Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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S4 STAR Wuje. at readers and assoa4 -.* w aipy J; perac Easter

,Mfrs, ane LowenthAEr |

.. Research Iistitute. fof.
I the Study of Man, D
162 East 78 Street,
JNew York 10021, N.Y., -v,rat.
U.S.A Ur Ave: VW. _J Editor
Vol. Xil No. 15 Satur


W\ c, .yoX a, .a,
I B N IN '-] ., (-- FOR THE STUDY OF,
162 EAST 78 STrE1Y
"Ducc h 7" YOR 1

- PHYLLIS il4:.

day April 10, 1971



It members of the public find that the postal
and customs services a bit delayed it will be be-
cause the Civil Servants have banned working
overtime (except for paymasters on Treasury
work). The C.S.A. requires that overtime be
paid at time and a half from the end of normal
working hours: the Government offers time and

quarter up to 9.oo pm. and time
thereafter. ( Artist Revisits State
Last weekend Al Akong, well-
known Trinidad artist, paid a
visit/ to his. old friends the All-
freys. Al was encouraged to leave
this land. when Mrs. James wa-
Minister of Home Affairs. He
has an important electrical job in
Trinidad and sells a lot of his
It was a pleasure to see him
again.. He went on to holiday in

and a half

Tourism Report By Baron
Back from o days in. Toronto, flown there
by(free) courtesy -of Air Canada, Dominica
Tourist Board Chairman F.A. Baron reported: to
the STAR on the .change of tame from ATBEC to,
ECTA-- Eastern Caribbean Tourisit Association.
He had been invited to join the Board because,
it needed "a touch of dynamismn' and during
the Canadian visit WIAS Tpurst ad R6Hotel
Association members visited 200 Canadian Ttavel,
agencies an I'"wholesalers '-- the big fellows who
promote tourism. ( eit en ._tq u1

Indians Arrive Late
fRMDAT cric*ckt suknein or
,I* MWT a rr1,ed bOmtaee the long-
;tarted io1ans axrvied lt* aend tUr,
ftadl carted on 2hxroagr set Wfdnisday.
SInternation ai Cicket
.04 Im-'At u a .MrV_ "

.., ..," i? ;.' .. .

AH T the first International Criket ,
atcl: ever played .in r Botaaic Qear-
,ea., the famous vidting Indian team
won the toesand sent in thba WaiuCards.
Wobhel rindlay was the iero of the dqr
after Irving Shillngftord we bowled
b-w by the first aft r-l'at'' ball, to
a te diTany of th zctlatteo lenal crowd.

Impatient Civil
O\ vertiae

Ten Cents


Cordially ,invites the genera public to a meeting
to be held at the usual 'place from the porch
of the Dominica Trade Union Hall in Lagon,
Queen Mary Street, Roseau on Thursday, i5th.
April, i971, commencing at 8. 30 p.m.
The burning issues of the day will be discued
by a specially picked team of speakers.

of the Dominica Agricultural
Society will be held on Tues-
day 4th of May, 1971.
All resolutions forr presentation at this
meeting must reach the secretary by the
i7th April.
Antony Agar,
5. Honorary Secretary,

_ I_ I_

^...*. *.l.ii^ .... ^n ** 1


Mwo T1 Vi -Q M A.-_ ___: r R +Pri ApiI.-.1 9-1-
'raga .L ( L*U .a L J'L-- ,'..- -.-,- --~

The above caption was the title. of a vAry popular song of the
'Twenties and unless we in Dqminica seriously bestir ;ourselves:, the
statement can quite easily materialize as ~iegrdss the industry upon
which this:community so heavily.depends.
A number of factors have put. our banana industry in the
shaky position it now occupies, and it is a disservice to stress any one
to the neglect of the others. Certainly, it cannot. be that the improved
standard. of quality now demanded is the cause of the crisis:- the malaise
had set in even before then and for nearly a year now it has been note&
.that all is not well with the industry.
The simplicist diagnosis that price is at the bottom tells us nothing.
The market price, is not less favourable, generally speaking, than it was
only a couple of years ago when banana was king. What then are the causes?
.We must.begin by recognizing" that the price-which the grower re-
ceives for- his effort is very residual. It is what remains after an in-
creasnig number of deductions -- call them overheads if you like -- have
not sh.whn.any responsiveness to the scale of .production, so that they
have remained the same or even higher per unit when production was great-
ly expendpd as when .it' was much smaller.
Going ahead gaily in cess deductions, it does. not appear that it occurred
to the administration of the industry that the time would come when the
grower, particularly in this period of rising living coats, would'take a
hard. look at his resultant situation and become dissatisfied and dis-
Perhaps, though, the proximate factor for the apathy of growers waas
the removal of storm insurance coverage and its replacement by greatly
increased fertilizer issue. This was a scheme which was given a fair
chance to prove itself,,but it must now be admitted that it Was no ade-
quate substitute for a storm insurance scheme and when, as during the
past'twelve months, we have a number of windstorms and growers for the
most part do iot qualify to receive any substantial sum for damage to
their cultivations to enable them to rehabilitate, the unsoundness of .
the fertilizer substitution becomes patent. As it is, growers are over-
burdened with fertilizer, not having the corresponding cultivation upon.
which to apply it. This, more than anything else, it appears, accounts
for the pessimism which hat-overwhelned banana growers.
We must, however,, not. -se sight of some other factors. Apart from
the fact -that many areas in-:which bananas; were planted have now- shown
up their unsuitability, there: are others'where worsening road conditions
are such that the fruit, can -no longer be moved without adversely affect-
ing quality.
Then, too, the. cost of.:production, including heading, has been in-
creased and 'complicated by recent Government impositions about minimum
wage and Provident Fund.-In this largely peasant area of production,
it mounts to killing the' gooae laying'the golden eggs.
What is now required is a bold new start. The whole industry, par-
ticularly the administration, must be reviewed. And in so doing, it seems
that the administration which has controlled the Banana. Association these
many years should go. I think that -ordinary decency suggests -that those
who have so long directed the industry should retire in favour of new
blood. There is the opportunity.presenting itself at the coming Annual
General Meeting of the Association. The present Directors, who have been
making the majority decisions of the past few years should declare them-
selves not available for re-election, while the growers themselves., par-
ticularly those of the Northern District, sh:ou-ld have sufficient sense to
see that a new start implies new personnel. -
I don't know whether it is realized that a collapse of the banana.
industry in Dominica would almost inevitably bring, about a- collapse of
.,the grapefruit industry which has such good promise for Dominica, since
refrigerated ships would not easily be for carrying grapefruit
to ,the English market. (.(Concluded on Page Four)


*<. r

Saturday April 10, 1971 T H E S T A R Page Three
Kindly *grant me space On Maunday Thursday there is a Sung
to make some comments on Ceres col- Mass and Stripping of Altars at 7.30
umn in your issue of March 27,1971. pm; Watch until Midnight. A lovely
In the first place, I woul4 like Dominican-made altar in memory of
to say something about tge First the late Ruth Bunting will be shown.
Communion celebrations As" far as. I 'It was designed by Pete Brand, who
can:make out from her writing,what supervised the splendid workmanship.
this:mother (Ceres) missed on the GOOD FRIDAY: Mattins, Liturgy,Sermon
First Communion Day was the emotion- and Evensong 12 noon to 3 p,.m.
al 'heart stir' that brings tears HOLY SATURDAY: Easter Vigil.
to thq eyes of somermothers when Ante-Communion 7 -a.m.
some little ones (especially little Evensong and Confessaions* 6 p.m.
girls) walk in line, like pictured Vigil Service and-first Mass of
angels or sing ,i their sweet chil- EASTER 11.30 p.m.
dish voices.... I have prepared --ASTER DAY: Low Mass,- 7.30. a.m.
exactly 35 groups of First Commun- Sung Mass: 9 a.m.
icants over the years,; groups of Evensong 7.15 p.m.
50 at times, but more often groups (* After Services or by appointment
of 150'and over. I always haveloved with the Rector).
doping it, but if there is one as- T eo .
pect I deplored, it was the loss of he Rector express thanks to all
the many, hours' I spent in teaching whomade it possible to buy the new
the little ones 'ow to walk in duplicator, which is most efficient,
the and produces excellent illustrations.
..procession to church; how to stand, and prF uces excellent illustrations.
kneel or. sit, in *perfectly straight "SENJO" the Bulletin of St.Joseph
irows.., to move up to the sanctuary and St.Gerard Parish -Rev.Fr.Alexandr
in'absolutely perfect order... HOW We thank the Padre for sending us
I WISHED. I COULD HAVE SPENT THE copies of his fine and informative
GREATER PART OF THAT PRECIOUS TIME parish newsletter, and hope to quote
TO TEACH THOSE LITTLE ONES THE MEAN, from it from time to time. It made u
ING OF .THE EUCHARIST ,.. THE MEANINGs ad, as animal lovers, to read: "A
OF JESUS IN THEIR LIFE. familiar figure has disappeared from
It was, Sister Carlos who, four the church. 'PusLs', the cat which fol-
years ago, had the courage to break lowed the priest around the church,
away from the age-old tradition, was found dead before the altar of St.
first by doing away with the pro- Gerard. He was poisoned." Well,dear
cession and with the practice of Father Alexander, in case the-church
receiving' Holy Communion in the still has no, our beautiful woman-
sanctuary; they received Communion cat expects at least 4 kittens at
at the rail as they. would in .the Eaater. -Let us 'know if you want one:
comingdays.;' Then. last year, the ..... _
parents were invited to bri.'.ng their A WELL. -DESERVED AWARD : Under
little -ones to church, sit with: .this heading, Mr. Alfred Leevy BA of
them, and also receive. Holy Commun-' the Dominica Grammar School first made
ion with them. Sister Carlos. had us aware that Mr. Wilfred Oscar Mor-gan
certainly made a -great step in the Pond had been awarded Govt.'s Melteor-
right direction. ious Service Award-, for his furthersace
I was not able to be present at the of-:the Social Services and for compos-
First CommunionMass last month.... ing the words of the Dominica National
Ceres speaks of ..a "disorganised con. Day Song. He should of course have
fusion" I certainly dislike disB-had this small tribute long ago. We
"orderly behaviour, and especially do congratulate him, anyhow.
I dislike it in church... However, .
church'.are they not able to see to it At a Service attended by his widow,
that ',the family walk in and take late Magistrate George James was
their: seats quietly and orderly?That given plaudits for being "a man of
the children walking up; with 'them to great dignity" by American Priest
receive Holy Communion2 do so res- Fr.Vogel. Our correspondent writes:
pectfully and orderly? (Contd. p.Six) "thi-s was our most important event".

Page Foar THE STAR Stgrday, April 10, 1971
Perhaps what Mr. Pringle, the Jamaican High Commissioner in the United
Kihgdom, said recently on the occasion of the signing of the new Agree-
ment between the Fyffes Group and the Jamaica Banana Board applies fully
to DominicaitWe must'nt fumble our future....Jamaica must realise that
this may be our last chance to radically reform. an aid and exhausted
industry and put it firmly back on a basis where it is competitive and
financially viable. This will take some tough decisions but if anyone
stands in the way of them being taken, they will be guilty of a criminal
Set and Jamaica's 80,000 banana growers will judge them accordingly."

It is no co-iincidence that in so many of the Associated States, the
dependence, of the Governments is on haked force -- an army;' vastly in-
creased Police numbers; importation of. arms in abnormal quantities and
perversion of all. military and semi-military personnel toQ the belief and
'practice that ghe well-being of the State is synonymous with the interests
of the ruling party. The objectivity and impartiality of these bodies
have all. but disappeared.
It is no cq-incidence, also, that in many of those States disproport-
ionate sums of revenue and grants are being spent in the build-up of such
forces. Since- the United Kingdom is responsible for their defence against
external aggression, the only explanation is that the expansion of such
forces is all for the perpetutation in power of the ruling party. This
impression is clearly gained by unguarded statements from the mouths of
their military personnel.
One of the first acts of the new Government of Antigua was to disband
the army created by Bird and to reduce the number of the Police which he',.
like Leblanc, had amassed.
In Grenada, there have been persistent rumours that the Police stoned
protesters'in a march to,Government House one night last month and while
there; has been denial of'this by the Police., the fact that it could have
been said seriously is significant in indicating what Grenadians consider-
a possibility.
I do not know about. St. Kitts) but it is a fair bet that things in
this respect are no better there,
It is therefore Antigua, Grenada and Dominica where the Police and
other 'military build-up has been most blatant. This matter should cer-
tainly be drawp to the attention of the other units of the British Car-
ibbean. The 'gents of the British Government in these parts should also
be called to. account for; -encouraging the Commonwealth Office in London
to give. budgetary aid and grants to these States where such an undue
proportion of revenue- t take goes into the building up of force for in-
ternal use. In this connection it is difficult to believe the statement
that the Dominica Government recently made in the House of Assembly,
viz. that the British Government freely gave, over and above its other
grants, the. sum of well over a million dollars for the Police build-up
in Dominica during 1971, and this not at the request of the Dominica
Government. The friends of liberty in other advanced countries should-
investigate this on our behalf for we here do not see any reason for this
vast expenditure on fprce as compared with our recognized needs in the
economic field, in health, in housing, in,education. And when recently
the young- people decided to protest-march against this threst to freedom,
they were. prevented by the same. Government.
There is a rumour making the rounds that the Defence Force is to be
increased in numbers and made-a full-time organisation in the service of
the present Government. Against what? Money can readily be forthcoming in
large.sums for such dangerous gimmicks, yet when a federation of youth
organizations seeks a. modest grant from Government, it is not forthcoming
until, I suppose, public pressure is brought to bear as in the case of
enfranchising the 18-year-olds.
Surely, there is something rotten in the State .
------- oo.....

Seab y i Apr#



" ,' f, :,_
1.11 li|,n J ^ II ,- l~ t


- biological!




1~~ 4>


...' .,
.,. :..

Page~~~~~~~ Si H T RStraypi ,l7

MA TITI1~"-" A Short Shor- THE --GOOIDr 'IIEND,

by Cynthia Watt

Ma Titine was awakened from a deep, sleep before dawn by a loud cry:
..' 'rlty .Ti t ie. g -gh, *'- -.gtl4 --you rou- -don' know.-is Qood Friday
on.-EVIday? e, have-. QT. pe.'Ckla 'e' f 'D -.ko 'pone. Get up Gal,. title: .
we go."-t .was the'obsy voice of karfritf ciet u G n
Next day they heard that the Minis'' ~.'fi.nd was. i- and. had
been. taken to' hospital. .... ,.. ,
(Ay ay-ay,-was the rumour' 'Wh happeai tonhim?' Ohi.J.s .Ancin an
Titine go c6 Morne to make 'obeah.' --'Wah f"'.'-. Titine getting' top
much mdney; Ac.. t more iAAn' dey is gQod en' [.- 'We 'l,well, look"
cday-bar-,:wh9 'go win? .. I don' interfere in dos:'-peopl. .b- ttess Aiuh.0).
-Meanwihi.l.e Pat Nathaniel .Edward,- his be~d-table decb'o d i-th:-lo'wer
a bottle. of. -Scotch and the tit ee -populapL. newspapersr, w.iPtalking .to
Ancine.-at. the hospit He wa.wtd.ntly in pain, but'hii'Voice wa
clear. --'The bastard.q in g me.4t7 But you. know .what to d ..
I won't be sick all the but...- voicee suddenly dropped...
"..,,when you come b f* L d r op d:'
The Sister ent ing i t. ,P.
Ma Titine near h w0 beat dresses, the new ay
for Easter Sundfay, i' r .ket. For Titihe wa -
very religious woman, the people put sport
before Services, and ch
.TE F. POR SALE OF USED PUBLIC,. e-ys also that a
WORKS DIVISION HEAVY EQUIPMENT .' -irst d ni4. should. leave its
'Tenders are invited for the markQ- e mrnd.of the child, and I
purchase of the following used. Prully'agree with her, but I ask my-t
lic Works Dividip. equipment lo elf this question: "If the First
ed at the Public Works Garage. mnion fais: to make a lasting, ad
1 Ford "D" .76 '-Sries 120" rt impression on the child, whose
Truck, 26500' iba 120% t is, it? It is, I think,largely
S .. ffault of the parents,especially
1 'Goodwin gatby a. Grf &Pthe mother of the child.
!.55 "-: ; My nekc question is. an answer to
S1 Groodwin RBapyonto fn "Why .. -That Ceres
1 Bedford Chasisias questio0 shows clearly that
2 o n~. not know what a.--religious: is
T...2'enders- which d re.igi.ous life.mearis. When
sealed. envelopes and cl i.ous aekel her -final co' Wmit-
"Teilders for purchase f .e pus henrs f .h itnely 'Qt the
lic Works Division Hea nt '" .ce of the Cbirch, where.Ver her
should be addressed to CoMindtnity has been ven assignment
'he Chairman, TEND bythe Mh .. religi Ministry of Finance Trade & tin. astry called.uht2 age hexg sent
R O S A U. assignmentt for-anothe4 6ne i"--,x-
And should reach him not later than 0ther 1laoa at a; time. 0 Thie ge
26th April, 1971. *may a tor a sa'crifie, and itoften
doe a.f12 t this is, par t -bf he relig.
3. Government does not bind ious scomitsst and 'a sadri gaP, that
itself to accept the highest or any practically ePy religion has. to
tender C.A. SORHAINDO bring at one 0,b or ano '. A
File C & W .inapcial Se'retary. religious is a human being and there-
I/2052, ., : ord -feels the pains olf parting,but
846-171. 2/l AprAl, 1971; i: she not "the handmaid. of the Lord"
with as much zest and zeal as she carreS u tt eueviousnes i
And now a last comment and one for which I mainly wrote these lines.
I was, so very happy when a young religious,. an old pupil of St.Martin's,
accepted to take charge of the First Communion classes. Not an easy task,
I can assure you: I was shocked at the absolute lack of understanding of
Ceres. COomparisons are odiail.. tA'der d6,fy 'dZo ccr'tain work quite dif-
erently from what we have been accustomedCt to; (CONCLUDED on PAGE 10)

Saturday,April 10,1971

Page Six



Saturday, April 10, 1971

__ _

A cat mayr
Well yes: I really have competition G.IA may crit
nowadays. One week I see a new col- President Nix
umnisit RAMA writing in our pages to use his pr
from his empty bathtub: Then Madam to temporarily
CERES relates how she eyes the boys tence of conv
in the'bank: And of course there is Lt. Calley of
always old faithful brother Andro- obvious concl
cles who (contrary to legend) is But I wasn't
constantly pushing the thorn fur- ident's inter
other and further into the Lion's man's actions
paw. Meanwhile poor little Zandoli was all set t
is crawling up and in between the sidential pre
walls and bushes of Roseau and the decision
Goodwill trying to listen in to any at Vietnam!
interesting, conversations and ru- view authors
mours worth repeating. But alas he sanctions
nothing of the like,,they-, re just lm on 'susp
talking )of how clean Roseau street$ paecal force
now look since the regular rubbish of theial U.S.Arc
collections started and how comr- on their quot
fortable it will be at funerals gookss'' Rai
now that Long Acre is beitg coal- for untold nu
ased... you see nothing scandalous But world opi
or exciting. deter the war
Of course there is Easter to ete in his wa
talk about. Almost a week-long Dominica has
weekend, including Tuesday and bravemi sons
Wednesday, which will be 'recovery-h to mention th
days. On Monday there are the North- That Mr.
ern Games at London'derry and al- buddy of the
ready the fences, field and markers noted evagel
have been prepared for the events.
Then of course there is the Indian man with ind
visit, no one will forget -that program his t
Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday has yet to co
with cricket all the way. I under- vices in the
stand if the match gets you too Yet is it th
keyed up you can unwind at Palm tns im a
Gr6ve Saturday night tens simple a
Now a complete change of sub- hilly Graha
ject. It occurred to me that the removing the
Old Market is experiencing its last from magazine
fewwveelk as an open-air showcase crime which i
and gossip centre. A role which it the gates of
has been playing for over three edly tells hi
.centuries. Those old cobblestones saved and hea
have experienced blood and war and saved and hef s
have felt the feet of generations him. But if s
of Dominicans. Now this Dawbeny cities is a ti
heritage is at stake, its future the Board a'
uncertain. I am'sure there are some revamped.
people who have fantastic plans in s Mr. Nixon
their heads. A concrete edifice. success 2 g
A super snack bar: More government with benches
offices: ... Please may I beg ... So simple: So
Leave the cobbles, take down the So what about
iron railings, plant three or four really be a go
shade trees in .the centre and let that we are at
it be a meeting place and shady car in civilized a
park for hot congested Roseau, The iation and in
covered area can be open on all edea environment.

Page Seven
look at a king and a
icise a President.
on of the U.S.A.dared
residential prerogative
y suspend the life sen-
icted mass-murderer
the U.S.Army. The
usion is frightening.
surprised at the Pres-
vention. I follow this
so carefully that I
o comment on the 'pres-
rogative' even before
was announced. Look
Nixon himself in my
es mass murder when
the use of deadly na-
ected villages'. His
s, the supposed cream
my, pride themselves
a of exterminated
ds by B3-52s account
mbers of innocent deaths.
nion has failed to.
monger and he contin-
r of 'containment'.
lost a few of its
in the slaughter, no,
ose who-are wounded.
Nixon is the bosom
Rev. Billy Graham,the
ist, should cause the
pendent thought to re-
hinking. Billy Graham
ndemn any of Nixon' a
frequently holds ser-
White House Chapel:
.t same Graham who frigh-
nd innocent folk with
brimstone oratories,
is more concerned with
pictures of nude women
s than with a monstrous
s literally storming
heaven* Graham repeat-
s audience that he is
ven is a certainty for
secretly condoning atroo-
cket to heaven, then
Judgement should be

's administration has"
SnM a blackbrothers
for weary shoppers.
economical: So useful.
it, planners! It would
od step and would show
last moving forward
architectural apprec-
concern for the

Pag L~sk ThE T-f S-Iturly Apri~L 10 I -C- X-r-


in Mosd working order.

30 Shares Fort Young Hotel
Apply -The Manager,
Royal Batik of Canada

5 acres of land in the Parish of St.
John in the heights of Gillette culti-
vated in coconuts and bananas.
A M. E. Charles
P.O. O, Box 121,
8314'3 Old Street, &,CorX Street,

jorkex Makes The Cork-Screw


O RKEX= the automatic Cork
Etractor, removes corks from bottles in a
simple, safe and clean way.
It eates presTure of air below the cork to
lift it out.

CORKEX- isp a
instrument of out standing design from
Switzerland. ,
A useful addition to your home bar.

Only $5.00



n (- i______ I I_. i n

Dominica Banana Growers'
mBanana Gowers are otfied thaz con
cat upn the payment of the Summer Incentrve
Price of Mcent per lb. the price payable to gro-
was will be as follows.

At Reception Sations
At Buying Points

3-85<. per lb.
3.o05. tier lb.

Growers who qualify for Bonus will receive
' ,n additiaoml4. per lb.

h (Apr, .191
6" 'yl

A. 0. BOYD

Please give full details of past and present eop-
aoyme. Salary c.mesurate with spei
and ability.



p.. B" 46 '

East Caribbean Housing La.
a subsidiary coapiny of the Commonvealth Devel-
opment Corporation (C D.C) invites applicatias for
the post of MANAGER of the Domininica Mortgage
Finance Company Ltd.
Applicants should b:e "J)OAINCANS" which a
good educational background and approximately to
years relevant experience. The successful candidate
will be required to undertake responsibiliry for the
company's lending business in DO.'INICA and
some supervision of housing coantruction and devel-
The prime requirements for the job 'are comp-
lete integrity, initiative and the ability to orgaiise
aad administer the company's business. Some
accounting experience and or some knowledge of
housing construction would be an advantage.
A salary commensurate with the responsibilities
of the position will be paid, together with appropriate
allowances and benefits. Applications should be
addressed to the:
East Caribbean Hous'irig Ltd .
c: Dominica Mor:-.age Finance Co. Ltd,
Castle Street,
P.O. Bpx: 143,


10monaba l -- --

Pagre Wa t


Saturday April 10, 19,

Saturday, April 10, 1971- T H E S T A R Page NINE
The views expressed on this page will make some readers angry or at
least argumentative, We print-them without comment. Editor.

I read2'in my official gazette Because of the kind of rulers we
of 25/3/71 that Mr. Pond is, award- have in some WIAS or.WISA'States, do
ed for his social services of the not print my name.
State, or perhaps more so for cor- Papa .Dc is the Dictator in his
posing the words of Our National- country and he shoots as many.people
Song. I really felt happy, for in as he likes and nobody, says one word
the aast I have mentioned his name to him, but if the US Virgin Islands
among others for an award like Mr. find they have too many illegal im-
L.M. Christian the musician. This: migrants who went there to work and
is now awarded by His Excellency stayed on instead of returning to
Bir Louis'Cools-Lartigue, OBE, Gov-, their homes, aren't we told they are
ernor. when I got the. being herded up as in the days of
news that the lea& ers of- a mil- slavery and sent back home? Now un-
itant sect were teaching or telling less our history books 'are very
their followers not to sing our. wrong the slaves were not just her-
National Song I was shocked and my- ded-up-'.by white men, they were herded
mind started to wonder whether our up and sold'to 'the white slave trad-
great men such -as Pond and Christi:- er's- by their fellow African' This put in the shade.However is a point we the descendants of the
I quickly.brushed aside this embar- slaves should understand. Their fel-
rassing thought and said within: low Africans'hXerded them up like an-
myself Never Happen'. I'"wi-sh to imals and sold them to the-white
repeat that those innocent kids' in- men so they shotild be even more,mad..'
volved in this stubborn and un- at him than at the white man. Both
nationalistic tendency will have lots of traders'were wrong. The white
to suffer educationally by being man would never have been so success-
scorned at, laughed at, and even ful in his slave trade without the
being expelled from their school's. help of the: African who drove down
RefUsing to render to Caesar what us the slaves and sold us to him.
is Caesar's is something Our Lord Another point is, that the de.s-.
Himself despised. When I chat with pendants of the slaves in thesa is-'
some people about this affair I find lands, as a. rule, are far better off
them much concerned and wonder when than their counterparts in'Africa if,
will this scandal end, we go by what Sir Arthur Lewis and
I. believe I read some- time-past other authorities tellus, so why
that there, are some countries that not be content and settle down to be
have placed. a ban on the 'entry of sensible and agreeable We'st Indians
such people; .I can't remember if "and stop copying the backward tribes
Russia was-mentioned..I have learnt of Africa who in turn are copying
a lot about this sect from a persor'nWestern culture'
friend of ours residinngin Africa- In these islands, there-seems
and also from one -in Indi'a. A f6rm- to be- encouraged a hatred for any-
er leader of this sect about'20 thing or anybody who is not of
years ago was fined 3 by'a -Mais- African descent, butsome of the
trate for using the name of dur late better Europeanzaeducated and raised "
Bishop at a meeting in-. New St. the dark race ito a much higher a
Later he a leaflet enoun- than is counterparts in Afica ne
cing the Supreme Court Order to add- I for one m thankful ad do no
ress the Honourable Judge as' My Lord abuse or hate them.
or Your Lordship.. After this_.._vent. WISA MAN LIVING IN ASSOC STATE
he was' sent to :prison :for 3- days'.
for contempt of Court by .a.-Judge. .KING EREDDIE RETURNS HOME
My advice to.our Government still We ar suree all ho were sa when
stands. HUGH LAVWRENCGE KRoseaug 9eddie the Kabaka of uganu
: mis.erbly in London some months
EDITOR'S.NOTE: Unless those two --; g : ill bc--ad that his body hat
liberal Anglican' gentle-menMr;. Pond g .on -bak to his,' Tomn.
& Mr. Christian have anything to say, this subject is now -closed. -PSA.

Saturday,April 10,1971

Pag Te E SA

***- S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S ******~** SISTER BORGIA REPLIES (conclusion)
Tnd ain&f veran. Windwards. (From Pages 3 & 6) but this does not
Three whole days of Internat- necessarily mean that it is less, -roQ;
ional Cricket 'is promi. ed Dominica .no two persons will do 'everything
(weather permit in) and ,all be- alike and very. good that itis sm
cause -the Visitors plane was an I am indeed more than sorry that
hour and a half late. Instead of our young people are not given more
an afternoon 's play, on Wednesday, encouragement. Let us be patient; let
we are having a full day's play on them make mistakes (we made mistakes),
Good Friday. they will learn and mature to greater
Wadekar won the toss on Thursdyr responsibility. Let us give them
morning and put the Windwards in the Opportunity! Sister Borgia.
to bat on what was a very easy- ,-
paced wicket, Alfred and Elwin IMPATIENT QIVIL SERVANTS from p
-opened ',the batting cautiously,put- The Government"regrets the sudden
ting on only!20 runs in the first action of the C.S.A, while the matter
hour. This foundation-building was was still being pursued". The C.S.A.
a worry to W dekar who had to, ring says that the overtime "Ban was put
the .changes on the bowlers often, into effect following the-failure of
It was inr.faqt 82 minutes before a meeting on Monday with Establishment".
the Indians got their first wicket The matter has been under discussion
that of, Alfred. bowled Bedi for since Nov. 1971.
20; 355for 1. Four runs later El- MURDER,HYPOCRISY & EDUMENISM by ex-GI
win fell to, Jeejeebhoy for 19 off r~ ) behind bars on various
Dunkat Irving Shillingford *and charges. Their bodies are imprisoned
Hohlis Williams had a short pan but their minds will remain free.
-ship only, as the latter was bowl-Many Americans belieVe that the US.
ed by Durani for 3 whilst Duncat & Constitut!onal procedure was violated
Bedi were pinning the batsmen down. at the Chicago conspiracy trial, and
The first ball after lunch received
by Iwshsdownfall: this very week the legal men concerned
by I.Shillinford was his downfall:ith the trial of Lt.Wm.Calley. hate
48/4. Soon fht er rain stopped stated that the Presideri'b interven-
tion was Weakening respect for legal
laer) Polius and fute made a St~d processes, and compromising the system
. of.' 35 in 21 minutes, a morale- of military justice.
building effort which ended when Why aren't we in Dominica more prone
Bute *as' caught ih the covers by
GaaBute wasca 13 off the cover by to practise tolerance and brotherly
Gavaaskar ro 15 off Bedi. Polius, c p a
whohad.been de4ng Wih uran love? Your correspondent 'Rama' wrote
who hadomfotbeen deablyingnd wih uraness in the STAR lately that Christianity
quite comfortaly,d found Bed at 98/6less has not only NOT advanced but has re-.
S& Bed 21; three fours out trogressed. We have a promirent mem-
of his 21.was certainly attacking ber of the leading religious faith
cricket and heralded a comeback-for ^ggesting to Government that it de-
the Windwards, but alas our Graysoi port the members .of another sect be-
was a flop, he was out swinging at cause he considers their intepretat-.
Bedi clean bowled for 5: 102/7. ion .of the scriptures unpatriotic. I
Teatime score,104/7. 56 in 56 minsa. thought Rama answered him effectlyely.
by Norbert Phillip & Michael Findl t a time when World ,Faiths, are at
raised hopes the crowd cheered east discussing their differences,
some nice- strokeplay. A six from this inquisitor should practise some
Phillispo as the signal for saome tolerance. My knowledge of the sect
fast scoring. They brought, the involved compels me to say that here
score up to 140 for 8 when Phillip at least they are more law-abiding
fell to Duranr. But the efld was notthan many of their counterparts of
in sight: Findlay found a good par-the other faiths. E-G. I. ,Goodwill
tner in young Marshall Francis with
whom another '64 runs was put on the TRUDEAUS TO VISIT SOVIET UNION
the tins. Findlay put up his 50 in Mrs. Margaret Trudeau, young bride of
108 mint.s, and at close was 61 and the Canadian Prime. Minister, will to
Francis 26 with the score at 204 to Russia & Siberia in May..
for 8 (from 140 for 8) a reepect-Printed & Published by the Proprietor
able total. RE AaI y of the Mill House Copt WI
.,g Hall ,at 2?Bath tha. Moseau Doie -n WI.

I /-


Page Ten

A it be HI a ir Oak ==

At The s dwa Parish Hal

daissstiussed pano aLs c4 h B:i
Goverf & Lady UOs^^taroigu

SIaimdy 24th Apr-V, Cowmmeuig P to

MlS A# S AF?

OMw: 9 RDA. T A I.
TiM: 9 m XL/w *f

MasMkason f#sp/W
Thavse wZ be a wmU sacchd'd %adit


/ LI~2)Z~


M?%IEN'S BOOT $495 -p s'^ I
Tf <-f j


So see us for your needs today


C 0 0

.16 95


~E~WRrrs~rrma~rr~l~~~-ms-ursl-~--~sl .~__. Ib~X~s~


u mf4 'Y A 10 1917 1

lakmy the



4I Supemn (4i TH T RStray pi 01

N. N 0 T I C E
Applications are invited from
suitable danididates actively engage.
ed in co-6perative work either oni
a voluntary or paid basis, for two
scholarships in co-operatives and
co-oppeative education, tenable in
The scholarship will be for
approximately four months. The
course will provide general train-
ing in co-operatives for candidates
at the supervisory or field officer
level, and will be suitable in par-
ticular to Managers, Secretaries,
or paid employees of co-operative
Applicants should have at least
three years practical experience
in co-operative supervision or
Applications giving details of
qualification and experience should
reach the Permanent Secretary,Min-
istry of Agriculture, Lands and Co
operatives, Government Headquarters
Roseau, not later than 20th April
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Agriculture,Lands and.
iRef:ALC.2/16, Co-operatives.
G.53, 847-1/2.
A a1+. MW-,.-h 10Q71




Applications are invited from ASTAPHANS : In a long release the
suitably qualified persons to un- Government denies "completely" the
dergo a three-year training coursE Herald's headline story 6f April 3
in Pharmacy leading to the Chemist about the alleged sale of 20 acres
and Druggists qualifying examinat- of land at Bath Estate to Astaphan's.
ion* The minimum qualification for They request frontpage prominence foi
admission as a' student is two (2) the denial. Govt. admits"rleasing-
passes in G.C.E."0" Level, or an 8 acres of land" at Stockfarm to the
0" Lbavel pass in English Language same Company for a 40-60 room hotel.
or Chemistry. It would be prefer- BARON ON TOURISM (from Z). The W.I.
able if candidates have passes in group- paid a similar visit to Mon- "0" Level in English Lan- treal, and in late April a New York
guage, Chemistry and Mathematics. tours travelling free through BWIA,
Equivalent qualifications will is planned. Mr. Baron said Government
also be considered. grant to tourism here was toonmall
During the period of training -to be of any use. However the Canada
San allowance will be paid accord- visit was worth while, and members
Iing to qualifications in the scale showed an interesting patched-up
I$1,680 x 120 2.,400 x 180 -$3,120 Assoc.States filmton the beauties of
The minimum age for admission the islands. It would help, said
;is 18 years. | Mr. Baron, if Dominica (like most of
I .Applications should be addressee the other States) also had a Hotels
io The Permanent Secretary, Association.
Ministry of Education & Health, n GRET -N ROOM "Pd ,c .t hIe-t
Government Headquarters,ROSEAU, Her. E Ii t3uu/ lOO..b,U-.4I/^ -I
and sho-- 1 rb e later han__ 'girad an 23rjigI
.... .....t o c ~ a y, ~ _" o d ca-_i9__. t

N 0 T I -C E
Applications are invited from
suitably qualified young men for en-
listment in the Dominica Defence Eure.
2. Applicants must be between the
ages of 17 and 38 years; in the case
of applicants who are seventeen but
not yet eighteen, the approval of
parent or guardian will be necessary.
3. Applicants must have attained a
reasonable standard of education,be
of good character and mgst be physic-
ally fit for service.
4, Service in the Force will be vol-
untary, but once enlisted, volunteer
will be required to subscribe to all
rules and regulations of the Force.
5. CADETS and Ex-Servicemen. Special
consideration will be given to app-
licants who served in Cadet Forces
and other Services. A favourabledis-
charge certificate will be required
in the case of ex-servicemep. These
applicantswill normally be given
priority over those who have not been
oriented in the Services. ,
6. Applicants should present themselves'
in person to the Recruiting Officer,
Defence Force Headquarters, High St.,
Roseau, on the following dates & time:-
Thursday 22nd April 1971:4.30pm-6pm. I
Monday 26th April,1971: 4.30pm-6 pm.,
Officer Commanding.
H.8/33/07, G.54, 848-1/2. 2nd April

Saturday, April 10,1971


C Supplement (;0)

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