Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs. Jane Lowenthaal
Iatbrarian, .
Research Instituta ,-4
the Study of' Man, ,
162,East 78 Street, i,
New York 10021, N.Y.
3S*. ./"Af t ---r ,.AW
OS/5 Ieiibury Avot, .
^,^L^aasg2,bury Aw ^gS2

162 EAST'7.OST
ihrtv. ".ct 'PY ,mltt yortuaL EW YORK 21,
ri2.a ,i '.d 0 71

VoL X111 No. 2 r __K_.naMalv-U & -'--, .r, --_ __-

The battle "of Predcr 2;r:'"'t is on - since last Mno'ia. AnM is .
really a battle fo- the tow of Roseau,
.-n'e this SGovernment, which affects
such an interest in the independence of
village councils, seems lieter...wti.C to
+swrort every ahredl of authorityT awsa
fro.;i the demu crat calily-elected R.T.C.
,9hich is an Onpcpc- ion OckfLOucill
Our reader 'will note specific in-
forration on this vital suLbect-in two pages of this isszre.

Long-prssed by Freodma,g the l8s w*ill
*tr thei r -_t.s, te t not until Jaa 1972.
.Ppop^i tio wated it by Aug.1971. Sat
Utey rill be prevented trows voting in
:.v % .S.. e :oara tfl .a l.e-st . k, ~ "a7 Sr.

Date to Remem`bx o by. And rock.

4 This i 'et cBemGmat s S Weary of t he
biNg bk (tcrc bhaw beRa sevcra others since)
.c ; at fre~edoi by the Vemt Govw~resc. For it
Ms ea 5d July,16, that the Govermein passed the
isc t and ,Ude irle.i Pifio- s .A, despite
the acive Ld overt dc'nmnstatiorm c the dctizns of
DoraiEnkt on a day which has since becerme koown as
Blckr Friday. This act, however, was a.felia cuslp --
a s~i ws .igappy ce t siaE itsm 8a Vf teor
'm Oppitio= which' fira tat wmoamcme t&is day hash
f t 6 .e Gwnment in che& ai istc n ting acts
,r A-ne \M'vbe. s..eanin .coo j y be
gid Of the cafis atf $tir Opoca Nty.
"re Aac, we must Gzt fmrtt, eaposers? the Po-
lice os brcak mito chizs=' es atny time of day w:
aigk in searcb of printed mateWial cri&til of hc Gov-
*erv nt; gives to the Post Office the. right o opeT n
t-e knens of the ibAabitats (there is meapg to beie
that this is beim orae; p'Ain severe rlti* for
saa shg thee minds and inaeti$ns of Ministers of I
GiovMment sad for crd : g the Ipoas of British i
rternioniEs i S'.a or (uwti iepelHed from the
Cc.sunurmrch) l SwabiS's Miihodea-.'
The kw sil Iis on the statue boA of Dorini=ca
and ca:s'ne ;c at y tiae the Go.Cr-re"aat consid-
re v-ppxrtune. If is, however, a fsct that despite. fre-
.aci challueger by .he Oppsitio, the Goveramet.
ss wno darFed to use the Law against its cark-t fix fiar
the rsub. But neiarbe has it repeaLd it: And this
's S sigificsat as it ifs atrieaning to human iighwt.

Coming to Dominira iSHs-prrspred mnt.&
ulBy 26th-29as soweriah Ispeeches
MNiisters during
,..Ir deld erti' of '
the aPresier's "teoe
little ead awse ~
S .h- Motion to donate
1 p,00o toward s t0t

a. w was Frndoa'u.
.' 'The adioaesiT c ar-

thtiu Legislators
ahal.d pay $8,000 -
oat of their sal-
aries. Govt. HMe b-
ora resaisted this.
Predier said MabaorS
couldn't aford 1, t.
JENNiER HOWTet Th ftro* appear -
Some points in an inicri&asingly dr-ea0y
session, .buldoxed through to- 11 pa. .t
national dress as Ik al ternative tIo
formal wear for ftuctions and fturt;
S-hour debate.on neaw Dominica Agrie-
ultural & Industrial Bta* (passed with
several ameandeatsa): rows over tAhe ts
Market whf-ch implies prosecution for
non-.4liconsed "tray & street" sellers:.
29 V411age nunacil castimEatOs ad by-"
laws, three Govt. motions and fiiurtaee
Bills. The controversial ensiaons Siur
had ; final i nation deferred on OppoaitioB
request for mimatoes of coitto. )'I e


1.527 Acres of Land
on the East Coas of Domihica with


comfortable and.
Unique Dwelinig House
Beautiful garden created by talented botanist
with rare varieties of Orchids and Tropical Fowers.
Quiet and peaceful spot with access by jeepable
road. For particulars ,apply

L P.O.BOX 121, DOMINICA .,,:

To TB se

~- --- -- 1-1--~----"-c~--~~



Friday, July 9, 1971

This month sees the departure from Dominica after several years
service of one who, I feel, has made quite a. contribution to life in our
community. In these days when so many appear to have lost their balance -
even among those of the same vocation Rev. Geoffrey Gordon, Superin-
tendent of the Methodist Church in Dominica, has struck me as a very
find example of what a layman expects of a. religious leader. At all times,
in and out of his Church, he has given the impression of single-minded
commitment to his Father's business, with this beautiful quality embodied
in a very pleasant personality. It may be a small recompense for him to
19now that the influence of his example has extended beyond the bounds of
his own Church.
The Methodists of Dominica seem to be enjoying a run of good luck in
a succession of outstanding heads and we sympathise with them on the
forthcoming loss of the latest of them. Both in the spiritual and the
educational spheres, Rev. Gordon seems to have made a very important
contribution to life in Dominica and on behalf of readers of this column
I wish to thank him most sincerely for what he has done for us. We are
genuinely sorry to lose him, but perhaps as was recently the case with
one of his very successful precedessors, we may warmly welcome him back
even for a brief visit at some future time. Meanwhile we wish him and
his family the very best wherever they may find themselves and we assure
them that their stay among us has been welcome and very profitable to
I understand that Rev. Gordon's successor will be our own son (and
schoolmate of this columnist) Rev. Atherton Didier, who has already held
high office in other parts of the Caribbean. We feel sure that he will
continue the good work which Rev. Gordon has been doing for the Church
and the community.
Incidentally, it looks as though the diaspora of our sons in the
religious life is coming to an end and that they are returning home or.
close to home. There is thg case of Bishop Bowers who after 31 years,as a
missionary in Accra, has this very week been installed as the first Bishop
of the new Diocese of St. John's, Antigua, the new diocese created by
det a.chmeni from the Diocese of Roseau to embrace the British Leeward
Islands NOw we have Rev* Didier returning to hold the corresponding
office in the Methodist Church in Dominica. The other great figure still
i: the diaspora is Rer. Phillip Potter and he, too, we may have the
pleasure of welcoming back to the West Indies at some future date.
Another Dominica clerid who looks on the way up is Father Kelrin
Felix, who is with us directing a party of seminarians on an assignment
to Dominica. Father Felix is Lecturer in Sociology at the regional Sem-
inary of St. John Vianney in Trinidad. He has developed into an impressive
p personality. Members of his Church in Dominica would dearly love to see
him back here in pastoral work, and he has the choice of so doing4
Since I have gone so far today in matters relating to men of the
cloth, I may as well continue with some other items of interest in the
same line.
August 24th next, St. Bartholomew's Day, will see the SilVer Jubilee
in the episropate of Bishop Antoine Demetp, C.SS.R., who for several years
was Co-adjutor to the Bishop of Roseau when the late Bishop Moris was in
his declining years.
The name of Bishop Demets, will always be associated in Dominica
with the large-scale entry of the Church into social work. He it was
who was largely responsible for the establishment of the Catholic Social
Centre .here, from which has radiated into all the villages and towns of
this island so many and varied forms of social welfare and development
activities under the aegig.of the Church. This is a considerable achieve-
ment, and the thanks of the community must always go to Bishop Demets for
this. He was a great favourite of the men of Dominica. Bishop Demets now
re sides in Montserrat and there will be many Dominicans who will wish to
remember his 25 years as a Bishop on 24th August coming.
(Continued on Page Four)


PaVc e vn~o

9- "`

i Plip a" F"Princess Anne
-Hist Mil iitary Ceremony
F'a -tl ga # ,:. .o qt_ 2...~t "

--- - LL CI -----TIWDT 1~a-III- ----~CI ---i--*-(--~i- --X -- --1 ---

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.s and ex

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-sed it

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Telephone Colin Laird 24a
L_________.. ^ '

ic officer in (.;rear Britacn s an independent holder of a puillh office
xcrcises his powers as a constiabe, wherh-vr conferred bv statute or 01
;in Jaw. b\ virue of his office' he is an afent of the law of th, land. uoi
pohce authonrt nor of the centra; Govern!pnt and although hi- chi.i"
Sof police hias a vicarous liabihrj for any ivrongft)o act he may :ommrr
pcrftrmance of his futnctions as a constaibe, he iirnelf may also) hc
n respect of his own wrongful act.
N_ 0^ ^ arQ 6 l0 dt -psijt. a S >

'Anxiouscables were exchanged between
WIN AN ad'DBGA about a sudden mid-
surmnr drop in the price of bananas (see
Calling for an emergecy WINBAN
meeting, DBGA says, Gravely disquieting
market situation".

IRe7 T-r, lIo
s3uBAe ib '"Tender-
foi C s-4tl 44 CME WT

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tues.,y, fe^<4 ^*


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THE STw.- .

Pa*-e 'Three

Another event towards which we must already begin to look is the
centenary of the coming of the F.M.I. Fathers to Dominica. The exact
date of the centenary is 7th February next year and this will be an
occasion when the whole of Dominica will join in paying tribute to the
work of this body of men. I imagine the Government authorities will
realise that they, too, are expected to show their appreciation of a.
hundred years of devoted work to the people of Dominica., often carried
out under the most adverse 'conditions.
a S S S S S S
Recently I wrote about the mysterious policy of the Government's
trying to acquire at as low prices as possible much of the lands of the
people of Dominica. This it does by preventing sales to persons who can
afford to pay the best prices because the would-be buyers were not
born in Dominica.
There is evidence from a draft law proposed for the House of Assem-
bly meeting of 8th July that the Government is concocting even darker
p ans in this regard. This draft law limits to $500 the amount which a
landowner can claim as expenses incurred in making claims on Government
fbr lands acquired, apart from the value of the land itself. In other
wbrds, suppose Government with its access to top-flight lawyers (by pay-
iig the required fees) concocted some kind of a case for taking away
your lands and it became necessary for you to obtain the services of a
lawyer of similar calibre to fight the Government's acquisition, you
will not be allowed to claim more than $500, even if the lawyer charged
you more than this amount. This means that you must either bear the loss
of your money or your land if the services of a competent lawyer can only
be had for more than $500. Meanwhile there is nothing to prevent the
Government from paying any amount for such advice as it seeks.
S The immorality of the thing is obvious. All the Government has to
do is to get some first-rate lawyer or valuation expert from abroad to
whom it will, of course, pay more than $500 and let him make all kinds
of complicated, claims and submissions on behalf of Government and which
can only be successfully rebutted and countered by another legal or valua-
tion expert who will also .require to be paid more than $500.
This is another attack on the rights of personal property and lawyers
may well wish to consider whether this new law is hot contrary to the spirit
of the Constitution of Dominica, in particular Clause 6(8) (b) and (c).
All this suggests that Government is setting the stage for wholesale
acquisition of people's lands, a step already adumbrated its many purchases,
voluntary or forced, in recent times.
Another bit of legislation before the House of Assembly meeting of
8th July is one which should be a source of much personal satisfaction
to Mr. Moise, the Leader of the Opposition in the House, for it brings
closer to realisation a step for which he has long fought. The House will
have before it for consideration Bills enfranchising 18-year-olds to vote
at General Elections and Local Government elections in the towns of Roseau
and Portsmouth and the villages of Dominica where Village Councils have
been established.
For at least two years now, the Opposition, at regular intervals,has
proposed to the House enfranchisement for 18-year-olds, but just as reg-
ularly the Labour Government has turned down the proposal until now when
there is no further' resistance possible, very many Caribbean lands having
adopted the system.
Had the Government accepted the proposal when first put up by the
Opposition, Dominica would have had the distinction of being No. 2 in the
British Caribbean Area to have enfranchised youth. As it is, we are at
the place and position which almost all the actions of the present Gov-
ernment have relegated us to vis-a-vis the rest of the area the tail.

In Dominica, girls have always been good at making their own stylish dresses.
Home sewing has now caught on in the vast United States; some 45 million
Americans of both sexes now sew their own clothes, a survey has revealed.

Friday,July 9, 1971


Page Four

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'i-S ? a
I. ca.o.

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1r t :S. r *,'n --
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4- .


Page Six T H E S T AR Friday, July 9, 1971
The biggest problem the Roseau BANANA PRICES
businessman has to put up with is Banana Growers are notified that
credit. All the large establishmezsthe Green Boat Price has dropped by
will tell you that everyone wants one unit from 79,10.0 to 76.0.Ovwith
goods and services but to get pay- effect from 5th July, 1971. The price
ment is like trying to get blood payable to growers at Reception Stat-
out of stone. It is not only the ions allowing for the agreed contrib-
little man who procrastinates or ution of .3750 per lb. to the Freight
refuses to meet his obligations. Escalator Fund at this Green Market
The gross bougs" are the chief Price level and inclusive of the Sum-
offenders, such.'as the prominent mn mer Incentive Price of .250 per lb.
ber of Government, the lawyer,the should be 5.60 per lb. However, in
fellow with the large estate, the accordance with an arrangement between
head teacher of so-and-so school, WINBAN and the Purchasing Company it
the family which fetes every Sat- has been agreed that the Company will
urday night, and so on, not exclud-recover an amount of .750 per lb. on
ing the newspaper world, account of contractual debts and ad-
Mr. J. is the manager of an pld vances on the banana price during the
and respectable firm in the heart Winter months.
of Roseau. For the past two years
he hasn't paid one penny on his The prices payable to growers asftan
credit account. When a new and dy- that date and until further notice will
namic manager refuses him addition therefore be as follows:-
al credit, he will no doubt storm At Reception Stations 4.850 per 3b
into the establishment fuming' He At Buying Points 4.0O~ per lb.
w$ll doubtless roar that a man of Growers who qualify for the Incen~ie
his stature should be trusted: Bonus will receive an additional .50
i Some wives of big shots are justper lb.
as unconcerned. Imagine another fi- It should be noted that this deezse
titious case, Mrs. E., who has not in the Green Market Price is due to ihe
made a payment in 6 months despite abundance of soft fruit in the U.K. as
repeated bills. Only when a final ell as abnormal quantities of Jamaica
notice is attached do such ladies bananas arriving on the market.
get interested; and sometimes they July 5, 1971 A. D. BOYD
react in a sarcastic tone. Some 997-1/1. General Manager.
prominent non-payers don't appear
to get bills mailed to them, even .. ... ....
when the address is correct: Of ABOUT TOWN: Peace and Love by CERES
course, the obvious solution is to The Dignity of Man, man in all his
use legal means to recover.But Ein pride and glory, blossomed out when
we have a problem: even after judg- our proud son of the soil Father Kelvin
ment has been rendered, the hard- Felix, ably assisted by Seminarians
pressed Creditor (who also has to and Sisters from all the islands of
pay his bills) doesn't always get the Caribbean, showed a packed con-
his money. Most lawyers are reluc- gregation at the Cathedral last Sun-
tant to press their buddies for pay-day night (chiefly attended by young
ment, and when and if any payments people) what giving their lives for
made, it may be a trifle, the service of God meant.
One or two prominent firms have Father Felix preached the sermon;
taken the wisest course. They have he spoke (and I quote) "the QUeen's
simply stopped issuing credit. Itis English, after-dinnerish and very
time that other firms which are civilized", and not in an Afro-Dom-
plagued with the credit mess take inican-creole way; and how proud we
similar action, listeners were of this our son of
Economically speaking, refusal ofDominica, truly a Man, who showed,at
credit would be an excellent start its fullest, "The Dignity of Man Ibwer "
in balancing our budget. To the Seminarians we say a hearty
Instalment-buying causes many of thank-you. May your labours fall on
us to live beyond our means, very fruitful soil. * *
several people have been thinking of us th newor a kt nar W leton
brek doeav gta glod rlin s ave tee maon da.iu
VMaret a a owe CLe. and 6mo& aifn mld( u. pthe oZl

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r' i 8iA'

C. omtNIC4 AaATSuar SPOImTS AssocmiAtw
NgovmITO TO 0- ^fi
HU e Aninual General Mectixge of Boot-
Kiallers is scheliled. to ?be bold. on
'sdnesday uly -l4th, 19-71, at tbh
I133.zminica Graiar csoe l coaanenoiing
ac4f.>50 p.a., and all are asked to
t lke note and mae eme ey ffrt

secretary, iOXBAXL QMMIaT2
i M& 7
*" -B* K.^ wpNa

S:he~4le of Applcatton for Certificate of Tete and Notingl
S:eret ac! C.vj,'rats for week endihg 3rd day of july, 1971.
.eA RKqest~d Person Presenting Nature of request
S' -e t whether a Certficate
1 dm- eiao of Title of Noting
i71. thereon or C.IaL
''i'-~I-.; 6CI '*f tr i!w Rcqtcii for the its of a
S:uC;r." Hoi Amelia Al'req Fireit (: -ntiic~ie of Tite is
cac:an tim Jth t reject of a portion of land
i' of Ju, Arl la pertcrs in the viiage of Mariga, Pa-
S.1. .uaf. rish ab St. Andrew coti*-
-. irar 23,31 sq. ft. and beund-
d as fo!lows:-
s6a fIy a p blkc road. to otiehiii; SotS-Efist By laj d
i dsjtsarnis3: Soutlt-Weit: By lar4s of Lucifa Theoams
tgkter Mark; Nortd-Wast: by a public road to Stthlli. J. nr-r Orffi SYLVIA j. BERTtANDO.
s etu, C:o.rmA, 1971 Rof trar of Titles.

SiOTE Any p'esor' who desfres to object to the issuing of a
SeZrtficat-...f trie cC the above appltation mray enter a Caveat
I the ,iA..", ci..:e wrh-r ;x weeks f-ro che date of the First
,3 r Dancr th.s schedu e in the ST R Newspaper published
SI his Su ita r fr,3r the dite when cheot:ce prescribed by
S.w Wvs fi;t served on any owner or occupier of adjolnitn
S*d, in rel;pec. of which the application Is miad.

I-rm-r- r~l.

WiCapri a Driver car

For a start tfh driving piStioa il-ow, relaxed.
Your arms are st :"ight.t .thl, ratk an opinion steering
gives Vycu posit a ndri, revise eo'd6 o
But eC.:t:rythg e.tout di iving the C.4i ;' what it w:
always. meant tc be:


Wf SarvC*
' I W~aekrVWr 'x^^ WWSMWWua

What wie SI;




i- tiwe are ivrli gted the t .

:" Iflt ;r~ the pe~r ai6rA
saptp. of, 0 at to x4WA. -a

O rmat 4BmaI be ar to:. of
; The oimclzlaaa

3. It is et"lateA t at
,total Imt that will im
'^ipad for the pertoed Jan cstji
1 1bli t1Xately 90,04C bipi.
'44. Serannat m not uaA tmelf *
,'Je afept tt let, w1 ms tm, MdAIr..

. 9, ,- ,i.. ... .. .
4. i96 994.. /g, 22nd Aaf, 297i *a
--- "'W i J'11 10 A

nu*~o*Prw pirlrrnrr -- ~ur~lla~-~----I-

k: & b '9 19,71

+ -- ..1 .-

rr~e sXR

.: --.', .
_4 ~ ~ ii

&aae Seven


me+ 1&

Friday, July 9,1971

Page Eighi TH STA

It is notified for general information that at a Special Meeting
of the Roseau Town Council held on the 29th June, 1971, the following
Resolution was moved by Councillor Williams and seconded by Councillor
Louis Benoit and adopted by Council.
WHEREAS the Roseau Town Council is a body Corporate established by

Ordinance for the town of Roseau to make provision for the
Government and the improvement of the said Town and
WHEREAS the Roseau Town Council in its functions and powers as laid
down in CAP 189 18 (1) may make by-laws for the rule and
good government of the Town generally and in particular with
respect to the naming, cleanliness of the streets, etc., and
WHEREAS the name of some streets, one of them being Grandby Street,
was changed to "Queen Mary Street" during the time of the
SSilver Jubilee of King George V and his consort- Queen Mary
in 1935 to mark the occasion and
WHEREAS the sovereign for which this honour was accorded has been
dead for several years and the island of Dominica has under-
,gone advanced constitutional changes and the emergence of
pride in matters relevant to the development and history of
the State of Dominica and
WHEREAS the said "Queen Mary Street" has for over two and a half
decade. been a meeting place of the people where they regularly
exercise i-ee-bas-ie --human rights that of freedom of expression,
freedom of lawful assembly, to air their grievances be they
civil, trade union, economic, racial, social, educational or'
WHEREAS more and more there have been increasing demands from the people
that the name "Queen Mary Street" be changed to "Freedom Street"
BE IT RESOLVED that the name of "Queen Mary Street" be removed and
changed to "Freedom Street" as from Monday, 5th July, 1971, a
date which is of great constitutional significance in the hit-
tory of Dominica.
The Minftes of the 29th June, 1971, were confirmed at a Meeting of the
Roseau Town Council held on July 5th, 1971, and further notices in the
Press will be issued for information of the General.Public.
999-1/2. Scully S. Lestrade, TOWN CLERK,
Aft erthought: A N OTE B.Y THE E D I TOR
The only thing we would quarrel with in the above statement is the
implication that because someone has been dead for several years their
name may be blotted out. Otherwise we are entirely on the side of re-
naming the Street Preedom Street, (We were young and oit of Dominica when
this silly jubilee remaming took place). That is the very street, and the
T.U. office the very spot, wherethe real Labour Party was founded and
announced. It is dead, now, like Queen Mary. Here is a true anecdote.
Once in the then Conservative borough of Fulham, Queen Mary was touring
in her limousine. A little girl named Ivy -------, daughter of a then
Labour Councillor (real Labour), called out as it moved slowly by, "You
owe us a smile,.~ .S ay're living on our money." To the horror of
her entourage, Queen Mary cracked her carefully made-up face in a smile
inclined her toque studded with violets, and said softly: "You may be
right, dear."
We feel..certain that the benevolent shade of Queen Mary, who was
only a gentle consort, and not a dynamic Empire-builder like Queen
Victoria, would not feel offended by the change of name.

Page Eight


.L J. ,, ..y 9, S L -

Caring for animals is one way of F.A.0. man C.H. Murray (Forestry,
learning how to treat. human beings. Rome) visited Dominica to tell Min-
Once a. man wrote a. book entitled sisters and others the type of assisflCe
"My Family and Other Animals" it F.A.O. may give on forest conservation
was very funny. Here in Dominica we work and to establish amenities in
do not have a society for protect- national parks. He said the F.A.O.
ion of animals, but in some count- was much interested in Dominica which
ries there; is such a thing, and so had "appreciable primeval forests".
that's why so many Dominicans. act Technical aid and other help for a
and brutalise dogs, pigs, goats, National Park was forthcoming if ...
cow's cats etc,: if'they were in But the public still does not have
England or America, and such a clue as to Government's attitude.
ment was reportedd, to the police, **'Serving in Domintca for'two or
any person caught brutalising anim- three years' as a medical officer,Dr.
als would have; to pay such a large Godfrey Walker from Leicester has
fine that they would never ill-treat has settled into his post with his
the poor beasts again in all their wife and two children. He has worked
lives, in obstetrics, gynaecology and peedi-
I found out, hat the proper way atric departments, and is a keen
to treat animals is to' feed, them sportsman. He was recruited to serve
with adequate proteins (meat o0 fishus by the Ministry of Overseas Dev-
and not. forget to, give them a drink elopment,'oe*Mr. R.E.Riviere is to
especially when it is very hot. It train in Hospital Administration,
is sad but most Dominicans feed and Mr.Paul George of the Livestock
their pets only with starch like Farm in animal husbandry (in Canada).
they say they fed the children in ***Mr.Willie Mello, Regional Director
old, times, mainly consisting, of of United Security Life Insurance Co.
dashine. and a bit of gravy. If you paid a 4-day visit to the State; re-
koow that you cannot give the: pets ported that his agency was growing
adequate attention, care: and love, steadily, Mr.AAndrew Gonsalves, Internal
I would advise you not to keep a Auditor of the Company, is also in '
pet. Another thing, dogs and other the State on audit. At the end of July
'beasts are tied up and left alone i;rs.Elaine Pringle (Dominica Agency
when the. owners go away for hours Manageress) will attend an Insurance
or days. They howl and burst the, Convention in Barbados, *** Mr.
rope; or chain or they lie in misery. Malcolm Macdonald was recently elected
With my animal pets (at present President of the Royal Commonwealth
two dogs and two cats, not counting Society (30,000 members). He is the
a duck and fowls) I spend my pocket son of Ramsay Macdonald, onetime
money partly on dog food and I give Prime Minister (started off as Labour)
them a little left-over milk in theirof Britain* Malcolm's sister Sheila
water. They are so happy that they is married to Professor Andrew Lochmad
never want tp. ru away. But hear who has helped many Dominican trainees
of other poor pets straying, starv- at Swansea, University of Wales. ***
ing, getting run over even gettingMr.Reynold S.St.Hilaire was among 17
poisoned. We had a sad thing too Commonwealth teachers who got cert-
when our best dog Rags was run. over ificates at Newcastle University's.-
by a hit-and-run machine. It is hardInstitute of Education.*** A woman of
'to keep pets safe and happy in and 35 with arthritis of the hip is the
near a .town. I am sorry fop the poorfirst Commissioner of a New York
beasts that live i4 New York and Government agency to improve and ex-
London and even Roseau. Most homes pand the city's health, medical and
keep dogs just to guard, not real- recreational services to 825,000 pre-
ising there is more to it than havigsahool children. She is a Negro-and
Sa guard against burglars or sikking was appointed to the post by Mayor
them after people they do not like. John Lindsay.*** The Antigua Govt.
Do they ever talk to their dogs? My has moved first reading of a Bill
dogs and cats seem to know what I seeking to restrict the press from
mean when I speak to them, and they publishing articles "Known to be false"$
even try to answer back. My cats anaHome Affairs Minister Halstead sid
Sdogs always say 'Heo' to gre-t me **,' ss**********E************: ~

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Friday, July 9,.., 1971,

'S*T*A-R*S*P*O;;R*T*S* T F0 R SALE
J.C.Joseph Is Windwards Champion Sunbeam Rapier No,. 69
The first inter-Windwards Table Ten- Hillor Imp Estate No. 728
nis Championships were run off in Ford Cortina Estate No. 1791
Grenada last weekend. Dominica, in Vauxhall Van No. 2394
the person of J.C.Josephs.,won the
Singles Title (P.Charles 2dund Dom- All at very good prices
inica was placed second in the team Call:-
championship. St. Lucia won the Tean SPRINGFIELD TRADING (1959) LTD.
and Doubles. SPRINGFID TRADING (1959) LTD.
Dominica's tea, organized and Telephone 2340 Goodwill
Dominica's team, organized and T 06-1/1
financed by DASA were: Peterson 06
Charles (Capt.), H.Abel, J.C.Joseph
& Vivian Thomas. The 1972 Champion- C.H.S. Speech Night
ship will be played in St.Lucia.
A:constitution for a W.I.T.T.A. was The Convegt School Speech night
accepted at a representative meeting. startedwith songs before the speech
making. Last Friday started with the
CRICKET: School Song. This was followed by a
Combined Villages Lose To. State song "Femme Africane" sung by some
senior girls and a nun from the Congo
ON FIRST innings score the State ,- Sister Myamba. The entertainment
Team won over the Villagers'by 100 finished with a performance by two
runs in their one day friendly on members of La Belle Theatre dance
Sunday. State .nthe toss and opted troupe and a. patois song and dance
tp bat; the Villagers started well by students dressed in national cos-
despite poor fielding and catching; tume.
knocking out both Elwins, B.Charles, The Principal, Sister Augusta
Clem John and LaRocque for 63. Then Lumbeck, delivered a long speech of
Irving Shillingford (27), Gregoire farewell, revealing that she was
(28) and Doctrove. (34) brought the handing over her position to Sister
score up to 177 all-out, KoGabriel Hermis. Other speakers were Fr.
tpok 4 for 37. Although they had no Charles (Dean), Clyde Harvey (one of'
diiks. (State had 4') Villagers only the seminarians from Trinidad) and
managed to raise 77 Anselm 24 and the Hon, H.L.Christian, Minister of
D ctrove 4 wickets for 15. Dominica Education & Health. Advice and vocat-
butted again and were 130/2 at closeional guidance to school-leavers was
($ienry Elwin 75). The presentation the theme of most speeches.
of Trophies took place after (by the After the prize-giving, the func-
Minister of Home Affairs) and due tion was bought to a close by a vote
respect was paid to Lord Constantineof .thanks moved by the Head Girl,
(President Yankey called for 1 mirnlteJoyce Christian. -- R.R.
-ailence). The Village Cric!-et (Emer- E R S 0 N A LITIES,
ald Hillside) Tournament Trophies H-- Eugenia Char A shoITS ..H
were awarded as follows: Terce Hn. Eugenia Charles shook the House
Brtrand (Geest U.) and .Elliott by her Thurs. appearance in a Greek-
Joseph (Pioneers offSalisbury) for style super-mini. Enoch Powell has
batting; bowling Ambrose Sylvester been raving again about turning the
(Somerset of St.Joseph) and Ezekiel influx of migrants into an exodus. *
Anselm (Rosalie U. Man of the Match' Royston Ellis & adopted son Eddie of
- Chaucer Doctrove. BEACH. ROVERS of Good Hope are on a 6-week visit to
England, France & Spain. Cecil Bram-
St. Joseph hold the E.H.E. Challenge Enland, rance Pb Spain. Cecil Bram .
Ci and Rosalie U.w acting- Project Director E.H.Ests.
Cup an d o"l oA.^^^^a^^^i u servic- of Tha..nks..viv. lf Lo.
ABOUT TOWN by (conto from p.6)}Cnstant e Westminsen ey uly5
Of course, new stalls and seats would have to be built, and for heavens
sake please remove all the old wrecks and broken- bSs of. boxes, now so
evident, before the tourist season starts. Please a2lo find a humanitarian
solution for the human wrecks who live around the market place and whose
vulgar dances and curse words can be heard both day and night by passers-by.
SAdios Amigos.
Printed & Pu bl he byRo [E PoGieto R.e Pe dCot Hall Mill House
S' at 2O Bath Road, Ro-seau, DoAinica, est ndie-s.


Pagm Ten



R Friday, July 9, 1971

It is notified for general information that at a Special Meet$xg
of the Roseau Town Council held on the 8th-July, 1971, it was moved
b Councillor Louis Benoit and seconded by Councillor Martin Sorha,4O
and unanimously adopted by Council, that the following Release be senat
to W.I.B.S., and published in all Newspapers in the State for information
of the.Public.
"Following the notification by the Roseau Town Council of the deeaajo~
by Council to *rename the former "Grandby Street" (later "Queen Mary
Street") "Freedom Street" certain bodies have announced that the
Council was not empowered to do so.
The Roseau Town Council is empowered to do so, for the"GoveIOF .
of the said town;"included in this is the naming of streets.
The Roseau Town CoQncil has acted in accordance with the law, toi
ing the procedure which has always existed.
The street formerly "Grandby Street" (later "Queen Mary q4teet") is
as of 5th July, 1971, named FREE D M S R R E E T '"
The object of this release is to clarify Council's positlJa with
regards to renaming of Streets in Roseau. SCULLY S. LESTRADE,
NOTE BY EDITOR: Government's release, which is not a paid official noti
like the above, states that R.T.C.'s, recent action over the renaming $s
not in keeping with the provisions of the Law under which RTC funcuDg.
They state that according, to Section 18(1) Cap 189 of the Revised t ~e oO
Dominica, although RTC is empowered to make By-Laws on various matt s
including the naming of Roseau streets', it is also provided that su
by-laws must be approved by Cabinet etc. They declare the action of nTC
invalid and warn against the prompt or safe delivery of mails owing *o
confusion which would arise, saying that the name Queen Mary St. sho d
..OU.. Jroy-awo ioh arauus taers W)Layf IotulYet mU t-
ing to know what procedure was followed over the renaming of Kennedy #vel
Tenders are invited for the issue of Dominica Government Treasury Bil1
which will be made in the sum of ~ I400,000.00.
These bills will be in denominations of r500, $1,000, $10,000, $5k00
$50,000 and $100,000 eaah, and will be repayable at par ninety-one .d -
after the date of issue. Bills will be issued on Wednesday 21st July.71,L
and payable on Wednesday 20th October, 1971.
Each tender must be for an amount of not less than $500 and must e -
ify the namolut which will be given for every ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS of ,e
amount tendered.
Bills will-be issued in denomination appropriate to the amount re,
quested in the tender.
Application Forms are available at the Ministry of Finance, Trade 4at
Industry, the Accountant General's Office and the Commercial Banks,, ao
when completed, should be forwarded to the Ministry of Finance, Trad
Industry in sealed enveloped addressed: CONFIDENTIAL
All applications must reach. this MVinistry not later than 4 p.m. qo
Wednesday 14th July, 1971. Successful applicants will be notified Iba
letter not later than 16th July, 1971.
The Government of Dominica reserves the right to accept or reject g
tender in whole or in part. C. A. SORHAINDO, Financial Sec
F27/19, 02-1/1. G.99. .-u
2nd July, 1971.


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