Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Sf ,tane Lowenthal, lo rA
? :1hbraian, 4 t 0, ,
SRtseAich Institute foxr
the $ udy of Man, DOMIN ICA I
-162 $ ayt 78 Street, ~ ..(.:,,lsTrr- .
New To::k 10021, N.Y., wi|tut lrtt S4c 03 .6
ry ... .- Edtor PHYLLIS SAND ALLFRET ".
7 ii No. Frid Ju 4, 1971 '
;LL.--- X XU No.2S. FridaT Joy I 4,U 1971, _1 91kw. N"ei

gathering strength
DSoinlca Preada P art hab s aerived at
its thlrd aimil oQion ttim, and in
teep.ig with its islad-wide reputatioti,
will keep the meeting in St. Joseph. on
Smday.After three years, the Psrty is
closely welded and r .democratically.

Ia Wt in. g

__ I I .. III I W W I

Ton Cent.

medical Division, ROSOAu.
lst. June, 1971. N

iea4r Parents,

J~ Il




s1uePy to identify to LiktM ^day'
major ',tes, beuii ad C

Sportane and intar~t in As notAd for Fa
,tgunte Ariteh VTrin Is WSJB Woltia that
a'~'% Grr'nalda &. Luia, J ~tba th w hinted (or

and Caitosi. hiing *=4 Y1i^ y bibday t1
r-m" n SM urday, 12th
o ut by tao expect Dr.
Buigenret, of the Depnr. w
ment of lifttory at dte UGni
vrarty of the West 1ImiesJ A.C.3D. WAtty,
adB Dr. Barrie Cik ovf the Perewaul, Secretary
U.K. DT4p!rtr'Pnt of the En MJis7atry c Hw Affaira
vironmrnit. M
he t*) men talked to the idcation Linist.r, to
metmbcer of the ftitikibBili greup atAd others, and
saw Lord Cathcart'i somerial at Peftsmitiii as wellI
as the ruina of ftrrt Shirley, Cabrits, Melville
battory- More k Bac4~ and: Sctt'i heaBd. "hey will
make rccmmaendatic. a to preserve historic sies.


'Oe of Brfiia's weahjiert peers disclosed
that he was os"et czpebid ftorem ktte Caribean inand of
Grenida after only tw weeks of a two-.amth stay thoughh
he 0e ns a sizelte sic ts fe Ift pe.
L,rd Srownlow. 71-yealr- tiend a fa w r equerry of the
Dakr, of Wimneor, icesibe4 a gh iy recptiaa from ctstorns
officmali on hbi arriv IMd Gisafd wih le wife.
I 1 you don t have a vir,'" oMeQa& wasnel, "you can only Itav
two veeks."
Thel BTownlows trove to tt k coa tal hesnaa plantation. and
prep ored to sit it out.
Thl following da, Grewm a pre mier Eric GCiry telephoned hia
ape:,gies and invited thta to vtay indefinitely.
rBt the Brownlows cat a~st thei veait auyway.

..,,.a.y rreminxd you sat 4l1
nildir(;n frem 0-5 yerss' rit~ pr-trndi -:'
uabilica'l stamp (navels) asAt, be atras
ed, as this will help te prevent cmso-
1 ic&atiens in WAdult life.
IVt has b*e1 na>ticed tast
i t a few children Tave protruding u- ,
licus. It is very iamprtamt to prevYrnt
is at the earliest ago. Theae children
't be taken to k he clinic to Uthe Nurse
lhealt Visiter, for care and adTice.
Please help a .to help yeu.Tfank you.
A. Tu0MALi,
Nursing Superintendeat.

.- . -- *. *.'H. K'

Far along the valley in Dominica.


1966 Ford CotimaN.22x5
3000oo Miles. One Owne.
Phonxs- Residence 2608
0o40. .

------ IWCII~-- -- --

.-- _

. . . . . 3 r



Page Two .,THE STAR Eriday, June 4, 1971
The State of Trinidad & Tobagb has finally shown up itself as the most
politically backward of the British Caribbean area. This trend has been
disee-nable for some time in its confusion as regards a Parliamentary
It will be recalled that for many years the state of .parliamentary
opposition in Trinidad. &.Tobago has been,' to say the least, puerile. There
.was the case of the Leader ,of the Opposition in residence in Britain for
years, paying only occasional short visits to his State. The prolifer-
ations of splinter Opposition Parties.has been another pointer. Instead
of presenting a united Opposition front, Trinidad & Tobago. has made it
easy for Dr. Williams' Government by its divisions, mutual antagonisms
and even its racially-undertoned sectoring. The. biggest joke has recently
appeared with the Opposition's not contesting several of the Parliament-
ary seats before the recent General Election and its confused and half-
hearted attempt at the others on Election Day. -Not unnaturally, the P.N.M.
Party of Dr.WiLliams emerged totally victorious. Then as an anti-climax,
twe. so-called, Opposition Parties are making much of the constitutional
requirement of,a. Leader of the Opposition. Since the P.N.M. captured
every seat, there can, of course, be no leader of'the Opposition, who,
however, is reqoiried by the Constitution to recommend for- appointment a
number of Senators to represent the Opposition. Had the Opposition Parties
been serious, they would also have made it clear that they are not int-
erested in Opposition Senators. The whole thing has been a sad mess.
The moral to be drawn is one \i aic]h our own Government should take td
heart, viz. that the so-called bigger nations of the British Caribbean
are not oracles and that we in the smaller states can think out our own
...way without benefit of them. The abiding mistake, however, whibh our Gov-
ernment makes. is to think that it alone can cope with our nation's probi
lems and that it can do wv*thout the contribution which the
Opposition Party can make to solutions. This has been most clearly and
dramatically shown since the last General Election and following upon the
Opposition Party's publication of its blue-prints for Dominica., so faith-
fully copied and adopted by the Government after its publication.
No one can 'doubt that the. Dominican Opposition can hold its head high,
after less than three years existence and in face of the many pockets of
backwardness' in Dominica so.carefully nurtured by the ruling party.
The Trinidad Opposition shrieks about the failure of the Government to
effect necessary reform before General Election. The same happened in
Dominica as regards the' main item of electoral reform demanded -- the
enfranchisement of the 18-year-olds. The fact that the Government of Dom-
inica refused to bring this about on three separate occasions was not used
as an excuse for boycotting the General Election. There is no reason why
it should have been so used in Trinidad, for in the event it was proved
in Dominica that popular votes for the two sides were almost equal. Then
continuous and unrelenting Opposition pressure under which the Government
has. operated since the General Election is the surest guarantee of the
people of Dominica that the: normal procedures of democracy can be made
to work. This is not to deny that despite the vigilance of the Opposition
the Government still does outrageous things. The closing lines of today's
piece shows this up. But it is obvious that each such outrage only ensures
the final demise of the Government. Both Montserrat and Antigua in recent
months have shown what is possible when an Opposition takes itself ser-r
Thus there is-no excuse or justification for the dismal performance of
....the Opposition of Trinidad -& Tobago and we must continue to feel that we
could function successfully without leaning on the so-called "more devel-
oped countries" of the area. if our full potential were harnessed for nat-
ional ends. If the Opposition in Trinidad & Tobago had really done its
work over the years, the great likelihood would have been that itiwould
have. added to the number of seats it held in Parliament. It would be a
Mistake, I think, to pay too much attention to the fact that only a small
percentage of the voters turned out. (concluded on p.4)

F-1~d~y, June ), 19?STAR Page

f I



It is notified for general in-
formation that Saturday 12th June,
1971, being the day appointed for
the official observance of the
Birthday of 'Her Majesty the Queen,
His Excellency the Governor: Will
inspect a parade at the Botanic
Gardens at 8.30 a.m.
Members of the Cabinet and the
House.of Assembly, Heads of Depart-
ments and other Officials, Heads
of Religious Denominations,Consuls
and ConsuLfar Agents, Members of the,
Roseau Town Council, Managers of,
the local Banks and other citizens,
together with their wives, are in-
vited to be present on this occasion
and to be in their places before
8.30 acm.
All persons entitled t6 Wear
medals and dedcoatiohs are requested
to do so. AiC.B. WAt Y,
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Home Affairs.
SRef.No.: H16/15/25,950-1/1. G,1l
L 1st Ja4un1 7 1 IW, .71

VI .L- A .V -.. 11
produces "Caribbean Concerts." : 6 Bath Road
Ethan James IV is featuring calypso 947. 2 Bat oad
and compositions by W.I.artists on DRIVING REGULATIONS A CRITICISM
first exposure in the United States
special songs dedicated to friend Ten years or so ago, imports of Ve-
and family; young W.Indian talent hides into the Territory were just
to perform and be interviewed. H:' enough to keep numbers stagnated as
will stay with his'ETHAN FOUR show around 200, and what driving regul-
until his studies finish next Oct., ations there were then iust have been
may go on to law school. drawn up-.for a light traffic flow.
CENTRE FOR MULTI-RACIAL STUDIES Today scores of vehicles each
This UWI (Barbados) .Centre will-hold month. :Thousands now are' operating in
its third Caribbean background course the State beaut there does not. appear
from 12th-18th September; intended to have been any tightening-up of the
fcmniddle-senior employees of business driving regulations.. Among other .
civil service, educational and other things, what. re the regulations cn-
groups. So far only Barbados,Guyana cerning: a) conduct of a*
groups. So fa.'r only Bbados,Guyana case of an accident (fatal or other);
Bahamas & Bermuda have attended:they b) Time withiof an accident aa or other)must
hope for wider response through the ) Time within which an accident must
islands this. time. loyer and Dept. be reported; c) when and where must a
heads are considering the matter. hor not be sounded;) what.action
_____ _t o take on hearing a siren; e)) who
THREATENS TO SJE: A motori-st who col- has a right to stop. a driver on the
lided with Lord Snowdon's car on Whit- road or give him orders; f) how does
sun week-end, when Princess iMargaret one know one is approaching a school
and her children were-being driven and what action does one;take? ? ?
home, has threatened action. One of the main causes of accid.
had been photographing the Snowdons ents is faulty & foolish signals.
at a fete, claims Snowdon was wrong. Concluded on page 12.

N 0 T I CE
All members of the DOMINICA
take note that the fifth Annual
General Meeting of the Federation,
will be held on Tuesday 8th June,
1971 at 6.00 p.m. at the Fot Young
Hotel.. The Agenda comprises:-
1. President's address.
2. Confirmation of minutes of the
previous Annudl" General Meeting.
3. Discussion en the Executive's
Annual Report.
,. Treasurer's Report. and adopt-
tion of Accounts.
5. Election of replacements to
the Executive Committee. (Messrs.
P.A. Rolle and E.P. Shillingford
are retiring in accordance with Rule
5 of the Federation).
6,, Any other business*

Management-minded man With ever-
seas business experience (12 years)
seeks position with progressive
oondern. Testimonials on request.
W i+ o r +o Mr R .

FP iy., June ), 1971


Page Three

A Pae Foutqt TH E S T'A R. Friday, Jun, 4,1971
YET ANOTHER SANDAL' by And ocles (fr. p.2)
Since and just before nomination day, the Trinidad electorate had seen
the futility of taking the Opposition seriously and that the return of
the P.N.M. was a fait accompli, It therefore: did not bbthe to turn out
to wvoe. I think most West Indian communities would have reacted sitmil-
I am-appalled by the discovery in the 1971 Estimates of Expenditure
that Government provides only $15,000 for the hole year for the upkeep
of the Dominica Infirmary. In fact, the amount provided this year is less
than last "year's provision by $80. In addition to this, approved increases
on the rates of wages paid to attendants result in a much less amount
being available for the ordinary maintenance of the inmates, The. increase
in wages is- perfectly justified, but what is incomprehensible can
the Government-expect the institution to carry even minimal stand-
ards when in this day, hour and age it reduces in effect the amount
available.for the subsistence of the poor aged folk housed there?
There are presently about 53 residents. The amount provided for their
subsistence amounts to $1.25 per inmate per week. At the prices of 1971,
at what levell can a person subsist at $1.25 per week? Make all possible
allowance for economies of numbers, for considerations that the needs of
the old are minimal. It will still remain that it is unconscionable to
allow $I.25 per week for a human being to live on. When one considers
the waste and. improper use being made of the funds of the taxpayer, mainly
in the f>rm of political payments, it is monstrous that the Government
can: allow- this sub-human standard of subsistence to exist in one of its
institutions. Of course, if the 535 inmates were in a state to dispose of
53 wotes at a Gen eral Election, the Government of the day would never
suffer this state of affairs td exist, The Infirmary depends almost en-
tirely upon the amount provided by Government for its maintenance. Friends
and-benefactors supply little, comforts. So when the Government provide
$15,000 for 53 inmates for a whole year roughly y the amount of the Premier's
Salary) and this to include the wages of attendants, things must needs
be very difficult for these aged poor.
If we compare the treatment given in another Government institution,
we see; clearly the heartless way in which the Infirmary is treated by
Government. You would hardly believe the comparison.
The Leper Home has 4 inmates and the sum voted for.the maintenance of
these four residents (exclusive of the. salaries paid to their attendants)
is $13,280 in the 1971 Estimates, up from $9,700 in 1970. This works out
at approximately $64 per inmate per week. This compares with $1.25 per
inmate per week in the Infirmary. After) every allowance is mad0 for costly
drugs, etc., for those in the Leper Home, the difference remains inexplic-
able. Government should do better than this.
Until the Opposition took up the matter hotly, the,Government used to
pay as little -as $1 per week per person uritil this very year to the in-
digent, as extra-domiciliary relief. This was during the period when the
Government was crowing that Dominicans. had never had it so good. It is
the hope. that today's revelation will again compel the Government to do.
the right thing by the senior citizens of Dominica, though you should not
be surprised that (because. the denunciation is made in this column) Gov-
ernment will stiffen its back.
Talking. of revelation, if Dominicans want to hear the latest and most
outrageous act of the Government with the money of the taxpayers, let them
come to St.. Joseph on Sunday to. hear the President's Adt.~e-s at the
Freedom Party Convention. She will let out something which will make your
flesh creep and your hair' stand on end as she reveals what Government
has recently done with our hard-earned money, You will find it hard to
believe, yet it is true.
FREEDOM PARTY CONVENTION St. Joseph. Starts 10.30 a.m. Sunday 6th.
COME EARLY and bring, your membership card.

STAR Page Pi'.
~ I ~ -

.-.. FOR


rs5.32 Acs situated on Rosalie Raci and
!i tea d on the North and West bfy 'Cr
ist CuMtivame in.aCitrus aid Banm s
Lsge Resideace with all Moderm Con-
absB2i ees. "" > '
,Ahpply John Bully at 42 Cork Street,, Roseu
BSusiness Consultants,
S Amcouna nts and Auditc',,-.
S" Require ,
wan~ Maei (16-25 yrs.) Dsirous of making
a Cre er in Axconting for ImmnedJi.te. Em
loyent in our Roseau Office.
SSalarf by negotiation.
eedge of MaMhs and" English emitial
SWil .provide i Service Trainin g.
S Write giving full particulars to:- .
SeniorPartP ar,.
kVitor Rivire@. Associates,,
*S Queen Mary Street, Roseau, Domi.nica.,

*S: **S-- Si- :-- -------f

Dominica Banana Growers'

Banana Growers are notified that the Green
nvat Pricet hs increased by oee urnt from 47S.o,
to 79' o. with effect from 3Sl:t `MaV, 1971. The
price payable t.o growers at Reception Stations in.
chisiveof the Summer Incentive ric Should b
2. per lb.. However, in accordance with an arran-
gement between Winban and the Purchasing .Con-
pRay it has been agreed th3t the Company will rec..-
ver an amouat of7ae. per lb on account of coaarra
cmal debts and advances on the banana price diB"
ing the winter mopnthi
The prices payable to growers as from 1' snt
May, 1971 and until further notice will therefore
be as follows:--
At Reception Stations- ,.35 0. per Ib.
At Buying Points -.S. per lb.
Growers who qualify for the Incentive Bons will
receive an additional .5 per lb.
General Maasger

.a..ane 9 71



Ii. laoft

S u el th e .e borde atnly = 75 per bot le.

IALTLEVOL 1[2 The Superb Vitamin Iron Ton

will put new W into you.
.. eart u Mat klv 12 To y
And'Re sto Powr To Your Bdy.

'.i A * _

Page Firv "

Fariday, Jueu 4, .971


O~s~ -


; ;





Pag S

Fiction: MA'TITINE by Cynthia Watt

I know all you wond aders

Garge had just returned to Charlotte have been wondering what happened to
Amalie from French Village,where he me last week. Well, the water supply
had been entertaining a huge audience for Goodwill came back, and I was a
at the Pelican, when his roommate bit tired of insularity or suburban-
handed him a letter from home.After ity, so I gripped my overhead aerial
reading it, he sat down abruptly on cables and took a trip around the
the divan, staring vacantly ahead, world. What a trip'
His friend wanted to know what was In Sydney,Australia, I ranaross a
wrong: bad news? Garge handed back Portugese chap called Antonio Santos,
the letter. "Read that." It was ob- who had an 8-ft. cabbage growing in
vious that this blasting letter had his backyard: Over an Australian.
shaken the man who loved his home a stinger, he informed me that he had
lot. "I don't believe it," he said, brought the cabbage seeds over from
burying his head in his: hands..'.Yet his native Portugal. 18 years ago. He
you never can tell." The friend only planted them last year, when at
suggested thsy Garge, who was due last he acquired a piece of land.
for two weeks' vacation, should fly Don't be surprised if one day a
home and find out for himself. But Dn b se if on d a
home and find out for himself. But piece of metal falls from the sky and
Garge, who knew how to economise, hits you right on the head. There are
got a free passage half-way in a over one thousand man-made objects
yacht owner by his employers part orbiting the earth. Pieces of these
ne Tti h jt c t artificial satellites have begun to
Ma Titine had just cleared the re enter the earth's atmosphere.
table after lunch when the door op- re-enter the earth's atmosphere.
enedbl andfter lunch walkedGarge. She door op- According to a scientific manual,one
ened and in walked Garge. She drop- one U.S. missile broke up into 426
back into her chair like a sack of one U.S. missile broke pinto 426
back into her chair like a sack of pieces;130 pieces have already rained
coals. "Surprise to see me, heh?" back into the atmosphere. A piece of
Garge remarked cynically. But sudden- a Russian Cosmos satellite fell in
ly he put away all the nagging susp- Oklahoma,U.S.A. during 1970: it weighed
piciona whichhad dogged him, and 240 lbs. How would you like that to'
putting down his plush suitcase, he fall on your kai .poule?
moved towards his wife and hugged And With all these unhappy marri-
her warmly. "!Come on, Titine,give ages in Dominica, I understood from
Garge a kiss,'j After this embrace Santo Domingo that a bill was intro-
of welcome, Ma Titine found her voice, duced to enable foreigners to obtain
"Well, well, Garge you could of "quickie" divorces. The only require-
kill me dead I nearly faint..." is that one party be present and the
Garge smiled. "don' die now. I other represented by a lawyer. So if
come to spen' ten whole days with there is a sudden rush to the LIAT
you all, I won the Calypso King con- office for tickets to the Dominican
test, and I off to the States soon Republic, let me warn embittered
to better our lives. If God spare, spouses that the Church has moved
I'll take Eurilla with me," He did against the Bill.
not speak of taking Ma Titine-along, I saw a beast alas, a very dead
not yet, one, and huge called Elphas Meridicn-
When the news of Garge's rivall alis in a cemetery at Aquila,Italy.
passed around, the house was crowded Archaeologists got to work on that as
every night for four days. Garge had Vast as lawyers in San Domingo on
a polished appearance and his speech quickie divorces. The beast's tusk
was as smart as Sparrow's. He just was some six ft. long with a base
didn't seem like Old Garge, But they circumference of about two feet. If
hung around in vain to hear the out- the P.W.D. had a monster like that on
come of the rumours about his wife their payroll, a lot of work would
and Minister P.N.E. get done..but he died a million yrsago.
On Friday,however, Garge broke out: Unhappily I haven't got the length
"Titine, how is it Ancine never been in this column to say how I liked
here since I come? She sick?" those South Sea Island girls grace-
"Oh we not so hot again," replied ful, curvaceous, and all they have on
Ma Titine. "She not a good fren. I is mini-grass skirts. Am I drooling?
drop her," "Oh, do you think is she "No," replied Ma Titine pronmtly.
self wrote to tell the authorities in
S t.Thomas. I an undesirable alien?" ou lor enEgg; sae~~

Friday,June 4, 1971


Page Six

Friday, June 4, 1971 T H E S T A rage oe V t
(We have so many letters from Readers this week that some have
had of necessity to be curtailed and others held back. For instance,
the topic under "SHAME ON THE JUDGES" brought forth quite a shower of
protest. Turn to back page (12) for further correspondence.

I am asking you to extend my con-
gratulation to David Allfrey for his
outstanding article in last Sat.'s
issue, calling attention n to Govern-
ment for their lack of interest in
the.God-given talents of those skil-
ful and most artistic first settlers
of this island, the Caribs. Tell
David to keep it up as in time to
come, the Caribs will have someone
of the race to voice opinion of
their needs to the State.Petew: M.,
I am a student of the Grammar
School and I am shocked at .the de-
cision of the judges in Tuesday
night's contest. It was just another
Jaycee fiasco with three grown men
making the greatest mistakes of their
lives. Some of us DGS boys felt
that Grammar School did not have a
chance. Volney of SMA is the winner
..-.of the Trophy for his School, for
whe was the best, Like me, most of
my friends are Afro types ,,hair cut
and so on, but we felt ashamed and
sympathised inwardly The SMA boys
did great honour to their school.
Only the GttGeorge St.corner boys;
made noise, for the others knew that
it was an unfair decision. To the
Headboy Volney and his fellow stu-
dents I say well done. You are the
winners. To the judges I say,
shame on you. You should bow your
(name given)
ANOTHER DGS boy calls it "a
criminal fiasco". "Let these three
judges be umpires during what remains
of of the Cricket; season and DGS
will sweep Academy with all SMA out
for lbw." _
CONVENT GIRLS joined in passionately.
"We went to back CHS, hoping to
get the Trophy from SMA. But after
the first round, we knew SMA had
regained the Trophy with Head -Boy

Government promised votes to 18
year olds after last general elec-
tion and has failed to do so yet.
I remember distinctly Mr.R.O.P.
Armour saying during eve of elec-
tion, "ladies & gentlemen I had a
dream' that all eighteen year olds
will have their votes"(in. among a
number of other dreams- he said
he had. Whether, or not he had these
dreams I do not know, but the point
I want to stress iasthat the 18 yr
olds have not got the vote they were
promised and some have taken a beat-
ing. These youths are looking brward
for the vote to be announced to cheer
them up from their grim position.
Right now all the same politics
does not necessarily start at 18,
it could start at 16, but the 16 yr
old need not take part in the gen-
eral election.
We learn civics at school I admit,
and that has something to do with
politics but the teachers are so
afraid to stress their view on how
the country should be run so as. to
influence the pupils. I think in all'
schools should be posted up an Est-
imates or budget book so as when a
teacher has a civics class he or she
can read out some of the fantastic
salaries the Ministers get, and what
is the harm in telling pupils what
the Parties stand for?
I learn that the Freedom Party
allows young members to join at the
age of 16, and as soon as I am 16 I
will join so as to experience.what
is happening in Dominica politics,
that I may be of some use to my
people in the years to come. Young
Freedom Fighters could help to choose
a President and Officers and have a
say on the platform on behalf of the
youth, for example that the police
when making arrests should not brut-
alise the young, as rough treatment
will not reform them. Politics can't
be kept out of school it is there

Volney way aneaa. neraert s *talk was anyway. DAVID B. ALLFREY.
best, his deportment on stage 100% NEXT WEEK : POEMS by Daniel Caudeiro!i
and his pronunciation far ahead of --
the others. The audience thought him Russians, and nowadays not all slaves
great. To me the DGS boy was way are black by any means. Second, he
off topic. He spoke on Blacks alone, spoke aggressively after the 2nd bell.
Surely the Jews are slaves of the Th6 audience was shocked when DGS won."




Frisy .jame 4, 197"


_________________________________ L

P;a.r Eight


Scdwdule of Application for Certificate of Title andjl tings
thereon and Caveats for week ending tSch day of aly. 197 1

OD Rtque~ed

-i lay te l9b
at 3JIM
*h fIei, sb1

Person Presenting

b his Solkcir
IJoner I. MI Arnseair
-I" r'-'--'''-.-

Nature of request
whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon -.aveaS
Ralei ftorlheiws of a
First Criificate of TitF
in respect of a poItl of
ltad at Salisbury b tbe
Parish of S. Joseph con-
Waiaing29,S25 si. ft. and
bounded as followe:-

SNotoMat by land of Eiz Vidal: South.East by Ihe Pubibc
Aohd South West by lon4 of Evans Vidal: Nor th. W by
RtalI tIeparatlng it frwom land of H,D. Shilllpgford. 93-a !Z

4mt dated tdheof

0" bu&y 1

M. EltOa Hamr
be N.souciase
Sswer IL 3. Arjeo

R' sst f(orthe iswe of a
Prtl C rtfictlc of Tidi
is saci of a pontih of
lad at JeanfliskWh r) in
tbe narish of St.
containing 29,064 q f.
au bouaded as fatow:s.

INr bt y k"ed of ReaI vdl: No als-East by lnd of &m.ix
V11 OiWrwHO*Ay PierMr: SEuth-EaU by laid of Norry 9Vda
S0utMWOst by lad of Efltzt VId, 937 2, 2
Segifterr's Office, SYLVIA J. BERTRAND,
k Roseau, Dominica, 1971 Registrar of Titles.
NOTE: Any person who desires to object tc the issuing of a
Certfaicte of tile on the above application may enter a Caveat
Ir the above office withr- six weeks from the date of the First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newsoaper published
Int this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
aw W*s last served on any owner or occupter of adjotling
laiid l respect of wtrlch the application is made.


Sin ROStau
Two or more Bedrooms
Long.. Term Rent. Phone: 2359
50 I a 'I I 'll' I ... ..... ... i i


D Series 5-ton

in excellent condition

Mufy Recond(teM d

- -- Eu


U .
*" I aEfr:b
.L C!. ~i-1


More car between the wheels
IF Yr Mn Does't Drive ,
A Fobd -- Don't Date IHim



"We Service What We Se4"
M>.1 - ,,.,^11. _,-,' ll,. II -*IL^ ----LIrt^..n.^^.



$5.O0 per

cra~ee (kl~ cU1D~j

IP (Y LUOT & O. L .:


M AIessrs m. Whitchwdrc & c Lt.,
ABents for Lloyd's and Henry Headf & C~ Ltd.,
ofer our services on alforms of insures cover-
.ae including Fire, Hurricaue, Mooto, Htbi and
Marine Cargo.
We also arrange Personil Travel I6uran5a:.-
Telsephone a for more information at ax82-7

f t..... -- family
shoes xvi entire 1f

for the '-& family

' ^ '* *1 i

-4 E:


One' Ford'

-- I tTI --XE, W%~

- --


-e -



Page J i_..-THE STAR Friday, June 4,1971L
It is notified for general information that the issue of Dominica 71%
2 years Debentures 1980-82 is still open and that Debentures will again
be issued at 1st July, 1971.
Copies of the prospectus (with application forms attached) have already
been circulated in the Official Gazette and in the local newspapers, and
are available at the Accountant General's Office, the Sub-Treasuries at
Portsmouth, Marigot and Grandbay, and at the local commercial banks.
Debentures are issued at 97/ and at an interest rate of 7%o payable
Applications in the prescribed form should. be addressed to the Finan-
cial Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Trade &.Industry, Government Head-
quarte s, Roseau.
F23/18II, G.80, 943--/2 C.A. SORHAINDO,
00, 9 Financial Secretary.
25th May, 1971
Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for'appoint-
ment to the post of Co-operative Offiger, Co-operative Division, Ministry
of Agriculture., Lands and Co-operatives.
2. Applicants should possessthe G..C.E, a.t..Ordinary Level or its: equivalent
in three (3)'subjects including English Language. Knowledge in Co-operat-
i'e organisation, Book-keeping and Accountancy. ill 'be an advantage.
3. The Salary of the post is in the: sale $5780 x 240 4,500 x 300 6,000
(QB) 6,300, 6,600 x 360 $7,320 per annum. The point of entry will be
determined on thee basis of qualifications: and experience.
4. The appointment, which is, permanent arid pensionable is subject to med-
ical fitness and A probationary period of two years.
5. The successful applicant will be. posted in the Eastern District inthe
first instance and will be liable to transfer to any other rural area.
6. Further particulars may be obtained from the Secretary, Public Service
Commission, Roseau, to- whom applications should be forwarded not later
than 15th June, 1971.

P.S.C. 3/7, G.79a 946-1/2 E. NICHOLLS

Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the pott
of Junior Clerk,"Radio Dominica".
The post, which is pensionable and on the permanent establishment,
carries a salary of $1,680 x120 02,400 x 180.- $3,300 x 240 $&,700.
The. point of entry into the scale. is dependent on the capability and
qualifications of the candidate.
The entry qualifications for Junior Clerk is a G.C.E. "0" level pass
in English.Language or Mathematics or two other approved subjects. A Typing
speed of 40 words a minute will be acc ted as an equivalent to an "O"level
pass. A a-knoledge of shorthand.ia: desirbli. t
Applicationi stating name address, standard of education, qualification
and experience should be addressed-to the Secretary, Public Service Cmmm-
ission and should reach her not later than.15th June, 1971.

P.S.C. 3/19, G.80a, 947-1/2 SECRETARY
25th May, 1971

. Friday_ ,4. 1971, THE STAR -,- -- .
:. ... _./.. _.. -e ..'.'-'.-- ------ .. ..-
.'- .. ..' ...." ..... T~gENDERS FOR FERTILIZ .....
~ -'Th indward Islads"anin' G- ors' Associntioln Invites oI dif tenders: .t'
supply'fortilizers' b6c-'.*Z6iv60ed to thc"thFede Vindir.rd Islnds- of Dominica,
St, Luci& and Grenada-5 "the~ ~ea Septerhaber 1971Vto August.-1972.
2; Pfriees nueet.-e-.quv-te4 in Eastern Caribbean Currency (E.C.C.) per long ton.
T:hores6hall~b-~t N'6 -thb iof tehcaring as-so6 out-6 iudoei" and B bblow:- ..
The-price"' q'6tad"5 y; t Eho suilier nust''be o6'a Fro. From Alongside. (F.F,A,),
., C Y.IF. bas Is'Wi Tci idiaaIsads per long thon.
B. For eathiindividual island the tendeorer will qttotc a price based on theo
follbnowig- '
(i) 6elivrer .1if;jih oticrt- nbanna gtoweos o6iia dlive.y doctmen.t qutbo-
r ried.'b thlilsIand iBanana GroWers' As sodcaion'. :Tha is, all co ts
including laigfidan'ie i housing, handling etc. hall be the responsi-
Sbili~t~y"',f ho lg2.?rr -. -. -. -.
(ii) Delivery-ie aiohluseft"st bbi arranged 'fn t'he "islaiid as follows'*"
ST.. LUClA.i 'A Casriob, war6housa or inanyaac4iHieonal warehouse sub-
---' --- ct-'tho"app'roval of t'e A E "ciation,"- ""
DOMNlIC'. at RTIdoaa'in~t hi'Suth and Por~fsiiHfE'in the North.
G.. GRNADA: '4a.) a'' t. reorte'a and (b) Grinv3Il-o. "'
(iii) The ishans Banna ss ociations that Hav Their"T w4iiareehousesfar
prepared; Ei-ri'h tdini oi' t ers "to be 'ogithta~ with' thiH supplici
(iv) The Ass'6ciatihoh r iiJl"ndertake tb dlc-1 h~"i'th" rrowrFs to collect
S. the out'taainii~"iinits dte to the suppliBr as-por' reed'"tcrns
i (v) All cost of iac orics' ex":warehouse to 6giowor 's holding will be the
-' -...---...- s~a&ibility and oxp"nse of the grqwer.
..(T) Fofiizera'of" ho TIC nutrient ratios -lre .adb'6I taor hearisc orwa
sf andaid- fd-iiilbtid:an hi'Arest to tE6 ratis"s'tatedY i" tho nost con-
'eatr, iate ai;ilai'U6 frr,'"a stable, chronically compounded granules
which will not6 c2f0 on storing.
(ii) Forti1lizers 'of. ih"Tl, PK'nutrient rti' I1s84 ~-o-lor '(or nearest)` or
standard "brri-ulation 'earest to'the raios atd' in.the most conco.-
trated available form, as a granular blend x hich will not cake on
storing. ... ... ,. -- "..
(iii) Fertiliters 'of.'S IT-PIC hut'rient ratidoslit6d blwt.r' (or, ffarest) 'or..
standard forr.untltion ncaroet to the ratios~ sbat'dain the most poncon..
--. .."- rated cavailable 'form, .J.a. dry. blend physical n1ix.
5. SPECIFICATIONS :------ ---
The fortiliker6s s 6ll cbntaini the followihg:-
i (^ NItrog np not.iri ifo lihs -t% urea-
S- (ii)Phosphai e no Idt'"'than" 60% ateffotiuble ahd th balance citric acid

S .iii)Potash -100 to be "wte soluble .
(iv) a'- o"all' ~ries listed below not loss than' 4% Sulphur (S)
-."' L....u----- s-s. -b o--i-ee:poat;e d.'
NUTRIEN -T..-...- .- ..---_.-.-- .....- ... :- -
Seither'(i) "3" 3,000-3,500 6,000-124o ;'i 1;600 oo ooo" o;660'O 95oo00
S3:t1h:7.5 77..7..' ,.- -_OQT;90 .-:UM 7;,09-27900 ~.o. ;.'',;,DOO7090
S- 3 o00o-,500 6800-O13;0 2a; 00-o;o000 1200-22o0 0
Or () --- 7" ,06-35pO 6,800-.1,0oo '2600-6,,00 12,400-24,.50o
otatoneas-a-toqu --or--6th 6 (i) and 6 (ii) above.
7.. VAI -BILITYOFQNT' ITIES ............ "
(i) The following"isa iiide-to the~quantities that will be required by the-
islands during th -br.oas'ottod:
Scptefenbr Novcber-30. of total quantity
December Feruary 25% "
MaJunh **.. IAG 15% "
June August 500 "

044p ---- STAti_ 171M

(ii) f-i the en6 is~5,ri6~[dd" on the'basis -of A abov6c-'(e. on-a F'F..L;.
..F.-bsi ii ihdwtra.di Islands)) The qui3ticsd "listed are the a4proxi-
'Iite tonangcs th~'Ht wiIl b6 required ib coach isla d :-uring theperiod-
ihdicaodOiliOn -'fasis, the Asaoci oi6ihs, &i*hairrS nforrnthe supiil'ier
of the q unti-ie's required and the' tinc of. rriv'al t" the- shipinents
S(fiii If thie tfndr-i ai aded on"the bsiis b6T"B 5ove"(,c';"ox warehouse.),
t' he' supplier "u'-t -- lfys have in the warehouse at least 5%. of the
ediniun ainnial reouirobi nt.
(iv) ITn the eventof'iiunfooreseeon circunstancbs ilhich ay- cur-tail"deliverics
to growers' ai nt h ~""tluantities cOntractoclT-,b ji idrichased are not'
utiliseca ariii YHie year stated, he pcri6bof the obh'ntr3act '"ha&llboe
of"tenhdd 6cy6ieclynic-th6o 'sthof August, 1972 u"'i.Ail the quantities con-
.... --racted for have been disposed of .to groeuors.

S(i) O-the b as-ol-A a b6Vo-. E.F.A. .i F.,'cidwair Islands.), quotations
are rbquosto"d'i o b th Cbsh and ^redit terFis. "Te associations are
.. .iht crste in obtaiThinG 'the' nximu possiblt3"c'cti~-~t'r'o .s.
(ii) .Oh-the b~~s" of'B i~"v,'.e. delivycy by the supplier ex warehouse,
the followi-ng 'erns' should be quoted:-
) oh a cash'b -as s . ... ........
4(.) Thb nrii3i cridif tcr ~ Ei
(c) For dboerH3ihi-tth6 period of credit, 'i prC6Yia6T"ohi calendar ndith
will be-ut'ilis(E tb "caculate fhe total loliV6ri6s-& t rowers"during
That. nonT-h T''he creit' tens will, thoerfofo6,'-ci:icco at the- cid of
each 'calcniarrhonth-T ritho' deliveri6o r oqeclid i'duriiig that brntoh'
(d) On the basis"of 'Bpayibti will be na'b'by "thl6-7.H' T s nations oh tho pro-
paia'tibn of a nontlily statement of sales ex -tarehouse on the agreed
.- ems. ..
9. P lCKI S ..... '-" .... -.. ...--... -.--- -......
S.qppliers shoulIc"'quot6 '6for tho following naEth6dso-6 pacrng:- .
(I) "Both 1*-2"1b.'- 224"lb. bags standard packs with polythene inner bags in
.() how ew jute _'utor bass"
(C) souid jutt ouotdr bags
(ii)D-Ay-the.o-fer--o.-.-paOcaging suitable for use in this climate.
10;. tERTIFICjTE- .OF.'LiS lI : ----1S
rcortlficato "oT' analsis of NPK, Sulphur(S) and Iiagnosiun(Mg) must be made
availab"e-e-if-r-equestod. .
1..;,-ICOSING DATE, -'. :. --
-Te6ndeors"shil7'4-c rcooeived up to 3.00- p.,.: oii the 22nd JulyI 1971, and-should
,b-'"dclrly narkBd-dU7IIT, FTPRTILIZER, .TE1DER 1971/72? add addMC essd to the
HanaC3 ?- f-Baelay^-ant D.C.0.1, Castries, St. :.*Lu -
.12, ABWJjD'. OF"TE M ER.i.. -,
(i) It- s nticiad".~ftd 'ti' the ai scd.C to th s uplier sh~ll be
hade on/~o a but ath5 3D0Y;-July, ,1971 i ""hat the' first delivery of'
'~ fertilizir~sozo ~ild~_b e'ifcctbed in Sep'oenbcr.
(ii) Ple6ie notd-tha~" HE"Association does not bind itself to accept the
lowest or any tendow- .

_1D.Ar DPE^'T."ff.1T
"'. General Manaeor
19th May. .1971

**; ao-n

Page. Twelve THE STAR Fridgy, Jhne '1, 1971
*S*T*A*R*$*P*O*R*T*S********* DRIVING REGULATIONS (froit p. 3)
St. Vincent Are Windward Champs Eve3i experienced drivers either omit
By defeating Grenada by 10 wicketD signals or make the wrong one. For
in Grenada last Friday, St.Vincent' instance a driver driving ;along. in-
won the 19'1 Goodwill Tournament. tending to turn right gives a slow-
In the other match' of the. Tourna- ing down or stopping signal: an over-
ment, Dominic beat St. Lucia by 169taking driver. can easily be tagged
runs on Saturdy at the. Gardens --ainto an .unfortunate accidenA;`
thus gave the championship to St. Finally I say that no relations
Vincent. The final score: Dominica are oof any us- if the driver of a
242 & 202 for 9 declared; St. Lucia vehicle has poor vision: mo driver
81 & 194, A feature of St. Lucia's should be given even a Learners Per-
batting was an undefeated, stubborn mit let alone a Licenee if his sight
96 by bowler Victor Reyes. Highest is bad and. uncorrected by spectacles.
scorer was Stewart, 33, and Capt, I find that drivers are sounding
Polius scoredi32. Grayson took the horns at all hours (the Law Cap.
final wicket 1y cartwheeling. the off 200, Regulations say horns be not
stump of Chitterley 5 yards into tkh sounded in Roseau and Portsmouth
air. 2nd innings bowling, honours between 9 pm. and 6 am.) regardless
were, this time, shared between the of sick or sleepless persons. I have
spinners and pacemen:- G.Shillingfbadoften seen injured persons lying, help-
41/3, Phtllip 52/2, Defoe 41/3, lessly at the scene of an accident
Doctrove 23/1- and Laroceue, 22/1, waiting for the, police to call the
For Wicket-keeper Augustus Greglamibulance. I have seen drivers speed-
Dominica's victory was a fitting ing. u2 tlen they hear a siren. I
farewell to Island Cricket. In' the have seen them ignoring signs and
match he held,,4 catches behind the signals near school areas ashi child-
stumps, took Shillingford and. Philljren were crossing q~d driving as if
at their fastest without error and on a clear highway. If people would
scored 24. He was given a standing only know and obey the regulations,
ovation as he left the field for theinjuries of many kinds and even lives
last time and walked to the pavilion would be saved (and. perhaps insurance
uhder a guard;of honour of cricket- rates might be reduced for the more
e rs, i careful drivers).
In the Grenada-St.Vincent match OINEILL, Goodwill.
scores were:-i St.Vincent 3.94, C.BrowA
101, S.Dun=a4v 51; G.Gibbs 5/87 and AROUND TOWN tby Ceres
36 without loss: .Granada 220 & 207, LAST Sunday we learned from the
V.Joseph 81; S.Duncan 4/49, P.Bonadeupeio that the St.Gerard's Hall is
/c55 --. "-- to be pulled down and rebuilt, This
BOING PRO,$r DdMi s Kid
BONG tROG Dominica Kid wonderful monument which has served
Flite- to meet Young Caasit of Br the community for so many years, built
bados. by the late Bishop Schelfaut from '
ATHLETICS: Dominicaof generous gifts of money donated by
acquitted themselves well in Grenada,1$generou. gifts o
auitted themselvesingor retain a Gold friends in Belgium, will be no more.
Herbert Shillingford ta aWhen one thinks of the number of
for a Pole Vault of 10 ft. 11 ins. Speech Days,' seminars, fairs, meetings,
0T LA concerts, plays and dances which have
TESTING LABORATORY been made possible by the only reore-
A site in. the Botanic Gardens is action centre for over half a century,
be4ng cleared for erecting ai labor- it is with mixed feelings that we see
atory for produce Teasting, and Chem-it go, The Cathedral Fair to be held
ical Analysis for pilot processing, on Sunday is to raisa funds for the
quality control and St.Gerard's and all Roseau cit-
It is to assist small industries izens are urged to help this worthy
and also for routine analysis work cause. From reports heard from sev-
for agricultural, medical, customs&eral witnesses of the Speech Contest
public works. Completion Deca. 71: at D.G.S., we should reproach the
Cost, from Britiah ODA 4150,000. judges for their judging. A detailed
Pointed & Published by the Prop scorecard would be appreciated by the
Printed Published by the Pro pietr
R E.Nf yRa te Hall 1Mi H econfused public.
SRt DMmllnida. w.I. Adios Amigos.
R E $HallMill.o~z~~Y SS~~~0.9 seau*gP.8 Domi~

Supleenti HE TA i~da, Jne4, 97

N 0 T I C E

The Resident Tutor of the Univer ity
of the West Indies invites schools
(Nursery Schools, Primary Schools,
Secondary Schools) to participate
in preparing an exhibition of Chil-
dren's drawings and paintings.
The age groups are:-
Under 7 years old WE PLAY.

. . .. .. I

7 years to 12 years FROM SUNoRS The workers of Geneva and Stowe
TO SUANSET. estates as well as folks from Pichelin,
12 years to 15 years BANANA DAY. Dubique and other parts brought in
The story "Sunrise to Sunset" their'harvest which wastlessed at
will be distributed to schools and their harvest which was blessed at
will e distributed to schools and the close of the Mass. The very mus-
on application to the University ical Service was accompanied by the
Centre b village orchestra the Honeycombs.
Closing date will June A a most impressive finish was
956-1/14 -.- given with the recessional hymn, "Let
VISIT OF LEPROSY CONSULTANT us clap our hands for joy," when the
Professor Jack Millar of the George congregation clapped joyously.
Washington Univ ar y s ol Soon after, the whole town was en-
Medicine, short-term Leprosy Consul- livened by music and danclngo as the
tent for PAHO/WHO, arrived here a various groups in brightly-coloure4
costume and native headdress (a mat-
few days ago on a 30day visit to ority wore the Maharajah head-style)
all sections of the State, in an danced up and down theatre
endeavour to upgrade the prevention u the maee
But the pity is the main street
and control of this disease.Although is B too narrow fr majr trafficLate
the problem hereis minimal, the s too narrow for major traffic.Late
the problem minimal, the in the evening there were jams. In
Ministry of Health seeks up-to-date te evening ams.
modern means .of combatting this spite of that, everything passed off
troublesome disease. Professor Mil- smoothly.
lar has had 23 years experience in Visitor, (M.C.)
the field of leprosy control. tnr.OAT. T'lQ i T- .. -.I

READER'S VIEW: Postal transport -
Owing to Governments change of
time-table and Saturday's becoming
a day holiday thanks to the Le-
Blanc shoe ,party, where civil ser-
vants have benefited in their liv-
ing the' average underprivileged
daily and weekly paid worker is in
the RED, and in the middle 'of a
shopping controversy. Would to God
the electorate would grasp the idea
that Government has not considered
the great Lincoln's words that 'God
loves the common people more, that's
why He made so many of them'
In this sense the postal trans-
sport should be changed, especially
the.northern mail service. At pres-
ent the mail van leaves Vieille-Case
- Portsmouth on Mondays,Wednesdays
and Saturdays. Since no other Gov-
ernment business is transacted on
Saturday, then the Portsmouth-Roseau
postal service should take place on
Friday. Why not? One wonders also
whether on the official opening o
the Coastal Road a Northern postal
change will take place. If'so, the

^'v.lE U-VLj .A.I. 1J-J.LL; J.V V UCll J *
Royer, accdontant of the Dominica
Agric$Marketing Board,resumed work
here after obtaining distinction in
accountancy in a 2-year course in
business, administration at Algonquin
College, Ottawa, Canada. FIGHTING on
HOLIDAY WEEKEND: at Lagoon, corner of
River St., riVal youth groups clashed
near the so-called "Ronald., Armour
bath-lavatory" with kliives, sticks &c
and bodily injuries were inflicted.
Some young men :and, women were taken
to hospital by Police jeep. A fight
also took place at Goodwill Parish
Hall. Two.police cars were damaged
by stone-throwing. 8 persons arrested;
out of these incidents complaints of
harsh police methods have arisen. *
Car No. 2987 driven by Sgt. Royer of
R.D.P.F. overturned at Pond Casse on
Whit Monday a.m. while..on its way to
Portsmouth with excursionists. One
female passenger escaped unhurt 'by
breaking thes window glassL.-Contrib.
Northern citizens should te alerted
of any diversion, in hope of preven-
ting loss of mailing time and delays
in correspondahce. Too much short-
sightedness in Tennis Shoe Govt.!


This year the annual Feast of St.
Isidore, the Patron of labourers, was
observed with much rest in Grand Bay,
on Whit Monday* From early morning
truck loads of people arrived from
all parts of the island. The heavy
,showers of rain cleared up in time
for the High Mass sung at 10 o'clock.

friday, June 4, 1971


Supplement i


Friday, June ., 1971 T H E S T A R Supplement ii

by..., Labad but too Tate" .o comment upbonin this
Sipce the fsl-l' of the Fede.ration issue:typescript of Irving. Clarenfm's
and the acceptance of-c.onstitutiorl s.peech.which:won the trophy at DGS;
'form f or '-t h- Caribbean. Colonial .and yet -another, letter (signed Black
Islands, bne wonders,comparatively students) protesting against the
speaking, -whether we '-re- better -of award:, this -came by slow-post.
worse off.To, some who have''little: --. :----..
Sor :n experience of the past the- Polit cians & Pub.Servants M.Labad
answer is yes, betterbut to most It has been alleged that the Free-
of- us Whethler in private' life or lin
the e e ns dom Party,.if in power, would not
the Civil Se Vice; the answer is
emphatialyii- T?.'l% lok: represent the Labour man or so to
at e r diisal of Civil speak the por man. That could be
Servants in. t.K ,tts. by .Politician true. But the True Labour Party is
Bradshaw.and-,his biassed Commission Dead as founded by.Mrs. Allfrey,
S.which executed judgment on certain Stevens, Ducreay, Loblack and Mable
P: public .Servants who allegedly did James and (in Freedom.Par.ty terms)
not. support him: the same thing the present so-called one has become
Supplies to Dbminica's LeBlanc re- the LeBlanc-Armour-Francis mixedism
gime-but it is left to Bradshaw to Labour Party. But when the People of
set the precedent. Althoughthe hyp-Dominica will realize themselves they
sef. tlie precedent..Although,.the hyp- il now whatrthez'dnit hve a
Socritical statement that Ministers wil know that the don't have a
Shave no.juritdiction over Civil Labour Party but a Party hinged on
Servants is uoted, when not fav- the Word LeBlanc which is not Labour
oured by the5i we can see glaringly at all.
that .the Public .Service Commission *. Editor's note:, We hate to correct'
operates as : .he image of the polit- the writer of this most revealing
ical power of the day. article, but only LOBLACK and Mrs.
.. What a difference compared to Allfrey were founding members among
the. Sec. of' tate in Colonial days, $he group mentioned above. The orig-
In'-hose dayp we saw White Ma.s.ters final L.P. was -founded in May- 24 1955.
deciding the.fate of Black Servants. .ucreay & LeBlanc'joined it in 1957.
Now ,it's Black Masters destroying Mrs. James came iqr even later, and
Black Servafits; This exercise also Mr. Stevens joined in 1960 to run in
e..xists in the Unions, Political the 1961 general election. By that
Parties end some local societies time'everyone was jumping rn the
and even.'social groups, yet we hear bandwagon. P.S.A.
from them the slogan Black Power, --
Unity, anr dignity. Are we a rid- WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO DIRECT ourselvesq? time T R A F-F I C ?
Sfor us to learn that a. Government This is a point .raised by C. O'Neill
consisting of the top men too rich in his interesting letter. A reader
,and their other colleagues too poor informs us that in New Town last week
will: reasin"a ,hypocritical .Cabinet, end, two cars both claiming right of
until 'an explosion reveals the evil way refused' to give over to the other.
therein. It would appear that the A man in plain clothes came out and
,Bradshaw/LeBlanc/Armour point of ordered the driver of the lighter
View expressed by their Commission vehicle to "reverse back". Asked if
is that, any Civil Servant 'or Police he was a policeman, he replied, no,
Defence Forqe etc.' 'is free. to cam- I am a member of the Dominica Defence
paign on their behalf in any man- Force.: Our informant, once an in-
ner. without.. violating, the. section, structor to the said Defence Force,
act or order-in-council that deals- felt he was in the right and alsr
with the Civil Servant '& Politics. wondered whether authority has been
(Concluded ne mn) conferred on DDF to.take over such
(Concluded next -column)


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