Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Mrs. Jtne Lowenthal-
'Research Institute for
the Study of Man,
162 EBst 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y.,
U.S. A -Cl ndon ) Ltd.
OS/5_ _bury Ave, W. i.
Vol. XII No. 24


Friaiar Jun. 11, 1971 :

IO)MI NI( l'.A II EI:)( I 1A i'TY
Third Annual Convention (Aee p~10)
THE lFTY President,Eon.L.E..Charles,
revealed to a packed St.JcSeph school
house that 1Q,OOC had teen given to a
Northern landowner towards building a
cinema. Gaspa greeted her statement;the
children of St.Jo have to sit on the
floor in that school, 3i.t the secrecy
of the deal shocked most. We ;rint' be-
low a relevant editorial ByETIENNEDUPUCH
I 4M co tady "aaid s ti eaftet to wich cGosmsslMs
l to *oudiwies ad di l ts fra *1 ow pubc.
I ;) always ram t ift I eaB raoBs a Goremanaet I woad4
so too things.
Tit finrt 1t6 MMd WytjoM M"eifd withamt of ood
-oart whUMe bW TI.
Te ,co dthi would be to be a ofims in th wn that
l4W boe NBeV 4d by tbye pu. dWebs qSwaos m yBY y
rt wr W ~ In, tho Ro of Awflntly I wout Me twha
t May w'sd 64y a istyasly upd thon I wouM pla o -
4tp(lyl itb d i pOams e pism of ial ti relvait arue anSass
tat (he pukbLC clOd go mad exitnu the sfor-thumrshe .
i EN*ept in tUiM of r or ther essa et qc, whe ssi rmty i
iiw t iMd trb iic atid to kowm 4roythi about itos a
Ieahsim oa u *.a Ph. a laidoelpra
apluticumialp between a Gownuuent
Ctspeop*. A
( has b thought". wrote WiM, "a considraMe &*AvBnc
to sd arblt h te principles of htiam to "a( that
i PmORMt 6 a caMpact betwwn thow who VgmS aod thu
46o nre gowmed, but tis ican ot be lre, because it is putting
thw effect bfee the cauMe, or s eaan timst hae xisted bgfoD

^ ex. so 0ma TesW to fom a a=ops with.
S-T factW thafoe Ms be that thbm dividush El as hws.
el Iin hir eow peosoal and usoudipi rit, nmeserd t to a .
Oa"mWct w4 ebth o0h0 to proAICe a g60oment: an th its 4w
iilyId e w*Ri powua easts heae a right ito ares, and the
only poni wtth tdwy hote a right to exist."
Aid so, eafact, F psop aletiwsAiy ar the saewmmr.t
aid the m0ct who ceary on te affairs of a county in tbhk nas
WO their WvaunE. Itk mus, therefore, be oOp dthz l t so
mirvat has any right to hesitate to gvc.the fagist pgoate
Ceussm ON ow taicc yt *r, toe o p*wo wtttyltbu
iT beut posUlble way to & aKe suwwan ii to WstWatl. -t
Ii0wsie infmtatim on any public maatter. tem alway
maintained that if ertboing is on the klwl, a pubblc umis tholM
be mnit auXtou to Sin a f4 i accotipg of fato .

Used Fetilizer Polythen Bow In Good
Condition 2oc Each.
Le Street, Goodwill. Tp. 2033 or 2423.

, .

~ ---~au~--~U~L


, -, m .---- -- I .. ... _. -r ,,,,, JL, U r l_'

Dominica Chab Of Cormmerce
On Friday last the Executive of
the 3ha :-ber ;et thfe financial Secre-
tary and other officials of the Min-
istry of Finance to discuss what
lasting solutions could be found to
the long standing problems at the Cuo.
toms. Also in attendance were certain
clerks fror. the Mercantile Con~tunity,
Some of the problems high-lighted
were the high incidence of pilferage
of goods, the difficulty of obtaining
landing certificates from Customs Off-
icers when the goods are deliver ed,
the fact that Customs Officers are slci
in serving. merchants and the lack of
punctuality on the job, the problem
of having to-pay rent on goods remain-
ing at the cua.toma through no fault cf
the merchant, the need for adaitiona.
staff to cope with the ever increasing
demands on the service, the general
indifference or the part of officers
towards service to the customer* The
Chamber urged that many of those pro-
blera s required urgent solutions; it a.t
time o'Gve~ment gave the business con-
munnity some pro f.that it was concern'.
about resolving them with despatch.
"eaoiwed on pMrs o

TIBtD 6ARETl et ar saBs S4ISMa ^ J
I: i- (;oufi-d for gea-ral informanon t .,: t'he
Thtir Meetmg of the First Session of the Second
Parliament under the 1967 Constituton will he
held at the Court House, Roseau, at 10ooo a. m.
on Thraday, &th July. 1971.
Members of the public are hereby invited to
Ag. o the 1 Housc o. A -,:l.

. ^ **r Am s KAZee H.
'Our correspondent whc comPlained of
loss of pension money (Northern Dist.;
phoned to say that the missingg c2C VE
restored. :- ary indfivil~tal at PortsEaouth JSt-Trea

'. ?-* Y.

Page Two .THE STAR. _ThFrday, June .11.9.71
The present Government seems determined. to become the largest land-
owner in Dominica. So, too, is the Government of SovietiRussaia; and of
Poland; and of Red China in their respective countries.
Within the past twelve months or so, the Government has been engaged,
quietly, silently, in purchasing huge areas of land in various .districts'
of Dominica. This is part of a policy which has a number of arms with.
closely tied-up ramifications. It is bad enough when individuals& have
large portions of a nation's l&nd resources under their control and it
sometimes becomes necessary for a Government to step in. But
what when the Government itself is a large landowner? And particularly
this Government whose activities are so often orientated towards suppor-
For some incomprehensible reason, the disposal of Crown lands to pea-
sants has practically come to a standstill, From various parts of Domin-
ica come angry criticisms of the Government policy of withholding. sales
of Crown lands to the peasantry despite numerous applications lying in
Government files for many years. This is something new in Dominica, where
Crown lands have traditionally been sold to the peasantry without fuss.
Now that we hqve more roads, the less inclined is the Government towards
making Crown lands available for sale to the. peasants. This denial of
land is one: arnm of this strange, new policy.
Tied to this is another arm of policy which prevents people from
selling their lands to persons: from outside Dominica, though we all know
of many Dominicans in England, U.S.A. and other places owning real pro-
perty in those' countries. The Trevie Bruney case is an example of this
wicked policy Wioh has as its result Government acquisition at compar-
atively cheap prices of the lands of the people. In other words, the Gov-
ernment must increase while the people must decrease.
To third arm of this mysterious policy is; already becoming, clear,
As a principal' landowner, the Government, through the Minister-bosses,
will have a determining influence over the, lives of the people. We. have
aLready seen- recent examples of how favourites will be the ben eficiaries;
how lands will be re-sold at special prices to friends; while all manner
of difficulties are put in the way of ."enemies'" of the regime. In one
particular recent case, the Government has refunded part of the purchase
price of land sold several years ago to the buyer. The public of Dominica,
steeped in its insouciance and dwelling in its mental fo.l's paradise, is
blissfully unconcerned about these things.
It is not difficult, in the light of past performance, to see that the
Government's massive acquisition of land is intended for 'party political
ends. It calculates that, big landowner as it is; planning to be, the cit-
izen -- especially the peasantry -- will have-to support it in order to
have access: to land upon which to earn a livelihood. That independence, of
thought and attitude, so characteristic of the small landowner of Dominisa,
will therefore under such a policy gradually disappear. Previous Governments
over many generations sought to sell lands to the landless; this one seks
to acquire at cheap prices the lands of the people.
Talking. of lands of Dominica, many persons are indignant that the lands
of the Jacko Flats are being converted into :-.n expcrimz atal station. ...
+ + + + + + + + + +- + + These lands should in fact be a national
shrine where our Negres' MIarohs ancestors, under cover of the forests,
held out against those denying them their freedom. It was- in this 'rea
that Chief Jacko, leader of rebellious slaves, had his headquarters; fought
many a battle against the pursuers of the -Runaways until .he was felled.
by Government troops on 12th July, 1814. The Jocko Flats should therefore
be holy ground in our nation and to deforest the area of the trees which
gave shelter and protection to our eavly Freedom Fighters is a desecration.
One would have thought that the authorities would have kept hallowed this
partie2lar area of Dominica with its high cut steps in the mountainside --
a strategic precaution of Chief Jacko against surprise invasion of his
hideout, (concluded on 'page four)

1:1 is *; j .a k, ',. -.. -- *
rrreIGMY. r r .

r- I~l~ ---~---Paa

SNO'E: Any person 0ho desires to. oect to the issung of a
Certificate of t1fle Con : e above application ma" onter a'Caveat
tn the above office wimnii six weeks frem the date of.ih$irst
sp.eiarance of this sc:heduie in the STAR Newspapaer. pbbshed-'
)in this Scate or from the date when the notice prescribed- by
iaw wea last served on any owner or occupier .of:, adpdinlng
Sa*4 In respect of which the apparcation !s r ~ade:

e,, ,

Saturday a2tr.1'n -UJ1 e
is a public holiday
i-. honour of : Her '
Kaje sty. e go to
presse~lb fore any i
bi r 1Ay bonb is
are.- iae ased.
: *,
,. .. ,......

Bi r Lh Dover i

the lst 1. C.
i3hop of ~ nho t-
A ig.ia Bishpc A. ,:
Or lagnd 1 d i idsbP.
flew Ln to bless
a new alt a r -.
c iae h aur ..hae 4 ,
jiGLICAJ DIO-art, "oth West
Indian borxn.
+ + +
A N T 1 G.U A

Schedule of Applicazion for'Certificate ff Title and oings,
thereon and Caveats for we~ k"wndng 5cd (dy of JIl,17l1.
DNte Requestd Pe:on 'Pesenting Nature of request
whether a Certfictce
of Title ofi Noting
thereon or Cav
Pequest dated the Tht, oeos Laoroanl'W t*dws for A..t; i
IJfe day nof FAv* ffs"t Certifiitte cf Tktie
Premnied the 2nd la nd nkrurwa a Roei&n-
i. r.. te Stite of Di.m.TltniA
cos. wing. 628 sq. (t ar.L
toDded as fotlowr:-
Ntwh-fast by *n4ds of Patrlit& CfAr s North.Wsat by la.ds
*f Masatfy Wlliamsr: South-Emltu lands of There~a Robin.
Sau: Sohth-Wsas iby lnran of ivy PRik. 8-t ,
SRe1istrtr's Ofic*, SYLVIA J. BERTRAND,
Roseau, Domrnmca. 197,1 g :it-ar of T:e -t .



Aaio'.ecnt Arris'IWe Offe
,. ''** '* *: ,j. .* :- : :


6_. 3p. t. to, In lengths)

15.32 Acres situated on Rosalie Roa ta
botn4ed on the North and. West by Crow
Lands Cpjivated in Citrus and Bananas.
SLarge Residence with all Modern CoR
Avepni :ces. Jn k Str, Ro
^aalppy: Jobhn Bully at 42 Cork St$i, Rose-i


One .Ford D Series 5-ton
in excellent condition

-': Fuly Rconditioned

mrL*1. MS- s ?-a c*
* .,. '



4~iZ~-~C --- I~Le*l-l~l ~-P~YC~---..-ii

p"a~ -r~laraa~PaaaPa~csrpamrra~~~~:

1--"~--~-----; -U"U89~RUl~hEI--arc ~ly~-L~-mle~


t- t aW ,..".*

I 96*/




Page Four- THE STAR Friday. June 11, 1971
A MYSTERIOUS LAND POLICY Androcles (fr. p.2). The preservation of the
Jacko Flats- in their original condition makes more sense in terms of the
development of national feeling than the new type of dress (made of mat-
erial from non-national sources) which the Government is attempting to
fist upon citizens. Jacko was the last great Runaway Chief of Dominica
and his hideout deserves better treatment than turning it into an agri-
cultural experimental station,
0 . . 0 0 . 0 0 0 0 0 * # 0 0
Readers of the "Star" were amazed by the reproduction in its issue of
28th May of a speech made in St. Kitts by a MrA Llewelyn Moore, a success-
ful Bradshaw candidate in that unhappy State's recent General Election.
This Moore has been appointed Attorney General of St. Kitts following
the Election..
It is difficult to imagine a more bloodthirsty-sounding speech than
tEhe one which is reproduced from the St. Kitts Democrat as having been
made by.this Moore a few days after the victory of his Party at the polls.
That this man is a. lawyer staggers.
He describes himself as "worse than Bradshaw" (a mouthful:) and a
terrible man". He warns that Election being over, things are not over for
the losing Party aas far as he is concerned and that it is needless for
the members of that Party "to think that they can rest in comfort .....
it's not over"' ..."Let the people not be surprised if a one-p'arty State
now emerges in St, Kitts". Of the leader of the defeated Party, Dr. Billy
Herbert, this man --- one can almost see and smell the fire and brimn-
stone -- says: "And whei~severthe hell. Billy wants to run and go, let
him run and go because there ain't no English here, there ain't nothing'
going to run the country as long as I'm alive. They are going to run
it over my dead body ... When the people in my constituency returned Lee
Moore, I took that as a personal mandate to carry on the will of the
-people' an to remove obstruction out of the way, and everybody had betat
dam well understand this."
This is the talk of the Attorney General of one of the Associated
States. The type of person, I suggest, whom the present kJbster o finance
says is .a cousin of ours and with whom we should hasten to integrate our
island. The speech reeks of the worst days of Hitler, Stalin and Mussol-
ini. And torthink that this kind of mind rules a mere 10Q miles from
her e
Among my rooted opposition to any kind of political integration at
this time is the existence of such persons and regimes directing the
affairs of many of the units which would form part of the integrated areas,
There are those casting loving glances at Communist Russia and her sat-
ellites; others embarked upon a .course of expropriation of foreign invest-
ments; still yet others bent on creating little dictatorships.
Bad as things are in Dominica, we would. never, I am persuaded, allow
this kind of things to take root here. I am sure that heirs as we are to
Freedom Fighters like Jacko, we would use exactly the same type of means
used to get our freedom. Thus front a sociological point of view, we.
must bless our historical stars which gave us deep forests in which to
preserve. and develop our free-dom when threatened. We should also bless
our historical stars which made the sugar plantation system a very short-
lived institution in Dominica. It has always seemed to me that there is
some connection between the sugar plantation system and a. subservience.
of spirit whiith-9an only issue in episodes of explosion. We in Dominica
suffer from something else: massive ignorance. But as regards living
under the heels of oppressor's, the thing is so foreign to us that we would
gladly shed blood, following in the footsteps of our Negres Marons ancest-
iors, if ever the need demanded this. Do you remember the mood of the people
'of Dominica on that 5th July, 1968, when the Government dared to tamper
with a part of the national heritage of personal freedom ?


AND CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN, MINISTRY' The attention of all merchants,
OF COMMUNICATIONS & WORKS shopkeepers and the general public is
Applications are invited from once more drawn to the Stamp Act
suitably qualified persons for app- (mendment)Ordinance, 1963 which pro-
ointment to the above post on con- vides for issue of receipts with the
tract, which may be renewed on ex- appropriate stamp value affixed whether
pirati-on or otherwise, for a period such receipt is demanded or not.
of three years, subject to medical The term 'receipt' includes 'sales
fitness nptes' and 'cash bills' which area iable
QUALITFCATIONS: to stamp duty as follows:-
The minimum qualification reqLuip. In respect of purchases amounting to;
ed is the Higher- National Certifi !5.00 or more but less than- 0 -15
cate in Building Construction, or ') 50.00 $100 -104
its equivalent. i$)100,GO and abovp .....,.. -20
SALARY: It is evident that the above provis-
The salary of the post is in the ions are not observed by a large number
scale $5,400 x 500 $6.600 x 360 of merchants and shopkeepers despite
$7,320. The point of entry will be the frequent reminders that have been
determined by the officer's qualif- issued.
ications and experience. The general public is particularly
Full details of the post may be invited to note that an unstamped or
obtained from the Secretary,Publio insufficiently stamped sale note or
Service Commission, Roseau, cash bill will not be admitted in court
except under special conditions.
Applications should be forwarded It is therefore to the interest of.
to the Secretary, Public Service every purchaser to request a receipt
Commission, Roseat, Dominica not latfor every payment made and to ensure
than 24th June, 1971. E. NICHOLLS that the correct stamp value is affixed
-' Secretary, thereon,
Public Service Commission And all merchants, shopkeepers and .
P.S.C. 4/l,G85,960-l/a. vendors are again reminded that failure
2nd June, 1971. to observe the stamp duty provisions
PROBLEMS AT THE CUSTM fr-p-. mentioned above will incur forfeiture o
The Financial Secretary under- the sum of forty-eight dollars
took to make an immediate investig- The following transactions only are
action into the situation with a viefexempted:
to providing some positive action. ta) Sale of marketable commodities in anyl
It was clear that one of the problem. public market
was that of lack of space and that ) Sale of any goods by street or way-
too was overdue for attention. It side vendors,hawkershucksters ac.pedurs
was also urged that a complaints c) Sale of bananas
.procedure should be set up in which ) Sale of Gasolene at Service Stations
the Chamber was involved so that a e) Sale of Sea and Air Travel- ickets.
speedy decision could be reached on C.A. SORHAINDO
problems as they were reported. F16/31.G86. Financial Secretary.
Finally the Chamber urged that the 3rd June,1971
time had come when the business com. 962.1/1
munity should be involved. in the SIM FRACIS OF DELICES GRADUATES
management of the Port. Mr.SimonFrancis received a B.A.Econ.
It was clear that the situation- from Howard University,Washington DC,
at the customs resulted in substan- on June 5. An SMA man, Mr. Francis
tial loss of revenue to the Govern- got through in 3 instead of 4 years;
ment apart from the losses, suffered he paid all his fees himself, working
by the merchants. It was also clear 40 hrs a week outside the School.Hewas
that there were many outstanding President,Howard Economics Club and
problems which could be resolved -will visit home before going on to MA
even given considerations of.lack of CUSTOMSi assistance should be request.
space. It was urged that the ship- The. Chamber should keep the situation
ping agents could do much to assist under constant review and would ask
in dealing with the problems of pil- merchants to report any problems as
ferage and of shortages and their- they occur, ********.*****

Page_. Five,


Friday, June 11, 1971

T H- E S T..A R... ....iday June 11, 1971

;0 NM - --. .'' b

To right,: to.'north,.
Roseau stretches Fee"Library to
jettys- t
at sea, .another tourist 'ship
200 passengers,- rocks at anchor;
the launches ply,.
disgorge them..briefly, meagrely
into the ingenuous clutch of -part-
time guides;
the fee agreed, they circuit 'Cane-
field to Fond Baron
thrbrugh the Gardens-to St.Ar'ment,
Smooth sometimes, and safe;
the less spartan avoid
further inroad on our hinterland -
leave us
clutching straw mats, swizzlesticki
...neithei more nor less.

To left, to south.
S Mangoes spread on the ledge below
frame the"sea, a mobile-patterned
cerulean hue;.
S and the same breeze touches me
that sets the ripples'driving on
the sga.
SAt' back k
::the house, sound and dear,
on the' land that "My mother fled for
and out of love reclaimed,
Sand..fought for and bled-,....
and left us.
:-,:.: with songs enough to sing,
;:.-,and. the "balance to redress.
:' M":( Mch. 1971: The view from Santa Cr

f "P 'SIX
_. i -ji~ j ~ i--- ./ w m --v -r _'_ 1. i -

.gratify. ignorant pride .
and taunt i
,yourself and whosoever stands;.
and waite
patient, used to wile and guile,.i
wise discerner of your finer':' .
traits and: style, .
for, even if submission you. deny.-..!
the rage of your evasion proves.: .
your lie.,

* *

* *

s, -'. You may not know it
but your feints indicate
perturbance, and you show it
when you hesitate
indecisive; even when most cross,
petulant and savage
you-are ever at a loss
to comprehend the ravage-
yourself inflicts .on you:
for even then, mad with intent
to quickly wound .and gloat
on passion,.torn and spent,
you are again distressed..tonot
who suffers most;,' you' do.'

Daniel Caudeiron is the eldest son
.of our late beloved composer,singer
and teacher Mabel (Sissie)Caudeiron.
.A volume of his poems will be pIub-
lish'ed by Beacon Books before long.


:;.:.. ''.Is, most advisable that Pen- Editors of the three Dominica papers
siongeqtse in'the North be paid by received courtesy visits from Monsiar
cheqte instead of actual-cash cur- Henri Rodes, Director of the weekly
rency obtainable at the Sub-Treasury. journal "Le Progres Social". In Mr.
---:-The-.ire.t-.a-yment in paper and .... Boyd's absence the visitor was re-
:.cange'.cur'ency is subject to errors, ceived by His Lordship Bishop Bcghaert
.;i.e. incorrect' payments are liable who (M. Rodes stated)waa "tellement
to be n ade-. gentil et sympathiQue,"Le Progres
: o my certain knowledge, authen- Social favours autonomy for the FWI,
Stick complaints have been made by in- and M. Rode awas imprisoned for his
.:..divi duals: on more than. ne occasion views in the mid 1960s. His keen sad
because tl hy nave .received. as much
as $20 short payment in their envel- face and intellectual conversation
-. hopes, aI when.,:this was brought tp o. were most impressive to the Publisher
light, the complaintse was deelt;wilth .and Editor of the Star. We warned him
*by an unconcerned and irresponsible hAowever .that he might exchange the so-
reSponse.. Is not. this: a rather sad. cirlled tyranny of France for worse rul,-
and deplorable loss to be faced. by a ple-ase remedy this important matter.
Pens-ioner2 Authorities .reponsible, : A SUFFERER, Portsmouth Dist.

-- 1



the ,Go 1.aughing on, deride
;i ; -your own- remorseless pangs wantt'


Page Se vm

Grammar School Boys Hit Back wishes to recruit a JUNIOR CLERK to
Criticisms on "Shame on the Judges" undertake general office duties and
Spurred on by the very unpleas- some copy typing work. The position
ant statement made by a Grammar is on a temporary basis in the first
School colleague, I would like to instance but could lead to promotion
express my views on the articles and a permanent position.Applications
written against the Judges'decision should be sent to The Manager,
- Elocution Contest of June 1st.
I think.that the Grammar School Dominica Electricity Services
was justified in winning the con- P.O. Box 1l3,
test with its two contestants Clar- 6 1/1. Roseau.
endon and Thomas coming first and *
second respectively. My fellow stu- DGS Criticisms : the ceiling,with his
dent 'Fairplay' seems to favour favourite expressive movements of
S.M.A.'s contestant Herbert Volney pointing his hands towards the wall
but fails to give reasons for this behind him resulting in his fae being
the C.H.S. girls (from their ex- turned away from the crowd at impor-
tracts) also favour Volney. One of tant points in his speech. Clarendonh
their arguments was that his speech unique tactic of standing closer to
was the best. I think that all the the audience, not using the'platform
speeches were of a very high stand- and speaking without referring to
ard,which showed all the contestaLnts notes truly showed the most communic-
spent much time in preparing.His nation, confidence and personality.
speech was good but not the best, Thomas (who is a very good actor with
mainly because it was not forceful experience) demonstrated a very pleas-
enough, and not as forceful as some ing and business-like personality.
of the other contestants'.A speaker With this said, I cannot see how
motive is to project his idea into anybody can say shame on Mr. Edward
the minds of his audience and thus; Scobie, Mr. Charles Maynard and Mr,
he must be forceful, Dealing with Arlington Riviere, and also state
each point lightly can never hope that they had made the greatest mis-
to make a speech more effective take of their lives. Why didn't 'Fair-
than one which stresses each point play' state their mistakes and give
deeply. Clarendon and Thomas used reasons for his views? I do not know
this tactic of force best,elaborat- of any other persons more experienced
ing on each point in order to sess than these men who could have taken
them successfully. I would like the their places and given a better decis-
CHS girls who wrote that they stray- ion: in fact, I do not think there
ed off the topic to know that this could be a better one.
was done in order to stress the 'Fairplay' also states that the
points. I also disagree with the 'Fairpla also states that the
statement I also dsarendoe wh e on contest was just another Jaycees'fisco.
statement that Clarendon spoke on Fiasco means a complete disgraceful
blacks alone. He did speak onl~acks failure). A very strong statement in-
using them as an example to stress deed, with no facts to justify this
his point on slavery, view. I can only infer that Mr.'Fair-
To me the main aspecS in tho e play' does not favour benevolent org-
Art of Public Speaking are to be anizations, the Art of Public Speaking
able to communicate to the audience and his School.
a6 individuals, to show confidence an Sch ,
and a pleasing personality.Thomas to show more bride for their School,to
and Caeleing pe dath ms( to show more pride for their School,to
and Clarendon displayed these qual- state their views or criticisms con-
ities very well and they were cheered fidently without leaving out reasons
most by the audience, especially and personal ideas o correction, and
Clarendon who had to go into the esnal e coection, and
second bell because of t the mato be tolerant of others' decisions:,
second bell because of the many especially of Judges', whose tasks a
halts he had to make for applause, not easy. PETER G. DERRICK
These boys always kept their eyes Student D.G.S. (Form V).
on the crowd, their expressions and Under the hedng 'S
finger-pointings were towards the Under the headig 'Shae on the
crowd, unlikeVolney who preferred Judges a boy who labels himself'fair-
play student of D.G.S. and some C.HS.
to look above the crowd up towards girls thought that the judges went
(Contd. on back page 12.) wrong

Friday, June 11, 1971


PageEig : ;_____ THF;S~AR. ?-a josB

............c ,i ..-. I. Iuel ` m srr
S o To"r p Bedroosi
Long elra ie Phoie: 2359,
%so^' .


The new Cortina

** "Consuftants,
Accauutintu and Auditors

Young Mao (i625 yrs.) Desirous of nmking
a Career ia Atm g for Immediate Em-
ployment iti rs Rcseau Offei.
Salary biy ngotiation.
KI~wledge f Mar~ts and English essential.
Will pr~de in-Service Training.
Write giving fill particulars to:-
Senior Partner,
Victor Riviere ,&-Associates,
25 Quem Mary Strt, Roseau, Dominica.





Sdi 20. bxtda at 3tmy s5 pr o
, .,.
s ,ou +zx e~ ta~~rs ~si ~ls~etia

*i ta new 'if into you.
Snalt t iSg Mae tL-Y 12 T- y
SR'anse Power T0 Yaow Body*r .

'' '_ '- x^- '*U~~I - ** .-~IY~--LQL


: Serva Wha We S E"
""W* Sernl t Wha W* Sell"

"We Servfle Wc. WSwe i.

I :~-

\ **.
r *.

....-- Mjl-M

n~:-;i; frgk8


NPie Eigt'




i-^~u""~ -

, It


ffgyi rJua .'I, 1 ,07


i' r~

SUp4er vItaw#l hW TW ,

Friday, June 11, 1971 THE STAR P..g P e -Nine
N 0 T I C E
Applications are. invited from suitable qualified persons for appEon-
tment to the post of Co-operative Officer, Co-operative Division, Mini-
stry of Agri'culture,- Lands and Co-operatives.
2. Applicants should possess the G.C,E.-at Ordinary Leve:l or its equiv-
alent in three (3) subjects, including English Language. Knowledge of
Co-operative organisation, Book-keeping and Accountancy will be an advan-
5. The Salary of the post is in the scale .780 x 240 4,500 x 500 -
6,000 (QB) '6;300, 6,600 x 360 $7,320 per annum. The point of entry
will be determined on the basis of qualifications and experience.
,4i- The appointment, which is permanent and pensionable is subject to
medical fitness-and a probationary period of two years.
5. The successful applicant will be posted in the Eastern District in
the first instance and will be liable to transfer to any other rural weea.
6. Further particulars may be obtained front the Secretary, Public Servle
Commission, Roseau, to whom applicali.o ns should be forwarded not later
than 15th June, 1971.
25th May. 1971
Applications are invited from suitable qualified persons for. the
post of Junior Clerk,'Radio Dominica,.
SThe. post., which is pensionable and on the permanent establishment,
carries a salary scale of $1,680 x 120 _2,400 x 180 $3,300 x 240 -
$3,700. The.point of entry into the scale is dependent on the capabil-
ity and qualifications. of the candidate.
The entry qualification for Jlnior Clerks, is! a G.CE. "0" level pass
in English language or Mathematics or two other approved subjects. A
typing speed of 40 words a minute will be accepted as an equivalent of
an '0 level pass; A knowledge of shorthand is: desirable,
Applications stating name, address., standard of education, qualificat-
ion and experience should be addressed to the Secretary, Public Service
Commission and.should reach her not 'ater than 15th June 1971.
25th May, 1971.
N 0 T I CE
Applications ace invited from suitably qualified persons for appoint-
ment to the above post on contract, which may be renewed on expiration
or o t'her ise, for a. period of three years, subject to medical fitness.
.The. minimum qualification required is, the Inter ARICS or its equivalent
The salary df the post is in the scale $5700 x 300 $6,600 x 360 -
8,400 (QB) 8,760 x 360 10,200. The point of entry will be determined
by the officer's,q qualifications and experience.
Full details of the post may be obtained from the Secretary, Public
Service Commission, Roseau.
Applications should be forwarded to the Secretary, Public Service
Commission, Roseau, Dominica, not later than 24th June, 1971.
P.S.C. 4/11, G84, 959-1/2 E. NICHOLLS, SECRETARY,

Page Ten "T H-E... S T AR Friday,June ll, 1971
S*T* *R*S*P*O*R*T*S*. .,.- ** ",o
.Rain Saves .nland from Losing ist We greatly regret the loss of that
Rain Saves England from Losing st fine Portsmouth citizen RobertGarraway
Cricket Tesagainst Pakistan. after several spells of illness, and
608 for 7 d .with brilliant i ocksle extend our sympathy .o his wife& fant ri
newcomer Zahir Abbas (274) 104 n.o. RADIO DOMINICA our report next week.
from Asif Iqbal & 100 from Mustag FREEDOM NOT A LOSING PARTY by DBA
Mohammad. At one stage England This was my first political convent
(losing wick ets) were struggling at- at St. Joseph on Sun. about 1,000
125 for 5.But a fine 116 by their wi- to 2,000 people were at the open sess>-
ket-keeper Alan Knott and a pain- ion and a girl of 15 and myself were
staking 73 by Basil D'Oliviera still the youngest members. 500 stayed for
couldn't help them avoid the follow- the elections, and all the officers
on (they were all-out for 353,Asif got posts back, people calling "no
Masoodtook 5 for ll11L),-* Followingcn change"especially to Miss Charles and
for the first time against Pakistan, Chairman Armantrading and Moise and
England's ,batting was again shatter- M.Sorhaindo. I had a good experience.
ed by Asif, trailing by 255 runs on Nobody looked defeated. I sat on the
1st innings, England were 184 for 3 edge of the platform and observed.The
at close of 4th day all 3 Asif's. President got a good hand for her mov-
When play resumed on the 5th day, ing speech, she let loose the news
they added" another 45 runs and lost of the $10,000 dollars of taxpayers
2 more wickets by the end Brian money given to Mr*."Douglas of Ports-
Luckhurst -finished .with 108 not out. mouth for his cinema:, and that Mr.E.A.
Asif Masood again was the chief'Wic- Leslie turned down the idea. People
ket-taker (four for .,49. Rain caused called out why not build an addition
less than an hbur"-f"-play on the final to Princess Margaret Hosp. and give the
day so the match ended in a draw.* 400 children of St,Joseph seats, as
SCORES: Pakistan 608 for 7 declared, they sit on the floor Another point
England 553 & 229 for five* was that when the Premier retires he
MEANWHILE D.A.S.A.'s 1971 CRICKET will get $800 D/car per month and a.t
LEAGUE continues at the Botanic Gdns present he gets $1,200 per month. It
where defending Champions clash with was just a pity that Fr.Alexander was
the star-studded Saints. FOOTBALL; not there to lead in prayer and to
D.A.S.A.'s 1971 Footbhll Season starts hear Miss Suni Paz'sing folk songs
on July 9b. All Cllus and Footballerswonderfully. A writer Mr. Jan Careww
are asked to 9phtadt Mr.Gransworth gave Scobie some good references. A
Lafond at BOWAC Construction's office large container of 'rum punch was left
on Gt.Marlboorough St.* We reported in town and the paper plates ran Cut
last week'that Herbert Shillingford but I enjoyed a good pelau & soft drink.
won the pole vault but at 10'3"not Loblack had motions on no banana tax &
10. 11 as stated. He placed 4th in let RTC manage Roseau!s streets. He
- the.Long Jump,, Whitchurch's & Black& said his wife suffered more from the
White Whisky sponsored-our team.The mosquitoes at PMH than from operation.
inaugural.,meet of the Windwards Is. I have to cut this short,as I had to
At~iet ic will be in Dominica during leave early, and I was vexed with my
DASA 1971 National Athletic Meet.*** parents for taking me home before all
T, the resolutions were dealt with.
GRAMMAR SCHODL WYS HIT BACK (f.p.7) G Vol nedidn tevn Dlae 2nd or3d. ,
in giving Clarendon 1st place, they What about Ms. ondesire Ye yo say
say Volney is the Winner; I think a-ithe "dges wsrenu redc
endon is the, Winner, and rightly so. eh~ wi can e iven Ito.youo oead
y ou.w ayi noc hear. him p r Inrgierl
I am a fa4rplay student of D.G.S. a 0i s a meurl. s in
also and my name will appear at the r H irs think e1arendon sloua h
end of this article so that this stu- a es. oy p iampy on o i gi h t
dent could know who I am when I sayi g s~4 ean hey o S a
he is unfair is he a DGS boy or an Clarendon had & o
impostor? I would like to know him. placed; whadhapene o mae Tnhem c
He thinks that the SMA boys did a great their minds?at knoll the ter pr-
sent were not.Rleaqe thatoer na
job for their School, but DGS boys ost. Anyway ttne euaging atanu ea
didn't; why then he as a DGS boy did to me. LESTR DORSETT VI B D .
not come forth to do the job? If he is, arp ay G. S.nt.
a DGS boy I am sure he was asked and (Sorry we had to s aueese it a bit:Ed
declined. He mihtbe an Afro ty pe( c Jiust in te gow
a 6 Bat Road. Roseau, minica, West Indies

r. 11 .I

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