Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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Mrs< Jane Lowenthal, M
Research Institute for.
the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
yew York 10021, N.Y.3
Us S & "t~r (London) Ltd.
SOS/5^fresbury Ave, W. I.
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' -* ^, 'L- 1 -- -- -


0!R -1, N. Y.,

'JUN~ 7

7ootamp (W~ p. 6

Friday, Apri

16, 1971

We reprint below an Important letter directed by the
Demitcas Tourist Board to the Minister of Trade & Indagl t
Dear Sir,
At its last meeting the Board discussed in detail So -
the question of a Dominica National Park p
cular noe was aken of the publication by
National Conseriition Foundation, "Dominica a
Chance for a Choice". i'

Members of the Board were in unasnimous
agreement in their resolution, to support and: stro-
ngly urge Government to take action on the re-
commendations in the publication without delay
Application for assistance can then be made' to
the various organizations which all appear willing
to assist Dominica in the formation and adminis-
tratiqn of his Park.

The Board feds very strongly that the eta.
blishment of a Dominica National Park would: .

i) Guarantee, by proper and permanent legisla-
tioa, that the prime tourist attractions of the is-
- land, that is to say the forests and rivers, will be
Protected for years to come,
a) Ensure that by the formation of such a Park,
the "commercialization" found on other is-
lands will be kept to a minimum
3) Attract the type of tourist who is extremely
appreciative of the island and its people,
4) Attract a great deal of publicity from writers,
scientists,, naturalists, botanists, ect by en-
Shancing the island's "different" status.

But, most important, it would be of great
benefit to the people of Dominica, especially for
future generations, in that the legislation would
provide recreational areas for Domiinicaas, en-
courage interest in natural studies of the island,
protect water supplies and electric power sources,
and, through an increased tourist industry, cre-
ate many new employment opp3rtuanities.

The ]Board urges Government to seriously con-
sider these recommendations, and to take the ne-
cessazy action as soon as possible.
Yours truly,

F. A. Baron,'
Dominica Tourist Board

1. Akatn

Ten Cents


Two fishermen from Bat:
were drowned and one was savedci
after their boat capsized in a huge
wave off Marie Galante last
weekend. The boat sank imcmedi-
ately, weighted down by the 6 h,
p. outboard ani three mrn hun?
on to the floating oars and fishing
tackle, swimming towards Les
Saintes. Edward .Benjamin dis-
appeared during the long swim
on Saturday night and the other
1two, Rudolph Joseph and Porte:.
Bruney, fearing the rocky coast
of Les Saintes, turned round and
swam towardsVieille Case. Joseph
arrived at VieilBe Case ground
noon on Sunday but Bruney was
missing, and a search party found
no trace of the two lost fisher-
men. Jdseph was given first aid
at the Police Statidn and recover-
ed from hisbrdeaM
ee, map of Carib Reserwve p. 9)

(S. Zmae p. 10)


this wek.

well-known columnist is taking a long-
week's rest from his two-page spread
He will return to our columns next

Deprived of Vote ?

As ; result of its growing unpopularity, the/
Governic has become afraid of the electorate
and has refused to announce i date of the
sections which everybody is anxiously waiting to
hear. It has further created a situation where
citizens- are denied their right tp vote and it
seems ready to intimidate those Wiho attempt to
assert their constitutional privilege to participate in
this exercise. Continued on page 2

Vol. XII No. 16

- ---- --


-- --



riWay. April 16 19?,



. 9f penmap who flocked to the various
places Am eeik to p beo e Regis-
/ nation Ofcars in a to Fct their waras on
ae fists of voters. the swelter beat of
the sun they witdW ftor their names to be cal ;
then went on by ea determined to prove they
ere legitimate voters.) Deep feelings of india-
lima pervaded fte mifd of those persons Wrse
c oanm o her owon behalf and that of their
mifdiaes abroad wer. flatly refused.
St. Kitts is movin into the most keenly con-
tested election in 49 history and the Government
mfearul of osig pwe r seems to be putting
stumblng ks n te way of the who.
are caouringf ag of adersp. It also
seoms that the soviug I deliberately sup.
th wil the peop without caring, so
as its own goistic political ideologies are
Mrt fid. ." *.' ;'. ** ***'

Beware the creeping
Di ctatorhipl

For too lo we have itn almost eVery la, whick
lirstd to the members of they employ as a form of
the labour ~ j tenm nm pe"as4 o aa
ttf made o
tha te v md to By House of Aameibbv a<
thattbe ia V Political their politi..aL pi.a"m
iOpgDtima but only a with a Vww to ptib
"4S9uimde pOP who are Oppositkw
" o ti people". The cotaird *t*ta
I e Mc o an mi 1967, the deteln, t.
leveed in ca tempit to potical taual, police
try and oovince the p 'bhc harrase the weatim
that al ageda by the la- ad retetim of *a Sruy
Ibou Io t are in the with on of the desbaea
bedt x ithe people", weapons the Pubik Ordar

Over the yea We. have taken note of the an c
behaviour of the .ov.rmnent to the people and
the spite and hatr4 meted out to. those who op- -
pose the policies 9f the Labour Party. This type 5 wise
of politics which is not present in any of the la
S '30 isa nds 4i causing chaos in this State :
adis laing the people to a point pf reacting o
to oppressmn.
The people should exercise their democratic Ow.
rights and vote th Opwrnment outof power

._., *' ''.'r '. ang ass*v ^^v aved

n true Act, an do ls -0y-g
p-'& aud may citftss ben in tiis
Inteli- e* e the i to -Megm
it swy the vote whi w
inkbig I to ONE., m-
I, but the poltical aimch mad ev-
Swho tWnI y a mtfisty iate.
ya both
achryn we shaU mat be dammi,
aU thenrb jef mncw
otalrw' Aar SaieW wE
coercion bexmimi

Arn't BradAaw

Jut 7 aa
far and wide
And make =ew taws thy -ay.
to pICWBnt
-AM from oatdg hdp froa

Sut PAM needs aMsan u
Pr they m thwr
own up to das
e thosqh a new law h a
ats nata-s fham votie
once they ase woAig outside
of Ste -S

Mr. Robert Bradbaw

AT THE next meeting
S.A 'of the House of
Assembly there will be /
Farther debates on the
Public Order (Amend- '
ment) Act 1971 which
Swas 'moved on Tuesday
. Premier Bridshaw,
given its second reading
and left in committee

Its main object, sub-
ject to certain exemp-
tions, is to prohibit per-
sons not belonging to
This State from organjs-
Smg or addressing public
meetings or taking part.
Sin public marches with-
out permission from the
Minister of Home Af--
Ia.irs. .

I I i

I.. . *-*^-. *

h i ,
and his col.

NO MinAgger

1 r *..- .

S-T z zT TAi

PRRIN(I SI \R 1S CotRSF ) I T o! R11- -
,' *- -'* ** *t- { f ,-~- '" 'ri *' 7 ;'* ^ ,^ ';
B-.asy-~aw- i. "-\;'i.." i | -^ --'-- *. E^ - .

"This dictation isn't very iL-ortant .xter. for
making this a tax-deductib.le b1e tr. A

'". pana." 'h ric+ 'he Pruz~ ,,f Yvale, a :he' ,-,(ip m
+,43, 'P i~t a*ircrah at the BrIU ,h Roal A &
C, ..el Lm nshire.. With nm i kjuadron .
R f 'I ',hns. his instructor dur ng it ve-m h :eur' m
-- R iE n ng, al the College.

BRITns MINImrE A surprise for Mr. Godber,
.'** *'.

MINISTER of StAt Joseph When told
Godber LEFT)'. addmitted peroas who
t, Mt the .- British i"'ahamia status'
Government *- had ot been otherwise migt
made aware that Briti 4sand under residency ret
Conumonwealth citizema in were dipeafranch
the Iashama i had biee Godber replied:
dieafradihited from the vote i w' St e
by k PMile oft-he waew aware
Reeresetton of fte. Peoples _.r".
Act, ,. :. iny in


riat such
had no
buft Who
ised, Mr.

of this, but
happy to
Sty one

wishes to tell me. I wasn't
aware that there had beeni
any deliberate disenfranchae,
meat. That surprises me"
The Minister told reporters
that in England a citizen of
the British Cormmnonwealtf,
was entitled-to the voti aite
he had been resident in the
country for 12 months

by Ian Tickle (SiAn Proan News)

People are 'always asking what is. the' real difference
between right-wing and left-wing dictatorships. Anrd the correct answer
seems to' be: not much. It seems as though this is not the right scrt
of distinction to make when talking about dictatorships. The right sort
of distinction can only be one connected with the gocd of the peopi.;
and it will invariably be found that the sort of dictatorship which is
generally accepted outside a country as being for the temporary good
of the people of that country is one which cannot be rigidly classi-
fied as right-wing or left-wing. The ,ones which can be so labelled are
usually ,aggressive in their intent in- -:imost left-wing dictatorships
aggressive both inside and outside the country, and in most right-wing
dictatorships st inside the country.

Furthermore, because there is not inherently much difference
between these two kinds of dictatorships, it. is relatively easy for
them to align themselves with death other. And because they do not
depend on the popular, wil.1 they can do this at a moment's notice with-
out asking for anyone's permission through t.he performance zf free

k . .





Friday, April '16, 1971

"7 .

a31pAvrg ta. cnN7


- biologially!

.f 1 .+ il

" ; ^:1



*?I -

-..~ -.4

I.; .

Fridy, Aril1~, 971 HE TA1~PageFiv


and L 0 V E -

On This and That

by Rama

Charming Ballet Display

THE pupils of Mrs Hipkin's School
As 3you all can see, I survived of Dancing gave a very successful
the water crisis, looking a bit dg- ballet dancing display at the Wesley
hydrated. But it is a comforting High School on Easter Saturday. Snow
thought to know that I can again White and the Seven Dwarfs followed
flush my sewer whenever the need a. display of ballet exercises. Snow
arises: but Mrs Rama is still taking-White was played by Corrie Gordon
no ohanoes, she keeps a crate of and her Prince by Cathy Lewis; :Joy
Zip bottles filled up just in cas.Rcberts was the Queen. Mrs Karen
I am in accord with a Roseau Maclean and Mrs Birkhead made the
correspondent that we should express costumes and; the decor was arranged
our'ideas in the local periodicals by Geoffrey Maclean and Lennox Hony-
no matter hew contrwoersial they church. Refreshments were organised
are. It takes'a lot of guts to put by Mr & Mrs 'Jing and Miss Claudette
out an. article, and the person who Cools-Lartighte arranged the music.
won't use the papers to challenge The display was held in aid of
a trend of thought or an idea. should the "Save the Children Fund" being
remain silent'. It does the populace well attended a sum of $50.00 was
no good if some individuals critic- raised- to go to the Golden Jubilee
ize correspondents over a bottle of of the C.S.C.F.
beer. Tell it like you think it is, Mrs Hipkin and Debbie Birkhead':
baby, IN THE PAPERS.' would like, through this medium, tod'
I still maintain that a Church thank all t1iose who contributed to
is a house of worship, and so I get make the Display a success.
particularly,' irritated when I see .i .____, __-
individuals (particularly women)
breaking their necks"td.see who LONDON REPORT
just came in and commenting right KATHLEEN Garraway's wedding was on
there and then on the fashions,as :'April 3rd -'she married Derek Harty
they go by. At the last wedding I -in Lofdon on a very-cold Spring day,
attended a lady sitting in front 'but the'weather was the only thing'
of me almost caused her.neck to that was cold; Kathleen's"smile as
stiffen she was attempting, to she turned round to face the congreg
stare down someone*who was at least nation after-.she hald been-married jus
five pewsi-away. I noticed that when .radiated happiness6 She and Derek .*.
she did decide to return to spirit- were married by a man familiar to me
ual activity she had to grab her and to all you in Dominica Father
jaw and pull. Barry Rose. I'm sure it was a great
Ceres- is right: 'when are our to be married by Fr. Rose whoi knew
banks ,and supermarkets going to get her in Dominioa and knew her family,
wise and customer conscious? Why for unfortunately Dominica is still
aren't there "speed checkouts"? Why a very .far way.raway and no members oi
should I have to waste a whole day her family were with her that day.
standing in line at the bank behind I can assure Mr & Mrs Garraway
individuals with sackloads of money .that their daughter has done them
for deposit, when all I want is to prbud and their new son-in-law will
cash my miserable paycheck? Why be a credit'to them. Kathleen was
does the busy and harried housewife given away by an Enfglishman who after
have to lose her cool and come home wards told us all that he and his
mad to her husband? All she wanted wife had taken Kathleen into their
to pay for was a tiny piece qf beef. home and heart and had treated her
Yet she had to line up with- the. like their own daughter. In fact he
-average customer with at least 20 told me at the reception how this a]
items to pay for. PEACE & LOVE TO ALL.came about. (concluded on page 10)





_ __ __ __

Friday, April 16, 1971


Page Five

Page Six .* .. LE--, S T R Friday, April 16, 1971
MORE ABOUT TOWN .,. by CERES READERS will note an advertisement
A happy after-Easter to one Nd "on p. 8 about old postcards of Dom-
all. Let s hope that the Ressurect- inica etc. The gentleman concerned
ion of Christ may be a guiding li04 is an English schoolmaster who writes:
for all Dominicans, not excluding "I collect the stamps. of Dominica
Ministers of Government. As CHirist and I use the postcards to brighten
has triumphed over Death, so too up my collection. My earliest item
will those who believe in His name from D/ca is. a cover of 1809 160
triumph. years old!: Then I have 2 covers of
We have had Cricket, lovely 1860 from Melville Hall Estate -the
Cricket. The only thing to mar the. manager was a Mr. McIntyre. In be-
fun was having the play on Good tween I have letters from Fort Young
friday. After all, this is a Christ- and St. Andrewas ...My earliest let-
ian community: it showed lack of ter is of May 1759 fro0 a British
Christianity. Would the Indians" soldier to his father in Glasgow
have played cricket on one of their telling how he was landed in Guad-
religious holy days? I say No.Any- eloupe in January and how they beat
how c'est la vie. According to. good the French! Two hundred years ago,
ole Jeff we missed our friend Good- This coming winter I have to dis-
ridge and his lively commentary.His play my collection to the members of
'shocking pinks', 'bisecting the my stamp club and will try to enter-
field' and description of lovely tain them for two hours, so you will
girls' outfits were sadly missed. appreciate my -task,
Jeff, please tell your fellow com- WANTED PHOTOGRAPH OF POSTMAN
mentators that it is mid-, not mead; Something I should very much like
Botan-ic. not Bot-anic, and field, to get hold of is a photograph of a
not filled; also, he was caught,not postman of"Dominica. the older the
cut 'better. Is it possible that anybody
I was so .glad to hear the Man-, has a photograph of his father or
eager of the Indian Team say in his grandfather who was a postman? One '
interview that the grounds were perhaps; who had t6 walk from Ports-
among the loveliest he had seen dur- mouth to Marigot with H.M. mail.?
ing his tour, and above all, that THE $7,000 DOMINICA STAMP
. the Pitch was one of the best on Did you know 'that one of the stamps
which the teem had played so far. of Dominica is one of the rarest of
Congratulations to the groundemen the world? In. March 1886 the Post
who worked tirelessly in preparing Office ran out of d and ld stamps
it. We also gave the IdTians a good and s~athey overprinted the 6d and
Work out, aqd I was surprised when 1/-stamps Half Penny and One Penny
friends told. me they had heard a respectively. Somehow or other one
Radio Antilles report from Reuters sheet of 60 stamps of the 6d became
that the Windwards has lost the overprinted One Penny (.see p.1) There
match are less than 20Q copies known. Indeed
'.It must 'bq the happy cricketing it is beli eved that there were' only
atmosphere which one :only gets in '12 so printed. In May last year one
Dominica that gives our 'boys an in- of these used stamps, was sold for
centive .to play well and win. Our 1,400o A photograph is enclosed.
recent victories in thq great Bot- Alas, I haven't one: But your readers
anic Gardens, were (i) the Duke of may be interested to learn about it'
Norfolk's teta (ii) Guyana with Everybod-'in Dominica will be looking
all its famous international might for one ARUR BLACK
(iii) Ambassadoes (New Zealand) and ARIUR BLAKMUN,
now, first winnings honburs against 3 FiLmer Road,
the Indians. Even V8's voice could ulhan, London S.W.6
be heard over the air, giving advice
to his team in his happy-go-lucky SA KA FAIT ... by ZANDOLI
cricketing way! Again congratulations Since everyone else will be
to our Boys... Adios, Amigos: Ceres. talk-ing about the Easter weekend
it ano aense paying any attention
The Reuters: correspondent on that to the subject: Londonderry Games,
occasion was a well-known visiting Cricket, Jumble Sales at Paix
Indian sportswriter don't blame Bouche, picnics, the wedding at
anyone local for demoting West Indian Cockrane, La Peau Cabrit & all
cricketing performance: '- arebehind'us, What's next? (See p.19)

Friday, April 1, 1970

N O T I C E.
Applications are invited from
suitable candidates; actively: en-
gaged in co-operative work either
on a voluntary or paid basis, for
two scholarships in co-operatives
and co-operative education,tenable
in Canada.
The scholarship will be for.
approximately four months. The
course will provide general train-
ing in co-operatives for candidates
at the supervisory or field offi-
cer level and will be suitable in
particular to Managers,Secretariesa,
or paid .employees; of co-operative
Applicants should have at least
three years practical experience
in co-operative supervision or
Applications giving details of
Qualification and experience
should reach the Permanent Secre-
tary, Ministry of Agriculture,Lands
and co-operatives, Government Head -
quartersa, Roseau, not later than
20th April, 1971. JOFFRE JROBINSON
Permanent Secretary,j
Ministry-of Agriculture,Lgnds, and-
Ref: ALC;2/16,G.535, 847- 2/2.
31st March, 1971

N 0 T I G E

N 0 T 'I C. E
Applications are invited from
suitably qualified young men for en-
listment in the Dominica Defence Pcic-..
2. Applicants must be between tL..
ages of 17 and 368 years; in the case
of applicants who are seventeen but
not yet eighteen, the approval of
parent or guardian, will be necessary.
3. Applicants must have'attained a
reasonable standard of education, be
of good character and must be phys-
ically fit for service.
;4. Service in the Force will be vol-
untary, but once enlisted,volunteers
will be roqaired to subscribe, to all
rules- and regulations of the Force.
51 CADETS and Ex-Servicemen. Special..
consideration .will be given to app-
licants who served in Cadet Forces
and other Services. A favourable dis-
charge certificate will be required
in the case of, ex-servicemen. .These.
applicants will-normally be given,
priority over those who have not been
oriented in 'the Services.
6. Applicants should present them-
selves in person to the Recruiting
Officer, Defence Force Headquarters,.
High Strept. Roseai, on the following
dates andt ime.-
SHURSDAY 22ind April 1971: 4.30pm-6 pm.
MONDAY 26t' April. 1971: 4.30 Dmi. -6 pm.
Office r Cdmmanding.
H.8/33/07. (4.54k 848-2/2, 2nd April.


Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to
undergo a three-year training course in Pharmacy leading to the Chemists
and Druggists qualifying examination.
The minimum qualification for admission as a student is two. (2)
passes' in G.C.E. 0" level, or an "0" level pass in English Language
or Chemistry. It would be preferable if candidates have passes in G.C.E.
at "0" level in English Language, Chemistry and Mathematics. Equivalent
qualifications. will also be considered.
D* u bing.-the.-period. of training: an allowance will be paid according
Sto Gualific.ations in the scale1.$l,680-x 120 28,400 x 180 $3,120.
The minimum age for .admission is 18 years.
.Applioations should be addressed to:
S. he Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Education and Health,
Government Headquarters, ROSEAU,
and should 'reach him no later than 4.00 p.m. on Friday 23rd April 1971.
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Education and Health.
Ref: E & H 800/510,G.55, 854 :./2.
Friends of Ivor and Anna Ellard Mrs. Marie Davis Pierre is now in
will rejoice to hear that they now Britain to attend a Parliamentary
have a baby daughter, Satu Morag,, Course. We wish her all that is gob,.

- "

Page Seven


Pagoe1 ..t._ _THE .STAR
i Il I I


Old picture postcards


Dimninica and Envelopes used

before 196o wanted for

At least 25C.



paid for each

plus ypur postage to me.


Please give full details of past anI present emp-
loynment. Salary commensurate with experience
and ability.


P. O. Sox 46

, Will be Holding their annual
At The Goodwill Parish Hall
ander the distinguished patronage of his Excel-1
lency the Governor & Lady Cools-Lartigue,

Samrday 24th April, Commencing at
Music By


to p m.


We're Moving
Christian Literature Centre,
nowiocated at 14 Hanover Street, opposite the
Bansas Ass:o. will be moving.
We klok forward to serving you in our new loca-
tBn6 as im:
Friday, April 23rd. 1971
36A Great Martborough Sert
Roeau tOppoWlI Credit Unioa)

JGalvaniT RE( IVEo- D

Galvanized Knock-Down



(Various Sizes) with all
Materials for Easy Assembly.

856 2






ca r .C.S.A.


5Sa X

FRIDAY, x6th APRIL 1971
9 p.m. -- 2 a.m

Members 1S. 5o
Noo-Members $2.50o
There will be a well stocked Bar!!!


at: 1r Hanover Street, has Now Re-Opened

Under the ORIGINAL

Friday Apr~i 16, 1971


Min II I i 11111

1 -r *


S1 ~ ,

.. t I'9 .. *" ,. , ',

A -. '[ . Ag 'S i "

f . ,- .M S. ,

empun tett bd 3f

*^':^.W~~~~~40 *^ ^"^^ ----t"WSfe| 7-^ ^

Page. Ten T H E S T A R Friday, April 16,1971
SA KA FAIT ... by Zandoli (p'6)
I hear that the Boiling Lake is
Windwards Shine Against Indians bubbling once more. But has it ever
The Windward Islands fought gal- stopped., Zandoli? Of course! People
lantly and proved themselves quite were bathing in the Boiling Lake last
capable against International Teams week it was so cold. This week how-
as they blId the Indians to a draw. ever'it was coughing st6an once more..4
at the Botanic Gardens in their That's comforting because it is our
match which ended on Saturday. safety valve against volcanoes... or
Batting first, the Windwards pil-,"so they sy", I always wonder who
ed. on 207 with Michael indlay scor-those 'they' are. 'They' say that his
ing a brilliant knock of 64;he was second daughter has run away with the
ably 'supported by Martial Francis chauffeur; or 'they' say that .Mrs.S0-
who got 28. For the Indiansa, Bedi and-So is really bald- and that is why
bagged 4 for 52, Durrani 2-28 and she wears those awful flowered hats,
Venkat 2-59. In their turn at the and sleeps in a wigs I wish I could
crease, the Indians ran into tiuble meet those theyy' because they pprepa
against the pace of Shillingford & the most interesting rumours and give
Norbert Phillip., who was at all timesthe most 'upright' advice to us young
a menace as he made runs. hard to get. people on how'we can change and correct
With the introduction of the our little micro-society. Yes, the
spinners, Joe Gibbs and. Martial Press and Street-corners are full of
Francis soon got into further dif- preachers not to mention the little
ficulty as both spinners kept peg- ladies, whispering behind their jal-
ging away at their stumps, so with ousie windows. * By the way --
their score on 197 for 9, just 10 heaps of luck to Nurse Gloria Symes &
runs. away from the Windwards score, Newton Garraway of the Cave whao (I
the Indians declared with Jayanti- understand) will be getting married "
lal scoring a rather/dogged 67,Uile this Saturday... or so they say!
'Francis & Gibbs. got 4 & 3 wickets
resp e actively for the Islands. On LONDON REPORT Kathleen Garrawav wedss
2nd batting, the Windwards ran into (krg, .5,) They saw Kathleen at Church
early hardship. against the pace of one Sunday looking a little lost; app-
Govindra, who got 3 for 17; they reached her after service and as ke heer
were at dne time 70 for 51 But a if she was new to Engl-and, then "would.
@0-min. knock by Norbert Phillip she like to come back With them for a-
with supporting knocks of 32 by Sunday tea". She did, as she had no-
Irving Shillingford and 23 by Bute where to go except the Hospital -still
& 21 by Findlay helped them. to de- strange to her then. So from that time
clare at 171 for 9 at tea (last day) d she had complete freedom of their
Set for the seemingly impossible home and brought her friends along. I
score of 182 for victory in 92 mins.wish I had their names (this fine pair)
the Indiaons however put on a fine but they took Kathleen's parents' place
display and were 91 for 2 at finish, for the one day in life when she needed
Highlight of innings was Jeejeebhoysthe comfort and re-assurance of parents,
aggressive 29 he opened the play, After the wedding service we drove
His innings included a superb six to a nearby hotel where champagne flow-
off a. Grayson Shillingford bumper. ed, toasts were drunk, telegrams read,
Meanwhile in the Fifth Test Matchthen dancing started. Among Dominican
at Queens Park Oval, Port-of-Spain, guests' were Mrs. Jennifer Astaphan(nee.
the In d~ians scored 360 in a pais Tavernier), Julian Osborne and his wife.
taking first innings (Gavaaskar 127)A LOVELY WEDDING, the warmth of the
and at lunch on-the 3rd day W.I. wasCompany made us believe that the sun
190/4 (Carew 28, Lewis 72 and Davis outside -was really shining. The bridal.
& Sobers n.o. at 47 and 21). Slowly couplee spent a short honeymoon in one
but surely these two took command: of Londo:6sbiggesit hotels the Eilton.
by close, W.I. was 577/5 Sobers Kathleen takes her SRN finals in June
114, Foster 26. Davis c. bat/pad 30oso sensibly they thought a long holiday
now would not be the thing. Maybe like
ROOSEVELT -DOUGLAS case: before me they are hoping to come over to see
an all-white jury- this Canadian their. Dominica friends very soon. -A.W.
cause celebre was tried. DETAILS -
NEIT WEEK. *** The TRUDEAUS PM t lfre oft he* ll iouseo on
& WIFE are in the West Indies. Hall,at 26 ath Rd.Roseau, Dominica i-1.

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