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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Friday, Apr* 23,1971

London Letter by Graham
It Wo as if Britain's application fmr COmasM
Market estry is slowing dow in pace. The tina fe
whichdi Mr Heathb. hoped for: a su a this
sumater, so that the Tory Party c: ece could
triumphantly endorse it, aad then the presentatiou
of the pgWotiatioas to Parliamiet for approval this
looks at the moment rar9er difficult to achieve.
.. Mr Heath has also dropped hints mi Germany
during his recent visit, and also in Lodtap thati
the prices too high then Britain will not ins
Doesithis price, West Indi s, icde 0ugaSO ?
For the two great exteral sumblin c b ks at the
threshold are the New Zealand question special
arrangements for the entry of b j butter, kmb adn
other dairy produce, as for a eay her entire
duction has been geared to the Uaited K d
mnarket.-and what is to be done atboa
u Francm has great agficulwral surpssit, and
her Britain s entry must carry the advl ae of a
market to absorb these products. (See p. 5)




A Tribute To The Christian
by Rupert Sorhaindo
Let me point out the tremedos atm i
that the Chrisdian Brothers of the Saint May's Aca-
demy have made to Dominica. During the
years since the teaching order arrived on the isla
they have provided literally thousands of Dominican
youth with a level of education that many would have
been denied otherwise. An impressive ambe of
S MA graduates have been awarded island and other
scholarships, and have continued to excel i Univw-
sities abroad.
The Brothers have made it possible for 40e
of Doxaiucans to receive awg aMe at &a
College in New York. The Dainic student hs
become a proud tradition of that college. Every year
for the pait six years or so,Dominican student there
have graduated with the disdnction of being named
to Who's Who Among Students in America Utiver-
siies mad Colleges. Some of the most respected
campus leaders have been SMA graduates. The aca-
demic performance of these graduates of SMA has
been remarkable, attestiMn to firm bacround th
they had received at the Ackaey.
ICG ontin vd am A v- fi



ThIe 1 ad tret Movemen
of Dominica pn"th My ca of-
ds atri d Stn ary's a Caemy
d at oseftw"e Do" s, for his
rce in the AOs M fre ncide
at Sir G cge .Wi s Universi.
ty two year ap. A report from
Moiartl rekeared tat Douglas
was handcuffed at. inter. a bct-
ween testimony and was kmt i
; oriat.
The three omarche had a
focal points the 2oy0* Bank of
CA=&d and St Mry's Academy
where CatiOn Broihers teach,
They emanated /from Romeau,
Widsor Park and Lindo Parik,



to fight


a better




Iamed bytheTTUC.

Tea Cents
, *, *" ** JL LL _


~c~ur, -- _-u~-U~p~I1J

-1 1~ -11 1 1 1. _ _ __ ___ __ .1,- -- - -IL

n~-aa~--- I-rur ~r --- -- ~ I---r

sawi a.t
M 9-wme h a N^
steas ca > ten^
Iof **tifil tlr ecost

Pa' w H TRFidy V,~i 91

The people of Goodwill are having a very nasty time indeed. And nasty,
literally. Because the frequency with which the water supply of this area
S I interrupted can only result in nastiness of all kinds. The inhabitants
must live in fear and dread of epidemics and when this occurs no one
should be surprised.
The Goodwill water supply seems to me to be an epitome of the gross
inefficiency which -is the hallmark of the present Government. You have
only to look around you --- the roads of Dominica; the insanitary con-
dition of the capital town until taken over by a new administration not
politically eqnnected with Government; the sense of "work" inculcated on
Government prq*jects; the types of laws, it passes, as for example, that on
the'control of fish which ups prices' of some varieties when reduction was
what was intended, ,
Coming back to the problem of Goodwill, it is years now since the sup-
ply has been satisfactory, and. nothing has been done to remedy the defects.
We have heard about the pump being defective' without any replacement beAng
effected, but the Government likes to boast that it is well in funds and
has. "the biggest budget ever". When we consider that the Roseau water
supply laid down nearly a hundred'years ago is far more dependable than
its Goodwill counterpart -- at least in regularity -- it is.difficult to
rsee why the Government cannot keep the people of Goodwill properly sup-
plied with this essential of life. The only explanation of the failure
to do so must be the inefficiency in administration which is. such' a char-
acteristic of this. Government. Dominica has known nothing as bad as this
in: the past and to persons believing in efficiency, the present system is
most irritating and frustrating.
In addition'-to their. miserable water problem due to poor management,
the people of Goodwill-:.1so suffer when. the general source of electric
power is interrupted, for the pumping of water to Goodwill depends on.the
electricity. Besides all this, the area, of course,dhare. ,in the other
hardships of living, so typical of present day Domini6a, such as bread
shortage, lack of fish, high.prices of essential commodities and all the
other ills to which, under the present Govdrnment, the.people of Dominica
are heir t^to
S(Noe. This was written before the. publication in' another local paper of
/ the trenchant views on the subject.)

S I was amused to read one particular sentence in the Government Release
denying the "Herald" story about the transfer of public .lnds to favour-
-' ite mercantile interests.
In seeking to justify its action, the Government tried to convey the
impression', that a United Nations Planning expert had indicated that an.
hotel in the Stock Farm area would have been in order. This statement may
or may not have been true. It is,, however, a clear attempt on the part
of Government to defend the indefensible, shelteringg behind the coat-tails
of expertise. Besides which the attempt is childish and silly. Apparently,
and. to judge by similar past Press Releases, 'there is a childish mind
cradled somewhere-in the-. present political corridors of power.
The fact (if it is indeed true, for we have learnt to discount Govern-
ment Releases) that an expert can say that an hotel in the Stock Farm area
would be in'order (1) does not imply that the facility should be put the
way particular favourite; (2) cannot be justification for turning
the lands in question away from the purpose for which they were origin-
ally acquired and a demand for. which use still exists; (3) certainly did
not set the preferential price at which the transaction isa.reported'to
'have taken place and (4) could hardly have suggested the hush-hush atmo-
sphere in which the negotiations were conducted and which only came into
the open through public disclosure of a related deal.
So, what on earth was the relevance of Government's bringing in the title
of a United Nations expert to its lame attempt at explanation and refutat-
ion of one of its. deals.-revealed to an irate public? (cont. on page four)



Friday, 23,April 1971'

f Pwae Two

,Friday, April 23, 1971 T H E S T A R Page Three
The XLeon's personal bodyguard,-the" t while r.aa Huffrs from Drip Dry
Hoiuohoeld Cavalry,havo moved ito new Pipes e -hRoo Iau are sufferhg from
qtirte r-s beside Hye6 Pri. T. 1T- a sore foet ahdT corhn I do not own a chr
30o- or6y tower co6aifiing f- ts, two so my poor feo v -to carry ra5~ouid
squashcourts on the op floo and town. -h;aQo."Publie FuHds6 ifi
marvellous views acres o n *:* a State ihr on as scarc St&t as ood
arvlousiews acr,-- on.- -- gold. ittl -"6on`othrown aimlesly '

LONDOIN LETTER by Gr6iaZi"Ir6rto b (p.1) about the 6troc6ts ill cause aIcionts, ,
.-... l, thoro id mo oeay athy with and. may 'ask-wh6ill pay th-ip'?
Fr hoa ovor hor butloor- hfai he o'more Certainly,"; 0 IiiTh. o responsibT'
d6ophit1hted, of-Brtihhliouiovwives Have you '~a i a thoe ang just t~ding
lobk' forward to sharihg in-the great and dozing, tihIr backs to the wall '
variety of delicious food produced by ro 2 r. aforoon. and 6veral.
the farmers -of France hours a dy? IW'aO criminal sh 3-,whoh
one thiris-of th bohditions at"TH]-Prin-
'Butnfow Franco h2i b6'un~to talk of cess Ighr'o6t 11ooital and Infirmairy...
hor "vocation sucrire"". TEis is taken Cofnratiilation, to the Princip-l. &
pot only 'to moan thifatFrc"nch farmers Staff oif ih 1.'I.A." for their _pring-
aic' t0 supply the 'v6gotabo and meat clean oithi6"lt dy"6f School. Lot's
of the new Europe, b'it t1iht F' nco is hopo'tha"The"'t 6thior"schools will'"T ll6w
to fill Europe's sugai b6wls ad well. suit. UnI0i6s oEdL-disciplino is int-iod-' .
Sorio of this sugar will ooerol ucod in.Thihs chotic community ofurs ,.
.DPe1-inic's' neighbourd"- 11 rtiiqiu'e .I fear bclorloh i w""imust use mines .
and Guadlobupb arc the oily-asiands in .for Staff,y-&ac thoe Handling of"Staff-iill/
th.e indwards after all 'hicl' now ox- be ipossbleo "Th buying & paying public
jort isugar. But mos-will obi"from are b6comrin._..awaro-of.. awful
the sugar boot fipllet of-Franco,.. dered. ........
..A.. the moment -~. jippo.i,;thI Ihav' aTriend in every busiinie ,
Brzitish Ms Iinistor c6Hi6uctin- t-hbnogot- place; At fthe Bak liiI had for Tho S3nioir
iati_6hs, and-his toci arc saying' to Staff, thof 'it"-I6ast do not give -yo t .o .
Franco ad her parinrbs -n. .th -Coimmon looks aiid th6 lasi'"of their tongu s. At
Market* 'that it is n61 for Britaih s the Storis, the- o'with.-the sail is
ow'ni selfish intoroe~i'-.thhAt dihwishos' always s'A,-Ht afe'L Lots hope tht .......
fobr sbchiaccommodati id niion the B6oss tl. ni6to and pay b iat igo .g
- for he bpocial iht io6-ts of the West to the mo- f -ploasant GCl~rks. Listoh to ,
Indicshand Noew Zeaodiid- -. ... the wdy Astaph.ans "lrks answer th6 tl-
The British po-itib6ih Thhat the ophono an approach you thdos diys ania
f & areas have beeo intim.tol.-on- take "a tip,.Confi&ra to their Staff HMan-
hdteoU with Britain for centuries.They agr. *** Adcb ..igosi
aro c~miocracies andbpart".o~ "ho est- (LOWDO.6 1 TTER^P .c'c6ntag6 offer" col "
ebrn irld To ruin-th6im -6I b Vnot' only be raiied.-*'T1iero ie, too, anoth-er o-. 6 ,-.
be unThir, it might"bo dis-asti-ous-both pensiveoway .6t, f.ofthe dilorima. ]iFiri .
as a .ig.' that the6 no' Eiiropne for sol- could,'still oiirinue.-to- iport'ribben" '
fisheohdi. was propare6d t"- licavof1iend- sugar, "paying". hEM ~boint ,tr.fonit, .'
ly bbuhrioes in the -urch, .n a lso it and also'it tIio.san" tiie contriu6-to *
iiould iieakconvthoe 'cs"nti. o'areasi the Coi-6ion'Tk6t'ar'i'cultural 'olicy" -
whiic"hre importaht";&'hni'6' -3y, .the which s.i6nust""'u K policy in cff' .
Pacific" nd': the Cari5b.cah. RocPht"dis- subsidisigi'Frh6icHsupgr producrsThis
tir5bances I the WHstB-Thdis, worire' not would"nibt'bo-pOptiila' with tho"Brii~"h .,
only'Ffancd',.but HdIllacnd t6 Mill has housewife, iwhQ hKa's-oie of the choeposti
bospnsiiBilities havbi- 'it3s kiid6o- sugar infi ThoEri-6 ITither'wbul it'bo '
oo6d-,"bohon-:useabEy .'ib'British tpn eloctotrlly"--sy. "i'Ustify.ITh E'Ousb
to uHderline their cae. of Qonid6nb--~te"MIHiters would bW'j r6a :rd
S-At .tho.. moment, it scans unlikoly at for sich6" .ell-but to thb Pr6nch..But .
that"Britiin will itrayK":ie Now Zea- it may o' th6e bly w~-y-out.unless a9.&I
lharbrsand .the,'os.t'Thaios"yT- total understadindngiith Franco can bb6 .aciovo.
s6ll-outt." 1What mn' iappo3j i-fiEat-the This is"not" t'hor"at"thoe onont,"b1tiu-tii st
6thoi'point of didsa 6doeoia, the Brit- be worked fobr."Uilc(ss'acordidal-wirkiig' i
i cli coatribution tbo "l;o uctt of tE. relationship iftIhFr Pino is ostablisclibeA,"
Iiro.tV ihich ECM"nM'ib6b-ratir hiighor now an. oi-.hifu.h'. the dCmbo...,r'.kot
thTn.iBrihtain is-at 'isezoit Wiilling to 'will be a. .bod. of nails, for Bri.tain;.
offc-j bmy -be brought ihto the picture. TO A SL i: Your colim o ao
In- reurnTfor concossi6n for the two alas oo6- I.e-oTo inclusion this-E-*" "i
Commonwcalth producers, .the British Double space next issuo...? Editor.

Page Four THE STAR Friday April 23, 1971 '
AFTER SIX MONTHS by Androcles (from page two)
It is significant that whenever this Government takes to Press Releases
to deny newspaper reports about its activities, it always comes out
second best. .

The opposition Freedom Party held an enthusiastic and largely-attended
political meeting last Thursday night. It was reminiscent of the meetings
which preceded the General Election.
The mood of the meeting was militancy, a theme which ran through every
single speech. Speeches were of a very high order and the large crowd
certainly caught the spirit.
The remarkable thing is that less than six months after its. resounding
victory at .the polls, the Government formed pf the successful.Party has
already fallen so low in public esteem. One peculiar, phenomenon is the
readiness, in fact, anxiety, of persons who supported it at the polls to
convey the impression that they did not vote for the Labour/Leblanc
Party. Disillusuoned, ashamed and disappointed, voters for the victorious
Party cannot face people on the other side who had warned of the conseq-
uences, Six months after a General. Election, one gets the feeling that if
a. snap General Election took place now, Labour would be out, always pro-
vided that Government revenue was not perverted away from its proper use
into election uses.
What has brought about such speedy disillusionment? There are a number
causes in events which took place so fast since, last October as to leave
one giddy:
(a.) Increase in taxes, which in turn..increased the cost-of-living.
(b) The. large-scale emergence of most-favoured treatment to adherents
-- gros. bourgs and petits bourgs alike.
( ) Startling increase of emoluments given by Ministers to themselves.
d) Continued and increasing unemployment, particularly among young
(e) Clearer evidence of the -build-up of a Police state with'-State
resources largely orientated towards this end.
(f) Further breakdown of certain social services -- conditions at
the hospitals; water supplies', etc.
(g) A beTated recognition of the part played or failed to be played
by Government in bringing about the present condition of the
banana industry,
This is a.formidable list of charges for only six months of office,
but the present mood of the population is markedly one of impatience
bordering on exasperation, which is not one bit relieved by the Govern-
ments Press Releases.
Dear Editor,:,. On a visit of just over 2 days
I was horrified to hear the. for "orientation" Sir Fred Phil-
B.B.C. announce yesterday (at,1.45pm lips-CVO, Special Representative of
and 7.45pm) that India had played Cable & Wireless (WI)Ltd., in whose
The Combined Islands at Ros-eau (pro- honour a reception was Mr.
bounced Rosso) in the Dominican Re- & Mrs. M.L. Wright on Monday .last.
publiquel I would like you to write He was thus able to meet many old.
and correct them and tell them that friends again, including H.E., the
in future they should get accurate Governor. Sir Fred was in the Fed-
information. By the way, a man we eral Ministry of Finance and later
know has'been a professor at a col- became Governor of St. Kitts.**Chiwf
lege in San Domingo for sometime .. Guest at a Dominica Marketing. Board
through UNESCO and he says that the reception on Weds. was Mr. Peter
Republic has put all-'alien-professors Renwick. The Board is promoting a
out. Our friend is now in hAmcrica. refrigerated shipping service from
:CRICKET VETERAN, Grenada Dominica to the US Virgin Islands.,
to transport fresh fruit and vege-
April 13, 1971 :tables, bringing back fresh fish.*
Editpr'p note: We'll send the BBC a copy of this issue, duly marked.

Friday Apr_ 23, 1971

THE STAR Pa y Five

Do You Know What You Ought
To Do To-Night?
Y=a Ought toSir Down At A Table


And Treat Yoirself To A Half Pound




With Al The Trimmings
Which Go With A Fine Steak

Yes, That's What tbu Ought To Do Tonight!


SStedi Band Music Will Be Provided
813 -y
873 (i




-The undermentioned person has been granted
a Certificate of Naturalization under the British
Nationality Act, 1948, and the Oath of Allegiance
was duly taken by him and registered.

Wagih Abraham

File No. H10/41/39
fSth AprI,. 197W1.

sPermanent Secretary,
Ministry of Home Affairs.

G.63.866-1'1 I

Domhnica Pensioners' Association


ROSEAU TOWN COUNCIL pensioners are
hereby notified that the Dominica Pensioners' Associ-
ation has been informed ly the Exetutive Officer of
the R.T.C. to the effect that all .pensioners of the
R.T.C. have been paid increases in accordance with
the Revised Rate recomnim ded by Government.*
87.7 ,.


Feature for feature the HERMES 300C is the most somnisticate Dportable typewriter on the market IERMES
today. It is designed tor office use. too with mAnry leaiures common to office machines but seldom S
.found in portables.
Nothing lightens the wOrK load Jike a .HE9MEYS 3000 With feather light touch rugged reliability and .
high speed typing capabilities. the HERMES 3000 is constierec by many tc be the finest portable
j typewriter in the world



L ~




~~~~- ~ -~--

.i.. ... -






r .Page Six THE STAR Friday, April 23,1971 .

Love Story THE RENDEZVOUS by RAMA -. .
It was their first real get-together. It was Easter Monday: .andthe
Parish Hall was packed to capacity. Giggling girls and boisterous young
S men were all doing their thing. Thed air was heavy with the smell of
sweat. A very.young couple stood at each length of the dance hall and
romantically eyed each other.- Their eyes were filled with anticipation.
They had both been longing for that moment. They wanted so much to be
close. They were both fifteen ald in school.. She attended Girls High and
he was in his lst year at Vocational School. Darlene was the only daugh-
ter of prominent social-folk. She was accustomed to the better,:things; of
life. Her home was in the swank section of Gioodwill. The family's car
was an expensive continental import. It was expected that Darlene would
/ remain socially in like conditions, when she married. Her mother contin-
ually reminded her of a vague and outmoded social code. Appearances had
to be kept up,
and they were permanently at the .zero end of society's yardstick. They
could never know each other; but Cupid. sometimes' blindly lets loose his
arrows and fate chips in with a convenient situation.
Once ruffians had been giving Darlene a- hard time on her' way home
from school. Her books had been knocked down from her hands and she was
in tears. He saw the mischief that was going on and came to the rescue.
Chivalry is n9t deadly John gallantly picked up. the books -from the gutter
and wiped the mud off on his best khaki pants,
She thanked him without-;even looking/at his: face. She was seared she
would be seen in the company of a socially inferior boy. Darlene was well
aware that behind many a lialf-opened jalousie were eyes which always gave
the wrong meaning to things. .lTose frustrated old ladies had sharj
tgngues. She hoped he would understand.
In the months that followed, they saw each other quite regularly, .. .
John was..always at, of Virgin Lane and Queen Mary Street, on -,
the crest of the hill. 'Soon there was an occasional nod from Dalene,and
John would answer with a nervous grin. The icy taboo was thawing. One da
John boldly addressed her by her first name. There was no hesitation in
the answer. But relationships like that usually suffer a premature d.eath.

It was the note that made the difference. Darlene Was learning to be
conspiratorial, On her way home one afternoon, she spied John at his
usual corner; when she was quite close to him, she pretended to stumble
and purposely dropped some bobks;. Without hesitation, John was at her
side. He handed her a book, and something was, pressed into his palm. He
held on tightly to the neatly/folded piece of' paper. Darlene continued
on her way.
John's heart was throbbing with excitement. He had made the first
move, but in the second Darlene had sensed his hesitancy. She had done 'it
i" for him. Instinctively, he held the piece of paper to his nose; there was
a lingering scent of perfume. John almost tore the letter in his frantic
attempt to open it. In her letter Darlene said. that she was in love With'
him and that they had to be very careful how they communicated. She aug-
gested continuing the. 'book-dropping' method for future communications.
Whistling his way down the hill, John stopped to buy, some "farine cocoo" .
And whcmshould he meet buying "unbreakable" but his sweetheart Darlenel -
While Ma Peters was making change,-John nervously extended his hand to'
Darlene. She took it in hers and squeezed. She whispered: "We can meet at
the Easter Monday dance. People won't suspect. Only our hearts will know,"
Their attempted fast kise was ruined by the reappearanoe of Ma Peters.
On."DB" day John bathed Tnder Bowe,. He scrubbed so hard that his
black skin glowed amethyst. Just in case, he sprinkled himself liberally
with Alcolado. He was to wear his new bell-bottom,, aee-thru shirt.Darlene
too had been doing some primping. In a revealing mini and n':olgnge col-
oured ruffled blouse, Darlene was a femme fatale.. (Cocludd' on Page' 8)'

.-- .I-- --.-..--...-.--.------- r~~aorsS onrcvirur lrrrur I-l -ru~, ~-r

Al Akong, un jeune artiste trinidadien

Un amour passionnd pour le dessin

et la France


April 23,


?- *--' -.
-4 -
.'.. t t *~ ~-

'A *~'..<
ti~:t -4r
rsr,.41 ~


La M&rtiil ue adetous deplrt, pour nom montmrer
tesps diat ae consa qa~~1 q et les d Scraper BO-
ptu be. d flesdeIs Cartibe squi!ses m et t* M*cr. per Bo-
N ew *lein ren. pArtetrar' ardA qu'hit sh r anlis dan son
es qui sament y pa des sourr deas mntre le
rtamaisa maT faeent p&,r
ies A ntilait eax-mm. Lrea Scraper Boardr. ?

Pi're qu'dee art aocutmlante
at surtout parequ'eileofreune
grande dans- sif
pays asg dleasts-.usala rovi-
ptyaag c~e pret su In p wogra-
* ton vM t pauotis e loin
pour recu~ehr dam leJs rmornes
du =ord, on sur 'ts pla esdu
"ad Is Al at W couleare
Cun tsableau oalus *itnents
Janch. dm.
De.Trirdd pr ex.eample.
caa e v Jatne oaane dePoet
of Spaln qui, croqus a dw4d'
,us le- brns e.venau peassa l
knrw we-ek d de Pquem a la
Martiaque '
De Grand Rivibre a Saiounte-
Luce, du Lorrani A Ca -Pflote
ii & illoramt noe liHe de oglo en
1SWBe pendant quatre wrs&
a'&rrta&t quelqus iawtaft C
at la pour Jeter sur le paer Ws
bame d'a hbiale ot a une
squarieB qu'll et4evers a son
retour a Traidad.
Al Akong, c'est An noa., st
venu a nJom nal, peu v uat on

Ce sont-nousa r&vtei Al
*ikoa darto s a rk Cmuvets
d'tuma e ge see? r e oaB -0 de pbhat-
que. A l'alde d'lnstru.ments
poatus et transxtn. I'artiat*
dolt gratter k sutrfetdu scra-
per board iLai snt i at.a-
.reltre un deos inen tgatt ifdu
* plm bel efit
Mats s'.i at pa emt par le
dwt:A Ak Aong eat asa par *
Ia France. ea culture et sa l n-
A Trinidakd aot U ew mtcrnt-
dcan A la Catrale .Electr4ue.
Al Akoug eeat #ye lsidu des
ensrs de PAhliance Franc*isw
In .suit ies court de Francas8
depui maitanaat dots a=0 a
raeeon de troue hetres par ws
mamne. E e'tst dam2. an Fran- -
Casw ma !bl fort correct qa't
cous a dit Isa .uiqu'it *vait
4pnxaVW a vuiterajotaele,Aboi-
se d ,fue defruim, se pArme-
neederlha cipa*e Safoartant
A retuver cad awol Mmer Lu-
se quI h Wa U rvi de cesrom
pendant son eva"ur A Is Martl-

Av'nt dnoe.quittenAl '
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14 AVII,. 197



by AlkAmin




.+- ,' .

la peinture .

I i

'I *- |T

Page Eight I THE STAR Friday, April 23, 1971
by Rupert Sorhanido B. Sc. fr. (from nage six)
At a timb when others seek to John had no defences. The Rhythm
discredit or minimize the contrib-Stars opened up with an explosive gay
utions made by the clergy, it is piece. He dashed across the hall to
cumbent upon' those of us who have
cumbent uponthose of us who hav where Darlene was.gracefully waiting.
been the direct beneficiaries to He almost knocked down a couple. He
expose the patent bias of the crit quickly apologised; holding arlene in
ics. Ak Lobactive about his sonbit of his arms, he felt for the very first
Ask Active about the only bit of time a closeness, he had never exper-
real educatis n he ever got. ienced. He tightened his hand around
It is no too long ago that ouher slim waist. Darlene was his, even ift
government officials or rulers made moment. To them it was
h" dsht ttnt only for that moment. To them it was
uncharitable a:d dishonest.statementslike eternity. Then they moved their
about the Qhilrch at a public. meet-. H
about the Chw rh at a public ce young bodies to the tune of Ravcn
ing. It was: pated of the clergy: What a wonderful time: They didn't
"They are blOodsuckers The eveai care about onlookers, they danced
which followed that irrespondibte every number together. Let the news
utterance arp of considerable sig- spread. Their hearts were free at last.
nificance, since they reveal some" They would continue to see each other
thing about the motives of two if only on the ide. That promise had
particular 'Jeading' Ministers. ealed by
A few months ago, the Govern- been sealed by long kiss.
ment seemed adamant in its refusal TRIBUTE TO CHRISTIAN BROTHERS :
to provide a ditional aid to the Wio So6ubA os ML our schools.There
Academy and Vonvent Schools. It could well be conditions under which
took the throat of a concerted te- some form of qGvernment control should
cher-parent strike and the consid- be exercised over all our schools. I
eration of votes in-an impending believe strongly that the Canadian.
election to. opce the authorities model of Church-State co-operation in
*into a more, olerant .though in- education would serve Dominica admir-
,adequate: seti elment of the finian- ably. But judging by the mess that has
cial support' of the parochial schools been made of our Primary school sys-
I rememb r very clearly howr a tem, and the devastating effect of
few months a&op a civil servant politics on the effectiveness of the
(now a permalelfi ecr tary) tried Dominica Grammar School, 1 do not
to exhort "tho Convent High School think that we have the leadership in
teachers o- blaim exploitation by Government to justify a major reform
their employer. .Hewas answered by in school control at present.
a very st~oi sand by those teaah- It is significant that close to
e nst -tt g~e t Siemsa 100% of Dominioan(S.ML.A.) graduates
had absolutely no knowledge of the of lona go on to 4o graduate studies
conditions .under which they worked at other universities after winning
It is. my opinion that tha';Gq- various scholarships; on a competitive
mw"n was merely trying to under- basis with American students. Of their
mine the con*endable-. efforts of number, one earned an M.D. degree at
- the Sisters dedicated to the educ- Louvain University in Belgium. Three
ation of our youth; a move that- or four have earned PhD. degrees in
leads-one t0 wonder what the;ulti-French, Psychology or History. At the
mate motive was. I; have been ob&- moment, several are pursuing the doc-
erving the "pcene" for a long time,torate in Canadian and U.S.Universitiea
and I have perceived that certain live or six have completed the Master's
elements .in* the Government gre degree, and another four or five are
bent upon a Government take-over of well on the way towards that achieve-
the parochial schools. Recognizing ment. All of thi4 year's crop of grad-
the focal point of our schools in uates have been awarded scholarships
influencing people, it is rather to further their education.
obvious why some seek to destroy Amidst all this impressive roll-
the image of the C.H.S. or even of call, a sad thought comes to mind.
the S.M.A, Only two of these graduates have re-
Once again, it is Aal the in- turned to Dominica. And of these two,
teres'ts of the Dominican people ihat One made his return through Trinidad.:
spur our politicians on to decide (Concluded on p. 12)

UrF.-~ . . -~'

Piy 23- wTHE STAR ?ag, Nant.


Old picture postcards

Dominica and Envelopes used

before 1960 wanted for

At least 25c.


paid for each

item ,plus your postage to me.




age-s___ _______

Dom~kica Banana Growers


Banan Growers are notified that the Gr"a
Boat Price ha imreasied by oae uait fro 65,o.
to 69.o.. wih effect from i2th April, s971. The
price ~ayable to growers at Reception Staians in-
4cuive of the Summer incentive Price Should be
4.6c. per lb. However, in accordance with as arran-
gement between Wminban ad the Purchaaing; Com-
piay it has been agreed that the Cmpany will rew-
ver an amount of .Soe. per lb on acmmot of caat-r-
cmaldelsho qand ify forn the Incie pce dswt
igthe pe i aduafyto March, r 7i. I
The prices paymble to growers as from ri xth
Aprg 1971 and until further notice wi tixerae
bes a k s:-
At Reception Sttdo-- 4.I1. pr .
At BUying Pomts a- 3.30. Per lb.
Gxowmrs who qualify for the lncetive Bonus wa
ecdive a additional .50. pr Ib&

A. D. 80TD
Qcswral Mis

Well, you will want to look
beautiful: your hair is
most important, of course -


Yes arc sure tc- leave

lokmkig your beat,
Hair Treatment,


Styling, Stiaightening, Wash

& Set, Conditioning, Pressing,
Perming, etc.
All 1Done at Reasonable Prices.

Riag 2350 for Ap~oiatment
^.ANN'S BEAUTY SALON, 15 Hwover St_ _

WVi be Hoding their ias

At the Goodwill Parish Hall
under the distinguished patronage of hil Exced-
kecy the Govarnor & Lady Cools-Lartigue,
Saturday 24th AprW, Commencing at o0p -M

I Wsp



A .NoI
We're Moving
Christian Literature Centre,
ow located at 14 Hanover Street, oppoaitdtree f

Banana Assoc. will be movie.
We look forward to serving you in our nmw kxa
tion as from:


Friday, April 23rd. 1971
36A Great Marlborough Seusot
Rosau tOpposite Cra4f Union)

.--311C~-r --~-111



~"~B~*D"ru"~~~~~~~~~"~~-~l-~-"^Y-"- ~-rWnu~-unDo~--*r~ro~-purr~souuPuP-- ---~oo-~--rCIQ ~


a~.r a ---- urc~pla~a~--~lra~s~lrp.rr~-c----lmrp

- `

MMAaim K-imM a u W a a '

23, n_9~r

Peg* init.


I"a Apwrl, s9


I' B


CAR NO. 1599

Phone 2592,


for the


Gets the Job


lmem Woodpecker
iwr from the heort
of Enuglanud


& CO. LTD.

1 b .- >t/


Friday, April 23 ,7



A Wide Range of
Mirrors, Shower Curtains, etc.
Also '






A unique address on the good
works done by the Roiman Cath-
olic Church for the ,.people of
Dominica over the yeas will be
delivered by Mr Loftus. Roberts
V.Sc. To a Holy Name gather-
ing after Mass in Castle Bruce
pn Sundjv 25th.
Duvalier Dead
The tyrant President of Haiti,
died in his Palace on Thursday.
Recently he named his son Jean-
Claude as successor.

"He noticed my nw dress and hairdo! He said I
spent more time- on my appearance than
I did on my work."



_ ~ ~_ _I _ 1__IC I

-rw I ~I ----- IUL--~ I~



T.HESA ....Page;'Eleven"i .

Applications; are invited from' suitably qualified persons fpr the
post of-Agricultural Economist in the Trade and Integration Division of
.the Commonwealth Caribbean Regional Secretariat, Georgetown, Guyana.
The duties: of the; post are:
(i) To work, under the directioenof the Chief, Economic and Statistical
Section of the Trade and. Integration' Division on the Agricultural Dev-
elopment aspects of Caribbean economic integration, particularly on the
Rationalisation of Agriculture in the Region;.
(ii) To undertake. such work in the field of Agricultural Economics as.
the -Chief of the Economic and-Statistical Section may specify.
OQuali fi atione. The qualifications for the post are:
(i)"A good Honours' Econ mics specialisingg in Agriaultural
Economics.)*, or in Agriculture '( Agricultural'Economics ..
or a good Honours Degree in General Economics, with subsequent post-
graduate specialisation in Agricultural Economics;
(ii) At least four,' (4) years' experiencee in Applied Research oir Policy
Advisory Activity relating to Caribbean Agricultural Economics.
Salary and Allowances;
The salary of the post is W.I. g90,800 x $600 $13,200 per. annum with
a Housing Allowance of W.I.-3,000 per annum. For persons recruited outside
of Guyana, an initial Disturbance Grant s given at the following rates:
W.I.. '480 for an individual officer;
W.I. : 400 2 &a wife; '
W.I. '200 for each child over 12 years;
W.I. I'00 for each child 5-11 years.

General information and conditions: -
(i) A. scheme of Superannuation benefits is shortly to be initiated for
Members of the St;,ff of the Secretariat.
(ii),Appointments will 'be subject to physical fitness and to any rules,
regulations, orders or instructions which may from time to time be .
instituted in respect of service with the. Commonwealth Regional Sec-
(iii) Secretariat"'Staff will not be required to pay income tax to the
Government of Guyana.
(iv) Passages will be. paid from the' place of recruitment .to Guyana
for the officer, his wife and ch'ildr6enup to a limit of sev'e.(7).
(v) Baggage allowance, will also be paid u4p to a limit of 5 shipping
tons (200 cu. ft.-). .
Method of Application
Applications should be sent direct' t6"the Secretary-General, Commonwealth
Caribbean Regional Secretariat,' 35rd Floor, Bank- of Guyana IBl.dg., Georgetown,
Guyana,. and should reach him hot;later than May 7 1971o Applicants should
state -the earliest date at which they would be, able to assume duties.

It is suggested that, where applicants are employed in the.-public -.-. .
sector, they should copy applications to their Governments. Applications
should be accompanied by a curriculUA vitae and should give. the names of
two persons to whom reference may be made, if necessary.

P.S.C. 4/20
15th April, 1971.
G.62, 865-1/1

. .. .. ; . . .* ,', .

." ,

4jZi CO Y9S 9 P- -L -JL-- ....... ... ----- -
C3 ,z I ,r~ .. TH STAR j n ,

... :.THE

*~,.~1- 04 1Qr71

-Page. Twelve T H E S T AR Friday, April 23, 1971'
"**** ,S*T*A-*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* ***** N 0 T I C E
India's First. Evor..2cs.t in v. I P 0 S T" 0 F FOR ES T C ADE T
The Fifth Tcst- bcch-thc forth. Appliations are invited for the
draw15f th-o sorieo a s i'- liars post of Foreat Cadet in the Division
1'f- bUrd 1T5 iinutcsToor'the West of Forestry,Ministry of Agriculture,
Thaios to scoroS2620toi'ini'-o the last lands & Co-operatives, Dominica.
*ay,"Ahd thht wa.-tho_- t-li6 Indians _: Applicants should be between
.Iciiiched the series; reti ,"i n0bly, the ages of 18 and 25 years.
on,'thKit single- win. "I I -thliTfield the Qualifications:0 Applicants should
tistbr'woro we .quic~k;, wih"goqod anti- be in possession of the General
icpition, a-ccurate h6'ir i btit -only Certificate of Education with passs
fair 'catching. ToEi* -owlinigiwas never at "0'" Level in four subjects, in-
poeintrativo but lay'ftigE.c' Batting eluding English,Mathematics and one
rs"'very- 'play 'saf' aT -ie four Science subject. A pass at Advanced
drawse iids indicative-ift -T aiilliness Level in a Science subject would
of a"great deal of thl"cickiiEt. be an advantage.
Oh Monday India 6toi sartinig at Salary: Salary will be according to
324 for 4- with GavathaF'boi 130. Ho"e qualification in the scale:
olnt onto score 220,"ahicf with a 1st 1680 x 120 240 x 180 3300x240
inning score of, 127 TJoc6ifc the second 5780,
player to sc6or a' coitury'and a double The successful candidate will be att-
in the sano Tost nat'ch ('1oou' Waltdrs ached as aan apprentice to the Divisian
was the first 242'& 103 v. WVindies of Forestry and will be expected to
at Sydney 1965-9-'.--. pursue the practical and theoretical
The Indians fini'i score of 427 was. training, conducted by the Division.
a cortain drani .("pilay to wtin,"not for During the period of apprenticeship
thicigane, boys")-and~ ho'"262 i4ould the ability of the Cadet to pursue
Hliave boon 6asy Toa-3 r .0.T6st Thdies further professional or technical ,
orin against thosee accurate. lndian spin studies in this field at a recognized
Dotwling. However "the tUI.'aiaVeri had training institution will be assessed.,
Ca go boeauseUo-sTd Indi- a siust ooy Applications stating age,qualific-
thoir cricket *-Yaand o6i lo'it four ation.;etc., should be addressed to--the
wiickots for only 50 witli grcat Gary Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agrio-
bac.-'- in the pavilion Tfor" a-uck: Lloyd ulture,Lands & Co-operatives,and sho0u1
kept at it with"'Fos eV iving good reach him not later than 3rd May,1971,
support until! s'u-r risod7-byU''quick JOFFRE J. ROBINSON
throbiin- -by- Sardosai -Uruii' oit."Lloyd Permanent Secretary
scored 64 until-hof'cnt"'tohA brilliant Ministry of Agriculture,Lands and
catch by Wakdeoka ff 'VVo.1it.' Then the Ref: Co-operatives.
tr.'i. had to defoiid o.n"bcp to draw ALC.12/126,G.61,
aihd Lewis and Dowe. sa thlie clbse out 864-1/2. 14th April, 1971.
-tt 165 Xor 8. Fiix1r~coros: -India 526
and 427; West Iridl 526 165 for 8. TRIBUTE TO THE CHRISTIAN BROTHERS fom
SIn the middle. of, le i atch, news pages 1 & 8 by Rupert 3orhaindo.
r-s roceivod thht-both ob1drs and Bedi There he taught at a Secondary
haThbecone fathers of boy;, both their school, having been refused employment
.first. Both wives boei Au-tralian in Dominica again, the result ,of a.
Prhdoence BSobors n~oo 'irby"of Adelaide political decision.
and Mrs Bedi fror l'obobri'o. Sobers' -Some months ago, the Government
boy' uas born in' 1btt3ihdfhad so could claimed that it was initiating a drive
play either for 'Englanldor Uest IndiostO encourage qualified Dominicans aboad
The Bedi boy was born ~1- Ieowi Dbelhi, to return to Dominica. I have yet to
Congratulations both.' hear one of the Dominicans, here admit
_:_______________________ that he has. been a subject of thatdrive.
It '-sems obvious that this "drive" is directed only towards partisans of'
Labour Party's policies. In spite of my expressed interest to return to
Dominica to teach and research, I was surprised to learn of the opening
of the U.W.I. Centre in Roseau weeks after the event- through the STAR.
Discerning readers may draw a conclusion. The contributions of SMA
elaborated -in this issue are by no means exhaustive.. I will leave it up
to other beneficiaries to complete the review. R.S.,New Jersey,April l39g,
Printed & Published by the Proprietor Robert E. Allfrey of the Mill'House
Copt Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica West Indies.

Supplement H E S TAR .Friday April 23, 1971
PUBLICATION DATE: We have been East Caribbean Currency Authority:
experimenting in bringing out the Mr. Jenner B. Armour, who served
STAR by early Friday morning.This for 3 years as. a Director nominated
change has been pushed on us, more by Dominica, has been succeeded by
or less, by Government's new 5-day St. Vincent barrister Mr. A.F.
week and the Post Office's reluct- Williams.
ance to handle a big stack of news- PORTSMOUTH: The lively Freedom
papers on Saturday when' all their Party branch there has discussed
colleagues: are holidaying. If the again Land & House Tax protests,and
new date becomes a fixture, we the possibility of a demonstration
will notify you all. Meanwhile,may to the District Magistrate if per-
we appeal for earlier delivery of mission is forthcoming. .,
all matters for publication, and British Teachers: two out of nine
especially of advertising material, who are heading for the East Carib-
Our overseas readers may gain by bean to help run training courses
the earlier publication, if their will come to Dominica. The British
papers are dealt with by the P.O. Govt. pays their travel costs and
on Friday. It is our intention to tutorial expenses; accommodation &
insert a Supplement of late and local transport fall to our Govt.
local news whenever matters of gen- Local Govt. Seminar 1 week: A
eral or particular interest have choral recital to entertain the
been squeezed out in the rush to participants was given at Goodwill
go to Press early. J.H.S. auditorium on April 21."Party
politics and Local Govt" was one
DOM IN ICA NE W S of the topics, and there will be Mn
Radio Dominica. with its 10 kilo- evaluation and certificates at close,
watts of power and studio in Victoria .Pa. -ne Treth.^-o at e r
Street, is now in its their pha Rally: r. ernard orhaino oke
'the installation of transmitter .. B ,
+on this important toDic to theSta el
and. studio equipment. When this; is
done Radio Dominica will operate wide gathering of teachers who de-
on 590 Kilohert, medium wave band, bated Dominica' s educational system
Swve at Goodwill Parish Hall& Minister HL -
Caribbean Broadcasting Union is Christian, once a headteacher, gave
trying to bring WI. people closer a well-received address. He! proposed
together a nd will send a team here a "school of the year" competition
for one week from May 5, during with trophy and cash award.
which they will interview a lot of Laundry Press Gift to P.M.H. : Mrs.
interesting persons. Hugh White, proprietor of a cleaning
Survey seam on Youth Emnloyment establishment and wife of Insurance
Trailing held a workshop at Good- man President of the LeBlanc Party,
will Junior H.S, on 19th April.The gave a.laundry press for use at PMH
question of training for early on April 22. Thanks were extended by
school leaves was discussed by the Minister of Health and the Board
40 youth leaders and some officials.of Visitors. The gift will ease the
Consultant was visiting expert (at manual work of laundry employees.
one time with the U.N.) Mr. Vin Mariaot Branch Library: Mrs. W.S.
Lawrence of the Jamaica Youth Dev- Stevens opened this new library on
elopment Agency. April 21. The Marigot people are to
VISITORS: Dr. Jams M. Liston,Chief be applauded for their efforts to
Medical Adviser to the U.K. Over- get such a library going in a dis-
seas Dev. Admin., visited Dominica's strict where the standard of literAcy
medical institutions and held talks is high.
with the C.M.O.; Health Minister Caribbean Development Bank: EC 20 m.
& his Perm Sec. on medical buildings was loaned to the Bank in December
and provision of Doctors. Mr. A. by the U.S. Government. Minister
Aidenhoff, Deputy Director of U.N. Armour & Fin.Sec.Sorhaindo are in
Statistical Office, New York, came Antigua for the 1st AGM of the Board
in on April 19 for 3 weeks to ad- of Gcvernors; budgets & annual report.
vise on statistical work now being PORTSIOUTH: DAWU will celebrate May
dope by Govt.Planning Division. Uniaons y ~~A,ihoping for other
-Panniiiio. UiLoson,

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