviously, this has not
worked. Premier Walter
of Antigua did not attend
rand merely sent an ob-
erver Mr. Barrow, deep-
ly involved in Barbados'
election campaign, d d
not have even an ob-
sever at the talks. Dr.
Eric Williams did not
sltnd and did not sead
isns Affairs of Wenat
dians AffaimS Senator

7 i5

S ? A t

Prevatt repre s en te
Trmnidad & Tobago and
he was careful tj. express
his country's "reserva-
tions". And from Jam:aica
there was complaint that
they had not been pro-
perly informed about
the Conference and they
sent neither delegates nor
observers to the Grena-
da meeting.

Some key figures were
absent and it has now
been left to the Secre-
tary-General of CARIF-
TA, Mr. Wilian Demas,
to communicate the
"'Declaration" t o the
non-present Heads of
Government. and, per-
haps, to find out how
happy and satisfied .they
are with its contents.
Those who met in
Grenada drew up what,
they called the "Declara-
tion of Grenada", and
the Conference Chair-
man, Premier Gjailr,
told the Press, '"Every
body is happy. e- er', >-dy
is atisfied". But, Mr.
Gairy could speak only
for those who attended,

Already, there may be
regrets t h a t a better
foundation was not laid
for the Grenada meeting.
But, that cannot be un-
done. What is needed
now is some quiet diplo-
macy to ensure that,
when the "Declaration
of Grenada" is published
o November 1st as
planned West Indians
wit! he presented with
concrete proposals .
I+ +.LICollart~la~r

jThat a Coiam i a a State
1 a bad thing but Zi Colony
of a Republic is worse 7

Friday -. 1. 3, 19 71

~BP~~tR~~~"sConlyrgS 7

Rule, life was
simpler for West Inians.
Governmental responsi-
bility and executive pow-
er rested with represen-
tatives of the C'loniaj
Office. British ofLcials
had the headaches and
took respon-.ibi'i to
solve the problems. They'
also took,. lame w, hen
things went wrong. West
Indians were then a
cotonia people. Pc.iri-
ctiy. they haid the eas',
rohl of critics who were
never called upon :o per-
,orm more satifacortly
than hose they critcised,
With the breaking of
impcrialistic s h a CF e s.
however, the responsibi
lity, the executive power
awd the headaches s;ifhied
from London to the
Caribben. C o o n i a
othff e officials .'.pe'a'-
From the West Indian
ponmt of l iew. ithe;, xay
have bungled thi pasi
hopefesQil. But the present
and the fIuture are ir
West Indian hand,, and
from now on. suc ei:se'
and failures depend en
tirely .o n Wc't Indita
CitIiens of the Com-
monweahh Carnb~ean are
not stitjtently aware o!
this, People do not con.
cern themselves with
matters vial i. We'e
Indian vweifare P u bi! t
opinion is a low level
mTtportant question are
left almost entirely t c
be answered b; "the
On the otiLer hand
the first crop ,of "Ve-

failed. t promote ao
encourage Aemorfl;us C
Wih fe' excep.uor.,, they
see th msehees castn ie
saCme K-L:l ta i
despotic colonial power.
Such ptublc opinion as
exists 1s regprdeta as a
poetn)ial hreat to their
position, and omc ha.,.
no hesitation in mIs-.'*,,.
Sgilative ad nce
authority To inav"
otthemselvss the gover-
ment in power.
The "i 'iC rash. o'i

iimit free speech i. r;-
thing more ilt.:i m.i...
of I:,. .i : "- autho.-r y i.,
protect the : nj-'in' ko
crnment from crinci'ic
Dominica has hr re-
pressive S editions 1
U,' desirable Publicat'
Act, and both St. K.l
and Antigaa are in p..
cess of enactiNg legIsia-
,ion to :-d.-zliC the Pre's .

In Grenada. the use o
SPclce auihorit\ to In-
timrdate anti-government
s elements has become a
fact of life.

Yes, u under Coloniai
Rule., life vxas' simp!cr
But, the cloc, cannot Ih
Turned back acd k~csi
indians cannot escape
con front ion of be
t challenge of t oda >.
" Their fi,.TJani nt r i. [.
are threatened. as lre
Sto protect those righi
w i;il indicate, in both
Governments and peop'c,
Sa lack of suficien' rna-
tarr:v to sho;;:ier re-
~ o 41!.bilitC:e of the :.r
t oi independence.

____--_--------_----__-__--' dians polt'rican. uit th'

mrricaines: BE FOREWARNED

~--i~- lpl---------------*-----~--


Page Seven

Fr y. Aut 1 11H S


.t D ..'1. A NDB.- -- -

RAMA is taking a columnistts rest
this week. So we welcome a not-un-
known youth writer to these pages:
Hi, you loving, sock-it-to-me
people out there in groo-e land,
Say, all you fans and fantasy ought
to be having a real good time save
for any illnessesi casualties, mis-
understandings, water shortage,CDC
taking their lights for short spells
money probs, the dangers of playing
codol and, oh, all that jazz that
goes with everyday living..
More and more the older gen is
criticizing the young and their
dress and speed love. Somrfehow I see
with them but I surely can't side
them when they get uptight about
the hot pants fad. I think it sits
well on our beautiful lasses. It
doesn't look vulgar like some too-
short minis used to be, Guess it
all depends on the occasion onwhichj
it is worn!
Looks like pretty soqn we'll
need to expand our motorways to ac-
commodate the increasing number of
vehicles;. Not only that, we'll need
more zebra crossings than we pres-
ently have, for the flow of pedes-
trians (especially children) is
rapidly reaching great numbers.And
obviously the traffic boys will
have some added work...
Dig this one? It's a marriage


by Beverly Stephenson

The face is moulded well,
The countenance clear,
The lips, two soft thin slits,
The eyes, a deep sea blue,
The forehead high,
The hair a sea of waves,
Of colour black, yellow or blond;
Is this Beauty? the outward layer?
Oh No.' Oh No.'
I pray it is the old Colonial hand-
me-down of thought,
That makes us grasp and suck in all
the breath,
When this portrait before us life
And in a voice with admiration filled
.., "Oh truly she is beautiful."
For is not man within himself where
Beauty lies.?
The man clothed in the skin, the organs
and the hairs,
These clothe a minor part contributing
to man,
For man is not man if he character
If he a life of felicity lives on,
And in the path of fidelity walks he,
A philantrophist he liveth all along,
And on his countenance a smile appears
This cannot help but bring sweet
Beauty forth,
Becomes unmasked of nostrils large and
thickened lips,
Thus Beauty shines though brain-washed
man sees Beauty not,
And like the lost blind fools we are,
We look for Beauty not in Grace but

UTE WHEN HE RETURNS. AND SHOULD AL- On Monday night our family broke up
WAYS REMEMBER TO CRY TO AWAKE HIM a party at home to attend a.Freedom
IN THE MORNINGS. Reward to finder Meeting to discuss with the people
CONFINEMENT TO A MENTAL INSTITUTION of Roseau the situation due to happen
S* A when Government tries to reduce power
Some guys, you know, sure get ov- from the Roseau Town Council over the
erboard when talking to a girlfriend, naming of Freedom Street. My view is
Catch this one from a Tover-boy: I that it is totally wrong of the Gov-
"Darling, you are my chere cocotte eernment to deduct power from RTC.Why
I dig you for your gentle walks which then have a Town Council at all if
tantalizes my most loving emotions they mustn't have power to rename and
so much that I hate to see other name streets, roadmending and all so.
flies like myself buzzing around VWhat must the Councillors *do? Sit un-
you. Sometimes I dreams of kissing der the Govt. as servants without act-
you. I dbes even wake up in the ing or giving their opinion? That's
middle of the night t( :see if Iwillabsolutely stupid. (ConcQuded
see you. Sugarplum, as you see de axing you if you will kiss me."
moon shinin now is so I feel like (Ri ht e see
yo around ex a se,

A PA(~.1! *TFl~R

I- I I


Friday August 15, 1971 Ei-ht THE

A group of four student graduates from the
Uivrcsity of the West Indies will arrive in the
State on Tihuisdy 2nd September to give a so-
ries of public ectres as part of their study tour.
I'hey wil hold diseosssions with leaders in-
*uding buinaesmaem, soci wevfarm watell
youth enders and profeS$ioaas.
Papers have been prepared on the back.
ground to the antegrasion of Leeward '*WinowanJ
slaands drawing on social and constitutional his.
tory as well as on economic development.
Dr. Vaughn Lewis of the Department of
G overPment will present a paper on "The Via-
bility of Small States and InrernAtional Relations'
while Ralph Gorsalves will discuss on "The Po.
litical Advantages of Windward -Leeward Integra-
tion". Bernard Marshall will present a survey of
"Attempts at Windward-Leeward Association .
while Dwight Venncr will offer a view of "The
Economic Advantages of Integration of Small
Th, Resident Ttaor
Dr. E. Muller.


In Loving Memory of Annie Edwards
Just one year 'today,
Since the one beloved has passed away.

7th August 1971.

Loving daughter,
May Christian

Barclays Bank Girls

Get New Look

The female employees The various colours of
of Barclays Bank D C 0 *e dresses wiBl giv the
have recently discarded liak's ofces a ew and
the familiar blue skirts 6clerful appearance.
and white blouses in _---
fa4vr g r a new a~,g i T= sanLaXiSs s.:
of A-ine dress to be e mardioh r" r Sy hat w en
war in separate colours w ot U Wt Se of"*I k
of Tangerin, Blue or i its te Iop of t s peple..
Qe jMre nBiety is a w rthisa
These dresses which a0 t .. criemi have twes4 m
Ware n aHBfactirId in toa a f iew tB ftr
Raroados wifi be wOri itat t maeriLE
b! Qot ar C "y ians w Lt make a balafg hopeo
the Caribbeea and the j e .. Madwmst pgwt- -
only decorattin carried *tro* P**htami eowreM
will be the Barclays Eagle "1'0 t '
Broach worn on the left t la djepef t e pp.i .
shoulder. PATE IAUIN

RTA ___Q~R

Scieadwa of A.pE[c-drt-n for CstE f e of Tif! End Nosof' a
.etireon asd CaveO ts for week e Idri ay f Augusrt, ';.
D6e Req a es | Pteraos Presng Nature cf rNq.r
j'*'t whet"ahvr a Cerztif a
of Tite of No:i
,-- ^--- ^. ------ -; ^KB^it-S-^'-K--.

1 971.- by I bzeitc'or ts c dAd Et p aelo ud the h at Gil,* im tbh ai rt, of t.
day of umw 5trl? cM4a A.SM.O, Kpi '., in bSatDe s4 rwim-
a 3.30pB. caCUtinft B6.212ns .icrnE
af--- -.-----------Jbieated 4as fains>
*O % fas Ne Ease ny Aha Esate No.b; OCne oef Q by 1l 0n
hof 8tsra" s : 3eft sbth bey Wa& ia tr amt 85~ c
-e stewr s S tSh Iseza Aafes jb Cd Afmei. Ba.
Htdo ~iMd6y Weef by ts. d of AWfA sm.
Nth _&Y g'AQSW-%. 1M.

SRewest da S t tt l
li36t aygf 7?jy,

day of inigget,4 7!1
s.15 iio,

Esa by ted of G
Viahtw fe asp;. Sp
Nortfe Wrsn b4y k

Person Presentilng Nature of req-T.,t
whether a Certifict
*of Title' .( N.dr-is*w
hErWe or Cvse:
Chafwi aChasisses h* ? s1u ft for th i ue a i [
tiy b Solitor? resPesrt o a pooran cf ir: ;
t &'.Wescy ViliaphK Et' ?^**- ';

SFiSkw?of"S. *r W a

*. ; ja.kleb kIchard sGod Do IS CRyrl?;
upSe Cherte3feas; seat gists in Srga a
k Wa'S b&y kad of Nathidr Chrte-n1;; '
W.1 Q4 V00*11-M 00 nw, ne.

aara 0e, A 1. BRTRAN j
Roses. Domrrnic. 1971 Reistrzr of Tiik i.

NOTEt: Any person who desires to obfjct tV the iuing c.' a i
Certificate of Oite on the above applicatior may enirr r Cr,:i
In the above office withn six weeks from the date of tO. F .ae
eppea-Snce of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper pubi:. - r
ia thil State or frc'm the date when the notice prescribed iy
law vss aast served on any owner or occupier of a'r:r nr
land I Ie spect o which their a application is mde.
---- -- c- ---


Te Easu Cari63ea Caurremws Auth itY wflr
relses on. Tuestvy, roth Atgust the DoiaaiC
$400 osi" which farms part of ?tr 8-?coi seric
bei issued by the Authritv to semnorste
the sgaasa of the Caribean DrecL:.-:
B~~. I1' coim, Which have egae, t-der stat ..
cam be fro any branch Qf Barclays
Baa .C.O. in the Easz Cribbe, Cl r eney i

~The Ah*rIvity han so far rened< the Avi- i
gma, .lrbaes wi thek St Kim Ne vi'i'a \,
coass. F*ow'g the relke&s of the Demi.i5a i
tsh Gfrna&da Ca will be sed in ain roste -
lsy lisE tmk' t. .
*.2^1, s 8 f C !
W2-lf, J J
6r rn.



IICrqb~gRCgb I

'aua 12, 1971II Part N-~--l lr=---- I_~_~


Rse a6 Town Council
Applications. re invntr f~ro' jlAb2c per-
.sos for the ptost f Town Costale,. Roseau
Town CocaciL.. ... ,
he pos is riob>. and is in the salary
scale of $1620o .x o r6 x. 120 240o 1x
i.So -:$I2o..
The. officer will be rqnired to weas uriform
.provided by the seau. Town Council.
Thes'duies of the ,posr a:e ~i oven-e by
R. gatas of the Rose'" To-wn 'Co t
SAp~prXk~cs. must -e add'-suwd to. -6e Th'n.
Qiek nd reach the office of the T?.a .Tawn
.Csi'no Isater than. the 3rst August, 1971.
SiCIt& S. LaCetC~
*Town Cln k
ft /^1 S ^ JL^ iir -.1 ...MTr --n --r-- .. u ll r irll'lia li

-Snior Clerk Requir-ed

'REQUIRED a senior: clerk experience;i and wll'
versed.-in shipping matters, capableof perf ormrnuig
duties as Shippy;,'Super'isor. GCE in English,
Mathematict essential 'Salary according to quali-
fications, rags .from $3W0 to $400 per m )nth.

S AppEy

tOIDUSTRIE (W.i) LTML, Roseau.


* .'.,. .. .- .
..; .. o n ._,'e..

. . _. .. ..... ....E. ;X L *

In A Great TradiUrcs -- A Great 'Cr
Styling JMm toe Than Lonk,

On ThisCar

o Se, ta r,

R A c!,
Wt. SO!r

*&96 '

4 AD /CS

'44 hst's a


Parge *Nrn-






S''?ies4r Atsust 12. 1971





Page Ten TH E S T A R Friday, August 13, 1971
.*** S*T*A*R *S*P*O*R*T*S* .*. *** .** NEWS FROM THE UNIONS
.E OOTBALL: A Look. Round the. Clubs Latin American Institute for Social
With due ceremony, speeches and Studies (CLASC, WCL, ILATES) through
a kickoff by the Governor, Harlem its Regional Asistant (A.Frederick
Rovers, 1970 League Champs, start Joseph) has announced the official
the Season tomorrow 4.30 against opening of their 2nd English Caribbean
Celtic United in Windsor Park. Workers' Seminar at St.Martins School
HARLEM Rare again led by 'Pegleg' on Sunday at 8 pm. The Seminar will
Joseph, top defenseman, and have end on Friday 20th August. ********
added Joffre. Faustin (from Spartans) The Waterfront & Allied Workers Union
and Caesar Emanuel ex-Emeralds to has signed its lst Collective Agreement
their formidable line-up business! (with Dominica Marketing Board, 3-year
CELTIC U. under Island skipper Henry contrast on behalf of Fruit Packing
Jno.Baptiste have lined up star pleW-worker6). The Union secured better
ers Desmond Dqwhurst, Gifford Tous- wages;& hours of work & working cond-
saint and Gordon Mondesire of the itions:. The Contract will last until
State team plus promising 'keeper 9th August 1974 unless mutually termin-
Augustus Loblack and they have ated. Signing for the Union were Pres.:
Morris Aisles backing up watch m. Louis Benoit, Sec.: Curtis Augustus and
(Reginald Murphy is in Canada). Organiser Alec Gage. Gen.Manager Michael
SPARTANS still have State Star Cut- White & Mr. PIWI Peltier signed for the
bert Williamsnlas captain, Vivian Board.
Ren& in midfield and, they hope., "CANSAVE"JUBILEE WEEK, PORTSMOUTH
Lennox Emanuel who has been out. of A Mass for Children at the Catholic
action with a knee injury. Another Church, at which Fr. Chauvet gave an
cartilage casualty is Clem John, whoinspiring homily, asking God's blessing
will probably stay dbwn in Div. II. on those who started and continued such
SAINTS are marching on under spect- a philantrophic movement, continued in
acular State saver 'Bogo' Roy Will- a march through the streets by children,
iams; they have. Brinsley Charles, Scouts,Guides,Drum Majorettes., Organi-
Vincent Elwin 'and Chaucer Doctrove station workers & members. Miss Dorothy
but McDonald Roberts is still away. Jules;, D/ca Rep. of CSCF, received a
Plenty of young talent has joined lot of praise for her efforts. The ju-
Saints. bilee week went on from 8th-14th Aug.
EMERALDS are still spearheaded by FREEDOM ST. by D.B.Allfrey fr. p.7
ex-Island Captain Cecil Larocque If I still lived in a small village
and have Jo 'Riva' Kentish, Curtis anywhere int~pinica, the village coun-
Augustus, Eustace Anthony and John cil would have better treatment than
Larocgue. to menace their opponents Roseau, though that is our capital city.
with Gairy Aird keeping the ball outA lot of young people know this, that's
of the net. why they will take part in the march on
BLACKBURNS have lost several playersSeptember 23 to the House of Assembly.
and are being led this year by big MEDALISTS RO: an excellent and
Bowen Charles but he may be leaving MEDALLISTS ABROAD: an excellent and
for the U.S.A. shortly. Henry Elwin ful1 report on Martinique arrived from
provides their young uns with an ex- students R.Riviere & Mc.D. Thomas -but
ample of attacking experience, and I tolate for inclusion this week ****
heard whisper that may spring a few I SH REPUBLIC DEATHS Because. IRA
surprises bomb terrorists were interned without
7-UP CRUSADERS of Goodwill have re- trial, home 30 people on both sides of
vived after sponsorship troubles last the bloody struggle lost their lives. *
year (but Los Santos haven't regis- Bernadette Devlin, said to be expecting
tered). Rugged Island defender heads an illegitimate child but refusing to
Crusaders, who? Michael Elwin of give up her seat in the House of Com-'
course with a bunch of school-train- mons, where she swore allegiance tothe
ed, stamina-full boys who must not Queen, was stated by radio to be inv~hud,
be underestimated, DASA thanks H.E. the Governor,the oan.
THE PROGRAMME seems well-packed Min. ome Affairs, the RTC Mayor & Coun-
for 1971 with the Popham Tournament cillors and Barclays Bank for donating
taking place: here in November and trophies to the recent Athletic meet.
pha s the CuWinners C Com Donations to expenses of Windwards were
at the. end of August CEER
Prted & Published by t elP r efr made by Hon.Dep.Premier Armour, the Roy
or R E. Allfre o CoptaliMi al Bank of Canada & Jas.Garraway & Co.
ouse at s6abRdRo Dominica Officials Press,Radio & Public are alsE
Wes nies. thanked. Award of medals-list next wk,

ptA, 1

by Cynthia Wat --
Ma Titine has not appeared in these
columns for some time. But she is
as lively as ever, and with us now,
It was & chilly'rainy'morning,
and Ma Titine was curled up under
her big cotton blanket gazing at
leaflets warning her abo4t the com-
ing of hurricanes'. Thanks to Gargg,
how nice it was not to hustle out
of bed and go out to a damp kitchen
as in the old days. On a table near
her bed was a small spirit lamp,and]
her percolator was merrily on the
boil. A packet of biscuits and a
slab of cheese lay alongside. She
soon relaxed'refreshed,..
Well,well,well...what a to-
do was 'going on in the State!Miss
World 1970 was expected for two
days, and everyone was preparing...
Plain women, including Ancine,were

fancying themselves up for the fete. REFLECTIONS ON A TRIP TO EUROPE by
Then, old Queen Mary Street was H. Thomas (continued)
r named Freedom Street, and that I did not only visit Europe but
caused an uproar between Town Coun- passed through Martinique,St.Lucia,Bar-
cil and Government. Hon.PNE said it bados,Trinidad,Teneriffe,Vigo,Corunna,
was just the Mayor in love with London, New Haven, the cliffs of Dover,
Miss World wanting to show off by and then to Belgium,Brussels,Ostend;
walking her down Freedom Streett Holland,Arnheim,Amsterdam; Germany,
Everywhere you went you heard the Hanover,East & West Berlin,GeraTeag-
words Freedom-Freedom-Freedom ensburg,Leipsig,Linz; Austria,Vienna,
World-World-World: Salzburg,Shann, Alberg Pass; the Rivers
Ma Titine had heard that Ancine Rhine & Danube; Lichatenstein, Lucerne,
was planning to crash in at the France Switzerland,Luxemburg... and I
Sisserou Party PNE was the only say thanks to my brother Dr.Thomas for
Minister invited, because he had his concern and interest in me... he
flown in RAF with the Mayor but he gave me four additional trips to
pulled.. the wrong chain and the air- Paris,Denmark, Sweden and Norway(Oslo).
craft nearly exploded. RAW MATERIAL8: A country can only
"Way, Way," Ma Titine chuckled, assess its value and economy by its
"If Ancine go dat will be one big raw material such as copper, crude
debate. I not invited, I not bigshot oil,steel, gold diamond in short
enoff, but I go stand on de shore mining, farming and a well-balanced
an' see de party an see Ancine back- family planning. In Holland by 1980
fire PNE." the people will have reclaimed 8,000p00
Alas, Ma Titine was disappointed acres of land from the sea and most of
The Premier wouldn't allow PNE to this is for the rearing of cows,which
attend because he said it would be means milk,meat,cheese and butter -
disloyal for one Minister to let raw material which can't fail 4t
down the others. But all the money goes on from one generation to the
Ancine spent on a fancy reddish wig next and is expQrted throughout the
Ancine spent on a fancy reddish ig world. I was taken to one small dairy
lot of drink to Ancine's house and by a farmer there they process the
they celebrated tAheir non-artici- Eusene Cheese it takes 8 gallons of
they celebrated their non-partildci- milk to 4 lbs of cheese, after 6 weeks
pation in the party for Miss World, processin. his mean a lot of milk
processing. This means a lot of milk
And Ma Titine went to sleep at in Holland: (More in futur& saued)-
last, dreaming not of Garge or any

man in the fre edom world, but of
her own lovely uncrowned daughter
Eurilla, who had gone to the USVI.

To Correspondent Hugh Lawrence:--Sorry
your letter is too long to publish as


We regret that due to the contin-
ued interruptions of the Governments
Data Procossing Service, it has not
been possible up to now to issue the
fertilizer allocations under the
Fertilizer Subsidisation Scheme in
respect of the quarter ended 30th
June, 1971.
The Board of Management, however,
has decided to advance, to every
grower an allocation based on his pro-
duction for the quarter ended 31st
March, 1971.
Any discrepancy between the amount
of such provisional allocation and
the amount of the grower's entitle-
ment, shall be adjusted later.
General Manager.
llth August 1971. 61-1/1

Friday,August 13, 197L



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