Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Ms, Jane Lowenthal,
- -Lbrarian,
Research Institute f4
t.e Study of Man,
1 2 East 78 Street,
1i4w York '10021, N.Y
T.S.. ,. ry Av, i.
C03/5/ Wii... ,
''- ^x11- No. 26 __

^\ Virtnti--,- . ;,: J .."
"-R ._ t.. J O F M"K O .

Jrn. buam 2 171

New YOR at 8. 2.

SINCE the SaturdV holiday for
Civil Servants (an maark- you _,e are
in favour of the i-lisured w :-ene.ti
provided everyone acceo"; to il;-,
there has been a lot of coxruiaion.
government has now decided after Co:i-
sultation with the GC.of and T.Us.
on shop hours as follows: Mon-1urs.
S-5pm: ?lriday,8-6 pmn: Sat.arday 5-2mp.
@o-called 'parloutrs' can carry on
from 6 am-9 pm except on Sundays,
when hours are 7-9 am & 6-6 pm
ti S 3 j

i WGSTON, Jamaica,
Ji'uiK I The Ja-
pca Minisuo of Heakth
uis iEble to get trained
aues at. a health clinic
M Eaatarn Hanover te-
*te of a3 ghost
Tihr nurse who:
*49dipmd the aures'1
te ~were frightened

The HstBaver Parish
Coacri discussing thee ^
bmkdown of B ftsemvices
4 the cdliic, was toid'
thalt t daaii nurses had I
imased to occupy the
4arter because of a
bes* apparition, and
nU oea wsltd: to work

On Sun. June 27th at 1.30
I p.m. Dominica Time, a short
Sstor written by Jamaican ex-
div servant S.A.G.Taylor will
be broadcast.
(See Rairm Page 9)

4 FoUrTH iinEws~P4PER

PO. M~OTHS now we bave heard news
that "t-; Labour Party is going to
brinr cut its own newspaperr. Now
Dominicia's fou'rti: newspaper., based- in
format and equil-'nt on TE S3TAR, is
stated by its editor, the. S'ake.r of
the House, to be com-ns ct on Weda.
June 30 for the first t me.
A hint that the c ftto of this weekly
paper will be "aprs ll fecredi c'eat
later" may be totally i. counted,

i T- CYE ~'oucil has
enabled 5C0 young ,.
S.people to visit oaMr
parts of t2e Cormmon-
Swea.l:h t.hij. ear',and
She its first nat-
S^icnal crnfer-nc last
k arch. It is t upported
I L 7 a ,L br itl ais ovt.4g0at
a by tLre aoyal Pamji- its own secretariat.
i?7 ritlstirh ;'o-upa have
Soine this youth lirj.

,- .--. N i.)- LON '
LOND~GN (AP) Toti-e
," soBeId n Sriw feil by tw
Sip bout me m
-: i. Thc T .' W- stBtionm of bThe ciwe a m e
mows Mwul< tip Lcvaqs bm
the tot*I wt$et at * sed
.1 fix AS ci uremn Was woa d. (


The Managr,-,
Dominica Eoecricity Services
Ph: 2681r y. ~

LONDON (AP) :-aridy WOt-
meni cots the death on from
CROM, a ao Bintab mw y
A study. 06, W o0 m cwr-
nd ouWt i *! '. WI cmtW ktlf
abot lif rtb p utit. itumd
eariy toi ca&SM 4ariga the yew
i2uviwd 1f at Wan -sotbur rift
yeua For cawsi Wt, tlrMmI
he ta Il, Aiy i per an W Otl
nen ead i7 pe pr of de me
surn~iemd 5 yrr1L.



_ ~-II -- Y IplL

Zie nisv

--- w-

iF -*-

'Page. Two THE STAR Friday, June 25. 1971

Organized youth in 'Trinidad has given a. rebuke to Dr. Williams, the
Premier, which reflects considerable credit on the young people of that
country. It is based on logic and commonsense and I have no doubt that in
his heart of hearts, Dr.Williams' resye-t for them, has soared. I wonder
how, under similar circumstances., the yotu ~ -t Dominica would react. I
cannot be sure, but as regards their elders --- 'o judge by local perfpmn-
ance I am convinced that they would have taken the Government's bait -
hoofi lin and sinker.
It may be recalled that, exactly as was done in Dominica on three sep-
arate and reasonably proximate' occasions, the Government of Trinidad re-
fused to enfranchise the 18-year-olds in time for the recent General
Election. I :do not know what reason, if any, the Government of Trinidad
gave for its refusal. In Dominica, the Government stated that youth was
not sufficiently-well developed mentally to exercise the franchise and
that to give the vote to 18-year-olds would be disastrous.and cause div-
ision in the schools, based on Party politics,
In both Trinidad and Dominica, however, the Governments having, won the.
General Election, immediately turned back on their tracks and by their
actions showed- and proved that they were acting in the worst possible bad
faith when they refused the franchise to: the young people, In the case of
Dohiinica. and even on the eve of the Election when no longer possible to
S--en-franchise the 18-year-olds, the Government announced that if returned
i4 jul-d do so in time for the vote to be exercised 5 years from that date.
S^i neeting of the House soon after, the Government affected to intro-
duce legislation towards that end. But in Trinidad the Government found
itself on a limb whuen, completely sweeping the polls, there was as a con-
sequenee: no Leader of the Opposition to nominate (as required by the Con-
stitution) 4 Opposition Senators for appointment. In his predicament, Dr.
Williams, after a round of refusals elsewhere, turned to the federation
of youth organizations and offered it to nominate from among its members
2 of the Opposition Senator's. In reply, the federation's executive said
that. if the youth had not been found by the: Government a short while
earlier worthy and capable of exercising the franchise to elect represent-
atives, how could they now be considered fit and suitable not to elect
but .to- be representatives? Against such logic, there. can. be no comeback
and thus "the whirligig of time.bqings in his revenges".

Despite the considerable inerigae in the numbers of the local Police
Force, the maintenance of law and order is patently on the decline in Dom-
inicai. At a time when salaries and conditions of service of the Police
Force have been' vastly improved, the public sees lawbreakers having the
freedom of the city. Why is this? Not long ago'I wrote in this column
that when the history of these. times comes to be written, it will be re-
corded. that the worst thing which ever happened was the calculated deflect-
ion of.,the impartial loyalty of the Police Force to partisanship towards
the Leblaae Labour Party. This has had repercussions of a far-reaching
kind whichIT' is likely to shake the local structure to its foundations.
It is an obvious and well-known fact that the streets of Roseau, even
by day, are' made unpleasant for young girls and white people by groups of
men positioned at various points. Nothing is done by the Police authorit-
i6,Q.ev, put an end to..this nuisance. Drivers of cars speed and roar as they
"like on the streets of Roseau despite the laws which exist, and the main
road of Goodwill is one of the worst in this danger to other persons,
drivers and'pedestrians alike. Private citizens see all this: not the Police.
The latter is more concerned with whether) a. car is parked below the regul-
ation distance.from the corner of some remote side-street.
Language of the vilest and filthiest kind is commonplace on all streets
and public roads, certainly in the town of Roseau, but the Police is more '
concerned with reporting and covering meetings of the Opposition Party so
that their political masters may know- what is the criticism of them.
(Continued on Page Four)

Page Three

GUYANA will eliminate the Queen's UNION states:-
birthday holiday & celebrations as "It has been brought to the attention
from next year.* The new Government of the Union that Shop Assistants are
of Antigua will give preference to blaming the Unions (and the Amalgam-
the Queen's birthday over State- ated Workers' Union in particular)for
hood day. The story of Her Maj- the new Shop Hours.
esty's romance and marriage with "The Amalgamated Workers' Union
Prince Philip, published by LQng- wish to make it clear that at the
mans and written by Basil Booihroyd joint conference held with repres-
is now out: its title r "PHILIP". entatives of the Chamber of Commerce
BRITAIN: P e Mr Eh and the Ministry of Finance, we made
BRITAIN: Prime Minister Edwar4Heathat we were opposed to over-
Shoit clear that we were opposed to over-
mrnked his first year of offo e by time after 48 hours. It was then
noting general approval from the agreed that the Shop Assistants Wages
Press on his decision to postpone Order should be amended to provide
the key Parliamentary vote on the for overtime after 45 hours but this
Common Market until after the sum-
Common Market untilve s a chane m-to is the responsibility of the Ministry
mer recess:, to give MIPs a chance to of ome Affairsand the Amalgamte
Si of Home Affairs,and the Amalgamated
discover their constituents' views* Workers Union intends pursuing this
AUSTRALIA: the last (12 oz) ni1he- matter through the Labour Advisory
at-a-birth baby died, as expected* Board.
JAMAICA: the feat of endurance of "We wish to remind our members
a 14 year old Jamaican boy, who employed with A.C.Shillingford & Co.
had to bury his father at sea while Ltd. that when we concluded the first
drifting in a canoe for 20 days be- Commercial Agreement in the State in
fore being rescued, was flown back December 1970, provision was made for
home from Panama and was in tears overtime after 40 repeat 40 hours and
and low physical state when he that while other commercial workers
joined his mother and 5 sisters. may be required to work 48 or 45
He ate raw fish and drank seawaterork 4 or
tke a fis ank seawater hours before receiving overtime, they
to'keep, alive. (A.C.Shill--fgford Workers) are entitled
ZAMBIA: The Zambia Govt. has bought by right, through D.A.W.U. 'a represen-
4100,000 worth of Guyana debentures station on their behalf, to Overtime
to help finance development projects. after 40 hours."
Mr. Roger Barltrop, British test wicketkeeper, will captain the
Representative from St. Lucia,spent English Universities Athl~ tic Union
three days in the State, saw people cricket team this season; most matches
and scenery, met the Press, dis- will be against County elevens.
cussed with Roseau Town Council how DOMINICA: CHILDREN'S ART EXIBITION
he might besthelp them. He seemed DINICA: CHILDREN'S ART EIIIO
toemight best help them. He seemed A really wonderful collection of
peoplenjoy here enjoyedvisit as much aseeting him children's drawings & Daintings was
people here enjoyed meeting him submitted to first judging at the UWI
JAN CAREW'S VISIT A BIG SUCCESS centre this week.: over 700 exhibits,
Little by little the great validity some by tiny tots ("We play"), others
of what author and professor Jan evoked by a story, age-group 7-12;
Care had to say about Black Power and "Banana Day" 12 to 15 years old.
and his broad West Indian heredity An early report says that a remarkable
has penetrated into the minds of variety of junior talent, mainly from
listeners. His talk at the Dominica the primary schools;,, is evident; the
GrBSchool was outstanding. It has; been youngsters have interpreted the scenes
taped, and ought surely to be broad- oring to their own lives and ob-
cast, like an earlier discussion ovation. The judges will review
two parts perhaps (it discusery lonin first selections next week, and we
two parts perhaps (it was very long shall announce "show opening day".
and thorough). In a few days Prof.l announce show opening day
Carew will be returning to his Univ- UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
ersity duties at Princeton (Head of The first round of the Pentagon fight
Black Studies). Plenty of appreciat- to suppress airing of its secret re-
ion, good will and gratitude goes port was won by Press freedom. The
with him. Above all, he is an artist.U.S. Govt. is likely to be defeated
We hope he will, like Barltrop,come on this vital issue.


s~;~av, June 25. 1911

g Your
pRPFORMANjE AT GIRAUDEL by Addrocles (Continued from Page Two)
Owners of stolen;goods-find it more economical of time to let things
be than to-seek help from the Police. Ror, to begin with, they must file
Sleisurely-'cmposed report before any immediate or emergency action is
taken. On '.,op of all. this, we now hear widespread rumblings of charges of
Police, brutality. I am not in a position to confirm or deny these alleg-
ations, but it is disturbing, that they should be made at all.
The popular explanation of this state of affairs is that the Police
must not interfere unduly, lest in so doing they cause support to be. lost
to the.ruling Party. This explanation is not as ftar-fetched as it sounds
because there is now definite proof that one Minister (no longer one) in
the last tabbur Government issued verbal instructions to Town Constables
not to enforce Regulations lest that affect the Party politically at the
then forthcoming General Election. I am not suggesting that the Police
have such instructions, but it is .qite possible that 'Party-political'
as so many policemen have openly become, they know the minds of the bosses
and are. playing as more royal than the Queen. There are many persons of
the opinion that before the thing, goeq any further, a competent and impart-
ial Commission of Enquiry should be appointed to allay the fears of citi-
zens and weed out such delinquents as may be discovered in these unaWol'.-
esome practices,
The cool upland village of Giraudel last week held an Achievement Day.
This occasion is one intended to display the accomplishments and improve-
ments in the village and in the individual villager's ways of doing things.
So the village is "at home." to friends and well-wishers.
Among those present on this occasion were the elected representative
bf the area in the House. of Assembly, Hon.Anthpny Moise, who is also the
Leader of the: Opposition; also a number of government Ministers, includ-
ing Mr.Armour, Minister of Finance. At speech-time Mr. Moise did his stuff
in the approved way, naturally referring to the achievements of the vSllage
and offering encouragement and congratulations. Mr. Armour, however, and
not unexpectedly for him, preferred political controversy and so, called
upon, to address the gathering, he launched into a tirade against the Op-
position for bringing the recent Government "refund" of $10,000 to light.
He read from a prepared text and one wonders whether this is new tactics*
Normally in such situations, Mr. Armour would have taken to the air on
WIBS in an attempt at refutation, but bitter experience in coming off
second best in the ensuing newspaper analyses has perhaps made a wiser
man of him. In any case, the main point he made in his defence was that
Government had also done the same thing as regards the Fort Young Hotel.
Is this a new game im confining refutation to small rural gatherings where,
perhaps, his bubbles may not be so easily pricked? For Mr. Armour to refer
to incentive legislation applied to an hotel as a. justification for sim-
ilar treatment to a cinema is worse than disingenuous. It is a comparison
of dissimilarsFor there is a law passed in 1958 relieving hotelg all
hotels -- of paying import duty on materials of constructionpetc. This is
a specific measure to encourage the development of the hotel industry and
all hotels art entitled to this; concession. There is no such law as regards
cinemas. Not even the general Pioneer Industries law applies since, as the
title implies, this aw may be applied only to original ventures,hitherto
non-extbtent here. This cannot apply to the cinema industry of Dominica,
otherwise the concession would have been extended to the "Arawak" Cinema
opened only in 1969. And -even to apply the general discretional power
which the Government has, in remitting (for good reasons) import duty applied
to one concern and not to another of the same kind, raises the same suspic-
ions. I can well remember an occasion onlt a few years ago when the same
Government refused to remit the import duty on a truck which OXFAM had given
to the Social Centre for transporting the free foods given to the poor in
all the villages of Dominica. How can you refuse it for such a purpose and
then grant it for a commercial venture which, by all accounts and bearing
in min. the business acumen of the proprietor, is algtag. s success? ( In
fairness, I must add that the refund on the truck was granted when OXPAM
threatened to stop all grants to Dominica). (F ial paragrgah on nage 12..)

Priday. June 25. 1971

rfT '-` IT Ab?

V. s -- .. --- .
A A -=ATE"- OF .N i"


Tu lMaangerss ard Staff f rThe S.P. C..
:Booksop, wishes to inform all customers
thrV they will be dosed for Stock.ain g from
MondSay 28th-Wednesyf 3oth JUne 1971.
The NMaageress,
S.P.CK. ookshop,





ScdtSuk tl Appilcation for C.rtifiate of Title and tbi
erea j;and< Caverats for w'tek veisng Set tEy *faeyggiF
'ete RaviiQed. Person Pretmening Nature of 'reqicute
why her a CertifIcawl
of TItle of Notint.
I"eft rt qr Vis t
Srassi &5*ri l f, t eelts cqwl O I Ats* fi ris. iislif 0e"
3ftf e (0i*a, jt Ctrrifircee o(f fit* Aw
hit. ryher SocioKy Wpct odi cor: io vf laYtn
fSiatted tS id known as a t:YMdentiz st 1
*drfJ aunw, Tfl yVaaupiiny t nhtown o' & O .I. i.s.
sit 12.A m.w tnt PrtJe.h 'i S~t. tait S r1 of [o4mnicaIk ..
'aiatg 24 aq: ft &Aiu'd bout
edw 0 fiowt;- t
s.&,4 ?MNtWEeaz iy eNWd orf Hzristbre It-m tinfwee,
Cit tte SznuthI-et hb ?rnds of Skeste PPird,a
&i 0e S1th WWet by lands $of Smth Franois. M?
O 4h Nahert-West bsy %tMs of Mitty Jot. p "
w Sqves edJPweron PsenTw thn Naturd a?" Ftque. W
whetherr a. Crctif(la '
of 'Timti tf NSh.I, "i

byy. bter50OW ver ofe alt ppateS of au
: entf e- t 11'-t a r> iet. t^anct^ he adS !
Spmtiwl tilt 220 iSt Ctir-.. the $t
32*~blvw ^ isess.. j*nS ^f cc

Othe NiorheEnft by Uptz eOr*r Le
thefO South4-Est ly Field Lan,
O0tiC SouCthWest hPy brnd of .m'ay eSph., iaw
On b t i ev Norh r by tan4 of "idrti w>y,

Schedule of Ap
theraie and Cavsn
0a6 &*amestI!

sio dayo Ma wh

dyeof Jun. It 17
vnt p.l'p,.

phcadon for CerpficateA of T4ie r0lNotn I
i; for week ending asb day rf Jte Ie '
Person. Presenatfg Nature of ratse
whether a Certificate.
of Titls, of Notirt
i thregn 4pr Cc-t,

Mt mtvio!W
by hi, Solicitor
E. H. Fnrasci

*~a f~Smy $x iStk ww
irestpa ot)t'har pwpioa Of
Isad s. New Town, is ? a:
*ra nof tCl &ew co-isr
itr i4t v. it, sod bwoyt-
*" a&{

P WFa&t: by tad of LMb DOiWs: Nort&Wa en Ie4 o
Obs Latantg: SouOh-Was by land of Crnrmie Browne: Soo ,-."
East bfUtghc of Wayr eparaticg it frome laRd of Ltilan 6$eobb. s .
Regtrtar', o ,: F SYLVIA J. BERTRAND.
Koseau. Dort.iica. 971 RegsriiTr of Titi. .
... --------- ----------- --- ,-*^' ----wy- B
NOTE: Any -rsol A ho deires to oblje to t t-eastisitOg of a
Certlcatceof tvle on t',e booe appiteaic n may enxtr a Caveat
ht the above Oafie wrhi:. :.x weeks from the-date of the Frint
Sappearroce of this ce.dutle irn the STAR Newspaper pubswhedf :
in this State or frofr. hre s e when the notice prescribed by
Uew wa last awtved4 n any owner or occupier of adlotiMg >
4W in respect of which .he applicaIon i msde.
wr fl. .. w suwn~nwn~ninAfEfi S

Ira6 sVadr m in B Nz TWuu--
and s46 H=aamr Start, t da 0ri of Thanks .
The MMw J the misc iMary & LoWuis Pimrd & the- Dapigr
T^Help IThe'tee y of Th e |t emaily wish to tkak aH those who in att way syw-
0.aly Local ja9tiFseind widx tlem in their mrcemnt W'd treavae t, Y
J law 'm r' i .*., ___- .''

. ,n .... .i r 'a'",.i I I .. ..

.3lul~s -~----- ---*~ l#l~


. :- _; -: --" .. -:'"Y'' WO- "


- -_U-- --L*I~el~l

~;~S$b :I"P

~9~a+ P~aa:~ $gt&


FerSilizer allocations due to be DISCONTINUED FROM MONYND .2..:':; 8th.
igaued und.e this Scheme for the TO FRIDAY JULY Rnd. :' S WILL
qPapter .ended 31st March, 1971,are BE RESUMED AS FROM M2': .:: Y" V-h.
row available to growers. WE REGRET ANY INOOj ;;- :i: 0iSED
Growers may call at the Insurance DOMINICA COCONUT ""' L''D.,
Office at Roseau or at Portsmouth P. NASSI.Y-:
for their Issue Vouchers. Managing Di. r.. ,
GroWers in the Districts served 983-1/1.
by DistrIct Fertiliser Store rooms UNIVERSITY OF THE ; ''nTT1
may call at such Storerooms for DEGREE COURSE IN : lfj iP
,their Easue Vouchers and Fertiliser OCTOBER. J1
on the usual days. -
It should be noted that on the The University application
days when any District Storeroom is for admission to a ful;..;-. t-. thre .
opened for business, it will not be year degree course in L:.;.; $.i .:...cip
pb6alble for any grower in the which will be introd:::d 1i th:,- Mona
strtct or Districts served by that Campus in October, 19;':i. i, i; ex-
SWOlp om to obtain his Issue Vouch-pected that the course ~-i.ll co:Te
,o $t the Insurance Office inRoseau work in Librarianship )2 -o thei level
Ot JPoyrtouth. of the A.L.A. in Great BI-it., as
ane Vouchers will be issued to well as work in non-L:iT;: v;y -ubjects.
ra onpresentation of their Candidates for addm.iio-n m- .t f.-_
W CardsC
w*#nag8 LCardsisfy the NORMAL UNIVff- .Y iATIT^
$IWID WITH THE AMOUNT OF HIS PERT- satisfy the A level requ -, '~~ o
possess qualifications accpted asa
WUTO ALOCATION, or WHO HAS ANY equivalent to these as ; ia
OD 1;~ DIFICUjLTY IN CONNECTION WITH quiven t' re -s <-... -i
N ISSUE8 VOUCHER, MUST APPLY FOR A this purpose ppicatiy s e.hion1g. For
8=LING CARD OR BRING HIS DOCKETS, this pue applicants con-.
( MWA COMPLAINT, AS THE CASE MAY ta the applicant o
"1$ THE INSURANCE OFFICE AT ROS- assessed by the Matricuiti.on Ioard
A ATE INSURANCE OF E AT R o' the University.
AT P SOUTH. A D. BOYD, As the number of p..aces in the
8th June 1971 General Manager, course may have to be l...T;.- aU
persons interested in :.,:, ,,io, yould
S. VISIT TO SUNSyE apply. However, if the- .>;:: ,-? :?-,sa
applied for admission thi.a -,-..
by David B. Allfrey .
y Davi B, llfrey are at present students t 60 Univ-
The visit to Sunstyle took place eat ps s e
from Ou School (Goodwill Junior HS) er.ity, they should in-c thi.s.
and we proceeded through the street For further details cct-;;;.t the
of Raseas till we eventually reached Extra Mural Departmentr; ;:") ;,ver-
the Ssaityle building, sity Centre daring Ofi o.:
T*e business I think was started 983-1/1.,
hy QlA CathotliA Socnril Cen +.-p We

0u1 n0t all go in at once so the du n bs wt
glrie went in first and saw what auction business which ca lrn out a
awet Sm whilst us boys waited, and lot of clothes in a d- .. j -;*- i that
iwhen they came out we went in and a they hope to enlarged ": ,1T. and
mIa ajem I took to be a Trinidadianto 'set up more machine-:s i ~' i; c.a
hcrIw us around., happen overnight. He vw~'s -a --'y :arim-
We saw the cutter which could ing director. When we Iv'.; g
out peams of cloth all together and back to school the stu..'.s ..:,-:r-.t;d. to
*whi w was very expensive; also the exaggerate to other pu;. .. ,,.-A' ticey
bhaisg stitcher and other machines; had seen. I think the .:-: ~-.. ma-rk is
we N h tien the girls of the factory good one it's a b-r::::: -*1 r ;?-- de-
cl rf the threads before passing sign with a unlike shl c.-;, .; -id how
eta garments to the stores. I see the teachers of ocr ,.-,o,.. even
-KIh( diectotl said all the starting to invest in '...... maybe -
mines' ;iere $1,000 or more, also buying the clothing with the intention
(Concluded on p?,)

Friday,June 25, 1971

1?o Siix


Friday, June 25, 1971 .T H E S T A R Page Seiven
SATURDAY? The Public is hereby notified that
I listened carefully to both until further notice, the Public Works
releases coming ovoe the air regard Division of the Ministry of Commnnic-
ding the cha-noe of hours for shops nations and Works will not be hiring
and s. c c- Vit WVUY? Why should any items of heavy earth-moving equip-
Sat .;.ry. n inclu.l.ded, if the mer- ent additional to those now under
car' :':leKs hve to werk go hire.
mans hci.ra :,':oroe wi th the new change? This notice is aisaed for the bene-
I sE .rrc .td Monday to Thursday fit of would-be investors in heavy
the -.o,.:- a:re frcm 8-5 and Friday equipment for the purpose of rental.
8-6; I h.a' not yet met anyone con W.A. LAWRENCE,
corned :'..iji whom to have a chat on Chief Tecnhical Officer,
the ..a!-t.:, but I feel they would & W Public Works. Division,
sa.; stay on the old or present 18/18,G,90,975-1/1 : 26th June 1971
Tc; work on Saturday for a half- T A L E NT AVAILABLE
day, the weekly hours should re-
maIV. 8 to. 4 and on Friday 8 to 5, Mr. A.M. POPULUS, a native of the
and os-i';:-i 3a to 12 noon, island of St.. Lucia who is rrnried to
Any comi ent, Editor and Re ad~r iss Romancia Maria Joseph c; New
UT,,.- L-i.-., CE, Town, Dominica, is a qualified carp-
Rose :a.u enter and joiner, a holder of the
City and Guilds Certificate in carp-
We think your suggestion reason" entry and joinery and-an O,N.C. and
able, and are in favour of the H,N.C. certificate in Building and
same hc-urs :'.or the same sort of structures.
wor:k wr:..--v- possible.But then He has ten years of site experience
we are, :-rI: 's, and await in the field of timber, reinforced
oto.-Y3 :-.s ,eLi Editor. concrete and steel structural. ourks,
A U... -:.. :TgI U and five years of office oP:pe'ience
We i ;:: !or: .'ot o :,ly -renadians in the U.K., as a draught mas a:..d
who hha3. ;-r:;d c icdi that Lord Browdesign-detailer in reinforce .--d concrete
low 0a ;';t:ete.d. oaly by Immigrat- and steel structures. He is p?:-ently
ion Oi"'Pc i;.: }JuL .e have heard employed in the Ministry of 'Public
several cl:;:i.. in Grenada say Building and Works in the U,K. in-the
that thy returnedd to the Civil Engineering Department as a C.E.
State .th, :;u3t..s Cer maybe Immig- (civil engineer AI) responsible for
ratio on a-i:ke t.:-ic hew long they the designing and detail::o.g of Govern-
inte.'nde.d to Ce had been a ment buildings and structures.
Manre r. of a Banre;rt Bank in St. If the above .alifications and
L- S experiences are of any interest to)
...'t. any better be-. ZOU and_ should you require one with
cause n a lof ours went the qualifications meQtioned above,
back l:. 7 1,i:'hplace) on a
holica:c h- wa a~f::: Sk by an Offic-ou may write to this address:
ial .7,o. L '. w.,3 staying: I need MA. POPULUS
not to.l. y..i :hat hs was furious 173 Portnall Road, LONDON W.9
and infrcecLd the Officer he would Tel 969-8288,
stay as l.n. as he wanted to stay, 91ez fr.p.6) o- g ttn. T.i.r
T:, f-icere then looked prther SUN?'?'6(0? pd) oi eir -ujSs
t C Lce,- then looked properly interested, in buying some, c It's
at t o- and of course agol the third or fourth time he Nns have
owe -e crLd think that fany put out new projects and thiis i a vmy
*:.- .. .-. ficr. would find out good one I say;sta~i some .eopDle get
thr:e -,e of before passing a jobs which they like, tbh :;;ke. good
reIs o. .... est Indiavil garments, and get very s1 .1.... ith the
-Insip g .' .*. trained civil new expensive machines. :. t. h way
of n ~--.ther .thin gour school (GJHS) has. obta.n. its
-s i the new duplicating machine nd I .-- tobe on ..... -...... getting to- the columnist side or THE -" i.-., 2,
gethber, Tn:i; L,., ::lji.,1= opinion it willexpect to see something in it by me!-DBA.
not come to pasa in any hurry,- AJB.



1965 FORD ZEPHYR No. 31$
Genuine mileage of less than 3o,00W Fully and
regularly maintained throughout.
One owner only.
Offers to be made to:
Attorney, ".. Rose & Co. Ltd.,
Bath Esraze. Roseau
IST7 OFlR OVElR 41,5%00 ,sECULR
Purchase will be bv Cash only
^ .* -- - - - ^



(5 6 months old).



L. Oliver Green

Friday, J'n 7
------- -":. ''. -" .'"""^"^-,"

* ,'. .t

The Capri is a Driver's car
For a start the driving position is low, relaxed.
Your arms are straight. The raik ana pinion steeriug
gives you positive atd precise controL.
But.everything about driving the Cari r~ what it was
always meant to be: .--

- FUN.


W "ev Sv:c t WhaC We S, *,
ni j ~ i _n ii iniliii~i.1 ,ii, i~ . ._ ,j ..i- ^ in '.^ i. ^ i I. LI ii r ii'

Can supply you with vehicle- for all- casioas.
Cars and Trucks
Which over the years have proved' the best under the most rigid conditions calling for vrv iittr
atEettion and servicing. We proudly offer-,ou th: f llowiag renow-d vehicles:-


Lowest Priced vehicles.
Roomriest Small car.
Proven Family car
GT fast and Stylish.
The Big One.
The Latest Greatest

ANPD t K/ O/T!/


and 3 TON


King and Queen of the Road.

Delivered in only ten weeks

Unbeatable prices all subject to cash Discounts! B1,OOK NOW fromp present, stocks
or let us have your SPECIAL ORDER
Visit our Showroom on Hanover Srrcc, or T.:I:-' 2iz ifor further r partculars.

Pige tigobt




C*~?--- I ---~I - ---~- ~ -P0
.......... ` ~L*s~l





Page Nine

ON THE SCENE ... by RAMA Fiction MA TITINE by QjnthiaWatt
Some friends of mine, recently It was the evening before Georgeb
returned from Britain, have had to departure and he at on the sea-wall
give up their house at New Town.It at the Bay Front enjoying a Matter-
seems the darned thing is haunted' horn cigarette when a car halted by
As a matter of fact, everyone in the him#. first a casual glance and then
neighbourhood knows the story. A his attitude changed, for the man
young boy was heard to mutter that hailing him from the car was HonPNE.
the couple would never leave there "Hello George: Haven't seen you
alive. Since that time (two months), since your return. You look swell,
the wife has been plagued by unex- man. Business bright over there?"
plained noises, apparitions, cold George's heart both swelled and
and clammy feelings, and a general burned. Should he tell PNE what he
spooky atmosphere. She has lost a longed to say, especially concerning
lot of weight and is almost a total his interference with the Virgin Is.
wreck. This couple with their two authorities, hinting that he,Garge,
children have had to flee to the was an undesirable alien? Commonsense
countryside until more down-to-town won. He answered placidly:
lodging can be obtained. I will quote "Bin too busy to visit Ministers.
here some statements from the indiv- People always in and out. Only now I
iduals involved; "There is always a get a chance for a breeze-off."
feeling that we are not alone." "I "Hey man," said PNE,"let's you and
can't go into a room without some- I go for a drive and take in a bon
thing moving past me; it is like a temps where we find it, o.k.?"
flimsy material and I can see it." George pondered Titine's warning:
"Sometimes the phone rings and I go "Buy you-own drinks and drink in you
to answer it; but always there is a house." But he was not a cautious man,
presence in the room; on one occasion so soon he was seated next to HonPN
the hair on my head literally stood and off for the b1n te1 PNE seemed
up and I felt that I. was being wrap- not to notice Ancine who waited on
. ped up in something or by someone; the corner to be picked up, with. a
I -am just scared." woman friend, to whom she grumbled
These folks who are experiencing Vociferously. "I dere waiting' for the
such phenomena are not simple coun- hb----* and dere he go get Garge and.
try folk! They were in the U.K.for put me out his eye." "Dey go an'fete
over ten years and you would have somewhere, is all.," consoled the friend,
had a hard time convincing them that "Now what's this mauvais.langue
there was such a thing as a ghost, about you and my Titine?" demanded
In doing some research on.haunts, George, bluntly coming to the point
I find that they are often occupants as usual, "Oh, just woman talk,just
of the haunted locale -- usually claque-claque femne," said PNE brees-
those who died or underwent some ily. And he was blunt too. "George,
crisis there. Some appear to re-enact a clever fellow like you, why don't-
their death or crisis. you stick around and join the Party?".
Where the 'paranormal'is concer o "Which party?-" (George pretended
ed, scepticism flourishes. So some to be dumb). "One at L'Aye ca Fete, at
of you readers may have several ex- Palm Grove, at Sea Moon ?" Por it
planations for the cause of the un- was Saturday night.
fortunate couple's flight. However, '"ou old dimwit I mean politics,"
I know a case of a family in Bath said PNE. "I'm on the-Executive of
Road, who had a terrible experience course. About six of'us run everything.
some twenty-odd years ago. Stones We're looking for a Director of Qul-
with curious markings ease into the ture for National Day. Now I thought
house in spite of the fact that the that with your great success in St.
windows and doors were boarded up, Thomas your guitar-playing your
tight: Sceptics were given a taste song making..,I thought you would be
of the action whenever they got too the man for the job."
nosey and sure of themselves.Things "But I can't read an' write," said
were such that a late Catholic Bishop George, "Think nothing of that,"said
had to use the exorcism rites of the PNE. This is folk culture. This is
Church. So before you go to sleep to- work for the nation "
night, ponder these things, "But I don' see we got a nation
Happy night rests yet what about annavy?" asked George,


Fr iday June 95, 1971

So.urs is a___TH ST na

hours is as fair a name'

,**+'*-._ ,, .....----.'"-"----* -- '- ------TT-mr^."

eade dof AppiobCoo. 6o3 Cat*dAde a Tite and tp
o wsad Cwesms fr week anSg a &749 v


.- ; + ae ,S ,,
. f.'. 6; a ::3mp,

[Pugrw Nwsgentlq

Nature of r. quet
werefw a C ertufica
Cf T6-?e of Nt*aB
tharen Mw CAM-

. ___ ____ _______ i- -

IO~ 19~~ll
I CS5Mkinsl

VIRflaw1 O a loa 0a f

1find fte;Mrnt ft

*pWfande d T%= jBfmqh. Wuw opf tlita y Tl qw

,- ~rsat OCMI,.
R .-.T Dwastaks" (970.

IM% Rpgbay )frnW.
RlIglstrar d Ttls.

MC-S: Any prsfo wfho jwestc t a te s ttheb sieag of i
Cafrtmae of cstk o the above pphfeow on eie wCawgiB
tn te a~e oasc witlin w sx weeks (frO the dast of the Fine
apmpraBoe of chs schedule ta the STAR 4Newspaper poubwkedo
o Oft Same or frau the date wh Ar P- the ea prsoucrv*b by
NOi waS MS.w s on May aowas or soecuplr of atsdot W
ba ID B sopaC a wbk he apBuep k1 WANte he h

APOLO G to our readers far nae7ry
pitting; the koneo ink supplier bad
sold uat, but BIaeIres have been taken.
APPdAL: w ll tbe S1acator staff plae.
rturt our old booklet an How to Print.

?ri&y Jam *J5a g?1

'Caesar Comes to

Drama Guild
Updates Shakespeare

Thie ard cam tohe 'Bowl
in modern drsv when the San
Fernindo Diama Guiid pre-
'-n" nted' 'Julius C esarr',
: wh-man and battle aeenes
; were traspoxsed to modern
S ballet and enacted by m.em er;
of the Southern Darnce C nm-

It rs a tribute to the tire e-
",. n mss..- . WiHiam Shakes-
S: ,ar' art that the ':ext could
S .-.f i. act and not suffer or
( -* : :itvjvance from transposi-
-8: '' *d rf cfnYery a T" id E t'.> it
S *. 1; i ;
nb 1~ r l o't a-it'r! :u,i cont++t+? t r't -


The A~naal Ineral Meeting cf 0oot-
ballers is scheduled. to be held on
Wednesday July 14th, 1971,. at the
o1miAnica Genantuar school comneencing
at 4.'0 p.m.i and all are aaked to
take note man maFe every effort
to attend+. 1 Ap...,

"GCa^et it DOMi
sllayawr NassOMt? Wen cl, t*el

~4 .eie L.aa.

Be of Good Courage

- ---- ----

TkI STAR------ r--------geL~--IL Ehv- i

A vEcanyv exists with CABLE AND WIEJE-
ben R~Rqoioail Offic i BRrbaios. Details ire
as folkows:-
Ttlecommkinaicsions System Engineer.

G.C.E. 'O' Levels: English.
Phrysis and pieferably one other


TW' N. C. level or ~eiivaleant

At east 10 yeas icn Inlt ationai Teleorfm
mmasatknm Field. 'fap plican m~su have wi~adc
i -the p~pacity of Pro~ect Leader, seting upp
Broadbaid System.
/SyAw E engineering inI V. HF., U.H .F.-
aiBcrowave Techniqes. Carier Trasmissioc '(to
Audio kstl) Power Supplims, -aini-iraskn Rcw:o'rd
and Fault Reporting Procedures, Commissioniag:in
Sof Tgelommunicaions Equipment.
Telephone Systems, International Switi'i "g.
Record and Data Systefms,
Must be able to assess the requirements of
telecommunications links in context of field surveys.
project planning, supply of equipment, choice: of"
sites, erection of masts and amrials, configuratiCot
of equipment and building Specifica.ions, prer
cmiMissio0ing checkout of installed equipre:at.
Comimeasurate with expeisnce and qualifica-
This post is permanent and peosionable, sub-
ject td age and medical examination,
Applications should be addressed to:--

Th? R-;gionr,l Engineer,
Cable & Wirtfrss (W. I) Ltd.,
Ea.frn Cahrbeav Region'i Office,
P. 0, Box ,'2
Bridge town. :



Department of Educatiom

19717 2

Appicatious are invited for admission i
SOctober 1971 to the Diploma in Education Comue"
from all graduates of recognized Ujiversitis w ,ho
(have done at University level at least one subject
Snornmally taught in secondary schools -in the West
The Diploma in Education is a one-year post
graduate course offered at Mona by the Depw t-
ment of' Education, U.W.J. It is designed to tb
particularly relevant to the needs of schools aid
teachers in the Caribbean. It deals with practice
teaching problems, and ahod a with the theory whkh
is necessary for the improvement of teaching, ard
the unde-standing of the problems of education ain t
Special circumstances of the Caribbean, but it da.s
'not igrnre the more general problems connectd.
with education everywhere.
Applications are invited for admission in
October 1971 to the, or-year course (Eveainga-)-
Leading to the Higher ..Diploma in Education.
Candidates must be holder of a Postgraduate
Dipoina, in Edtcation, or its equivateai. Th s
course is offered at the Mona Campms.
The Higher ipom in Education is a
quaficatioin m its own right*, and offers opntunit y
for speciAilation in certii aspects of the theory
and practice of education. The course pemias
people to do rewarch, and acts as the usasl
prerequisite, together with the Diploma, for goi;S
on to do the M.~A. in Edocation at the Universeit
of the West Indies
The losing date for receiving applications i-
July 17, .971. AppE i a os forms may be obtaiEn(
fro tm e ,iegstrr, University of the Wes Indiei,

shoes entire .

for the* family
i- ----^-t4A^

~011111~--~11 i~3L~CBI~41Zrrm~YII~ICICIIII~l~d

~rrdt~ksusr'~~wrte ~Bt~g P~k$B

Pag ,oe Ekln1



Page Twelve H E S T A ... Friday, June 25, 1971
***8*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* ********** PE'F ORMANCE At GIRAUDEL (Androcles,r 4)
Beach .Rovers are Village Cham To conclude, it should be stated
Last Sunday must rank as a great that the Giraudel audience was not im-
day for Beach Rovers of St.Joseph pressed -- in fact, was annoyed -- by
when they beat Rosalie Unite;' in Mr. Armour's uncalled-for and irrelet-
the finals of the 1971 Village ant performance, as the chilliness of
Cricket Tournament in only their its reception indicated.
first appearance in the Competitkn. Mr. Moise, followed by some other
Rosalie United won the toss and persons, walked out in protest.
met with some early success as
Beach Rovers' (with their backs to A N G U I L L A
the wall) were crumbling, and at Following are the texts of two im-
one stage were 35 for 4; but helped portant telegrams sent on Friday by
by' some spirited batting by S. THE DOMINICA PFEEDOM PARTY:-
Anthony who scored 58 n.o., and To Ronald Webster, Anguilla:
C. Scotland (46), they were able to THE OPPOSITION DOMINICA FREEDOM PARTY
amass the respectable total of 187. REJOICES THAT THE BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS
Doing the damage for Rosalie was E. OF THE PEOPLE OF ANGUILLA HAVE PRE-
Anselm who begged 6 for 39, and VAILED OVER CONSTITUTIONAL NICETIES
It was truly not a day for Ros- OF THIS PARTY IS QUOTE PEOPLE BEFORE
alie United, for they could find no POLITICIANS UNQUOTE WE HAVE FOLLOWED
answer t o the bowling of D.Ravalier THE STRUGGLE OF ANGUILLANS WITH ADMIR-
who bagged 5 for 19 and A. Adams ACTION AND SYMPATHY AND SEND BEST DISHES
!2 for 9); they were forced to de- FOR THE FUTURE.
-lare at 57 for 9, with C.Vigilant *
-opscoring with 18. To the British Representative to the/
Batting a second time, Beach Associated States, St. Lucia:
RoTers piled up; 125 for 6 declared, THE OPPOSITION DOMINICA FREEDOM PARTY
SOnce again the tables turned CRISIS STOP IT HAS ALWAYS CONSIDERED
against Rosalie; set to make the THE HAPPINESS AND WELFARE OF THOUSANDS
impossible score of 255 in 40 mins., OF ANGUILLANS OF INFINITELY MORE IM-
they found themselves scrambling at PORTANCE THAN ANY CONSTITUTIONAL NICETY
the close on 56 for 7. Ravalier was, OR FIGMENT AND IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES
again the chief architect of des- WARMLY APPROVES THE SOLUTION OFFERED
traction, bagging 4 for 10, and E. BY R.M.G. STOP PLEASE CONVEY THESE
FINAL SCORES: Anguilla now remains under British
Beach Rovers 187 and 125 for 6. protection through her own choice,
Rosalie United 57 for 9 declared, having accepted the British plan with
and 56 for 7. certain modifications. She has finally
The presentation of awards will cut adrift from St. Kitts. HURRAY:
take place at the emd of the match
between a Combined "llages Team Sport: ROARING FORTIES
and the State Team to be played A3 Benjamin's Park, Portsmouth, oM
at the Botanic Gardens on Sunday une 13 the Roaring Forties Cricket
July 4th. The Combined Villages team was mercilessly defeated by the
Team will be captained by Island Northern District Combined Eleven (by
opener Terence Bertrand, and will 45 runs and 15 wickets). Northern Dist,
include Gray Samuel (Beach Rovers)- scored 145 for 6 decl. in let innings,
ViceGaptain, C.Aska, P. Laudat and while RF. scored (1st) 61 and(2nd)39.
,O Sablon (all of Emerald Hillside), 'or Northern District T.Burton scored
P.Charles, E. Green, E. Anselm (of a fine 57, and L.Lawrence 24, The
Rosalie United), C. Joseph, A. Syl- Soaring Forties' K. Byron made 22 runs
vestre (Somerset), K. Gabriel, C,C and Dr. V.Winston 10. N.D.Bowlers L.
Scotland (Beach Rovers, and E. Jos- Antoine & S.Burton, and R.F.bowlers
eph (Pioneers.) The Team will be K.Byron & Dr. B. Sorhaindo were noted.
managed by Gransworth Lafond. -A plaque was handed to the winners at
PARIS WANT PELE a town Hall function by Mr. Jack Royer.
A.French spokesman said on Tues- Priated & public he 1 he Pronrieor
day that Brazilian Soccer star Pele atE W oyf Ro iau D ine.
had been offered a three-year contrw- TE68 00 oseauD

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