Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Xrs. Jne't Lowenthal,
Tibrarian, y, i^. .
Rfesea;-ch Institute for V DINI oo ,
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street, D P3.2
New York 10021, N.Y.,
U.S.A. I ,; t .u1.2 p
Q~Ss^'~FI~.Y SoiL' dr n '
-"' Ave, '' Edatr -- PHYLLUS SHAND ALLFREY

; 1. XIII No, 5 E tay Ju ul7 0. 8971

5:h: rprcs-ntaves of etgh: t ComTn:nr- .:a
:,.bean;es rm:t to d:cuss the :'Jssibihv f r
v'* ,hical L n:on th: Canbben. nn- vei m an i
.:. mrntbs aftir the rrste West lod. t- Fedjtrauon was
* solved.

The leader; of the six Associated. States Antgu.a,
-iranica, Grenada, St. Kiats-Nevis-Angu ic. St. Lu-
Sand St. Vinceat were present together w:th Prn.e
:.,;"er Forbes Buraham an. Anor-u--Grnerai Sony
:;pBai of Guyana.

Ti.aic2: and ;/.r.k' ,s refused to attend. Trinidad
: t Health Misister and H.C. Mrs. Verna Critchio..

When 0ne first Fedcratibn of the West Injes :as
.I:J formed, negotiations were out in the cpen. The
ple of the various island knew wh it was p'aoned.
-ey were c"'.d Thy -'.. It was Iot a secret
.*d .'. !osed doors, with private ca'-iret meeting, at
*. A C3e.
Now we hear tales of a "new political union" in
-ea rqeton. Some of the mzn r'm.- 1nA this were anti-
'der~ list oie; they even hbsrenerd the death of the
: '; in fanu-t ation. The facr is, -'y favoar a federa-
*-3a l' sorts if they can run ik themsedve.

tt let us not forget ithat there is provisibi in Ite
:srl, costitutidas for a r'tferesnd ,n b t.or: avy aca:e
*i 'i :al change of stats .i5 forced on anry,'c in these
Ibeant states. Soe,.of us who have remain -d pro-
: .-e:ua waint to hwe a say in the kind of couple .
.i-. uml na the show, S di the gran4 id-,ig,'. Never'
-.:rt r,. the pewe !af th! ma- in the street. E-
': .:-r nor the man in-'reedom Street.

'. jM J GEOs RG

n all Mien and Boys the ospesitw of
The First MAN'S 1Th0? at
hs cack of the Phoenix. an CasC- Streetc


GaSv'd. Rainwater Gutters, BIracF&ets,
i9-Vpipe; & Fiittngs, Galv'd. Water
Tanks Fiastic Jerry Cabs, ail sizes.
.-. r, -: . ^.----

ar I
EI!s2E A3:iC t.3TS iO
QY TSL ST r.9 5.3 45.|n
1'G2 LAST 73S ZL-X], TILqS TO-

Ei4B.-..Jl wfl~* n.a a4M4

SC09i GSEETS ^s;~ji ^GS..
,--,, r. '. .. -

: : : *. ; ^ .- -. .* : ,,* ^ .; : .. ... ,- ;
l._. *; _- ,* : -' : :.:- *., .
,I .- '. # :

:"='z *"" ,(l ". -" "'* "' "" ' "

' v -. '';. . . .. .
I ,, ~ i,. t

, .l. t, ." ._. *.- f ... *. a
" ; -; ",'^ - ', ;,-,

i 4 :si, r '' . -.
.. ;,.-
;': :, '-,-- _:, ...,.' "-:e":
'-, ,~ 'e.:" ;'-' : :. :
i ,. . ' .Y . ,< -., -, .r -
-' ". ". -" ', -. ' (' "g,. .: ,

p-,.^ --__ *. ,-,.-, -,.-",

.- -, .' : . '

Couin Ja r-.ifer *ero t the .'ar' r~ '
cerit-e. Mr. JphR f '. .r 'r, -. &'9a.e:,.e ofthe 'ne 5:uitoroj ;tz:i.



*. -..

"At -
S .t .. .. .- .
. .< -, : -' ,-~ .. : ,. ,

: " .: ,. . s: ....' .. ":. ,} .. .. .
*''' -. I *'I r^ -''
^ ..- "- : ' . .' ; " '' "
- : ". . .."
- -;. r. 1"
j\.. .. '
0 Mtwtau

I "7.'g,, -L
' :. .i ,.',-'

,* % --- '
.:, .. .=
-\ -.
z, a C .:... '

^- ^**<--*--r^."",,'
~<^^---*-" '.' -'^ .h""" ''*~

? r^ A C-?-

Eji:-^- ^^i*r*

''" '*r** AKC'^^


~_1_1 __~UU I~--WIDI*Cli~I~)I~-I~iC~UI-~I_ ~-~9~illY

. .

.*:L ." ;, -" :

"- -, ' "

* "' "'. '.., ,, '.
: : .- : "' ,

I'M. ra -i -. r- - --,-- ,. 1971
.X. 1 &_, t' a.V

The nefs of continuing falls in the price of bananas at this time of
the year is most ominous. Taken in conjunction with similar bad trends
in other departments of the national life, there is every reason to fear
for the future of Dominica.
-I distinctly recall the Deputy Premier saying at the recent meeting
of the House. of Assembly that the economic strength of Dominica is such
that it is the envy of many of the neighboring islands. This is the.
trouble with persons. whose. standards (either for themselves or for others)
are. low: they are satisfied with so little, A rather similar view was
expressed at the same meeting by another Government Minister who said
that the forthcoming institution of a system of Government agricultural
credit was taking place in its due time as the Government has been hith-
erto been concerned with other activities. As though with its. variety of
ministries, the Government cannot undertake varied business at the same
The vulnerability of the Dominican economy is being made manifest. The
Government, starry-eyed, has been for some years now emphasising manufact-
uring industry as its favourite and most likely line of further economic
development. Agriculture has. only been cursorily mentioned and the Budget
provisions for agricultural development during the 10 years that this
Government has been in power is an index of the importance attached to
agriculture. I am almos't Acertain that more money was spent to influence
the outcome of the last General Election than has been spent for agri-
cultural development (I do not include stereo.typred expenditure like sal-
aries) for all the years taken together that Labour has been in power.
It is only a couple of weeks ago that we hear a Government Minister
urging the large scale planting of coconuts, a vital point made in the
Opposition Party's manifesto a year ago. The Government's cavalier treat-
ment of the representations ofthe Citrues Growers Cooperative Association
for incentive measures to enable it to put up a proposed million-dollar
Packing House to permit the large.-scale development of the grapefruit
industry is in strange contrast with the same Government's financial
concession to so many insubstantial ventures, mainly expatriate.
Again, for a long time the Opposition Party has been pressing for Gov-
ernment. to take more seriously the tourist industry. The Government brush-
ed these views aside, saying it saw no future for tourism in the.near
future; damned the authoritative Zinder Report which had indicated some
of the prerequisites for the development of tourism in Dominica; uncerem-
oniously jettisoned the. offer of the Conservation Foundation to help to
take steps in establishing a National Park as a main tourist attraction;
decreed that lands should not be sold to foreigners who could conceivably
assist us with further economic development and provide badly-needed funds
to locals-for intensifying agricultural extension. And when, at long last,
the Government decides to increase funds provided for the promotion of
tourism, its. Party publication and some of its r-epresentatives lyingly
state that it is the Opposition Party which had opposed tourism and, re-
ferring back to B.C., add that the Government. of 1971 is providing more
funds for promoting tourism than did the Government of 1960'
Still germane to a consideration of the Government's policy (or lack
of it) for economic development is the waste and politically-oriented ex-
penditure which could be useed instead to further economic development. It
is not an e::Iy--'_-:tion to say that much of the taxes collected by the Gov-
ernment is. used fo:- pursuing silly purposes calculated to maintain it in
office indefinitely. We have seen no substantial development arise, from
our own taxes. All important undertakings such as the construction of new
roads and schools have come directly froa funds provided by the United
Kingdom and Canada. Things are reaching such a pass now that we find the
authorities of the Caribbean Development Bank proposing to take a direct
hand in the agricultural development of Dominica, a proposal which a self.-
respecting Government, as the Hon. WV.S,Stevens so rightly pointed out in
the House of Assembly debate, should not have tolerated.
(Concluded on Pape Four)

Fi~idRv, Jul~v 50, ~9r~L


PD er Two "^

Prince Charles made a daring and ROSEAU TOWN COUNCIL
Prince Chadles made a daring and At a Statutory Meeting of the Ros-
unscheduled parachute jump into eau Town Council held yesterday after-
the English channel with a RAF enoo (TWenesa C 21st, 197y), one r-
trainee colleague on WednesdayIt noon (Wednesday 21st, 1971), one of
rane colleague o Wedesathe major issues concerned the naming
came off all right. The Royal am- of Freedom Street. A letter from the
ily was represenitad at the Westmin- Secretary to the Cabinet dated 14th
ster Abbey Memorial Service for July, 1971, addressed to the Mayor
Lord Constantine on July 23,which was read to Council.
was conducted by the Dean of the This letter said in part that,quote
Abbey At Lady Constantine's re- "The name 'Freedom Street' has no
quest the address was given by the significance or meaning in Dominica."
Rt.Hon.Sir Dingle Foot QC, and the The letter ended by Central Government
Second Lesson by Rt.Hon.Harold Wil- requesting Council to adhere to "the
son MP, former Prime Minister,now proper procedures laid down by law"
Leader of the Opposition. The Actirgon this occasion.
H.C. of Trinidad, Mr. Eustace Seig- Council took a unanimous decision
noret, read the First Lesson;lilies that the Town Clerk be asked to reply
were flown over from Trinidad to to the Secretary to the Cabineto In
decorate the Abbey Goodbye again, this reply it was stated that the de~
Learief We shall miss you a lot. cision to rename Queen Mary Street
BRITISH AID TO ST. VINCENT: Near- n Freedom Street" was taken as a re-
ly 7 million was given by Britain sult of the request made to the Counci
to St. Vincent in 1970-71,exceeding by several citizens of Roseau and Cby
all previous years. Development aid Resolution passed unanimously by
_$4 978,000; recurrent budget-olse Resolution passed unanimously by
978,000; recurrent budget- se Council on 29th June., 1971, and con-
on |i million. firmed 5th July, 1971.
UGANDA: Winning coup Leader, Pres- Since that time well over a thousand
ident Idi Amin, had t-.ins (boy and citizens of Rpseau have signed a pet-
girl) by his fourth Moslem wife ition addressed to the Mayor of Roseau,
this weekk* A rift in East African requesting the name "Freedom Street"
unity is evident because President should be retained,
Nyerere of Tanzania refuses all In the Town Clerk's letter it was
dealings with Amin. They are not stated that Council has ascertained
on speaking terms. Other African that no by-law has ever been passed
leaders are trying to mend the gap. on the subject of the naming and re-
Inaming of streets.
ZAMBIA: Govt. Troops moved into naming of streets.
SIn ending the letter, the Town Clerk
Lusaka University and closed it un- stated "Council having acted on the
til August 30, after students dtemo wishes of the citizens of Roseau and
strated against President Kaunda's in accordance with past procedureit
policy over arms sales to S.Africa. is not prepared to re-open the matter")
BARBADOS: General Election is like- Scully S. Lestrade,
ly to take place next month. The 36-l/2o TOW CLERK.
Dems are sending up their Ministers PRAISE FOR OUR JUNIOR REPORTER ....
and sitting Members, Barbados Labour GRENADA: Tell DBA I am so glad he has
Party (Sir Grantley's)has announced taken up the cause of the Caribs,.
its 24 candidates, led by H.B. St. There are a few in St.Vincent too,and
John and Tom Adams; these include 8 very few in St.Lucia. Tell David to
serving members of Assembly and two try and find out their numbers and
from the Senate, also Gilmour Roch- start a Carib Society. Let the Caribs
ford, a former Feds MP(Headmaster). circulate our islands M.G. And
The BARBADOS ADVOCATE said that Or- from MARIGOT: The article in your
well's "Animal Farm"seemed like a defence by your adopted Dominica son
standard textbook in W.I. o litics is very good indeed.-Gustavus Timothy,
standard textbook in V!.I. Politics. FROM FLORIDAUSA: In July 9th STAR I
It referred to attacks on freedom of read verIDU (as winth Syour her
read ver happily (as with your other
expression and discouragement of articles) about treatment of animals.
harmony through certain legislation I do believe that people show their
being enacted in Caribbean countries, true characteristics in their react-
Dominica was singled out for passing ions to our four-legged friend' -N1
the Seditious Act "difficult to im- MARTINIQUE: Bravo Dave, your pen is
plement because it was constantly ha Y I a pe gainqt1 be a h Yrt,
being challenged by nstionals." .e ey0teyea tee ce

Page Three

Friday, July 30, 1971


SERIOUS TIMES AHEAD by Androcles (from page two) And yet, despite all
this, we find Dominica still carrying up the rear when it comes to gettjig
funds from the Regional Development Bank. For example, a small State like
St.Kitts gets. loans of half a million dollars each for agricultural credit
and for industrial-credit: Dominica gets half a million for both services.
St. Lucia and Grenada get huge slices of the Bank's funds for their sev-
development projects I do not however blame the Bank authorities. One
look and one conversation is rspicacious persons like the off-
icers of the Bank to assess the calibre of the Government repres-
e-tatives' they are dealing with -- persons who (by their .ayinga) work on
a basis of elass; envy and jealousy; persons perhaps with complexes and,
generally, unfamiliar with financial matters. An evidence of this was the
way in which they were made to look silly by the promoters of the SIPA
bubble, a thing, which could hot have- happened to people who knew what
they were about..
Thus practically all of the so-calle:d prosperity which was enjoyed in
recent years did not arise- from the workings of this Government. The ban-
ana industry the main base was set up by a quite different type of
persons Roads came from direct grants fortheir construction from the
United Kingdom Government, as did also at the request of the Dominica Gov-
ernhint, funds, for the: large-scale constructions of Police stations all
over Dominica. The other main base of the so-called prosperity came from
the remittances of Dominicans abroad a purely adventitious circumstance
as far as this Government is concerned,-
If therefore the economic life of the community is in grave danger, we
must look askanes, at those who have been in command of it during the past
decade and who seem to have made no provision or alternative arrangements
against the evil days which now appear to be coming, over both the banana
industry and the earnings of invisible exports from our nationals abroad.
The. policy pursued except as. regards the few who have benefitted dir-
ectly has been such that the bulk of persons of capital and initiative
("friends" of Labour always excepted) have held back in uncertainty of
what is the true intention of the type.owhich has constituted the Govern-
ment which has ruled for these past ten years. And so, with fear and trep-
i'dation, we watch as a kind of economic nemesis appears about to overtae us.
At the same time we see and sense a kind of breakdown in our social
life. There are hordes- of unemployed and unemployable youth on our streets.
Crime is proliferating. The Police seem reluctant to deal with certain
categories of breache.s aof the law. Incidents which strike fear for the
future into the hearts of citizens- abound. These are. spoken about in whisp
ers. in intimate conversation, There. are. no plans for dealing with them and
there is just a general drift towards the abyss. Really, things would
not be very diffe-rent if there were no Government at all. The. trouble
is that too much time and national resources have been spent in polit-
icking and too little: in social engineering and planning. It is now very
late. and those who, at great pains, ensured the ri';e to and maintainance
in power of a Government essentially based on negativism will now have
their fill,
Lot me. give one: example of this Government's; negativism: this
o"rek, we learn, 106 Peace Corps workers have come- oct to the Eastern
Caribbean to give service. Every single island has: requested and is
receiving a number of these Peace Corps workers: some twenty, others ten,
the least, six, Dominica is. the only island not receiving because a
complex-ridden Government some time ago decided that we must not in
future have workers lest, I suppose, they Bingg some measure of
enlightenment to those masses who (it is. felt in the same circle)
should be more profitably be kept in ignorance,. Wlha.t can you do, or
better still, what should be done, with such rulers ?

CARIBBEPAN UNION OFi TEACHERS (CSA Release): Mr. J.J.King,Principal,St.
Joseph GovtoSchool, and Mrs. Kay Polydore, Senior LIistress, at Do.GS.,
flew to Trinidad on July 24 to attend the 15th Biennial Conference ofCUT.
Dro King is Vice-Pres. of Dominica Civil Service Association and Sec.,
- .eaoners Section; Mrs. Polydore is an Asst.Sec. of CSA,

Panae Four


Prid~v. Ju~lv ,"jO, f9~1

.X5a ,ti ?y JO, $ 7? 7H i. q T. -

tA Group Of Comrrnuwea1th Guides In L.K.

-7 .25 Msdp?5fF.4

-- '2


.- -. -

,.. ... .
, .. -. ."
..,_ .,. .. :-



4. ,.
.. .. .0.. .
'-' .. i. ,
&- .r '- ': '- ::.. '

~~-, ;y.
'~-' :55:
. ~. - .~

Two from Dominica .Guide Secrearv Mrs\. .'. B. d and rDisric Cumr.mussioner

Saman are een, .both second from l-,. back r

M ,'

*h5 a.
t'~ 19.~
---1 .5'

X. '2

S"' '" ": ', ,
".4 .t


:'r Frorm znd Augusst All cash bill covering ,,t-4 Pirch.

S from us will be exchangeable for zvaiable merc'Adise.

C:1, bills for rWh, icle purch oses or for

retail purch:

tAbe-::d 5ub:,.:t Tp C.'': iscoeunts wvil niot .pp/v.

'7 Cash I8s mhust be2ar 'b-" rubber"-stamng receipt imprnnt of

the i'rm. the signatLt e f the cashier and date of y-.vent,

g N 71., V '- 90% '
-B s~A -x
. I' F5 ?: N A#'t:' "p

c*f F we



Friday, J3ly 30, 1971

N 0 _T 1 C E
In accordance with the provision
of subsection (2) of Section 3 of
the Aid to Pioneer Industries Ord-
inance.. Cap5314, notice is hereby
given that subject to the consider-
tation of any objection which may be
made pursuant to this notice, the
Governor proposes by Order, in the
Form set out in the Schedule hereto,
to declare that manufacture of
steel fabricating units be a pioneer
industry and steel fabricating utaits
when manufactured by the said indus-
try to be a pioneer product of
that Industry.
12, Any person who wishes to object
to the making of an Order in the
form set out in the Schedule there-
to, is required to give notice in
writing of his objection, and of
the grounds on which he relies in
support thereof to the Secretary to
the Cabinet, on or before the 2nd
day of August, 1971*C.A. SEIGNORET
Secretary to the Cabinet.
S1971. R D E
'Made by the Governor under Subsection
(1) of Section 3 of the Aid to Pion-
leer Industries Ordinance (a).
(Gazetted )
!. This Order may be cited as

2. The Establishment,
Maintenance and Oper-
ation in the State of
a plant for welding &
fabricating steel units
is here by declared a
pioneer product of
that industry.


Made by the Governor this

M.P. T. 7/127
G.106, 30 2/2.

Secretary to
the Cabinet.

by David B. Allfrey
Miss World's visit was a sehsation-
al event to all Dominicans for it was
the very first time that a Miss World
had visited our tiny Island, and She
is one of us West Indians. All the
people made an effort to see her,
even though some of the villagers
deen inland didn't see her, they pro-
bably heard all about it from Jeff,
and Co. on the radio.
Well, as niost people know, Miss
World is very charming intelligent and
has a good figure (this I must say
because of the manner she carries
herself). Actually the very first
time I got a good look at Miss World
was at the official opening of the
Sisserou Hot.l, which took place on
tfi-.atesday, axnd for a change she did
not have a turban round her lovely
black hair. After Miss Jennifer en-
tered the lounge a complimentary
speech was. given by Mr. F.A.Baron (he
said the Sisserou was a very uncommon
bird just as Miss World was rare,but
it was found in Dominica.)Jennifer
then spoke arnd declared the Hotel qpEn-
She said she was having a wonderful
pleasant stay 210 roople had dinner
with her there.
On Wednesday night I saw Miss World
again at the Arawak Fashion Show in
which there also were some of our4
own beautiful- girls performing in
Mrs. G, Nasief's seamless costumes
and in..t.2 h etc. As for Miss rld
she was out of this world. The best
part of the show was when Parry
.Bellot askeC. Miss World to marry him.
In reply she said "the boy doesn't
know what he is taking on". Parry
then said "I will think it over."
As Parry sa '1. later in the programme
he had been close to Miss World for
the past few days, this is true for
he has been making it up to her and
do you -envy him? When he was about
to hand her a bouquet on stage, he
gave her a kiss beforehand. However
I beat.Parry because I gave her my
heart it .was a wooden heart I start-
ed in the woodwork class of Goodwill
Junior High School and I finished it
at home and decorated it with silver
stars. She has taken it home with her.,
m rr '

story by CGW.M. Williams of the Miss Lebanon, Georgin Rizk of Beirut,
Extra-Mural Dept UWI; Ext-rcts ftomL was crolrmed "'' Universe" at the
the continental travel-log of Mr. 20th armual p.:geant in Florida. Miss
H.Thomas, brother of DroJohn Thomas.Australia & Miss Fiinland were runners-1

Thi. rt

'II~-----~ ---

READER'S VIEW : ."There is no NOl.T I C E
Madam, Mr. Gustavus Timothy MBE JP & VEHICLES JULY-DECEMBER, 1971
is right, dead right, or ..I should Owners an Drivers of oto Vehicles
say alive right. I highly apprec- ae ersby informed that the Licesng
iate good obituaries after people are O ereby informed that the Licerng
die, but what of the deceased? Do Offieer and Examiner o of otor Vehicles
they know? Can they benefit? Those will attend for the purpose of licens-
who are a pattern to us all,often aing and examining Motor Vehicles and
feel that they are not appreciated licants for Licence at the l-
Take another case, different injowing times and places:-
its way: that of Mr.' Jno.Baptiste ROSEAU: From Monday 26th July, 1971
Charles better known as J.B. Let onwards. Monday to friday 9.COam
him read my words and know he is to 1.00 pm and 2.00pm to &.00pm.
respected and appreciated, though each day.
unlike .neglected Mr..Timothy, he PORTSMOUTH: From Monday 26th July to
needs no Govt. pension. J.B. is a Tuesday 27th July, 1971 from
pattern to us. He has led the 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00pm to
way through his work and toil; he ,5.00 pm. each d ay.
achieved success, and right now the MARIGOT: From Wednesday 28th to Fridsy
whole island has benefitted from 50th July. 1971 from 9.0Cmto. 1.00

his work. He did not say "I have f pm. and 200 pm. to 3.00pm. each a:,;
done my share, let others do theirs .
But he worked in a way that many A valid Certificate of Third Party
people bite a bread through him. Insurance must be presented along with
What a pleasure to see so many each motor\ vehicle for examination and
young girls in the Co-operative licensing. No motor vehicle will be
Bank. And to see so many lovely licensed unless, it is covered by Ins-
buildings built from loans borrow- urance at Third Party Risks.
ed from the said Bank' Let us con- Owners and Drivers are hereby advised
gratulate Mr. JB.Charles whilst to Py their motor vehicle and drivers
alive and Obituaries will come later liccnces by the end of July, 1971.
The fact that the Examining Officer
though I wish he would never die, fa that the Exining Offi
but we know death is a must for all.has not examined and certified as t-o
At least he can proudly say,"Thanks the mechanical fitness of a vehicle,
God I have done my duty, and I did is no excuse for failing to pay the
not act selfishly'" required licence duty as the life of
Mr. Premier & Ministers:, what ithe last issued certificate of fitness
can we say about you? Where is your may be extended to such time as the
money invested? How many employees Examining Officer considers necessary,
have you that are not paid ou.t of in accordance with Sections 21 (6)
our taxes,? Are yot only concerned of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic
with private gain of big salaries? egulationso
We can picture how industrious I D.H.PHILBERT,
J.B. was in his young days. He sells Chief of Police & Traffic Cormissioner
land to people,and they get loans I File. No: H/19/15/64
from him.Let us bless him.-Mary B, 8th July, 1971 G.108, 34-1/1

Applications are invited from suitably qualified young men to
fill the vacant post of Pupil Surveyor at the Lands and Surveys Division,
Applicants should possess General Certificate of Education '0'
level passes in at least four subjects, two of which should be Mathematics!
and English.
Successful applicants will be required to undertake the prac-
tical and theoretical courses run by the Division over a period of three
(3) years after which they will be eligible for appointment as Assistant
Surveyor. There is also the possibility of being selected for further full
time training at a recognized institution abroad.
The salary if the poet is within the scale:- D 36-4,i2,160 +120 $2,760w
Applications stating age and qualifications should reach the Permanent
Secretary,Ministry of Agriculture,Lands & Co-OpLratives not later than
10th August, 1971. JOIFRE J. ROBINSON,
ALC 8/224,,Glii. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of gric lt- re Lands and

Pa-e Seven


I__- ~.nn4


race FiEtW

THE -. R

ScehduWe of Apffkcatton for Certlfiat of Title ~nd Notings
zberen and Caveats for week ending: 4 dy of juiy, ;1.]

OSm Reqarted

Person P-esentlng

of Title

of request
a Certificate,
of Notrag
or Cavest-

?Q;atvW dEtta L9 the raJ Prsaate (for. the i=a*n of a
bt ri f4 July. mmifrt (ctf aelte o< 1'E at
l.. biy hyr Solicitor rsc Of a lot of !nd at

..t .... .a aC ca, c- nt-ia 2 8 snq. ft
.boutdedt ol4owt:-
z"a-i-Wart by a Puscle ito ; Nwe*tA.rNa by an Aces Rotahd
thd by a RBvfti: Swaet.West by ta.u f Catsw m DaeEsayt.

...rst 's office, M M L IA SE^RTRAN
au, Domtnka,. 1971 ?egist'ar of Titles.

iTE : Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
.l^catOa of title on the above application may enter a Caveat
the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
appearancee of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
: this State or from the dates when the notice prescribed by
*V was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
d in respect of which the application Is made.

ALL HAVE THos DAYS when we feel more de*d than alive;
but did you know that you could really be dead and still
retain onsciouanmes? Many dead persons walk among us,
th.Inkiirn tiiy are living, and fooling other people into be-
,4 this also. No, 'mn ri talking about voodoaism or black magic,
o. ouhe plain facts of ifc. The person next to you may be dead
: now and neither of you know it. You yourself may be one of
givingg dead" persons and never have had this fact exposed to you.
;; long will you live on this God does not condemn any man
'*? Seventy years. eighty, to eternal separation from IHim-
*:y? Whatever it is, how does self: ran condemns himself when
it look to you in corn- he rejects the provision God has
N..NG parison with all the made to rectaim him from death
y',i: years this earth ex- through the process of rebirth-
i-.teoa isted before you came.c Briefly this is how God's Word
secondss and the thought of tel:s ua this is made possible:
time without end con- When a man is convicted of a
.:~- after you arg gone? desperate lack in hie life and a
:!..,'t vou kick yourself for sense of his own worthlessness, he
-. orf a fool if you woke up may go to God and ask for recon-
S u: phvst"al life was over c liation. But on what ground?
-'riid that you had wanted This is the crux of the who'e mat-
'r:f span on earth and had rer. God pronounced the sentence
-.;: conriciours death to of dea:h upon sinners, but be-
i.i'ri to forever? cauw He ioves us, He tock human
re two d f death: form and nature upon Himself,
e two inds of death- became a man in the person of
rch Involves separa- Jesus Christ, and paid the pen-
-t:r soul from the eboy, alty of our sins by dyinf on the
:r mtual, which is the sGeps- cr Now come to -Me. He says,'
f mars sprit from God's. ,~fessing your sin and our will-
";te first man and woman ineness to accept Christ as your
h- .ir backs on God. they Saiour and I will not Ttilv for-
s..: tin and death into the o a wl n mlv f
c thlemrne!'es and who ,ive- you. but I wll 7ive you a
themselves and all wh a r. I o
S me aft'r te new heart, a new nature, and you
;-;raged from hie Ma er. bi .rn -in The family of
S erently infuo rn ur( n wo re-
i. :.b-es re born crmp!e.tlv fuses to as i r-,#*- thrown
ani unc' v!ized creatures. from shore ~!ie thr-'.ugh his own
.av' to be iorrveced and fault. Go"d :; you a .-tronV
ti their parents for many and sure lifeline. .;rasp it and
r." vou av. "aren't rn al m ready God's children"" l'd like
you a ft'-e copy o*f my iix-oklet. .- 1 .L MA L;'i') S ('ill.-
Sou can secure :t only by wv.itinm to
Printed at the r.vqa f if
'"The rstian Ms sew r" St. Joi

7. iay_ July 3.j.

.-, - i '. .-.
-. .


More car between the wheels

IF Your Man Desn't Drive
A Ford -- Don't Date iHim

Karam's Acme Garage
Cork Street

GovernIeent of Dominica
Treasury Bills
Fifth Issue
The Fifth issuP of Treasury Bills closlj on Wed
nesday X4th July at an average discxunt rate of 1.69
This represents asr average annual interest rate of

T1h total amou-jr tendered stood at S787,,ox.o
agaiint a total amount offered of S4oo0,ooo,00-
Notie of another issue will be published in di.
r:: ., lrse.

F '7 rg9 nd,

Financial Secretary.
July,. 19 i GIo9


I*'P~ e ;

.. .;. 1
h0."^rL- i W
KSU~. 'i'Wt~fS'E

a~~~;zm r~~i

.ets. the J.-.-

Gets the Job

,,.~uw-~-..- ..--

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7Tte First Cred&*: Tikuc; s.r Ar.d

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There WTil Ile Fantastic v Eg..

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YCour L; W: Deped ^A: W^ TkkeC

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In he E"-'n Will Be Grfc: J B

^ .-*'& ^ .*'y g,3?m F- T...^i ^
The -~xd Of

"You Can't tAford To Miss This Grrat Occasion"

The First Of its tidtf

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3-day Athletic Meet 1971. Individuals who have been overseas
Starting tomorrow Roseau will for a number of years experience a
will be able: to see a DASA organised series of frustrations on Zeturning
Ct;i i r+n WPinT 9c Park ann home. Their counterparts who remained


Friday,July 30, 1971

Page Ten.

in Dominica view them with suspicion
STARSPORTS urges readers to go and n Dominica view them with suscion
support to the, fll this effort. On and often downright jealousy.
the success of this depends' the Yet we sometimes hear accusations
chance of Dominica 'showing the flagE' branding our overseas Dominicans as
again in other Caribbean games. In unpatriotic, and I wonder if the cit-
Grenada recently our miniscule team izen who decides to stay and serve in
of three did well, even obtaining a a country abroad is not pursuing the
Gold Medal. Go see for yourselves! wiser course, There is a saying 'What
a prophet ir.without honour in his own
CRCKET Ends Exciting Test country. Most Dominicans who return
The evenly matched first Test at home do so on the strength of promised
Lords between India & England had employment or puffed up statements
to be abandoned as a draw, with India about local prosperity. Almost all of
needing -8 runs for a win and Englaid them come back with some specialised
2 wickets for a win at teatime on training to their credit. Thus the
the last day. England, all-out for talents available should be of magnif-
304 in their first innings were top- icent proportions, and our State shot
-ped by 9, runs painstakingly scored be the better for them. But this cor-
by India (Wadekar 85, Vishwanath 68 respondent interviewed five Dominicans
and Solkar 67): Norman Gifford got who spe nt an average of ten years in
4 wickets for 70. England found the Great Britain and the U.S.A. All these
Indian spin-attack even less to third individuals now view their decision to
liking in the 2nd inningsabeing all take up employment in their homeland
out for 191 (Edrich 62, Boycott 33 as catastrophic' All five have either
and D'Olivie.a 30): ventkat 4/52, resigned or are in process of doing so,
Bedi 2/41 & Chandrasekhar 2/60. What a terrible waste!
SVWhen the Indians went in they The frustration of knowing that
found the spin of Gifford up to their there is a better proven method of do-
own standard and Illingworth in fr"m ing a job, to be told "we always did
so that by tea, they were 145 for 8 it that way", is tantamount to mental
and an exciting finish promised suicide. Most individuals are given a
but the rains came, Gavaskar 53 & high-soundin, post with no correspond-
Engineer 35; Gifford 4/43, Illing- ing authority to go with it.. It is
worth 2/33. 2nd Test Aug. 5. rumoured that a qualified man in a
BOGING: "prestige field" manages, a department
Kid Flite: in Barbados which is only vaguely connected with
his true potential. A hotel manager
DOMINICA'S welterweight cham-pion is may do supermarket work; and in one
now in Barbados; to meet Kid Oawald, establishmen-: it is said that all over-
a contender for the:Barbados crown, seas-train namnagers have resigned in
held by Cassius Clay (the young, one) the pas-t nine montershaveresigned in
who has been twice beaten by Kid
o h been twice beaten by KiA computer centre is going up,but
Flit monday the former CC., I understand there are no formally
Last londay the former Ca C.,& now trained Programmers. I learn that a
Mohammed Aligained a t.ko. over recently returned Dominican a Dip-
his former sparring partner Jiriay recently returned Dominican hao a Dip-
Sa o-n.-Tex a1th:ropund.10ma in Computer Programming, yet no
MADE JEIFER COMFORTABLE sincere effort has.been made to secure
Man pictured between Miss World & this person' services. Why? From the
Mr. Baron (p.1) is Mr. John PilktigOfficial Gazette, I am amused to see
-ton, previously manager of the Ho- that Dominica has a Systems Analyst.
tel Edinburgh,Zarbia, who was res- My Programmer friend thinks it is a
ponsible for catering at the 3rd. typical case of 'the cart before the
Conference of Non-Aligned Countries horse : he never heard of a Systems
attended by heads of 62 lands. Analyst who was not a Programmer.
He has spent 20 years in the hotel OUR GUIDE P tM-r-. i1,i.... lxB. .
indurotry,has terriJ-c diplomas.. o fine accon of te .e di
Qurse will ae. in nlextwe
Pz~~" C,~h4 ~ COOK, omin c W.I.h::4~~iic~ o Ic

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