Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 3, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 3, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: August 3, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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162 EAST 78 -TREIE I iLf I 4 2JW '21$ '/
i.e a #1 S TAof w 5 ^;^ ^ ^IIC
V UK Media, RepresentatT WEBK-RIZE-,
Colil rTurner((London)Lt GIVING at RED X
I122 Shaftesbury AVenue Q Qa AGUST 12.
Londdn WIV sHA tuite oee *hi't!te &oPtuna MANY SPECTACULAR
. E GL ) D ELtor 4 Allfre gyIs
To-l. XX. No. 5 P Ipday, Augua. .1979 Twenty cents 20

Taerginey Meeting of the House
tn this day, Friday 3rd August, the
119 enumerators appointed by our
new cvernnent to take the' names of
all potential voters will begin the
It will be a costly operation:
but infinitely rewarding. No more
bits of paper hung ragged on posts
end walls. No mere turning away of
eager would-be electors.Everybody
will, we hope, collaborate with the
enamerators and electoral authorit-
ies io the best possible advantage.
Mr. Winston Pond is on leave.His
place is taken by Acting Chief Elec
toral Officer Mr. Bernard Eugene.
Now as to the 18-year-olds :
all persons who are 18 by November
should give evidence of birthdate
and be registered. After Nov.18
there will be "continuous registra-
tion" in other wards, 18-year-old!
born after that date can just go up
and register.
After the issue of the general
election writ, only OBJECTIONS will
be taker..
We feel confident that this new
arrangement should encourage all
citizens to become willing voters.
Forms will be given for filling
in, and an identification card will
be given out.,
In the 3ouse of Assembly, only
Patrick Joh~ip aled 4'W-P e.eble
obje ttip s, .. .. 1 ,.

?~ usaka, Prime Minister of Britain
Mrs. Margaret Thatcher described the
Zimbabwe constitution as "defective"
and showed herself sensitive to Af-
rican criticism. She did not agree
with the ''white minority vefo" en-
shrined in the Zimbabwe constitution.
(See also page two).

Eon. Michael Douglas, Minister of
Trade,Pinance & Industry, and Mr.
Julian Johnson, Perm.Sec., Min. of
Trade. We shall await their reports.

The United States is sending a
high-level factfinding mission to
the Caribbean this month, but al-
though they will visit St.Lucia,
they are not stated to be visiting
either Dominica or Grenada. They are
s investigating recent political dev-
elopments in this area.

The Atlantic Empress, 296,000 tons,
sank while still onfire off the
coast of Tobago on Thursday right',
following a collfsion-explosion 2
weeks ago. Possible loss $85 million.

SWINE FnV Britain has granted
$59,000 to assist pig farmers struck
bY the recent swine ftvev4 -idemic
%A,.- -- & .


.- 1-

--T 7- 77,717

Page To T -I1 ASTaI

This Conference started with. a
bang. Australia announced that she
would not recognize the new Govt.of
Zimbabwe. The Commonwealth groupings
got together to find a common view-
point; among these were the-Westin-
dian leaders. Then Mrs. Thatcher and
the British delegation took their
places. President Kenneth Kaunda,op,.
'ening the talks, although he said
"Britain is not the owner of the
Commonwealth" and appealed to the
African lands not to leave the Com-
monwealth, castigated the present
Government of Britain for its attit-
udeon Rhodesia, and Mrs, Thatcher
for welcoming the new black-majority
Govt. in Salisbury.
Meanwhile, back in Salisbury, Rev.
Sithole, Muzerewa's opposition lead-
er, ended his boycott of Zanu enter-
ing Parliament, due to election
rigging in spots; his men will now
take their seats,also Cabinet posts.
Abad contretemps occurred when
early in the Conference higeria de-
clared she was going to nationalize
British Petroleum interests in that
country. There was a sharp exchange
between Lord Carrington, Britain's
Foreign Secretary, and -he General
leading the Nigerian delegation,
Carrington said the Nigerian action
was bad based on a excuse
and many other harsh th::ngs. "You
have made a grave misjudgment of the
British character. This action will
certainly cast a shadow over British
-Nigerian Relations, but not over the
Conference itself."
B.P.(Nigeria) with 51% share in
Nigerian oil, has bean mostly ship-
ping to the USA, Britain West Ger-
many, but Britain is now self 'supplic
from the North Sea. Commentators sug-
gest that, besides trying to discom-
fort English politicians, Nigerian.
leaders also now wish to sell oil.
from Rotterdam opan market at 'spot'
prices, whereby they wotld get a Very
high price though such oil might
be finally destined for South Africa
or Rhodeasla. (neXt coluZqin)


S Prfiday,.August 5, 1979'
Last week Prime Minister of St.

Lucia Louisy stated that if anyone
molested any. UP MPs on their way
to the Assembly, he would resign.
Since then, there have been set-
tos between attackers and the.
Police; Superinter.,dent Etienne
Sphonso was critically injured on
e waterfront on -li-y. j Gazigs of
youths from a certain area are giv-
ing trouble. has de-
clared its condemnation of this
harassment, and has given people
in possession of illegal firearms
until next Tuesday to surrender
Mre. Maria De Lurdas Pintasilgo
aged 49 is now Portugal's P.M,iour
members of the old.Govt. retained
their Cabinet posts,

Miss Pauline Webb, prominent fig-
ure in the Methodist.Church and
world Christianity, is to head
this important BBC department. ehe
is. a member of the central and eze-
cutive committees of the World
Council of Churches. Miss Webb will
take over in October. She haa a
B.A. Hons. degree,a .teacher'
diploma, and is a Master of Sacred

Guyana's bauxite industry strike,
3 weeks old, has cost that country
$10 million in foreign exchange.

SMrs. Thatcher had 'said that her
Government wished to bring about
a fair and equitable solution ao
the Zimbabwe-bRbdeaia problem which
would be satisfactory to. all part-
ies concerned, also to the rept of
the worlds including the, African
,nations, President Jullus .3eyerer
said he was in oo~plete agreement
.with .M.r. -hatO Be ""

tt~r- .'...

: : .., .1A1 .' I '





.* , ..

Friday. August 3, 1979 _T HE "S 1 A Rree
U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, An ambitious young student who
Paul Hartling, calls the S.E.Asian wants to be a writer asks the' Editor
refugee, situation "s terrible crisia"how she gets ideas for short stories.
refuge~e. situation "u terrible crisi,' t- Well, from Bbnething that happens,
Since June 1975 the Commission has Well, from on mething that happens,
arranged for the settlement of either to oneself or to somebody
185,000 refugees, mostl ehnic Chn- known or unknown. In the very first
185,s000 rfugeestmostSV ethnic Chin- |issue of the STAR (
ese who have been expelled from Viet isUe Qf the STR (then 10 pages),
Nam which country has been their we published a short story called
home often for several generations. TH HOMEWORKER8. This is how the
Yesterday, Thursday a typhoon germ came. I read in a Paria news-
(hurricane), the worst ta living paper that a young man had been
memory, struck Hong Kong and it was brought into Court and charged with
stated that any refugee boats on the doing pupils' homework for small
China Seas would inevitably have been fees. He could only be repri@inded
sunk without trace. as it was not a crime (besides he
An English cargo boat's Captain gave good value; but the pupils all
who picked up the occupants of a failed their end-of-term exams.)
refugee boat a few weeks ago, des- So I imagined this happening in a
cribes the scene "The boat was about West Indian island, say Barbados.
65 ft. long and 10 ft. in beam and A young failed teacher set up the
held about 600 people. The stench same sort of business in his one
was terrible as the people were lyirg room. One day he sees through the
in their own excrement and sea-sick- croton bushes a young widowed mother
ness without room to move There wa of one of his clients. She has come
ness without room to move. There was jto reproach him for doing Selwyn's
no> food, little fresh water and the o reproach him for doing Selwyn's
passengers e~xibited the terrible homework She enters, and asks him
signs of starvation and malnutrition questions. He gets quite
nursing.mothers with babies but no armed But her object is not to
milk, old people unable to walk spoil his homeworking career, but to
through weakness from gastro-enterit- get back Selwyn's homework being
is. The boat was, leaking badly and lonely ad bored she used to do it
the pumps had broken down. Our crew herself "Selwyn doesn't need much
improvised a sick bay on our ship education he's going to become a
and worked indefatigably to save the stamp-dealer," she says. At that
lives of these many refugees." moment a Poice Band marches by and
The Captain eventually landed histhemother looks quickly out of the
living cargo in Hong Kong. They have window. The Homeworker feels cornered.
since been flown to-England where But when he agrees to give up working
they are being resettled. for Selwyn, the mother says she has
Over 500,000 persons remain to be a sporting instinct..."after all,why
resettled while the number of places should teachers have it all- shlar-
available through UN is only 125,000 ies and degrees and everything?"
Mr. Hartling appeals,to the intern And, in martin, she hints: "If you
ional community to double' the number everexpd..."
of places and provide funds required Well you can see the effect of
for, the sustenance of the refugees. fact and imagination, student. ow
read the true Story of The Boat
-OARIBBEAN COUNCIL OF CHURCHES People. Imagine what a good short
has, given 100 bags of rice to the story it would make if one of those
Committee for Rational Salvation people, boy or girl, was a genius
and this will be distributed to, saved from a watery grave. Depict
needy persons next week. the terrible China Seas and the
.tday kindness of the merchant "..
",'- t o.da. ,eve ls the riseto ftoa of bi u

li^^^^^^^fio t^ ^^tfry ing ql^^Stii *

~t: r
~ i~c. : I
Icr~ ;T"r~

Page Pour


Frjday.Augfust 3. 1970

The DATAica -Feedom Party is I (see '6S1is6page 6)
producing .fortnightly political- BASEEToATj. dinails Take I able
nens_ bulletin through-'Tropical ?Xri na;-Ua'.ItGary CardinaI. haul an. easy
terms (Editor/Graphics Chris Serapti, ) ash girry CarainaLes h ei an lesy
It .has good; llustratinsphotog 'hs passage in the knocko-att finals when
i. has good illustrationsphotog they played SunsAtyle Ambassadors in
and some advertising. AMemorial he ils
Fund for Phillip Timothy is di- O CarIno Ls in inaontr
plsyed: send contributions to Box ail -69, t
121, Roseau. We can only spot one easily 105-69. They led at the inter-
fault: on p.1. the important word he 5il4,. Thyir- lkely opcnents wfe
NOT. has been oQitted: "And let- it the finals, By-Trinee o Pl.Tnes; were
be known that a .only the the surprise .nysers to CAe-ssadors,
0rS~w^ S3^ who:lid ftom start' to fir"'-L.a they
workers whoo mde sacrifices.. the who- led xom start to they
workers who e sacrifice, the caught them on.the hoV ax.d in disorg-
self-employed, including all Lrmers, ai mindshen the ... tced a
also ma d)e sacrifices."
also ()e sacrifices quick 8-nil lead. Planes. players,
ItO PROGRAMMIE FOR CARIBBEAN .WOEN thrown off, could be seen arguing
TRADE UNIONISTS: whilst the game was itn rogre sand
SAiassadors took full toll f things.
A special series of seminars for In the ed the score w- 8 s
Caribbean Women Trade Unionists has Fi the tried a last-dithoreaw .-58 as
been launched by the International taoSJI ? inia c I ;y rt
Labour Organisation (ILO)Caribbean i 0' a' Dominia Plv the garti
Office in Port of Spain, Trinidad. ..' playi. .on t ar-venil
Among activities: a regional course Teu onarent will now be U.uvenig he
for women trainers in Workers' Educ- To-urnament will now be aying the
nation (Curacao, Oct.) a seminar for w inner o th art nie/ nt err.a
women tu. ists in Barbados( vember);on ACugust 19th, ,& 26th after being
women t.u.-sts in Barbado(November).awarded the games n or StLucia.
shpp-steward training in St.Kitts,D.~ icae h eSt.Line. t
tDominica, who had beaten St.Vincent,
WHAT "FRANCE ANTILLES" PUBLISHED away and home match awarded withou-t
This important. Freneh-Garibbean being played, have had to do nothir.g
newspaper said:- against St.Luaiai. And some may even
DOMINIUE: 5 Minitre interdits de think i's a step forward. Our. boy
sejour without match practice for their like-
ncien Premier Ministre de la ly matches against the victor of the
L'ancien Pnem~ier Ministre de a Martiniqu e/Montserrat. ctlah.
Dominique, Patrick John, qui avait. Ma Ciniq onts eratge six
,daie ouitter ses function le molas CRICT- page six,

dernier, s'est vu interdire 1'enta
du territpSi.Ke de. l'tEiatpour avoir
essay de' renverser le nouveau gou
vernment de M.Tom Adams, a ainnonc6
Samedi un porte-parole du Premier
M.Vic Riviere, l"ancien Ministre
des Finances, et l'ancien Ministre
des Affair-es Etrangbres, M. Leo
Austin, ont 6t6 aussi intefits de
Patrick John avait d4 abonadonner
leI pouvoir. aous le jgession d'.une
greve general,. apres le mortd die -'
deux. manifesttant a.
The fact that these 3 S--Min.iater~
are barred from entering Baobadqa.
:~al~ -*w=W in uainica .,,
S, '" ;, '. _'
* -1- -' I iir -tri

.D AW U G E I 8 AGT 1 ...
DAW-U's Gen.Sec. and Aast.. See. (A1i
Joseph & Joseph Blaiae, met on July
26 Hdn Athie Martin, Minister of Ag-
riculture, .Trade & Marketing. There
dealt with the following: Back pa
for marketing board wYrkers; DBG&.'
outstanding matters a,b, c-,d & e);
The Minister informed DA.. that
several matters were receiving a-tan-
-t on,, and an early meeting between"
*I LTJ and, the new ManaFgment; Conmitt et
(IChairman .I Drplaytpn .-hili~gfo rka) ..
would be held as, early a;s possible. .
Contention with Mr ir' el LaiyAleJj
'o .ondondari C(. I'

.0 54 ;,A.q ,.- 21111111,B &

~-~prTCc~yap~-- ~-- -4-- IClg~B1~ ~~pra7P~~r~ 1CpFs---mrr C1~-~-~~i----


I i -,
:'i A
* -*


-- iI---' i '

*,' 7,
r~~~ -!r'

F'pr jaV. August .3 1979 T H E

by Hugh Lawrence
The recent general election. in
St.Lucia only allowed the ex-Prire
Minister to ..rule, for four months as.
PM. of an independent country.
Patrick John had as munh'as seven
months- of post-independence P.M.rule.
I took a serious note of the
independence that the Dominica
Labour Party (aided by Britain)rushed
us into, and believed that it .was
purposely.done to sell out the
Island and enslave us.a However,
thanks; be to God, things did not
work out their way.
Let there be no more chances for
opportunists and money'grabbers.

LATTER DAY ASSASSINS great variety of items including
This is how Swiss Press News des- blood donor chairs, aerums, 144
cribes the central revolutionary blood pack holders etc. etc..:
court in Teheran, Iran, saying that
Ayatollah Kalkali, its head, claims Special Commonwealth of Dominica
that the Shah and his family, to- postage stamps to commemorate the
gether with the former' Prime Minist- Golden Jubilee of Girl Guides went
er Bakhtiar, and'eeveral others,have on sale from last Monday. They are
been sentenced to death "by the Iranl- in 5 denominations from 100 to $3.,
ian nation" and that anyone who kil3s and will be withdrawn on Oct. 31.
them anywhere in the world should be
immune from arrest. e"Things are Work on an all-age school for
getting worse. For the first time, Atkinson, border of the Carib Res-
a man who claims to have judicial 4erve, will start shortly. Britain
authority in a divilieed country is made a grant of $300,000 for.this;
officially ,ondoning terrorism and $18,000 will be spent on furniture.:
calling for political assassination." It will house 300 pupils, and .con-
Referring to the murder of the head tain a principal's office, a store-
of Teheran's Jewish community, Mr. room, a staff office, and sanitary
Habib Elghanian, the Swiss Press News facilities..Two blocks will be
adds:, ".It is not known how.many linked by a covered walkway -deven
people ever believed the Ayatollah large classrooms.
Khomeiny when he said he was not The Housing Development Corporation.
anti-semitic and that' Jews need has a new Board, comprising: Chair-
not be afraid. They may as well look man: 'Hon.F.Parillon; Members: J.
facts in the face now."' And*in a Arthur Barzey, Egbert Charles, J.
later edition S.P.N. says, referring Jno Baptiste and water engineer
to the ghastly massacre in Aleppo of Eric Munro.
Syrian cadets, that. Ayatallah Emmeiny
is the hero of the Arab masses, and New Social Seculi~y Board: Chairman
utddsa ."It is not surprising that the 'Vans LeBlanc; Members: Bennet AaS-
ideals of Islamic ReVolution brought' tried, Hudson SeverinaRommea l Laurence
to fruition by the Ayatollah Khomei~y Anthony F,.JoSAeV, r3ed .Ja1ya, Miss
are having enormous Zreeroussions. in Vanya Dupigny, Mrs. Doreen Francia
many Moalem c'.ountria,' and Mrs. Tyndale Mointyre..LeBlano
k -_.or _&,~. Js ln .are also -;n.,the. aomozrA1t,.
we ba _al.t,0"~~~~i~4~~3 ~ idl LgCI~~d~~l~~t$r:


l~i~" ~-nn*m~t~i~irss;;- ;- -:

News that a factory to manufacture
prefab' unit for housing inqudeee
word that a Californian fir will
provide cellular. anels pretfa at
a cost of $4 million US (50,000
square feet). The factory will be
operational by 'April 1980. and loqal
material from the timber industry .
,and possibly certain fibre' will be
used as well.

.The bloodbank of the Princess'
Margaret- Hospital Lab, has been en-
riched with a gift of equipment and.
supplies provided by the Rotary Club
-of Dominica through a US AID grant
of some EC$ 1S,500. The donations
are already-in use and include a





Pace Six

Ail: rd_l__i__ 11__~1_


L *


*S*T*A*R $P$aTO8*R -.MorchristoT HHCS T OR nEE KITTENS
ICKBa ca Unronvincing 'T um They are All iale, beautiful and
Dominica recaptured the Heineken cunning, ,though .guite small.
trophy,symbol of cricketing auprem- Contact the Star office, or ring
acy in the Windward Islands, in a 2610
most unconvincing fashion when they
drew. their final match with St.Vin- A TIAGIC ACCIDEIT
cent at Arnos Vale, on a.muddy pitch Two little children, a girl aged ,
which the Umpire allowed to be saw- five and a boy of two, were suffoc-
dusted(1) and a slow, wet outfield ated in the village of Aveyron,South
with grass 6" high. or France, in their own father's
Both teams went into the match car. The car was standing in hot
with 12 points, needing at least slt sunshine in front of their home.
innings points to secure some sort The, children, climbed inside to
of hold in the 3-day match, play. They were suffocated by the
On this incredibly wet and diffi- heat, because they didn't know how
cult pitch, Dominica took firststrike to open the doors.
With cautious batting from Skipper NO BOAT PEOPLE LOST I TYPHOQN HOP
Sebastien (23) and Ron Cuffy (18) (see page three)
and an enterprising knock of 45 by Although turned away by Portugese
Emmanuel Charles, Dominica reached authorities in Macao, 400 Boat
90 for 3 before a dramatic slump to People survived the raging storm.
144 all out. Randolph Browne return-
St. Vincent in their turn at the 95 people, including 12 Ministers,
crease started briskly through Lin- attended this important meeting last
ton Lewis (32). Their score was tak- month. PAHO/WHO, CARICOM & UWI per-
en to 96 for 3 before Albert Shill- sonnel were present. 19 special
ingford turned in a magnificent per- points, including a food safety
formance of 7 for 65 as St.Vincent policy, a Regional Environmental
crumbled to 123 all out. First inn- Health Institute (St.Lucia),control
ings points to Dominica. This of cancer and leprosy,, reduction
performance of young Shillingford of the cost of drugs in the Carib-
looked inadequate (after Sebastien bean, work on mental retardation,
was trick-stumped after an 1.b.w. and the holding of the next
appeal); Dominica slumped to 8 for 4 Grenada. were agreed upon.
wickets and were finally dismissed EX-A.G.'s CASE POSTPONED AGAIN
for 72. Jeffrey Lawrence 21. Stan The major case against ex-Attorney
Hinds 3/01. This was disaster, and General Leo I. Austin has been
St.Vincent needing 94 to win in more further postponed to 21st August. ,
than a day looked like retaining the
championship they won for the first *STARSPORTS* ctd. Albert Shilling-
time last year (and gain the $800 ford was named to'lead the Dominica
prize money), team in the Windwards Is. youth
However the rains which had plagued tournament in St.Lucia from which
the match from the beginning contin- will be selected"the Windwards Youdi
ued to 'feature and when the last Team to participate in the 1979-
stoppage came at tea-time on the Benson & Hedges Youth series.Mervin
final day, St.Vincent were 45 for 4. Durant, a member of the senior team
Dop;inica denied the accusation that ,who played for the Windwards, Youth
they were stalling for a draw, last year is also on the D/ca Y.Team.
Both teams sighted Victory,. but Kaleb Laurent, the ,Veteran off-
Dominica thanks to Albert Shilling- patXer. ha been eane4 as manager
ford in securing those lst innings oid2ted & Published by the Proprietor
points, made the Heiweken trophy R.E.Allfrey of Millf.House Copt Hall
secure f$r a. 5th time ( e cat 26 BathRd, O&u 9 om wealth of
ra 'Ij _' a ;, 5eht 4 tl Q
Paaes.4L~V SLj.. ix

_ ,. .

M 4 m. < -* m.1 x ,

__ _____ Y-L----IIII--- ---~--~--I-I ~--~.--- _~~ ~- ~-----R--lyl. -~IYI~--

"*P1.7 1~-~,
~ ~,~ ;r '.


Pri~Aav.v Ai~~g~utt j

~ ~_ ___~_ __~ __~_~ _~_~_I_ ~~__I__ C~l__ I _1_ _~_l_L___s_ d__^lr I__

:6 '. 1 I ~1 1~


1979~ 5. '

.- ...... 'L .:YILrc~.I--b..~;;i~L~ -~:~ji.lli~.lL~;-;I,

' '^'il -'''


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