Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Page Two T H E S TAR Friday, July 16, ~1 L

Today I want to write about certain categories of our citizens
which a heartless Government persists in ignoring despite its propa-
gandistic claims that its interest is the small man. The people of
Dominica have learned by now that this is merely a ruse to catch their
votes, Despite, too, its boasts that the Treasury is replete with funds
("Dominica never had it so good" ; "The biggest Budget ever")' Again,
the neglect is despite the fact that the plight of the categories of
persons to be here discussed has so frequently been brought in public
I was shocked recently to find upon enquiry that the Government stiA4
maintains and pays $1 per person as the basic weekly allowance to those
on the Poor Relief rolls. I find that this does violence to human Con-
science. Time and again this particular unconscionable policy has been
denounced in this column as an outrage against the poor because the sum
of $1 does not today suffice for one meal for the average person. How can
one expect the sum to provide subsistence for a week? This is an act
crying to Heaven for vengeance. (*)
At the time when the current Budget was presented (or was it in the
Throne Speech?), the Government gave the categorical assurance to the
Opposition that the basic rate of public assistance would immediately be
revised upward. From the information I have, this has not been done. In
the interval, though, we have seen the construction of numerous Police
fortresses put in hand, to name only one favourite direction of Labour
Government expenditure. During the same period, too, extravagant pensions
have been recommended for themselves by Government Ministers, a step
which in neighboring St. Lucia provoked hostile anti-Government demon-.
strations resulting in a similar proposal being hastily withdrawn.
We are-hearing and reading a lot nowadays about the part that
Christians and the Christian Churches should play in protesting against
such outrages and iniquities. I suggest that this particular matter be
taken up by them. I have done my share, without success. At the same time,
let me remind those persons who believe in organised public protests of
what our recent distinguished visitor, Mr. Jan Carew, told us : that it
is inconsistent almost irrelevant to protest against corresponding
events occurring far away from us, while ignoring those wrong things
taking place under our very noses.
Let me report the plight of another category of unfortunate citizens
of Dominica. A friend who has recently visited the Mental Home has been
telling me of the revolting and indescribable conditions existing in that
institution. Taling in the context of the $10,000 "refund" handout Gover*-
ment recently made, my friend felt that this sum spent on improving the
lot of those unhappy people would have made a great difference to their
welfare and the prospect of their eventual recovery. It was undoubtedly
something like that that the Parliamentary Leader of the Opposition had
in mind when at the recent House of Assembly meeting he a man of small
means urged that the members of the House subscribe from their salaries
as assemblymen the $1,000 proposed by the Government to be subscribed to
the Freedom Fighters of South Africa and that the $1,000 proposed out of
state funds be used to correct some striking public evil. Almost need-
less to say,the Ministers turned this down.
In defending itself against the charge of neglecting the inmates of
the Mental Home, it will not be enough for the Government to state that
Dr. Royer has been sent to study with a view to assuming duties in charge
of treatment at the institution at some future date. This will not ab-
solve it from the state of nakedness in whiqh some of the inmates roam
about the compound now or sit in the cramped and insanitary space in
which some cases are confined. concludedd on page four)
(*)EDITORlS NOTE; aince the above paragraph went into print, Androcles,
viith his- usual, -ru I ulslc a stgphp .o. t5t1 rcnty the sum
Was incrcaac 4 f3or I ~ asacY) o l2 Ra cTti nywug

Friday, July 16th,- 1971 T H E S T A R Page Three
A modern outlook pervades the publi- I have heard through a friend who
city surrounding the Royal family. !listened to a Leblanc meeting that
Princess Anne was operated upon las the.Minister of Finance had the nerve
week for removal of an inflamed and cheek to say that Mrs. Allfrey my
ovarian cyst. She is recovering. adopted mother was a great white angel
*A few yeats ago ailments of the Royt-tying to impress the people when she
al family were as shrouded as accid-was only a hypocrite, going further to
ents occurring to petty Premiers in say that Mrs. Allfrey had only adopted
Commonwealth lands. SB-nilarly,Lord JCaribs for their light colour and be-
Snowden, commoner husband of the Icause they have straight hair, and
Queen's sister, \4ho is as capable that Mrs. A. didn't let Negroes into
as any undereducated Dominican of her house.
puffing smoke into a monarch's face This should know that\ Mrs.
got much healthy publicity for his jAllfrey adopted a Negro daughter from
curious behaviour at a society JLaudat first and also that she has two
dance. ______ of her own children, one in England an:
PLANS FOR MISS WORLD'S VISIT the other in Africa, Furthermore this
who-tried to show his exauisitc
Jennifer Hosten s stay in this ate manner on the platform should pull up
is sponsored by Dial Soap local his socks and start to think if rac-
representative Dominica Coconut ialism must come into his talk on the
Products Ltd.; and Mrs Gilea Nas- platform to attract his black brothers,
sief will play a leading a ole in he himself is not black but is called
her reception. Chairman of the lo- a mulatto. My mongolian brothers and
cal planning committee is Miss WQfla sisters will be of importance some day
Pupigny. VIPs, including our own in Domiiica,
charming Beauty 1ueenwill meet the Another point I must stress is that
world's glamour g~rl at the airportOin the Allfrey family there are three
A Mayor's reception at Sisserou -races: black, white and Cari. If any
tel (26th July), a mo-,icaae on theb I -
Sde on the body must criticise my parents let
following day .(Tes',o th), unch atith a good true topic
Forti-Young (Business people), Gov them cr.icise h a good tre topic
one thing I know isthat no 0ne
cocktail party, Sisserou Hotel off- hold believe Iinisers ho say and
icial opening & dinner dance ...allshould believe Ministers ho y and
in one day, with a short time for spread lies, DAVID B. ALLFREY,
sight-seeing. Next day, Weds.28th, Copt Hall,
the sick children at E,MH will have
the pleasure of seeing Miss World, UI J RGRTTE D EPART.RES
Then there will be her advertising Leaving Dominica tomorrow (17th) are
engagements, and a luncheon at the rs Althea Elwin and her'son Freddie.
astaways Hotel. While th at night The members of the Anglican Church will
there will be a lavish fashion sho miss them both, as they have been act-
athere will be a lavish f ashion sho ive members of St. George's Church for
at the Arawak with M~iss World as Imany years Mrs. Elwin 's love for the
star 'model wearing costumes designany yr h has be Elwhin love for the
ed by rs. Nassief.urch has been shown in the dedicated
leave for St. Lucia on Thurs. 29th. service she has given to the Church in
It is hoped that most of us will atlso many different ways. She was a valc-C
least catch a glimpse of her. member of the Church Council & the St.
least catch a g e of George's Friendly Society; and not only
EGG- & POULTRY FARMERS ASSOCIATION interested in the clerical side of the
state that consumers are unable t'Church's business but always to be found
obtain fresh killed chicken at fa-1usy at Bazaar and Party times making-
ourite grocers & restaurants.Theritea and cakes, seeing that things went
are supplies of whole chicken, bu1well behind the scenes. We pray God
orders are not always placed by relshe may have'a safe trip and be happy
tailers & restaurant owners.Govt, ,in, her new home in the United States.
has restricted imports of chicken Not only the Methodist Congregation
& wishes to encourage greater con will miss the Reva. and Mrs. Geoffre
gumption of locally produced birdordon and their two children. Other
in order to receive regular supp- ki Gord on'i. Others,
lies, orders must be placed well .wi remember Mr. Gordon's cor.rten -
iesn advancers ADmdESS wel anners even under frustrating circum-
0no 18 Rose St.(Tel 27Secretary, stances. His co-operation with the other
oult 18 Rose St,(Tel 2St.el9) or 686o denominations i greatly appreciated,
Foultry Mart,Old St ., Sel 2686 Pa 1)

Page Four

Attendants, despite heroic efforts and undoubted devotion, are fighting
against odds which reasonable Government expenditure could so easily cor-
rect. It is for such humanitarian services, not to provide for the wives
of Ministers, that citizens gladly pay their atsaes.
Then there is the classic, vicious and persistent neglect of the
problem of juveniles needing care and protection, Again, despite the oft-
expressed concern of the public about the sad plight of scores of deprived
young persons unable yet to help themselves, experiencing miseries and
hardships of all kinds and steadily drifting towards a life of crime,this
Government does nothing but play politics with the lives of these junior
citizens of Dominica. Do we not well recall how last September and on the
eve of the then impending General Election this Government gave consider-
able publicity to a bogus scheme for establishing a Home for these young
persons at Mount St. Mary's a mirage purposely put out, never started and
no longer discussed today, while a Minister of Government occupies the
premises which we were led to believe would be occupied by the boys? Again
I recall the words of Jan Carew and ask our protesters why they reserve
their protests for the corresponding situations of Chesterton's "very
urgent challenges to very distant enemies", leaving protest-worthy events
under their very noses unprotested.. After all, "Dominicans never had it so
good" and ours is currently "the biggest Budget.ever"I
Another vulnerable group, prostrate and helpless under the heels of
our political masters, is toe"'Mtes of the Dominica Infirmary. Not long
ago I wrote on this topic showing how in this day and age oftourly increas-
ing prices the Government provision for the maintenance of the Infirmary
was actually diverted to well-deserved and fully-.arned upping of the wages
pf the attendants, even as Hospital authorities continue to augment the
numbers of inmates with incurables occupying badly-needed hospital beds.
Readers will by now note that there is one common denominator among
all ,these unfortunate groups. It is that as voters they are not statis-
tically important Because of old age, tender age, or-aberration of
mind, these unhappy groups do not attract the attention of the present
Government as persons who never or seldom worked for Government do at
bonus times preceding General Election. Again I state that the Government
attitude in this matter cries to high Heaven for vengeance. It is the
same spirit which denies a Gov(p'pnainfin his old age to Mr. Gustavus Tim-
thyl, M.B.E., J.P., who has spent his long life working for the welfare
and advancement of one area of Dominica, but which provides pensions for
.the widows of members of the House of Assembly even though, in most cases,
their deceased husbands were patently incapable of making any contribution
whatsoever in their capacity as legislators,
As I listened to the House of.Assembly meeting on Thursday 8th July,
the overriding impression I gained from attendance was the all-nervading
inefficiency of the Government. The speeches of the Ministers reflected it.
The presentation of draft legislation gave evidence of it. Withal, there
was an overtone of mental dishonesty. Let me give examples;
Both the Premier and Patrick John most deliberately spoke on the
Market bill as though the Opposition had opposed the establishment of the
new Roseau Market, whereas the fact is that every Opposition speaker pre-
faced his remarks on the topic .ith the statement that the market was most I
welcome and here at long last. For it was the Opposition which, commencing
with its campaign for the Roseau Town Council El:ection of 1968, built up
public pressure for a new market for Roseau even. vhile the Labour Govern-
ment/Town Council -of that time defended the ineanitary condition then
prevailing in the selling of foods like vegetables and fruits on the bare
floor of the str e.ets surrounding the Dawb-iney Market. The printed evid-
ence is available to all.
The inefficiency of the Government benches was evidenced in the fact
that a few days after its ussue of the draft legislation on the Roseau
Market and following a public meeting of the OIposition Party at which
several of the Ministers listened no less th-an amendments to the draft
were offered by the Government. (Ccncius ion on next page 5)


Friday, July 16, 1971

?iciday, July 16, 1971 T HE S T A R Page Fiv
ANDROCLES (fr. pages 2 & 4) Application For Enlistment as Con-
-hese embodied the improvements and stables in the Marine Branch of the
correctionss advanced at the public ROYAL DOMINICA POLICE -3RC
.eeting even before the debate corn- Applications are invited from suitable
rienced, while others were done at persons (male) for enlistment as Pol-
the meeting on the guidance of the ice Constables in the Marine Branch
position, e G f of the Royal Dominica Police Force.
egain, the Government failed to 2. Enlistment will be on two years
see -he point made by the Opposition probation, during which period sel-
memoers that in Gcr.ernment's finan- ected applicants will receive train-
ca requests, some sum must be ing in this particular field and
sed and that open blanket app- may later on be required to undergo
,cval for unstated sums is improper. a six month Initial Training Course
Despite this, the Government bull- at he Police Training Chool, Morne
:ozed by its -sheer weight of numbers Bruce,
gus- such a financial Bill,claiming 3. The following qualifications are
:hat the Opposition's objectionmust required:-
be based on resistance to Govern- a) Age between 18 & 0 years.
ment's plan for welfare of thepeople (b) Minimum height 5ft.8 in.
and at the same time inventing apoc- c Chest measuraient- 34 inches.
ry-phal stories about members of the d Minimum weight 140 lb.
Parliamentary Opposition. (c Education Secondary education
So, too, was the Government's or Primary School Leaving Cert-
attitude towards amendment to legis- ificate.
legislation. It saw no merit in giv- (f) Ability to swim and previous
ing such proper consideration to the a n
experience at sea will be an
-ontent of d~aft legislation as to advantage.
obviate the necessity of early and Successful candidates will be
frequent amending of legislation required to undergo a Medical Exam-
r -ecen;ly passed. Said one Minis- nation,
ter: "We amend as we go on". He saw 5. Salary attached to the post is
no need for forethought to anticip- o2280,$2400 x 180 $3300. During
ate contingencies. initial training the recruit will
A further examp-e was the reply receive "150o00 a month.
-o ,he Parlieamentar7 Question which 6, Lodging Allowance of' 560.00 per
sought "a list of all lands acquired annum will be paid to married cons-
by Government" during the past 12 tables.
months. To avoid answering this erm- D.H. PHILBERT
oarrassing Question, the reply stated CHIEF OF POLICE
that "lands acquired is taken to File No: H19/15/64
mean lands compulsorily acquired un- Date 38th June 1971
der the Land Acquisition Act".Doe" G.101. 11-1/2
'"acquire" connotate only compulsion?
What of the large areas of land JAYCETTES WEEK' PROGRAMME
bought by Government by private Sunday July 18 Stud. Day
treaty? Why is information on this Mon. July 19 8.30 pm. Jaycees'
hidden from the public? office Panel talks on Birth Con-
The Government Ministers (the trol by a Doctor, a Priest, an un-
Premier excepted) seemed quite un- married girl and a married woman.
acquainted with the Standing Rules Tues. July 20 8.50 pm Film Show at
of the House Mi-.Armour in partic- Goodwill Jun.High School(silver coll.)
ular.So the whole process and pro- Weds. July 21- Operation acelift.
cedure went jogging along creakily Sat. July 21 Botanic Gdns Cricket
and, with it, the welfare and devel- match Jaycettes vs a combined team,
opment of Dominica in a form which, MARTIRIQUE 3STU1DEINTS O"~N Sa
in another context, may well be A splendid collection of art ahd photo-
termed a limping standard a kind graphy by the students of Ste.Marie
of j Snbe .de bois:. College, Martinique, ;will be shown at
Fort de France MUSEUM. A pity th&
show cannot be exhibited in Dominica later. But why not? students
also produce a skilled & interesting magazine "LA PIE".

Page Six

Dominica's young marriages are on Dear Madam,
the rocks. There is so much infidel- Presently there is almost
ity going on that any young couple more politics in the air than at el-
contemplating .taking the step should section time. At the LeBlanc Labour
seriously consider the possibilities. Party meeting held last Saturday
When you look around and see the night it was evident to thinking
unfaithfulness going on, the thought people that the speakers were
comes to mind that maybe the couple nervous. There was a sense of urg-
"living in sin" has the answer. It ency in their voices; the more they
is a fact that one'out of five young tried to speak forcefully, the more
marriages is busted! The young hus- evident it was that the people are
band who steals away at night and not believing them as before. W&
ends up at one of the action spots are all slowly learning,
in another female's arms in the back Armour especially was ruled by
seat of his or her automobile or in his emotions throughout, he was no-t
a clump of bushes is the typical thinking, but what he said about YOU
young Dominican husband! I don't Madam is unforgiveable. This is what
care what type of criticism that I am writing about today July 14th.
statement evokes. I know what I say Armour spoke of you as a big white
to be true and I stand by my con- angel coming to the people and im-
victions and observation. And I'm plied that your kindness and villing-
not a Private Eye, either. ness to help is not genuine. He con-
Dominican wives residing overseas tinued to say that ybu were child-
are known to complain that they are less. What a LIE. Does he not know
afraid to return to their homeland that you and Mr. Allfrey have two
because they fear the disastrous con- adult children abroad?
sequences of such a comeback on their He con-tinued that since you were
marital lives. I personally know of childless you adopted two Caribs be-
at least five of these women, cause they had straight hair and
But it is not only the men who light skins' and that you would
are at fault. A young husband re-- never have adopted a black child,
turning home unexpectedly may. just This is the biggest LIE of them
surprise his wife and her lover in all. I am sune Armour knows of Sonia
tGhe bedroom. Some bosses are known Allfrey, originally from Laudat' and
to be very amorous towards their now inEngland studying nursing. The
female employees and the alert hus- girl whom Wou and Mr. Allfrey legally
band sometimes detects when some- adopted, educated and brought up so
thing is going on. well. A girl who will return to serve
I must admit that I don't have her people, the Negro people, some
the answer. This article was not day, but not I hope under the no-
meant to condemn anyone. It is one toilet-paper, few sheets, mattress
of the taboo subjects which every- on the floor management of this Gov-
one whispers about, ernment.
I hope, however that this blunt I am forceful but Armour tried to
and simple expos will drive the be forceful also,, and I wish that all
message home. the people who listened to him that
night would read this (if they can
NOVENA IN HONOUR OF SAINT 1ANN all read) to have their brainwashed
The Novena in honour of St. Ann minds corrected. CRAK-CRAK
will start at Massacre on Saturday, (Full name & address given)- ROSEAU.
17th July, at 7.30 p.m. During the
Novena there will be no Holy Mass in EDITOR'S NOTE: We =A gla1 that the
the morning, age of chivalry is not dead in the
Th.. Feast of St, Ann will be State of Dominica. Let Armour check
celebrated on Monday, 26th July. with Vanya Dupigny, who arranged the
FOR U M.H. ROFESSOR formal adoption papers for Sonia All-
gTJI ;ONOUR OR UWi f.IIL PROFESSOR frey, /and with LeBlanc, who knows of
Professor Michael Beaubrun, Dept. of her very well, and apologize. Our
psychiatry of UWI,i-namod President first adopted child is of the Negro
of the World Federation of Mental race. She has been no less lovingly
Health for 1972-74; he has done fine treated than the other children, two
work in the WI and struggled against blond ones procreate by u, and the
his personal handicap of blindness. Carib sons o r the Dominica soil-E d


Friday, July 16, 1971

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ETBi.AT Or rOr ,nc Ai ncr MGNC nrr

S' .-s ,_ Alpine 23 .
Good Wk*,:: Ord,-n

-, 2. .od- o: N.earest ir.,
Ttl2p4 o Cl It. -L..- l .



*an. ** -r.v W &t*"-r t *A' Co. T t
Aeirnt fPIr Lloyd's ard fHenry- Ead 5& Co Lsd,
offer car sc'rvi'cea on all fxEs 7of ri'- awe-
ag inchi-mg: Fire, Hmurri e, .R.H, HH a j

: W'eIo ari Pcrsno. Traverl liuraCre.
AI d p *.r us fr mrre n:.fc'rL."t p i 211- 7

C At kA KNiI
.5lpP F~r'rS~~t~ ~tl-l Jt

r-r~T- :/1rLt';:.,izj 4. 'tL t A c *'c L*& jJBt t. SA t

It is i.aitif -I fo. general information that a Posta:.
.\ ..; wai t es'Iablished at Londadcr r- o:; Thurs-
dsy rzan Ju!v, TQ71.

Business which wm cormpnsr Et se of pog
staisr, ';7 ad defive;y of odiay&ry aeItts3- (ZV
I A I ,.(4- 4, g . :*

Permanent Secr A
,r, .a Cv > :0.& Works .

r-- "'4 ,,, i '-jy'
,, .:- :S .Y4s -
S.. .-. -
i a iosti. x' nir- i. :D';--GiS' a Post-1

day 2a0h, JiLy, ,.7
:-.u^.', 1, which wiU c':-" .';b-'r-- ?.a salte of pnrtaf
n 'm.:a ; n i L' cy of I y ir.aS I'ttcrs (rK nj
0.ft.J 1' 3. : c C al tCed aRt theL rs e-s :: o1 f rs.
x,. ^ who will bt rc Postl Agent.

S.n SeTV-e e-ry
.| 4W 6 tz t2Eh Ju1, I97 G. TOI 1 Q |

-M-~I-5 I-~"M"

~-~--~-~- -j



a -? . p .-,, ,

,- ."r ,- .. Ur ifrmsC

,.-,.e'_ a A 49.. 37 7

.. r -.I& ? .'' CU ,4

Centre at -w43 STP3BR STREET,


Tckt~s~apkt~c 2093~ *. I
~S- 9b________ ___



For Ptr:*onnel, School, Cl.ub

' '4 ,A ,:. ".-. a *;.a -' : .* ': :"

p sewa-, susk. dec. c ater or cric J.::
g ca d M .,. .. .- .th e. :. : .--. :"::., ;..: :
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,. start the dm position s low, relaxe-d.
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:j c : v S :a about 'a' Stle pi -" V Wit

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Fridy, uly 6, 971 THE TARPag

Banana Growers are notified that
the Green Boat Price has dropped by
one unit from 76.0. 0 to 72,;10.0
from 12th July, 1971. The price pay-
able to growers at Reception Stat-
ions inclusive of the Summer incen-
tive price of ,250 per Ib. should
be 5.20 per lb. However, in accord-
ande with an arrangement between
WINBAN and the Purchasing Company
it has been agreed, that the Company
will recover an amount of e6250 per
lb. on account of contractual debts:
and advances on the bar.ana price
during the Winter months.
The prices payable to growers as
from that date and until further
notice will therefore be as follows:
At Reception Stations- 4.60 per lb
At Buying Points 3.80 per lb
Growers who qualify for the In-
centive Bonus will receive an
additional .50 per lb.
It should be noted that this de-
crease in the Green Market Price is
due to the abundance of soft fruit
in the U.K. as well as large impor-
tation by Fyffes of Ivory Coast and
Hurinam bananas. A.D BOYD,
12th July 1971. General Manager.

'His Excellency the Governor,
The Hon. Premier, and the Hon.
Members of the House of Assembly.



Applications are invited from
suitable persons for enlistment as
Police Constables in the Telecommun-
ication Service of the Royal Dominica
Police Force.
|2. Enlistment will be on two years
probation, during which period sel-
ected applicants will be trained in
this particular field and may later
be required to undergo a six-months
Training Course atthe Police Training
School, Morne Bruce.
3. The following qualifications are
(a) Age between 18 and 30 years.
b) Minimum height 5 ft. 8 in.
c) Chest measurement 34 incbs.
d) Minimum weight 140 lbs.
e Education Applicant must have
passes in G.C.E. at "0" level in
English Language and Mathematics.
4. Successful Candidates will be re-
quited to undergo a Medical Examinaticn
5. Salary attached to the post is in
the scale $2280,$2400 x 180 $3300,
but during initial training will be
$150.00 a month.
6. Lodging Allowance of $360.00 per
annum will be paid to married constab3ei
Chief of Police.

File No. M19/15/64 28th June 1971
s, Several times in the House G.102, 10-1/2.
of Assembly, compassionate Members A
have made applications on my behalf THr. Oscar Rivi r d
for the granting of a pension or an ura Oscar Riiere, retired Shell
allowance to myself, in view of the Curacao employee, here at home for 6
long voluntary service I have rend- months, returned to Curacao to bid
ered to the people of Dominica in farewell to sons Paul and Kenneth, off
my capacity as a Member of the Brit- to Holland in July. Kenneth will rep-
ish Empire and as Justice of the resent the Netherlands Antilles as a
Peace etc., very efficiently and swimmer in the National Olympics for
faithfully, under 20a~ Both sons have won several
The efforts of sympathisers swimers' medal. Paul will enter he
brought forth stones ie., it was University of Twente to study Mechanic-
stated that I could not be consider- al Engineering. Deborah (only girl in
ed above others. But I am a single the family of four) has been a medical
case. student in Univ. of Gronigen since 1970.
caseMoreover, I am nearing the end _0est son Jinmny is employed with a
of my days, and I ask: are they 'T""s-t Company in Curacao.
waiting to economize bhy giving me a -
grand funeral? P E N PA L: Who would like to write
If help is to be given, give it to GLEI GASSOP, Richmond P.O.,St.Mary,
to the livingJAMAICA, W.I.? Hobbies:
to the living Yours faithfully, writing,table tennis,collecting photo-
GUSTAVUS TIMOTHY, Marigot,Dominica, graphs and dancing,



Friday, July 16, 1971


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'rn k;P~ i-3- ty?~~- 5-1

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L :7, J ;4P ,N
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Star 16.7.71R 0 SEAU T 0 W N C 0 UNC IL page
It is notified for general information that at.a Special Meeting
of the Roseau Town Council held on the 29th June, 1971, the following
Resolution was moved by Councillor Williams and seconded by Councillor
Louis Benoit, and adopted by Council.
WHEREAS the. Roseau Town Council is a body -Corporate established by
Ordminance for the town of Roseau to make provision for the
Government and the improvement of the said Town and
WLEREAS the Roseau Town Council in its functions and powers as laid
down in CAP 189 18 (1) may make by-laws for the rule and good
government of the Town generally and in particular with
respect to the naming, cleanliness of the streets, etc., and
WHEREAS the name of some streets, one of them being Grandby Street,
was changed to "Queen Mary Street" during the time of the
Silver JubJilee of King George V and his consort Queen Mary
in 1935 to mark the occasion and
WHEREAS the sovereign for which this honour was accorded has been dead
for several years and the island of Dominica has undergone
advanced constitutional changes and the emergence of pride in
matters relevant to the development and history of the State
of Dominica and
WHEREAS the said "Queen Mary Street" ha.s for over two and a half
decades been a meeting place of the people where regularly they
exercise the basic human rights -that of freedom of expression,
freedom of lawful assembly, to air their grievances be they
civil, trade union, economic, racial, educational or religious &
WHEREAS more and more there have been increasing demands from the people
that the name "Queen Mary Street" be changed to "Freedom Street",
BE IT RESOLVED that the name of "Queen Mary Street" be removed and
changed to"Freediom Street" as from Monday, 6th July, 1971, a
date which is of great constitutional significance in the
history of Dominica.
The Minutes of the 29th June, 1971, were confirmed at a Meeting of the
Roseau Town Council held on July 5th, 1971, and further notices in the
Press will be issued for information of the General Public.
999-2/2 Scully S. Lestrada, TOWN CLERK.

It is notified for general information that at a Special Meeting of
t he Roseau Town Council held on the 8th July, 1971, it was moved by
Councillor-Louis Benoit and seconded by Councillor Martin Sorhaindo and
unanimously adopted by Council, that the following Release be sent to
WIBS, and published in all Newspapers in the State for information of
the Public:
"Following the notification by the Roseau Town Council of the deci~on
by Council to rename the former "Grandby Street" (later "Queen Mary
Street") "Freedom Street" certain bodies have announced that the Council
was not empowered to do so.
The Roseau Town Council is empowered to do so, for the "Government
of the said town;" included in this is the naming of streets.
The Roseau Town Council has acted in accordance with the law,
following the procedure which has always existed.
The street formerly "Grandby Street" (later "Queen Mary Street,') is
as of 5th July, 1971, named F REEDOM STREET "."
The object of this release is to clarify Council's position with
regards to renaming of Streets in Roseau.
01 2/2 TOWN CLERK.

Page Twelve

5 wickets. Scores. were: Forties 83
and 131 for 5 (H.L.Doctrove 23,
C.Peter 29) carried bowlers A.
Cuffy 5 for 20, HI.Hilaire. 2/31,
P.Vidal 2/20: Salisbury Married 99
c 97 (j.Jude: 27) Forties; bowlers -
K,Byron 5/20, Dr,B.Sorhaindo 4/10.
Cricketers selected to play the
First Under 19 trial match washed
out by rain last week-end are re.-
minded that this match will now
take place this weekend at the
Botanical Gardens. Playtime 2.00
p.m. Saturday T0.O RTVI;RE.

Chairman Cricket- Committee

2'7.-1. /l

w. ai;Iullmj oL o tJ
prizes for caly one dollar. Don't
miss it. Win a lot and help SPORTS!
IF-.0. RIVI.T E, ice-President,
Sm1nica Amateur Sorts Association.
Due to continued ink trouble and space
shortage too this-week, we are forced
to hold over .. Paula Mayer's ood
letter of advice to expectant moners;
also Luke B.'s poetic tribute to Adina
Birminghm; and M. John's write-up on
La Belle Theatre, among other items.
BOAC 747 to CANADA this service be-
Can .on July 11: 20% passenger increase.
rinted and ;e ol shed by the Proprietor
R.EaAllfrey of Copt Hall Mill House e
at 26 Bath Rd. Roseau,Dominica,W.indies.

Friday, July 16,1971


Pakistan failed by- 25 runs to It is notified for general- hform-
win their first-ever Test Series vs action that a supply of BLUE FOAM
England when the 3rd (Final) Test wrappers has been imported for the
ended at Leeds: on Tues. -Set to sccre excusive use of this-Association
241 runs for victory,Pakistan fought at its Buying Points and Collection
their way through tight England Units.
bowling but couldn't make their tar- These Blue Foam Wrappers will not
get although Sadig Moharanad-wageda be sold or otherwise made available
4-hr long battle to register his to banana producers or any other psns,
highest Test score (91) before he Any person found in possession of
was 7th out in Pakistan's 2nd inn- such BLUE FOAM WRAPPERS who is. unable
ings. England's success was main-to afford a satisfactory reason for
Iy due to the fine pace bowling of the possession of the same shall be
Peter Lever,who claimed 3 Pakistaniprosecuted. A.D' BOYD
wickets in 4 balls; Ray Illingw~th July 14 1971, General Manager.
who bagged 3 for 58 and Basil D'01-261/2 _
iviera 2 for 16. SCORES: England MUC REGRETTED DEPARTURES (fr. pa
316 (G.Boycott 112) and 26.4 (B. ..MU REGR ev D Gordon is certain-to ae
D0Oliviera *72), :- Pakistan 350 W., o.and Revd, Gordon is certain/to.have
Zaliviera 72) Pakst 25 (Sadi0 helped to forward the cause of Unity
Zahir Abb as 72) and 205 (Sad among Christian people. Mrs. Gordon's
Mohammad 91). England won cy 25rucontribution to the life of the commun-
- one match to nil'~,with two .dr.aL ity has been one of great value. There
FOOTBALL 1971 Season starts Q5/7', are few people who know the real phys-
Te 1971 Football Season is. sched- ical discomfort that Mrs. Gordon suffer'
uled for Windsor Park on Sunday Her courage and activity is a great
July 25th. It is expected that the inspiration-to those who suffer-with
opening match will be a Ist-ever ,arthritis. Many, many people wish-he
clash between .Roseau North and Ros-Gordons happiness in the future, and
eau South teams. IMeanwhile DASA is many Blessings in their continued ser-
doing everything possible to fixu vice to the Church, P.W.
,i-nLdor Park for the opening.**': A tribute to Dr. C. Devadason of Caria
We learned earlier this week that will appear in'our next issue.
Brazilian Soccer Star Pel6 vowed to .-- -----_--
-uit the game for good. if he were N 0 T I C E: DASA GIANT RAFFLE
-ressured to play for the National All DASA Reffle -ticket sellers are
Team; earlier this year he said asked to return all books those sold
he was quitting international foot-completely, half sold or none at all -
ball. In view of pressure he will -to their distributors by. Friday next
quit Santos and go over to amateur week, that is, July 23rd.
status. Remember the. Raffle is to be drawn
7------o n August MIonday at the Windsor Park
THE ROARING FORTIES CRICKET Team (towards the end of the Athletic meet),
l:-.--d .a team of Salisbury Married So now's about the last chance to
r +- ~ v nnd beat them by wn thqi a k. nn l l0+ .e.o. t.

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