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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 27, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 27, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Publication Date: July 27, 1979
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TA are delighted to learn that saiA
home which will house 100 persons -
a uiit at a cost of $750,000 EC with
special comfortes f~o .the elderly,
will oon be a reality. This is
thanks largely to the ICM Sisters
and Father Vandenbergh of Belgium,
who apprpached..the E.E.C. for us.
.1 i ^ i i ii 11 in 11 1 1 1 i 1 1 1


T 1 S I S SU E :

by John Spector :- page .
iNE rS ITEMS ., page 5
(plus other news)' page two.


As we go to press, the city pf
Lusaka, Zambia, is deqcked with the
flags of Zambia-Engla.nd,;treetrunks
are painted white and lots of lights
.are strung up. President,tKaupda has
told his people to give Queeh Eliza-
beth II and all Commonwealthb delegates
a fine welcome. ,
We understand Dominica's delegate
(standing in for the P,M.) is Hon.
Michael Douglas. We know he kas the
charm to impress people, but we also
hope he-will not sign Dominica's name
- as a Minister of an Interim Govt.-
to any resolutions or documents which
we may have to repudiate later.
(See John Spector on St.Georges Dec.)
. -_. .. '- : .



DOMINICA COMPLAINT. Mr. rPhilip Nas-. Last week's issue of the STAR (save
sief states that although in 1978 for the. typing of pages) was entire-
Guyana spent $1 m. an our soap, in ly produced by Robert Benjamin
1979 not a $ they gave their trad Allfrey, fourth forl DGS. student;he
to last Germany,& China, Jamaica, handled the printing machine and
which had also fallen back, has sub- directed operations; his friends
sequently improved. Albert Bethell (3rd form DGS) and
DOiICA AN ,will seek- Aylmer Irish ( f-th form Community High
N ee school, which Robbie had earlier at-
full compensation for-Farmers dam- tgnded)l helped considerably with
,aged by recent strike." oollation, addressing, despatch and
REGIONAL:The Greiada Govt. should deliveries.Had it not been for the
return to constitutional rule and a intelligence and skill of these three
two-pa rttsystem, says ex-Premier boys, our readers would not have had
Herbe.t laise. .e their papers. The price of the
ELECTORAL: Winston Pond (not sacked) STAR is now 20. Burning of the Reg-
says 21 newly appointed elect,offic. istry has cut off most of our small
will':have a training session.Uhpro- advertising. Yet we are the cheapest
tested places will not he used for newspaper (and some say we have the
electoral .lists..people. can register mvost news Portsmouth wants As to
at an time 1,0,ead. f hav.i to t traise the price to 25Gi)NO: 23 .

lAn U *~~'~~ b 4 i~I;S 1WFTA ~I ~ v u

.11 s -'-~ -- --I I 34 O


A The C,.AV. 's .ewdletter ot July
Last Wednesday a week ago a sad 4 is extremely controversial. Its
and disgusting event took place in headline says "PJ GOQE MIKE MEXT".
St. Lucia. It is always customarary early all commentators say that it
in these islands for both Parties, is the result of a personal and pol-
the defeated as much aS the winners, itical feu.d between Charles Savarin
to thank those who voted for them. and Michael Douglas, -both Portsmouth
ut when John Compton's UWP went on men who have been rivals in the
to a platform in Castries they werk past and will no doubt continue to
heckled and even attacked by suppor- be so.
ters of the victorious ,St.Lucia. La- Neverthelss we think that Sava-
Ipour Party* People were injured. rin, as Chairman of the Cormnittea for
Looting and window-b'reaking took National Salvation, was unnecessarily
place. provoked by some of the remarks made
It is a fact that the StL.P.vice- here there and everywhere'by Mr. .
Prime Minister George Odlum had Douglaa. Surely Prime Ministe- 0.
warned against such a happening.But Seraphin cn assk his Finance Minis-
what if, instead of saying "we know ter to be more discreet and less
there will be violence"e hehad au- openly vituperative?
tioned L.P, supporters to behave On the other hand, we think the
well and allow the UVtP crowd to sacking of a Minister such a short
have their meeting in peace? He while after a short-lived Interim
could have told them to stay away Govt. came into being could not do
and to ignore provocative remarks, Dominica much good.
One such was that the ,UWP "would be Regarding the- paying of salaries
back in power within 6 months" a to Civil Servants for the lost June
ridiculous statement, weeks, we think Savarin is right,
StwLucia has not got a one-party and cannot see that he has discrlmi-
state. We hope the opposing parties nated against farmers, or ar:i other
in all these islands will profit workers. Surely all of these will be
by the horrible event and curb the compensated very. soon. .
desire to behave like triumphant The resolution ho. 3; passed by all
barbarians CSA members save .one seems to u, to
be both unfeasible and nimoliti .
MRS. GANDIhT & THS LAND ROVERS We; entirely agree with Savarijn that
EzP.M. of India, Indira Gandhi,ha' in 1977 Mr .Pl ,Jit wwa; dead wrong to
been charged in Court withelectbral lpay those who, in the USA would be
use of governmexnt-owned land rovers. described as "~aabs" a double months
All we can add is that' it happens iay; but try to get from people wAo
here too se df government vehicles have eagerly accepted and already
for private& a~Oltoral puzroses by ; spent; suc-h a largesS ... man, it
Ministers and even Civil Servants; is -eyond even human, rights dreams.
.01O), 000 ais a lot 'of money. It''fw
ZAMBIA BETWL E TWO STOOLS a great waste to,,throy .it out like
Will. Kaunda. become the Sadat of Af- that. ,Et it cannot be recovered.
rica, a harbinger of peace? He is .
in a very tight position now. For Bi ( while the Confere0c is
Nkomo's.guerilla army on Zambian in progress. He is- as Swiss Press
territory is now entirely controlled news says, "determined, to exact a
by the Soviets,, and is larger very high price for reopening the
Zambian forces. This is al very em- frontier between the two. countries
barrassing on the eve of the opening to allow goods destied, fori Zambia
of the Coomnonwealth, Cont. by pueen which are stocked i S. Africa to be
Elisabeth I earm .n Auguat. Bishop brought aross' Zimbabwe by road. If
Muzorera has said he will not stop this happens, it would be de ot
adds agaUint ZAPUt ( akomo' s men), venrecogint tioLn of Muzorew biy t anda i~

r~-I .~L6~ I '- r

~3~ta;dh~I~, tTU~Lw ~fi~. ~ 29~79

I~an~~ ~T(UM

rli FT R -R ~P II `R

Friday. July 297 :T IE MT B T-A R
BIZAREF U-C 7 OF v (ver-b a report
In the House of Assembly verbalt report ,,t a a Mb -
comes here and tries to cizcumVen certain things n & Mmbe o
the OCbinet at the time; a41n he fully knove, Mr. Sea3er, he fully krow
the reason behiA the action that has been taken by this iovernmentL He
knows the reason and he knows that Denond Trotter in rfat is no the real
murder er and be kkoWB .. (Pandemonium)
SPEASR: We will have no alternative but to ask that the .Galery be clear-
ed,,, Some of the innocents may have to suffer...
p.R.John: Mr. Speaker, the Honourable Minister knovs flly well. dIlnU
the trial that certain person was protected and that UeaUond -rtter held
his mouth 'm=um and did not want to disclose who pulled that trigger..
a (EDITOR: We must ask ourselves, if Patrick John knew this at tbh timebhow
could. he let the. trial proceed towards the, conviction TrotterW? Woe)
pat,ick John (continuing,); ..@It was circumstantial evidence th the gun
was fou:.ri on Desmond Trotter, on Demond1' s Person, that the bal:ljtti.
expert provsj that the bullet that was found in the man weaa Bot f 2P thab
very gur:, vIich was stole. two days; before MWepeaker we know & thb ibn.
sister of Pirnance the Hon~dichael Douglas knows fu lly well what 31, talklc
Ing about. He knows fully well that a certain young man mw bep' rotec-
ted outside and he knows fully well, Mr, Speaker, that the relat;ie of this
young man now sits in the interim Government and he knows fully wall that
Desmond Trotter had to be: released because under the strain and pro. ure
that he was in the prison, he would have come out. and say what *elSy% hap.
opened and he would have had a. new trial and somebody else would 'have been
P.JOHN ctd.: ... I sat on the Prerogative of Mercy there was a report
that came to Cabinet, and the background of that case is a report in the
Cabinet file that speaks what I have spoken and the Minister of ,inan3o
knows about this. Be knowsr who the culprit is, but sa ntime wa W eamnt
crimes and we may escape here on earth, but we cannot escape Qo4,"
PATRICK JOHN'S WRITTEN STATEMENT3s n a statement received by uo on Briday
27th, there are these worde:-
"A great deal of distortion is being made in a statement which I made
in the House of Assembly concerning Desmond Trotter. The crux of the
statement was to alert the House that there is a substantial body o pub-
lic suspicion which claims that a member of the present ATTOR EY GEfERAL'S
family was in fact responsible.
The evidence brought in the Court pointed ddreatly to Trotter and there-
fore, in spite of the public suspicion, I could do nothing as it would have
been improper for me to intervene unless there ws some ividenee toa asuport
the public Suspicion .* one was produced. to me,
If it is ne being.. claimed that Trotter did. nt mean what he eaid in
Court, and that he is is nnocet; and was: in fact wavering for somebody,then,
that sorson could very well be the person alleged in the rumours and tahe
public suspicion oif which I have referred.
The intention of my statement to mean that I had personal knowledge or
that I havz any substotital reason to challenge the decisions of the Nigh
Court, the West Indies Court of Appeal or the Privy Council is a wikeud. and
malicious repres tt .ah onA
We note, however, the speed and haste of this Interim Govt, tp set (up)
an investigation into the matter; but the most absurd thing is that the
Interim Gover.nment has appointed two members of that interim government to
invest iga.te itself*
What is the most appalling is the fa~e that the very existence of this
Interim Government is hinged on. the, death ob. young Trimothy
S' led on *ae o:u r1)
._ - .. ..... .-..- .t- .^ I '.l.., .

I 1' '

Page FQrtr HE T A R eFiaay.JU387.1
...BIZARRE ST : P.J et by T o. SpecS
y g". DEGLARATIO14N : bY Jom. sector
Patrick ohn (ctd.): "My government (I) ie'Imerely eye-wash, and friend.
started setting up an t lquiry, and (2) These things are implicit in
attempted to recruit persons from out- Carid6m; so why not support ona ba-
side Dominica, to inquire into, the sis of encouraging Caricom.
circumstances and events leading to (3) Hogwash. either Dominica nar
the tragedy of May 29. Grenada have duly represented and
ghis Interim Government has not con- elected Governments yet.
Bidered this inquiry a priority; as a (A4) "Social and economic justice
matter of fact there is a low profile for the masses" can mean "A fair
onthat matter. Dominicans must now day's pay for a fair day's work"; or
ask themselves, why this interim Gov- "unemployimet pay from the taxpayer
ernment is afraid of an inquiry into, who can no longer profit, from hba
the circumstances and events leading 'capitalist enterprise-'."Take your
to the tragedy of May 29 las. choice.
I must state that the actions and (5) Maximum participation by the
behaviour of this interim Government masses is dependent on the educa-
since its infection are suspect and ional standard of the said masses
disturbin* Sgd. Patrick R. sometimes three generations behind,
distug Patrick R. oh so that maximum participation" be-
S --- 'comes synonymous with Marxist com-
pulsory work units. (6) More frequent consultation at the highest level
has.,been found throughout the world to be a flop. Comprehensive agenda
threshed out in detail by knowledgeable Civil Servants first (often for-
months) is more important. The Summit comes. afterwards I (7) More
important than a regional military force, is a regional police force '
-* police forces made up. in Dominica of Antiguans, Grenadiana and Barbad-
isnd etc, were, in late Colonial days, more efficient than local island po-
lie .
who are so often lamiliarly linked with the criminals.
(8) Agred &.,that the proposed Org. of E.Caribbean States be founded., ith
caution, after all such semi-federal arrangements have been discussed,
formed, broken & laughed at for 50 years ahead, (.9) Independence, non-
alignment & condemnation of detablization from outside are alse qua non.
(1Q) Agreed. (11) Wgreed: but why bring in Belize? (12) Solidarity with
Liberation Movements OK if they are such. (13) Caribbean Integration:
hurrah, freedom of.movement: why not say Confederation? (14) Supports.
CARICOM why not say so ,at Item I? (15) Agreed: Qaribbean area is an en-
tity of its own regardless aof rqee or language. (16) Exchapge of informat-
ion on undersea exploitation of see is.a big mouthful. Who wants BirdJ Is-
land now?., (17T)'Speak up boys about the New Internatiojial Economic Order.
tse a ten -A6usand watt amplifoer. (18) Disarmament? Tell that to Breshnev!
(19) What is .'Consultation Commiipion' and /or (20) a Technical Commis-
ston' ? they 'suld all have to come from other countries; that is what all
small islands 'are asking for manag-met and technical knew-how. 1ice to
see they like CARICOM. ",'
NEVERTHELESS, OMITTED from the signature apace, and IUiDAMENTALLY
necessary are the words:

HOUE OF LORDS QUESTION: Lord Segal been used. Lord Trefgarne; 10 m.
asked WhG what financial assistance for project 1st 5m on grant terms.
--was given to Dominica since Indepen- So far 500,00 ha. been spent. A
dence; whether any conditions were max. o EC $. m I wi be provided, ver
attached to this grant; how it has. the next two .years.
I ~ ~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~~~ .. 1'...,,,,i,' .'":' ,,," *:""] ..

Lawrence Scientists win 1,Q00 prizes each
The recent mini-sutmit meeting Under the 1978 Guines Award for
held between Grenada, St. Lucia and Scientific Achiveme t, Prof.M.U.S.
Dominica is over, They all agree to Sultanbawa, organic chemist won the
have freedom of nmovement, that is "rize with his team; he also got a
we can travel to any of them without medal. Four Indian Scientists won
a passport, and they in turn can do the 2nd 1,000; and Mr. V.TPalan
the sane. of Kuala Lumpuu won the third (for
What we have to watch is that if his work on the fertility survey),
those people coming here for, a weet- The Indian research has given farm-
end, or for a week on a short holiday ers new hope of turning their 'ar-
are allowed to study muoh longer and ren lands into fertile oaes.
to even take over Jgob tend deprive Sir Bugh Springer of Barbados is
our young people from getting work, a member of the panel of judges.
In that case, the meeting might prove Next awards will be for the year
to have been a failure. 1980, Scientists should obtain a
Besides that, Grenada is deep form from Mr. Maurice Goldsmith, .
enough in relation with Cuba and St. Director Guiness Awards for Scieu-
Lucia, which had trouble last week, Itific Achievement, 36 CraveLr Street,
may soon do the same; thus it is !London,, W6C G, .Qhglard.
possible that Cubans may be among --- ------
those visitors. My advice is, let U.S. 5-man TEAM preogelects WOPRERS
us keep watching. for possible employment ixn cane-

On June 30th the President of the
G.S.C. (above) sent a letter to the
Prime Minister of Dominica (tr.PSA)
expressing emotion and consternation
at the violent repression which was
exercised and had caused the death
of two workers and numerous wounded.l
"According to our information the
workers had used the rights which
were due to them for the defence of
their legitimate rights.
"We therefore ask you to intervene
personally with the competent auth-
orities that an eid be :ut to the
repression exercised against the
workers of Dominica and that the
effective restoration of their
liberties and their trade union
rights coent; to aa JOUTUYS

The Pr F nt of Botswana, Sir
Seretzs & in a speech this week
that the Queen was- extremely courage-
ous to visit the Aficanu continent
ij itsI present disturbed and danger-
oue condition.
The iuke of Edinburgh and Prince
Andrew accomgsaiel EH.M. the Qee;A onI
her t'rvel *.

cutting on US farms for o-6 mo.nons.
43 Dominicans were chosen. The to-
tal may reach over 60 as a few
workers reeelected by their .. emp-
loyers will be returning to work.

NEW YORK, g.Y.: Press Release
Scientists have overcome the mental
and physical effects of stress...
the normal daily stress of overwork,
poor diet or smoking, They have
developed Vita-Stress High Potency
Stress onrmula and for a woman's
special neods, a Vita-Stress with
Iron. Both of these are available
at your drug store*
Six stethoscopic instruments for
measuring blood pressure, and one
typewriter with casett'ea were sent
to the inistfry by Dominica U.K.
Community Association. Coulibistrie,
Dublanc,MArigot, Riviere CGyrique,
Petite Soufriere, and Soufriti3a/
Scotts Hesd clinics will benefit;
the typewriter will. go to Poi-ite
Michel Gcveriuent School, So Dnmi-
nican s in London are really helping!
Mrs. Ursula Dominique "Ma Babat" has
given valuable drugs, syringes,
,plasters and bandages to 1.O*,F

1' U1

Friday. July 27. 1979

8 T A R

Pia e r


'Page ',Six

T H E S T AR Friday, July 27. 1979

*S*T*A*rR*aS*P**R*T*8S*Morchriston' *cdSTARS*PQRTS* (Eootball)
CRICIE: Domininica in Quest of 5th St,. vincerit who-oast 2,-nill at
&Heineken ChapionBhip : Twelve their home will have to win by a
players left the country today for clear 3-goal margin to go through to
St.Vincent, where they will come' in the next round. Dominica, on the
combat against defending champions.. other hand, who defeated St.Vincent
'St.Vincent on Saturday-Monday, to. in the C & W competition last year
decide thd 1979 Windward Islands (both times at Axnos Vale) has only
Heineken championship. The teamed to draw to meet St.Lucia in the next
by Combined Is, opening batsman round of the competition.
Lockhart Sebastien, includes Thomass According to a release from the
Kentish, lan Munro, Mervin Durand, Dominica Football Association, the
Ron Cuffy,, Joseph Guiate, Elliott 1979 league is expected to comme-?nce
Joseph, Edward Francis, Albert Shil- with a Socerama on August llth. Th
lingford, Jeffrey Lawrence, Emanuel following day (Aug.12 ) Harlem Bom~rs
Charles and Eusfield John. Bardou- and Kensborough United will clash
ille is out through injury, and in for the President's challenge trophy.
his place technically is Jeffrey BASe : Amubasadors adAperse
Lawrence, who came in for Charles. Flames Sunetyle Ambassadors sprang
Shillingford comes in for the hap- a heavy surprise on. y-Trinee Flames
lessK ric Williams who found himself on Wednesday night, Flames played a
le8th an in Dominica's Ist and 2nd listless game, whilst a rejuvenated
2thea ziand as ingloriosl y drop- Ambassadors led by accurate shooter
pe'frooml lthe 12. .o George Bruncy won 63-58.
.- Dominica, who won the first four In other matches, Gash'n' Carry
Years of the. Windward Islands com- Cardinals had a narrow escape against
petition (since sponsored by Heine- South City Malta Heineken Pros who
ken Breweries) is out to claim its from the hopeless position of 43-66
5th championship in 6 years and fought back so inspiredly that when
incidentally exact vengeance on St. the end came which was a surprise -
Vincent who broke Dominica's hold they had reduced that, core to 79-80.
by wiring the 1978 contest, with Cardinals followed up that win with
Dominica in dramatic style down it a comfortable victory over lawn
the cellar. Creation Harks, 84-49. So come Friday
Essex, the English County cricket night (tonight) Ambassadors make a
team which Dominica & West Indies bid for a trophy which would deny.
Norbert Phillip joined in 1978 won Cardinals the double.,
their first major English title in DOMINICA MEAT PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION
103 years when they beat Surrey by tells us that they supplied an estim-
35 runs town the Benson & Hedges ated 19,515 lbs o, fresh Pork meat
limited.overs -competition. Along to the general public between July
the way, Essex set two records when 1978 and June 1979. Result: an es-
Graham Gooch, the England test bats timated $50,739.00 has been circul-
man blasted 120 runs' to become the ated in the Commonwealth of Dominica
first player to score a century in within that period from home pro-
a final; and the Qother Essex, 290 duced pork. The deat came from 271
for six highest total in a final pigs, an increase of 10% on the per-
'f this competition now finishing its iod July 1977 to June 1978. *
$th year. Congratatulationa And the Dominica
2OOTBAIL: Dominica/St.Vincent in Re- bacon is very good.
turns: Dominica and St,.Vincent will I,-T, A .. ,,, .
play their return match in the CPU BITAIN AND THE BOAT PEOPLE:
Juvenile competition on Sunday at retain will take 10., 00 more.refu-
*> ... _. .i -_ .tf o o ^ l ~ r r -'' .

it. '' S .

- .. -...1. .. 1


.Mo Rhe

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