Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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: Jane towenlthalT
Research Institute forA
^te study of Man,
T62 East 78 Street,
gwrYork 10021, N.Y., I

OS/5 ne ondon ) Ltd.
22 Shafteibtury Ave, W. I.

Vol. XI1 No. 19

VtrtO. PLCA S5c Re

Friday May 7, 1971

St. Kitts Election.
AngUilla's .Stand

fTo w nooi agyeqaoam
AngeaIB8st eA tr gair toi
take ort in a* 'i. EL
, Nevii geOesm l el.tia.
It is rmda dfat $Bed.
shaw is ploafut to p
up a Lebour teoo to an
for Anguilla and that he
a retaunaan Hcen iasy
do so, but nothing be may
do orl say will aect ms
I will ho a lttle fiber
and say tt if k the em
WaWt6 to eaoy 0 hf a auk
Ilanger. they hould kfcti
samy Cfwa the abres of
Anguiuoa, ie*K 0way Aow
AngnfarBor esb..
We have stuffed foar a
u timber otf carst it e*at
Rmezcy. Our eyu see' now
wor ow- we coufniees
eX th: _-Llia w- W si
f:tl isdaa ama its peope.
If ou = Kiftftiaxe 'ad
Nevisaa blin dsI I tent On may 30as" Ma
egns owl~a1 nsfoo ip~tri

Beauty And Brains
Miss Anthea Mondesire Cf Dominnica,
;8, DoEmnica's Carnival Queea, has won
another crown -- she was chosen as CA-
,:R'T FrAQUEENout ofa lrgte field of
lovely contestants from vagiuoP islands,
'anJ the awir4r is a cherish trip to Ethi-
opia! Her braimP and wit alo gained for
her the Eric WiUliis intelligence prize.


Rupert Sorhaindo, B. Se

oill Ie celebrate t

Itr isa ya o ceen t'hat
F siama eb opIe boom ar'

ti me to me ovi r fadi

ZIZ 'IL. aum bi~t
sa- Yis hav a br n iwat
Wiortunity yen My 10.a
to e right; voes for Te
N1 he's W ai little st qpar

Eot sfI your country fDo
1s#itwtbr bcm fRfmd, De
awt BriaOW bto iheow to!
-'sin a free and yLo
AiHi trw. to &MV 04 0 rd

oppW aity open May i 1.
Vtte tgo wse for tse
1psivph, Ac&0-EAtwveme t.

F4 v-iw Wftti fwhen baw or

Letw t iae ye.



Election of Officers,
Any other business,

(a) the Overtime Problem, Wages &
(b) The Williams Inqiry,
(c) Accommodation tor teachers,
nurses and other transfer oicers. NOTE: The
meeting is expected to last for some two hors
and is scheduled for a Saturday to facilitate te-
chers and other members in the outdistrica.

As or readers wll note on p. 1o, certain
Polie offices in Roseau have removed to the
hose owned by Mrs. Mable James, ex-
Home Minister, now suitably employed a
managercas of the Asa Hotel.

,j .y -. ., M

His nationally important rAe on LcI
Rearch iso1 p~Br 6P 7

Annual General Meeting
Saturday 8th May, 1971
at 9.3o a. m. at

Vacant Appointment
Required. Bookeepq/AccoTuntant with
some experience. A permanent position
for the right man Sea.ry according to
Apply as soon as possible in writing to
Springfield Trading ( 959) Limited
P. O. Box 4,

-` --

i 1I---1I .-i--~


- ------ -------nu I~--~.- -1---,

Page lTwo T. H T R friday, May 7th,1971.
Happy are the dead, for they shall inherit, etc. A moisture of Script-':
ural quotes, I know, but apt enough to remind us that the dead now have -
the best street in Roseau, in close'proximity to theirresting places,while
S we, the living, must trudge on those awful. ruts which passed muster as
streets until recently when steps began to be taken to improve them with
the coming of the Scobie administration in the Roseau: own Council.
More seriously, the Town Council is to be congratulated on its sense.
and concern for the people of Roseau in re-making in accordance with tried
and tested system the road -- Long Acre -- leading to the Catholic Ceme-
Stery. It is a. work which for years obviously needed doing. Almost daily,
hundreds of citizens followsdthe body of. their relatives and friends to
its last resting place on a "road" which, to say the least, made follow-
ing the procession a misery. Worse yet, in wet weather Long Acre was
ofBten impassable due to some great fault in its drainage system which
turned it into a lake. Thousands of the citizens of Roseau have had the
terrible experience of at least two recent All Saints Days when they
wer trapped in the cemetery, unable to get out or. even in by vast areas
of lake at the entrance.. Long Acre is public property, not that of the
Church. It would have been thought that the Labour Town Councils of those
of misery and discomfor t to the citizens would have been moved to do
something about it, using the funds provided by those same citizens. Not
ohn your life' It took a more discerning Party, one more sensitive to the
needs cf the citizens, to bring an end to this nuisance. We are grateful
to the present Roseau Town Council.

SI listened'to the WIBS "Post Mortem on the 1971 Carnival" with'inter-
"eat. Carnival, lovers have certainly given thought to the matter ,of the
improvement of the Dominica Masquerade/Carnival following the "disaster"'
of the last one'eatlier this year*
I was most intrigued-to learn from the 'IBS analysts 6f letters re-
b'ceiVed that most persons who wrote in their views and suggestions made
S' the point ;that one of the factors most deleterious: to the traditional
fiesta .was %the institution of anotlih-er Masquerade/Carnival on 4th Nov-
ember each year as part of National Day celebrations, 'his point is very
well taken and there is: no denying the fact, for it comes (as it were)
froe .'the horses mouth, moat of the writers being themselves active 'parti-
She more enlightened section of the Dominica community has ibng held
that Mr. Leblanc,'s second Carnival has been a poor way of marking National
Day. Everyone knows that a thing made too; common loses its savour and. that
i Carnival three months. before our centuries-old fiesta can only do harm
to the real pre-Lenten masquerade/carnival. Mr. Leblania, however, was not
able to discern this. apparently. His idea may have been. to give the.
people more and yet more of anything they seem to like or' tolerate, ~hs,
he has br -ougiht them to the point of satiety in this line with the dire
results which carnival lovers are now bemoaning. Unless, therefore,' some-
thing is done about this, we shall have two mediocre and comnmonplace sim-
ilar events within three months of each other and it would a matter
of time, as this year has, indicated, before the whole thing becomes a wreck.
2his institution of an additional Carnival, it seems to me, is typical.
of myopic, politically motivated thinking -- blissfully unaware of the con-
nection between cause and effect in policy-making. I am absolutely certain
thbt other and perhaps more important spheres of our national life will
seow up the same contradictions and confusions by the time that this Gov-
ernment and its leader are through with us (or we are through with them')
a a a . .
Onie sometimes hears the statement that we must evolve our own type of
democracy to suit our needs. Personally, I feel that tiiere are sufficient'
variants, types and brands of democracy which have seen the light of day in
the course of history to make new searches and new productions unnecessary.
S(Concluded on Page Four)

Friday, May 7th, 1971 T H E E T AR Page Three
Q.U EN and COMMONWEALTH So Anther-wins CARIFTf Crown!
Speaking in a slightly husky tone Congratulations to this Dominican..
due to her severe bold, the Queen beauty and to her well-known family,
addressed a vast crowd in Vancouver, alsd'th the teachers who helped to
British Columbia, this week when she mould--her mind, for -she .also won
arrived by. air accompanied by the the Intelligence Prize donated by
Duke of :Edinburgh and Princess Ann. Prime Minister Eric Williams. I for.
She spoke in both English and Frenqh one (among many) felt .that Anthea
of the need for tolerance and co-6p- deserved her.Carnival Queen Crown,
eration among civilized people.The and we in Dominica are very proud
Royal Yacht Britannia arrived before of her and know that she will be a
H.M.'s air-landing and will be'her good -Ambassador when she goes on her
headquarters. prizewinning trip to Ethiopia. All
AR- ANNIVERSLRY MISSIO the very best of luck to her when
A 6-man mission headedby Mr.William she jotns the other Caribbean beau-
-ma CAn m on headed b Mr.ilia ties in Antigua in a few weeks .time"
G.Demas, CARIFTA Gen.Sec., arrives Strictly for the-H eit... Jeff's
here tomorrow (May 8th) to discuss title or the second half of his
with local concerns the Caribbean Friday night's programme: we dh
Free Trade Area. Mr.. fresh iday night's programme: we do
from a.visit to B-russels with the thank you f6r thattwo-hours-po-
High Commissioners of the 4 Indepen- grinme, it was superb; Jeff, you
dent Commonwealth Caribbean lands in were your Wohderful -self. With
London. CARIPTA-is now registered the Quee':s Birthday Honours just a
with the United Nationa: as an intep- few weeks off, L am- sure that every
national o nation. Dominican will join.with me in wish-
national organisation. ng that. "Our Jeff Charles" will be
DOMINICA~ ARICULTURAL SOCIETY recognizedd for the wonderful work
-The 8th AGM of the Society was. he has done, the many happy and en-
held oh Tues.4th.May at the Plant pertaining hours ,he has. given to us
Propagating Unit, Division of Agric. Dominicans over WIBS Roeeau. I beg \
at Hi.l1lborough. The tragic death to suggest Mr. Jeff Charles to be in
of Mr. Harold Burton in a car acci54- this year',s awards, and if my idea
ent (he was Agricultural Assistant is too 1ate for the- Birthday Honours, charge of the Unit, and was a most I.move that he be put, forward for .
popular and respected person.) cast the New Yar~-at least. That, I am
a shadow on the occasion; the meeting sure, is the'wish- of every listening
commenced with a minute's silent Dominican at home and abroad.
tribute. .-Adios, Amigos. .
In his address to members, Dr.J, ,"' THESE 0BStRUCT-I?-------
Bernard Yankey, Chief Agricultural
Officer, stressed the role that could by Hiy gh Lvwrence
and, should be played by anh gricul So me yea.s ago I.rote a e iter
tural Society- in- a developing country suggesting to our Government that we
such ash burs. Hon Thomas, Etienne, get. -rid of some .obstrctions on ou
'Min. of Agric. Lands. & Co-operatives mail.roads. I also me. .few, su g-
told members about Govt.''s policy for gestions for some improvements. One
agriculture diversification, in- -, or twoowere implemented," such as,
creasing export':earningss self-suff- building a directbridge near the
iciency by saving on .imports; also Cane-fieldi Works, buti the. old store ;
-awareness of the need for education :house for CGnefie.d still remained.
& training, not only of agric. off-- -Also a quarter of the Belfa8t
icer-s, but .of farmers. He revealed ,torSoom which should have been
that the'Regional Development Bank ,', broken down is still there, as in-
had earmarked half. a million 'dollars deedthe canal which I consider use-
(EC) for an. agricultural credit scaime.-es'. It is high time that our Govt.
Officers elected': .President, Conrai 't .S something about this. In the'days
Cyrus; Vice-Pres. C.J.L.Dupigny; Hon. when they were built (1 mean the don-
Sec.Antony Agar; on.eTreas. Ted Hdhy- key days) they really and truly
church.Management Committee: E.B.Henry served their purpose,- but now we
Nibs Alexander,Frederick Henry, L.A, should be able to transport our D8S /
Pinard and Norry Vidal. Farmers of. and crane without obstruction. Times
the months March & April were Nibs .have changed and ve aO'U~ X4 QhB4 too.
Alexander (Calibishie) & Irving Alfred. Giraudj1.Awarda,,2 2 bags fertiliseri

Page H E 'S T AL R Fiaday-,- May 7th, 1971'
STRENGTHENI,, OUR DEMOCRACY by Anidrocle,0s,. (:potit. .e from-page two.)
However it ocurs to me that there is one direction niin whichh the democracy
we are practising may be strengthened. .. ,
i am Speaking. with reference, to experience sociated States,
for the abuse I. am note appears: to take pla-e e n all. of them.p
,Since Associated. Statehood is a new concept' and. arrangement of: -English-
men a West Indian, maybe allowed- to suggest modif-i.cqtion .in,,the light .
of West Indian experiencec e. .
The rulers of the Associated States have -mrun awayfwi-th the idea that
while .(to use a f vouri-te phrase bf .one Premier), he Qogyp rent has been
put into office .by the .will of the majority of the,-voters,. it has th4e
nower to do anything it .pleaseswith the taxes it collects ;from .taxpayers;
or with the property. pf the State,, ..T grant that in public these rpulepg.
will state that it is- wroig for them, to appropriate monie-s etoe.e -t -.teir.
own immediate personal use andeperhaps will in fact not do so, But thi'"'
is far from enough. They .ate not,.' in my view, permitted tb divert such:
taxes and oth republic property. to the benefit o.f anyone else unless lawt-'
fully.: earAed y.such pers'.on or provided by a law which is considered
reasonable by reasonable- persons., *For example, -it will still do wrong
for a-Government'. to .use its absolute.majority in Parliameht to ljass & law',
S.enabling a'Minister, at )is discretion to pass State property to any per-:'i
son JP no 'particular good. reason. Aidd if there be a good reason, others
conforming ti, the reasons should have.aan equal opportunity of participa-
tion; -.Oth rwise'thi' bould mean,.in actual fact,' an advantage to, the
Minister at" one or two removes, depending on how circuitous was the
route that. tI return eefit took. -
So I.feel that rinch .fb- the expenditure which our Government made in
' the weeks -prce6 ing -h last General. Election. comes .under the category.. of
Ssinig ~ ubli s -ds for i'fitual and ultimate- elffbenefit. or. example,
ipangy- c1~payo pperons iVh.:: in the dim past worked for Government;
leavingr d or er6 unsupervise., thus drawing wage for very. little, ,if
S any, -.rk,; p aing ontrPactors mqre, than. a. job is-worth; giving contrac-ts
S 'to a 'more- ratherr' than a less co6itly tender in eases- wl~re other things,
are 'de4ronstra ly equal "Again, failing by publicity to0 get the best bargain
possible. 'by pvernmient .iiits sale of public property. You see what I mean,
Such 'cts ,seem to me' imroper and ~e;r not -made proper "'merely by the fact'
tlib.-t'tlfoo.6 governmentt making. them .has.been placed in the position to commit
them by a* majprity of the voters'; it is easy to imagine how, by devibus '
Services, the nd dividu .dnis.tering-thQ authority cold secure indirectly
e plben.f.jat(fa' exarMple, re'-election, which carries with-it emolu-
ments and allowan.cesftom the public pqurse) .
S ,-:-We ;Wpt l bet caware ithat;these,"'things are happening in most, if not all,
t apctpoa:.:S it-ate Whren ith.hings have,.been blatant, it has happened that
reat i ~has .thas .ha x- te_ suspendY the Constitution in-order to be able to
stema. the. course. ,iut, .his ias a-cumbersome-awd -diplomatically unpopular pro-,::. ~~-,seful in -.mall day-.tb-day improprieties of Governments. Unfor-
tunately.many ppirsonsa, hav.e-been led to believe that under ,democracy,- those'
S elected ca- do practically anything-" ith. the-.public purse while, they wild'
p'olii~"aI1 pow..ri .f~f what .has. so far"been written is correct, it is clear
thatth ereis ;tremendops. loophole in our democracy either in fact or in
thhigg whieeo ic l .,.- puggd. d.
He ;,cane ,, done?.- Certainly not by a'self-denying ordinance of
the Gernment in pogwer. It ca. n.only :be done,. and should be' done (I suggest
by tihe,..ce.sior Gove-rMent..taking .steps., law-, to,recover from those'
responsitie .1e..fqTrmer Ministers, the value-of .any improper transactions.;
which haVe ccite~ned, financial ; .los. t"o the.,.public.-purse; .this after a
proper invsti gton<., i. should be done, .if .need be, ,by' legislation ,
ha ithg"retr.o'a.tve 'epct an the Courts.n There can be no.
moral objec'ti-on td 'thp -jcourse since at "al'l times'misunse of' public fund s
and property is'wrong .
'Tiis is .th.e! principlewhich we should incorporate into our concept-of:. ati_ .govermen ,i..t seems -tomme to be ;fair.and ,wou 4d result in a
red.cti;.n.'.h6f abusesi.-whoh, -we-are-al-l-aware-, may take place under the .
p' paeteXt, of sovereignity.- Governmeht- officials who connive with politicians
;; would be equally liable. No wrong thing should be done in the name of duty,.

.~t; i..~""


uIraw ~t



Lure of thle tranquil Caribbean has tripled tlb number of
visitors from U. S. and elsewhere over the list decade.

.SAINT JOHN'S, Aitigua-Black na-
tionalism has taken itk' tdll on thii island
Sin terms of dwindling tourist revenpws.
A retard 65,369 visitors from the'U. S.,
.Carnada and .England came. to Antigua
in .last year's, eason. But there was a
sharp fall-off thi winter.
Tourists say travel ag nts are waringig
cientstabout tensions on the island. The
Antiguans, who number 70,000, are pic-
tured as sullen and hostile....
A dark-skinned Tritdadift: who
works on Antigua is itclned to agree.
"The people here- believe," he says,
"that all .try to take the.,
bread out of their mouths. They .Ap-.
proach fodriners with sepicion.'
i prted *rkirs. island poxiticians
have played a'big part in arousing such '
feelings. In vytmg for votes and union
control, they turned their attacks on the .
sugar plantations owned by the British.
Antiguaris were i'oid that workitig in
agricultirec means a' return to slavry- -
most of the people are desceudants of

Racial pressures in
Armyf mottirq a yesr

siaves-knd that, if elected, t c polite
cians would create new isMtries and
new jobs.
This caused such a sharp reduction in
farm employiiefht that workers from
nearby 'iands-'have had to be imported
* to cut. sugar cape. Meawbuil, the prMn-
Sised arrival of added industries and .job
.has not naterialized because invetient
capital is short in Antigua and ifreign
invaetoft have met with a com reception

Of a labor force of 19,000, about 15,-
000 work in some part of the touries
industry. And now there's the slump in
Stourism, sending unemnplysaent up to an
estimated 40 per cent.
A new Government too office in Feb-
ruary, led by George Walter and his
Progressive Labor Movement. It is cBm-.
mitted to recover land it maintains w;s
qold illegally to foreigners, and to double

d yU Je

the "_

i Al

*. 197i

a .v- "a I. .. ..


Trinied. wMch sparked 40'6
go, coritirmu to keep tle i$s1 B a l
With a foreign debt to se
around 30 million ddusa ho0 s "t
s aad noufarm te
a few garment factories a aiing
plant, Antigma buir atm IP"i
*aistic about the futture
try is ridiag the crest of 4u^w 4 'r
with no sigz yet of the e at
yback natinialitn found r-w .
Britsh islands.
In 1970, Barbados. weneowd, b!ate:
visitors who spent dclse o 30 apaoS l .
dolars-an increase from 44.AK to ri.
spending 9.5 million in 1 : "
A smill gnMup of bl t aMas
has been trying to make a inie ut .
large p~ap .erty tov rshI
white famies and new f o.p:i
and cmanp~ es, but so fa lt .':,'

U. NEWS & woE sIaT, E Af 2 l2, Mi, i I
arcces |


Page Six T H E S T ARL Friday, May 7th,1971
To any serious Dominican teacher of the biological sciences, the
book entitled: The Freshwater And Terrestrial Decapod Crustaceans of The
-At Indies with S-ecial eference to Dominic a should prove an inval-
uable aid in field and laboratory work.
SThe publication is. one of several printed by the Smithsonian Insti4
tution United States National Museum, on the flora and fauna of Dominiaa.
The book-reflects but a small part of the extensive biological survey
conducted here under the auspices of Mr. John Archbold and the Smithsonian
S Institution.
The authors, Dr. Fenner Chance and Dr. Horton Hobbs are senior zoo-
logists at the Smithsonian's Department of Invertebrate oology. .
The Cru4tacea is an order of invertebrates (animals without back-
bone) that includes the crayfish, lobster and crab. Twenty-nine Dominican
species of that Order are described, some rather extensively. Anong those
reviewed in detail are the species known locally as the "cwbish cacadaw"
and cirqueu" .
Besides giving explicit descriptions of the physical characteristics
the authors indicate the localities where each species is likely to be
found. Most.of the species described are illustrated 1y sketches, thus
Smoking the otherwise difficult task of identification''by local collectors
a bit less difficult.
It would have been even more helpful to Dominican collectors if the
S authors had inserted the common local names of the major, if not all the
,species described. But that is excusable. After all, 4$e initiative to
adapt the fiAnings of the researchers to the Dominican classroom should
Sbe launched bb interested Dominican teachers. But one wonders whether
'these scientific data on our local plante and animals are accessible to
Dominican teachers and students. I suspect that they are not. Such a
deficiency is inexcusable, inasmuch as it can be easily corrected by the,
formulation and enforcement of simple, ,straightforward guid$Hl aes an 'ocal
-remsearch by foreign scientists. Researchers should be required to make the
findings of their studies available to local students. That would,however,
call for the maintenance of a combined Libraryi and Museum of Natural His-
S story It is disturbing that we do not'have a. Museum of Natural History to
house identified, local specimens of plants and animals, as well as,items
bearing relevance to our archaeological and cultural history. The influence
of such an inStitution on stimulating interest in Dominican students re-
Sgarding their rich and shamefully neglected environment would certainly
be favourable, What ji really shameful is the fact that large collections
of our local flora and fauna exist in Museums abroad. It is time for that
intolerable situation to be remedied. .. .
The obvious deficiencies pointed out above lead one to consider an-
other important -- even though subtle -- need. As a means of ,attracting
Dominican students of the Nitural Science;' (including public Health and
Hygiene) to pursue studies relevant to the development of the island,,
rely Government should consider-the establishment of a Scientific Reseazxh
Institute. Such an institution would fit naturally into the concept" of
the Dominica National Park proposed by the Conservation Roundation.
A Scientific Research Institute could serve as a focus point for
necessary medical surveys such as : screening school children as well as
suspected vectors (such as rats, cats, cattle etc.) for Parasite In-
this connection, I cite the efforts of the St. Lucian Government s Research
& Control Department. In that State, the debilitating disease Bilharziasi
(schistosomiasisa threatened the population. The Ministry of Health in St.
Lucia has been conducting a campaign to treat the hundreds of infected
persons, as a massive eradication campaign directed against the
vector -- a freshwater snail. It is necessary to point out that that' same
snail has been discovered in Dominica and Guadeloupe, and that introduction
Sof the dreaded parasite could result in contamination of a stream by one
infected bather. In view of the increased traffic between St. Lucia and,
Dominica, the danger of the parasite being established here is very real.:.

Friday, May 7th, 1971 T HE S T A R. Page Seven
Another problem that has been tackled with increasing vigour by
governments of many developing countries -is that of malnutrition. In
view of the findings that protein malnutrition during the early stages
of development could lead to severe mental deficiencies, we should be
concerned enough .about, the wellbelng of our school-children to launch
a survey to determine their nutritional status. This could be coupled
with experimentation with local diets (usually imbalaAced, with too much
carbohydrate and too little protein) "fortified" with inexpensive protein
sources such as the readily available fish protein concentrate. The l ar-
bohydrate base for these experimental diets could be derived from the in-
creasing volume of "rejected" bananas. Other ingredients could include
locally produced coconut'oil, red Bean flour, tannia and dasheen flour.
Proteins derived from leaves are becoming available in larger quantities,
and could be used in-diet experimentation.
Such nutritional studies could well lead to the establishment of
school lunch and/or breakfast programmes in rural areas where children
must travel miles to and from school at lunch-time. This could have a
tremendous impact on the attitude .f pupils towards school, as well as'on
their performance in the classroom,
Relatively large percentage of persons of African ancestry are ,
afflicted (sometimes, unknowingly) With a genetic blood disease known as
"sickle cell anemia". In many Negro communities, blood screening surveys
have become routine. It would be desirable to have facilities to make such
a survey possible here.
Besides health-oriented studies, there are some other areas of re-
search that could prove to be of great value from an economic point of
view, Studies on the reproductive physiology of the "vanishing' crapaud,
as well as the delicious crayfish and "cyrique", could conceivably estab-
lish the foundation for commercial breeding farms. With the expanding :"
Caribbean tourist market -for such delicacies, another dimension would be
added to our starved economy.
There are many more problems that could be selected for study at a
Dominican Research Institute, and those cited above are but a random few.
But I hope that they provide some possible justification for the Research
Centre that .I have proposed. With 6 properly planned programme, it should
not prove too difficult to attract, the necessary fJnancial support. There
are a number of organizations which could be approached. These include; :
I United Natiots, agencies such as .FAD, UNICEF, UNEOQ, and WHOj and private
organizations such as the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. It might be
wise to organize the proposed Centrp on a cooperative basis withe a number
of interested Universities (including primarily the University of the West,'
Indies). conceived thus;, our students would be provided with a uniqUe
opportunity to seek a better understanding of their environment, and at
the same time provide solutions to some of our pressing health, and other
problems. .
.t i,s my fervent hope that my. suggestions willJ not be completely '
ignored. I encourage an exchange of views on the matter in the Press.
*, ert C. Sorhaindo.
Dear Madam, CRAID. because. from January to Decbmber"
With the rapid springing of the trade goes on non-stop. Even
hotels, boarding houses,restatiants people WhO should know better are
and what have you in the Statb, have engaged in it. If this is allowed
the Powers-that-Be given a thought to to continue, Madam, T am afraid in
the fate of our famous Delicacy the the very near future Dominica will
CRAPAD (Mountain Chicken)? I not be known as the only Island in the
Ukf not, Caribbean that ONCE HAD that wvidely- .<
well I think it's high time they doi that that widely-
because the hunters are doing a roar- advertised edible Mountain Chicken.
ing trade with places outside.Isn't I notice that a check has been
there an on-and-off season for hunt- put on exportation; well and good '
ing the crapaud? It would appear but what about the destruction?
that nothing of the sort exists,, E. C. GRFEEN
I :-

- ~~ggi Eiabt ~THE STAR ~is u ,17



r* aefe ei to th notice dated 17th Febrt
f, 1971, under the above heading advising Po-
Ual dca r with the above Insurance Office of
aedosaig of the agency appointment of C. G.
lb~ip ai d Co. Ltd. consequent on the voluntary
aklari tion of tht a c1pany, iC has been decided
A* acel aO l "a SN' A surance policies de for
i toan (ri s~ ubjc to the. coacurrence
Tfeaared,to space thae with Aliance
The t e poiies will be issued at the
premdon rates and subject to the same
.1 and condiios as the canceled poecies.

imted the 3rd May 971.

Sd.) dRanaI H. Iockhart

Sfor and on Bhalfof the Sut AMlian e
S and Londoim Isurance Group.


AT .



A Wide .Raige of


Shower Curtains, etc.




Dominica Elecricity Services
wishes to advise all sonsmers between CANE-
IELD mad PORTSMOUrH chat the i lctri-
dly supply wfi1 be temporarily diaect-ed at
70. o m. on Suday 9th May It is hoped to
traue the supply b before 4 pJ Thi is to enable
mainica Electrciy Sevces to carry out certain
wCck which has beco mecesy as a result of
tdb road improvement scheaame now ia.hand at
Daminica Elotricrity Services offes ina
imce ap0ofs for the n t diue
memmersm wiln suffer.


25 ton Tasker Trailer
Complete with
CI1 ma Tak 11 . , Tet 268r
coe m Dominics y Servines
e89fc/i P.O. Box 143. fRosw


Messs. H.H.V. Whitchurhd & Co. Ltd.,
AIents for Lloyd's and Henry Head & Co Ltd.,
o o ur our services on a forns of insurance cover-
agI including Fire, Hurricane, Motor, Hall and
Marine Cargo.
We also arrange Personal Travel famuranme.
Teklphone us for more information at 2a81-7-


1965 FORD ZEPHYR No.' 33
Genuine mileage of less than 30,000oo. Fully and
regularly maintained throughout.
One owner only.
Offers to be macd in writing to:
Attorney, L. Rose & Co. Ltd.,
Bath Estate, Roseau.
OfTers will bt opened on Wednesday i2th of
May Purchase will be by Cash only.

I^ '

I Mirrors,


-U -- __

- 1. .- . I-d

FrWid Magy

I. 1971

I H Eiit



7S-?I .'ar 'f

'fS ir Pa.e Ni,

SlgELIJtb,!iSA~B IDA I i


1/uY DOM!/N/CO#"

1971 Le ME CROP
L. Ro'c .& SGoi: ? L.,ited W'ish 'ToU
inf-irm Al' Suppliers Thai The Price
For Fresh Ye!0llo Lrnes Ar i ath
FaciOTv Wil] Be The. Sar-me As For The
7U "7 ''.'' T .'? Is -
< Per Barrel.
,A. -, ,, I, I .
By Faustuus Frcderick
Having learned scraper-boardr techniec w
f .' ' A! Akong,,t.hi.G arib whose i .-
,, =--- -_ ._ ""*^'-lP'*L_:E ''^ .^ ^ . ..
-:i --_:-: _----=.- ._t,
.--- .. ... -- . -1 . f ^B

i '09

The new Cortina

": 2. ", -'. ., "f ..y g

'..".':" We. -Sep ce. 'hat W e Seh'

| a' k... : : '" .
I 4, ,. . .

Itr&tions appear in a U.S: 'book for childroi
S!fabout life' in the Reserve) has V.aianed 'akird
aBd recogonitioaa,

.n .. ,,..-.-s .... r.-rt -n -- -


"."Papa, the: show was great ",'-That LOCATION OF POLICE OFFICES IN ROSEAU
the cry that went up as evera ne
stroolljh out of St. urard's Hall It is published for general infor-
,after seeing Fanny F-rt croWned My mtion and guidance of the public
Queen 1971. Oh yes, even Zandoli that the undermentioned Police
had to admit it was a successoffices in Roseau will be transfer- admit it was: a, success.-
though -it stated almost an hour red from their present location at
S after it should have' But who minds. Police Headquarters on King George
that! There was that much more time V Street and Government Building on
S for chatter a.d jokes, not to ment; High Street. From Tuesday May 4,
ion time fo6r the girls to whisper 1971, the following offices will be
: and raise a d.sapproving eyebrow at operating on the temporary premises
other girls' fashions. indicated below:-
But gt last the show was off' Office Location
Cedric Rock, Freddy and all the rest
of the "WOODEN STOOLS" rolled he Chief of Police Apartment former
Sdrums and warmed us up for whaf was and Police Head- occupied by Pass-
to follow. Then came the plays: quarters administ- port and Immigr-
first was "No.,money, no love" and rative block action Section at
the Government
: the plot was exactly that. Everyone Builthe Gornmen
enjoyed the part where a neighbour Building in High
after hearing the husband and wife Street.
q: uarrelling rushes in, ears flappirg, Passport & Immig- HouseNo.30 Bath
; and cries "Ma John, give me de BEFF ration Road close to
nuh!" Windsor Park.
S But as the Queen Show began they
S all cooled down End the six contest- Licensing (vehicles,House No. 30 Bath
ants paraded with their elaborate drivers etc.) and Road close to
costumes- all without wheels: the- Traffic Windsor Park.
Carnival Queens should try that Criminal Investig- HouseNo 30 Bath
,sometime' Dances followed and once ation Section Road close to
Again the Queens glided out, this Windsor Park.
;time: ,in evening wear: though the
bu'budget of the show had been low, DH.PHILBERT
S amaing results were achieved with CHIEF OF POLICE
cheap materials., Harrigan was there Hi9/15/64 -
S,of course wi-t the mike and the de- 3rd May 1971 G69, 896-1/2
signs were explained by Jenny Aird.
Finally the ddeisionS were out: PARRY'S POSTSCRIPT ON CERES
Regina; Newton won the prize for I must refer to another example
the best evening gown, IBIBO, an of weird religious illogid.: this time
African creation by Lennox Honythudih off the gen of your, columnist CERES.
(I think it was he) and Fanny F$itz She is upset that cricket is played
(crowned Qpeen) the prize for the on Good Friday. What, I ask, can be
best costume-- PLANETS IN MAY made wrong in people enjoying themselves
y Clayton Douglas. Runners up to on any day of the week? Surely no-one
the Queen were Regina Newton and was forced to play or attend the game!
,Patricia Cuffy with Norma Cyrille It was all voluntary. What kind of God
close behind. Maurice Cyrille won the is Ceres', Who would oppose this! A
raffle prize, and the Queen was crow-good God, my dear Ceres, can never be
ned by Ursula Lawrence. Congratulat- against human en oyment, provided no-
Sions to Raymond Lawrence, Clayton one is hurt. Don t you think there
: Douglas and other members, of the are a lot more important things to be
Progressive Youth Group who put so .. corrected in this world rather than
much time and thought into the show. playing an innocent game on a "Holy
And while we are on Queen ShoWs DayT? -- ,PARBY BELLOT, from Canada.
and congratulations, let us add mine EDITOR' S COMMENT: Although a mere
to Anthea Mondesire, "Miss Dominica."A glican t lerant of pleas re-1 ver
'for winning the Carifta- Queen contest stake sies ith y i'Fidb
is not an o ary Rr
SBrbedo .msrks the supreme sacrifice, and if
"MUristlans cannot give up cricket on THAT DAY, they are not serious.-P. A.

Pa te Ton


Priday, May 7, 1971

Friday, May 7th, 1971 T. H E .: S A. R Page Eleven
I am sure glad all these 'burn- D"D'r"Editor, at last the Dominica
ings' didn't take place at Goodwill; Tourist Board seems to have acquired
what with the inconsistent water some dynamism, so long lacking yet
supply..: When I come back in, my so. chronically needed. Mr. Baron as
next incarnation,I hope I won't be new chairman of that body will al-
a Canadian flag'- When are we, going, most certainly inject some enthusiasm
to get original and do our own thine. into the Board, which up to now has
All .these protest marches and demori- suffered from a pitiful absence of
stations are carbon copies of those ideas and initiative.
in the USA and Canada, even harkinq The Tourist Board's official back-
back (according to history) to Hitr .ing of the proposed National Park is
ler Youth and the burning of the overdue but in any event deserves
Reichstag! I can speak with author- strong public and government support.
ity because I was in on the more Mr. Baron's letter (April i6) pes-
modern North American thingge.. And ents the case concisely but adequately.
when are we going to establish and Even those like me who are much in
keep our identity? One day we are favour of industrialization and mod-
West Indians, another day we are ernisation of'.our economy cannot help
Negroes, and still another day we! but back a project such at the Nat-
are BIlack* Some evn wani't- o. go6- ional Park which ensures that at least
back fo Africa. But I'll tell you j some part of our natural resouacee'is
this, the African will tell you that preserved not only..for the tourists.
his fore fathers were free men where-but for future generations. of.Domin-
as our forefathers were slaves' As. icans to come. I hope Governmeit.-will
far as he is concerned we are in- not ,delay much longer before agreeing
ferior to him in all ways.. And to the project. -,,.
all the white folks we want to drive Speaking of Mr. Baron and-the Govt4
out,..why? We should be correcting t must compliment the. Labour Party-for
:their errors instead of copying choosing a good man -- irrespective of
them. The same brand of racism thiey his political affiliation. Other re-
advocate-in their country, is ex- cent Qovernment appointments and pub.-
actly what we want to introduce lic pronouncements seem to herald a
herv,. and :7et, we consider our- welcome change in approach by the
selves supe rior to them: I say Party. I .compliment them on this and
with authority that we stand to lose trust the Opposition will use these..
more by alienating ourselves as. we rare opportunities to co-operate with
have done in the past couple weeks., Government rather than continue the.';
IL am the sort of chap who thinks, political bickering:which only hind-
that there is some good in the whole ers our country's .progress.
lot of us. And..,so L. say, "Power to PAREY BELOT, Burnaby 1,
the human race." British Colombia ;
A good friend of mine has, been ON THE SCEi ( ) om.o.'
trying to-get a telephone installed hE. SCENE AMA. om.l
forethe past nine days..The only And what. about the neighbour .who;
answer he can get from the Cable & has his, stereo 9et on full blast till
Wireless Office is that the job will ll.O at night? Not I not
be done soon. 'Soon' (like Dominicanicarle for his brand of music,.:but he
'just now') can mean next year, de- keeps playing the same album ever and,
pending on how you ,ook at it, But over. No matter what your brand of
really, why thedelay? politics, you must admit that Scobie
Hooray for the Goodwill water is doing a good job cleaning up the
supply They just Shut off the sarnatreets. I don't think they ever looked
water again (Sunday 11.45 pm). Cor that good. I can now drive in Roseau
reaction, a trickle is coming thr1ough1with nary a thought of pothole, but
No, it is shut off completely again. they say the Freedom-mended ones are
Well, at least the drip,drp,drip is going to last longer' Carnival
steady.. s* post morten. What a misnomer!
I would like to the medical references give the impression
C.H.P.A. that they put out more rub- that a post mortem is usually done at
bish cans at Goodwil-l. Two. days after once. But we in Dominica have a'way
.the things are emptied, trash has of doing things -- soon or just now"
to be put on the sidewalks: .Until next week .............

Page Twelve T H E S T A Friday, May 7th,;971
Fast Bowlers cpnuse Havoc in 2nd T /. N A V E L B E E F
-Norbgrt Phillip, Gransworth La- /We offer from Stock, pails of
fond ('at the :Gar'dens) and Grayson FIR, T 5-lb Is. nIL et.
Shillingford ;& Ambrose Sylvestre at I QUALITY PICKLED NAEL BEE in
DGS ground, in some devastating heavy-duty re-usable plastic pails
.spells of'f'ast bowling helped their at 3.55 per pail.
teams gain the honours in last week-It's a CANADA PACKERS product so
end's trial iaatches. it's got to be good.
At the Botanic Gardens,where th THE DOMI~ICA DISP ENSARY CO. LTD.
match was curtailed day due 897 .. 1'/2.
to overnight rain, Skipper Irving C A 0 F H A-. K S I
Shillingford won the toss' and de rs.. Margaret Watty cand family,
cided to bat Qpn a perfect strip, Mrs. Christina Richards, ,Mr. Victor
but found the going rough against Watty and Mrs. Gammie Edwards wish
the pace of Piillip, (4 .'for 32)'and through this -medi~in to thank all
Lafond (4/27). His '~eam was bundle those persons who :sent wreaths, cards
out for a meagre 1.07 Ian Munrd' and other tokens.@f ffbndolence, or,
'7, Irving Shllingford 16 and otherwise sympathized with them- in
;.Chaucev Doctrve 14 "- being the main their. recent bereavement.
scorers. When Gregoire's XI bat-
ted, they wer? led off to a bright THE LATE MR. N.E.B. WATTY: We still
start by openers e' entish and new- await a promised Obituary-Biography
man T* Bertra'd of -'Fvrtsmouth with of this distinguished grand old man of
a partnership of 64 for -the first Portsmouth, whose' descendants play an
wicket'.against the docile pace att- important role in Dominica and far out-
acks of David; Defoe; and Chaucer- side the State. Please send it inl
Doctrove, '-S D rand was first to go, SIR GEORGE WILLIAMS CASE SENTENCES
playing-on to'an off-spinner from Roosevelt Douglas, together with
Casimir for 32., Xentish went on to Barbadian Ann Cools and Canadian
score the top tr*&ls score so far Bren&gaDash, were: found guilty of wil-
with .k-bilignt knock of 84 before ul obstruction of the use of the
heLwas -daught iii the deep1 off Cas- University's computer centre. Douglas
,imir During hiXs stay at the wicket, -as sentenced to two yearsless one
he got fine support from Joffre
,Faustin (38) ad Cuthbert Williams day in jail and fined (Can.)$5,00S or
(3F) to hlp) 1egoires'r XI amass' an additional six'months, He is appeal-
210 for 7 at close. Casimir finished ing. Am Cools: was. sentenced to 6 mths
with for 19 and Dotrove 5 for 69. in jail & Gan. 500. Benda Dash was
with 4 for d otrOve 3 for fined *2,OQO or six months. in jail.
At the DIXS grounds on a green top The 0Judge described them ai "leaders"
and a rain.affpcted stip. Grayson Judge described them as leaders
and a rain affcted st C.L Grayson c of the 13-day occupation which ended
Shillingforg ~si'.XI beat iCLaRncqu n in-computer destruction worth Qanadialn
X1 by an, -Lai 's and 4 re si Bttleg $ 1,500.000 damage. On hearing his sen-
fds...... t" l' i'58with isley harles tence, Douglas shouted Long ive
otTord i'ng "wi 6th ignsleylc tp Black Power". Compassion, not don-
Gi, riyson ngfS and .Sdaqque fr 6 f'rontation,-should be used to fight
Gayson Shilingfor 3raci thefor Judge said
overs and Evans- John. 4 for 59, did
the damage. In their reply Shilling- IMPORITANT EVENT
ford's XI piled_.-on 246 for 9 declF. Arrival of Mr. Manfred Lehman,US
ared, V.'E.lwin scoring 53, G.Walsh -1tamp 'Agent, for a few brief hours
S57, P.Joseph 35, L.Sebastien 34, M.. during which he hoped 'to discuss crit-
George '25 and. G.Shillingford 24. icisms of the quality and quantity of
Bowling for LaRocque's XI, E.Anthony Dominican stamps issued in the past
got 3 for 53 and E.Anselm 2 for 23. few years' was slightly frustrated be-
Batting a 2nd iime (..deteriorating cause neither STAR nor HERALD repres-
wieket) LaRooque's XI found the entatives were able to attend.However
going .toughe.-against the pace of we learn that stamp sales have in-
A,Sylvestre, who ended with 7 forl2; creased considerably; there were 8 new
all out for. 84, Larocque scoring 24 issues in 1969, 5 inE 1970 and will
and B.Charles 19. be an expected 5 or'6 in 1971.
to-t LUR of DUOMINICA: your letter on Printed & Published by the Pro rietor
Mr, Roberts' paper will appear next obfr a EAllf B fr2~Bf fai1 s1ouBai
week; as. also' Miss M.Peter's letter. oseau

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