Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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,Mrs. Jane Lowenthal,'I
Research Institute for
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y.,
U.S.A. -
OS/5 -sbu r Ave. W. I.
Vot X Na4_ 25

Editor PWYLLOSNt m

ffDWJARl OEL SKOWN Sfrt in the Mar-
:et Place was broken into before dawn
.n fWdnesday and a quantity of fire-
:rmna stolen. The thieves tried to lift
a hem.vy old iron safe into a car which
was e-tolen from Dams-Can (2778), but
were foiled by its weight and the car
stalled. 'The burglary was discovered
pt passers-by, Police hung around un-
iil the Proprietress arrived at 8 a.m.
:obody telephoned her of the incident.
.han the Store was formally opened,
iclice took 'over, Mrs. Braney found
'te iron bar used to force entry in a
gutter. The stolen car was towed to
iclice Catp on the Morne. At Press-
t -e, no arrest was indicated; and
* iteur fingerprint man Mr. George
-.ath.-an is assisting in the case.
'. myy be the work of a gang.


et and his Mum.

H'iE < AM P
:ory on

Pate Three

London Letter by Graham Norton
The Commonwealth sugar producers tadls with
Ar. Rippon si London are over. The delegates have
nrm returned home, bringing to their govmerm nts a
first-hand account of what transpgied.
It would setm as ifthe British government's view
th:atthe Common Market countries, including the
Fre6n, can be trusted to deal fairly with at least the
less developed countries of the Comnmonwealkh has
been accepted by most of the delegates to the f'
SSuspicim has, unl the bmrak-through of t,
past tmnth, been the predomiamt reaction of bet
the British public ald politicians and civil servait
an the Commonwealth countries towards tile M~
ket, And, not only the Market. Behind the EEC-.
whee it has long been known several of the .part e
comtries have been edtesiajtc for Britain to iain
--ha alwayvs lurked France.
The British so long used to defereno:,-.fiom
the Commonwealth eoutaies, from certain El:etr,
nanos,. even from Amer ,i--have for thirteen 1tor
yesas not been able to undertand t he Frendh poi.a
of viw. By a wilful, determined l:k of imagwtina
and intellectual effort, the men who have guided (if
that is indeed the word) the United Kingdom's, dei.-
tiny ihwe not been able to appreciate the Freadfs
poiaisi. P


Dominica Banana Growers*

We rreret tLat due to repeated break-down
tbfGtwernment's Data Processing Service, it has no
been possible to issue the fertilizer allocations uader
the Fertilizer Subsidisatimo Schxemi in respect of the
qlrter ended 31st March, 1971.
The Board of Managaent, however, has deQtid
ed to advance to every gnwer an location bsmed o
his production for the qumter ended 31st Deoambcr
Any discrepancy between the amount of s~~.
provsional allocation and the amount of the gB'wer's
entitlement, shall be adjusted later.

I 4th June, r97r
967- i/I

General lManager


-R~'~ i;
't~FS~ ;
l'h~ TH,
t~h~ Ek-. i
~ fiuat~DK

___~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~Tr Cfl4 ta~~~~rcra--r-i~~S~~rrlmnuE~

Fri-y Juta I.I: 1971

epp ,.,. Ton Cfeft-

'- I ~---- --- 181~-..

. -.1


a ; r
e g-' .

~Dp~sl ~c(~3 .~ey 1


2,ihV Jn 8 1 T T

As expected and foretold in this column of last week's issue, a public
revelation of yet another of the. Government's scandelaus doings was made
at the Convention of the Freedom. Party on Sunday, 6th June in the quickly
developing village (or "future town" as the Chairman of the Village Council
put it) of St. Joseph. When this public financial outrage -was disclosed
by the President of the Party, a loud murmur of anger and: protest went up
from the gathering of Dominicans assembled from every part of the State.
"Let us march tomorrow"" someone. shouted and it seemed to me that if at
that moment one of the. perpetrators of the act had been at hand, he would
have got short shrift*
What was the revelation which caused this sensation among the many hun-
dreds of persons that day assembled at St. Joseph? The President of the
Party, Miss Eugenia.Charles, in her presidential address' had stated that
she had been informed that the present Government of Dominica had recently,
out of the taxpayers't monies, made a payment of $10,000 to the proprietors
of the newly-built cinema at Portsmouth. As far as I know, this cinema is
owned and operated by Mr. Robert Douglas, outstanding merchant and large
landowner of Portsmouth. Mr. Douglas is a man who by sheer ability and
competence has; made a success of all. his commercial and industrial under-
takings, for Wchich he has always enjoyed the admiration of the people of
Dominica --- certainly of this columnist, Only incidentally, the present
Minister of Finance is married to Mr. Douglas' daughter.
Exposed, the Government will probably try to make out that the sum of
$10,000 was paid as a refund of duty on the plant and material used in
this cinema. This will be easily disposed of by the following consider-
ations: (1) that the Government did not make such a refund in the case of
the other cinemas built in Dominica, the latest one before that at Port-
smouth being the "Arawak" Cinema in Roseau. If a "refund" was made 6n the
basis of existing law, then all cinemas would be entitled to get such a
refund, which, the others did not: (2) the saum of $10,000 is much too round
a sum to be considered a refund of duties otherwise. payable, The chances
are one in several millions that the calculated duties payable would total
exactly $10,000: (3) and to show that there is something quite "special"
in this case, the rate of entertainment tax being collected from this
cinema is different -- less of course -- than the rate being collected in
cinemas like the "Arawak" and the "Carib". The Government will have a
helluva job explaining this differential treatment.
What is behind this move? I cannot pretend to be able to understand
such dealings because I believe that morality extends into the area of
public finance just as it does into the sphere of my neighbour's goods.
One significant aspect of this business is that when the matter was
discussed in Cabinet, the. representative of the Portsmouth district op-
posed this peculiar payment. This may be. as good an opportunity as any
publicly to express admiration of Mr. Leslie, who functions as Minister
of Home Affairs, for the courageous stands against wrong-doing which on
more than one occasion he has taken on public issues vis-A-vis his not so
sensitive confreres. For if' ever there is one person who could be expected
toa know the needs of Portsmouth, it is Mr. Leslie. Thus with $10,000
available for spending in the Portsmouth area, Mr. Leslie must have thoiuet
of sanitation, feeder roads, hospital improvement, etc,
Incidentally, let me warn Ministers not to deny facts which are well
known by their official entourage, It does not improve .their stature in
the eyes of those who know.
If the Government had $10,000 to give away to the Portsmouth area, I
am sure that the outlying settlement of Granvillia (where so many of the
supporters of Labour live) could have made good use of this amount to' im-
prove the.sanitary conditions of that swampy area. But, of course, the
Government, as distinct from Mr. Leslie, cannot be bothered about Granvilla.
We shall probably never know until there is another "caie poule crazy"
what was behind this move of paying $1,0,000 of the taxpayers' money to
Mr.' Douglas. (Concluded on Page Four)


Pape Two'

< -Friday June 18 1971

Page Three

Fridny June 18th, 1971

Mr. Harold Wilson will be among 17
MPs studying Queen Elizabeth's re-
quest for a pay rise for the Royal
Household. The Chancellor of the
Exchequer is also a member of the
Committee, which will meet to con-
sider in detail the Civil List, a
provision for the Queen to run her
household and go about her duties.
Findings will be ready by end of
July. The present amount was fixed
in 1952 at 475,000, but estimates
are it might become 900,000 if
rising costs since 1952 were taken
into account. Much simpler for
W.I. Ministers, isn't it' They

This Show, sponsored by the Can-
adian Save the Children Fund and the
Medical Department, was held some days
ago at Goodwill Parish Hall, Chairman
of the event being Mrs. Arlington
Riviere, and Judges Dr. E.I.Watty,
Staff Nurse Roach, and Mrs.Cecil Bellot.
Despite inclement weather, forty
district winners appeared for judging
from such distant points as Penville,
Delices, Salisbury, The results were:
I) 1.Sheldozn Cooke,Wesley (photo p.l)
2.. Anthea Rolle, Laudat
3. Edgar Linton, Castle Bruce.
These babies were aged 3-6 months.

just vote themselves an increase. Class II (7-12 months):
AUSTRALIA: In Sydney, Mr. & Mrs. l.David Peltier, Pointe Michel
Leonard Brodrick prayed for the 2.Dawn Peltier, .
survival of their 12 oz. son, who- 3. Glen-Roy Lake, Marigot.
had been 'given'a complete exchange (David and Dawn were-Jwo lovely twins).
blood trahnsy$ion Weds.night his l. ass .III 13-20 months old:
-laist surviving sister. (16 oz) died: i. Sherwood Thomas, ,Marigot.
,on Thursday, nud his chances are ... .Paul Lawrence, Morne Prosper
slim. Thbe other had nine babies `t 1 5. Clement Anthony, Woodford Hill.
a birth after .taking fertility 'drug Thus well-fed and tended country-born
two were stillborn -and/the others ,babies"-scooped the pr-ize;- Sherwood
died one by one. Also in AUSTRALIA Thomas (the Cha~ip, seen. on .l1 taking
a big row has blown up .over the his prize like ,a little man) was the
entry of that eduntry into .the Viet BABY OF THE YEAR.
Nam'war: 'revelations in: the Penrta- AAll ;these babies received a certif-
gon Papers published, in New York icate, :suitably inscribed, and also a
Times-indicate that Australia- was .prize donated by J.Astaphan & Co.
invited in by ex-Pres4Lyndon John- The Class I Champi@n was presented also
son whereas the past Australian PM with the Cow & Gate cup donated by A.A.
had stated South Vietnam called for Baron and Co. Class II Champion got
aid*. the. Nestles Cup, donated by the Domin-
MURDER IN ST. LUCIA C.I.D. act ica Disppnsary Co.; Class III Champion
Britain's Scotland Yard arrived .to .- the.Nutricia Cup donated by A. C.
conduct investigations into the $Shi.lingford & Co. and also the Canadian
deaths in a burning house of Geest Save the Children Shield for Overall
Industries Director Donald Evering- Champion. These prizes were graciously
ton and his: wife some days ago.Pre- distributed by Mrs. Geoffrey Gordon,
viously Mr...Rqdriguesa flew over withwife of the 'Methodist .Superintendent.
Pathologist Dr.. Watty to lend what That afternoon refreshments were
aid they could...Now $5,00.0 has been served to the mothers. For this,CSCO
offered for information leading to wu.ld like to thank Josephine Gabriel
the arrest-of any person or persons Co.., the Roseau pre-YCW who provided
who caused these .victims' death. sandwiches, and 'Eric's Bakery for two
lovely 'cakes. Local "merchants also. pro-
GUYANA: A schoolboy Cricketer, : vided milk and ba.1~creal for the ,
Khalil Khan,.15, died in hospital mothers to tak ii. eithtor cShe.CF
after being struck on the head by a would liketo th.nk" particular C0...
fast-rising ball on Monday's match. Brisbane & Sons (tw 4.;cartons of CarP*
Guyana Government has refused atiomilk); Dorinica Dispe.nsary Coo.:-...
Opposition demandS'to remove, the 'ati milk); Dominica Dispesary.Co.:- -
posi "defence tax" put on during an t cartons Laet-ogenr one carton Cerelae
em dergence tax put on during .C.Shillingford & Co.: '2 cartons Nut-
em ergenc .. .- .ricia milk powder,
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: President Mr, A. Gregoire and his assistandcs
Nixon is asking. Congress for $155 of .the Visual Aid Department filmed
billion, to fight "an all-out bhttle"the proceedings (concluded on page i2)
vsdrug-using in U.S. and in the Army.


T~idnv, June 18th, 1971

Page Four T H E S T AR FridaylJune 18,1971

it cannot be incentive assistance since this has never been given to
cinema building in the past. The Government must realise-that the
applicationn of a law in a partial and one-sided manner would still be
an immoral act. In any case, $10,000 will do no man's pocket harm, and
this expenditure is yet another of the rapidly increasing examples of
the way in which the receipts from increased taxationamebeing used.How
can the Government increase the duty on .the poor man's tot of rum, in-
crease the countryman's bus fares through increased duties on vehicles
imported, and then -proceed to spend the proceeds of such increase of
taxation of the poor in subsidizing the commercial activities of the
& a *
For some time now, there has been a great deal of subdued talk and
discontent about the Government's award of tenders for road-building and
other works. "Tenders", of course, is not the word since this connotates
opeh and above-board bidding and competition between firms and concerns
This has not been the case here and I say without any hesitation or
shadow of doubt that what currently obtains leaves a very dirty taste
in the mouth. We can never forget the case of the tender for the studio
of Radio Dominica. It was awarded to-a favourite concern whose price was
significantly higher than that of the next competitor of at least equal
efficiency. This area of Government activity, the matter of tenders;is
*one on which all intelligent eyes should be focused. Things are hap--
pening there, In reply to a well-laid Parliamentary Question not long
ago, the Government was made to admit that the Tenders Board is a mere
facade for the final operation of the politicians.
Now agaii there is renewed talk about forthcoming "tenders". It is
being said that the whole road-building and maintenance operations of
Government -- and this amounts to millions of dollars annually -- is to
be given on contract to a concern owned and operated by a relative of
one of the Ministers'. It is further stated that in anticipation of such
a contract, road-building equipment to the value of hundreds of thousands
of dollars has been ordered by the concern. Obviously, there is no prin-
ciple-of tender in this. It will by naked nepotism.
Members of the Government have in recent, times been affecting to
laud the organization'of public companies. Ihdeed, it was one of the
arguments -- though a patently weak one -- of the Minister-of Finance
that the recent'sale df Goodwill lands at much less than market price
to one concern was diu to the fact that it is a public company.
II therefore throw out this challenge to the Government: agree
formal public announcement that Government will give its road building
eto. contract to a Dominica public company formed for the purpose and
having engineers and technicians of not less competence and with equip-
ment of not less sophistication than those available to the private local
concerns hitherto engaged inthis work or envisaged. This will give all
Dominicans the opportunity of making the profits which an assured "market"
-bf millions orf tblars per arnmam iat of .the iavdarn&d taxes they pay
can yield. Then, and only then., can .the Government look the-community in
the face in the matter of'tendersefor road work.

.The Gover~mnent of St. Kitts has turned down the latest proposals for:
an.namic2hbibsettlement of the Anguilla problem, put forward by British
Minister of State Joseph Godber. On Wednesday Anguilla was still study-
ing these proposals..* The WIAS or WISA Minisaters are meeting under the
chairmanship of Premier Robert Bradshawv, and a private correspondent
in Basseterre says that the tone of these talks is in part "markedly
anti-British". The unkind Conservative migrants bill and other matters
were under discussion this week. We will report any other information
in our late news.



It I- n ~ ed for general information that the
Third Meet of the First Session of the Second
Parliarmcm n der the 19h~ (Constitution will the
held at the ourt House. Roseau. at t10.0 a.m
.n Thursd^ 8th Julk. 1971.
Mem hCm of the public re hcrch'i in ted !o
attend '
*oteni" Cler4 of lin Hou. %a 4w n'm iih .
R ef. I "i *
Sth June. I'.



mimoB Recent Aiiivala We oe-

26 g. (6f to I2ft. lcnthr )




Land Rover Jeesr

Oip Bedford Dumper Box-

r I~ima a ,.
Cal 2147 2x48 DOM-CAN TIMERS
Ask For Nrma IneTaprm.

Spend Lens
Get The Best

r6 Victoria Street, NEWTOWN
and 46 Hanover Street, ROSEAU, .po
The New Market. '
Help The Ecxomy ofThe State
,- Buy Local

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title nd jtints
the*rn and Caveats for week ending St day of JameJ97L.

te Requested Person Preseoting Nature
S whether
of Ttle

IequU dated the Thldoerorla
1971 by ber Siciro,
Prteird It 29d
dya of Au, 1971 Cilm A. M. Oupipny
a .1JS1 P.

of re.q
a Certffi.:^
of Noting
or Caveat.

vrim wtfiawof TI: N*
ls aco essd pmaon Pt
.andlaksas a Iteeiin-
tSl iotatfpeagdrtosu'
intbe Smaof DoHiniC. m
coMait 6 2aq.f sq. fta
dd -

Smth! s W by i of Pal Carisa N*tM-Wae by fe-l
f MOseyn Willinws: PCKh-E-a by feds of Thwerat, Rotbs
am: SwOh-Wea bfy leas of *tivy POWi
~ ~~~~ ~~ ..:- _.. 4 0 -112_,._..'.- 'i wB ^"d.

Schedule of Application for Crrtif ie of Tide and Ntodngt
tesmon and Caveats for weiek ending ih2 day of 1" 1971
ODat Requatd Person Prewseing Nature of r"euet
whether a Certificatt
of Ttle of Notin
tharean or Cwnaveat.
Reqau dated the Maztthaw John ReIUs e Sr lv ora at w a
sth day of March aptiae Fira CerificauW a Title i
117l h waSofitor .welrflitbatpn i..r0
FPWrewaed the t. tand as New Tini in the
daysfiJiw, 971 E. H. Ftacii PMaihofStL S coutesB "
Alt3. t sqi*.f ad boudieed
Nefh-East: by had of L tn Ibb: NorLk.We by land o
OdIh Ltang: South-WeIt by land of Crmli Browne- South- I~
Ea by RIgt of Way swparatng kt frweaf f a ia b.n a: _,
Regltrlr's Office SYLVIA .EATJTANDHO
Rosau, Dotmiuca, 1971 Registr~'r of it;a*
-----4 ,
NOTE: Any perscr &A ha: desires to object to t1he issung o.f a
Certificate of title on ''e.bovte application may enter aCaveat
the above cfMce w Ir six weeks from. the date of tTe Frst
appearance or this schedule in the STAR Newspaper pubtishre
t this Stare or from the date when the notice prescribed by
lw was last served on any owner or occupier of adjointa
had In respect of which the application is 'iade.
a' I II II I I ,I lI I I:


Dominica Electricty Services

osaiitec Etleacity Swervke wl a rectis. *
'it undertake gerf~l of fic
thei position is ea 'i temtr ry7 basis
in the first insatoae Ibt 'Oaeld lead
Sprmaktia {ad a pernsant post ion.
ApplisatiuBs ahenid bo seit tto
The MKanaer.
Dominica Eectricit Servie.
P. 0. Box 143,

I orec ---Y-.~ 1 -C I_ __F'

~-I--I--- c-- ----, _~o~.

Pnze sfe

Friday Jews IB 1973



~ ., ;i;e


Page Six T H E S T A R Friday,June 18, 1971

LONDON LETTER ... by Graham Norton. Short Story: THE LAST AFFAIR
(from Page one) BY RAMA
It has. been, as one would sus- Ed Parker threw his new car
pect, perfectly logical. It has into second gear as he expertly
also been close to what in fact negotiated the steep incline on
ought to be the British position on his way up the Morne. Next to
the Common Market, and on world him' sat Diana Tobin, his secre-
affairs generally. France and *tary of two weeks. Diana had a
Britain are countries with .the same body which caused men to drool
basic position. Ex-imperial,' their and'pant. It was with that same
history and continuing intellectual feeling that Ed hired her. It
achievements make it impossible for hadn't taken much persuation to
them either to sink back into being out. A new ward-
third-rate powers, or to sink their rget carries a oot of weight.
rdbe carries a lpt of weight.
identity in an anonymous European Not that Diana had any-qualms -
federation. Britain and France are bouthr avior. But she was.
about- her behavior. But she was
not just countries-- they, are also well aware ofi':the speed with
The Fash have always been which juicy gossip got around
The French have always been Roseau. After all, Ed was a pro-
against a Federal Europe. They eminent member in Government cir-
are for a Europe in which each na- mnent me r i ere n the
tion keeps .its cultural identity, lces and hiswife servedPTA on the
but which co-operates on an The pick-up spot was that dark
economic, political and.;ultimately he pickp spot nea tht
defence level too, Standing to- area on the bayfront near the
efene evelt. String to GreenParrot. At exactly eight
gether,: recognizing their own o'clock, the manoeuvre was accom-
identity, the European nations c th manoere as
wvill, ~be the equal of Americ.a. polished with military precision.
a be the eualof America. All, that"-was apparent to anyone
France, with friendly and warm -l th iwediate arent to anyone
relate with the outcries of in the immediate area was an un-
relations LEwit tre-os o tries oi usually fast take .off. ..The vehi-
its-old 'Empire--most 6f-.them in cle disappeared around the King
black Africa--.has always been con-cle disappeared around the King
coned wi~th the developing nations George V Street corner with all
cerned with the developingnations
of the world, and indeed has spent its light off. James Bond could
learn a few tricks from our local
more-of her national income than s from our local
Britain has in aid for them. The boys..
Common Market too makes development he aty roarof .the power-
funds available--appreciable aid ful engitedrowned out the sound.
has been given in the Caribbean to of Parker's labouredd breathing.
the Netherlands Antiles. The beads of perspiration on his
More than this: developing coun- broad forehead formed little ri-
tri'es associated with the Common vulets as they trickled down onto
Market are -given special, ptivi- hip shirt. Parker moved his free
leged access to the Common Market, hand over to Dana's lap. She-
not only for their raw primary pro- leaned over and whispered some-
ducts, .but also.for processed and thing in his ear. They both gig-
manufactured articles. Dominica, gle4d. It was all a fait'accompli.
for example, could export canned The car.crui'sed slowly through
fruits, lime products, timber itemsthe Police Academy grounds. It
as well as bananas. It would be came to a-halt..under a bamboo
possible to refine sugar in the grove, just some distance away.
West Indies and have the European Almost immediately the lights went
-market open for export. .If Guyana off. A cacophony of night sounds
processed her own bauxite, and if greeted the invaders.
she was an associated state of the They were in each other's arms
Conmon Market (we shall have to get almost immediately. Their loving
used to two sorts of Associated was long. and. sweet; and. then. it
State: political, with the UK, was all-over. While Diana re-
economic, with the Common Market)- arranged her. clothing, Parker
then the alumina or metal could be nervously chewed away his finger-
exported to Europe. nails.
(Concluded on Page Seven) "" (Concliudd' on Page Seven)

m ZT .7; c. rp A

Page Seven

LONDON LETTERB-.. by 'Graham N-tonh-f .$hort Story:THE LAST AFFAIR
(f D l '-:.. .'BY~RAA (from Page six)

' All these considerations were
grasped by the delegates to the
sugar talks--remarkably quickly.
As developing countries, special
arrangements exist or can be made
for them, unlike poor New Zealand.


Y .U T H
LIFE? by Garfield Barnas. Giraud.
"What do you.want outo'of life?"
The question cut like a razor-sharp
The good old man was waiting.;
An answer was impending.
"I want to be happy,
To help others to be happy.
No.I Not just money,fame and empti-
But''a happy life, full of ness:
meaning and deepness."
The old man-was a good man,
A widened man and a;
His long life was blended with good
and bad;
Now he knew joy and peace, and had

ceased to be sad.


His name was Francisco Enri Dominica got.three awards: the OBE-
His name was Francisco Enrico
Allabasc: to Perm.Sec. David Burton and the
MBE to diligent longterm GUIDE
An.aborigine or a nationalist Basque, Leader s. Marguerite Bascom are
But not by any means a fool, Leader Mrs. MargueriteBascom are
NoB e had learned to play lie cool. generally well approved. Mr.Whit-
No He had learned to play life cool. ney Frederick (presumably of the
"Knowledge brings grief," he saic., Carib Reserve) got an MBE to "for
and wisdom brings sorrow" services to the community". Nothing
This adage he pounded into my head. for St.Kitts. St. Vincent got an
"Tomorrow," he said."Remember to. OBE and tWO IBEs; St, Lucia got two
.morrow.. : nursing MBEs and fto police awards.
"You're right', son, you're right. In Antigua, the Anglican Dean of
Make others happy, the Cathedral, who has carried most
And you will be happy. of the burden of Church management
When you are older you'll climbto + throughout many years, got an OBE;
Wto are oder Ex-CJ .Keith Gordon, now retired,
the height received the C.M.G., a high decor-
"You see, life is a-giving ation., Those appear to us to be
Existing is taking. the most interesting W.I. awards.
More you get when you give.,
SOVERSEAS Three new Privy Council-
Less: you give, less you receive."' P.. of Maur-
lore were created: the P.M. of Maur-
I believed the old man. itiusa, the Dep.' P.M. of Australia,
I understood what he said, And a House of Commons Chairman of
Althoughhe's gone, gone and dead, Ways & Means. MEDICINE:-a Co-dis-
The truth.I know,: I'm not afraid. ..,overer of insulin (Dr.Chas.Best)
goa t he top honour C.H., like' Sir
A pilot coffee processing plant Arthur Bliss, composer, aged 80,
ll e opene te Grenda ot DrYm-natiLtst Terence Rattigan becomes.
will be opened by the Grenqda Govt. a knight, so does a Swedish achi-
The pure ground coffee will be sold a c t e a wedish achi-
to locals cheaper than imported coffee. League, getsn -an ec.

Fridc~y.June IIYle71 -, o -T .a-a ..0-



His lust satisfied, he now felt
only contempt for-the woman beside
him, What about Prisca, his de-
voted wife? How would-he have
liked it if the situation was re-
versed? He tried to block out the
image of his wife lying in another
man's arms. Remorse and guilt
overwhelmed him. :He could never
face Prisca again.
.The car apparently missed the
,sharp turn and it somersaulted
down: into the precipice, With a
sickening.crunch of metal and
shattering glass, it came to rest
in a gully one hundred feet below.
When the bodies'were discovered,
the'implications hit Roseau like a
hurricane. The frustrated old
ladies abandoned their half opened
jalousies and conversed openly
over the backyard fences. Maybe
Parker had deliberately missed the
curve. But we shall never know.
The Medical Examiner's report
.stated that Diana Tobin had been
strangled prior to the accident. -

Page Eight T H E S T A R Friday,June 18, 1971
Applications are invited for admission in October 1971 to the
Diploma in Education Course from all graduates of recognized univer-
sities who have done at University Level at least one subject normally
taught in secondary schools in the West Indies.
The Diploma in E4ucation is a one-year post-graduate course offered
at Mona by the Department of-Education, U.W.I. It is designed to be
particularly relevant to the needs of schools and teachers in the
Caribbean. It deals with practical teaching problems., and also with thq
theory which is necessary for the improvement of teaching, and the under-
standing of the problems of education in the special circumstances of
the Caribbean, but it does not ignore the more general problems connected
with education everywhere.
Applications are invited for admission in October 1971 to the(Diploma)
HHigher Diploma in Education, a one-year course (Evening)* Candidates
must be holders of a post-graduate Diploma in Education, or its equivalent
This course is offered at the Mona Campus.
The High Diploma in Education-is a qualification in its own right,
and offers opportunity for specialisation in certain aspects of the theory
and practice of education. The course permits people to do research, and.
acts as the usual prerequisite, together with the Diploma, for going on
to do the M.Al, .in Education at the University of the West Indies,
The closing date for receiving applications is July 17, 1971.
Application forms may be obtained from the Registrar, University
of the West Indies, Kingston 7, JAMAICA.
Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for
employment as Squad Leaders to the Aedes Aegypti Eradication Programme.
The appointment is for a period of three (3) years, and successful
applicants shduifd be ready to assume duties on 1st July, 1971.
The minimumm qualification for the post is the Elementary School
Leaving Certificate or-its equivalent,.
Salary is payable at the rate of $1920 per annum.
Applications should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary,Ministry
of Edcucation and Health, to reach him not later than 23rd June 1971, and
applicants are requested to attend at the Ministry of Education and Healt
Government Headquarters, Roseau for an interview with the Permanent
Secretary at 8.30 a.m, on 24th June, 1971. M. C. DOCTROVE
M.P. E & H: 500/290, 900-1/1, G.89. Permanent SeCretary,

We have received a rates card A newspaper (20 pages) for W.I.people
from this new State-owned radio in Britain, hoping for 50,000 circu-
with its 10,000 watts of controlled lation (with white readers as well)
power (it may reach Trinidad & the was launched in London this week,at
Virgin Islands). Some 400,000 list- a price ,of five New Pence. Mr.Aubrey
eners. are predicted, and it will be Baynes is Editor, He said: ."Britainb
on the.-,.air nearly 12 hours a day. Press is not catering for the million
The rats card is dated'March lst'71; or so Black people in Britain. We
but we still listen to dear old WIBS! hope to fill that gap." GOOD LUCK!.
We understand that Jeff Charles has The new radio is not being run by a
not yet- been confirmed as Manager4 iStatutory Body of objective persons.

HE SAR Friday .w,- 18, 971


-Ge.nune mieage of .less than o30,0o F ully and
Sregpularly maintained throughout.
One owner only.
Offers to be m de, to:
Attorney, L. Rose & Co,. i. ,
Bath Estate,
M TS OFEWa 0O1VB1 $1,50 1S^ .,ai
SPurchase will be by Cash oniv

1W 4 14
$5,00 er crat* C, .

'ita *4 M L M t EI,

I w

"'' .' ''i


steering. Insid we've givn ys maOe room to suiaut
mt. And, to keep you sittinft srey, we've daeigrez
sowme.speca new= ro im wonts. Theu we wrapped
the whole p e into a low, wide, a~oyaaarki
You see, the one who wis atI the time is you,



"We service Wha We Satt"
__... ..... .. .i lllI Il II I _"__- -J2^

Can supp', yIB with vehicles for all occasioas.
Cars and Trucks
Which -ever the years haw proved the best under the most rigid conditions ling for vry litt
fteatitki and searing. We pro.dly offiMr yo.t th: f lkvmljgttcowvled vchi ..s..

AUSTIN 1300,
AUSTI: 130O.

Lowest Priced vehicles.
Roomiest Small car.
Proven Family car
GT Fast and Saylsh.
The Big One.
The Latest Greatest

AUSTIN 1- and 3 TON Trucks King and Queen of the Road.
De livered in only ten weeks
Unbeatable prices all subject o cash Discounts BOOK NOW from present stocks
or let us have your SPECIAL ORDEK.
Visit our Showroom on ]-Janov- Street, or Ti ,LEphoa 21.81 for further particular.

---- "-~-~~P~~VI-IIIII'~-~-* II~L~ldl9S~RIS~ ZII(----CI1~-*--llC-3L-~I~--_ --
dbF.--- I C-~ I C I- --~ --~--- I ~C~Lldl~g






Friday,June 18, 1971

Dear Editor: We are drawing to the The motto- of the Tribune is "Being
middle of the year and the 'leading bound to swear to the dogmas of no
Party's' days are shortening, master", and so, having fought for
We in Dominica should have seen coloured equality and racial harm-
secondary schools built in the North-ony all his life, he is considered
ern District I don't see why chil- troublesome because he criticises
dren should not have been attending the Pindling *Governm6nt and .hits
school there long ago. them very hard indeed whenever an
Let me relate an example: a injustice crops up. His editorials,
boy aged 14 years has no mother, which are extremely lengthy, have
His father is away for many years, headlines ",ike "Lying Propaganda";
He was brought up without parents. We enjoy reprinting items from-the
In spite of this, he said to himself Bahamas Tribune, which is often but
"I will have ito fight my way and see not invariably relevant to our scene.
how much I can learn." He was for- Question 2. I had to warn Monsieur
tunate enough to obtain a School Rodes that in his fight for autonomy
Leaving Certificate. and a scholar- he might get a Bradshaw, a LeBlanc
ship to D.G.S. where he had two or a (Papa Doc) Duvalier. What do
years schooling in 2nd Form or(II.) yod think is troubling the Anguillans?
All of a sudden the boy was missed Don't imagine that I favour
and when I asked why, I was told he white reactionaries anywhere. In a
was put out where he was boarding & treasured copy of Aime Cesaire's poems
lodging. As le has nowhere to put there is the inscriptio Cin'his own
up in town, he was.forced to go back hand: a Mle Phyllis Shand Allfrey,
to Wesley and there he is roamiAg la aeule 1beke'lpr'gressiste p:e 'e
about. What .s to become of this boy connaisse, et don't la vie est un beau
later? What :benefit will be derived combat pour la. fraternity; humanee.
from his talents or achievements? If Any more queStion's? E
there was a Secondary School in the THE EDITOR.
Northern District, would 'the poor ----------
boy be deprived of his schooling? Madam, THE PRIZE CONTROVERSY DGS
Absolutely No: No: No: I .....-
Leading Party politicians,read I hope to have'the last word on
and digest this. Take it into con- this .subject, for I am sure you are
sideration; put your son in the boyb getting sick of it (We are: Editor)'
stead and act:, please. Pacilitate I am an oldster'who heard the speeches*
the North workers and schdlars,for I know what the quarrels are about,and
many brainy ones are there. admire particularly Peter Derrick's
A NORTHERN GRANDMOTHER. letter defending his school; he seems
to think DGS right or wrong, but
TWO SHARP QUESTIONS makes good points. I took the advice
Dear Editor, I wish you to answer 2 of the other DGS student and read a
questions which are itching me. The copy of Irving Clarendon's speech. In
first is, who is Etienne Dupuch, is length and forcefulness it was certain-
he as my comrades tell me just an Od]ly ahead of Volneys, although I could
white reactionary living in Martini- not understand some of the words spoken
que? Is that why you quote from him? on the 'live' occasion; had'the prize
Second, why did you tell that been purely for elocution, Clarendon
Guadeloupe Newsman, described a's keen,could have been faulted He spoke
sad and intellectual, that he might the kind of Dominican Afro-creole to
"exchange the so-called .tyranny 'of which we had all better get accustomed;
France" for worse rule? Volney spoke a form of Queen's English
Reply to question 1. Sir Alfred which is most unpopular nowadays, and
Etienne Jerome Dupuch, Kt., OBEAKGSG, leQt us admit his delivery was too
OTL,CHM, Hon.Litt.D., Hon.LD. RSA afier-dinnerish and civilised. I saw
decorations and medals of three nations or heard Clarendon as a demagogue
is a distinguished Bahamiam of mixed and a successful one, It seemed to
blood (coloured man), His family .me that the complaints against the
founded the famous newspaper TRIBUNE.: fjdes were based on three things:
in-alittle laundry outhouse. If you a) they were all (so I was told)DGS
want to know more about him, come add men; they were (it was alleged to me)
borrow the book "Tribune Story", ,butii all partial to or connected with the
only if yqu are an honest returned. Black Power movement. (Coiiclumed L 2)

T H E-'. S-T AiR

Page Ten

Friday, June 18, 1971 T H E S T A R Page .16]e
It has been many months now, AND CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN, MINISTRY
since the Conservation Foundation OF COMMUNICATIONS & WORIS
presented the Government of DominApplications are invited from
ica with a list of recommendations are invited from
for the intelligent development suitably qualified persons for
and the protection of our vital appointment to the above post on
contract, which may be renewed on
resources, expiration or otherwise, for a
It is rather distressing to note period of. three years, subject to
that there has apparently been no medical fitness.
official or for that matter private
movement towards serious consider- QUALIFICATIONS:
ation of those ecologically sound The minimum qualification re-
and worthy proposals, quired is the Higher National Cert-
We live in a revolutionary era, ificate in Building Construction,
when even the wealthiest of nations or its .equivalent.
are beginning to re-evaluate their,
attitudes towards development. II SALARY:
'the United States of America, where The salary of the post is in the
economists have long been measuring scale $5,400 x 300 $6,600 x 860 -
success in; terms of the Gross; Nat- $7,320- The point of entry will be
ional Product, there are many spoke determined by the officer's qualif-
smen for a less materialistic out- ications and experience.
More and more, planners talk Full details of the post may be
about the "quality of life" rather obtained from the Secretary, Public
than about the Gross National Prod- Service Commission, Roseau.
uct. All over the world the term Applications should be forwarded
progress is being re-defined to in- to the Secretary, Public Service
clude ecological considerations. Commission, Roseau, Dominica not
On international campuses, at later than 24th June, 1971,
the U.N., and even at the Board
meetings of the Industrial Giants, E. NICHOLLS,
debate on the problems of cleaning Secretary,
up and preserving the environment Public Service Commission,
has been a priority. P.S.C. 4/1, G86,960-2/2.
I submit that this is the oppor 2nd June, 1971.
tune time for us to critically anal
yze and act upon the recommendations WEST GERMAN CHANCELLOR IN JAMAICA
outlined in the book "Dominica: A Herr-Willy Brandt, socialist Ghancel-
Chance for a Choice". By acting now lor of the Federal Republic of West
we can capitalize upon global con- Germany, said while on a visit to
cern over the"environmental crisis", Jamaica that his country was sympath-
making the problem of raising the etic with the concern of the Common-
necessary funds less difficult., wealth Caribbean at the implications
Let us hope that the thorough to the Region of Britain's virtually
survey of the Conservation Foundat- certain entry into the E. C. M.
ion team will not have been in vain. CHANQ~ FOR A CHOICE...
There are other important surveys for thl establishment of a Dominica
that are gathering dust on Govern- National Park.
ment shelves. Let us hope that such If that ACTION is not forthcoming,
will not be the fate of these good then I would like to invite parties
proposals. concerned to join with me in an effort
Isn't it about time that our to mobilize public support for the
Government accept its responsibility idea of establishing that National
to act in the interests of the people Park. I welcome suggestions from
of Dominica? I think the majority anyone who shares my views.
of Dominicans who have read the Ruert Sorhaino,
above-mentioned book would like to Bureau pf Biological Research
see some ACTION on theproposals Rutgers, the State University,
(next column. New Brunswick. New Jersey 08903 USA.

Page Eleven

SD 0 'M I N I C A- Dear Editor,me people perhaps,
Applications are invited from would see nothing strange in it if
suitably qualified persons for app- public labour was carried out on a
ointment to the above post on con- holiday like Queen's Birthday. But
tract, which may be renewed on there are others who would think it
expiration or otherwise, for a per- a subject for rebuke. Especially if
iod of three years, subject to med- such work belonged to the Municipality.
ical fitness. On Saturday morning, as I passed
QUALIFICTIONS: up Kennedy Avenue heading like others
QUALICATION The minimum qualif- for the Botanic Gardens to assist at
ication required is the Inter ARCIS the Militatr Parade, there was the
or its equivalent. garbage truck with its scavengers
SALARY: usy with shovel and broom. Someone
SThe salary of the post is standing by made a remark in patois,
in the scale $5700 300 -$6,600 to which a scavenger answered in the
x 360 8,400 (QB) $8,760 x t10,200. same dialect: "Everybody is going to
The point of entry will be determ- .ee parade and look me here inhaling
ined by the officer-a qualification bad odours."
and experience. His answer was a very touching
Pull details of the post may be one to me. But I wondered why he
obtained from the Secretary, Public could not get over this sort of job
Service Commission, Roseau,Dominica, the evening before the holiday. Also
n6t later than 24th June, 1971. why he.could not get through before
E. NICHOLLS, the hour for the official observance
Secretary, at -the Gardens. Wonder is, whether
PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION. the Town Council knows about it at
P.S.C. 41 s G842 959,2/2. all.
P.S.C. 4 G84, 9592/2. However, every citizen of this
2nd June, ll971, ,Associated State, be he rich or poor,
GOOD PARTY HELD AT G.J.H.S. by must be free from work on that partic-
David B. Allfrey Ular day to honour Her Majesty the
Congrats GJHS for putting on such 71. MAY CHRISTIAN, Roseau.
an event and for including the Jun- THE FREEDOM PARTY CONVENTION byJ.P,
iors. This party was to raise funsa.. I note Madam that 'you let a very
to buy a duplicating machine so as junior reporter cover that big event.
to make it easier and cheaper to Well, youth's say is important. But as
print THE WHEEL (school magazine), an older person, let me add: the con-
All the same, I hope the youth will v mention reminded me6 and I was once'
play an active part in producing the :a Labour member too,-of the early
WHEEL when they -obtain the machine, "days of Labour AGMs when there was
and write columns (in favour AND some spiritand democracy in the'DLP.
against)THE WHEEL whenever it makes It was not a yes-sir gathering like
a mistake like letting the teachers they have it now, run by a few at the
write nearly all the columns when top, or- one at the tip-top. The pres-
instead they (youth). could practise ence of famous Professor-writer Jan
their writing and also comment on Carew brought some sort of internation-
what is going on, previous WHEELS etc,alismto the meeting, and he snoke
Anyway that is not the interesting; wonderfully well. It was the hell
part of my topic but that' everybody of a good getvtogether with music &
enjoyed themselves. There were such singing (Miss S. Paz and our WE SHALL
games at the GJHSirty as empty-tins OVERCOME). Never mind the rum punch
-shy which.I think was the money-mak- got lost, I went home in fine spirits.
ing thing of that afternoon; since. GOOD- PRTY,GJHS not see may
we young people enjoy eating, there D PRTYtGJh S ... not see many peopt
were also cakes, sweet drinks, ice- from other schools attending it.
creams and other things in that line Another thing I'd like to stress
of snacks. An announcement came overisthat I hope the toilets will be
WIBS to say they hoped other schools properly cleaned before another party
would attend, but all the same I did gket pon ace day dosuc artyix-
ing it on he ayo se party,


Ftridnay June 18s 1971

'I -

Page Twelve THE S T A R Friday,June 18,1971
*** S*T*A*RS.*P*0.R*T*S ALL ISLAND BABY SHOW (Pages 1 & 3)
C The Hon. H.L.Christian,Minister
COWDRgEY DPED AGAIN 'of Education & Health, moved a vote
ENGLAND made a more promising of thanks to the Mothers for the lov-
start 'in the 'd Test against Pakis- ing care and attention which they ha'
tan at Lords' on Thuraiay: batting lavished on those healthy,happy chil-
first aftera'ho6dup for rain, the dren. THE CANADIAN SAVE THE CHIL-
openers, Boycott and Luckhurst were DRED FUND WOULD LIKE TO THANK PUBLIC-
still there at stumps with 115 on LY, in addition to those individuals
the board. Both Colin Cowdrey and and firms mentioned above, the follow-
Derek Under*opd were dropped after' ing persons for their community spirit
their failure' in the drawn 1st Test. and .service towards the successful
Fast bowler Alan Ward (we saw him Baby Show: Rev.Father Jan Bijloos CsSR
here with the Duke of Norfolk's team who allowed the use of the Parish Hall
is out through injury. In their and sound equipment free of charge;
place are Geoff Boycott, Norman Mr. Ruben John, Photographer; Gov ern-
Gifford nda John Price along with ment Printery for certificates; the
Richard Hutton England's new all- Christian Literature Centre for wrap-
rounder and son of the great Sir pings for all prizes; WIBS Dominica.
Leonard Hutton. His batting well over for announcements; and all the Dis-
40 with a finacentury for Yorkshire trict Nurses who organized the many
against Pakistan and some brilliant ,contests at village level.
slip catches to his credit. The Pak- Dorothy Jules, for CSCF.
istanis left Out Imran Khan from DGS PRIZE CONTROVERSY i. Page 10,
their 1st Tess team.
Presstime Icore: with only 30 And there was some complaint about the
itus of ~- dtue to rain points system. But Clarendon won,-and
a5s one' leave it at that. He did very well in
e his style, which is a popular one;and
BASKETBALL: Te-.Vanderbilt Universi he did not commit the iof
he did not commit the sin\ of re ding
Basketball Temi from Tenne ee, US, his speech. Next time however that
whilst on a C~ribbean tour played an
Island\Team coached by Wilmoth bla there is such an event, why not.have
on Wednesday 4ight. After the first it on neutral territory, with better
shock of faing lads toweling from laid-down rules (is it diction,con-
6' 4" to 7'2" Lthe National Team did tent, politics, dynamics which mat-
..ters most?) And Why not include one
well scoring respectable 50 points tersmost?) And whynot include one
n the suitors 6. Bernard of our several intellectual women in
against the visitors 16. Bernardhe panel of judges
Thomas saeoe4 22 points for Dominica.
.Thos sCore. pois Like the early Fairplay Student,I
TABLE TENNItI The first ever Wind- am not signing my name, since I am a
Sn t teacher (of sorts). And I advise
:w ard Islandy Table Tennis Champion-
-aip getslunduTer way in Grenada on Fairplay to continue to conceal his
Jhipy eandt p local stars have been identity. Man, they'll rough you up,
T pr loc-l srs have been SCHOL-TAHER Roseau.
practisii* hardV team of three will SCHOLAR-TAQHER, Roseau.
be selected.'''Whih'of our stars like .
.-J.C.Josephs, Pterson Charles, FrarsMr. Peter Henry, Chief Forest Offier
Casiir, Vivian Thomas, V. Winston, ODM, U.K. has stared a 2-year assign-
Loblack and An h,1 illVt picked? merit on Land Use wath particular att-
Loblack and Abdl will be picked?
.k db mention to high altitude logging in
NEWSBRIEFS: England's P.M. Edward our rain forests. National Day Com-
pNEWSBRIEFStitions this year will include
Heath has decided there will be no pe titins this ear will include
debate (or vote)aitlh E.C.Market, until Steel. Bands. Despite criticisms from
after the summer recess 3 months many quarters there will be "carnival".
after the summer recess 3 months rT9l I nd o Mr Shillin-
hence. ** MONTSERRAT: "Big. A"' it was -967 Island Scholar Merna Shilling-
isclosed recently 'i managed and ford gains a B.A (Eng.) and Melton
part-owned by West German interests. White a B.A.(Soc.) at Dalhousie.
aWenyeEdmund Darroux passed his finals at
"..purely commercial without any in- E o finas
volvement in the politics of the area" UW'I_ for M.B.B.S. **
stated Manager Dr. Hans Rose. ** On Printed & Published by the Proprietor
a visit from Trinidad to Grenada to R.E,Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill House
make arrangements for his marriage, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica,
Chris Darlington was killed in a car. The West Indies.
accid entle,

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