Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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'lib: h
Res *" i 's..
th.C r-Vl Ie. ht10.
16. Prbtry 1nay26l..; Edi

S mei4 mr (L ondoni
r IShrfwtbury Ave, W

cr- :i,, .. ... 2 ST^ 7 'srtw .1
Ltd. Vrtaute Tiae 6omtte -ortuft Y o .2, .

Vol. XII No, 18a riday, April 30, 1971 Ten C*

Canada and-. The NWi 1.
0the we of the canvuslui cause. boah 1
ontrera and iheste lidtds |West eediai sdcais,
tooasevet Doglasa, on '$14,OQ bail furnished by
tCowha6uraannt orf JDojinica wais geicted.
COaadiao jalioe ti oU a.trLoo.On p.Y p sf ) .

i ,l~ lo k repese active, Miss
le*, 1Caaada SAve the Chadreai
giv the sur of 'Can. f5;o,
| S. Aan's Day Care Cegre.
I Uiea td to increase salaries of the
afthe Day Care Ceame, to upgrade
i'i abp~rb the decit of the run-
a ..Sinere thanks and appration
tIS gift.

St-iet Nurses Entrance
Examination 1971
:.: Tleanwi Student Nures Etrance Ex-
i :ato will 'be hld at.The Convent High
Sctol, Roeau, t 8.oo abn. on Saturday t 5th
Mqy 1971. This Examination consists of question
:paprs ia Mather atics, E3hglih Language and
G eral rKtowledge, set at standard off Education;
0 xevel Enamination papers, and candidates are
Sreiird to have one of rh, following e ductioitOl

1. Contpletion of form IV at a Secondary School
2. Ccf Scate stating that candidate has attended
Etra Mural Classes and completed courses
in Mathematicand Epglish Language. V
If a Student Nurse applicat has passed the- Gen-
era Certicate of Education Examination in
thr4e academic subjects at 0 Level it is unneces-
sar for him or her to sit dhe Student Nurses.En-.
traEce Esiaination.:
Appications to sit the Student Nurses En-
trance Examination should be addressed to the
rSeetary-Treasurer, General Nursing Cou~ci for
Dominica, Princess Margaret Hospital and should
reach her not later than Monday 'oth A4Ly 1971.
Altaraio will be individually answered and
Sceaaidats who harv already applied to sit thd
mEanination need not reapply. Each. candidate
will be set a letter giving details of the Examina-
0ios and they are asked to check with their local
Post Office to make sure that thay receive these

fcl~a. 1-feit~aBM Hio~ltiA '~* *

The Church And The State
.An admirabtle actt Cof the contribution f
the Roman GCathlic Church to the dcvelopmem
of Dominica was given in an hourlong address
to the Holy Nanm Society at Cast sce lst
,Sunday, by Mr. L.A. Roberts B.W .
Modestly but exquisitely moduted in a
olain yellow cover, this document is in itself @f
historic value. Firmly factual, 'it begins i a poe-
tial and mtical vein, and the excdlece of the
waiting as wih we expect from its auth r,w rho
however gpw criawd tribute t Rev. Fa hew
esmanf0 6fllt*a(ie Michel "as what you have
heard from= e toay is almost enu~ly the i-.
of his ptiat and methodical reseach."
In a ftumre isme we shall say mc~e, about
this vahmtble paper, but cannot here resit a sart-
'iag quoai0an: "''So we ummt never .t sig h of,
the fact that it is due to the Canrib that Domia-
ik ilea w canpd slery a hundred years
hter -than the otr a ribean islands met by r.e
same token, endured the evils of shlvey for
hundred years le s. If this thought daes not
make us feel special heirs to fre-jobm nothing
will." The writer had referred to the (ribs war-
like resistance to s~etlemaent by colopizers.
''A'document any Dominican, regardless of his
reed, should be pr ud to owe.


si ,. .-
'Wr A. N. R.-;tAhin'.":
-'E. Minister ol fiao:,,.
Frmridu TihaSi...
earing fhe Red HUII.

.A r TTE! N T i 0 N "
I'. ere: is rthe opportunity you
been waiting for.;, .
Regular shipping Service between
the Islands every TEN days ftrnm
Trinidad North Boiad to St. Kitts
For Freight anr RPawger Rates
contact LocAl Agent -

Junior. AccoaBitsCerk
Salary in 'accordance with
knowledge and quaitications.
Apply in own handwritng with
references to .
SGeest Industries (W.I.) Ltd.,
JK- i-------

MAY 1971U

4il a now"


L I .Y -I-



r. ,. .
It is happening very frequently now. that Government labourers do not
receive- their wages at the times due;. It is easy to imagine 'the; wretched{.
plight of these persons who have nothing but their imis:rab.-e wages on ;
which to support themselves and their. (generally) large families. .~n
recent times 'there have been loud complaints sbout this which is under-
The excuse given these people by Government on these occasions, I
understand, is that the computer in which the reckoning and accounting
is done has broken down. This, of course, is no consolation to the lab-
ourers who stand in acute need of their wages, and .t is difficult to
.see why, if the Government's story is true, manual .methods'are not used
During these frequent emergencies, thus. allowing the people to have their
weges on time. This Government is the only employer playing about like
this with the wages on which their labourers so. totally depend. Bad as
things are with private employers, they do not allow their workers to
get into such financial strailts. on so flimsy an excuse.
Actually, I understand from sources which ought to know, breakdown in
computer machinery is used by government as a. cover-up for lack of funds
on those occasions. It seems that the Government is hard pressed for
funds these days for the ordinary expenses to be incurred. It is known
that suppliers to Government have to wait for months to get their monies.
And this is not surprising when we consider the vast sums spent just
before election time to influence votes. Knowledgeable persons said then
that the bonanza which was being given would have t.o be made up for later
in the sufferings and privations of those who had enjoyed the "honey" set
for them and voted as required. Then it was "back pay": now it is "pay
back". : "
Even if it be true that computer trouble is at the bottom of thi kind
of hardship on Government labourers, then there comes in a new set of
considerations. The increasing frequency ,ofthe breakdowns IF BREA KDO.PT
THEYRE would indicated that the Government is. not equipped -to operate the
computer system which, for its efficient operation, needs standby machines,
spare parts and competent technicians on hand. In an interesting article
on the subject of computers in the developing countries in a recent isuue
of the publication "Finance and Development", it is shown that in general
it is a mistake for the small undeaeveloped countries to go in for this
system. It is argued that with them computerisation is a. status symbol
not justified by the.facts of their situation. So either this Government
is trapped in its own folly or else it is using computer troubles as'a
pretext for lack of funds. There are many who think that the second poss-
ibility is: the more likely. one.
. . . ... .* . . .
Certainly, our greatest problem at this time is the ftft i e .:of the.
banana industryy. This is not a joking matter,neither can i'f'be allowed.
to remain the plaything of Government politicians. The implr~atibh of the
breakdown of this industry are serious and can produce real trouble 'in
this land,
It is a fact that very many I am not in a position to say "most" --
banana growers are detaching their minds from this, industry because it
does not pay them. As an alternative, may of the peasant faPmers areplan-
ning to go into the production of ground provisions and vegetables. I
think this would be a terrible mistake$ for these,items can never be an
adequate substitute for bananas in the national economy. Individual':small
farmers find at the moment that it pays them better to grow and sell pro-
visions and vegetables rather than bananas and one must fear that these
individual growers do not realise the price changes which would take place
if a-.large number of them made the same decision. The price locally would
tumble and we would become dependent upon other nearby markets, always
unsure due to their.own productions, pluo the vagaries and uncertainties
of shipping.
Ways and means must be found of winning back the peasant's interest in
bananas as their main crop. (continued on page four).

Epiday ADril 80. 1971


Friday, April--0, 1971
Fr iday, Aprdl'3O. 1971

TH E. STA ....

. -Page -Three- -

****Q U E 'N and COMMVONWEALTH*** SA KA FAIT (Zandoli) from col.1
Her Majesty got a heavy cold af- Busha to dry I realized it was the
ter a ministerial dinner and has Dominica flag. "Apres bondie c'est
cancelled public appearances. .later" and all' It is ironical that
.110 British firms received the a Canadian flag was burned in Roseau
Queen's Award to Industry. One was on Monday night as a protest while
given to a phototypesetting system our own flag suffers a much less
which replaces mechanical printing noble fate than the flame.
(Linotyron 505); another went to a Another thing I observed with
drug for relief of asthma; one to humour last week was a heading in the
London United Trade & Tourism and Chronicle "Mental Man Interested In
yet another to the Performing Rightd Dominica". I was not very surprised
Society for securing royalties for by that; but a page or two later I
British composers: from lands abroad got worried, at seeing "Cave Ma Marries
MONDAY. MAY 10:, this is the date of Nurse"
St. Kitts General Election. P.A.M Oh yes, a little nonsense now and
3has .lroady put ost a g-page mani- then is relished by the wisest men,
festo, committing it to transform and to end this week's column what
the social structure & cultural val- about a little nonsense poem all in
ues; "Knowing that Anguillans are good fun now, one housewive to another:
determined to have no part with the t was a lovely wedding'
St. Kitts Govt. says the DE e rth wasilled,
"fch was filled,
arrangements have been made to hav4 e fashions gay,
a returning officer for Anguilla... A-nd'yet not too way-out.
The idea is obvious: the Labour Party S.oNgh Mrs. ao-and-So a design
expects Anguillans to boycott the I wasn't there myelf you knou
election so that a 'labour stooge'n f ne
can be returned unopposed". 0S[ 1oda me mo .u

MONDAY MAY 24: General Election in: op a sier child
Trinidad & Tobago. Local control of on a certain~ a.TiTon:
:Banks & the financial system promis- You know the. type I mean
ed by PNM; State participation in W oves her rumours as her rum.
Industry, & no race discrimination h l1 aways on the scene.
ell she toldofh
employment particularly in the e slhchagne a owel
private sector. A.N.R. Robinson,ex- And at tthe whiskey flew
Dep.P.M. & Finance Minister, is lead- And of all the happy happenings.
ing a combined opposition. e hew e ow e ne w olidPapa'
ST. VINCENT: Preliminary electors' The tole now tie ua sd rve
lists are due shortly, and Joshua As it oto l
"hopes the stigma of dishonest poll, en M&, t:on ayioted
ing at election" will be removed. there you know. n
ing at election" will be removed. My Mv A t.- r- jh1rj m r (I nks

Only this week wa. King Mas-
querade finally left to rest in peace
until:-next year. On'Tues. and Weds,.j
evenings; WIBS gave the grave a, fin
al shake up with d'CarniVal Post Mor-l
tem" programme:.,. In the panel dis-
cussion which followed, ideas were
given and things summed up in the-
hope that next year's festival will
be improved. We hope.
Last week I observed a prisoner
at G.H. clearing the pond with a
flag. At first I passed it off as
the Union Jack; in this day and a
one does not get too fussed about
things like that. But after he had
mopped some more, wrung it out --dce
or twice and finally hung it on a

' 'Pisshethat tel ica
i. 3m,,not a w seding fanatic -
1 u those who went resolved
j It was a really first-class weddg
'And best wishes to those involved."

And see and.make your choice for
quality,variety goods, and at
reasonable prices.
FOR LADIES: ess M tertals Trings,
Man~tillas, loves, wea ers' etc. 4
uOR mE: ,1*th Robes, Umbrellas,Bath
Sus Vetst Soots etc.
FOR BOYS: its, Iush jackets, Caps
Pyjamas, belts e.Sc.
FOR BABIES: Suits, Dresses Booties,
Shoe sHanger s Sweaters e tc.
FOR YOUR EATS: Prozen Meats, Cnne
Soups, Vegetables, 'ruits eta.
FO YOU!hPRNltS; Rum,Brandy Sherry,


- i

Page.. Four T H.E S T. A R riday,April 350,. 197 .7
And I suggest. (only because O the seribon@ess 6f -the. situationn;. Ido
not normall3ywa4sie. iy-'suggestions on i..h Over men t) that the following
measures: be.: adopted: '
.(I. ) The(-~eintrgduetiom jof.:'the stormi.hri 'ac.;I S. eVre:t at the loss
:of..,thist.s-i,:the ..,maia.1saur.c.eiof preseht'di" 'botht.''
.(2.) That T Governen;.!.% iveaugfor a red'siabl8e stated period at least
the duties.r'and -taxe.sarwhic -it levies: onith f'export'of o uan-s' and that '
.the ,full'. amount of i.this. beadded to the pi&e iad th e' row. eel
.that Government already gets',its very fair, iare in th spenrdings made
.'out of .incomes.; .. '
. ..'.: -(3) :Revamp:, .the', Banaa. ioard'. not hby'-abolhint election as has.-ben
Srumoured, buts.;by:,keepirig :par ty pol.itics:o o'f it'd by giving' the'ov-
S-. :.ermment nominations, provided for und-ei the.'pre sent BanaIaa Law 'to" p-ersons
IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR POLITQCALi AFFIIATTIONS who5 cormand- the respect of, do:not think.,that the proseince,. of' Governmen.t offi.c1al& on
.the pecesgary, .thoughithip category. f .persons ~.b cQopted
.on matters. involving their 'specialities. i '
..., -(4) ,Institute .'an i.nvestigatiion.. .into,.the spending~!- of the,.iA4spciation
with the-. .object, of identifying ' of, iopge ration where e.oondmies. can be
effected, .
,feel that it. 'i,,o6nly Vwhen thefarr..ting public sees 'ich new lies
being taken and such- Ser:iousne s sb'ing 'xh ibitd that'-ts' interest in
bnanna :growing, may -n.e. vag'ain be arouSed.,. "
y .-. ..* ". ...4. '. ":" -* " . * *
i:t seemd' t me' that there is much scope for a doctoral thesis on the
subject of the' a'e,:6'f'" drce in the West nddies,.Assoc.iated; States. -I do
not imagine that 'it could I. submitted to the- Univer-sity of the West Indies
because .the .-ru le..., f'theeI States are also, those who provide, finance for
the Universi'ty.-; .'But -its *bWO'uld be an ,-intriguing' subjec.t,for outside, examin-
ing b6ie's c.bnfj .ig the h.,. .. .: ... ...
,':Tha 'fp o'e hold .a a.stly important place in- the economy- of $the
'*' present Goveiernmenits of ithe. 6s-sociated, States ;is well.-beyond doubt'.. Only'
this week;, i readers, of. thee ZB Ibados Advocate-Newao.. :of 821st..-April were
given ;the- revelati-on" qif,. tl, new Premper of,-Antigua, M, -George Walter,on
S.; ..e ifo6rce actvivtielS ..ofhis predecessor in office,. Mr.r Vere -Bird. .From
S what we,,learned,:n!ore :.~Op.nn ywas spend on Police than *on Education and
H health h .(it i~'th e..a. ,pLostLion in Dominica as- regards"-the 1971,.Budget);
t. ti-gua ha.t a8lr .opicemen per head of population 'than anywhere ,else
in the world Iwe~i.gzo.t.-be far behind),' that inost 'of the money, sent.;was
for political:. pW ZbpseBs; .echoes of 'dminica in' July-October, 170.)
In, ... thesame! .msswue:'of.that newspaper on a diffi e~rn t'age, we read of
... t h.t. pb-l .ed ... r.airs ,y inada .-- .---members --of. hi-s- Special' *.e-erve" Pol-
ice intimidating- citizens ,who had gone to Government House to protest
..certaZin. ait of thQ governmentt. These.policemen, "recruited from the
S roughes t'. iani. tpugheest,, are;'accused..of throwing stones' t'the marchers,
i.....l... -..others- f4ed-revo ver, sh'oq i.nto. the .ground near: the crowd. j-On
acdcou -nt of-the':perve6sion of 'the isgn-se of Police duty,, which the: Buling
.Powe :here 'has caused in :,o minida,,,-; e an' easily imagine s the something
happening in this: State 'when 'dirQumstancls -a.pise
The State :df St. ".t .,hs. eenn.well .to the fore,:in this regard and
:evendd 4/."at"'GQvom s ; .soize with the .K..Government for t for n using
f6r,ce on. the .ebplel.d uilla. ,. A. gi. ..'
So .there::ean. be 'no doubtbt: .ab.cut the reliance up-on fore 6f at least
"the- following 'GoveirOients Io A sdcitated States, now',and recently1 .Antigua,
St. Kitts',, Domihip a, GDcnaa.. Th4se constitute the'majo.rity'of such '
S tat e ' .. '' '
I do.not kow0.,: St.. Lucia..nd St. Vincent this respectt.
Maybe because theji ~emiers are lawyers, a. rather- different attitude
exists. :. i '. O -...
1 ,4i ":"
" "" -,'"" . .. :' .. " i -.' : .. 'f "

'-n--9 na ji----~ b,-^-- 7 T--i. $;-mu-p-id t rage_ i. - -t



3W. t".

- -- I-------i---l-L------~UIC-~.--_- ------R^IIII~*l~1~l~ll

ratuH- 'REr ." ; HERMES e000 ss 'e aS: o!Scateo .rati'e ttylw^r *;:* afP ra-im "M I
*Jday i;s 'desl."'- *i- oice "Se toc c :w mv e ea':70 ;** L C 0 ic -aw..- bFut ofl'dI en
0unc '. por sb
S'Mot'n.c iia'ters ,'- hAork od lif a HEMMES 30 1it 'eathetr ;.c ch -ugse 'tieacs ty and .
/ igh s;pec typIon;, caicab;intie. ie HEPMES 300- is ns;red biy : an P the tilnesl cortatte
/^ yDewruier r c,-'- w(o.7-:.





3; --- -- -Y F

r&Hs '-ve-

i r'"e "4ij, ' "--, : i


1 ad

Page Six Ti H E S T AR Friday, April 30,1971,
The announcement in the West Indies Chronicle of the death oef
Mr. F.G. Harcourt at the ripe age of 81 reminds-me of my intention to
wri te, for the information of STAR readers, a fragment of the history
of the Gardens, Hirstly the New Guild Journal which is quoted as the
source of information that Mr. Harcourt "established the Botanical Gar-
dens which have been referred to as the finest of their size in the
world" should know that Mr. Joseph Jones of-the Royal Gardens, Kew, took
up. his duties as Curator of the Botanical Gardens, Dominica, in March
1892. He retired, a very sick man, in March 1925; and his place-was
taken. by Mr. Harcourt, F.R.Hi.S., O.B.E.
Going back !to origins, the first steps towards establishing the Bot-
.anic Gardens was taken:-.a the. -..'instigation of Dr. H.A.A. Nicholls who,
with his elder colleague Dr. Imray, had for many years communicated with
the Director of the Botanical Department of Jamaica, Mr. Daniel Morris,
later to become the Director of the Royal Gardens of Kew, England. The
appointment 'pf Mr. Charles Murray in 1889 as Curator during the -overnoa-
shipj of Sir William Haynes-Smith was an initial move; negotiations had
started for the purchase of the present site from L. Rose & Co., who
.(some teniyema- earlier) had purchased it from nW. Davies but had left
it still still cultivated in.cane. Mr. Murray was transferred to Grenada
in 1890 and the purchase df the land was effected in January 1891 under
the management of Mr. Henry '. Green, who began the laying-out of the
grounds; he resigned one year-later, and all the work thereafter fell
on the devoted shoulders of Mr. Jones. Within ten years the Botanic
Gardens was a show place Vith (using the military barracks on Morne Bruce)
an Agricultural School maintained by the Imperial Department of Agricul-
ture from 1900 to 1911. '
This was in accordahcce with the aims' as laid down by Sir Danieel
Morris in the Kew Bulletin 6f 1891: "the Botanical Station of Dominica
..has. been defined as strictly Qf an experimental and economic charac-
ter; ornamental plants are to be grown in moderate guantities-for rend-
ering the grounds attractive and interesting, but chief attention "will
be devoted to plants .... likely to be in demand for establishing 4
new plantations in Dominica."
As finally laid out by Mr. Jones the "Stati-on" of some 44 acres was
made up of some 20 acres of ornamental gardens and the balance an "econ-
omic section!'. A fence divided the ornamental from the economic section.
The ornamental part during the reign of Mr. Jones contained some 800
different species of trees and ornamental shrubs from nearly every trop-
ical country in the world. In the economic sector there were slopes in
rubber, mangoes and eacao' of innumerable varieties, examples of terracing,
experimental plots of grafted citrus fruits, avocado pears and cacao, and
several plots for nutmegs, kola nuts physic nuts, Indian oil grasses
(Ginger, Citrone, Lemone` and Vettijy also several different strains of
coffee. Crosses, hybrids and unusual root stocks were all in the days'
work, and the value of seed l ings, seeds and nursery stock sold in the
years between 1910, and 1925 would surprise even our present-day'Agric-
ultural Department. .
Mr. Jones always remained a close friend of Sir Henry Nicholls, who
was Doctor and Scientist and author of the first-ever textbook of tropic.
al agriculture of this region (published in 1892): this book wla,- to my
personal .knowledge, still in use at St. Augustine, Trinidad, as an Inter-
mediate textbook in the. early 1960s. .The Spanish edition May IO01) is
on my desk as I write, and I note that, it is dedicated to Sir Joseph
Dalton Hooker of Ke in token of' the great encouragement he gave to his
correspondent in Eominica since the death of "our mutual friend Doctor
Inmray". The address given in the dedication is St. Aroment.
Shus the Dominica Botanic Gardens was the creation of more than one
great nature-loving mind, and of the weekly mecoting on the top of the
Morne every, Sunday after Church (in what is now the Judge's house) of
those two close associates, Mr. Jones in particular and his old friend
'Doc Nicholls'.

Fxda Ip_ 30,. 191TESARPg e


It is noted fr i e n ffra1io that thet
1G i i exacting p ns of Secrion
i15) of Cap. 4p Revised Laws of pom-
inin, as appointed Mzia Ramona Bslac Q be
pritcipil Probation O@ifcr for the SIa:e of

leranent Secretaryv,
v irlstry of HMw Aff ai
Fle jNo1 19/15/79. GM4. I-91 I
Io0 :Oka April. 197t

It is notified for Vgeeral information that thbe
Governor acting ander *te provisions of Sectiot
5 (b) of Cap. 49 of tfe Revised Laws of, DcEa-
inam, has appointed te. following .prsors to be
Probation Officers fb the State of Domnica,
Miss '.cinmth EIwin
Mr. OAarne Theodior
Mr. J41i3amG Thomas1
Mr. Jam Jno Baptiste
UMm. JKahbesh Alfred
Mr. Adijne J. Etiena~ e
-Pamanent Secretary,
Ministry of Hom K Affairs.
File No. H19/15/79. G6. 880-1 1
DsW 20th Apri, l9y-

Dominica Agricultural Society
SMembers of the Dominirl Agrc
Sociry are reminded of the AnmWal Gener
Meeting of the Socity which takes place at their
iHillsborough Agr iclural Station (the Coco4),
,.Cntr)at Ioa.Cs. en TueS4 y, the 4th of Mayi
'971 Azttny Agar Hon. Secretary

Pone 292

The. undermentioned' persons have been
aopointed to serve on the Central Houlg &
Planning Authority under Section 4 (tXb)(c) p.
ie S ina Clearance & Housing Ordinance.for a
period of one year, with effect from ist January,
1971 to 31st December.
The Honourable Minister for Communications &
Works -- Chairriman
The Honourable Minister for Finance, Trade &
The Honourable Minister for 'Home Affairs
The Chief Medical Officer

The Building Superintendent, Public
l-*. ** *

I division
The Chie
The Reve


f Agricultural Officer .
rend Sister Alicia de Tremaerie, O.B. .
D. K. Burton
Permanent Secretary
.Ministry of Communications WgOrks.

C a W 2/3. 65. 878-1/1
20th Apr1. '1971

The new Cortina


We Service What We Sell"



;~; 'Plrr~b~L~i~y~

Plgcr 9rren

Friday April 30,, 1971



~'LI~~C 1EigM


FriFy April 30. 1971




; I


*RING 2251--3 FOR
,- *







Dominica Freedom Party
It bounced fr Che ger! i&matimon
that th third anuml Conv ation Prty
wiltJakep oonSunday 6h Juneatthe St
Joseph Scmhooom
Members are rmind that the party office
(The Hrald) i opened daily and that a effort
should be made to bring Oei tsubscriptimas p to
dat. Pleae abrin our mubcrship cards ala.


1965 FORD ZEPHYR No..3k3
Genuine mileage of less than 30,000. Fully and
regularly maintained throughout.
One owner only.
Offers to be made in writing to:
Attorney, L. Rose & Co. Ltd.,
Bath Estate, Roseau.
OfTers will be opened on Wednesday rzth of
May. Purchase will be by.' Cash only.


i omservation
Premier, Ministers Invited
w'e' Pueto Rico
Prenier E.O. LeBlanc and
Ministers R.O.P. Armour an -
T. Etimen are among a party
. of sewn invited by the U.S.
* C~o rvatcn Foundation to
Ssee conwrvation activities in
'Puerto ico. St. Thomas. S.
I Jhn and St Croix.
'The invitation is to help
Sthan evaluate the Founds-
Son's proposals for a Nation-
al Park for Dominica.
S Also invited to make the 3- tour Ma 14--17 are
Chief Forest Officer A.
Maxmmes. Tourist Board
Chairman FLA. itron. Safari
i~ead K. Lamb and CHRONI-
CL Bf.ttor S.AW. Boyd.
Mr. WiBlam Eddy of the
Natiami Park Service will
rm runIfn ain id/or Mr.
Robet Milne of the U.S.
aeoeo ya on the tour.
It a hoped that some of
the areas visited will suggest
desirable park and tourist
management methods for.
SlDominica while others may
S illustrate some impacts which
Damintca would wish to a-

(1rt. -949)
nvx DIFsanops
a n vft. m,
A Waisted
is a fdea

tho tim Ps ev .hm bead
a r t e t o b ue n j

wha tries mas a t
ta me Oter fi
A OLtsor

i a rId.w
h MO* M N kbate

ts ratrie aw r fd Lay
iwet ses-es to d

wih. reeaM to be enra
and twea I s ay
riat he a crae a.
O his ewA eRasy way.
I a se
win triMbto st *;.-
what thse Othber flB t
what you shomM have.
A CQmn-mariadaa
A !** e*O
to a ftlos
what Oh. ahr feliew Is
aol triss te be
what th arnhee h to be.

Mr. Mrs. Trudeau

EiEQUIA was gaily decorated with
SCanadian flags on Easter Monday
Welcoming the iPrime Minister of
Canada and Mrs, Trudeau for an un-
scheduled honeymoon trip to the

. TiT ams We
asple amy:
"Thy da't i tis,
they aon't do that,
Q tey Iughte i4 this. l5
gthey oht t ths a
Ahyryt "r T Whey"
and ser *I."*
"Tse arm erasy
Iw heih tab
*ad t dwith th t
*bt I dekat mees
t kbe teraw
The Cammr altarian NewcIa
k baiteaft
a perenaol revelation .
it tarrt wh I.
ot with Tbey.

w* is a e&mNIty.
i *"hAy Is a crew&


maimmammmm am

-- L_, I

I- _-_



.> ,. "... .. . .. .. *

; "


Rising demand far, abetterife in the West Indies'
hassawned a kiin4 f '*bac power" t #omvement in ::
ifthoe tropc ises. Carl Mig of "UP S. News & CM
World Report" puts the trend in perspective.
........ : .S. NEW, R wo PorP 3;dl 29 P, A197 1 ,.. .,.
Reported from boys and gigolos .They may Wnevr be
THE WEST INDIES fit for useful work. "
"Others reject that life, but do not
Travel among the islands that a e.a find atny other.oportunities opening .uk ,
the onwai "e B"ritish..West'Inmfi "and as' fings stafd. Either way, it speih s
you find this long-tranquil Caribbea trouble.
region-a mecca tor America: t rtists- When you go fhromn island to island you :.'
astir with ferment this vear, see close up thl problems that assail ,
Black govenanents have. runr thags in tthe fornme British West Indies, as we!
these islands since British rulers left as the nature of the challenge presented
S in the '0s, But leaders of tlese gow rn- by an emerging black nationalism.
mpnts, aas well as ftr.n.,,,mlnl..'~ihk r ai.'
dents, are ciicnrteririg a new tiostilitf PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad and To-
from among black inhabitants. bago--People of this two-island nation,.. M t, -
The welcome sign continues, to remain southernmost in the Caribbean, still are '
out in most of thpse tropic isle for hawited by the memory of five days of
jAmerican tMourists, .whose number s have -racia i. ting here'.i April. 1970-an ex-
tripifed in the last detde. Thois who. 'plosio ftat sparked an Army r utiny
catnle tkis winter reportedd that MqJleas- and left a toll to five iead. ..
; ant incidents were rare--or nonexistent. Todav's' worry : Every:wdy kows it '
Even so, -the- ~rr ering sifirti*6 is 'cjuld hippert again.
...-bei.lg 'watched closely bv tr'icel agen- Conservative businessmen and radical ___
ciet. hidnes and. .i ruise:; lie,: and'by politicians alike ,agree that te, ritirg, "..., : '. '. .
U:- S, i'/estors, wh .h ild a sizabe stake a vhie touched off by incidents at street-
*iin this region. protest meetings; climbed to major pro- income is $767. )il workers -
8oof -of. roublek, What's: the .atiagre' portions as a result of a spontaneous out- a week; s4gar w' kers, $L 5, afh6s
of the unrest in the Caribbean? pouring of pent-up emotions and frustra, giri., $. 0,...
Sime describe it as a "black power" tons. Before order could be restra. t Utempiri t estimated, at 20 peA
movement imported hom the U. S. main-, more than 100000 people had joied in., cent of the work Dre, with young peog
land. Olhems label it Castroismu, lor se Significantly, no antiwhite incideots ple between the ges of 17 and 25 tfl.
other brand d&f Communism. Expert oh-. we(re -ecorded during tha- rihtig, al- hardest. h. '.
servers. however. tend to discount the though East Indian shops were looted; Black radical elders incite slum dwel# .,
role of oonfvery frtno th. oaIiside" ',; Te' target was the. .. Govaertmot'and es t 'tb "shtati,~d)'Tiharoui d tor ,
Blasicalt.'hese dxe'rts say ,the isfnds p'oiicies that allow whites to hold. sway Spamn by drawYig rRpture of the share
are experiencing a homie-grown back over the country's econemy, ciattra~ betweithl h small number
nationalistrk--- .Cyibbei a comnterpamt of- Prime Mfinister Eric Williams of Trin- blacks working i4 banks and busin
the' nationalism that has been sweeping idad and Tbhagoa is;black, as are most of~es and the larle number of blacks i
; the Swtuh Amerncaii .cionmtit.t.i .. n-. other Goverfiment eMfficials and, nearly .the raqks fo the Il;ess. ..- i '.:
Behin- it here: ,Vhilt,. blacks r ait 'half of'his I AllOi 'leQuntrvrner%. 'Thils btackl .verrnnenti, they d
governments of the"w-iarnds.," whtte tof.; i' "Bt the b.i r'il 'r:ompanies, hanks and dare, "is goveni~ against the interest
S eig wrs.iill doimr irtt e economies. major retail establisl:rments are owe.. 0 W,the. bd s potpl4t '. :-': '.
Their ,'.nmories, moreover, are rqt picr and operated bh AnTrgshimeb, (:atriri.asai On--~gon xfnsion. Amerca an
vidinr ij is erin'oug.. 0 cial ,i-ptove- and ,mericans. The rest of the money British oil cEanpa ies.- with about 5
ments ,enough. to suit an imp overihed peopn(v ;is-,lominiatdf i b1 Syri:ans, "nf milirii dolls inotred in Tronlirvd '
a id .rapi,~ deex~landitig ppuilatl'i n. .* ''- .h ,' d east Indians. Tobago. lre push g ahead witl' ex -
Youi.. hl..:.ks, who Raker up a high Probltem unresolved. .[ornj ies of.a..tsion programs in piite f.4 past and
proportli: of thi's .pe iaton,-iao a .ibetier lMe fPhi thhe mass of rthe'-plp)laHio tential unrest.
'spcrai ti'cern for t wty government were made b-y' he Williams Government "We are as corinrrned as.anyone abotw
officials, .. ..when T nnidad.and'Tobago berame:iiJde, ,ie political cimn t here," ,says oneV
.In Bairbafif. ah ide t' o Prirae Mini- perident in 9192, but little progress has executive.' "Howe(r. I don't think man
S ster Erri W\V. Barrow codes: belefmade t')ward ~ulfjllhg thm. oil people would niiusider Trinidad eve~
"Sont of o r vquth.alrtady have'taken Although food prices ar aore t the: no. .as rAisky' s don~f Lya, N
to ha)gmtv arpImnd tourist hotels as beach same as those in the .U. S., the average eriaor pt .
B ut thi rofts f trouble.,remnan. ... ----ersistet *stinratiran -ofn Triiaa '* ..'
.Suppwting that. approach is.-a. fairl -. grnump' cl.d of university dropouts economy could hitig about a new bu ,.
gseral feeling thpl black radicalism has and leaders of the oil-wiorkes unitm is p "pof .f~utratioi nl osti''5 er..,g ,.
suffered fiwm a public reactici agaw:;t reaarded as capable "'4 minontiitig ew and 'l"ad 'to de,' and' een deei ,
the violence that rc-.ced, th -atic .i acts-uf vi"olen4 :t*At leist-rtxi' of' th, ..t ra le. ..
'. capital liSi Aprl. gr'op ft 20 are cotinidtred (.'cmiuniJsts. .- M ''


Friday, April 30, IL,:

Bmwner Woodppecker
,,, r + -e r
Sfm the heart
of EUgland

& CO. LTD.


Old picture postcards

Dominica ardi Envelopes used

before 1960

wanted for


At least 25c. paid for each
item plus your postage to me.







A Wide fange of

Mirrors, Shower Curtains,




& 21/4









If one's wiihe could only
come true
I would wish with all my

For clear running water
from the taps
Morning, noon and night.

rM Tom


'e' re Moving
Christian Literature Centre,
now located at 14 Hanover Street, opposite the
Banana Assoc. will be moving.
We look forward to serving you in our new loca-
tion as from:
Friday, April 23rd. 1971
36A Great Marlborough Strtt
959 ? Roseau Opposite Credit Union)

F __ _I I~

-~L-- -- "'-'"


; 1



..L.L y 9 9 --

Notice is hereby given in accord-
ance with Section 7 of the.Banana
Ordinance Cap. 75, that the Annual
General Meeting of the Association
will be held at the Carib Cinema.,
Roseau, commencing at 10,00 a.m. on
Monday, 31st May, 1971.
Members of the Association are
invited to attend but only the mem-
bers of the Board of Management and
the Delegates of the District Bran-
ches shall take part in the deliber-
ations and be eligible to vote on
any question arising at the meeting,
It should also be noted that only
the Delegates of the District Brandes
shall be elect members
to the Board.

1. To confirm the Minutes of the
Annual General Meeting held on
21fth May, 1970.
2, To receive and approve the Report
of' the Board.
3, To, receive, and adopt Audited Acc-
ounts for the year ended 31st
December, 1970.
4. To elect six members to serve on
the Board of Management for the
ensuing: period of Twelve months.
5, Any other business of which due
notice shall have been given.

General Manager
5th April.. 1971.
88i- i/1


Applications are invited for the post
of Forest Cadet in the Division of
Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture,
Lands & Co-operatives, Dominica.
Ag4: Applicants should be between
the ages of 18 and 25 years.
Qualifications: Applicants should
be in possession of the General
Certificate of Education withpasses
at "0" Level in four subjects in-
cluding English, Mathemiatics and
one Science subjects.A pass at
Advanced Level in a Science'subject
would be an advantage.
alary: Salary will be according
to qualification in the scale:
4,1680 x 120 240 x 180 3300 x
240'- '3,780.
The successful candidate will be
attached as an apprentice t6 the
Division of Forestry

He W-ill. be expected to pursue the
practical annd theoretical training
conducted by the Division.
During the period of apprentice-
ship the ability of the Cadet
to pursue further professional or-
tachnical studies in this field at
a recognized training institution
will be assessed.
Applications stating age, qualif-
ications, etc., should be addressed
to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry
of Agriculture:, Lands & Co-operatives
and should reach him not later than
3rd"May, 1971.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Agriculture, Lands &
Ref: ALGa12/126
14th April, 1971
G.61, 864-2/2.

The insignias of-honours awarded MedaJt trm Eranoisoa Dorival.. fi.MN
to Dominicans in the Queens Birth- Police Chief D.H.Philbert Colonial
Sday and New Years Honours List and- Police Medal: Deputy Police Chief
other honours were presented by Gov- H4L.Doctrove C.PiMt: Chief Scout
ernor Sir. Louis Coola-Lartigue. at Commissioner R.Eardley James (ast
Government House last week before forest Ranger) B.EMAa (as Scout Chief)
distinguished guests and relatives of'avrio to the Scout Moutstemending
the recipients. derotion to the Scout Movement,
te" Receivilg. awards, were: Mr. W.O.M. Mrs. Agatha Robinson Girl Guide
Pond Meritorious Service Award: Chief Island Commissioner for the
". Dr. Dorian Shillingford O.B.E. z State "The Laurel Award" for long
M iM-. H.P.C.Burton: M.B.E. : Mr. Avon- outstanding and Meritorious Service
A.ale D.-:.Giraud -Imperial. Service, t" the Guide Movement. (G.I. S)-



Paae Eleven

h~r~il do ~iQ'1~

Page Twelve T, H E S T A R Friday,April 30, .1971
**.... ST A* *S*P*OR*T*S ***** ROOSEVELT DOUGLAS TRIAL fr. pare 1
*John Shines 'n lot Test Match Protest meetings to stir up sympathy
In the First Test match for the forDouglas, in. solitary confinement
1971 Windward--Islands Tournament and handcuffed at intervals, sparked
at the Gardeps last weekend, Clem up to the burning of a Canadian flag
SJohn's XI gained first inning hon- outside the Royal Bank in Roseau(Mon.
ours over Irying Shillingford's 3I.night) and two returning students
Highlight of the match.-was some from U.S. & Canada (Joey Peltier &
brilliant:batting by Skipper Clem Natalie Charles made speeches in
John and his team, he himself scor-many outlying districts and Portsmouth
ing a magnificent knock -of. 70, arouse support for the young man
Larocque 64, Henry Elwin 50 and.' whom they present as'a victim not a
L. Williams: 32 not out. John's XI wrongdoer. Some three thousand young
amassed 3i2.. BOWLING: E.Anthony people marched on Thursday to DomCan
S4/56, M.Allan 2/51,E.Jarvis 2/50, timbers, but the effigy of Mr. Justice
SA.Romain 2/94, K. Mackay was not burned as intended,
Shllingford'sa Team only scored as the flame might'.well have spread.
177 (openers B, Charles & J.Kentish The injustice complained of is not in i
21 & 20 respectively; Irving Shil- the trial alone but the two years'wait
lingford 39, CDoctrove 29 and H. endured by Rosie Douglas while awaiting
Jno.Baptite 27). BOWLING: Francis the Court process; sentence on the ver-
Casimir bagged 5/60, 'U.Zamore 3/59 dict of "guilty" may not come through
and C.Larocqtle 2/.a. before we go to pressi The Premier is
Meanwhile, the Second Trial Match said by some Black Power spokesmen to
continues at.the two venues this be "sympathetic" have received
Weekend, starting Saturdays l *am* a phone call from Mr,- Douglas on Thurs.
:At Botanic Gardens-,Teams A & B led Text of the conversation is unavailable
-by lI.Shilingford & A.Gregdire Government, after being asked to !'do
reads: Texm TBA.- I.Shillingford all in its.power to influence the final
(Capt;)D .Defpe,C. Doctrove,H.Elwin, judgment" said in a release that'it .
L.kt-etnne,1.0asimir,H.Lafond,Par- proposed "to' take what action it can
Sand Curti A4igustus. Tea.m "BUI: A. MEETING
Gregoire Cap~..,N.PIhillip,J.Ftaustin,
J. K~.t ish. ll1ims, U"Zeaore, L, resumes
S"i "hCWilliamsU,.2 fuel T.Ber- 'SATURDAY 8th MAY, 1971
I lliaAs eenG. u ,at 9.lO a.m ,at
thrand,Aronmaf u and G .LaonaDd., P -".
Tenma"", play at .GS. *THE ODWI .P SH
under the Captaincies af C.Larocque G eso1 tioh A
and G. Shill ngford. (9) Resolutiohs
al 4 hi1 0 E.lection-of Officers
NETBALL: 'Opening of 1971 Season 11 A others business- "
The opening of Netball's 1971 (a) the Overtime Problem, Wages
season organised by DASA will take & Salaries.
place at Windsor Park on Mon.May 3S (b The Williams Inquiry
with HonMinister .A.Leslie(Home c) Accommodation for teachers,
Affa rs) present; time 9 p.m. nurses and other transfer officers.
The teams are: Convent High School NOTE: The meeting is expected to last
"A" & Convent High School "B;" for some two hours and was scheduled
Wesley High School; Dazzlers; St.. for"a Saturday to facilitate teachers
Ritas (of Pointe Michel); OlympicS and other members in the 'outdistricts,
Gordon's GiGazelles- (sponsors HV (890) .
WfKitc'rch & Co.) & Invincibles. The C,S.A. and the Herald were main
" targets at a Labour LeBlanc meeting
CRIYIQUELO CAPTAINSHIP *** this week (attendance about 200).We
A ILong and' interesting -eritique await text of Minister Armour's speech
of the handling of the W.I. Test on overtime; and the CSA awaits reply
Team by Captain Sobers was received to its letter iadfto iq aM _o tat.
from Mr. '~ar Lestrade, in which he DEERRED (space again') Rupert Sorhaindo
detects bi;A and prejudice against 2 page article THOUGHTS ON LOCAL'
'"stmll islanders"': Mr Lestrade is RESPEARC"; popular Ma Titine; & Mr.
recommend Ain&g- & WindLees' Brd.oCleHu*.Lgh. Lawrence on "OBSTRUCTIONS" .Rerets.
Printed & Published by the Proprietor Robert E. Allfrey. of the Mill-House
Copt Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Doiniica, West Indies.
*'./ ."_'

Supplement T H E S T'A A 1iday,4,ppril 30, 19'I
Government is concerned about I will continue to be a pain in
the export of our famous delicacy the neck and report from my dry bath-
the crapaud or mountain chicken,andtub. One wonders vhat kind of bill the
have warned in a press & radio re- Central Water Authority is going to ,
,lease that State law requires an send out to us, since the Goodwillarea
export licence. These rare creatureshas, been without-a steady water supply
take a long while to mature and for God knows how long. Will it be with-
their breeding areas should be pro-in our legal rights If the residents
tected. Incidentally, will Mr.Gren of the area refuse to pay the full
who wrote a piece for us on the water bill or any of it? I hope there
disappearance of the crapaud please are enough brave peop e to stand up
accept our regrets that this; paper for their rights! I eel, though,that
never reached the editor's a esk we are too laissez-fa re. So far only
but was totally mislaid, and be so a handful speak out against this out-
kind as to send us another copy? ragel We in Dominiea. tend to take
We and our readers are very much things as they are, and we should have
interested no regrets for any misery we find our-
oselves in.
COLIHAUT FAIR It seems that Pubiher Allfrey'
At their Feb.28th meeting, the It seems that Pubisher Alfreys
Colihaut Parish Committeetg decide two years of medical Studies at Oxford
to organise a Grand Fair for dente were not wasted. A pity he changed his
to organise a ndair forDelicienteous career When his pet eat ha difficulty
cost hMonday, May 31, Delicioups & giving birth, he delivered the kitten
dishes.tand snacks, raffles, dips & promised in advance to Fr.Alexander)
request programbes will boe offeredocciut osteriorwith his engineer's
sionsh vegtend oth pliers as forceps, saving the lives of
items on display. ALL ARE WVFLCOME. cat-mother and child.
I like to see e gp ace well lit up
Proceeds towards development of t night hthecm Garae' new
at night, And the Acm Garage' new
Parish. --- ,Ford sigh in. Cork 8tret is doing 3 .
MASS OPEN AIR RALLY smashing job. The sign comes on auto-
Chaired by Mr. R.E. Henry of Wes- matically and shuts itself off about
ley Village Council, nine groups of ten. Which brings me to
social workers (Wesley) took part doesn't seem to be a big thing here,but
on Sun.April 2.5. Ministers; of Ed- in all progressive countries, advertis-
ucation & Health, and Home Affairs,ing lights come on at night. Yet the
Village Council members and the people who have the means here are con-
Local Govt.Commissioner were there tent to light uD a measly two by four
Guest speaker was IS. J.Bernard window with one very cheap light bulb.
Yankey on "You and I in a Changing 1 remember these establishments as a
Society".Youth groups were promine young boy and they are still doing the
TECHNOSERVE THANKS K. CASPER same thing. At Christmas last year, I 2
A vote of thanks to Mr.Kenneth recall seeing a "big shot" store with
Casper for the work he did during a few lousy dresses and a lady's hat
a 3-month visit to Dominica was which looked like it could have served
moved by Technoserve Committee;Mrs a better purpose.
Casper also gave help to the Cath- rom Tarreau, the road to St.Joseph ,
olic Social Centre in its daily is a nightmare. I attempted to count the. -
activities. Mr. Casper completed a potholes but gave up after Mrs. Rama ,
feasibility study for juice & seg- and myself reached the figure 50. My
ment canning plant, which may in- new transport really toQk a beating. I
elude Parry Bellot & Co., Govern- am not from St. Joseph but I think the
ment and suppliers of citrus as, people there have legitimate gripes.
shareholders. He also worked on a. And thank yu, Rupert Sorhaindo,for
similar study for a poultry & liBDl-cming to the defense of the beseiged
stock feed mill, to use local coco rothers. It is good to know. that we
nut meal & lime skins mainly. In !aren' t all ungrateful. old S.M.A.
addition, he gave much aid to variesoy I salute all you Brothers, whether
Dominicans and the Depp.of A icult .ou come from Canada or not. And to
Technoserve is a non-profit service those who have other thoughts, may thde
whose local committee (.6) comprise le; o a thousand dogs make your
Sister AliciaMiss Y.C ols-Lartigu livet miserable.
.,-0,Sorhaindo,P.Nassitf,J.Barzey and C.Harris.

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