Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 17, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 17, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: August 17, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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E|( yORK 21. 4 .
ric-^A l ^ Inae 4do
olln TurW'r(London)Lt CapitalaS ,
LJ22 Shaftesbury Avenue '. Socialisi,
tondon WIV 8 A Virtute 'e -omiite For-tuna Demoray
. ENG LA I Editor ePholishandAllfrey pgea 4tc 5r
_1. X1XIX No1 7 Friday, Auggt 17, 1979 _wtty Centsa .200
,f ministerr of Finance Hon. MichaeF:; .? -the 1979/80 academic year, L.
Douglas revealed at a press confer- Rose and Company Limited have
ence on Thursday that President arded a scholarship to MISS ALICE
:taunda had accepted Prime Minister ALCENDOR -of Soufriere to attend
Hon. Oliver Seraphin's invitation the Convent High School in Roseau.
to visit Dominica,,probably after
the Non-Aligned Conference.which This brings the number of L. Rose
takes place in Cuba in September. sponsored pupils in local schools
This is very good news. to seven.
At the press meeting, Mr.Douglas _
expressed dissatisfaction that
Britain was withholding promised SU G A R AT L A S T
aid funds (more on this on another, The people of Dominica were much
page). He also spoke of the forth- relieved to be able brown
coming Zimbabwe Conference (in sugar (no white) this week, after
Lon-on on Sept.1l)- with cautious. ->many days of sugarless coffee,tea
optimism. and other beverages.
Mr. Douglas said he might have
t;o.turn to Cuba for help if. Britain
was dilatory. or: anm other land ex- SEVr BABIES STILL ALIVE
__ So.uth-i ..... Seven babies born to a. mother this
3EESTS ARE NOT '"PHASING OUT" week are still alive as we go to
press but two are markedly strong-
Te welcome the news that Geests are ress t tly strong-
er than the other five.
r.ot phasing out the, buying of ban-i
anas from the. Windward Is., expec- ----- .-- ----
.Lally as bananas provide 60% of our PRESIDENT T I T 0
revenue. (More on this within). Has issued a call-to non-aligned
-. countries to be independent'of
PILIP.HABIB IN JAMAICA: Mr.Philip military blocs. It is felt that the
Habib, whom I knew when a Federal movement is heavily tilted tpwards
Minister as a gqod-friend of the Moscow. ,
then*W.I. Federation,.is now hold ---
ing talks in Jamaica;.he is on a THE WORLD BANK SAYS:-
10-day tour to find out things for Seven hundred million people will
himself. be living in poverty at the end of
T. E ANDREV YOUNG STORY the century if the world situation
His resignation after reprimand is does not improve by then.
the story of the week. You will read
more inside. He says he has no re- GASOLINE IN GRENADA: a mad rush to
.grets; admitted he had-not told the get some of the 350,000 gallons which
whole truth. But many will greatly arrived. Restrictions are now .in
regret the manner of his departure. force, petrol stations hours reduced.



Page Two T H E S T A R Friday, August 17. 1979
AMBASSADOR ANDREW YOUNG RESIGNS: Guyana's big general strike. cn
After being reprimanded by U.S. SEC Thursday there was an intention to
After being reprimanded by U.S. Sr strike within 24 hours by fo'r large
of STATE Vance, and after 35 hours Unions It is a large-scale. re-
talk with President Carter, the only prodc tion of our Dom inir a o re
coloured Ambassador of USA resigned, production of our Dominica cou.
coloured Ambassador of USA resigned. The strikers are demanding $14 Der
He. had held unauthorized talks with day minimum age. Guyana Govt sa
leaders of. the Palestine Liberation Idait jst cant a ffordtan ette ~I
Organization, President Carter.- t wort just cant alford- to tte_ .
pressed regret at this turn of events "They have waited while the moneo
....___ Thas been wvasted on the army, t an
POPE JOHi PA;JL II will certainly cel- o ohas bn wasted o agan. peay le,
ebrate a Mas on the "al", the im- are heavily taxed and Government iS!
mense terrain which crosses Washing- a r havi lhe t"and Gt I
ton from the Capitol to the monument misap-PropPriatg the moey"d/
to President Abraham Lincoln., aay the a plot toatab-e lie the Goveri nt
American Par.ks services. Ia plot toda9abilize the Government
Since ls't August the Archdiocese of Guyana*
in Washington has asked for permise- CONVICTED BRITISH MP JOHN STO EHCISE
ion from th.e Parks Services to use w releasedrom Norwich prison
this grassy terrain early. it October, this week after serving three -ea;s
the date or. which the Pope is awaited of his sentence for fraud an for
in the Ameican capitalretending to e dead hidnde
This Massj one is told in Washing- pretending to be dead. ~e hid underr
ton, will attract more than a millinot n e no
seat of a car. At one time ;he had
,people, anl C. wbll'e the largest mani- 1 ght he would be Prime Mln.'.ateT
festation Dver seen- in the Federal to t he wouldBe eM
Capital. of Britain.

man named Bristol stabbed his 17-
year-old E;irl friend, who already
had two- children by another man, in
the full 'view of crowds in the street
in Kingstioan. He is detained,

GREi4A; :. The new President of Uganda
may soon visit Grenada at the inVita-
tion of X?.M. Maurice Bishop.
HUMAN RIGHTS: A Meeting on Human
Rights Vti the West Indies will take
place in...Trinidad next week.

GEEST IiIDUSTRIES have expressed acute
dissatisfaction with the quality of
bananas received from the Windward Is.
this year. Leafspot in Dominica,Ash
in St.Vincent, and poor quality fruit
from. St .Lucia. Geests countered ac-
cusaticrns by P.M.Maurice Bishop by
saying they had had to replace Wind-
wards :rs. fruit with U.S.,fruit. "'We
have far too much to do selling Wind-
wards 'Islands fruit to meddle in pol-
Itli-.o, said Geestas

IMMIGRATION; Mrs. Patel of lidia,
whose three children aged 16,k3 & .0
have not been allowed to P8haL.
in Britain, is struggling hari with
the aid of many friends, including
Members of Parliament, to keep them
with her. She is a widow.

Callaghan has spoken out against the
attem t the Labour Party Left to
shift r the Parliamentary Bxacu-"
tive to the Natio2aParty Executvea,
This would mean a big difference ia
decision taking.
ZIMBABWE-REDD8BAS: The Goveronernt
of Bishop Muserewa (seat in Salis-
bury) says they will attend the
Zimbabwe Conference in London. 4
Meanwhile, however, oai.Bar-t Migae
says he insists that the- Popul-
ar Front should be in charge of
Zimbabwe arms and security.
Muserewa had said that he would
not come in if any conditions were

_ri&ay. August 17. 1979 T H E 8 TAR., ... Page Three
Las' week-end the three Agricultural RICKET: B Spring Surprises
Ministers of Dominica, St. Lucia & on the W inpath .he Winayaad Is..
.renada agreed to pool their efforts put on a pathe ic dialay against
to improve .fishing efficiency. Fish- Barbados at Victoria Park, Oastties
em en will go to Gfs ren a to learn in the Benson & Hedges Youth spon-
ecmen will go to Grenada to learn
;.rom experts thep how to enhance scored series.
their skills. Having bowled out Barbados for
S l 146 (1st innings), they could reply
JATIARICOAN CARIBBEAN AUTHORS with only 155. M. Durand 62. Barba-
Sdos declared their second innings
AE INVITED TO COMPETE PO THE closed at 231/8. The windward were
CASA DE LAS AMEICAS PRIZE 1980. bundled out for a mnagre, 121 to lose
Wodks of fictionT, book length essays, by 101 runs.
and books for children and young The Third Test Match between Indh
people. Under regulation 7 English aind England started yesterday. Score
language and French, language writers at the end Aof 1st day: England
are invited to send in unpublished 80 for 4; rain stopped play.
works; this year there is a special MINIgTHRRICAiE STRIKES YACHT RACE
prize for Brazilian writers who write Hurricane winds i, Southern England
in Portugese. All works should be: brought terror to yachtsmeA this week.
sent in before November 30, 1979, to Air-Sea rescue, Nimrod planes,aearch-
Casa de las Americas (3ra y G, 31 ed the 'English channel; calls went
Vedado,CGuidad de La Habana, Cuba). out for volunteer air pilots to take
Among 11 prizewinnera in 1979 there over planes in which crews, had been
is a book of poetry from St.Vincent searching the seas night and day from
by Ellsworth McoG. Kean called "One' Dover to the Scilly Islands for cap-
a Week with Water", and Andrew Salleysized yachts and crews of sunken
gets a prize for his poems "In the facing boats. Some 147 yachts from
Hills where her Dreams Live". He is more than 20 countries took part in
a Jamaican. For further detail, the Cowes. racing week, the famous
contact the Cultural Officer at ~IHQ Pastnet Gcean Race. There are i7
or read the rules of which we have known deaths and several y chts were
a copy. snk. at sea or driven onto a shore of
c rocks. An American veteran of many
NGERIAN PRESIDENTIAL ERHCTION:: No ocean races was the winner and two
candidate got a clear majority in Australian yachts came 2nd & 3rd.
the Aigerian presidential election, The winner stated "the min$-hurricane
although Chief AwolowQ gct2 5% of the was' the worst I have ever weathered,
votes. There will be decision after butf sturdily-built boats should ,be
an electoral college vote tomorrow able to come through force 10 gales.
Saturday. Many. of the boats that were lost were
HON MICHAEL DOUGLAS held a press too. weak, having been buil for spee
conference yesterday, reporting at and too light for endurance One
length on his Zambian visit. He said man chose between his life'B nd his
thdt although not entirely satisfac- 6100,000 racing yacht. It sank."
tory, eventually the Zimbabwe forces
carrying on the war against racism BRITISH COST OF LIVING: Inflation
would proceed from that base. He al- is up to 15%. The TUC objects to the
so said President Kenneth Kaunda latest retail price index, which in-
would visit Dominica this year. And cludes the reduction in income tax;
he was not pleased because Britain this As offset by the increase in
would not hand over or increase the taxes on consumer goods and the cuts
flow of aid to Dominica. (While the in Social Services. In the'borth
Interim Government is in power)? But 4 shipbuilding yards are- closed and
Britain has cut back her own spending 12.000 workers are affected~ 5,000
on the welfare state* will be. reemployed on other work.
ployed welfare soak'

D A 0 atrn FRIEDMAN Qontd.: So far as I know,
SDI A L 0 G U E Quarterly journ- noe of the people who have been in
al of opinion and analysis -, eceiv- favoup of socialism and also in fa-
ed from the Ebribass of the uztndt
ed from the Ebasyoftheour of LfJedom have really faced
States through this imwe, or even made a
We give below some quotes from rpectable start at developing the
their special section CAPITALISM,4 respecta'Ole start at developing the
their special secon CAITALM institutional arrangements that
SOCIALISM nd DOCRACY. Anyone would permit freedom under socialism.
wishing to read the articles in full. By ontrast, it is clear how a free
is invited to borrow our full copy. market capitalist society fosters
THE CONDITIONS O'F XREEDM by Charles frcc.dc",
Frankel:- "Iindeed, a competitive TiHE SOCALI3ST DIaMMAK -Bayard Rustin
economy and a relatively free market a coloured writer of the 'civil rights
perform an" invaluable service for a movement, says:- "Of the many cla-im-
democratic government. Eliminate them ants to social% a only one has a vali"A
and the burden of deciding what a title that socialism wvrhiLch stands
fair distribution of the social pro-. for democracy unosivocally, and
duct entails falls entirely on the which contimlally modifies social-
political system.., an awesome burd- ist ideas uand progr.:; 3 in the light
en... a government that undertakes of democratic ex:peric ae...Socialismi
sole responsibility for it will ba. critics claim that social reforms of
subjected to pressures and grievances the welfare state type are the road
that will put its commitment -to demo- to serfdom, a charge that is demon-
cratic procedures tnder fearful strata, strably untrue. Far from diminishing
...Nevertheless, the relation between human freedoms, greattk public inter-
capitalism and democracy is. not in- ve:tion in the economy, the expansion
escapable... Socialism and Capitalism of social legiar'dAon, and the in-
are words of a .'rough and ready util- production of significant redistrib-
ity... But can Socialism solve the utive progrmaahave very often en-
problems which lead people to turn handed themb. Political debate, if
to it?" it il to be productive, should be
IN DEFENSE OF SOCIALSM by Kenneth framedd in terms of the proper syn-
J. Akrow:- "Few socialists of any thesis.of freedom and control, in-
persuasion would, indeed, subscribe dividualism and collectivism,rather
to a defense of permanent authoritar- than on the choice between pure
ianism, ... but the force 6f the ar- systems."
gument comes from one overwhelming SOCIALISM AS POLITICAL MAGIC by
and very ugly fact: the totalitarian- Irving Kristol:- "Socialism is a
ism of the Soviet Union. If the Sov- more or less extreme specimen of
let 'experience were in fact repreaen- political romanticism which propos-
tatite of socialism, there could be es to replace a complex, liberal.
no dispute that democracy is incom- society with a highly simplified
pattble with socialism*" but more 'humanly authentic' commuil-
CAPTTALISM AND FREEDOM by Milton ity. In and of itself, the ideal is
Fri4dman:- "what-is clear, however, not a contemptible one. What is *00n-
,is that there are very real diffic- temptible is the bland assertion
ulties in establishing institutions that the ideal and the means of ach-
that will effectively preserve the ieving it are consistent with the
possibility of dissent. ... In par- meaning of individual liberty as we
ticular, a society which is socialist have understood it for many centuries
cannot also be democratic, in the now."
sense of guaranteeing individual NEXT WEEK: A SOCIML DEMOCRATIC VIEW
freedom..'. By contrast, it is clear by Carl Gershman; THE DAIGFER OF TOT-
how a free market capitalist society ALITARIAiISM Peter L.Berger;MARXISM
fosters freedom,.. Political freedom AND LIBERTY Sidney Hook; A COOPER-
means theaabsence of coercion of man ATIVE INDIVIDUALISM Michael Jovak.
by 'his felioamen." ( cad -Reviewed by Jahn Spector.


Friday. August 17. 1979

Page Four


J.'ridav.v August 17. 19?9 T1 qA sc~*4~.

(from p.4)
Anthony Crosland, British Foreign
Secretary who died in 1977, was a
spokesman for Social Democracy.Here
are a few quotes from his article
"Socialism and the Private Sector":
S Describing the values which social-
ists wish to'see, he says:-
"First, an overriding concern for
the poor, the deprived and generally
the underdog...high priority to the
relief of poverty, distress and so-
cial squalor. Secondly, a belief in
e qality... To us, the fundamental
divide between Left and Right, soc-
ialists and non-socialists, has al-
ways bee-: about the distribution of
wealth, power and class status.
Thirdly, strict social control over
the environment..."
"?Low then does Social Democracy dif-
er from Communism? It differs in two
fundamental respects. First, it is
a thesis about means as well as ends.
In particular, it rejects the Marx-
ist thesis that Socialism requires,
depends on, and indeed can be defin-
ad as, the nationalization of the
means of production, distribution
and exchange... Indeed, I would go
further. A mixed economy is essentia
to Social Democracy. For while a sub-
stantial public sector is clearly
needed to give us the necessary con-
trol over the economy, complete
state collectivism is without ques-
tion incompatible with liberty and
'This leads me to the second and
most fundamental difference indeed
an unbridgeable gulf between. Soc-
ial Democracy and Comrunism:namely,
Sthat Social Democracy is democratic.
Underlying all our beliefs is a pro-
found concern for liberty,democracy
and the rule of law. We refuse to
accept that Socialism has any mean-
ing except within a framework of
liberty for the individual and rep-
resentative democracy."

IS DEAD by Hugh Lawrence
A few years ago when I noticed
how inept the ruling government was,
I wrote in your journal that no
dirty shoe, boot, sandal, tennis,
slipper or pushin party shall ever
win another election. 90% of our
citizens will never agree to be
ruled by the Dominica Labour Party
What I am concerned about now is
that the new party which is the
Democratic Labour Party (also DLP)
must be on the alert when election
time comes, for we still have illi-
terate and ignorant people who can
still be fooled* .If the new DLP
chooses the saw or tree for its sym-
bol, that symbol must be stuck deep
into the heads and minds of the el-
ectorate. We must never sit quietly
and think things will be easy.
No sir, we are happy to see that
today all sensible people are cling-

Allow me first to extend my
congratulations to you, though be-
lated, on the latest style of com-
pilation of your newspaper, the
"Star". In its present attractive
order, the "Star" is most ipterest-
ing to read. Please do not change
the style. Keep it up:
In Saturday's issue, it was very
interesting to read the views of
the Barbados rQader of the "Star"
expressing disappointment in Miss
Charles not being rewarded with a
Ministry; he saw this in the same
light as many members and supporters
of the Freedom Party and even from
many who had not pr.vioubly been
supporters of Freedom. Happily,
readers were somewhat consoled on
learning that Miss Charles was off-
ered. a Ministry and refused to accept.
-. B.S., Portsmouth.
Editor's note: Thank you, B.S.;we
j*i _-i -i J.1y -ear your advic in.

all cerainzay Dear your advice in.
NOTE: We shall be happy to lend mind. But what we sorely need right
DIALOGUE to any reader who -vants to now is. a. little advertising the
read the whole of this & ~tiles. lifeblood of any newspaper' PSA.

i___ _

T H .E T Arp

Pa. tro

FOOTBALL: A Match for the Records BONE: A fragment of bone from
A large crowd was always expectedfbr Saint Bernadette (Bernadette
the match between the Giants of Dom- Soubirous) was stolen from the
inica football, when the Dominica chapel of the Lourdes hospital.
Football Association announced that
the champiorxs of 1978, Pepiz Kensbor- PRINCESS MARGARET is now on holiday
ough United (league) and Dominica Co- with her friend Roddy Ilewellyn, in
conut. Products (pcP) Harlem Bomber s a: house near Marbella owned by ,
(knockout) would d clash for the Pres- the Phillipine Ambassador to London.
ident's Cha.llenge Trophy a new It is said that she left Heathrow
feature to commence future seasons. under an assumed identity. Roddy
In 1978. Kensborough United defeat- travelled separately.
ed Harlem bomberss 4-nil during the DAWU GE.SEC. QUESTIOfNS CSA GEJN.SEC.
league, wh.ilst Bombe:rs gained their In a letter copied to several org-
revenge by- defeating Kensborough 3-1 anisations, A.Frederick Joseph asks
in the knockouts. So fans from both Charles Savarin whether the private
camps expected great things from interview he had with Miss Sally
their sides, and dil they get it! Shelton (US Amb.) and another with
SPepian K.enaborough, who enjoyed the the US Political Attache were of
better of' the exchanges during the a purely private nature, requesting
first hal~f went in at the interval him to explain why reports on the
leading 3t-nil through Renix Thomas. meetings were not made to the Unions
Kensborolgh fans ha1: more reason for or the Committee for Rational Salva-
rejoicin. when. after 5 minutes play tion.
on resumt..'tion Cecil "Abu" Elwin put
his tean. further ahead with a left- DOMINICA COCONUT PRODUCTS' Philip
footer. From then on it was the Nassief has said that this firm's
Bombers 'w:ho dominaete1 play through production is still being affected
.the effervescent Irvine Benoit, who by the recent general strike here.
Harassed the Kensbov*ough defences RECENT ELECTRICITY BLACK OUT this
so relentlessly that it was just a week was caused by lightning, says
matter of time before Harlem Bombers a spokesman for D/ca Electricity Co.
scored.. Benoit did in fast net and 20 les b
20 Miles of IT xan coaats hoae been
could have equalised. 5 minutes later, blackened by Mexican o i-s el.
Cletur3 Popo, the Ken.sborough United STARSPORTS. ctd. After th st
goalkeeper,.playing a magnificent
match,, rushed out and diverted Benoit's round of 5 penalties each:, a for
shot at goal into touch. either side were,. converted.A.nother
Hai elem. Bombers contrived to attack, round of 6 was started. After tour
arid 'the more, they, attacked the more kicks each,Harlem had scored 5 and
defensive Kensborough became; and it oensborough 2. Harlem -took their 6th
was ine'r.vtable that another goal shot first. (by Joseph Tootie Guiste,
wou:.d come through a m-elee.William who. converted) and the issue, was de-
"Weo e Wee" Dontfraid maie- no, mistake cided. Kensborough United 7 Harlem
wit h aE r:ght -footer after several Bombers 9. Man of the MatcH -Cletus
st' Hal.lem were back in contention. The Soccerama was won by Kensbor-
'ITwenty :minutes extra time were ough United the day before from a
played but by then both, teams were field of 12 teams, including 5 from and threats of goals were eas- the Second Division.
i3.y diver';ed. Penalty kicks were The match between Spurs and
ti ken to decidethe putcaome. And. Spartans ended in a draw 2-2.
e'~ery goal. scored or stopped was TENNIS a full report next week.
cheered ..:'iotously. ( .2ex column) NETBALL _T: .Triniddd is doing well.
.re raiR ae e. &RAw tn fiycf 'riltRdee A tc Copt Hall


I _

-2~- -- ~-----~ --- 1 I'-


Page Six__

F~riday., August 17, 19'79

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