Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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l* Jane Lowenthal,
Research Institute for.
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y..
U.S.A. ...
08/5 ,r-ier' (London) Ltd.
1221 Shaftesbury Ave, W. 1.

Vol vIn t- 0

4 I --'N ST Tur T
Vit e ac*me .lrt THE STUDY jF M.

n4.y 2*. 1B71

. o ... ,_ ,, .. -.r ,--T ....- ,,; ... 1I.....

Chags on Banana Board i a"aM
MiE BLOOD was introduced into h DUAA I
Board at this week's although galy PRIIM MINISTR r, Eric liUlas'
a few .-growers (aprt r s delegates "and pa .Party won every one of the 36
nominees) were present. Wa observer de, seats in Trinidad's Parliament,but
cribed the proceedings as pathetic for it was victory by default. Out. ofa
example in reply to qoestioni on thl, 50,00 electorate only 116,000
price of boxed bananas all the reti 4g votes were cast P-W getting 83.73.
Chai rman said was that Geest ot e Silently obdurate
sells boxed bananas Wr more IWgt 'dedicated' abst-
money than (he sells bananas s miners caused ob-
on the stem but he did not servers to wonder
say bow such more. "Yet Dbo- what will happen
inica has been shipping boxed next. In Barbados,
bananas for months; the IS- ex-Federal PM Sir
lands have a paid agent in Grantley Adams sa1-
eingland whose job is to supply it was a calamity
information on the state of the for the whole Car-
banana market in,.'Br3itain...l ibbean.
Most ieWbers of the old Board ------
we'e voted out," said our in- *-
fcrmantj "and they deserved It." t. S,t
Top vote in the new Board
was gained by Kr.Elkin Henry; THE N Cr CABIN tj
foll owd by Alun Ptgh,Vandulst -w in sat Osda
JohL CharlesConrad Cyrus and &saw tbe p rNace or eat
J.P.3runey; a tie resulted in A h A Mr x p
a win for Howell Warrington. P ie Jud, Mr. Justice
over sitting members Nibs Alex- dy G ow.
ander and Jerry Lee., Government a it. L Bradtisw, Prefp er
will nominate two, and the new m d atil.NvistaadAa
Board will elect its Chairman, Afi.and of Local 't
i.4fai v. ::. aoca !2* t,

Overall winner in the .Caadiap
Save the Children Baby Show
this week was Sherwood Thomas
of Yasrvct, who led in the 13-
24 months' group. Boys outclassed
girls. and twins won,.1st & 2nd
prizes in the 7-12 months' group.

C. A. P. Southwetb Depu-
nn ty Premier ad Miziter orf
Yinatce Trade, evelop-
mert and Tourism.
This lovely little girl, F.C. Brsat, Miste of
Clarice Allen of Detroit, Eduation, Hean b aw
won the U,S. "best photo SOcia Afiire.
of a child contest." L*e Mca-- Attranm


Ur R- o I. -- ..

Mr Rh ,rt Braudlh.An

Gwnatsl mad Minister of

St. John Payse, Miniser
ao AaPcultu., Laud ma4

Ivan De Giume* MiWter
af C and TraasKrL
J. N. PFaue, Minist
IWri.t PAe4aeo

Dominica Freedom Party
It is mauned for the general information
that the third annual Convention of the Partt
will take place o Sunday 6th June atte St
Joseph School room, at o .3 am.

-- --~u~ - - ~mi .r ---- -- 1~-~

nu yuriuurus~.


-----~v qa ~

a,- W *

Ten Coets

Page Two :'; T H/E ; RT A R FIiday, May 28, 1971
R E 0 N AiS I T tT. I O N.'B by ,ANDROCLES
Thanks to the criticism~sn an c.i-tipc'. examinatio6It whi.h' -.,-''-' -..-....- -
eral, have come from the Opp6os'itf Parties 'of'the A'sociated. States
on the CARIFTA Agreement, we see a flurry-of activity Tfrom the .ecrtar-
iat of that organisation, '--f~hnsib"ly aimed at co erecting some of the more
glaring inequalities in that-: Ag-rement ;isadvantageou4' to the lssei.';
developed members Of ..CARIFTA., Teamns of, CARIFTA. officials have been'.~'mount-, . 'vis-it the LDCs (even..th6ugh1.pretemce is also made of visiting the
"Big Pour") order to expla-in.the provisions and workings of the Agree-,,
ment. Now, w hea,- a team,,,of expertss is b*eig sent .ta .the 'smaller islsnds..
of the Windwards a-id-L;eewardisto identify, if they exist, opportunities
for manufacturing 'industries.' It was the &stern representations (ith
.threats) of St, -ucia,. :I ~bli:eve whi h moved..CARIFTA' to incorporate; the':
Oils and Fats Agneement .(and.this' in the main' benefits the LDCs) into .
the provisions of the -CARIFTA-Agreement, :: In, all .this.; our--Government ,has.;
been prepared merelyey :been.prepared merely to.. sing: the 'pr aises of:..CARIFTA
even in its .(j."iginal iformz and. we' heard not long ago, the. present Minister..
of Finance telling us solemnly that we; shpuld support-CARIP-TA because .
many persons here have. 0cou.sin.n in: th ."Big Four', (which,, of corse, are '.
enjoying the cream of -the Agreement).:.*'which', led a member of the Pgrlia-
-mentaryg Opposition 'to remark'~thaf we could not 6be more interested i' the
cousins than in the. broft hia of Dominica who were being made'to p,:- igher
prices for. their purchases,-
It was therefore with pleasure that I learned, that..during .the recent
visit, of- CARIFTA officials to Dominica, opportunity was. taken even in the,
secondary school to bridig:home to them a few stern truths .of the -- in
the main -- differential disadvantage of the Agreement to Dominica.'" I
understand that .at a public meeting arranged for thos6 CARIFTA offi~fials,
Mr. Stafford fLestrade distinguished himself. in that direction, -with mahi-'
fest support from the gathering." J-,p ,
The contrary attitude of our Government in taking -withot protest alL':
the hurt inflicted on us by CARIFTA in the holy,.name of regional' integra-
i tio compels sus to be on guard against the machinations of"those who "
really stand to gain from.. the exercise.
But it appears that a new threat is developing. It,..seems .that, the
Associated States, not being independent, will :autdmati.cally cuqal'ify .-,
for special associate status in the European Economic Community under the ,
Provisions of,.the constitution of the EEC (Parts IV of tie Treaty 'of: Rome),.
-...-whereas the .'independent countries of CARIFTA do nbt sb' "utomat-ically' qual-
ify and- must'go through a process of negotiation, Now. as.we a. 1 'knbow, the-
SEEC is the economic grouping of the future,. as-i,-s. clearly ,-se.n:-from Brit-
Sain's frantic efforts to secure membership. There i-s every, reason, to, be-
"lieve that the. strategy that the brains of CARI.ETA wi3 ,je; adopting .is to
invite' the Associated States not to accept associate membership unless
given: to the CARIFTA countries as a group., This', 't i's "rgue'd, willbe' a"'"
demonstration in regional solidarity. -
.Now let us compare this attitudeestoquested. of. the Associate:d States
with that. of one of the "Big Four" which I find in the Annual..Report,, of
..the Dominica Banaia, Growers Assdoiation for! 1970, to- be discussed at the
1971 Annual General- Meeting,.,
SWe are told .abQut the n.ego.ti.atiorn between Jamaica and i.ts Maroketing .
agents in Britain, Fyffes, for the sale of that country's bananas.Dominica.
Sin common with the other Windward Islands, had a peculiar interest in
these negotiations oa.-. account of the so-called "exclusivity" clause of
Jamaica' s contract which required tha', ~rf fe-eild--'ot' iim t baf~it' "b'
from other countries for sale in Britain,;is meant .tp keep ou.,,den-
gerous rivals like some African States and 'Latin Am'eiica. 'The outcboe" has
been- that because a fair minimum price 'for Jamaica bannasna has been guar-
anteed by Fyffes, Jamaica yielded on;.the retention of-'the- exclusivity"
clause. y C ,, C(ncluded ofi Page 'Fur)':
cl au se .;., ,. ,, :.o. ..; <.,.: .--- .- ..:, :;. ,..6c .. .. ., .. .

STHE aSTAIR Page Three
Her Majesty has asked Parliament "I don't see the need for such a
to approve of increased grants to-.
wards the Royal establishments, as meeting if it is not go:ilng to be pub
these have been hit by the high ioised. The public should know of
cost of living. She has. offered to he proceedings because the very ex-
relinquish the personal amount of istence of mankind might depend on
u60,000 voted to her, by Parliament. these deliberations". So said Prime,
RI.. UATI -Minister Errol Barrow as he declared
DIRECTOR OF NURSING EDUCATION open. a.seminar on Water Quality in
Dr. Mary J. Seivwright, well known -ielation to all Man's. Activities,. in
as an encourager of good Nurses in-. barbados recently,
Dominica and the Caribbeano is now Among the matters discussed were
Director .of Nursing Education,.JA water pollution, waste and clean air.
3EC.S.A. and ESTABLISHMIENT 'It was.pointed out that water pol-
lution is of economic
Another kind of Establishment development and, as such, inevitable.
(Civil Service in Dominica) has been' Discharge, to rivers of poisonous
blamed by the Premier for its ada- And toxic~ substances, wastes with
mant attitude towards C.S.A. over- high suspended solids, concentrations,
time demands as the reason why the high temperatures, high acidities,
7-weeks overtime rates struggle and their effect on water quality and.
has not been settled (such was. our both human and aquatic life were cov-
impression from a radio release), ered.
Now we learn that after seven hours Residues of aeverae pesticides of
of discussion between the Chief the chlorinated hydrocarbon type could
Establishment Officer and Gen.Sec. be e tea: nmie an.fpssent
Charles Savarin, also new CSA Pres- in very high concntrations would. be
ident Christopher Maximea,on May 2O harmful to human beings and fish. It
& 21, in'which the Dep.Fin.Sec..took is. not yet known whether the toxic-
part finally, deadlock was reached, action of pesticides reinforces that
and a delegation from the Assocation f other poisons.
'comprising staff from the 4 affect-1 The Central Waiter Authority of
ed divisions (Customs,Treasury,Post Dominica is currently .carrying out
Office & Govt.Print.ery saeekto 'con-investigations to determine if toxic
front the Premier on the question. chemicals: such as Aldiin, Nemagon and
In short, Pusinelli recommended G.ramoxone can be recovered in the
paying time & a half after-.40 hrs; Springfield or Check Hall River -and,
CSA's original demand was time & I if so, in what concentrations. If the
afterr36 hours. (Official hours of results of a. survey of Northern Brit-
work for Civil Servants is 56 not ish rivers made in 1966 by the Water
40 hours). Compromising, the CSA.A pollution Research Laboratory are to
said it' was prepared to accept ovQ akan as typical, concentrations
time ratessat time and a Quarter P'armful in the. 7aence of other poisons
-from 36-40 hrs:, and time & a half a:re unlikely and there should be no
after 40 hours. Establishment has immediate cause for alarm so long
put forwarded a number of formulae, as use of these chemicals in not
The Association has concluded that widespread. E.P.M.
further discussion with the Estab- -
lishment will, not resolve the matteAPPRECAT I would like to eon-
I N D I A: At the Afro-Asian Con-, gratulate the D.E.S. Service crew for
ference onLrSmall IndustrSes, a U.N. Roseau for their prompt and courteous
adviser felt that .India could offer service.: In the last 3. months there
both expertise and assistance in have been at least 5 electricity fail-
developing nations, some of the del-ures, mostly due toccoonut branches
egates referring to India's "indua- falling on the lines. The crew are
trial miracle". & In Guyana, Dr.N.S always on the. job .within minutes of
Pawar has helped ushert in a "green my phoned report. Smart and pleasant
revolution" by increasing farmers' service is rare in these days where-
yields of rice by three times, and ever in the world one goes. Dominica
improving its quality through new ElJectricity- Services and the men
strains of paddy. He is an F.A.O. concerned warrant full marks for skill
man. and courtesy,
*- R.E.Allre, Copthal l

The Windwards will probably now bea-: the brunt of the effect of Pyffes
bringing in bananas into Britain from the Ivory Coast, Surinam etc. even
long before Britain enters the EEC. This is one example of the kind
of regional solidarity practised by the more knowledgeable CARIFTA

It was with something of a shock that I read in last Saturday's
papers that the Jaycees are proposing to ask Goverrnent to join with
this voluntary body in organising the 1972 Carnival/Masquerade. I have
never heard of anything more backward and reactionary. This proposal
certainly does nothing to enhance the reputation of the organizational
ability of the Jaycees.
The conception of the role of Government among the members of a
group who, no doubt, consider themselves progressive in outlook, is
sadly striking What has the Government got to do with organizing Carn-
ival? What is its, or any other Government's, competence to do so? Is
this,the Jayceds' way of getting the Government to nominate to.the pro-
posed Committee those very persons who now organize Carnival? I shall
Applaud the Premier if he rightfully turns downtthe Jaycees' proposal
S and asks them to look around for the appropriate persons to form a Coi-
mittee which should be. a voluntary.Committee of Carnival lovers and of
persons With ability of organizing. Government's role should be confined
Sto helping with funds which aay be required. The bulk of the population
likes Carnival and it is therefore perfectly in order that its taxes.
S should be used, if necessary, to subsidize this national fiesta. But
that Government should or ganize the thing must send a shudder through
persons who know better. It seems to me that there are persons who would
be'prepared to give their very souls into the keeping of Government. How
very backward
Incidentally, it is more than time that steps be taken to invite
the carnival public to get going on composing patois songs for the next
Masquerade. I1 was clear from the WIBS survey that the mass o. people
feel that the :re-introduction of patois songs into the national fiesta
is Urgently required and while the Jaycees still remain in control,they
should issue a notice to that effect which will bind any other group
'that may take over. We cannot expect to give the usual two months'
notice and ge t anything worthwhile.
'.'4 D N N S
SI understand that Mr. Bradshaw, the Premier of St.Kittt-Nevis, is
sacking some of his senior civil servants and that he postponed taking
this ste p until he was, safely returned to: power. Two days after his re-
cent victory at the polls, he sett the necessary machinery in action.
I must say that I am longcng to see an example made in one of these
wretched Asa~ciated States of ruling politicians who trample underfoot
the rights of other people.
It is almost certain that these civil servants have been persons
who have not allowed themselves prostituted in the service of
politicians. I am almost sure that these were manly characteras or rather
strong-minded pnesp, since women were also involved, who would not crawl
on their bellies to the Bradshaw regime. That we have not had similar
incidents he re is to be explained, I think, in the difference in out-
look of senior civil servants of St. Kitts and of Dominica, not in the
difference between the r uling politicians.
I hope the Piblic Service Commission of St. Kitts is manly enough
to do the right thing or resign.

(See page 11 for a n'reprint on the dismissal of the St. Kitts Civil
Servants. Editor).;

Page Four


Friday, May 28, 1971

S- .. *.. .. STAR
... __..... . .. ..... ....._ _. .... ,- ..:.. J H. L X s B -

ITry O)rgatcie Gardening For
i Better Tasting Fruits And
SFor< your Organic Fe

D erived from Sea Going Fish, this ioo : NInir
SNitrogen, Phosphorous and Poash in the correct
Growth and increased production of fruits snd- V

Obtainable. in pints, quarts, gallons and 5-gall(


1 ^ *
fi s c~


More Nst'Jritio

:rilizer Us*

a Plant Food contains Wa't- Solhb
Spropoerions to stimulate hel.hy
egetabfsr. ..

Mn coM?'rc:-s.

which will convert all w e. vegetation, leaves, weeds, etc., into rich hmrus-l den
manure in 5 or 6 weeks, one packet will treat one 0on.


^;e l -.' tW .M






Kitja Dried DLassesd Lumber
Kili Dried Rou gh ,
GreeiAlirdried Rough *

' I

- oc. per Bd. t.
- 43c. '
- 380.

CARAPITE. and Bois Diable:
Add 5 cents per 8d. ft.
Also ask for Bargain Sales of Stock Clearance.


Monday Friday 7.30 am 4 pm Satrday 7,30 rm I

;, S" .

2 1)0012

~iP~I*tasrrrausa~~aaaossrra~rrursuas~.~ I._ -~, ---n ~ -~p~-~Bn- - -- ----- .--.m

" Friday, May 2 1971



Schedule of Application for Certificate of Tiitle and N(itings
threron and Caveats for week ending (Sd day .of Mof 19t;
kf. .i 11nm

Oges Reqdeted

OAnp 40We do
orsdeai d unt 1t4

Person Presenting Nature of request
whether z Certificate
Sof Title of Noting
... J thereon Q;
Mr. Won Harry Reques for the isse of a
iPirs COrtificate of Tir
by IW Solicimtr i a rM pt of a portion of
land ast Saljsbury in tNt
Jeaner a. M. Arnour Patit of St. Joaph Coa-
t Bininsg, 52, sqe ft. and
bounide as follows:

Norfi.East by l"nd p( Elize Vidal: South.East by the Pubiic
R ed: South West by tend of Evans Vidast North-West by
;Rvlnne s.pamrtng it from land of H D. ShillIngford. 936-1/2

aif 4d 0t0

7 317!

lby bi Soa.
Jenow. NI. Anm=ar

XaebM fertweiaw o. a
nat C raZictae rf Tifd
to i 1oof aavtioa of
U6d VA J000R(106"71 if
4tP ad Soft Jo0se1
e ^aU .06, soq. fL
anld uasdu fkiew:-

PNoirf hd o f (.agM V h: Norek-ast by tefid of Reix
nVderfl rwK yP P~iea SaE as frb y e a of t4 Nrry vi4e:
SSDk-Wsa by k~4d of Ef~C L WdS 937 1/2
~gWtrrr's Office, SYLVIA J. UEATRANOu D
Oselts, Domtnica, 1971 Registrar of Trilts.
NOT' ; Any person who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certlficite of title on the above application may enter, a Caveat
4n th* above office wi1hir si* weeks from the date of thq First
appearance of this schedule in the STAR Newspaper published
ht this Scate or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law w i ltlt wrved on any. owner or occupier of adjoiaing
land In respect of whkh the application is made..



. I ... . .


BSL~Y HIGE 3C4HOOL takes place
ont Satarday June 5th, .3f0 sim,
at the School in Rosesu and in
Applicants please note,

Patricia 3. Makes,

Friday May 2. 1971

Dominica Banana Growers'



Banana Growers are notified that the Greea
;loa Price has increased by one unit firot 72.oo.
to 0g.o.o. with effect from 24th May, I-I. "The
price payable to growers at Reception Stations in.
clusive of the Summer Incentive Price Should be
S.6c, per lb. However, in -accordance with an arran-
gerent between Winban and the Purchasing Com.
pany it has b een agred that the Company will reco-
Ver an amount of .7 5S. per lb on accoas4 of caotra-
cmal debts and advances on the bansma price dsr-
ing the wirnar mowts'.
The prices payable to growers as from i th
April, 971 and util further notce will therefore
be as follms:--
At Reception Stat~ons-4.e5s per lb.
At Buyig Points -4. t0. per lb.
Growers who qualify for the Incentive Bonus wil
reiw an additional .5. per Ib.
General Meanager
2&,U M ay, 1971



God things to bayt
Good things to eat.



Gets the Job

#m*F.. 05..

* I I -i, --- .. I -- -----"
a Mai



Ir~ llrP~a ~ --- ---- Rim-

~--Y---. ~-C~I~~~-

___ ..

-c -


beforee I beginn in my lighter
vein this week, I regretfully re- HERE ARE SOME OF THE ITEMS AVAILABLE
cord thb death of Mr. PETER DEWHURST. BOYS SHIRTS @ 1.25 NOW .80
Born in England, he was one of the BOYS T-SHIRTS @ 6.50 $5,00
many pe Dominica, settling here during the MEN"S WRANGLER @ 3.00 2.50
1930s. He was-always very interest- GIRLS' DRESSES @ 11.55 '7 7.50
ed in Dominica's natural life, and LADIES PANTS(Bonded) 14.50 12.00
saved the large Banyan in the Lib- LADIES PANTS(Linen)@ 11.55 9.00
rary grounds from. destruction when LADIES PANTIES @ .80 .50
it was going to be cut down in the LADIES PANTIES(Nylon) 1.25 1,00
late 1950s. He has left behind a LADIES BRAs @ 2.30 1.75
large family and an extensive circle LADIES PYJAMAS @ 5.75 "* 495
of friends to mourn his death. I LADIES NIGHTIES @ 5.00 4.00
join others in extending my sympathy.T.LADTT. NHT'- iPT .q 7- 00 fAn

June isbursting out all over DRE S S MATERIAL S
All over the meadow and the... 1A25 PER YARD NOW .950
-so goes the.first couple lines of 1.00 PER YARD 75
a famousw..Broadway musical and so too 1.30 t .95
Goes the lusty month of May as we 2.00 $1.50
leave her behind us. How fast 1971 2.25 1.75
is flying:. -June already! with her 3. 00" 2 25
Corpus Christi, Mangoes, "O" level 1.50 125
exams, holidays and unexpected events, ...AND MANY MANY OTHER ITEMS.
What was not unexpected however BEAT THE >EIGH COST OF LIVING AND
was the result of the Dominica-Nat- I GET YOUR B A R G AI NT S AT
..ional-Youth-Council-Queen-Show(whew) .
.at the Parish Hall last Saturday. T. D. SHILLINGFORD'S STORE
XDuring the swinging .dance (which 944 1/1.
even the Governor seemed to enjoy .Dear Editor,' IN AGAIN D.B.G.Al
thoroughly) the contestants, paraded As a subscriber to the STAR abroad'
and .Erica Charles was crowned MISS I have ns;t read in the issue 'of May
D-N-Y-C-Q--.. Queen. What .a title! 21st. a letter by Antony Agar on: the the Wesley 'High.Sch. subject of the Dominica Banana Growers
and is a member.& of the RoseauYouti. Association's decision to commence
.9lub. ,Following close behind her spraying with Aldarex on a large scale.
were Primrose Matthew and,. Euella Some years ago Iworked for aorg-
Alexander, second & third respptive 'aniatione years ago I worked fo a og-
Another show heid last week,tho. y.isation in London v&ich wag engaged
lessfantastic butht ast p e-th in collecting information from all
l.ers fantastic but just as praise- over Great Britain on. the appalling
WOrthy was~the double bill put .on .side-effects of this chemical. So
by the .D.GS. Dramatic Society. horrifying were the results that the
"Shrove Tuesday. March'' and "Canaree, Governmer a took the important decis-
.and Pot' were te tpwo plays staged ion to ban-its'use It is now a fact
oThoghe praiswte raiseworthe, meot that the chemical has been banned in
rather than to the acting though int most countries throughout the world.
rather than tothe acting, though Even the so-called "safe" chrem-
one or two players there was a streak ical sprays which are till used in
of talent. The presentation should this country (Britain) can cause
be lauded however as a contribution sicones and vomritg in children
to the foundation stones of Dominican living in the aiected chreas.
theatre* Some day when Dominica be- There is another aointich ma
.comes more intellectual,drama may be of interest. Anarticle has re-
develop; until then many people go to gently been published in the British
see a play just because sister's, Medical Journal stating that medical
aunty's or cousin's child is "in i"' i t that medical
aunty's or cousins child is 1"in i" -.investigations in Britain have proved
'Meanwhile, good luck to the DGS group that workers handling these chemical
hoping that by the time exams are spray can become i polse che
'over you will have something else in D.,B. GA., THINK AGoAIN
sore for us: National Day, maybe? -Elizabeth. HI AGAVI
-Eli* abe igar mon



Friday, May 28, 1971





4 f. .<

Page Eight T H E S T A R Friday, May ,8,1971

Have you heard what is happen- I hear a lot of talk about tech-
ing in the Town of P artsmouth in nical aid for youths, but the youths
connection with increase in Land & of the island who need most help and
House Tax? who are usually most skilled with
NO' This is something that can their hands are the Caribs, and yet
only te.termed unjust Jegislation consideration has not been taken to
instituted against the people of help them in their present condition
Portsmouth at such a critical time' at all. All the Carib crafts are
when conditions are so tense with dwindling away to nothing. The.
hardly any work,. the high cost of Carib basket-making is at its end
living, and sickness at its peak; also their canoe making. Take basket-
'when a friend is asked "how is your making thirty years ago in the Re-
health?" the reply is "hypertension, aerve, almost every man, lady and
lack of proper nourishment,pressure child would make baskets of special
etc.ett." all directly related to quality for theywere very skilful.
depression, concentration, ways and As to canoe-making it is. now probably
means of straining to make two ends the rarest thing in Dominica, only
meet. But for the Blessed Banana thirty or forty men in the Reserve
Industry, the sole economy of the know .howtedo such a thing, to find the
whole Island, God alone knows how proper wood of the right length and
the inhabitants would survive -- I to hhollow it etc. All over the is-
mean the majority, -land the Government of Dominica is
.Recent repressive measures adop- putting schools and technical wings
ted by the Portsmouth Town Council examplel: the new building going
deserve serious attention from the up on Stock Farm is a technical school
Heads of State. By-laws of this kind or college or what ever you call it.)
should not be. tolerated nor be all- Why couldn't that have been put up in.
owed by taking effect to penalize the 'Reserve, or something similar
the striving citizens of a community. to it, or -,even a cheap prefab build-,
Immediate steps should be taken to ing for a technical school to) help
halt the perpetrators of such draS- the youths of that community even
tic measuresiBwhich are only creating an institute like the local handicrafts
bad blood. Are those reesonsible ad- to encourage not just basket-making
equately equipped to compile laws but art something in that field to.
wisely and'equitably? further the youth education, not just
SLet me cite an instance concern- 'keeping them to carry bananas as most
ing my personal self. I am the owner other people of this land think they
of a small property in Sandwich St,, are capable of. We all know that the
on which taxes were increased accord-Caribs are a small community on its
-ing to present valuation; but lo and own though not as small as the Whites.
behold this same property finds its The Negro children of our country call
way to be twice entered in the Land Caribs Vieux Sota c.etc. but this wlxid
and House Tax Register, thereby not be' so if the Caribs had a chance
causing a double entry of that one to be strained and prove their skill,
*property, making my taxes amount to P.S. Since I wrote the above line
Almost thi ee times the original amount. for the STAR,; our friend 'austulus
In my humble opinion, only qualified Freddrick, a Carib artist, told me
Commissioners of Valuation &Assess- that Mr. H.L. Christian came to the
.ors should compile the lists. There Reserve recently and promised the
is no basic objection among people* people a building qerts centre.
to increased taxation, but jumping I hope this promise will be confirmed.
from one step to two or three might DAVID B. ALLEREY,
*break' anyone s neck; it is hardly 2 Goodwill Junior High School.
years since an increase was made LEAVE JESUS OUT OF POP SONGS
This is hard,since no new industry As a Christian I have felt insulted by
has been created in the environs of that Baptist pop song "JESUS CHRIST"
Portsmouth to warrant such a leap. whidh is all the rage-on the air. I
SThe people will be reduced to destit- think it cheapens Christianity. It
ution unless their income balances annoys me to see people dancing to it.
with expenditure. ACTION PLEASE What do other readers feel?-. ERIOUS.
MARION PETER, Portsmoubh. Roseau.

., |,. .;M.

'-Pi- .ji~rr.,- n~?~,i~ -. li~, ~31;*1HI. ie


I tc,^dlY announce thhei apptitraext as
--I .H .WtLp e & C~.Co. tdT.

V | 1 *4 Mea. LC.I. Paints (West

|P ita Paints.

ti FP:it Fants Give Co" Lia~

Vai~; our showroom on Old Stmre
id aisit u in pro. t

"Ope'ion Face Uflh Roseanu ww.
147 4-1*

rwlMrs4l-- >B J-.W4 lt. ...*....--.

is ol--."ed o announce the following
sipeci rates, available until November,
for local residents only.
Sirigk t..abin; EC. 4.6.oo per day,
Including Breakfast.
Doublw Cabin; E.C. 426.oo per day,
SIncuding Breakfast.
S:For Ro om and Meal reservations, rini
V6 27.i


in Roseaa
STwo or 'tore Bedrooais
Long PeTr Rent Phone: 2359


by American couple coming to. live in
Dominica fcir one year beginning 15 /6

a house with at -least two bedrooms,
water, not ir town.

a car, used but in excellent condi ion.

Leave message i/o Star for B. .W..
s f I I

F: sIAMa


.,,f- r -e-
$'R,,i (tCOS


One Hundred And Srity; Arc:s
of Arable Land in the Co(..r;:.': !rea
Largely Cultivated in Ci:ru. and JB'31 as ~,
Approximately 7 Mils r,,oa R.m M
and iink1M by Mortrable 'i.

For ftipher Itformation A p:ly to :

Eusta e H. Francis S d tr,
ChamrLrsC King George V Sjiect, r 's.. .1 .
11 1 jIl

s~qaiDans~raw~klnvwe..inaflinfl~tS~hW~t L~n~aWW~m a~4V94WflUhr

Position Wanted
Reliable Young Lady with C2a.., C I::gh
School EducMaon secks pooitmion
Typit Ability and varied ea, P'i tce.
For further particulars

tekp1ae Misn :




taaflrarmsOs*Mamen ieantswaq onl no~hrs flansqrmWhra -
Schedule of Appiicaptop ftr Certrifvict of T-lIfe anru.&ntf r .l
thxrveon and Caveats for w4ek ening ilK9h tW7y iuy t% p, Ij1 ji

of r4. o t I
?qtte Requestg( ; Person Preseng I Na'iure oa req40" ,
df Titlh: if Nctn,
thser.! c,r f'ver"i-
St tdy of MPy, by his .j iv Crt futflie oft
l7. Soictter TIfe 1fa r4a1p.cK of a ofS
Seine ste 1A COlma A.M, KT". ^ "'
4sy of Mwyr, Dup ayakt jea I~i~iiR hit t U Ivv Nbt
AW NA* ofe ,m .( ; w P .
19i7 at 2, 25 p. m. PSAMk oaf k G iw tk
t Wes ndtse Suad a3o lGstawrtes ,
saa bMelde Si tekme
NorthE West by lands f Ph s Ma /
lmd Niel steeman
N" e mly hid oaf Thmoitom tf"f.
bsutt Eat (by Isto of Swary Rie"
South West bly tnd of Sw7ry Rotat. S9ak.
Reagistr's OtR SYL. rJ. 3 C.N',
Roseau. DomInica, 1971 Regsria ':sr i9 .. t
NOTE:. Any ofeors-on -hci desired to cbtcz ce sf'!! t Lfo "o$ 'is g
Certificate of title or: the zbove appickattin Amt h a Car x
\jti t he abovee c-fct w'h-n sx weels from the *dit! otl IteR t
appearance of chis schtiuie r, the STAR mwrliYer psu(5$TAR
tn this State or focm The datd when the Potmcp pregilbed ti
fSw Vsi last seI'e-d on any owner or or tccupr of iL0a!inlin
teand in respect of wh'ch the application is Fmade..


~ri-- -3..l*ll-------^llPIII

ta Am iaaie As phR Ca.m (T)Lft in.
i iWIemst iJGedns to 40te00 W s.6 A GM
T0S1n1M I inth m wae' riwardiag od
BI be pursrd is the wnM sf Vn

3 nmncrrTc. 97s, ui znaEa ir Il.t as I
&s4.:d asesnieiDhs hIsrDd edd bas WWa
sws ,e W s -gby aeamer elad V&es10 JIse ff a
codam arire United Kifgsm amd cglses by
bLtrmeak .e Paic Nea.te B vs tIhe $
'day of Dectember, 97o, I formaiy sadS a8bohavvy
I assaned asd abandoned the ue of my mid mse-
im of Joseph and further that atsuch dioae
Saes is evidened by D4cd PlH dated -th t5th day
of DOcemwber, 1970 under my band and ael day
emoaed by me sad anested Re*item in te
-! Rc w ?e ASD of DlwiSita a* ON- 15e
18iaKUM asxer oMssa DELoLt

low N M I ^ Ii N01141 1 I I Ii--L --'-- I
lz=M.,WW 9WAW ---,p--~ ~ ~ --I~-l--I

Fumished home in central R1osesau,
Two bedrooms, drawing-rooa, kit-
chenette, separate bath and toilet.
tater,electricity,telephame, gas
"cooer. ml 2398 bet-ean 6-9 pI.

One Ford D Series 5-ton


1Fi15b_____ SON! zpn_

More car between the wheels
IF YA~ r Man Doesn't Drve
A lEl -- Don't De f Him



*W* Sarvce WWe We Sel "




Smunay, Morning F-pm i a.m.
UL.O0 head, including -
Sos ae d hot rolls or bacon and
egg sandwiches, coffee and a glass
of oar special Passion Fruit Punch;

I A*-


i ~kS41#8

in excellent


$S0O0 per cr a m4c
^.20 -"$ flAs

--I- CYY


"b~a~E ~i~~a3k

FAdy kMay `S U*


~-,-. ir~"~5"~Y' ~F1IOI0q

faasse y kwn sv
Schad Ho**jm o-a


PEg.r lrw~

* .~s~

St. Khrs :Civil Servantst D

. "". ': .* .* .. '1 SMISSAL of

--~ -.-

?^ptic(s. af d in'i'-id h "s
tenae received -by a- ,ihimes-
of sOrtot Civil Ser'.ct. .frr. .
the -fS- d'f e PubliK Sterv"
(C rmaBn. i s at ,.Fr{SSS.I,:':..

To dtec the Civil Searn:a;
ilchlude : .---.
Mr. E. Kanery Osborie,.
ald,'.st, ,tis,. Offc'er. lRadio

t'- W eb <:b" ;,'
Pubcik 'nc-Ab ;?th 2 use
Wk. C Btery,-. .T en i
A .f, of R-ads, .P!ri< Work t
r>3pg; '" '


--I,, Cotietlr~Ra l~imn~,1-a!
alubiE #i*)rtfk s fls-~p4

;.,:t" Priapal S-xs .>.ry

erk 'i,. tiHc aWors Mra;e

Mr .
'. Adidt Dept; ;
Mr. C. CokJer. $ninr tceri
Public Workfs Dp'.. : ..

'uvstractor, BaSierre denior i
AivrakoT, Raw O

Mr. Nriel CGarke, Cv as
v.' Pom Olfice .3ept.
Mr. i Buchaaan, Cd
S.iic Health Otficcr
Miss ',irnela Warriwr, Sl-itch--
b<>aid C! e.ator, Public Work:s

,; . '.""- "'...' ." .t- he. atd. isrtehs~Wit
i aa .,,i,, < ..!"'*"^- ^".... 1so tha Mr u ne Wa;-

ewper. P public Work.'- Dep-.
Miss L-..ida. 'Wa~i r and.
!':-3s A.gatha Byas. Po-c:e
', : .'. ," : ,< .
ilh followitg.! i a .copy
of a better sent to the abeo'&
prsous with OI e;--i pt
of, two.

Office of tof uSerON f -'. -
Go' ,I ,s na .
. Klts,.W I
2* th lav i 11'*y4

1"as diueted by His Ex-'
cellencv the Acting Go1Ewr1o
to inform yu.tht&t in .accord.
ascx. with the racom aentiO
*. ofi the. Public- Sever e Coi~mt- .
Mon. didration 'i teing
given to he questsonr-w 6f yo
retirement 'from the -Serview in,
Stp~N pub inWreat by. v~rtu of
the proviSiIs of Sectin 8 of
tbt;Pensions Adt. -
--- -
--2I;'- It ha'-been-ts'presented
to the Cowmaisiop that your
Conduct as a public officer is ai to be regarded as in-
conistent with the continaaace
:of th relation of Government
as your employer and your'
self as.a cifil srvan.t.

S3.. I am further directed to
state that th- public interest,
requires that you be suspend-
ed 'from duty forthwith.. that
is. wiha effect from Wednesday,
12th May., 19,71
4., It is open to you up to
seven ('7) 'day from* the' dite'
of this betterr to .t(bmit' in
writing, ,through the usual
channels, any reptesentations"
which you desire to make re-
garding tbe proposed 'etire-
ment I am to menuon that
y'ouwilt be entited,: if your
retirement in, the p-ublic in
terest is in fact confirmed,. to
whatever. vacation leawe is due
uto, you asd' a reduced pen-
sioh and gratuitycalculated as
provided in the Peasions Act
Cap. 195. .
A& .h .- I elsick u .,
Ag. Chief Establishnents


Swyn has ost haS seatn \m i'y
j but; that r -ei. nowhere ocar
'theb.fid of his.usefuiness and,
SindedJ he can 'e of conoij
-erubie..cucnd sn.,sid ncm t,'
the (eh orrment .and I pe a.
- *.boc ,. r !ake. iue t >f. hin.'

Bradshav: ho was-,.speaking
onI Th ursdyV e.eng',i at a pub-
aii ',-'rat ".':ver in Nevis sonYe1'

.' jri.c dj :^ \S- cu e thn k ''le' : "t
SN.e \ .1 R ',.rnar ,Party,
.1 .h ch. I cal trh. Ncvis De-
.! fcTnem. 'an '"

55.- m'an top civil
servants this Week follow-.
ing the return of- the
Labour Part : to power
eon' Mindavy,. was the
Siulfilment: of a threat
,made b> Mr.U Ltew.clyn,
J iMorte during the election

campaign. .
SOn Thursday etening
at a public noting held
nBasseterre he reminded
the people that he had
promised' then that when "we
walk in some would walk
put."- and 'he stated
,Comrades, some have
walkedd out already and
-needless for- an body to
Sihink that they- can rest
in- comfort because -it's
all- over ; because, 'com-
iades, it's :not, all over.
JThere are more. who will
Sgo., .
Moore, who deecritied him-
4elf as 'worse tbiA Brad-
shaw" and ''a terrible man",
said be wanted Dr. Herbert
"and his Party to uder-i
stand that before the elec-
tiops .they proclaimed to
the world in The Democrat,
in public meetings, by pri-
vate letters which went
overseas that we, were cam-
paiging. for a one -arty
&ate. '
I "-n.spite of that. the peo-
ple gave us the mandate;
ao let them not be surprised
if on-p0arty State comes. I
am talking tonight. Where. I.
talk. r up at Newtown .2
t-wae not any member of the.
;-ilovernment. I am now a-.
Simember of the governmens4i.
I am .now the Attorney,
General I am responsible'
Sor drafting. the laws and
I am-telling -tha don't be
,arprised if a one-party
itate comes.
'"And wherever the hell
'Bdly AtDr Herbert; wants to
run and go. let him run and
igo because thepr ain't no
ngish, there ain't nothing
going tn,- run this country
,.a long as I- aii alive.
They gre going to run it over
Lmy dead body. That's what
Labour meant when Labour

.i .... 1THE SITAR


said, "Power to the PEophU"
And the sooner that tpeoplt:
understand what's gtImg v,0
in this country, the better

"1 sound a little bitter
tonight, I know I am but
it Is right and, proper that
people --huld .knai what-
coming What'. coming i.
serious What .in tb'.v
Labo'sur Part- mraid the c."
trnmr n t ( .ftk;e day 'ar" c(.-
mitted to ji that hh.:e;: ,h
would b.b'uc:t. th,.se A,'..
would gei : the Way ::
piorr-ss,. those who 'wo`x'i
hinder viou. buintu- hr,-
I' r to '>>**'.!b"i m'ut; ,.a tal'<-
vi.y .And. you m',t. to- :'l -
derstanrd that ai.s: okr :
"Th; -.- h : an "-
that you are ,ot ciLA p":
and that you 4rc not i.ighr;. i
I remember when I tir
eiitered on the subject :,
Corner House at Newtow,.
some of the comrades we-.e
so glad to heear --it ~ he
clapped and I stopped y-u
And I said don't clap hr-
cause I am taking seriousNY
-You see.. .in my vlw- 'iZ
tell you something and j
say it with the greatit
possible re:pect to thb"
'Premier I do rct
wish to he disrespectful ,. It
wa bo went out on -,
limb. It was I who told .you
this damn nortnerse got 'ti
stop And it was perfe-tl
possible for the Labour
Party to have formed th"
government today but li
Lee Moore to .hae losr h:.-
seat "
"When !.he. people,- U-
my Cr'nstituency ri-tutznetl-
Lee. Moore.- I took 'thiat a?
a personal mandate to cart'"
out the will of the people
and to remno e. pbstruction
out- of wa>. -and--everybrod
had better damn-well undrc
stand -that.

Al the cl:se .- th pois 'in
St. icttL Arm? ard Porv:'i
vehicles were -ied tho traC~s
port' the ballot b,>xes t,> td
counting station,. ThLf sotdier-.
*were armed with auttvlm#ir
rifes. This was unprecedemrWe
in all the elac1irns in St Kilts



Friday& May 28. 1971

*S*T*A*RRS*P*0*R*T*S* Careers in Commerce (from p. 10)
Last week senior pupils of the
After Two Days Dominica on Top C.H.S. went on a cQnducted tour of
Fresh from defeating Grenada by an the firm in which departmentall Man,
innings and 58 runs, the Dominica agersexplained the workings of each
team went into the last match of the section. Should this become a regular
Goodwill Tournament with their tails feature, it will bq a useful example
well up. St. Lucia at stumps on The- of vocational guidance for school,
sday were 276 runs behind with their leavers.
2nd innings t come, Dominica with
eight wickets 'standing and two more DOMINICA BANANA GROWERS ASSOCIATION
days of play, ;On a showery, overcast Field SleevinY of Bananas- Issue
day Polius, St. Lucia's Captain, won -eO Blue Diothene on Credit
the toss and put Dominica in. It pi, lu. .-
off at 'first as Henry Elwin was out As an encouragement to growers to
for two in the first over and Sebaste to sleeve their bananas in the field,
was soon out for 8 but after that, the Board of Management has decided
despite frequent interruptions for to supply blue dioihene on credit.
rain,brillianti~ teamwork and careful There shall be no down payment on
stroke play by' Terence Bertrand (50) such issues and repayment shall be
Irving Shillingford (40), LaRocque effected by the deduction of one half
(48 n.o.) and Norbert Phillip (30), of any amount due to the grower in
Clem John (26) against accurate respect of the sleeving bonus; prov-
bowling and good fielding took Dom- ided that if the grower fails to
inica over the 200 mark in 208 min- qualify for such -bonus the debt shall
utes 212/7? at stumps. The next day be recoverable by deductions from his
they were all out in 35 minutes for banana, sales at the rate of p- per lb
another 50 runs 242. St. Lucia of bananas sold.
found that Dom~nica's Phillip, Defoe The procedure governing the ailar
'and Grayson Sh.llingford were faster of the sleeping bonus is as fallows:-
and could get wore life from the Any grower who achieves 100% sleev-
pitch than thpy, had, and wickets crum ing of his bananas 1hould notify the
bled fast 45/6 before lunch. The Ag. Boxing Manager ,pf this Aasociat-
last 4 went after lunch in 56 minutes ion who Will arrange for a joint
for a total of 81' Reyes topscoring verification of the grower's bananas
with 22, Phillip took 5 for 20,. D~ee' by field officers pf the Company and
2 for 50 ant4 GZayson the tail 2 for8 the Association, rspectively.
Follow-on disgssion in the pavilion The bonus at the rate of per lb.
(?4i-day match 50 or 200?) rsoved will. be paid upon the satisfactory
by Irving Shailingford Aptf~n to bat inspection of the grower's cultiv-
anyway and at Stupkps Dominica were ation
115 for 5, Irving Shillingford just aA.D.BOYD
failing to ge1t 'his 50 in. the last General Manager
over. Henry Vlwin was stumped off 1th May, 1971
Francis 26, Bertrand n.o. 26 and 940 1/1
Grayson night watchman. Weather- not ,
so good at press-time. (. COME and ENJOY
our excellent
INDIA won most of the Barclays Test /ourFf L/fxcell
Series awards (#1040 team, plus $500 -:ith choice and tempting dishes
individuals (Sardesai & Gavaskar). choice and t MAd
Sobers, Kanhai, Noreiga and Lewis ON SUNDAY 0th, MAY
received awards among West Indians. You may also swim in our pool
S Listen and Dance to our Band
ATHLETICS: Dominica is sending a team
to Gre3da's Whi:tsun Athletic meet, and bring your, family ~Mag .
thanks to Whitchurch and Black & Whi Children 1 pri(e, thurd child FREE
Whisky sponsoring. Mr. Bradley Hector
See. of the DASA Athletic committee,
will be a delegate & representative !
in Grenada also to consider formation 95-1/
of a Windward I81. Athletic Assoc.
M.P.Poponne will tdake part in Shot Printed & Published by the Proprietor
MPut and n iscus and M arHerbt in o R.E. Allfrey, Mill House, Copt Hall
Put andTiss and M 1lt at'26 Bath Rd., Roseau, Dominica,W.I.
,liagoE69aLong & High Jump,,jb mets.

D2r T ita.

Sr .-r- -
Friday, May 2T, 197-1. E STR Sup.lont (i -
....NOTICE .-------
- -Th-f Windward IslandsanaGors iAsnso iE'-ion- -inviftea'o s sole6 tenders to'
sG' ly fcrtilizers"o bc6";liv6.rod to t1o-three Vindr.rd Islands of Dominica,
St. Lucia and Grenada-Tbr~the ycer'- Septeriber 19'7"1to August--1972.
2; Pri-ee nuet-be-quo-ted in Eastern Caribbean Currency (E.C.C.) per long ton.
3. .-ETHODS OF TENDERIG"--~--~ .'
Terbe shall-bd't~r.w~o-othb-o6f teOdering as-sc6 out.unddoirA and B below:- -
A, Tho-price- q6tod ciT'yfthe supplier rnst-beo"6na Free From "Alongside (F.FA.),
C.I.F. basis 'nUiiddaria salnds pefr long t6n. -
B. For eachinhdividual island the tenderer will quote a price based on the
follbwing:- -- -
(i) DelLvery o-'i -ar chouoltii ;' banana graowes 6ii--' olivo.ry docmuent auito--
rised by thicsland "Bianad n Growers' Ass6oci ltion. "-Tha s is, all cobts
including 'ndingid' iurehousing, handling etc. shall be the responsi-
bility'.of thh supii1r. -
(ii) Boli exyr--sxoiarohdoiiso u1st b-0 arranged in tho"isl5.ias as follows M-
ST. LUCIA: a;' Catirloes warehouse or-in"a'ny ddiional warehouse sub-
...c----- 'o o thc -appjroval of the AE&6s'ciFi on...
DOMINICA: ant R~ocaI'in-th&-S6uth ana PorishihiE'in the North.
S GREPNADA": '(.. (-a.)- t'c"St,'-G6orge"s and (b) Groni~nI ...'.
(iii) The isThnds' Baiinana ~;socications that "Eavr fEir o"wn warehouses ara
prepared 'trbii't tlia oh terrns 'to be 'ngbtiitedwit'h'tlih& supplierL.
(iv) The Associtifi s"iiill"Undertake td6 8c 1it'heh th~h rowors' to c~75loct
the out's'taaihi~h~outii s dito e the supplieb"T '-pre -greed" terrs
(v) All costs' of 'eli*ries ex~warehoUse 'tb6 gowors holding will be the
-' .-... -r.&soesibility and expense of the grower.
(i) Fortilizers'".'ho thl nutrient ratios Iiso'Ze 'bol* tor nearest or"
standard- for .iulti6ns rest to th6 rat'is ~iEtated int e nost con-
centrated i 'av.ila1.I6 fbrri, -as stable, chronically compounded granules
S which will'n6t cake on storinirg.,
(ii) Fertilizers ofr th.oNP "I'inutrient rati~ slisto'd'5low (or ncarest,)o';,
standard forr.iuati 'Aon oarost to the ratios stahtod, in 'the mos-t 6oncon-
trated'available forn, as a granular blend which will not cake on
s t o r i n g . .. . . . -. .
(iii) Fertilizers- -f '~6 ITP hutrient ratiobsliito" bt1w'.Tor eiarest)- .o..
standard f6rnidtioH"odest to the rati6 sttd, in the most concQn-
----tra-tod -available form, as a dry blend physical rix.
TEe fertillizrs Eshafl contain the foliowing:-
-(if Nitrogen ii6t uiore Ii 10% urea
(ii)Phosphate nof'tcBs than 60% Water soluble ahd the balance oitric acid
fiii)Potash 10"O tob be6 T'ter 'soluble
(iv) ForCall s. ads listed below not less than 4% Sulphur (S)
-------.--U- 3apoated.
NU-TRI-EIT .,----
either (i) T'--" 3,000-3,500 6,o00-1,;00 1;600.;000 '10i;65--19,500
3:1:7.5 ':'.. -800 T9,OO-- ,-I;O;.-2700~~ -'T-,-^00.370
-' 3;000-35500 6;800-13;000 2,600- 6000 12,400-22;500
or (ii) "i:: 3,000-37500 6,800-13,000 ... 2,600-6,000 12,400-24,500
Quiotat.ions-are--eo.quGrse4-Cor-hboth 6 (i) and 6 (ii) above.
(i) The following is 'a guiCd-'to the4quantities that will be required by the
islands during tIopbrgiods tatd: ..
September Iovember-30,% of total quantity
December F-dbruary 25% " "
nah .y 15% "
June August 30V1 "' "

() _i. (- ) f THE STAR My .1

(ii) If. the tn?'iok isa-'c~.warod-n th6'basis -6A abocl'-(i;e. ~a FTA';'.A.'
C.I-.F. balsis Tiiihiwair IslaniH), the"quai fitics"I 0t-od are the aip-prbxi-
nate tqnnagos th i"will b' required in Eac islKnd- during theecpriodis
"idicited;' On"Tis-basis,. the. Ass.ociai6iohs dhITEfiiiorrnthe supplier
.- opf the qunttiis r'6 quired "and 'the -ina- of. ~ii'iVal' othe- shipihtis.
(iii) If-the tnidr6-isnwr'dde on"the basis f B 'b" ove (i.", ex warehouse),
the. supplier"u--st alfidys'iae in the warehouse at least 5% of the
m" rininiun annual roeuirronhnts
S, (iv) In the Jvent"'6f uforcsocn 'circunstancc iKdich h curtail-'eliverics
-" to gr'w2ers ~h id'thi~qua'itioescOntrhcted fb 135 ptfichased are notdt'
't.. 'utiliseda Hrihi FHe yo~E stated, the pjcri6oi o the contract "hall'be
Setended 5yiynic-th6-3lst''.of August, 1972ufiitil the quantities' con-
-------4ractod for have boon disposed of to growers.
i 8, ,TERMS .. .. ........ ...
(i LTch the bscl.o'fA 6ov eT:.. (E.F.A. --CZ ,F., Islands), q4iotations
. "are roquostc-'d' oY'5boih CZsh and rodit taEis. Tieo sociations are
t 6- _bb alhli't & -- f, I -_T rrii
'intorstein obtaiin' thI maximum passibl&E'cr'Ei6-W~Ers. ..'
(ii) OCh the bdais -of' B'aboV6,~l.e deliver by the supplier ex warehouse,
S-the follbwiing ferns should be quoted i
S(E) Ofia cashbasis
.)-) The rail~uri"codi-t s"- .. ..~.
'(c) For d'oernintih ~i -t e riod of credit, '6 pri6;a-'"ofohii calendar ndhith
will be -uilisGbd t6 ~ aculate the total 'EoliiV6ri6s- t growers.durKing
That month. "Th rcit teirs will, thor6'fb;6-coniice at the edii of
each: aleinar'-honth forthoe deliveri6~cao o 'cd didriiii-g that nbnth;.
(d) On the bais"ofB, paynicntwill be na'by th ss locations oh th pro-
p;i'ation of a monthly statement of sales e:x warehouse on the agreed
9. PACKING .: --- -
Siipplieri shbduIa'uote r f9 thE following nrth6dcs~o pir-ihi?'-
(1) "Both 1'2lIb."' 224"lb. bags standard packs with polythene inner bags in
.*() hiow juto.'ut6i.ras .
SC(B) sontd juw e out~r ~bags
(ii)-Ay-etihn-E-er--o --paocaging suitable for use in this clinate.
10"-UERTIFiC TE0." I .YI.. ..-----.---. --- -
c"' A* crtificat-d -o'6 l1vysis of NPK, Sulphur(S) and IIagnosiun(Mg) rnst be mado
availabb- -if---- qeste d.
11. -CLOS I G DATE;: . . -" .. -.. .---.--
--T inders'sal"boe 'roooived up to 3.00 p.m. oi tshe 22ndiJuyi, 1971, an should
b bb~S-"T rly riar6oa~',nIIBT FEEPILIZER TENIDER 1971/72-Ad addressed to the,
SManag-ef-BaElayE D. C.O., Castribs,'St. Lucia, I.
i' .2, AWAD OF-TE .DER ." "- -
:(i) TIs antic1iT, d KiAt'the awaihd to thsi-ducoasTil siiulier shll "6be
td. e .on/dY 5itb6tthi.30-thJuly, 1971 ian'-dhat the first delivery of
fertiliz6i-shfiold -b effected in Sep'ebor......
(ii) Plasie ndte-'thti J Association does not bind itselff to accept the
lowest or any tendde6

S, XD. .'F.I:D.IA .
G . a Gnbcr nager.

1.9th May, 1971:

__ayjL 'fe 28.r971_ _9


7:-.,DEBENTIiES- 9.198.0-82

It-is notified for Soncral-infornation that tho-.issu- of Donrinica 7-- 2
yoars -Debcnturo=a still open and that Dobontures will again be
issued at let July, 1971.

.. Copies of the prosipectuis .(with application orns-a:ttached) have already
becn.-cir.iulated-in -the-.Official Gazette and-in..the local..-ncwspapors, and' are
availablo- at the- Acc.ouatanl-.Gonoral's Officei 'the-Sub-Trcasuries at-
Portsnouth, Maricot and Grandbay, and at the local connorcial banks.

.Debentures are issued at 97% and at an interest rate of 7 p% payable
half-yearly. forn should_-b addiosed to the Fiaanqial
So.cretary, Ministry of Finance, Trade .& Industry, Govcrnmont Headquarters,

R osoau.

C .-. So7ihaiiido
Financial Seocrotary

F.23/18II, G.80,94531/2.
25th May, 1971.

5 ei`imTnberb, including VSO and Peace
Corpa eprsormel.. I.q DGS students,
wro Dutfi.'--guides and a Customs
OffP~i r- ieVched the peak of Domi-
ia'ss highest mountain (4747 ft) on
Sat.May; 22nd. Among the Overseas
hikers were two Nurses and two girl
teachers, two engineers and 3 DGS
masters. The party began climbing'
at 7.10 a.m. and reached summit in
5 hours, taking 2h.30 in descent.
Teacher Daniel A. Joseph of Roseau,
Boys School was, in the group, and
we regret having to shorten his
most interesting account.

The St. Joseph Branch of the Prde-
dom Party is. organising a BANQUET
& DANCE for Whit Monday the
"Banqet starting at 2' ant
the Dance at 9 p.m. Proceeds go
to the Village Creche.* We wish
them every success on that holiday.
A site is being cleared and an ,access
road cut towards such a station at
Bambou Ettor near Jaco,upper Layou.
The location has 300 inches. of rain
per year 43 acres,mostly under
primary forest. The half million 7
dollar funds needed come from the

THAN K ... 8 British Govt., and a UK Tech.Assis-
The Editors,Moderators and Staff tance Agronomiat has been here for
of the Saint Mary's Academy news- several weeks to advise Government.
paper wish to convey their thanks Soil arid crop studies will result.
to CERES for his/her compliment SiFLEUR MONTAGNE 'HO-R-E
column in the STAR on May 21 1971. went to Trinidad (21-strong)to
They wish to urge him/her to contact cut a long-playing record album of
his/her nephew every month in order Dominican folk song. This group,led
to receive a copy of the newspaper. by Miss Jean Lawrence, is already
Gilbert Seignoret, well-known through the Islands.The
Editor in Chief MARIAN MESSENGER. Album should be out by July.
E location of several worthy items.

- '''Y

. I.. (j-

I ..

,SuPl.cnont (iv) _HE STAR ..., May I 2 1971



'..-Tenders are- invite0f'ir6 the issue of Donirica oioriint'TrBasuy' Bills
which will be mado in the sun of five hundred thousand dollars (05009000).
'Those Bills, will-be- in dononinations of $500 ,01000-,- 5000, 010,000,- -
$50,000--and 100;000..Oci, "in2 will bo repayablc"1 at ar" iinety-ne das ~ftor
thb--date of issiu-. -ilt wi-ll-be issued on Wednesday 23rd June, 1971, and
payable on Wednesday 22nd September, 1971.

Each Tender hiis' 56 f6orin-anount of not loss than ,500 and must specify
th. iiitunt which will be given for every ONE HUNDRED DOLLSE of the amount

--. Bills will be issued in dononinations appropriate to the amount requested
in the tender.

.'.~' Application of6i ro Ivailable at the-'Mihitr.y o-TfFihance, Trado ahn .
IdiuFij,'the Accouiitant" Geheifal 's Office aha thei COBiircial'Baiks, ana wnoi6
c6bopl4oda, shoula"beoorwarode to the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Industry
in sealed' envelopes addressed:


.. AII- appl$catio6s uctrotiach the Minii6try-of Finance, Trade and Industry
not later than 4.p.nm on Friday 11th June, 1971.

-"'.Successful applicants will be ndtified by latter not later than 17th
June, 1971.

....The Gbivrhn6iont-f-D obinica reerves the riCht to accept or reject any
tender in whole or in part.
(For) Financial Secretary

NOTE: Treasuiy Bills' IshiuloNo. 3.' 6.92 per p cn6 .".
avorhae' nF6roet rate, 98.30 per cent average
tender rate. ..

F27/19 -
25fih March, 1971.

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