Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 21, 1979.
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the, study o0 Man,
.362 Bast, 78 Street,S '.1
Tew YOrk 10021, N.Y.., e
U.S, .4.- -.. -.
08/5 ftrtbur* .-A W .
Vcl XII No.14

Virttor-e PH` S rsHANr''- ALLFR

,a2 n

Over two hundred taxpayer~ of Portsmouth,
supported by tenants who feel their rents will
rise if the new house land assessment rates: are
imposed as of April I, have signed a petition to
the authorities protesting against the intended
Their move. ;s backed by the Dominiqc
Freedom Party branch in Portsmouth.

Political Cowardice
St Kitts
ii the end of the enumeration period
that their names were omitted from, the .pre-
liminar> list of voters either because they were
not at home when the enumerators visited or
tkat, a. many instances sho., the% were dl1iber-
ateh by -pa;,d< Concquuentl. these-persons ent-;ir Jairvs for inclusion as otherss on the
appropriate formal, which the- then dispatched to
the proper authorities as was required:. Suddenly
the Go;,crnment in it, desperate effort to clineg
to polmcli! poc er refused to accept .their legiti-
mate clair, aznd rushed through -,rnc regulations
requiring them to appear in person hel.ore the
Registrutt'.. Oficer to erif\ their claims..


Readers want to know
what Mia Titne looks
Well, just like this!

Tea Cents

Princess Anne watches a schoolboy football
inatch in Nairobi, Kenya, when she visited the
starche boy's centre and school.


SMedium size Phillips Fridge
in good working order.

Phone: 278 Didi L

A generous, gift of 52,5oo td help Dominican
Girl Guides complete their already steel-fra-ned
Guide House in G.H. grounds was sent from. St.
Lucia by letter to Mrs. Agatha Robinson, ret ir-
ing Island Guide Commissioner. It will be used
for-a wing to accommodate Guiders, Officers and
Trainers when visiting, and a large hill.
Mrs. Van Geest represents Carribean Guides
on the Commonwealth Overseas Committee, and
is said'to be "the best representative we have had
yet". -

Saturday Aper 3. 1971

_ __ ___ ___~U

-- i ,, .,- --


A S 162 EAST 78 ST

so. P. U

Page P Tw T HE ST AR Saturday, April 3,1971
V. I o0 L E N 8 by ANROCLES
Some Jiberal-type theologians have in recent years been discussing
the subject' of violence. Coming out of this discussion have been the
S concepts that (I) violence need not take the form of dipeet physical hurt
and (2) where violence of any type is unjustly and persistently used,
Sa response o any type is justified on the part of victims, if there is
*no other meaps of freeitg themselves. Those who support this viewpoint,.
Sfor example,. apply it to places like South and Portuges Africa where
S the nativess are systematically deprived of many of their rights, and
S they concluded: that in such a situation the use of violence is theologic--,
ally in order; Some readers will recall that in pursuance of this line
S of thought; .the World Council of Churches not long dgo voted a substantial
S sm of money for distribution among the "Feedom Fighters" of countries
S in which citizens were being oppressed and deprived of their God-given
-rights. It.iw.s realized and acknowledged by the donors that the use of
violence towards the oppressors was not excluded in the programme of such
liberating organizations receiving the funds, and though there has been
some criticism of the action of the World Council, notably by the Arch-
bishop of Canterbury, the 'stand of the Council .has not changed.
The same'consideration is applied by some to the social and economic
structure of many Latin American countries. There it is mainly the
question of keeping the masses in abject poverty by denying them access
to land which is the bone of contentionS. Here again, liberal-type theo-
logians feel that armed rebellion or indeed any form of violence which
can have the effect of bringing to an end the misery and injustice in-
Sflicted is,theologically speaking, in order: one type of violence is only
being met by another, which latter has the aim and object of ending or
- 5 reducing huma4 suffer unjustly "inflicted. :
Thus any Government, democratically-elected or otherwise, or regime
which depriV-s citizens of their God-given rights in personal freedom,
Private prop~~rty, conscience expression, association... i, in the view
of the new-achool of thought a fit object for the exercise of violence.
Note that, in this view, forms of government are irrelevant and that a.
Government brought into power by voting may become as ruthless and de-
testable as; one in which power has been seized. The test is whether or
not the regime or Government is depriving subjects of their inalienable
rights without just cause.

I pity the youngchaps'whom I see all day long hanging about street
corners and without employment. It is tragic to have to spend the early
years of manhood and adolescence in such frustration. It seems to me that
this is going to be the big problem -of the future and one must feel seared
of its possible consequences.
To a large .extent this is due to Government policy. Because of th-
terrible name which the Government has created for itself as regards
investment by seems as though.Dominica is blacklisted and
no-one with money for investing comes here. The Government has had to re-
ly almost exclusively on C.D.C. for for eign investment, and CGD.C. is
onl3. the British Governmm~t in disguise. If the Government of Britain can
__ give us so mh-'in direct ,grants, it can obviously afford to take the
risks which the private inv--estor will not take. The test of the invest-
ment climate of an underdeveloped country is not the investment which comes
from friendly Gove~mments, bu't the attitude of the private investor to it.
Asy an example of what I mean, consider the Government of Dominica&
policy of refusing to grant licences for buying lands to Americans, Can-
;adians, Englishmen and others. In this practically empty country, it must
be'considered. crime to keep out the very people who by their activities
could help reduce the unemployment among the youth to which I am referring.
In thi0p connection readerB will probably have read in another local
organ a le-tter by Mr. Trevie Bruney of Moore Park on this very subject.
It is a ri dec r from a man of family suffering grievously because with
enough land to sell to help his family, he is denied and prevented by the
Government on some silly pretext. We must-all sympathize with Mr. Bruney.
.I know of a rather similar case in the Portsmouth area. (ConnLded on p.4)

Saturday, April 5, 1971

C 0 M 0 N W E A L T H


Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson of Canada ,(he' is
a retired editor) spent a few days
in a: private home near Castaways. *
Mr. Pat Lewis of Antigua, 'now a post
graduate student at Univ.of 'Qincin-
nabti,USA, gathering material for his
D.Ph. thesis, interviewed several

persons on trade union movements in
the Caribbean and local scene. *
Mr.Christopher J.W.Nuthall of Holly-
wood, Florida, who is partner in a
Broadcasting Programming Service in..
the Caribbean, and its Director,
held talks with persons interested
in art, education, culture etc. *

LONDON: Britain's 2,5 million Immi- BARBADOS: Garfield Sobers, West i
grants may strike in protest against Indies Test Captain, said this week','
the British Immigration Bill, said "it was a great tragedy" that the
theWest' Indian Standing Conference. W.I. were not able to play.,PSAfrica.
Chairman Mr. Len Dyke disclosed that He was proposing a- toast to Cricket
his .E cutive had already decided at the Board s dinner for the Indian
to.ask ali immigrants in Britain to Touring.Team. Sobers described South
observe: a i"day of mourning"! for Africa as "the greatest Team in the
the .Bill, which proposes more strin- World", saying it was only their Gov-
gent immigration controls, **** ernment's racist policy that barred'
BASSETERRE, St.Kitts,:. Chambers of sporting contact-between: W.I. & S.A.
Commerce men discussed- the format- DOMINICA: CSA members and executive
ion of a Federation of the Associate ratified AGM decision, to'-Joini-with
States last week. Mr.,'Charles A.-.. Caribbean Public Services" Ass'0iaion.
Mavnar.d enrepeentfa Domg inir :
P o0 T 0 F I C N 0. T I C E *****

It is notified for general information that the following unclaimed
parcels will be sold ly public auction at the Customs on Tuesday the 8th
,April 1971. at o.30 o'clock in the afternoon.
*Ai**1**97 o ,,3eO* o '9 e oo t te co con ,**
Name Quantity ..Description Parcel No.
**** **** o ** **o 4 ** 0 ** 0 *** ** 0 0 0 0o o 0 **** 0 0 0 05* 0* 0 5 50 o 0 o0
Mary. Roberts 1 pol. House' Coat *
Catherine Hypolite 1 pol. Clothing 779
Graham Compton 1 pcl. Table Cloths & bath Towels'. 4244
C. RichardaStore 1 ctn. Ladies Sweaters. 80760.
do,. 1 ctn do. 761
B.B6K.A/A.C.S. & Co. 1 etn' Radio Valves a 9553/7222
Bruce Lauren 1 ctn. Xmas Decoration & Toys 3276
Janet Cufy 1 ctn. Clothing. 2 262.
M, Norde 1 pel. G.ift.
T.S.Taylor 1 pel.: Xmas .Gift 785 .
Roosevelt Richards 1 ctn. Clothing 1206
do. lctn,.. do. : 12087
do. 1 atn.. d. .- 12038
N.M. .1 ctn. Men's Socks 2256S
R.B.C.A/J.L. Bertrand,, ... qt. O 4266
Mathew'Hill 1 pcl. .orig. Times Watch -927746
Harry Oliver 1 pciX. .: ontg. .hadea *r22'025
Maroelle Rdberts. 1 pcl. Bedspreads
S. -Romain 1 pel., Condiment Set. :, ,10300 /
J.Y. Taylor pci. Kodachrome Movie Film,.
Charles 1 pcl. CloQ4hing ,..., 2 9
Dominida Dispensary '1 pl. Oldpice Shaving Foam 1416
Sylvania Fresh Feed& I ctn. Fan Belt 24427
A,C.S. 1 ctn. Poly Filter "
H. Raffoul- 1 ctn.. Rain Bonnets 8591
)S. Tavernier 1 ctn. Xmas Decorations 1481
N.M. 1 ctn. Mixed Articles.
C.A.;. Sever in,
ST 0T T 7t' 0 mr mTO ', cIn AmT .. -

8aturday,----- -pii-,191 TH T R ae he

Page Three


Page Four T H E .S T AR Saturday, April 3,1971
V I ,0 L E N C E 1 by ANDROCLES (from page two)
I suppose the Ministers could not care less about these instances
h: of human suffering like Mr. Bruney's or the young chaps at street corners
in the frustrations of.unemployment. These Ministers are concerned with
the larding ald buttering of their own bread as we recently saw in the
.60% increase in salary they gave themselves in the 1971 budget. And now
we hear that they are planning to give themselves pensions of 66% -of the
salaries they -have enjoyed. Meanwhile to get the wherewithal for these
princely emoluments, they impose increased duties on some commodities
and in the p ocess send the cost-of-living soaring both by the duties
directly imposed and by the induced atate of mind towards price increase
of other coam.odities not originally involved*. o that while the Ministers;
are generously increasing their enjoyment not 'only of necessaries but of
other good things from the bonanza they have given themselves, the mass
of people aro experiencing the reverse. When the Government set about
increasing .the duties, the Opposition pleaded with them not to do it,
giving as: one reason that 'the price the banana grower was receiving at"--
this time wa4 too low to permit him to pay increased prices for his
necessities. 'This argument cut no ice with the Government, neither did
the additional Opposition reasoning that by more judicious pnd econom-
ical' spending, the amount proposed to be raised by the new tpxes' cpuld
be secured aq savings. All this fell upon .deaf Government bars. Now
the people are prostrate .and groaning under the taxation burdens. For
many it serves .them right, but there lare thousands of Dominibans who'
tried their best to prevent all:this from happening but-were overwhelmed
byt the ignorance of others.. Such more enlightened people deserve great
sympathy, but with nearly 5 years of LeBland-Armour rule before them,
Sthe future cannot be bright. In addition there is the spectre of repat-
riation of D4ninicans abroad in places like England and the U.S. Virgin
Islands to jcin the already existing army of urban unemployed, so that
theQ days ahead are no pleasant to contemplate.
*' ...
If ever ithe law-abiding people of Dominica become lawless and treat
th'e laws with: contempt, they will have taken leaves out of the book of
the LeBlan9 Gbvernment.
One canniot recollect any Gopvernment so contemptuous of laws like
this one of ours. Consider its attitude towards the Roseau Town Council.
Because the present Town Council. is an Opposition Party Co-ncil and has
done a good job in greatly cleaning up Roseau and repairing the streets
it inherited in such bad condition from the previous Labour Town Council,
the Government ,is now threatening to take away the streets of Roseau from
the jurisdiction of the Town Council despite the law which vests the
streets and sanitation of Roseau in- the Town Council. When Roseau was
at its dirtiest and most abandoned in the regime of the previous Council,
(a Labour Cotincil) the Government took no such steps Must one conclude-
that'the LeBlanc Government likes to .see Roseau in filth and dejection?
Or is the other view correet,, .namely, that the 'LeBlanc Government always s.
wants to control the gangs of workers for its own end?
In the same way, because banana growers have been very critical of, .
the LeBlanc-Armour stooges on the Board of Management of the Banana Asso% .-
iation and are now trying to .replace them by more competent and sensible, 1
persons, the Government has resolved to repeal the provisions of the Ban-,.
ana Ordinance-which provides for the election of members of the Board and
to replace them by a system of Government nominations, so that it will
still be in position to have its incompetent and practically illiterate
stooges contr l this vital industry. Do readers see the similarity beiWeen
this and Gairy's action in Grenada towards the nutmeg and banana induea-
tries? In both cases the intention .is Government control of the indus-
tries, so that Government can dictate how much of the price realized will
to to the grower. A flare-up in Grenada appears to be imminent.
One gets the feeling that the LeBlanc Govt, intends to do what it
pleases with 5 years of rule ahead; without listening to argument or, to
reason. See their disregard of Opposition arguments in the House to real-
Size the truth of this And that way certainly means danger.

SitraArl .17 ThE STAR~ Psgo -veq

30 Shares Fort Young HotW,
Apply The Muaue,
Royal S of Canada

5 acres of land in the Parh o St
John in the heights of Gillefte cf
vated in coconuts and banan.

East Caribben ming :

pmrelants .
awfl be require mibil

offer oar p beanrfsu rolusaaca
athe icgFm
andts fordnWa sad -evar Head of

aowanc res ond

*sz- ^

NiOJtarbus Service Honours,
The f provision tae Mritoa o
Serve aI o s1970, is drawn to
the nation of the the Public:-
3. The nimes of persons considered deserving
of an honour for meritorious service to the
State of Dominica shall be submitted to
Sthe Secretary not later than 3oth June
in any year.
2*. unications in this regard should be
:: add .under confidential cover to
Secretary to the Cabinet, Cabinet
ecretaria, Premier's Office, Govera-
eant Headquarters, Roseau.
r S s Sewwcrxry to the CAU NET

At an Executive meeting of the Do:inia
Trade Union held on ix6nth March 1971, the
twse"yMR Annual Conference of Dlegates to
be bld dat Rose#u, is set for 25th April, 1971.
D.P. Lawrence,
-'^I MM^M i n n i 1 i i umi


The Cork-Screw


I R K EXi i -the automatic Cork
Eassa removes corks from bottles in a
simple, safe and clean way.
It rates pressure of air below the cork to
lit out.

COR.KEX a resin
instroment of out standing design from
A useful addition to your home bar.

only $5.oo

I' I l I I II II2

M. E. Chales
P. 0. Bo W ,
Old Street, & Cork



amseardar April 3. 1971

Pace ve

Page Six T H E S T A R Saturday April 3,1971.

"Ma Titine" Short Story: A R E V E N G by :Cynthia Watt .
S Gome i41" sa d Ancine's Minister:friend, putting -down his cup,,..
"Oh it's you Ancine! Have a real hot cup of coffee.", Buit:Ancine in-
formed him that they were off to the parcel post to investigate Ma Tit-
ine 's new. parcel from Garge. Now the Minister did not get much help ftm
"his friend A.G..,(who doubted whether in peacetime any currency regulat-
ion was money in a parcel.while the island needed dollars
t"It's the risk for the poor fool of a sender.") Anyhow, anxious not to
lose Ancine's admiration, he bachud out his car..and the two plotters went
into the par el post. dept., which was struggling with a new, shipload and
did not partiLoularly welcome them. While Ancine undid the huge parcel,
the Minister'looked on, giving the impression that he was about to un-
Scover bales of marijuana.. But the parcel was only filled with clothes,
shoes and household.linen; and right on the top of everything was a neat
S but worn pair of khaki pants, with a paper pinned on:- "To my old friend
Pat Nathaniel Edward, remembering the days when he had no pants to his
backside." Naturally the helpers in the parcels dept. could not resist
offensive giggles, they having made excuses to come near the investigat-
ory operation. With a-muttered .curse the Minister turned on his heel and
beat off to his car, leaving Ancine to scavenge all around for someone
with .. car to help her .home with the goods. .
When she reached home she went through the parcel with' a great deal
/ more care. And she found $100 US dollars hidden in a pair of shoes, fifty
apiece and stockings stuffed in. Now Ancine was inclined to be fairly
S honest, but. he was'feeling mad inside, so she removed the money and put
it in her purse; then she went over to, Titine-' house, staggering under
'* :the parcei. "Hey dere, Titine gal," she shouted, "Look me. Gal, look
heat! I sweating like a. jackass."
Titine iwas -feeding the hens. She bustled over, seized .the goods.
n her big ams, and they went inside. "Yes, Sar," she commented." It
really making hot .'Way, Way what a big parcel, Ancine, I really thank-
S.. fl you know about parcels,and warrants and so fort'. Garge treating' me
good." She .huckled. "Better yo' boy-friend go St. Thomas,.."
S Acine forced a smile. "Oh, he doing' all right."
"Unh ,ui, is a white wedding you still dreamin'.i. -t you t'ink'
~dat will ippen in-dis land? He too big-shot now* Will look forq a lady
well educated. dat's how dey is."
.Ancine was how furious, 3but did not show it. O.K. Titine, she told
S herself you.,have your big parcel wid plenty nice tings, but I have'
S Hundred dol rs. .., ... '
un; r"Way, W, look-nice tings,#. cried out Ma Titine..."but he don't mohey di.s time. parcel. Perhaps; when he write again -."
and she gave Ancine three lovely dresses, a pair of shoes (the.very shoes
in which the hundred dollars had been hidden) and,1.a beautiful shawl.
Ancine huggedxd .kissed her.
"Titine,...ou iive m', too uch, you know."
"But you' helping me, man. Loe's have a drink on large head, God bless
him'"Ancine went straight to a bank after she left Titine, and cashed the
$100 US. She kept $60 in home.c rrency and deposited the rest. "I goin'
make good money on you, TUitine. I sure goin' make me bank account rise
on you," she said 'in such a harsh whisper that' the-bank cashier coughed.
I Should she relate the story to her Ministet friend? She was accus-
tomed to .tell him ;nearly everything. He in turn consulted her On small-
routine Government matters. In the end she did so.
"You bettee- be careful!" said the Minister. But he was still in a
vexed mood over Garge and -the pants.
;:i "But I fine Garge damn rude dto sen' you dat pant. What he mean?"
"'Oh, that's politics," skid the Minister, more j-oking than he felt.
Politics! Ancine had been in behind-the-scenes. politics for so
long that she was getting sick of it. Wasn't she the one who arranged the
appointments for the Obeah baths? .,Right in the presence of the Minister,
she emitted a sigh, a belch and a yawn.


^- *

Lie on your bed your task is over
For those you loved you did your
Time take's away the edge of grief,
But memory turns back every leaf.

P fe- Seven

Sa ka happening baby' I there
oui Zandoli' Nothing much happening ori
but I there all the same. My dear co,
the other night,I went to cinema of
papal And before the picture had The.
play fifteen minutes the big boys eig
in the front decide they don't like ber
it, and they want a good Bang.: Bang ur
with a patchay HEGAS and no slow Pe
stuff like that. So my dear they Pt
start a slow dcap and they beat -on Gre
the benches. But still the people Vin
did not stop the picture so they .il
shout and whistle and curse loud The
for everyone to hear. Buit still the low
picture keep playing so they jump woe
up on the stage nuh. And start to T
beat on the stage hard, Papa look witt
at noise. Is then the picture stop sig
and they turn on the light. The coi
big boys shout and say they waht bra
their mo .ney back and all. I would the
have, ring the police but maybe und
those new fellas would have been. -~gor
ttmid to deal with the big'cawants' af
that make all this 'dayba *' i
So my dear they show another Arm
picture .instead to please the und
big boys in the front and I hear of
that this kind of thing happening .
often nowadays oui, It seem like wil1
the unruly ruling the ruly papa: eac
You don't find the wind been -
strong this. week, Zandoli? I tell ofU
you: The devil is bad. peai
He sends the wind Pea
To blow the skirts up high;, n ]
But God is just: bra3
Sends Roseau dust' ter
To shut the bad man's eye! aho
The Obituarybelow was probably ; ion
held up in London: it should have' br~
been printed for March 2.3rd, but are
we only received it this week.

.wb passed away on the 29rd March. pait
+ h.un

; __ Marcella A.

We miss;you more than words can know Behind our smiles there lids a tear
We miss; you more than words can know For the Dad "we lost and'l~wVed so
As each year passes affection grows. Our hearts still ache as we dear.
The tears in-. our eyes we can wipe Our heats still ache as we dear.
S' away b whisper low -
But the aches n our heats God bless you Dad, we miss you so.
But the aches n our hearts sawill


^AU ALy.J # .L Jy v


:. .V ^ ^:'-^''^

A ur A-il 1 197, 1 Q


The East Caribbean Currency Auth-
ty announces the issue of a $460
n to commemorate the; Inauguration
the Caribbean Development Bank.
issue will,comprise a series of
ht coins, one for each of the mem-
territories of the East Caribbean
rency Authori ty. The coins will
released in the following order:-
igua, Barbados, St.Kitts, Dominica,
nada, Montserrat, St. Lducia, St.
cent. The first coin (Antigua)
1 be issued on 6th April, 1971.
remainder of the issue wiXl. fol-
at intervals of approximately six
he coins are cupro-nickel
h a' milled edge.. The obverse de-
n, which is common to. all of the
ns, comprises an F.A.O. design em-
cing the agricultural :aspects of
Caribbean, sugar and bananas,
er the. inscription "Grow More Food
'Mankind". The reverse design is
ferent for each of the eight ter-
ories and comprises the Coat of
s/Emblem and name of .the territory
er the inscription "Inauguration
the Caribbean Development Bank". ,
These coins are legal tende-m. and
1. be sold at face. value (4.00)
h. A presentation case,is being.
plied with each coin and the cost'
the case,. is' 500' These, coins are
ng.sold throughout the East Carib-
n durrency.Area and may be purchased
personal application from. the main
onh of'Barclays Bank D; the
ritory of issue. Overseas orders
ild, however, be placed with the
wn Agents London, whose app.licat-
form may be obtained `from. any
ich of Barclays Bank D.C.O. in the

Financial Se.cretary.
. Box 620 C,
)ad6s. 17th March, 1971
, 836-/1.

Page h T H E S T A R Saturday,Apri 3,' 1971 x
The Dominica Chamber of Commerce
ibishie:. A few weeks ago sponsors another Seminar on April 6
about one dozen'trucks were engaged at 4.30 pm.; they are inviting mem-
in transporting tarish from the pit bers and their employees to attend.
- at Anse Soldat to the banana boxing Mr. J.A.Barsey will speak on "Plan-
plant now under construction at ning for profits", after which there
Hodges. Each truck carried just a will be a refreshment break and dis- ,
few spadefuls of tarish; in 'fact cussion.Venue to be announced.
just enough to cover the tailboard
for $10400 per trip. Some truckers Shell collecting, an art-form hobby
did not even go as far as Anse Sol" which is gaining enthusiasts in the
dat, but collected the stuff brought State, is being promoted by the
down by a landslide a few yardstfti- Christian Musical Class,and a' dis-
the Calibishie Health Centre.A real play will be on view at Mr. L.M.
scandal that was. Chri.tiah's house in River 'Street.
Again, .when the site for the We hope to view this show soon.
Plant was -being cleared, men were
engaged t.o cut down coconut trees ST. JOSEPH: Francisco is back, to
at $15,00 por tree. I think an axe ask a .few simple questions of the
-man could earn a fair sum if he Hon.Premier, Hon.Patrick John and
were to be raid a minimum of 500 -Hon.Member for Western E.Shillingford.
per tree to clear a good area of First, is St. Joseph on the map. of
coconut tredsi. No wonder the ban- Dominica? Is it supposed to receive
ana .grower -can't get money for his egalitarian treatment like the other
bananas, wt. Light. villages? Are not all the villagers.
Cw. Light.. Dominicans? Francisco believes St.
THIBAUD-VIEILLE CASE: A house was Joseph is one of the major villages
A burned to ashes in the early hours in the island with the potential of
S of Friday 26th; in it were left 5 a second town, but the authorities.
young children, who fortunately es- seem to treat it as negligible.
caped and were hospitalized in When you look at the place, you
Portsmouth. It is believed that one ask what are those in authority,
of. the children t-rid to light a especially the Hon.Member for West-
gas stove, ern District doing? It makes one
Elwyn Massicot (aged about 30) sick to enter the Villagefrom one
died in a car crash in St. Croix of the four entrance points; the de-
on Thursday 54th March at 6.30 p.m. plorabbe state of the road impedes,
whilst on, his way home. His Works even a vehicle designed to tackle
foreman who was also travelling withsuch roads. The Hon.Member passes
him escaped unhurt. Elwyn's body there with his car. Can he say he is
was sent back for burial in his. not perturbed by the conditions? Is
homeland.., it because of Human Respect that he.
tolerates such bad conditions? The
ROSEAU- PORTSMOUTH : "More and More road from Layou to St. 'Joseph is
Schools... A good friend of mine awful, it's like a little road made.
from Portsmouth, .who worked with by pedestrians for pedestrians.
me at the Firm of Messrs.das.Gar- Come on, Member and.Minister. Do
ravwy & 'Co. for some years, .came -to. "something that will benefit St.Jo-
visit me about three years ago. He seph and cause Dominica to allure
b egged me please do not stop writ- visitors. Remember next to St. Joe
ing about a secondary school for .the is the,ever-relaxing beach and hotel.
North. I did',my best in pleading for We hear of air pollution.Francisco
more & more schools, and today we says what about ground pollution?
see a*Jonior: High School being erec- For a moment I stop thinking of my
ted at Morne EQ1 s for the whole of people as .being dingy. For if there
the North. With Roseau overcrowded, were proper sanitary facilities.,St.
transport fares high, hostels limit-Joseph people would be a lot cleaner.
ed, we are all pleased at Government The Government once gave us a toi-
action on Education. Hats off to let. But my God! It is more than
Minister Earl Leslie & Hon. W, S. a menace to the community. St. Jo-
Stevens. We are proud of them,and seph needs quite a few toilets.We
surely our present Min. of EftcatiOn have a sense of pride and clean-
Hon.H.L.Christian won't let us down.' lines: Tlease catA t. *i.
HUGH LAWRENCE, Roseau. Alil .


D R I P, -DRIP, drip and more
The mini-crisis continued over
last week-end. If by next Sunday the
situation isn't .ameliorated, I will
attempt to get Goodwill declared a
disaster area. .In the official pro-.
clamation I will try to add the fol,
lowing: "No fires, of any kind, or
for any purpose, will be tolerated
during this dry period."
I am hoping that some benevol-
ent country will appropriate funds
for a new Goodwill water supply
since the present one isn't worth
ten cents: I attempted to con-
tact Antigua' over the week-end to
arrange for them to send us some of
their water.
Time Was when one had to do wii.
the historic "pan closet", but now'
that most of us have gone into debt,
to acquire those things called sew-
ers and septic tanks, we would reasj
onably expect waterto keep :the
darned things the way they were in-
tended to be:, considering all our
rivers and streams. Yet. I .hav.e
already begun to dig a deep hole in
,my yard. I am going to dobusine'ss;
neighbour s are always..' lo,pking
over my wall'. Mrs. R'ama has put the
"refrigerator off-limits. She is
hoarding the ice cube&*, and I am
only allowed one per drink, and one
drink per half-day. Hold on, I think
I hear the water coming on again..'.
false alarm, it was only one of my
dogs: piddling against some galvanize
Well, at least it did sound like:
water "



Satu y Api 017

New lobk4, Face Lift and'CrinLn any tender in'whole or in part.
are all'.the go now. I see Baron is A..B. LAZARE
making good use of the Premier's For Financial Secr'hery.
cheaper paint scheme for 1971. May F27/19, G.47, :
many more residents of Roseau follow 829-2/2- 19th March, 1971
suit.. That corner, with Miss Charles, CERES: the counter (and not at mininis.,
Patrick Charles, Tobacco Factory, since I'm a woman), to of the
Baron, Barclays and further on Jussif higher ups walking about in his socks:
Nassief s certainly gives the capitai'Me ole'eyes were not wrong'"T^a publb
a boost. What of you Merchants around demands :courtesy and the public saves
old Market Square? Do follow "ole.' and-buyv where there is always a wel-
man Nassief" and Brush if' you Brush- coming -smile. So managers one and a-1,
ing* I hear that there is a drive onkeep. grumpy and rude females in 'the
By Barclays to get new members'. The. storeroom, far away from the public to
girls look very smart, the buildIing be served. Let your motto be service e
is fine, but alas': it ends there, with a smile" it goes a long way.
Courtesy and a friendly smile Keep on the look-out for more feminine
are all gone so shocked a perceptiveness next time I have a
c ouple weeks ago, when I looked.a-Verlook around: Adios, Amigos : CERES

Saturday April 5, 1971


N 0 T I C E
Tenders are invited for the issue
of Dominica., Government Treasury Bills
which will be made in the sum of five
hundred' thousand dollars ($500,000).
These Bills will be in denomin-
ations of $500,$1,000, $5,000,$10,OCO
and $100,000 each- and will be re-
payable at par ninety-one days after
the date of issue. Bills will be '
issued on Wednesday, 21st. April, 1971,
and payable on Wednesday, 21st July,
1971. Each tender must be for an
amount of not less than $500 and must
specify the amount which will be given
the amount which will be given -for
amount tendered. "
Bills will be issued in denomin-
ations appropriate to the amount re-
quested in the tender.
Application Forms are available
at the Ministry of Finance,. Trade &
Industry, the Accountant General's
Office and the Commercial Banks, and
when completed, should be forwarded to
the Ministry of Finance, Trade and-
Industry in sealed-. mvelopes addressed:
All applications must reach .the
Ministry of Finance,Trade & Industry
not later than 4 p.m. on Friday, 9th
Api 1971.
* Successful ..applicants will be
notified by letter not later than
12th April, 1.97L.'
'The Governmeftt of Dominica re-
serVes the ri":ht to accebt or re.1.-t



Vacancies in September
Graduates or Trained Teachers
for '
West Indian History
New Mathematics
r Spanish
,General Science
Hone Economics

To GCE 'O' Lc
Apply to:
The Principal,.
P. Box 92,
Roseau, Dominic.
s$__ atl


To fill a vacancy in a travel agency
applicants should have reached
G.C.E. standard in, English and Mathematics
Apply to: Box rol

-- _- ---- --3c~Z~-C-L~l-~ ~Y---~c-s-aa

Saturday Aaril -3. 1971

Manhod a strule -DISRABU
A *.0 *
HUsh the, may baby, take r*Kt whie yoa ay,
For *tr z enw w" =Maeod, uam pa wis

~%e"cs ,-~ rn,'c-2 ~~uii ~ 7/4i7/L4/A/2'L~t


;S I


&Ay. .ScOrr

1 -1


I Land Acquisition Ordinance
It is hereby notified for general information
that under the provision of Section 6 of the
Land Acquisition Ordinance (Cap. 170), Mr J.
A. Robinson, Crown Surveyor and Commissioner
of Lands, has been appointed Authorised Officer
for the purpose of.the 'Acquisition of the lot of
land described in the Schedulel below:

That portion of land situate at La Plaine in
the Parish of St. Patrick and containing 2.85
acres more or less and bounded as follows:--
North: By lands of the Governmai
of Dminica
South: By lands of Ruford Lander
East: By a Public Road to Delice
7 West: By lands of Boniface Vigilant

FBit: HI /24/19,G 50. 835.&1
DATE: 29h Marchk, It.,
1 1 1 i ii i 1 1 I ll I l I II I t l I. a . .. . . . .. ... .

Sxuiay ArtI 3 .- I9 THE STAR NEaT IC",- -*






t a-

Obtainable at:



P. H. Williams & Co.
J. W. Edwards & Co.
A. A. Baron Co.
Mrs Doris Johnson

P~cri~ Tw~1 VA

*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*TS* -
Windwards Team vs. Indians Wednesdayv
Veteran Dominica and Windwards
all-rounder has been left out of the
team for nett week's Little Test
against the Indians. Nevertheless 5
Dominicans Qn a team representing 4
islands is' not a bad score. Larocque
is replaced by Marshall. Francis who
was not in great form in St. Kitts.
The full Windwards team is: Irving
Shillingford (Capt.), Grayson Shil-
lingford, Norbert Phillip, David
Defoe, Vibert Bate, George Alfred,
Marshall Francis,. Rupert Polius,
Horace Williams and Joe- Gibbs.
Former Windwards batsman Clem
John is Manager and an emergency
fieldsman will be selected before the
- .dekar brings his boys in on
Wedesda morning and play starts
that same day at 1.40 pm. Play con-
tinues from 10 30 am until 6.45 pm.
on. two day- Thursday and Saturday,

Third Vital' Test Five W.I.Charns

Faced with their first ever defeat
of a Test series v. India if they do
not win the remaining two matches,
the W.I. selectors made 5 changes,
and towards the end of the second
da4s play, after being put in on a
moist wicket at Kensington Oval,
Barbados, they are running close to
the 500 for 5 mark after a laborious
passtakingly saow fight against
accurate, good length but not very
penetrating bowling. Carew, Noreiga,
Gibbs, Boyce' arid Grayson Shilling-
ford have bee: (dropped and Uton Dowe,
Inshan Ali and Maurice Poster make
their Test debut whilst Holder(now
recovered and'39nglisfl professional
John Shepherd, make up the 5, After
his brilliant part in Barbados' win
against the Indians he could not be
Fredericks and Lewis; opened and
the only bad blow of an innings de-'.





p Twelve:--- -

Fort Benning, Georgia: President Nixon
ordered the 'temporary suspension' of
the life-sentence on Lieut. Wm.Calley
convicted of killing 22 Vietnamese in
the 1968 My Lai massacre. A juryfomd-
him guilty of premeditated murder.
THE POPE: After receiving in Audience
President Tito of. Jugoslavia, the
Pope cancelled 3 privately audiences
because he had a cold. -Pope Paul had
asked Pres.Tito that the Roman Catholic
Church should be free to carry out its;
spiritual activities in Jigoslavia. *
meanwhile, Benjamin Mendoza, the
Bolivian painter being tried for an
attempt to kill Pope Paul last year,
;old the Court in Manila,Phillipines
ze wanted to eliminate the Pontiff
>ecasue he was "the head of hypocrisy
nd superstition" and "I was trying
o demonstrate the feelings of million's
endoza is said to be mentallyurbal-

flared at 4.532 pm with the score at MAN DIES IN SEA AT FOND COLE
501 for 5, and Sobers 78 no des- elderly man named Claude Sam-
pite the Iibreakthn spinnersough. Llwhom he son (of Salisbury) was found appar-
Ka gently drowned in the water near the
as he had scored his century. Kanhai banana sheds. It is stated that he
and Lewis batted doggedly through a was subject to epileptic fits
dll day scoring 85 and 88. Charlie wassubjecttoepilepti __fits.
Davis put up a good stand with SobersPOSSIBLE STRIKE: if c0tain CSA ov,
up to the breakthrough. Lloyd, still employee members aon tget overt xe.
a bit shaky scored 19 and Foster a Printed & Published by the Proprietor
solidi 36 n.o. The West Indies could R.E.Allfrey of the Mill House, Copt
not be in a better position. Hall, at 26 Bath Rd.Roseau,Dominica WI

... ,. ,,, .. ... ...

- -- --- ----- -

TAR Saturday, April 3. 1971
As our readers must know, Good Fri-
day falls next week, on April 9.
This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday
(April, 4), and the 7th is World
Health Day.- On April llth,Christians
will celebrate Easter and the Risen
Christ, April is a month packed with
national days for other countries -
Japan,Sierra Leone,Tanzania, Israel
& Holland. The Jews mark their Pass-
over on the 10th, Lenin's birthday
fell on the 22nd, and Buddha's on
-the 8th: St. George's Day -April23rd.
This year's edition, over 1,000Inges,
published by Thomas Skinner & Co. of
Croydon, has a coloured map with a
hurricane graph for readers to use in
stormy weather (you can 'get the map
separately). The reference book is
designed for the exporter,tourist,
traveller and all knowledgeable folk.
It covers the whole field of Govts.,
Chambers of Commerce, agricultural &
tourist matters, and banks.

i I I I [ I i i iii

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