Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs6 Jane Lowenthal, . -.. -. :
L i b r a r i a n -. .. .. ..
JR.esearch Institute for 50 . .
bthe Study of Man, DO
162 East 78 Street, c: . '..
t ew York 10021, N.Y., | Tcf Cc-ie .7i- -l :. -t""
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Y w o -21, N. y,

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'" I '. ) ' .: c .. }. .; : ." ..

What will the civilized world think of us -- and it must be our
business to let; it know -- when it learns that our Government has taken
the strongest exception to the Roseau municipality naming a thoroughfare
" Street" ? How will Dominicans living in Britain, U.S.A., Canada
and other Caribbean countries -- ouz University students in particular--
feel under the taunts of their non-Dominican friends upon hearing that
the Government of this Associated State regards it a "provocation" to
itself when a Town Council proceeds to change the uninspiring name of a
street from "Queen Mary Street" to "Freedom Street" ? There will be many
of our compatriots living abroad who will for a considerable time feel
that we cannot be serious' when we tell them that a week or so ago, the
Government of Dominica dropped all public business to give its undivided
attention to the "criisi" brought about by the Roseau Town Council's
changing the name of a street. It was therefore, small wonder that when
the House of Assembly met on 8th July, the Government. people were: "at
sea" as regards: the matters before the House: th'.- had earlier spent the
trifling: modicum of mental energy with which they are endowed on the
earth-shaking event of the change of a street name. Persons sent to Gov-
ernment, Headqtarters to survey the scene, during the period of the "crisis"
found the place in a carnival-like atmosphere, with Ministers, huddled
together, wearing facial expressions, of deep worry and confusion, while
their Civil Servants., gathered in small groups, could only barely disguise
their wry smiles. of contempt for this particular priority of their pol-
itical masters and many of whom could not help expressing this feeling
in words.
The Government through its. public relations division, issued frantic
releases accusing the Town Council of adopting a procedure in the re-
naming which denied the Central Government. the opportunity of vetoing
the name chosen. It, stated that the law required that the naming of st&ects
should be done by way of a bye-law subject to the approval of Central
Government. What it did not say, however, is that no one can find any
trace of the naming of the streets of Roseau having been effected by bye-
laws, nor that the previous latest change: was' the re-naming of "New Street'
to "Kennedy- Avenue'" in honour of that great man (.and which public fun-
ction the Government Ministers attended) was done by a simple Resolution,
of the Roseau Town Council. The streets and roads of Portsmouth and of
the villages (including "Oliver Street", named in honour of a son of the
village whom the Village Council consider distingu-ished) have all been
done, by simple decision or Resolution of the competent municipal author-
ity. It is true that the Roseau Town Council law states; that the Council
MAY make bye-laws for street naming, but as is the case with so very many
of its activities, no Town Council has ever chosen to do so.
The Government, therefore, in the initial stages of what it. saw as a
national crisis, deemed the action of the Town Council illegal and said
so in its Press Releaseso This was taken to mean that it. proposed using
Cour-t means to. declare the naming act of the Council ultra vires. But
almost immediately after, no doubt upon belated reflection, the Govern-
ment shifted its proposed course of action and changing its personality
from Government to Party took to the public platform,
At a meeting of the Leblanc Labour rarty, a mere rump called upon the
people attending to sign a distributed petition form addressed tol.- Pemier
asking him. to cause the Council to remove the new name-sign of "Freedom
Street", As, was to be expected, the preamble contained an untrue state-
ment, viz, that the town of Roseau was Labour-orientated since it had
returned Leblanc Party representatives at the General Election held after
the Town Council bye-election which gave the Town Council completely to
the Dominica Freedom Party when the Leblanc Party, noting the mood of the
people of Roseau, decided not to contest. The truth is that the General
Election took place in October and the Tam Council bye-election in Decem--
ber. Why is the Leblanc Party/Government so allergic to truth and to
freedom? In reply to this meeting, the Opposition Party two days
later mounted a far larger and more impressive public meeting at which,
f con o iape iour)

S c_:], .'. D


Fricz.,.. July 23. 1971

Friday J.S 23, 9' TV.. f. _- ..

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*^ ;.o : cr :;a c? b;. e. S'^ -e.T 5 .. date etc th.
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44'5. k 1 /
or t : 0;: x.R::. a;:gy9

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The Si..: .:" .- R ^ .
The Un .Wi So-

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A Sr t~"C~L.

0 E'-4.s .P1 -L, :. ..:.. : .-
4' 4J.'.149' .. .4 X.IT

Sj : e A. Butdr t L* I

,Buying dil all used jute or plastic ba, s in

ood co~.'diio Price oc i... I

.:'I.: _8& 2033.
-..-- -c

Y & 2,03-1.

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WALING' DOVTN "FREEDOM STREET" by Androcles (continued from page two)
by. powerful acclamation, the citizens of Roseau called on the Town
Council to adhere to its re-naming act, despite Leblanc Government/Pty
objection, since the Council acted within its competence.
Let us now come to the. he-art of the- matter: .hat is it all about ?
The onus is on the Leblanc Government/Party to show that there is some-
thing wrong or, as it. prefers to put it, something provovative, in the
naming of a Roseau street 'Freedom Street".
The, Council's view is something like this: there is no concept which
has more captured the imagination of this day and age than that of freedom
Indeed, it was in appreciation of this: that when the local Opposition
Party came to be formed and to choose a name, it chose to call itself
the; "Dominic-a r-a dom Party", iAll over the world -- in U.S.A., Sou-th
Africa, the Communist countries, the countries of the Third World, pat-
riots are proud to suffer and give their lives if- necessary for freedom.
The United Nations has never done: anything more. meaningful than to se.t
out for the whole civilized world a Charter and Declaration of Human
Rights and Freedoms. Everywhere, particularly in the schools and ~riv-
e.sities, young people organize protest demonstrations when freedom is
threatened. Open any newspaper in any language and the likelihood is. that
the word "freedom" will frequently appear on the pages. Even our Con-
stitution, drafted for us. by a pe.oplc acknowledged to be foremost champ-
ions: of their national freedom through the ages., commences thus:
"W1iHEREAS the People of Dominica ...
(a) have affirmed that the State of Dominica is founded
upon principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God,
faith in fundamental human rights, and freedoms ..."
We in Dominica have a patois proverb originating, I suppose, in our early
agricultural history, to the effect that it is -ihose who have cocoa beans
drying out in the sun who keep looking out for the rain. In this proverb
is contained the reason for what appears to be the Leblanc Government/
Party's allergy to the concept of freedom and itq- objection to naming a
thoroughfare: "Freedom Street". It fears and worries that this will bring
t'o and keep before the minds of the people the dastardly attack upon
their freedoms' whi.- ch was made by the present Government. For it was only
one year after we had enjoyed our Constitution rhosoe opening words are
quoted above: that the Leblanc Government/Party launched in its Sed:itiods
and Undesirable Publications Act of 1968, passed despite..the populace's
uproarious objections: in the House of Assembly, an attack against freedom
of expression (particularly newspapers); freedom of association (forming
parties in opposition to Government. -- but this was shown to be so crude
that the provision was withdrawn at the last moment);. protection for the
privacy of home and property (opening of addressed letters, entry of
Police T"by day or night'', with or without, before or after, the issue of
a prohibition order, into the homes of citizens)o
The literate section of the Dominica population has never forgotten
this incident and which to say the truth, is frequently brought to remem-
brance by the Opposition Party. The Leblanc Party in its recent publicat-
ion has recently tried to disclaim the initiative for the detested Sed-
itious and Undesirable Publications Act by stating that such a law alr&dy
existed in 1940 -- wartime- emergency conditions; -- a period when we were
a direct colonial dependency of Great Britain. What an argument for a
Party 1whos9 obvious duty was to repeal it if such a law were found as a
legacy from colonial times instead of -- as all the newspapers of Dom-
inica in their, i'sue of 6th July, 1968, jointly pointed out. -- (a) de-
leting the ameliorating clause setting out the definition of seditious
intent; (b) increasing the definitions of "sedition! from 6 to 11; (c)
the absolute dieration conferred on Government ministerss politicians
-- to suspend or prohibit the publication of any newspaper, and several
others. The Leblanc Pa1rty publication must justify the additional strin-
gent provisions _imposed in peacetime as compared with what our colonial
mansLstrc. considered adequate for wartime. concluded on pae fiv)


_ I I____ __

Friday, July 23, 197

Pag e Four


T.h. T' Q 7 1 THE STA

Walki DDownf Freec1om. St (fr.p,4.) -t
I alimort forgot to mention that Banana Prices
in one of its r;eleaser, the Leblanc Banana G w are.notified that
Banana G~EO;rovs are.n nntafie That
Gve-the Green, Boat Price has drppe hy
position Party -with "a war o attr-s
ition" over .ie Fre.edom Street isue o u s fm
L ove. i V.h effect rfrom 19th July ,'L97...
It is; clear therefore t.aa- the. G-ov- pa-ie. o at
erlr~n* T/rg rbj~ion ah Theppice grCwers at Re-
e rnmnt / a r ty objection to a .e-.
street being named "Preedaom +treetd caption Stations inclusive of the
street being name -treet |: r ITce.nter P;ri-cef f o2-5 per
.i .~ ~ he havinesa of con.-:c'icncc 0 ...
Sth nearviness for on cg o lb, s hold be 3.75o aprc ..b,, Howaver
4he hierarchy for having led an on- "
e i._ :,cordancer wi-'th an airre.n ement
slaught upon. an unsu acting poul- between W N an the Purchasing
action one year after political I-fre ,- t agreu ha ,
dom was confercd. pon it by the Corrany il. e n am t
erstwhile colonial ~asiterse. re C an a
irotan t h o! ['per b on account of contract-
ii-mpoantly, Covernmant,/ParLy r accoui. U.?
fe ers tt each time he na "f-RE al ebts and advaIces on the anaa
dom Street" is read or mentioned, pi ee hs
be-ls wi.1 r ing in the rmincs-of the The ..-ioes ay-.ole 0o grorere l ., a
people, Still these are not reas.c t f-om 'th-t dc-LGe ane unil fu.thc:' er
or the self- .enying actic: of a noltce wuil terefore o as-l f- .n:
pe.ple- fishingg to name a ,treetith, AJt Rccption .ta.ions ,
a name mu ch acclaSimed. i the. E xuyi7 .coint. 2.7/
70o:.'.l of today and so redolent of rovers, ... ..a.L r ..- n-
I eoav'Ae Bon.n a ii rB=c:s i
hope and ac-ifi-e for better and ceni Boa wl an
h p 4 !Da c .. . J .. o n a 5 d -q' -
nh ppi.r da Cs r an. ~ in.. n.-o -I sho l -b, t.
in a Ietter dated ,14th u Shoul notd that thi~,
faml tGe b oarnmnT./Partv aeoE crease in -t G n .Market -Pice is
to their Maycr- of Ro.'.ea f,. ane0 -o th.:bnd.Oe of r.ct fruit
this. statementt: "Th name r.:. ,,,. in the U.I .-:3 wel., as larc.e .iport
S-t.ret" ,. n -- f e o I action by --: c- o Iv"ory- Coas-. and
t .ree-rO o o c .. -a n i.. cc^..I.... ac.r C. 0 ul"in. ani banT:p; ae
mesnin, in Dominiica ." I a com-. na
ing in for the Aor OY
Have a prolonged look at th, 19thh July .1i71 Gene ral T.L'rrS
term "Freedom Stree't", Th. ooerrlvatni_2.:./.1 ____
word is; not "Street for thi. word BELI Tr y
or a substitute. for it. w, 1 1 e Io1d McPheio:n .ihn,. oorii.ill.
in the. name given uo any tio:-ouln- La Bel.e Th--'tre E pr r1
fare. The. operati-;,: eord. I:st be goo. -- the > of sh': tht sho
a -freedom17go and ,.o-* h -, shbyi,, thO-vt _nou].d.
"freedom, and- so y its- o.'n a"mis- be popular Dominicans, i,.etead of
sion and as. it see. and wishes .-i, patronising the shows- ea-ring frr-
the Governm snt/Party remains of -he e i artist ho -ot o rfeachu g more
L- -- ei artist,- oc t -;:h u h money-.
opinion hat freedo- m ,as no .sig ....c s:upct thei -local talenu .
ian encourage i, A fine efrmfort,i end. con.
e,- B f'beyi'ar A- f ine C. C;on-
OTER TO' BE by Paula y Er?- .fraul.tion. for the unique shnw,
?M O BE bq- au. .
Lcubiere ere is jn .ppo-.:;niy I; s c .-.oin ed... thou'.h (.i L, -
for? many of you.u readers who may b-;cem 1 .- h hey .'-:
xpectiJng a child in the Lne; few '.i dan ..o.:.nican co :-ined, ana'.
months to make delivery c pore r mst o th I i:- ance re t.au1ght y.
a richer, more Dominican mothers-. in cc "mmonjih- -" .aLcL, -:.L ;-.rou i.p l :.inidcia-st
mothers all over -the orid, now dav' Ping that tie other dance leaders,
a chance to learn h"o, c r lax, to k1. C ,c -i ..-'se: ... . -r:,- r ,- .. ..c
br-athe and to exercise their mis- ,'o't 'us down n t"he sea way;'
holes in order to b fitter ein tpD re-L 0o '. ow was oif a very
nancy,, better prepa-red for t.eli-zv- r2gh sa arc. o aair ongratlat-i
ery and better abi o : ;; ,o u-irn to iCoe, .. c' C,-.' .-, ew. -
normal shape aft. r"a..rd. i.. e.n-r- .'74 :,-.bers or the LIa .nif-cts:rs'
fits. of ant --J2ata.. c-: .., no .sOcOiation ;e to note t-1 t".t tha same
long setaoj.ishc. and meic.:LC" .-. *n-bo-ir -284 i- U. u .d -i-- ....
recognised in -rop6,2 er a and ,-.; .. .a .,..
re. m -O~ ii, e@d. i n- I~JO '~,--, ,. . " --."" .- . ,i ..
eiseers, hav been roht to Ofit aymen i. Juy a to ..epon
Dc.minica by Th .rsi2.g .pDerin- Green, 1st to receive 2a retr;m-ent .u
tenC.e.iissA0 r.( fom r. _Te war> at OaTble & WireA.les(VI)Ltd,
I -S-7? i''el j~~tze._ i ?_l S A .t',; : 7 o _i hFel ,, Tn r ,- ].: a-+ B ,ri q.rc?/ ,. .... "d

Paae Five

T;m; i~ rt~t+ fiC)'I~


r - .ne'.. .. .ss .----I tc-- '-l- '-ni

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A Ford -- Do)'o Date iaz

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Cr-k Street

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~;-:u~?'~'~Tn-L~~;~!ms~3~ii~n~R~iT-=~7~ `



~i s~rrr~xrrr- ~auu-wl~lw~zPu-~..,c-rrri~---.ali,--- ..,,,,l~,~-ri .IZSIS~



" -- U.C..y u A _j_,..y __._ -u.-._ _ __ --_-- .... ..... .... -,- -

Applications are invited from suitable persons (male) for enlistment
as Police Constables; in the Marine Branch of the Royal Dominica PolicePorze,
2. Enlistrment will be on two years probation, during which period sel-
cted applicants will receive, training in this' particular field and
later on be- required to undergo a six months Initial Training Course at
the Police Training, School., Morne bruce.
3. The following qualifications are re.qaired:-
(a) Age- between 1.8 and 30 years.
Mb) Minimum Height 5ft. 8 in,
(e) Chest me:asureK~ent 34 inches.
(d) Minimum Weight 140 lb, 1
(e) Education Secondary education or Primary School Leaving.
(f) Ability to .swim and previous- experience at sea will be; an advantage,
4, Successful candidates will be required to undergo a Medical Examinatio:
5. Salary attached to the. post is i' 80, X.3400 x 180 $3500, During
initial training the rm-cruit will receive L50 a month,,/
6. Lodgin.g Allowance of '300.00 per annum will be polid to married corstalleso
..TT. /, /r . -... /, D.H, PIIILEERT

File No: H19/15/64,, 0.101, 11-2/2
Date: 28tt Jpre, 1971

Sr i- -I-_- -^- ---- --.-I-- 1

Applications. are invited from suitable persons for e-nlistment as Police
Constables in the. Tele.:oamunication Service of the Royal Dominica Poices ?orce
2,. Enlistment will be on two years: probation, during which period sclect-
ed applicants, will be trained in this. particular fiald and may later be
required to undergo a six months Initial Training Course at the Police
Training School, Morne trucel,
3. The following qualifications are re quired --
(a) Age between 18 and 30 years.
(b) Minimum Height. 5ft. Sin,
) Chest measurement 34 inches
(3) -.Iini.,: V- Weight 140 lb.
(c) Edu cation Applicant must have. passes in G.C.E. at '0 level in
English Language & Mathathematics. Equivalent qualifications will
be considered.
4. Successful candidates will be rocu.ired to undergo a Medical Examinationr-,
5. Salary attached to the post is in the scale $2,28O0,2400 x 180 $3500,
Sbut during, initial traiinng wiill be .1i'0.00 a month'.
S6. Lodging AllJwance of 60,.00per annum will be paid to married constables,

Pile No :h19/15/64, 1O02, 10-2/2 DoE PHILBERT

SIt is notified for general information that a supply of BLUE POAM WRAP
PERS has: been imported for the exclusive use of this Association at its
Buying Points and Collection Unita These Blue. Poam Wrappers will not be
sold or otherwise made available to banana producers or any other persons,
Any person found in possession of such BLUE _OAM 0 RAPPERS who is unable
to afford a satisfa :iry reason for the possession of the. same shall be
14th July, 1971. General 'Manager


T~~7,r O'j: llCi~71

Page Migh THE S T AR Friday, 25 rd July 1971
MI5 WORLD O GR A M ME The mini blackout last Thursday
FOR He T._ night may have been a boon to some
Monday_ Jul_ 26: Miss World lands individuals. It has.been reported
at aporox ,.0D pm, met by severalby some quarters that the blackout
notables Govto Repj, Chairman which affect-:.d the east coast of the
of Tourist Board P, FA.Baron, Miss USA some years ago produced quite a
Carifta, the Airport Manager the few babies- So it would be natural
Manager LTI'T~ Carib_ Chief Fran- if ,Roseau and its had a sim-
-, '-,S Go Nassief (who already ilar crop' i can just see the peopl-
designed some of Miss W'rld' with. nothing to do examining -every
loveliest d.reses:), Bro.Estrada, young lady a few months from now for'
and her Chapercne Miss Ciina itell-tale si.p;ns of impending mother--
DupignTy, Then the long drive to hood.
nEd as though to remind Good.-
Roseau, over the bridge at last l dents tha -they ouldno
and. along Fruedon Stieet- heang .ywill residei-ts that they shouldn'It
and along Freedom Street heading .
o N Town and th issro be so smug, +he waer supply wasin-
for Ne-:,, Town hnd uS Bissro
Hotel where she wi~ll stayo At terrupted from Fridiayr afternoon to
Hotel where she will stay. Ao+ 1) d1-to reason.
7 Sai;urday pmo don't k.ow the reason:
7-9 pm Mayor Scobie will give a
I don't particularly care any more,
small reception in her honour. ut it' nic to know that the ay
.Tuesday July 27h-h. 9,30-11 a.m But t 's nice to know that the Zip
ue oeae. ah 9the3 Ocaria bottles whicIh are always kept filled
/motorcade along the carnivall
Rout"'of Po~iau will attract up came in h.indy.
big c.towds. f .1..-1.00 sight- Since my e:pose on the credit sit-
.~n .. .i,-h -.,i.t .bOard ar. d nation, the people who gave me the
1.-S dinks and lunch at Castaways, facts reported a rush by certain
1From 3.50.-4 pm Miss World will individuals to pay up. What-s that
about if the shoe f.ts?
try on some of the lovely gowns o f the shoe f
she will wear at the Arawa Show I Folks who live on the fringes of
on Weds, at 830 The to Roseau don't particularly care if you
on Weds. at 8,o50 -r im Then to -
a Government Hou- cocktail partyidance in a local hall or prefer to
escorted by ,arti Blanc. spend the evening in the bushes of
returning to the Sisserou / nearby estates; but- some people get
8,.A5 for its off icial opening. annoyed when their private driveways
8..,4,5 for its OTficial Opening.-
Then Miss World's 'local fans will or garage entrances are used for
such ro.asti..c, escape.dses, IT.-t s in
have an: opportunity to ande d such romt. esca-o1'es- Tt 3. in
dance with~ her: after tne opening Il opinion noying and downright
:-dnerY Juyv 28- Since "Cousin disrespectful. Not only do you caur..
Jeny' R loves chl.:ien c:: : .r.omoe of neighbourboo6l. ,s to create a rac ,
you remember hier sweet voice r:ead- ut you am. causing children who liv-
ing to the kids ove: WIBES not so tin those Veas to view a beautiful
long ago? she will visit. the sci aspect of life as sordid and dirty,
children at Princess Margaret Hosp., Vhy not flad somew-here more private
with the Lions. At 10 she has to for your afa rs?
waork on a Coconut Products Advtopro-j ihe RaXwy Beach is a mess. It
gramme, for her spTonsors here are would Ss th.t is no age ncy
DI.AL Soap. A li-t-le free time -be- deigned t c.:: any cleaning up, With
teenn 11,-50-1 1:m then -luncheon at ;all' the bug i.ning- Roseaius streets,
the Sis.rou Ho bel (press and radio there aould be no labour problem.
said to be in attendance) o Anoher Or if *io people may wince at the
-aest ttek 'e hor), -an.d that eve- idea Of forced labour, H.M., Prison
ning the grand. cli.max pictured in can sply the work force. All it
our supplemen-: "-a 1voninig with i. - tiake; i noW more than ten men (or
World" fashion show, with our woame) wi:1 rakes. The job could be
Beauty Quee, Althea and I conleted in half a day. Somebody
other lovely YDominica girls also who s it a position o helpplea
modelling specially designed clothesL get th bA.l moving a4d clean up a
Then it's farewell" to Cousi.n Jennifer Dea h whiae is very popular, Moon-
Suntil nex-t timro light pianickers should be in the
,- i ,tti__._ ....______ IJ forefrna ;< **
BACK IN CIR..UL.:TN. ParLry Beliot, ,And hearty welcome back to
home with fresh :_ieas for ihe family! Dominija gr our ovr Dr. Conrad.
firms, looking alert & successful., S~iil t~cd. andd his family:,

...,A S -,-a ..-aaww.. a. ,-.., ,na.w ,w -. .a a. ..- ,..a .. ..aa -w.a ,

5': F .*: E ^. e .t d

;a" .--> .- ^- *..* ** V^ -. -' '- .i *-. 2rr..&

99 r *F~

Ch --IL
*kf~lcl. N~.;

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"-" 9: "; ', . p. <-.
... ., .*. .. ,,,
*'-. "* *' ;. J ji-'*J-'._ ; ** .1 .-',

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'L -a' --#'tfl
'%A .* a.aW

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F. '. C'~ e~?kp:FTrh ~ A~
'***I' .~ '~ "; "~ *!*'f .* ^ ^.t;> ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

^'y^ 1: g"i '

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t1- ;Y. "s
, --.

j-4C L
t~ c -a1. L~~
IXr 'ia~8a4'~8-.. :

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.1*s ~

3n Th f ?T. <.ma Will Be Gar l 0:rr-Y^<;;**l "--


"1 CIo AWord To .k T :r.t ,c.n"

:?f RT f its KG !

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Lq__(_UI___YI__LI____- i

glr~L, a
- .7'" jR'-~ ~a~~ r h" 6-;;
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,;' ~4?

--..~1,~1~....~-..~~. .-. __-~-~L.--...^ .-_.. c_.._.~_._,_

Page~I Te TH TRFia, uy2,17

*S*T*A5R*gP*O*i0::R*T*S.g -
Football Dyin. In Dominica ?
After several postponements DASA
has, fixed the Football Season start
for August 15. To date only 6 clubs
have. registered, another week to go
before it is too late. Why $his
sudden lack of interest with the
Popham Cup due to be. played here
this year? Also the: Sports Associa-
tion is trying to reorganize the
Cup Winners Cup and have it here
next month. Another :interesting ;me
is for a Northern Football League
of State Teams from St. Martin, n#-
igua, St. Kitts and Dominica, All.
these things. should encourage our
footballers to get
soon as possible, reform their clubs
and start tra.ining-
India v. England at Lords
England made a. poor start against
the now famous spin attack on Thur-
sday, losing, 4. for 65 by lunch, but
a stand between Knott and fast. bow-
ler John Snow brought the score to
252 at stumps (Knott, 6) and this
morning Snow had made his highest
ever Tes.t Score 7 and taken a
wicket in his second over: England
is. in a fair position with 304 all-
Watching the game was the State
Teams Manager, Royston Ellis of
Emerald Hillside Estate, as a guest
of MCC Secretary Billy Griffith, HIe
(Ellis) will present MCC with an
EoHoE, Shield and hopes for some
good advice and ideas for improving
cricket in Dominica (How about nets-
and catching frames as village team
prizes, Mr. Ellis Ed,): he expects
to be back by the end of Augucto

DAWU announced on Friday (today) that
this dispute & strike over non-paymrnt
of back pay is settled and that the
workers will receive $3,400 from CDC.
* DTU notes Khe return home of Mr.
Cecil Cuffy from a course in Grenada
sponsored by CCL and a W.German firm.
30 W.I. Unionists attended this useful
seminar,which will be repeated in St.
refresher course from 18-23 July,and
Dominicans Colivacce (Soufriere), V.
Anrmny (Trafalgar) & E. Daniel of
Portsmouth attended in St.Vincentvwith
several Windward Islanders.* Details
of CSCF Golden Jubilee (50 years of
aid to underprivileged children)will
be given next issue, Portsmouth will
have a week-long celebration from
8-14 August, (Day Nursery), Flower day
for Roseau.tco is being planned.
Spacelack prevents us. from printing
a complete list of the 19 talented
young prizes r in the UWi show.
The Grand Prize was, awarded to Lenard
Lewis of WesLey Govt. School, Bravo,-All
MOTHERS TO BE (fr. page 5)
These ante-natal classes are now
held weekly for one hour (at 5 p.m,
on Mondays) /t the Roseau Health
Centre in Bath Road (by the junction
with Hillsborough St,) The best time
to enrol is at 5 months of pregnancy,
though one m.y join later or a little
earlier. The cost of the whole course
is only $10.00 less than 50 cents
a lesson, and an easy-to-follow book-
let is available at .l00, to make
home practice easier. Mothers are
asked to bring a large bath towel to
lie on. Those interested should con-
S4 "AMi TV + her --P n ffin t -

CRICKET again Close of play: INDIA; Ministry of '..I, & Health, or come dir-
179 for 5. ect to a class. As a member of the
THE BATTLE OF FREEDOM STREET *s-:* class myself, I find the exercises
We shall publish in full next week refreshing & invigorating, not at all
the latest shot in this battle a difficult to learn or practise. As
statement by RTC. At its Meeting of confinement draws nearer it is very
21st July, a letter from the Sec.oto reassuring to know how your body
the Cabinet was read which said"The will work and how you can help it to
name 'Freedom Stcret'has no signif- be more efficient, also to discuss
icance or meaning in Dominica;"and diet etc. wi-h the Nurse,& other ex-
said Central Govtasked Council to ipectant mothers Past members have
adhere to "proper procedures laid:... found their training very useful. I
down by law". Council unanimously hope many re-~i.ers will want to take
decided to reply that it had acted advantage ol this excellent opportSatev
on the wishes of che citizens of Yours sincerely, Paula Mayer(Mr)
Rosee'ard i.s not rearedd to repen Lo;iere Dominica
Printed & Published by the Proprietor, Robert E0 Allfrey of Copt Hall
Mill House at 26 Bath Road Roseau, Dominica, The West Indies,

Friday, July 2S, 1971


Page Ten

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'` C.
.i ~-.

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Supemn i THE ST RFiaJuy2,91


N' 0 T T .,_C
CAP. 314 ___
In accordance with the provision
of subsection (2) of Section 3 of
the Aid to Pioneer Industries Ord-
inance, Cap. 314, notice is hereby
given that subject to the consider-
-ation of any objection which maybe
made pursuant to this notice, the
Governor proposes by Order, in the
Form set out in the Schedule hereto,
to declare that manufacture of steel
fabricating units be a pioneer in-
dustry and steel fabricating units
when manufactured by the said in-
dustry to be a pioneer product of
that Industry.
2. Any person who wishes to object
to the making of an Order in the
form set out in the Schedule there-
to, is required to give notice in
writing of his objection, and of
the grounds on which he relies in
support thereof to the Secretary to
the Cabinet, on or before the 2 rid
day of August,1971,,
Secretary to the Cabinet.

Doctors from Canada come and go,
and we sometimes hear of them, and
sometimes we do not, but one who
has been here for two months is Dr.
C. Devadason. He has been living
in the Hospital compound, and has
made a valuable contribution to the
medical activity of the town. We
hope he will one day be able to
return to Dominica with his family,
and stay for a longer time, having
returned to Canada on July 20th,
A great bit THANK YOU for the
work done hcre, P.W.
Dominica is a nice country,where.
you can find a lot of birds. The
sound of the water is so wonderful:
People are kind and welcoming.Every-
body must bo happy in this island.
At night the sunset is beautiful
like the paradise,
The Tourists come to Dominica
only for holidays why? Because I
think Dominica is not a place to
work in.
In a, word, Dominica is a wonderful
little greeV girl. C- o


0- OF 1971---

O R D E R.
Made by the Governor under Subsection (1) of Section a of the
Aid to Pioneer Industries Ordinance (a). (Gazetted

1. This Order may be cited as
2, The Establishment, Maintenance and Operation in the c
State of a plant for welding and fabricating steel Declarationj
units is hereby .declared a pioneer product c>: that of
industry. Pioneer
Made by the Governor this of 1971. industry.
M.P. T.7/127
G.106 l,530-1/__ _Sace.__ cLeetary to the Cabinet-,
Two Verses of a tribute to Miss ADINA BIR;I,.HAM, who passed away- 6.'771
ohlo paasedi away~3 6.',il

No, not death, not humble death,
Could close your eyes, cease your breath
And as each earthly moment comes & goes,
Believe me,'tis God who calls thee to
Amid myriads of joyful hosts
Whose souls, in a celestial paradise,
Rejoice in the blins of perpetual
In church, in retreats, and Holy Masses:
I weep as I once more suffer the inev-
it-able "Dust to dust, ashes to ashes!"

Yet for thee especially,there.
1o is a lustrous hope;
For cweat and serene death is
just the beginning
Of a glorious lifeso far and yet
so nigh....
Ah what c'clig ht in life's. Holy
Temple to live and die:
Adieu, adieu Oh Adina, Miss,..
Rest th u in solemn love and
-----_ Luke B.

Supplement ii


Friday, July 23,1971 -


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