Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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P,,r; r N nv7 atItue .
C ,- er London ) Ltd.
12; Shaftesbury Ave. W, 1.
ra a

V.o XII No. 21

wlat.TS .eOR THI-TU:Y" 0
1P 0 5 1627EA '7 ST
J'EWYORK 21, f
Vtrtct _Vducea 61 I'&(tl! ^ -' o f 28 *7a1

Fc.; Aw' Mav 21.1971 Toe Cents

Last week's strong headline lead-
ing- to Mr. Agar's timely letter on the
insecticide, Alrin, drew the attenitW
of many thoiLhtful citizens of Dominiica
to the plight of the banana industry
Partly brought abbot by the derredat-
.ons of the banana borer. A civvic-mind-
ed, representative meeting at Mr. Ted.
Boyd's house with medical ,agricultural.
tind ecological interests attending
1:robed the subject thoroughly a. couple
of nights ago. To us,, the situation ap-
peared slightly better than Mr. Agar''s
letter presupposed. The Banana Assoc-
staion is well aware of the dangers in-
volv'ed, and the application of Aldrex
(Aldrin) will not be indiscriBinate;lt hand led only by a 'sall team i
(f1 less than ten Janceaen, specially
trained In the use of new shielded
sprayers, we understand. The actual
spraying is on the matt itself round
the pseudostem -- never on legves..
It is realized that this use of
Aldrex is a desperate and final resmed-
isal measure to save the island's ban-
.-'na production dwindling to below con-
tract -reQutre*-nts, due Al most ent ie-
!y to past ne lect of correct repla'nt-
ing, and tbe.n.qn-removal of' fallen or
cut-down plaeti.S, whic (rotting in; the
grpond) prw.ide an ideal habitat far
the borer beetle to lay its egps in
ilacs where. the grubs will get nor-:..
I shnt ,by boring into the. base of the
pseudostem. Spraying will -only be done
tby D.B.G.A. aftet a, windstorma r to
field s pobviously electedd *.F infested
If- the spr,.ed of the borWr can be
thus controlled, tb use of insecticide
can be dIscontinted -provided ,the land
1s ke~t c ean both afer "CUttu i d a
i-?t er' (Concluded on supple,'
rent i -

.1~ II~II i- i I

sunday,i Monings From o1 a.m.

29,786.' 52 (See Supp:)

- ----~a~l -1-~1__1~_

- '- -ill-----~.-"---c--~-~~-~II


Why a Police.

Station ?
We are not the only Island Stete to
worry bout _eir.enditure orn F1-is.
The wor r below were printed in TiB
7TNC.KTTA.TN. St. Vincent news; e per.
ALL. Wvidesuc poate to bA fact that Govertuat is
pieuaty enWaod It erewism a Pak.e Statiaa at Rose. Hau.
WieV a Pahse bs 1atiir s tahe q w^ia saerwos i*s aSkisg.
Wa i m asi a Hasd waei rkCea a o osw gtrls and yang
Iweit? 5e tes We Ifl aI lad cos oy P 0O Woe
Ba sa. Mair n e Hsea mear haite been a beri e tneW-twmra
lee a*i 6 l .U as d* ei. gei b .
auseasbite t th iita" of asmr o e Ca vrted aitea MT-
tMtVam a Poice fIato.
ThI waesft s o r i r costr is s=iely ertomsl, is
te St. Viscamt lie the rest of tbe. p e is exuwristmg
ucweathsm. Old calv.ierawias face (to it. Bat vt-r
t.ame sd Wafki saAs e "d Va We- ha. Vet Ase sadce
,Tb et.ts is twas esaiu, homr: itncmaise ts
armbertf yosf vrPaotw 6mtios ertwpaWsdiw as whSe riats t
daew, im m thNo mawr 1 to htis Uiverset problem.
Now is. E4401 its W1a w3 vmealteo sk Danka to
I lt eslry bea, l e m thi a msblt ag he s eeI e iM
GMNN to scomide i s dqzk*.s OW.- at .utlhau
wa be wnaiel hr a stpinse *at s s aa bds men
wmofon ad liow ban" toe the as ii tn 0s"

MAR(OOKD. Dominicans living in the
Wottob6 Weven,Tra f l gar.Leudet, rLrrn
Prosper,Copt Hell and sdioiting ;t s
are ncw cut off by road works fromi
*Rosesu (-often from. their ,work ) for
hours each weekday. SEE SUPPL43Y"'.

I l~Ba~r l- IIp IIIIi II, ,,,,, --


?mT Y 'tm ATI

Page Two 1 .la.iiuay, iviay 43, _e(L

Last week I quoted the words of Pro-. Sir Arthur Lewis, President of the
Caribbean Development Bank and a world-renowned economist in his own right,
about the present standing of the productive sectors in the economy of
these smaller Caribbean islands. Dr. Lewis noted that agriculture was in
a bad way; that very little is stirring in manufacturing and that "the
tourist industry is.the only lively sector". I am sure that we must give
credit to Sir Arthur for knowing what he is talking about.
Actually, ad even before he so spoke, the more discerning elements in
Dominica had arrived 'at the same conclusion and that is why in recent years
we have seen here the beginnings of an hotel/tourist industry in the DOm-
inica which the present Premier thought did not have a potential in this
direction in the near future. Following the lead established by the Fort
Young Hotel -41 the planning of which goes back to the period when F.A.
Baron was Chief Minister of Dominica -- there are now several hotels in
the field, al conforming to the size and structural pattern which is now
accepted as appropriate ,to our conditions. Much of the Aot-so-plentiful
capital in Dominica has gone and is going into the equity of these hotel
companies and 'there is> still an unsatisfied demand. So that it can be
said that despite the Premier's prediction to the contrary, an hotel/tourist
industry is in process of development locally. This is a trend which may
well be accelerated if and when the Government ever makes up its mind to
accept the long standing offer from the Conservation Foundation of the
U.S.A. to help! establish a National Park in Dominica. If and when this
latter event occurs, not only will it give a fillip to the tourist industry,
-but it will have vindicated +.he early stand on the matter taken by the
Opposition Party, informed on thia matter -by THE STAR.,
So we :have now come to take the tourist industry seriously. iviuch thought
-has been given to it and the hdrd-earned cash (and also credit) of num-
erous Dominicaps has gone into it. Additionally, revenues of this State
'are increasingly being spent in very recent times in promoting the tourist,
industry and that outstanding salesman of Dominica, MT. !Baron, has agreed
to give his services in the drive to popularise this island.
It follows Froi What has been said that the private sector (16ng'active
in this direction) and the Government seedor (of very recent awakening)
have realized the possibilities of tourism-for Dominica, more particularly
in the light of the not-so-bright picture which agriculture, according to
the Report of he Board of Govdrnors of the Caribbean Development Bank,
presents. The'hotel/tourist industry is therefore rapidly becoming an
important industry with us.
Now of all industries, with perhaps the possible exception of banking,
there is none which is. more dependent ,for its success on favourable psych-
ological, political and social conditions.' It can be a profitable work-
giving industry when all is going well, but let there be any upset in these
conditions, and the industry can vanish overnight with capital, lost and
work opportunities destroyed. We have seen these things almost happen -in
this region in recent times. A year or two ago, some Antiguans took it
into their heads to be openly antagonistic and abusive to North American
tourists comiiwg to' vacation in their land. Immediately the word was
passed around in North American tourist circles and a slump ensued in
Antigua's tourist industry. More recently and in Trinidad a year ago, the
violent demonstrations taking place there with clear overtones of host-
ility to persons of the whit race produced a backlash which badly acted
the tourist industry of the whale'-of the ~aexm n Caribbean and to some extent
is still with us. Can we in Dominica afford the similar luxury of chasing
away persons coming to pay for enjoying our scenery, climate and other
amenities? Can we turn our back upon and destroy this opportunity of pro-
viding work for our increasing hordes of unemployed youth?
And yet, according to information which I-have. this is exactly what
we are doing. There have been several cases of local persons accosting
bite visitors to this island and-if I know -of them, the authorities
must know much more. (continued on page four)

TI-^ i TI-- ri-4 ^ /-^w

Friday,- May 21, .19'71: T H E S T A R

First Canadian Head of State to IMVAKET SUPERINTENDENT
pay an official visit to the US SR, Applications are invited for the
accompanied by his wife (Margaret), post of Market Superintendent of the
Prime Min-ister Pierre.. Trudea u~i Was;-. New Public Market in Roseau, Dominica,
cordially. rreceived in Moscow The selected candidate will have
Soviet Prdmier K -he general superintendence and charge
.. ..' of the market and will be responsible
ST. KITTS: Puerto International A. -for its proper management, subject to
lines (PRIMAIR) service to St.Kitts the Market Committee. He will be re-
was inaugurated at a luncheon this; uired to attend at the. market during
week during which Premier Bradshaw opening hours, supervise the collection
addressed himself to "Ikown friends .f stit"stics, prepare monthly reports
and enemieOW, Planes will,,fly twice and be responsible for the maintenance
daily be tween San Juan & Bastett~Ireof proper and accurate accounts.
BRITAIN has given St.Kitts a 25-yr. The salary of the Market Superin-
interest-free loan of 800,000 for tendent willbe in the seale $6,100 x
Golden Rock International Airport.* OO $6,000, and the successful can-
DOMINICA Construction Co. (Mr.Jack didate will be appointed at a point in
Royer, Mg.Director) has the contact the scale commensurate with his ability
for reconstruction of Police HQi. It and experience.
has started 72 weeks early:838,091, Applications, accompanied by at
S. ~~. ,. ....- least two references, should be addiess-
BAANA PRICES' .' The General Manager,
BANANA. ICEI Dominica Agricultural Marketing BEard
Banana Growers are notified tha Roseau, Dominica,
the Green Boat Price has increased to reach him not later than Monday 14tl
by one unit from 69,0,0 to 72,10 June, 1971. MG. WHITE,
with effect from 16th May, 1971. -09 2/. General Manaer
The price payable to growers -at Re- general Manager

"ception Stations allowing for the
agreed contribution of *25B per lb.
should be 4,970 per lb.
However, in view of an agreed de-
duction of .6250 per lb in settle-
ment of contractual debts and ad-
vances by the Company in support 6f
the banana price, during the winter
months: which would lower the price
to about 4.350 per lb, it'has been
decided to withhold the contribution
of .250 per lb to the Freight Escal-
at or Fund at the Green Market Pride
of 72.10.0 so that the Banana Price
will be 4.60 per lb.
Therefore, effective as from 16th
May, 1971, the prices payable to
gr dwers will be as follows:-
At Reception Stations -4.60 per lb
At Buying Points 3.80 per lb.
Growers who yqalify for the In-
centive Bonus will receive an addit.
ional 450 per lb.

18th May, 1971.


TRINIDAD: Gen.Election goes ahead on
Mon.May 24 despite pleas for postpQne-
ment pending reform of voting system.
Pour PNM Ministers returned unoppos-
ed as nominations closed. Health,Nat-
ional Security,Labour &--Works. ,***

Heeketh Delsol heretofore called and
kn6wn "by the name of Roland Hesketh
Joseph a citizen of the United Kingdom
and Colonies by birth, hereby give
Public Notice that on' the 15th day of
December, 1970, I formally and abso-
lutely renounced and abandoned the use
of my said surname of Joseph and furtha
that such change of name is evidenced
by Deed Poll dated the 15th day of
December 1970 under my hand and- attest-
ed Registered in the Registry for the
Island of Dominica on the 15th, day of
formerly known as
911- 2/3. Roland Hesketh Joseph.

This organization, hinging together
Catholic women of all races,ages,back-
grounds & occupations held special
services at St.Alphonsua Church and
Pte. Michel on May 13. Transcendance
of frontiers, friendship & prayer were-
,stressed. Mrs.,Pamela Liburd is D/ca
President; women of other denominat-
ions were made welcome.
AWAY-TO JAMAICA Extra Mural Dept.
Head Dr. EMuller, for a Staff Conf.,
on University Centres etc.


. P 3agl ,I.L

TWO MATTERS OF MOMENT by Androcles (from p.2)
By the same human rights which we invoke for other circumstances,
every person has the right, once allowed into a country, to move unmol-
ested while he does not offend against the law. This is, if you like, a
moral canon. But additionally with us, financial self-interest dictates.
that we do nothing. silly to destroy an industry which holds promise of
becoming an important source of national income. We should never forget
that there are other areas of the world with equal or better tourist at-
S traction anxious to increase their share of the tourist industry.
The authorities must not allow a few misguided malcontents so to damn-
age the economic fabric of our society without cause that numerous inno-
cent persons Will thereby suffer. It is-to prevent this kind of thing
that Governments exist. I am surprised (or am I really?) that no steps
have been taken to put an early stop to this. I continue to be of opinion
that any' dangerous trend should be handled firmly from the start and
> before it takes root. Instead of a. lot of the inanities coming over WIBS,
I should have thought that a talk by a leading Minister along the lines
of this piece would have been more useful to the community. After all,
encouraging the hotel industry is done in other ways than selling hotel
aites at favorable rates to chosen ones. The trouble, of course, with
those Ministers is that they allow Party political considerations, even
of the very distant future, to colour all their activities 'or inactivit-
ies, even though in the process they lower and distort human values. If
'they have constituted themselves ("by the vote of the majority of the
,people") spokesman and guardians of the welfare of the community, they
must live up #o the demands of these positions, more particularly as they
S re overpaid to do so.

Hon. W.S.Ste.vens, in his column last Saturday in another local news-
paper, has joined the ranks of those discerning persons who see in the
Police commitment to the Leblanc Labour Party as the most sinister event
currently taking place in this State..
Let me mako it clear, however, that by no means all the policemen are
involved in this unsavoury business. There are many including some in the
senior ranks whO are definitely not to be blamed or included in denun-
ciations of this great evil developing in our midst. Their hands, we
believe, are tied because their subordinates are encouraged by Ministers
to.ta~k-their eues from them rather than from. the officers. There are many
members of the Police Force who do not like what they see in this attitude
of some; of their confreres. It is, in the main, the middle grade of the
Force, particularly those who are the games-mates of the Premier, who are
that way involved and their militancy makes up for their numbers. Only
as recently as the last public meeting of the LeBlanc Labour Party in
Lagon. Roseau, a group of them (not in uniform, it is true) was seen wildly
cheering the speeches of the platform speakers. I should like to repeat
that it is my view that this is the most sinister thing happening in Dom-
inica at the present time. Why do I say so?
In the final analysis force is what counts. It is force which has to be
used to contain evil-doers, and to prevent subversion. It is also force
which has to be used when Governments; become oppressive and ride rough-shod
ower their citizenry. Under our circumstances, force resides in the Police
and the public can only feel assured if it believes that thisrepository
of force. subsists on the basis of impartiality as between political parties
and groupings;. More than that, it is only under such conditions that the
Police can secure the respect of the populace and, even more important,
its co-operation in their day-to-day activities of maintaining order.
Thus, as I see it., this involvement of the Police in Party political
matters has been brought about by the actions, activities and attitudes
of the Premier-, ,and this is yet one more of those briaches of the basis
of civilized and democratic living by which he will be remembered when
he leave -- as leave he must --.the public scene.
.. 00.-,o

Pape. Four'


Friday. May 21. 1971

Fipda. M&, 21. 19111H SA~Pae$

H.H,V.We huderp & Co. Ltd.

prdly apenounce ther appom~nea r is
aasitr Mcaws, I.C.I. Paints (Wes
Indies) Ltd,. ma facturers of the famous
Pcna Paints.

eita Paints Give

CeosWr ifeBi

Visit our showroom on Old Strem
tlasist Ul in promoting, '

"Opqeptoi Face Upil"' Rosean ir,".
P 17,l/?



Spoesoril by the Canedian Sqve the Chldran FuAnd
Wit take pMrce at tho
Mcedav,. zu4th May.
,Juging at p m, by
.DE.~ Wntry, Nurse Roach, MAi, (C fat

Mis. Axtington


V rizes will be distributed b Mrs. Gordons

who we interested in Infant Wrisle as
coviinsy invited a: 3 o0 p.m.


by American couple coming to live in
Dominica for one year beginning 15/6-

a house with at least two bedrooms,
water, not in town.

a car, used but in excellent condition.

Leave message c/o Star for B. E.W.
*I i I i.i


One Hundred And Sixty Acres
of Arable Land in tic Cockraae AeeA
Largely Cultivated in Citrus and Banaaaa
Appfoxinmately 7 Miles from Roseau
stad linked by Motorable roes.

For further' Information Apply to

Eustace H. Francis, Solicitor
Chambers, King George V Street, Rosmiu.

Position Wanted

Reiabe Young Lady with Convent High
School Educason seeks position.
Typing Ability and variety experience,
For further particular
telephone Miss. 2691, 0a _

Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and sotrr ..
thereon and Caveats for week ending 15th day of My. 1971.'

0 Reqsted Person Prsenting Nature of re..esta
whether a Certificate ,
of Title of Noting v
thereon or Caveat ,

Request dated the
sCth, day of May,

Preuseme the 13th
edy of 1 My.
1971 a Z 25 p. m.

Nibbe aoMe
by hIts

CHlmn A.M.

Request tor the tsui ,
a First Certificate of
Tite In respect of a
poetle of land kaown a4
I tot .t Ladth, It toh
SPoris of St. CG.rge, m
the State of Domtt"ic ,
pnttatnit. 1.10 acre .
nd bounded as follow f

North West by *lads Rtaph F ag&it
aId Niel Stedman
e4rtch Eas by land of Thomas Bertrand;
South Eat by land of Severy AInH;
South Wet by land of Severy RIolle. ;
-- . . . r . .. . .. ... . .... e
Registrar's Offce, SYLVIA j, BERTRAND,.
Roseau, Dominica, 1971 Regstrar of T, ,ks

NOTE: Any person who desires to object to the issuing of t
Certificate of title on the above application may erter a Cay,-
in the above office vith, s x weeks from the date of the Fi'-r~
appearance of this schedule a f the STAR Newspaper publhshpiof',
In this State or from the date when the notice prescribed b- .
lew was last served on any, owner or occupier of adoltn|ri:ft
land in rtesp of whrch the application is made. .
u ,-- -, -- : .. . .. _- -- -- T -^-1 "*


-w M. :" -n T i

Y- ~bbl~d~C~

mPo [ ". IL


. 'V

Pa-ee Fv

F~rlrr ~ar 81. 997f


i S -M 2 -.i - ...

N O-T:ElCe
Ca6e & Wireless (W.I.) LTD.
SOrs careers m Tele; ienuctions to yomig
wena~ te ages of q7 and 22.
Suocessful pplicants,. iw be given. appronxia-
lv tb yearss tramiwg overseas before taking up
technical duties in the Company's. insttallaetis in

TI s reeve e om u grants anm 4 u l in
iaynsoe and ote benefits including air fires
r v*. isMt aty at home during ov~rscas trainig.
M irimm qualificarior, a G.C.E. AOr W
Slpasses-ia Mathematics, Paysics a-d E1Si
'4W1VMten qaificnoalu are acceptable, how-
pr fercice will be given to better quaied

A^pi,(arrs, who will be inteirrewed d dgivd
.:..tide and IQ tests, should wte giving f
dciaa jof qualiicattios to:-

'The Manager,
Cable & Wireless (WI) Ltd.,
P.O. Box 45,, Roseau,.


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The Month Of May
Shall Allow A
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"We Service What We Sell"
i~~~ ~ iii .... .. '


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to the strains of steel band

: lt-/t/ miissei
Who knows---immoirtality may not be that
far off. More money was spent last yar in
: king the Vietnamese than has beedt pent on
basic and biomedical research in the ctire ,
S history ofm ankid! -


~-,~asn4sr~R*' ' -' ~illiaa~lr~31ImR~nnarsRaa


21 1 C7'


1 -HEi .$'z')ake

Frday MAsT

Ifar* .Saur

9~s~ r /3!


Friday, May 21, 1971 T H E S'.T A R Page Seven
It seems the news leaked out TWO YEAR CERTIFICATE COURSE IN-SOCIAL
that I was going to comment on the WORK
dangerous Copt Hall bridge.Anyhow
responsible people hurriedly used Applications are invited from
my suggestions for repairs. I hope qualified persons for enrolment in a
the properly placed spy will con- two-year course in Social Work,lead-
tinue to grovel at his masters'fti, ing to0 Certificate in Social Work.
I am suggesting that he be given Te Course will train men and women
the biggest bone to chew on. And for service in Social Welfare Organ-
now they are blowing up and clear- izations, and in those branches of
ing: around Fatima -anothe social work undertaken by Governments
of my mentions. About the fabulous- and voluntary agencies. It will con-
ly inconvenient traffic-passage sist of academic work in the Univer-
arrangements, much will be heard, sity and practical work under super-
My Novena paid-off! The water vision in field agencies..
supply for Goodwill is now quite The course is open to the following:-
steady, although we still keep a
few sip bottles filled up,just in (a) Graduates of any recognized
case. I couldn't decide what Saint University;
to appeal through, but I ended up (b) Candidates who have passed the
invoking St. George, whom I still Higher School Certificate Examination
keep on my Saints list. Wasn't he' or the G.C.E. Examination in at least
the one who slew the Water Authority t~o principal or Alvanced Level subjects;
-?....Sorry, I mean dragon. (c) Candidates who have passed the
Which reminds me. Who opened So Old London Matriculation or the School
and So's letter from the U.S.A.?. Certificate with credits in English,
The letter was delivered with the Language, MathematiCs, foreign language
top torn off. I thought it was cus- and two other subjects,.or the Ordinary
tomary for the Post Office to re- Level in GC.E. in those subjects;
seal such letters with an explan- (d) Candidates over 23 years of agevfho
ation attached. Don't tell me "that while not possessing precisely the .
there, is hanky-panky going on again, qualifications- under (a) or (b') -are
All those past mysterious disapp- judged by the University to be ade-
earances of Christmas gift money .quately qualified,
Speaking of Post Offices.I think Governments and Social Work Agencies
we need a new and modern one. far are invited to nominate men and women
more than a Police Headquarters!.And for this course. Individual Applicatiam
I notice that the huge chunks of particularly from students graduating
concrete from the demolished' Plice in June 1971 till also be considered.
HQ are being dumped in front of
Rockaway Beach, not far from Sunset For persons already possessing suit-
Terrace. But have we become so used able academic qualifications, i.e.Grad-
to the GPO monstrosity at the bay ates who have-done-work in relevant
front, that it makes no difference? subjects, the course is available as a.
When next you go to buy stamps, one-year course. Each application for
check the number of long faces evi graduates to complete the two-year
dent in that department. And haven' course in' one year Will be considered
you noticed how the stamps are lit-. nitsi own merits
erally thrown at you? I.
Telephone operators are supposed Applications in writing should be:
to give out factual information made to the.Registrar University of
to give out factual informationWest Indies, Mona, Kingston ,
'Imagine my dilemma last week when I the West Indiea Mona, Kingston r,
asked for a vital phone number,and beoreMay t, 1971 from whom further
a male voice answered: "I think the particulars may also be obtained,
number is..." 915. 1.. '
Have you ever looked at a girl in a miniskirt? I know for us males it
is a silly question. But haven't you noticed;when: they catch us staring
how they attempt to lengthen the skirt? They start pulling here and
there, and rearranging things
So girls, if you can't stand the. stares of us wolves, don't wear a
band-aid for a skirt. But I secretly hope you continue...............

P-s. THE SAR Fr ay ........ 1971


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Nittagen, Paosphorous and Potash
gwtmh and increased production of

oo 0 Nanmral Plant Food contains Water Soluble
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fruits and Vegetables.

Obtainable in pints, quarts, gallons and 5-algaon containers.


which will convert all waste vegetation, leaves, weeds, etc., ino rich humus-laden
manure in 5 or 6 weeks, one. packet will treat one ion.

. .- S /ao 1"2." .2

Kiln Dried Dressed Lumber 5oc. per Bd. Ft.
Kiln Dried Rough - 43c. "
Green/Airdried Rough "* 38c. ,
CARAPITE and. Bois Diable:
Add 5 cents per Bd. ft.
Also ask for Bargain Sales of Stock Clearance.

a76666~~~~~6666~- th


Saturday 7.30 amW 12 noon

Monday Friday 7.30 am 4 pm

~ CIIC______UI_~__~~_

- -L^ .-- I- I _1 BLI~-~IP~---~I --- _____ _ ___

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i Prcg Eiskr

Friday, May 21, 1971

Yesterday,the latest issue of
the "Marian Messenger", St. Mary's
Academy school papery was brought
to me by my young nephew. The Editor,
Moderators and Staff should be com-
plimented for their very good effort.
The reading material is excellent,
typing perfect and illustrations
very good. This paper, produced by
the students' efforts, shows just
how much talent there is amongst
our youth of S.M.A. So for God's
sake, boys, develop such gifts, in-
stead of following the unambitious
few by just loafing at street corn-
ers and on doorsteps., letting your
precious hours tick away. It is mos
gratifying to see the many improve-
ments done since the "takeover" by
that dynamic personality "The New
Head". New toilets were built by
funds collected by the efforts of
the Mothers' Club (some mothers who
have worked tirelessly to improve
the school facilities. It is a real
pity that these very people who do
help" should be abused by idlers
who have no foundation for their
malicious comments. Still that is

--------------- -t
S Applications are invited fvom
persons for enrolment in a one-year
course leading to a Diploma in Pub-
iic Administration for the academic
year October 1971 to June 1972.
This course is intended primarily
for executive and administrative per-
ponnel, and professional and technical
personnel having administrative func-
ions in the public service, i.e. cen-
tral government, local government and
public corporations.
The course is open to University
graduates, to holders of approved
technical or professional qualifications
and to non-graduates who have practical
experience or other qualifications of
special relevance to the course. For
this purpose five years' experience
of executive or administrative work
would normally be regarded as a re-
Applicants are normally expected to
be sponsored by Government or Quasi-
government bodies or statutory bodies.

life. Only a small number of private can-
' On Thursday the Dominica Branch didates can be accepted.
of the Red Cross Society held their
Annual General Meeting at the new Applications in writing should be
HQ in Federation Drive. What a shame made to the Registrar, University of
so few people know or understand the West Indies, Mona, Kingsaon 7,
the role played by the Red Cross in before May 29, 1971, from whom further
Dominical In times of disaster,theseparticulars may be obtained.
same good ladies come out in full 915-1/
force; they are then seen by the
Public doing "Service". But what ST. ALPHONSUS YOUTH GROUP'S BURSARY
of'the everyday work and help which part of it programme fo 1971
Red Cross gives unfailingly to the the St. Alphonsus Youth Group is giving
old, the sick, expectant mothers a brsary to a deserving child from
those in need? How many people know the Goodwill area who, when the result
that the Juniorsmeeting weekly,rake of the 1971 Scholarship exams are out,
layettes for poor mothers and,when has not won a bursary or scholarship
these mothers are in hospital, care ;rom Government but has placed just
for their childrenm- bathe,dress, below Government's bursary standard;
feed and bring them to school; that yet has a sufficiently high pass and
they also visit the Infirmary,scrub resides in the ari pas
resides in the Parish.
a~d paint bed& there, bring cakes & The Group began its main activities;
drinks to the residents and sing to The Goup egan its man activities
them to the residents an sing to for the year in April, with an Educa-
them! How niany know that the biggertion Week from 18th-25th and the grow-
girls (V.A.Ds) visit the Mental Home ion Weekfrom 18th-85th andthe grow-
and ospital.Ds) visit thus throagh- ing of Vegetables at the Mental Home.
and Hospital,serving thus throuigh- As the rainy season is about to begin
out the year? How many know of the the Gr will return the institut-egin
number of meals brought to old bed- ion in a few weeks from now to contin-
ridden people, the daily hand-out onn a f wee om now to contin-
of clothing and blankets to those ue the Mental Home project.
in leed? Yes the D/a Re Cross is We must compliment these keen young
working almost unnoticed or our people on their ideas and achievements,
people: their motto is "I Serve".-


Page Nine

Page Ten : T H E S T A- rlaay, May ias, -'..
r ,i My j t 19 1
Cynthia Watt The Siffleur Montagnes have flown,
We know some readers would like Oh yes, on Friday all 22 of the Chorale
-to follow Ancine when she left Ma flew to Trinidad to record their first
Titine's house in a high fury; she disc. Though it won't be the type of
had decided to notify Garge of her record people will be dancing at fetes
suspicions. Also to hear what young to, it's full of local songs and one
Eurilla, waiting former father to or two traditional ,masquerade hits.It
send her passage money for travels will really be a mst for all lovers
abrdad, said when she heard of the of local folklore snd rhythm bothhere
,stupid quarrel between the two women, and abroad. A few weeks ago the
(Eurilla had heard of the row intown group had the cover picture taken
even before spe reached home for her right down at Scotts Head with the
delicious lunch, so fast news. flies sun setting, fishing boats and all.
in the land!)' "Eurilla, I goin' to It will be quite -a record something
make Ancine see blood! Is all big to look forward to;
dam nonsense, and goin' make trouble Thursday just gone, the Progressive
between Garge an me...Well she go Youth Group had a repeat performance of
see..." ."-' hirilla remained loyal their successful "May Panorama". I am
to her mother sure it was just as enjoyable as the
Next day Ttine and Acine had a. first but shows of:that sort (just like
cNext da Titine and An e had a good joke) suffer when repeated to
confrontationlike Canada and Rosie the same audience, so I wasn't there.
at the provision market. "Stop dose Good luck to the Group, anyhow.
dam lies of ypr1s, you hear?" ,"Don' ou
tief my man ",. and so on..Yam,chive. Way Papa. It eemsee that youth groups
e my man" and so,cveare dominating the social scene this
Stannias,spinaph,Montserrat tomatoes, week' I notice that the Youth Council
"paw-paw, dasheen and a saltfish tailis having a big Queen Show this Saturdr
,flew in all directions. Ancine near-night Well yesg Queen Shows tout ar-
ly caught a oeconet on the nose,and tout and sweet life all the year round!
retired.,to silly mid-of. No wonder Masquerade nowadays seems a
Next day M. Titine was picking bit mediocre.
pigeon peas an occupation which she What is not mediocre today however,
found very soothing, while the Treasury building.When I tell
was at. a cabinett meeting, his newly you flashyL Pink with white trimmings
cultured mind far away from women real Bermuda style. Zandoli must ad-
and their barrels. mit that a good job has been done,a
Hon. P.N.E, attended Cabinet meets definite improvement. The Post Office
eagerly. As he was naturally inclined too received its bath with good re-
towards subservience, he seldom got suits. I sprinkle praise on allthose
i-n~o ,t~rouble.In fact he was gotg sults. I sprinkle praise on allthose
ino ,trouble.'In fact he was hoping concerned; let's hope that the acc-
and--peeting j to:-get the job of Min- ount books inside the Treasury are
sister of Secu3ity, for then he might as bright as the .walls outside
get a flat in 'the tower of the new finally, the latest expression
Army Hea duartrsa next door to the around Roseau... "Playing Codol".
Wymenls Wing of the National Socialist You have to be a cinema fan to un-
Force Hon. P.N.E. was an ardent derstand the game and you have. to
National Socialist, and his favourite arrive before the advertisements.
historical char adcters were Peter the Then you wait until the Codol Ad.
Great,, Napoleon, Atttl the Hun, Stalin, comes on. Watch how the man runs
Franco and Hi1ler-. He had decided to through the traffic without getting
name his first-born son Franko,which knocked down: After going to mat-
he thought waq the short for franken- inees and cinema (only we Dominicans
stein. He would leave the naming of know the difference) for one full
any girls to 4is wife, for like the week you will have learnedlhow to
rest of the Cabinet. he did noti b- play Codoll Try not to get knocked
lieve that :girls were important ex- down' Good luck:
cepttform specific purposes- The
fact L.that there were no women in OBTAINABLE AT STAR OFFICE: two original
the high seats of Government en- papers by R.E.Allfrey,used as a basis
courage him in this belief. for other research (pub. 1962 in D/ca
Meanwhile, in St. Thomas, Garge... Herald & 1964 in B/dos Advocate 250.
(but' y~ci u t wait for-. ext issue) iT 1C INDIeAN WARNER erad 9 .
Ell tese-papers are on the S,~

T---1 I11 h~ I ~~~--

* -~.,-,C

Friday, May 21, 1971 T HE S T A 'Page leven *
The International Activities MANAGEMENT STUDIES PROGRAMME -
Group of Cornell University held its M 0 N A --
1st International Exhibition and DIPLOMA AND CERTIFICATE IN MANAGE-
Fair at the Memorial Room of Willard ENT STUDIES -: Applications, are in-
Straight Hall (Ithaca, New York USA .ivited from persons who wish to en-.
Participating were the German,, Is- rol for the following Courses:
raelic, African, Indonesian, Chinese (i) Dploma in Management BtAhdies
Iranian, Japanese and West Indian
Student Associations.. This course is intended for graduates,
On display at the West Indian or others with equivalent profession-
booth were art, craft, books and al qualifications or managerial exper-
preserves from the various islands, fences, who require a general course
while steelband and calypso records -n modern management. Candidates will
were played. 1e examined-,in Organizational Theory
Special mention must be made of and Behaviour,. Caribbean Environment
the "Sisserou Parrot" straw mat fa pf Business, Managerial Accounting
the Caribana Handcraft which really and Finance, Quantitative Aids to
aroused the curiosity of the on- Management Decision-Making and Mar-
lookers. eatingg and Production, and-will be
Plans and preparations are being required to complete a project ,epcat
made for a permanent exhibition in the area of business policy-
(museum style) to be set up in the (ii) Certificate" in 'Managemet. .
International Living Centre. ___ udies
The Cornell West Indian Student Students for the Certificate should
Association wishes, through this possess; matriculation qualifications
medium, to thank the Convent Indus- Or equivalBnt!educational and other
trial School, Caribana Handcraft, qualifications which may be evaluated
tominica Coconut Products Co., and on an individual'basis. Candidates will
L. Rose & Co. for their contribut- be examined in Organizational Theory
lon of articles which helped to make and Behaviour, Caribbean Business.
the display a successful and colour- Environment and to" other subjects
ful one. from a range which permits some de-
gree of sc1*caliaation in a~partic-
NOTE: Incidentally, J.Dave Shilling- ular field of'management. c-
ford is the President of Cornell

West Indian Student Association,and These course may be taken full-
Flavian (Pae) Martin nee Elwin time Over a.period of one year op
ia one of the active members. ; -- on a part-time evening basis over a
period of,.,two or more yeard.Evening
IS I, T R I G H T ? students shoIld expect to spend rough.
Under thie heading, Rev.Fr.Alexan- ly oneevening a, week of two-or three
.der puts items in his "SenJo." par- hours instructing for:each course
ish magazine, as for example - taken.,;.
THAT people take their hard-earned The closing ate for receipt,of
-money and give it to men or women- applications May29, 1971. .
who pretend to know. the future? Application forms may be obtained
THAT these people take poor peoplesb from:-', T e -g- ---
money knowing very well that they "-The : Regi rst In
ar e lying? ."University- ofthe West Indies,
THAT after this theft, these divin- 914, Mona, KINGSTON 7, JAMAICA
ers send the people to give a Mass OF SCIENCE FICT
in honour-of the Holy Spirit? EP SCIENCE FICTION ..
THAT this is done, knowing that it Govt. 'Thformation Service release on
spreads uncharitable acts,division, UWI. Engineering Team visit: "This
hatred and even murder? morning th6 team members paid courtesy
THAT these diviners are regular cxm- calls on the Hon. Min. for Communica-
-municants? tions & Works...and the Hon.Min. for
THAT at night certain parts of the Education & Health... The team depart-
village are like Viet Nam? THAT stanes'ed. YESTERDAY for Antigua."
fall like bombs fell on England and- im
Germany? THAT innocent people are. Time machine gone wrong?
imprisoned by all this, that old WE ACKNOWLEDGE with thanks the Several
people are unable to get some shut- letters and phone calls praising An-
eye? IS IT RIGHT'? tony Agar's article on land-poisoniv-.


Page Twe Ive T. H.E S T A Friday, May 21st 1971
DOMINICA suffers-nnings Defeat
Dominica w.s convincingly beaten Madam: wish to ogfer a reply to.
an inning nd 62uns by t.'.Androcles' 'final question' in your
Vincent- itn te- 1971 Goo. Will Tour- issue .:of May 14th. iThe simple answer
nament which ended last.week. Dom- is of course that we should attempt
inica, following. on with 232 runs and have been all along attempting
behind St.Vincent's 1st Innings to do both; that is, "to gear our
*total- of '3-54, was difttissed after efforts- to supplying the CARIFTA mar-
-,lunch for 1170, (Someone should do ket (red beans, garlic and cinnamon)"
research :bn hy .badly after lunch-;) Myron Ambris, kets of the industrial giants, the
a fast right-arm.bowler playing U.K., EEC countries, etc.where we dise.
S in his firsUbig game', -captured pose of our bananas, limes, grape-
8/553 Gray-orivShill-ingford.(:3/47'1)ruit, bay oil etc."
and Chaucer poctrove./(3/125). were It would not be correct to suggest
the chief wicket-takers for D/ca, an either /or relationship between the
which won the .-toss but sent the CARIPIFA market and this State's ~mtro-
SVincentians in to bat -.on a perfect politah market, This could be very.
matting stri Douglast Haynes Scor-misleading far more so than the head-
.. ed a- bril-iant. 107 and newcomer line of the article itself and might,
S Brown 87. InDominica's 1st innings in fact be viewed as an. attempt to
a hard-hitting knoci of, 54 by Aug- outpropagandize. "the propaganda to
S ustus Gr.egroire f'ailed`'orpr.evexa which we are being subjected".
our boys bin 7bu~n led out for 122. I am Yours sincerely,
Following on, 'the. going -was rough, p .0 RIVIERE
-against the pace of Ambris and .paprt F ancis Lane, Goodwill.
from Captain !Irving Shillingford
.85 noo,) and Clem John (48), no- DONI' BLAME THE YOUTHS
one else really put .their heads Under caption "BAD LANGUAGE" last..
.down to see..D Btinica score. a: res- week was, an article in your paper wh~ch
pectable totalu'..;. e, ,. claimed the youth of today has no rea-
In the o.t1er match of the Series pect for adults or even- schoolgoers.
St. Lucia gained a. one-wicket win Correct it may be, but one mubt first-
over Grenada. .in a very exciting be frank and ask oneself 2 questions:-
match Castries, St.Lucia's (1) Do adults today have any form of
upert Pol3uis scoring 6~ ad 54.. respect .for the youths:?
Meanwhile in the" .'"pnd match (2)' Do they really use their tongues
o f .the Serie;, h'aay. rain curtailed as they wish in the presence of youth?
the' start of play .on the first day"-You cani answer these questions for
(.-, :(Dominica vs. Grenada, played in. yourselves.
Grenada)", In the other mat6h,(St. How can we ever succeed in training
Vincet gnst St. t i61a) which: Our- you-th. if we do not first try to
started.inziSi,Lucia last, Weas,, St. set the' example? We must first .clear
Vihcenti Were, all out for' 125t,with thbemote in our eyes before clearing,
Martial Francis getting 2 f^:" 43 somebody else"s especially youth's.
'Iand Victor Reyes; 3 for j6 Some of the youths have not yet been
Dominica, vs. Gre.lada scheduled to' trained to use stinking language before
start at Queensz Park this Thursday Churches as adults and schoolgoer. do.
as washed out by heavy rain wh~i4 Don't blame the youths: they are in-
.----' continued throughout the moriigT nocent. They simply gather from adIuts
at press-time a:it-is not Ikown if bad language and thoughtlessly repeat
play was possible. on Friday. The it in Dublic also,
Dominica team, (vthout Norbert -0'NEILL, Goodwill.
Phillip flown ho*. sick from St. TO MR. MARCEL E. JOHN-LEWIS: Your .long
SVincent) included Defoe. Anthony and .admirable. tribute -to the late Peter
and- Jo intish a4&'being rested,. Figaiel John-Lewis is far toolengthyfor
giving a chance' there is any our.. 'mall haper. We note that it is a.
play) to ebastian and U.. Zamore .,.cabon copy, and hope it finds space
with Bertrand as, emergency fielderqelsewhere. Otherwise we shall print a
it a. -! iscneit lunchtime Thurs. shortened version in due courseThanks.
Printed and Published by- the.Proprietor Robert E.Allfrey of the Mll Hou,
Copt -IHall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica West Indies.

'PFriay NMy 21, 1971

THE STA S~upplemaet '

I ,, -- "' "

TL I A I D : 100

For information leading to recovery.
of a new red Toolkit Box "Black Hawk"
and its content.
during the might May 17.
Ca1 217. .
92J, 1/1.
I Dominica Electricity Serv es
.ishes to advise all consumers between



that the ek ctricity supply will be
telepartaly disconnected from 8.00
A.M. to 12 OON on StODAY, ay 25,
offers its sincere apologies for the
inconvenience that its-consumers will
95s 1/1

1 0 T I C I

..Two vacancies exist for teaprary
assistants to wark ,o a statistical
project in the Div.isio of Agriculture
The project is expected to last for
approxiestely six months and W*1 in-
volve tabulation of data from Agric-
i.ltural Field Surreys.
,'.ilicants should have at least five
:':0 Level 6.C.E. passes including:
,mtheati.cs .
Salary will'be in the range of $200 -
$250. per'4Onth. c
APLICATION S Iaould be addressed to .
The rBmeanent .Secretary,
Ministry of Agricolt re, handss a ad
Co-operatives, to reach hi not later
than 15th Jane, 1971.
Permanent Secretary, '
Ministry of Agriculture,Lands nd
File No.A.L.C. 1/331 1
S.74, 924 1/1 1 .i'4th Mo&y, 1971.

I r ,D U-P IG -I T'S


is: pleased to announce the foplwing
special rates, available until November,
for local resident aly.
Single Cabin; E.C. Oi6.oo,
Including Breakfast.
Double Cabin; E.C. $26.00per day,
Including Breakfast.
,for Room and Meal reservations, ring

The other alternative is to clean the
land and clear It completely of ban-
ana material for, at least six months
PEAS or TE'PHOIA coual be planted.
Use of a; dangerous insecticide
far any .log period csnaot be envis-,,
aged, since the poison is cumulative
and not subject to bio-decradation (i.e
nature cannot eventually make it hser--.:
less); it would thus eventually accum- ',
ls t,e in ouc wvter supply, in our
plants, our animals and ourselves'.The
-medical department (we, re inf oied I
knows of the' nhuer of cases of poison-
*.ing by Aldrex, already occurring hero ',
and. country, people are, awar of the
loss of 'livestock, dogs andl other pets s
"though.,.,ting, bet and sprsyst.uff" ,
recently, .
It 'is to the,.small bannan
grower':that. R appeal must be made:
Keeplyour'field s and plots c 1an,a k
advice of the agricltaural eytenslon
service or your local R'.B.G.A, Branch
ani ACT O8 ItT" --'othkrwise Dominica
ean be quickly bankrupt'. -wit 'no ex-
tanetalternative crop. :Thi outt'look
means ha~i wcrk. 'It orait to be 'done
not fs .t or on' but our.children's,
jsake.. '

C-A R D 0 F T H A'N K S
Mrs. Cecilia Leonitae Jchn-,Lewis,, 1
Justina, Marcel and the other rel-
atives, wish through-this to
.thank all those who in different weys, .
'sywTs thised wit h them on t'e-'occas on
Sof their recent bereaVemen t. '
^ --_ ----- _--------L;'

- I --

Supplement ii


Since the sad death of Caterpillar
Operator Eden Shillingford many
weeks ago, widening of the Fatima
curve in the Valley Road came to a
hal.. Now Gar t. teams of workman pre
labouring hard to clear the danger-
ous section; but the public' has net
gotthe benefit of an alternative way
to villages and homes. In an evident
push to get the job dora before the
rains fall heavily, the reed.has
been declared closed between 8 a.m.
and 12 noon, 1 pm and P pm, 5 pm &
7 pm. Two further dangers arise out
of this: in their rush nrt to be
marooned on either side of the bar-
rier, motorists may clash on the
narrow road; the section being fixed
must at all times be rough, and at
any moment a landslide may fall.
And all this because the operat-
ion was recommended without complet-
ion of any alternative route, such
as the Emshall Road (in progress).
The grumbling among both drivers &

This AGM is taking place on
Tuesday May 25 4t the Arawak. Mean-
while we have seen a copy of the
detailed annual repot, which will
give members much to discuss. For
poor DBGA is in the red: excess of
expenditure Ecer income is, as stat-
ed on front page, $1,229,786.52.
Staff salaries account for $100,619
of this; transport and 'sub-staff'
$25,557, Board members travel ex-
penses $16,486.
We understand that our columnist
Androcles will comment upon this
report at length, so will not give
further details at this stage.

I say shame on the sehctors-for
the absence of Windwards-Leewards
pace-man David Defoe on the list of
the first 13 players selected to go
to Grenada for the 1971 Series. He

pedestrians on that iload is immense' was just called-up as a reserve
_____________ player among the 17 who were picked,
D.G.S. DRAMA Society: Twr ambitious- and only the unfortunate illness of
ly presented W.I. plays will be re- Ncrbert Phillip gave him his a te
viewed by our young drama critic in break.
next week's issue. This Dominica Last season the maih aim for
Grammar School theatre took place Cricket Was to forget. sone cf the
on Thursday at St.Gerard's Hall.Miss old heads and try our yourg Stars
Heddi James was Moderator. towards a better youth team. Are
DOMIN AN AGR]CDUITURIST BACK the Seotats navadays pikding friends
Dr. Thomas H. HendersonSenicr lec- rather than a State side?
turer at U.W.I. St. Augustine,, is Right nov we have young Bertrand
turer at U.W.I. St. Augustine, is of .brtsmouth, John Baptiste of
conducting a course for staff of of e rtsmouth, John Bapoiste of
the Agricultural Division. Aim "to Celtics a Faustin ouf Srtan, who
elevate agricultural production to- are without dbt our finest young
wards higher & more realistic goals" allrouners at present and they too
Short week-end courses fcr farmers were left out of the side, except for
(one in Mariot on Sun23)will Bertrand who was among the 17.
ANTHEA WILL DEFINITELY GO TO ANGUe t Jno.Bat iste and Faustin were
; to contest the Cartb bean Beauty the greatest run-getters in the
League and shaped up well in the
Crown. Other acceptance are: Guad- Leagle and shat d up well in the
eloupe,Nevis,St.Martin, Barbades,St, trials. Right now there are a few
Lucia, and St. Croix. There will be old-heads on the side, whose days
TV appearances and radio interviews'. are gone, while we have other young
Antigua Jaycees are arranging it all stars1in Munro of S.M.A. and Alsa of
DGS knocking at the door,discouraged
INCREASED TAXATION IN PORTSMOUTH:an by evident bias. Selectors, please
important letter on this subject open your eyesS
must be held-over until next week. SPORTS L0ER,Roseau


21st May, 1971

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