Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Mrs 4 Jane LowenthalT ri Eb A

Research Institute for ,
the ,St.dy of Man, r
162 East 78 Street --s ,'
NeW York 10021, N .YpALL
U.S A.
OS/I Fal July L,-1971 'U'__TooC
SCosmonaut Heroes Die

apstr, paper nTa hry hnro
aAd hardlyy a drop of tark!
N'uc has been outr dilemma for ~any days.
ience the nneven and blotchy printing.
Only the iUigenuity and pat ienc of our
.~ial staff' and the kindness of e. few
ink-dcnorf hsae rescued the newspaper.
Ink has 'recently been as precious as
blood, swemmt and tears.

tky 2seth Afris G9ert.

..*' *


Fouad .ead strmpp2 d to their eats
after t4eir spaescraft (24 d-yas in
apnee) landed, we %xhas of three
Soviet CoeasmoaUts cause of d-ath
stai1 a mvyatry ,wra buried vitb
peoa in tw Yrmalini vals.

Viet Nam Orphas
.-.w ,.. ai .:'

w ',-
" 7 ,'i.

.... < . . % :
.- ,,,, -. ,, t r-
*R .'>- i. -y
'e Parry. ,' o.,. ette. ;, e ..

See Parry Belot's letter p i 6i

~rsrta~~'-ul'~~Y '.4~i'~I~F uNP~I-~IZt.WUJ~B41~iiS~ r J -bqLN

Ws Do". orf me
*asolPtts4*.irittrh4.7* *gg Ba tf4agh, a
a- iata.'s r aMpe tW a by uatir, Mal
SusVe stqt ty 811.. At thoe tie or wmitaag
, he tA 4 bell swaittai trwal As 'ftr as r
se -ee Mt 'ettivities' are helpiag
tawstates. r oeolarea political proieatrsi
Ma wasf larI? aEIdw Of Cys*lorw1a
reet* to has Cathoearal,w*ihe to it a
"atle* &aIe!: It is aasiwtS te *lXaw tro
41t rimt yaseial grove to meet rot
pteaiSe wour lp in the satt !-ha- knanw as
0000absasgpAlt of aemth Atsri.a .
,I P aSleei sW that My br44 apptttios
wshatp ia aUiaal r t "aer thi* rUmaR**ile

Us"" rsf t is fs pxmfAtOsar s
esosstoa as parish priest med so
bass& ats to ay iprihs to Antigms,
* 1h uttish oemiBmt, 0S 4! Wo
falesU#T AMsraw nutr 20 atnd aA il.
-oVugf-fat ha. $st MOMnt thU 0a0
saft6 With Stth Mtrea peviowfwul
*easqwsiS by zwavRa rlsom. I so so
asoamd to ti1*ak *at ma ioutrxy os as
ally bserl wi4 1thA tal Imatie powr,
tiaSh seeptMe the aMeepa, @ad peoreobut
the l10Ws wd Mpheld it, .
Mthor Sepora t.



SLearie Constantine's
Death (See p 3)

LII---r ~ --rP


Page T~vw T H E S T AR Friday, July 2, 1971


Today we are having a bouquet-throwing session. Critics may incline
to feel that the critical faculties of this columnist are overly developed
as compared with his plaudatovT powers. This would not be a correct
judgement. If 'his approbat ory impulse appears in danger of atrophy,
this (I regret to say) is only a ..reflection of the state of the nation.
So much by way of apologia.
I have before me a copy of the Report of the Supervisor of Elections,
Mr. V.I. Winaton, dated 16th. November, 1970, relating to the General
Election of 6th October last. It is a comprehensive and well-produced
document. It is, moreover, not a stereotyped publication as are so many
official reports and it will assuredly be referred to profitably by
future historians when the bizarre 197O0 General ElectiOn is being studied
and analysed,
The account of the Court cases initiated by the fragments of the
then disintegrating Dominica Labour Party is given in interesting chron-
ological sequence and the decision of Mr. Justice Berridge in the most
vital of the cases is reproduced as an appendix. Most interesting!
Many officials could profit by a .reading of this Report as indic-
ating the manner* in which a dignified Civil Servant can write on an
official matter with objectivity and impartiality. Incidentally, a read-
ing ot this Report shows, that in the confusion over voting symbols, the
Governor allowed himself to be drawn too far into this matter which,
certainly should have been dealt with by the Supervisor of Elections.
The Report contains what to me appears to be two eminently sensible
recommendations for the conduct of future House of Assembly elections,
'viz. (1) that Civil Servants should not be appointed to perform the duties
of Supervisor of Elections and (2) that the Supervisor of Elections should
be free to obtain independent legal advice at public expense.
Under the conditions prevailing in Dominica, it surely takes strength
of character in a Civil Servant to make these recommendations. It must
be out of abundance of experience that these recommendations have been
made and one can easily imagine the pressure from official quarters to
which a Civil Servant can be subjected, although his job is to hold an
impartial balance between, not Government, but one political party and
another. That the Supervisor should be able to seek what he considers
the .best possible legal advice at public expense when he is in doubt ib
sensible, otherwise he must be guided in such circumstances by Governmeht
lawyer. -- f .. ..- _
The statistical on the mechanics of the voting are interesting, but I
should like to disagree on one point : I feel that the percentage of vote
received by a candidate should be calculated not by reference to the num-
ber of votes cast but to the number of votes accepted. It does not seem
to me to be profitable to bring into the reckoning votes which were spoilt
and therefore not contributing to the final issue.
One more point: I cannot say that I profit by the commendations given
during the period when the incoming returns of the voting are being broad-
cast and I knbw that many others share this view. It is a very tricky
busSness and so many of the comments come wide off the mark. It were bet-
ter to confine comments to the geography of the polling stations and to
the comparative statistics of the last Election, with liberal supplied of
music to sootle jaded nerves. This suggestion is, of course, not for the
Supervisor of Elections, whose business it is not.
Once more, congratulations to Mr. V.l.Winst%1 on a very able report.

For some time now, this columnist has been. advocating a wider selec-
tion of persons to do the honours at public functions other than Govern-
ment Ministers and their ladies. I have tried to show that the state is
a concept wider than that of the Government and it is unwholesome, not to
say unprofitable, to cause the attention of. the population, particularly
the young, too be focused on a few individuals clothes in-brief authorityi
(Concluded on page four)

I 1 .I -"f .

Page Thro$

*** Q U E E N and COMMONWEALTH*** N 0 T I C E
Last week-end Police in Polkstone, GOVERMENT OF DOMINICA
England, ordered a security clamp- GOF DO
down after an anonymous telephone TREASURY BILLS : FOURTH ISSUE
call warned that an attempt would The fourth issue of Treasury Bills
be made to kill Prince Philip, the oed o riay 1th Jue at a aer
Queen's husband, during his tour closed on Friday llth June at an aver-
of South England coastguard statia scnt rate o 171%. hisre
o he Duke of Kent (Queen's first Besents an average annual interest
SThe Duke of'Kent. (Qeen's first
cousin) was elected President oftherate of 6.98%.
British Football Association. *** The total amount tendered stood at
0812,500 against a total amount offer-
We deeply regret to announce our Notice of another issue will be
dear friend Learie Constantine's published in due course,
death, a few weeks after the Dr.'s C. A. SORHAINDO,
warning that he should give up hiBn F.27/19 Financial Secretary.
strenuous life in cold old Britain. *,93
S"One of the greatest cricketers ofl 993-1/1.
all time" "A West Indian who cros-
sed all barriers" (two tributes) MORE ABOUT TOWN : by CERES
Grandson of a slave, son of a cric~ Here I am again, your intermittent
keter, British Life Peer, onetime contributor, after a brief holiday.
member of the Trinidad Cabinet, The Chief Minister's "Roseau Face Lift"
member of the Trinidad Cabinet, Iis certainly making things look idglht-
top-ranking welfare officer,fightaer in this shabby, thown of ours. Bo
for equal rights for colouredpeop er in this shabhy town of ours. Boy.
everywhere (and particularly in The Government buildings have sure
England), Learie and the Editor of gone modern in their outlook. It is a
the STAR marched on many a demon- pity that some of the young men in the
station together; to his lovely Ministerial building don't try tolmqp
wife Norma and his family we ex- up the prestige of these departments
tenA our saad. true svmpathl. + + .+and dress cleaner and neater. Push-
OPERATION ROSEAU by M. Labad insa, jeans and shirts-out-their-pants
The emphasis is on paint and not certainly don't bring any dignity to-
on the building of proper sidewalks the Headquatters of the Ministers of
and resurfacing of all the streets State. First impressions are always
properly with black sand and colas; the beat.
proper drains and culverts and wid- A friend of mine, Dominican like me,
er: pipelines for the sewer outlets just came back from a visit to Mont-
that choke up so often and make our serrat, and she was so impressed by
Roseau smell bad. THIS should be the courtesy and pride of countryvhich
Operation Roseau: existed in this little State which is
Remember Mr. Armour's promise to really a miniature Dominica,physically
"rebuild Roseau" (at his opening speaking. Visitors are approached by
speech of the Government Headquar- the man on 'the street and given a
ters ); it was not just to reduce verbal and smiling welcome to the small
paint by $3.00. island "hoping that their stay be en-
LeBlanc gave Armour the purse joyable and they they will return egain".
but he the Premier still controls: How unlike Dominica of today, a land
the cash in my opinion. When there known previously for its hospitality'
is any inquiry, Armour may pay for This happy condition still exists in
it. some country parts, but today a strangr
The is the story of the Dog and walking through the streets is liable
the Agouti. to be pushed or spat upon by the gangs
ANGUILLA In a letter that just hug the corners, at times
ANGUILLA: In a letter to the Brit ven abused. Why should beautiful Domin-
ish TIMES welcoming Britain's de- ica be spoilt by a few who certainly
cisien to act without the consent cannot love their country a who certa
of St. Kitts over the future of cannot love their country or have the
Angulla, Mr. Ronald Websitdr told good of their country at heart. Let's
other Caribbean lands not to inter iope that time will bring reason. Hereb
fere in a situation "towards which o a better and hapier Dominica. May we
they have made no worthwhile con- follow the Premier s advice. Face-lift
tribution." ********** **** I oseau from undesirable behaviour.

Friday, July 2, 1971


Friday, July 2, 197'1

Page our TE STA

B O t Q U E T S by ANDROCLES from page two
It has been my argument that the many other worthy citizens and resid-
ents of Dominica'ought in turn to take the spotlight in public events,
particularly when organised by non-Government bodies.
The Canadian Save the Children Fund authorities have done just
that in inviting Mrs. Gordon, lady of the Methodist Superintendent, to
preside at its recent child welfare exhibition at the Goo.dwill
Parish Hall. Herself a mother and an encourager of youth movements,
Mrs. Gordon was an ideal choice. Miss Dorothy Jules is the local repres-
entative of the CSCF organisation, and a bouquet therefore to her'
What strikes me is that one may expect a more sensible attitude in
this matter from smaller, and (on the surface) weaker organizations than
one gets from your Chambers and Chapters. Why should this be? I suppose
the whole thing is a matter of the purity of motives.

There has been much discussion of the Douglas $10,000 refund,
grant or what-you-will, in the local press.; and this columnist has; taken
part in the discussion. He stands by what he has written and makes no
apology for the views expressed. A principle has: been involved.
But it should not be inferred'.from his writing that this columnist
* believes that Mr. Robert Douglas is party to any ugly feature which the
incident may have disclosed. He knows Mr. R.B. Douglas too long and too
well ever to imagine that R.B.D. is involved in any chicanery in the
matter Mr. Douglas has been a successful man by dint of sheer ability
and hard work and, as far as I know, there has never been a breath o:f
scandal or suspicion in his business activities. Persons like Mr. Robert
Douglas and Mr. J.B. Charles in the matter of business probity stand as
beaeons in this respect to our young people, proclaiming the lesson that'
financial success can be achieved on the basis of financial integrity.
I therefore attach no blame to Mr. Robert Douglas for applying for
and accepting financial concession from the Government in connection with
his very fine Portsmouth cinema. Most of us might do the same in similar
circumstances. It cost nothing to apply and one may get it. the onus and
responsibility is entirely that of the Government: they interpret and
administer the law and it is their duty to grant or withhold.
One does not have to be in collusion with the present Government
to be its be neficiary. The hundreds, if not thousands, of persons who
benefited from the Government's pre-Election largesse and extravaganza were
not in any way in cahoots with it, but for political reasons, the Govern-
ment reckoned that it would be useful to woo them. No one has attached
any blame to the recipients: all of it has fallen upon the heads of the
Government people. And I believe exactly the same applies in the case of
Mr. Douglas. This gentleman has entered into no compact with the Govern-
ment, as far as the evidence before us indicates, to get the conession;
but the Government appears to hope that in some far-fetched ana evious
way of which Mr. Douglas himself may be unaware, it could be useful to
be in his good graces. For Mr. Douglas is a man of considerable influence,
particularly in the Northern District.
Thus Mr. Douglas would be quite wrong to imagine that the well-
deserved strictures upon the grant of the concession is any reflection
S upon his probity and his prestige. It would also be quite wrong and
quite unjustified on the part of any person to attach any blame to Mr.
Douglas. I trust that Mr. Douglas appreciates the position. I am sure
readers see the distinction.
Premier Errol Barrow of Barbados said at a Press conference last
week-end that if he found any support for Opposition political groups from
the United States, United Kingdom or any other Governments "I will not
only ask them to withdraw their Ambassadors and Representatives but take
steps to ask for the withdrawal of their citizens." U.K. nationals in
Barbados number between 1500 and 2000, and U.S. citizens more than 500.


Page Four

Page Fi-v

Friday, J3hy 2, 1971

C ---.-IC -~- --- --s -- L L


13 acres of l3nd in the Parish
of St secrge, 10 minutes drive
'fom toY.n; has coconut, cocoa,
times, bre-ifruit, mangoes and


a house

r~- ~~-. ..tnr~~ sfl~ W4~m tn a n

ST. P T E R'8


A:nmg: the isljnd-wide celebrations of
St. .Peter's Dba wa, the annual trip
from Pert ioutha, after the Masa at
thae Iain Catholic church, by boat to
te fishing villages of T an-tan Tou-
eari and. 2apuizcle z O thi~ y~sa a trip
ore of the Carib nccas cont-sined
BPather Charu' and t- Aa Rec-
tcr. At each village the people and
their boats were blessed.
Osne of the leager fishing boats
that took part in the sea-procession
was from B3arbuda (it ca=e over spec-
ially for the popular and enjoyable
occasion). The singing and dancing
on a~,me of the boats was quite a faat
t. sea rwas q ite choppy*
'ihis could be an even bigger ev-
ent if more people knew of the fan
that was evident among the trippers.
Ile hope that od will indeed Bless
the f.isher-n n 'and keep them safe,
and accept their joyTfl celebrations
of *he festiva.l. P.W.

We lhave received your long and very
intezating letter "TO 8AVS A PSOPLM".
I'Cnleas correspondents sign their
trse nsme, stating in confidence to
the jLitor that they wish it kept
eecret, we are liable to publish.
Kinclly commramicate. Your views are
il xcrtant. Editor.



50 vatts with 4 ohms speakers
:3 watts with 3 ohms speakers
Call: 292W0 J-y

4 i~P1Pt~mIJT U1Z4J zrmr

v b6

I am all out, calling the atten-
tion of the Mayor and other rewesen-
tatives of Portamouth, and all hao
think that dtating rotbish bare and
therw on the seashore behind the
back-wall is decent. It is said that
the Mayor himself does not have a
appropriate place for imping his
rabbigh. Bat asrely be is considerate
enough to think of other people'o
comfort and convenience... and we a*e
in a warm of flies lieassaases...
The garbage which is being colect-
ed daily from all creviens is Ang
just on the besu. No dombt the dia-
pers are waiting sad hoping that w
high waves will corm, pick it up andA
wash it into the *a.
Now, I would like Mr. tMyor to
take a walk with his groep to the
Promxag6 ree (Bilk Cotton Tfv) Just
to have a fair look at the somenWt
while in the erantime he'll be e-
joying the butsing of fliesassas...
in his ears, like rlan~1 a Joet, and
will also be covered with aseet-U.mLa
Why not ezPloy a person to take
care of the thing by asking mre it
burns, or dwmp the garbage in moa
other convenient place?
But despite all the ideas, plan
and inventions of Portarouth anie-.
ipality, our homes, our poowrrrrrr
homes, have the condition of a bee-
hive with flisesssasaasassss.....
Please don't let &ayoWa disfigure
and destroy tne face and the pleasant
atmaoaspe of Me ar M Qii.
A arBaUiaG 8 B iOtlnM ,Portmouth.
Mr. Thom- ~s tienne was Wllemd by
Mr. Conrad C;yru, Chairzmn ef the
newly elected Banana AMoeiatimon BMd
on 25th J*une. The gMimiter heed the
Board &e wa o ld* work *hand
in glora* fr the r~o.oticn and in-
deed the ia i-val of th induatry.
He streemsd tthe jitportant positiln
of the 2,oard, whlich =t entrcuto4
with the managementt and control of
the baxnana industry. The aPality of
eaxorted banrase was vital.
Pirst release are crem~Vng in about
the sweepe-ta e and coMpetitions. w
weepstake promiaes a giveraay of
4&,500. 1st prise 45,000; 2nd $1600.

Friday. July 2, 1971 T H E STAR Page Sic

Parry Bellot, who recently attained
his diploma in business administrat-
ion at the British Columbia Institute
of Technology and is now on a short
additional course in Britain,writes:
SDear Madame Editor, I haven't
read any recent issues of the STAR
but doubtless you have been Qomment-
ing with some enthusiasm on the NEW
YORK TIMES expose of a secret inves-
tigation which unmasked the double-
talk and double-dealing that charac-
terised the entire U.S. involvement
in Viet Nam.
You and your readers will probab-
ly recall that three to four years
ago I came to their defense on the
several occasions when you denounced
American policy, I was a big U. S.
defender then, No longer. About two
years ago the futility and tragedy
of the whole American misadventure
in Viet Nam finally reached me. I
joined the ranks of the many (some
of them very distinguished)individ-
uals. who changed and came round to
the view that the War represented an
unfortunate abuse of power.
Just how great was this abuse
only came to light through the N.Y.
Times recent scoop, One of its sig-
nificant disclosures was the decep-
tion of the people by the.U.S.Govern-
ment. At last the whole world would
realize that it was as ridiculous to
accept at face value what the U. S.
preached as: it was to accept what
the U.S.S.R. propagandized. We Dom-
inicans long rejected acceptance of
the latter; it is time we begin crit-
ically to scrutinize the former.
Still, there is something we
shouldn't forget. The scandal. that
was U.S. Viet Nam policy would never
have become known without a free
press. Face it, such a disclosure
would never take place in Russia or
any other Communist or dictatorship
country. That, of course, is the
beauty and basis of democracy: a
chance for expressing and practising
different principles, policies and
programs. It is not, however,perfect,
The continuing story of the U.S.
and Viet Nam has not ended.Indeed,
there is a lot I would like to say
on the subject, not all necessarily
anti-America. But this letter was
written merely to acknowledge my
poor foresight and compliment you
for seeing immediately what it took
most others years to discover."


-- I --- -- --*"" --- ------- "-- -,
You are asked to dispose of all
refuse within the confines of your
premises. This could be destroyed
by trenching, burning, burying or
Special attention should be given
to used cans and broken bottles, as
these can be dangerous to your healtJl
if they are thrown where people move,
Remember clean and tidy dist-
ricts lift the standard of Public
Health in the State.

by David' B. Allfrey


We West Indians love sports; take
for instance cricket: if ever we
miss a cricket match we almost go
mad or something of the sort. As
for football, nearly the same app-
lies. As most of us know, we like
to use our limbs a lot, but the
thing we. hardly use is our brain,
for that includes thinking and con-
centrating on what you are doing or
about to do.
There are lots of games in which
we either use our hands or our feet
in some way; these are outside games.
But there are also indoor games: like
Scrabble, snakes;,& ladders, Ludo,cards
draughts and the more difficult chess
...etc. These indoor games I do admit
have also to do with our hands, pi )
PARRY BELLOT added a postscript:
"I am still awaiting Androcles reply
to nm request that he explain the
differenceinimotives between American
anC AUGSS:lan al.

Anniversary Public Meeting
The Party will hold a public
meeting ;on Monday, 5th July, 1971,
commencing at 8.30 p.m. from the
porch of the Dominica Trade Union
Hall, eQeen Mary Street, Lagon,
The meeting will commeemrsaate the
events of 5th July, 1968; but, in
addition, the burning issues and
topics of the day will be discussed
by the public's favourite team off
platform speakers.
An interesting announcement will
be made in the course of the meeting,

Sm sr; s, JitAy 19 : 2 Sa

Hii expels sra r ons
,f I ; i 1N

awer fEati tbeftc' t
wea? ^-;h 0*' cS Ce- wt

ftgo. in cfr-a i7 enhiaw-
flS. seams en atsh wcrks u s,

NaRnteiere Stret, Pwr1-t

Aai-aIA. Lawe. g ian -slt*e
brarswa tf&Vt
eaii kinart % ofa tothalv
4t4a be t sia ts tet l s t
in yeasi. plih l e wee
t*ibrviewnd teOwd bs-eit ab

mgblass ert-i exm~ont
A4 32. 41 Ainag has livor
*e kiond ol hiE nont pare
ity: daa of. After ragt-
baf wiht the Trinlid rti
GSvetenswt RAiVVay i4
n'os iAkinads of teiehnical
gtsaa, h left far Britia n

tenginerng exanaroa ii.

Ltm*.Pla s leuIy!yLS' iV MtS
.ided that arta ws reawl v
"his ning" 'ad so instead.
,e brean.e -a mIstaetai at
Ca'aserwell. Art School in
London. l!a-nin ito sketch
stesi '4e wkile \zr&"ti-
*ou the sutrvay. ster, Ue
Mused the *'pimewsnt paint-
enr" in Lindon..
Eack bhome Li IsW. Akong
toek to dt(ring xptyrtrpts, anAd
.aowlng the pattnr --o hir
*snfleriance to Lsaedon, he
Wntt to W whers he aroAsed qgt4t a

rPtSwA .:;-.T z?;/S,

bit df jitersAt doing
'^r; i Bt Last ery
ew bsftifwt As se

Tn -ea ei C tart in eaa eu
rr s n tti en yea o e
-ayOaikg l as. eTby

utnr a w ia thse R fheey
*e oon's' aiufphtkeass."
Re said tart m as q' a-
cemn'aisw tt' dona ( n't
awzr?' at SB anitsh ts" 2
fpl. f*p'a* to iem who

A' a alroI A '
kznws t's vtlui od Mek y
wa g'ac 5 armB else., be
W Aot thira t its is-
?!v'n'swwr iMnid -*a erihinai'r
*the O xw.- :to lUery en.'s -P;s

lt if t use of Ifis ati-
tsxit tlrt Ie has tbeen ledi
to "steek anted" the
Caribeeb. Tie rnU1y two g
t.en Car's l tan l'ies UPn-
fwml iar eft, are kaont-
W4g the Vtrna -I,

'-sa K' beiaueA i;t is t li
cTmaylatn'&ti'nL UZrnscIed.
Akteg's truatystious are
enrolld, c he ny-s, wiaen ia
Srepnhwmirs, t st n triciate
detail te virgin forests
a;# streaas
Rif L'osalaitaw ladaens tca
!-rm stem iS his a e-st
Sru~1 thP;a.

"i;aytr i, *?EiVs I A It7i.

ir Thastaxg, .Agii n sFee;
aut!idt ea weekends gongt
to Cy'IP1a Bay in MIarace!s
to Qi'Z*, ir to abeorbi Ui

Akt i. tiw hlvmv. ?ait qi'
ife, ad it is thilt *rip
witalh base bed t MRs decMeat-
thx Mcis cafemt hr'wing
4iikd ,mdij Tosbagoi.
erbcard. he e iinf stEra;-
orb;.i'd. he rtastla tf. dsir;

to l.e cnre "iretia.

tlier. s t Ahwv thrirern s ts

ain' "r'Sehe te tow."

% C t.WINC O ?F NOVEt,

Tin yoitAg artist tiras et9,
irhave this d*iesrri g r8a-
prom.h, Akcag thaxts.. The
detsN-' to *"wkfrto is thwre,
and *his eaerwS and har.
t'aitt aTre n'ais feor

hP. ma-tted@ '-e Br W
Wez j': rjwe M-tt

Sr. Akei as.t it is aati-
k"ft ife, Fir. it. Le savr .
Shbr; wer tet hitenes wKide
le'l :' (toe be yowusftelrs
kas'. (esth5s &iuh as :
to 0I( this" and "'.i'e*; it
vtm a lot a f mre'"'
Aks-wae's test eaSbsitit,.
'*The Wok ofat a ".ettnAt"
expiins hbis r-.ln ..;ir'&.,

Sn oqaii' r

Joshua speaks on Anguillal
Ju .....n.. .r. r i

S uN., St. Vi thi e copte 3o:'' c a tha e people o
r*.* ,c"t, Ji-e 2E ... enguCi. now Brribm A;i ni1'i alone. "hzve|
iMr. Ehnetcr Joshua. s;-A come to the aid o' t;,.d the i-ter yock of
former Chie:f Mirisrer the i;nal cleg.ected ter. i't-~rea.sment and decided

henr that no West Indian under \witehall coloiiatl
(5G1e ment h d theW Mr. )oshua told a ism, titan that of St.
rigtM to superimpose its ubhtic smetipg aaee tliAWi". *-Reter.,


Tis ha r te as ea aet wa I

sas in- State '%u
Are suffting front a wa
and iconstanDt teadiiche.

I'm drsad serious and unt
tibkt fuiMy
SWhat's ianecd rtos in
Kits is MONEY.

Xlfi *?)* a ';d:ft A'>.[' -
t/as tasti-.;7 '; 7'3 -.; 7 3-f
and &a ii stil ,)n it srttaii
anaes. Sran-ae !hiuh. tse
perwtn who ine'ant-ied mr
wTost f vI the1 Mnlish
wasl? Cwrtea 3Kla'iolltey.
mi e "At tat"' .anBe a
Ir~t ~lt pofprseala itvieltat
/r e1-Wi s does sora's

le?" R te i7U Gma a Strapers
'e 2r s'Yk2 1sw tS'tatli Ge
wwe '?ld trnts ''Scrae) t

na-4 It 45ching qoLt"

3s h iird te perIb k" ii
10e Cp44a4 s B4. 'rnth : L,

wikr' toe :aRmdatae cre Afr.
&Mid Wsif. Okt A'Nriy,
mtam01- iptao the ieepstii
wit1et e& ltvsBi .f or.

Uwit paper t'tgf;nw..,Sta^r" !r
tyasiwt for riom and
Obe .4in eAr# ed1il
fagg ilrs. A'rEy, *he k is a :Iot-
"wJSis?, .etftowMer'd 1 wp tow
rd' 'nf.0 wer'.;g Pin a well.
T'*ws. P at K'ond@Ciiie4i pweopiite.
AkongwiVl tlhsirate hisn
1-t1; an'i'ei wit pen ani

Ose ici ei'ht cildi'cn.
'sn or f prsitive avFp!tule 'rr crepa-
dve b rs JrewiBs,. Ak anA wa;'
this tahy ai2n w'(kae inil:rt
onug? 5fter 7ttetsscPcnw.
Yet. i* is t:raised fic i
aidslei i n"> sad is s nitpr-
Stinw a.t *.ae V&tiEC PAweV
Stcation f Wragehton l'1k4d.

~ ----ne --I- ------ --
I'I~----~^C~*-Yh~-- -6 -T


I t. Sf-AR

"Get it Done"
Haing troub with your cornirt? Well call the
"Hanfy Ma n.'"
Pipes, sewers, sinks, dec. irors,water or ectrical.
all M. LABAD,
u2- River Street or
i -^,/, 4 Letec Lane.

Spend Less
Get The Best

i26 Victoria Street, NEWTOWN
and 46 Hanover Street, ROSEAU, opposite
The New Market.
Help The Ecornmy of The Stte
9,._- Buy Lfocal


The Change In Sihop Hours
Although the Order aUows for shops antd ato
remaining open until 5 pm. Morda:y-Thu:rs-
day, (with overtime payable after 4 pi.m.).
: The Chamber of Commerce, recrmmtends
to its members and oCers in the business
community, in observance of the foUlowiiag:- Thursdsy ....... 8 a.m. 1o 4 p.,.
Friday 8 aa.. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.nm. to p m
(Note: The late closing hor on Fiday for g;i3xeis
especially. Agam, overite after 4 !pa-. w.
bep Ip.k).


arawn bly Anthony Burton aged. 15.


Your ars are straight. The rack an pinion steering
The Capi is a Driver's car

For a start the driving position is low, relaxed.
Your anns are straight. The rack and pinion steering
gives you positive and precise control.
But everything about driving the Cspri i- what nit w
always meant to be:





W** Servie Wha We Ssel'

Terd.ers are invited for the
supply of Cement to Government
Departments foat the period 3rd
August i 971 to 31s.t Decembeer,1972.
2. Teneders which should be in
sealed envelopes anr clearly
market "Tenders for supply of
Cement' should be addpresed to:
The Chairrrtan,
Tenders Board,
Miinistr-, of Finarnce, Trade and
l.- Idus try,
an d should. reach hi~ not later
] than. 1th July, 1971.
S3 It is estimated that the
total amo-unt that will be re-
| uire i f.r the period in question
will be approximately 90,OCC bags.
4. Governimert doe; not tind itself
to accept the lowest or an;. te;der.
Financial Secret ary.
(96, 994- /2. 22nd June, 1971.

---~..rLIC- ~ "4~w -h~- ~

Friday Jily 2 1-72

_______z -AR,

|* s dif Appct 'n for Cen.ifinat of Ti'i? ad Naoingt
I tts onea Cani iatt r- week tnditi'& z z'Sy &a jw)ral9y 1 j9 i

ei TT ) %erwon preset 1 '* o* r ~

V"id'1 CcStus

wssu S. M
'i i 4 4 'l.~~9

w'ri.netr a t.eru rncae
ofl Titie of Noting

r h.wbat far Mfe = rsl of e
stor1 Wi estkaf af VIW. Ia
'tCt cof & pxerwif at bao
wfr nas s a resiekt4 itotaW
.'actOk i d Paris of St
Jsimasewlhgt 1282 q. ia

j tsea eaus ctaemwo-
: bo wesd" f Hwr 6 6 is B 8CAw
wn Tiwnse JPA** Seatxk* by b 0 ? tvy Thnaas
Thuasm JEWSoI, Ws b 4y MLa 4 rt* Pjj**
reI ar's OiWes, ictan Ahigby James,
S 46aese Dominka. !97C, negisrasr of Tties.

Schledu!e 'f AppfiScauon far .CrTficT. nf Ttie and 60JoeingsJ
Sareones nd Caveatsfor week ending &s tey oiJan 1970,
- -- ~ L--.-_-7) ~llL-- M P/ULRL~
;Dei Reqsd I prisonn Prese:vi.-' 'tLure of request
'*] v whiccher 'a Cerrificae
of eie of Noting
tihereo or CILa
WO* i

it Retbat daa*es the
Si tren:-sd the* 21;
| dsk ofJ..)u, W#71
ai 12p.m.

IFinh. ran; -acaociats
jbv bci 'onat'r
a Vanyv IXpiGny
i. ... ...

" u q%.t for Olt isite f t|
i-s: CtrtificiC ofi ThIh ia
;,ct ofa or:U.>B of land
ass r kEcssidcasiA or

r,,!-'.; T~24 sq,,5 it. a .nnd ,
J',-' 'I'ar l j Si. eorgc.
t'. wy. ?q. '. snngW b).4.qtQan folows>.'

t ke North-East evy ids of Mtsibbro tsiemrstrs Uwntdi,
OC the So uh-tIt by avr: t of Skense i.o-.f
Ont. thet Swh West' by lands of S -o : i Fxr-ioibct. an4d
On th; Nort*-West by !leds of' Mi;y/ J4ct'.h. Pp' q lo
Dtt Rtequstea~ Persron Prtsenaihng i.eazure of reutest
; iahiether Certdii, e.
j T Ttlte of Notng
lteq~~~~Gmue~t~ d Narea Ta, or the iC e
I 51k de.y of Mer, ._ ,-tr Certifrsca of ThSe Ia
i9?! j by ht, ra ;s.Ntc *Ia portiw. of t d
* Pt"ne ted the 21, 2 i V. Si-setu. iathe Parish o,
d a, W am k71S VaW1..r ,)Py S. i.*orte, IV the Stae oi
*attlZ210 fL D Ex'oiina& coaf tuRS _547
; .. -. bn a-
Oau the Noreh-f t oy Upper Luanz,
O* the~ South-Evas by Fii Lee. ,
ion thi So;juhWest by ian @df aft yaii, grn
Sthe Mrt h-Wss fy Tand of4l'0rt"s atoy

jsWar's 04-iOw 5Y.VA J. WTTRANO,
xEnag. OivWCaic 197, 1 'Y c Etrsr of Titlts,

NOTE: Any pertsn who desires to obt cct to tie issuing o" a
C Cwtfrtt of t;le on r-e above ppHicathin~ay enter a Ca 'as
?i the above otci wgthnm ix *week frorn the date of the Frrst
Spp~ rance of hiOs schedule in the STAR 'Nowspaper pubitshe4
So this State or from the date when th)e rotcke prescribed by
btw was last served on any owif#er or rj:ceupler of adja9clag
"g to respect of which the Vppcaskan r m;d*.

aaasmala #eiwssan --w--n.- T.bYII~-Li;P

Piacs Nine


Department of Educaed


19711 2


Apphcations ar invited for admission in
OctOber 1971 to the Diloma in Education Courwe
from ai graduates of recogied Universities who
have done at University eve at least one subject
normaiiy ugbJ in. sc co,-..a schools in the West

The Diplora in Education is a one-year post-
grmduate co-rse offered at Mona by the Depart-'
Iment of hEdcatio, U.W. it is designed to be
partiulariy reevant to the needs of schools and
teachers in tlht Caribbean. It deals with practical
teaching problems, and also with the theory which
jis.necssary for the improvement of teaching, and
j the unr rstandint of the problems of education in the
special circurntances of the Caribhtean, butit idoes
not ignore tihe more germral problems connect!d
with education everywberte.


iL App-caii-.- are invited for admission in
'Oc'tobr I to thhe oneW-year course (Eveni*gy
'Leading to Lhe Higher Diploma in Educatioe.
'Candidates *mut be holders of a Postgraduate
I5jDiOpklm in EdatAmion, or its equivalet. TFbi.
course is offered at the Morsa Campus.

The Higher Diploma in Education is a
t quabficate.', ni i its own right, and offers. oportamity
1i for Caisam It is Cesrtain ape of t thecf
and practice o' cdeaion, The course pertsnt
eopi to do rtLtach, and acts as the usvt
Iprerequisita together with the D4iplma, for goie
ons o do the NL.A. in Education at the Uiversity
Or the W1 st liniKm

*Ths closing date foW "e=,-vi* application is
July 17, 1971. Application forms may be obtained
from the RegstraS, Uiversiity of the West Indis,,
Kjiagstoa 7, JamaIca. eami

Keq-;.ue dowed
ew.Paue3 223
iafti s asit. 2
AlO 4ny. !fltv

---------------U-x~UUII-~--U -- ---


Pag Ten THE STAR Friday. July 2. 1971
*8PT9A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* Blyth, British ex-paratrooper has
CRICKET: become the first man to sail single-
National Team Meets Villagers handed round the world non-stop from.
IRVING Shillingford will. lead his; oeat to west. Sailing an allesteel
National Squad on to the Gardens yacht, sponsored by the British Steel
pitch this weekend against a Combin-Corporation, he crossed his outbound
ed Team from the Village Cricket course on Tuesday, nearly 8 months
League (captain Terence Bertrand) later: he lett England on October 18,
and these' villagers are not going toaaso year.
be any pushover. The match is: a one-TEiNIS;
day Sunday one from 10.50 to 5.30 Nineteen-year-old Aboriginal
to be followed by the prizegiving Australian Yvonne Goolagong won the
of the Emerald Hillside Village Women's Singles Tennis Championship
Cricket Tournament (not won by Emer-at Wimbledon today by beat~t g .her
alds this year). We hope that trib- fellow Australian and previous title-
ute will. be paid at this function tcholder, Margaret Court, in straight
all-round West Indian Learie (Lord) sets 6-4, 6-1. This was only her
Constantine who died this week. One second appearance at Wimbledon.
of the greatest cricketers of them
all and the first West Indian to EXHIBITION OF CHILDREN'S ART -
score the double of 1000 runs and this spirited collection of drawings
100 wickets in a, season, (see .53) and aintin is on show at UWI centre.
S... F YOUTH: INDOOR GAMES by D.B.A. fr.p,6
Bowac's First DIfea but in Scrabble (my favourite) you
Neawly-formed Bowac C.C. was defeated can make words. It consists of tiles
by Ambassadors of Mahaut on Sunday with letters from A-Z; besides each
in a friendly match by 29 runs. letter is a number for scoring points.
BOWAC: 131.and 114 for 4, A.Darroux You can get a triple letter score. (3
25, S.Anthony 26, G.LXfond 39 n.o* times the value of the word) or a
and H.Pierre 35 & 25; H.Victor 4/9, double-word score. This is a fine
E.Roberts 3/51. AMBASSADORS: 160, game for people who can't spell well
P.Espit 32, P.Joseph 25, 0.Riviere (like myself and other STAR contrib-
24; J.Philbert 4/50, H.Pierre 3/40. utors). It not only helps in spelling
BOI-NG: but in understanding words and learn-
ClaT WinanSupreme Court Verdict ing new ones, I wish some merchants
would import this game and other good
AN all]-white Supreme Court of 8 (the indoor games. They are fun too'And
ninth Judge, a black man, was dis- what about rainy days when sportsmen
qualified since he had acted as Sol- have to stay at home?
icitor General in the original case)
upheld Mohammed Ali's appeal against LOST DOGr: Should anyone know the
-his 5-year sentence passed in 1967 whereabouts or fate of one large brown
for refusing induction into the U.S. boxer dog named PETER, please contact
army on religious grounds as a min- the Anglican Rector or ring 2610. ed
sister of the Black Muslim faith. ON THE ASSEMBLY AGENDA :
The vindication of Ali comes as Supplementary Appropriations totalling
a slap in the face to the W.B.A. who $72,329. Votes for 18 year olds.
stripped him of his title after he Governor's salary to be upped from
was sentenced. The appeal costs are $13,200 to $15,000. A Development
estimated to have cost Ali US250,000 Bank Agt; a Slum Clearance Act;
as well cutting off his professional Roseau Market Act, handing over res-
earnings. As public opinion swung in pongibglity for the new Market to
his favour Ali was allowed to box the Agricultural Marketing Board.
again, defeated Quarry last October, Also severe interesting motions by
Bonaivena in Decmnber' ana met Joe
Bonaven& in December and met Joe the Opposition S.Fa~delle on Sub-
Frazier for the. Heavyweight Title in Teaury, srand Bay; W. Stevens on
Treasury, Grand Bay; W.S.Stevens on
MAarch losing on an unanimous points Adult Education Programme; Miss M.E.
verdict. He fights Jimmy Ellis this Charles on National Provident Fund. 0
month and is scheduled for a return Premie on financial aid to Black
bout with Frazier later. South Africans. (Report next week
FOOTBALL: which starts soon for Dom- Printed & Published by the Proprietor
inicans will end for football wizard Robert E.Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill

Pel& this month Brazil v Yugoslavia.

House at 26 Bath Rd. Ro W.

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