Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 13, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 13, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: July 13, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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The threat new I eidependent lands i o I '
overthrew tightly screwed in govern--
ments in widely'differing ways are The young man who, with.two other
now meeting In Grenada to devise a was accused of murdering an elder
means of working together, saving ly white visitor from America and
trouble and money on foreign rep- who alone was convicted, was re-
resentation, and forming a new East- leased from his life sentence thi
ern Caribbean bloc. From Dominica, week by Dominica's Mercy Committe
Intert.m Pz e M~r.n ter Cliver Sera- whose chairman is Hon.Ferdinand
phin and ir.isters (AG) Bri.n Ali:%ne Parillon, Minister of.Home Affair
and (Agric) Athie Martin "oent; alc'ag. Members of the Mercy Committee ar
Fr-om St. Li.c-ia, P.M. Alan LoUiYy and Father Clement Jolly, Dr. Philip
hi Dcputy Ceo~ge Odlum & advisers Griffin, Mrs. Rita Riviere and
w.liL. be welcomed by Grenada P,.,. Miss Ramona Blanc. Trotter, who
Maurice Bishop and his M ministers. had escaped during the turmoil of
We wish the-conference all good"":-- 0 'the general strike with several

they want'to'send it to friends;
that even more clearly than THE NAT-
ION (Dominica's Dirty Deal) it shows
how consciously involved Leo, Vic
and Patrick .ere with South Africa.
See middle pages and page 6.

N E W B R'I E F.: Rpad deaths in
the Caribbean wasEc.e life, spoil traf-
fic and cost enormously in treatment.
Alcohnlism is one of the problems. -
R -Phll .. Ex-Pres.Nixotris
in. M~xtco visiting his old friend
the Shah of Iran. In USA, President
Cartor Otamped p any removal of
ssut-ions or recognition, of the new
Zi la~ ~ -Rhodesia Govt. Bishop Abel
sMuse e ra s T n Eng lad.______
DiAU: Wc'kers in 'the Nat ,oiaercal
& DeoYeloDa~nrt 1'/ca gave 100' r)apport
to this TU n'. Increases from 50-2~4
for DBGA workers will take effectQtl.

other prisoners, surrendered in
hospital. He was suffering from
malnutrition and a cut leg, says
he will devote himself to cultiv-
ating the land.

This week the dazzling disintegration
of the Amnican-space rocket Sky-
lab blaze io its end in the South
Atlantic, with wreckage falling
over part of Australia. T he U.S.A.
has promised to compensate for dam-
age and has offered to buy a-y
fragments recovered. No casualties
have been rep6rted'by pregs time.
Two Govt. buildings were destroyed
by fire in Georgetown this week and
five people are detained, among them
Prof .'alter Rodney. They have not
been charged, and their partisans
are holding demonstrations,
P,M. ?argaret Tiitcher has accepted
an invitation to Moscow no date yet.




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'' '

Page Two T H E S TA R riday. July 13 1979
STOP THE LEAKS' by Allster Hughes the oppressed Blacks of South Afri-
Westindians are being undermined oa is being undermined. And,recent
in their stand against racist South events in Dominica should warn us
Africa. We condemn Banks and Compan- that fuel out of Trinidad may be a
ies which do business with that coun- small indication ao our back-door
try. Our Governments have banned trade connections with the racists.
with South Africa and we do not allow .nakin '
our sportsmen to. go there. Neverthe- Do we know, for sure that Barbados
less, indications are that links are rum is not b6ig ng ol. to South Af-
still being maintained by the Common; 'rica? What about bauxite from Guy-
wealth Caribbean with the country ana and Jamaica? Increasing export
which practices the inhuman system of trade is a major aim of all these
apartheid. islands and, who knows whether or
Ope such iank showed up in Trinidad not principle is being sacrificed
--last month. The oil tanker "Kalliopi on the altar of export promotion?
Yemplosi" berthed at Point-a-Pierre Who knows, for instance,, whether or
and tried to buy fuel for her engines, not a blind eye is being turned on
She didn't get. It was discovered that operations of St Vincent's arrowroot
this tanker came from South Africa and Grenada's nutmeg industries?
loaded with South African corn for Who knows whether or not these and
Venezuela, and the Trinidad Oilfield other of our produce is sneaking
Workers Union (OWTU) objected. OW2TU around UN sanctions and ending up
opposed sale of fuel to this vessel in Cape Town?
because the Union was not pre3pmed to It is not enough that we pass laws
see resources of Trinidad & Tobago banning trade with South Africa. It
furthering business interests of South is not enough that our sportsmen are
Africa. Unbelievable not allowed to go, to that county.
The matter should have ended at thh It is not enough that Space Research
porit with the tanker sailing away~ om Corporation was booted; out when it
our waters, but it didn't happen soo was discovered that that Company as
Unbelievable as it sounds, the "Kal- smuggling arms to South Africa. Nor
liopi Yemeloa" left Point-a-Pierre, is it enough that we condemn the last
crossed to Chaguaramas on the other Dominica Government for establishing
side of Trinidad's Gulf of Paria, and links with the racists.
there, from a Texaco barge and in spit If we're serious and sincere in our
of QWFU objections, she took on all stand against the abhorrent policies
the fuel she wanted. of South Africa, we must go the whole
In the face of our stand against way. The fuel leak in Trinidad must
South Africa, this was highly undesir- be topped and all our Governments
able, but, what is even more disconcer-must be vigilant to ensure thas no-
ting is that this incident appears not thing else isa leasing out to strong.
to be an isolated one. Speaking before then the iiplementors of apa~thei.
the Comiassion of Inquiry into opera- In the face of our loud condsmunation
tions ot Texaco Trinidad Inc., OWTU of the South ,Afriqan oppressive -re
President George Weekes indicated that gime, anything less than total com-
this adding and abetting of South Af- mtmeiit to that country's complete
rica, is no new thing. He referred to isolation is hypocritical,
the quelling ot "Kalliopi Yemelas" as ALISTER HUGHES addas:-
!'the latest" violation of United Nat- This will be the last issue of the
ions sanctions against South Africa, column until early August as I have
and said his Union is opposed strongly been invited to Cuba for CARIPESTA
to the continuation of this undesirable and leave Grenada shortly.
practice, I shall, of course, contact you
This should be investigated immne- on my return,
iately. If ships trading with South- AH.
Africa can take on fuel in Trinidad,. St.eorges, Grenada
all that we are trying to do to asajst 5th Ju~y 1979

f age Pea rTHE B T A X 44a Jt 1 9T9 -
"The entire Dominica echeme will cost 11- billion dollars," saaid hair-
man Sydney Alleyne in a matter-of-fatt way. "It Will involve the .onstrue-
tion of an oil refinery, a petrochemical -lant and a quarter of a million
housing units."* The~ e .wa a long pause while his audience county, the
noughts underpimning this development programme, the biggest of its kind
ever devised for a Ceairbbes&a island
Seated ith -iam around the boardroom table in the Knightsbridge (LondLn)
offlbes of the onsulti.g esgineere, Ian Wilkinson & Partnevs, wprp Mani
Grant., twho wV a director of the firm, John Spottiswoode, h earnest 'be-
spectacled chemical engineer whom Alleyne had just introdueed as "hi oil
consultant, and, thred umembere of the Dominioan government.
It was a. September day last year (9M 8) and Dominical was two mpnths
away roim getting its ildependenooe But already plans were being made
Dominica, with a population of 80,000, was proposing to build to tre times
as Aiar houses as it had people to f.ll them. An unrealiatji vision per-
haps, lbut one that appealed to Dominica'as premier, Patriytk Johl a 0all tn
stature but large in amIbiton. At his aide, and 1romnting him from ti~
to tima~ was Leo Austin, his attorney general; .while further down theiable
was Via Riviere, the finance minister, a shar2 dresser.artial to pipe-
trimmed suits and high-heeled boots.
The fall significance of that meeting probably know only to rldney
Alleyne was that it wsa designed to produce the fuAds for a mercenary
invasion of Barbados, and also to cement an .lliance between loverty-
stricken Dominica and oile-starved South Africa.
As the afternoon wore oa, it .wa.Alleyne's voice that was heard mist
often. A barbadian exile, living in the London suburb of West lHaiw tead,
he had.little claim to be heard... Proclaiming a deep belief in freedom
and demcgeacy, he had recently tried, by force of arms, to impose a mili-
tary dictatorshCi on bis native island of Barbadosa Now, as chairman of
the -Dominica Development Corporation, he was weaving billion dollar dreams.
-His project manager, Alan Gant, helped to give them substance. If there
was a,lesaon Grant had learned in life, it was that if you say a thing is
impossible, it will probably happen next. week. The Daoinican acheae was
undoubtedly graTdiose, but badn't Raffles fashioned a Matropolie out of
the .aswas of Singapore?
John Spottliwoode was not so easily convinced. "Good Lord" he'thought
to himself, "how can they be talking about spending so much money on au
island I've never even heard of? Where's the money coming from?" After the
meeting' h .tackled Alan Grant about it. "Qh, -iydney Alleyne' arraging
the money," Grant told hii. -i
(David Taylor then gives a biographical write-up of Alleyne. o was
'born poor in Larbados, "got into trouble with the law" and left in a
hurry, weot to Brazil, travelled the world, relying .on his ready wit.
He poaed asa W 1Jestindian cricketer (in England), and in Mosambique a*e
claimed to be a colonel in the Portugese armq. In Africa his luck ehauned.
Hle becae an arms dealer, developing a network of powerful contacts among
the white colonists... In the maidS.eventiee, he returned to Barbados,
celebrity, a man with money and political influence. He became a-leading
figt1re in EXrol Barrow;'s then ruling Labour PaFrty Barrow granted hma a
banking licence for the Alleyne Mercantile Bank. Its financial poking was
tept a secret, He did not, however, pay his debts* and the bank Was closed
dcwn because of reat arrears.. Tom Adams discovereA that two of Barrow'S
S ministers had been receiving aheques drawn or, the Alleyne bank.,. and e be-
S ause of 4&. campaign agaizatt corruption, Adama Wan tis 1976 election
(Taylor tells how Alle awBore revenge and we all know that Wp4eu
Alleyne was caught with aAgl 8t MWaitS1il t for 31 yewa.);

Ii(- .,r''~i-.-X- ----.

Friday. July 6. X1979 T H E S T A R Page ivoe
Alleyne was still determined to invade Barbados but he wdANd take his
time and plan it carefully. In the meantime, he turned his atdpution to
thq neighboring island of Domrinica, where he already had a business rela-
tionship with the government.
(David Taylor then goes on to describe Dominica. "a. wild and rugged country".
He goes on): Its; only-hope is to attract foreign. investment; and with that
in mind, Patrick John, and its attorney general, Lco Austiin, entered. into
a secret agreement with Sydney Alleyne, In July 19756 they set up the
Dominican Development Corporation. Alleyne promised to provide the capital
fot an oil refinery and an international airport. The scheme fell through
largely, it must be said, because Alleyne went to prison in Martinique.
'Two years later, with Dominica till underdeveloped, Alleyne :was once
again in charge of the project. But while ostensibly working on the island'a
development scheme, Sydney was busy hatching an entirely different plot.
(Now David Taylor describes Alleyne's new invasion plan. Four million
pounds on arms and assault craft, and an army of 650-men. A lady named Sue
Kilty, who used to supply Amin'S Ugandan troops with whisky, was co-opted.
John Banks, mercenary recruiter who acted as Patrick John's chauffeur and
provided him with a London bodyguard, gave Mrs. Sue Kilty a shopping list.)
"It was mainly army clothing," she said somewhat airily. "Boots, light-
weight suiting, that, sort of thing." If she had looked a little more close.
ly at her list, she would have seen references to 60 submachine grns, 273
automatic rifles and 1,050 anti-personnel grenades.
While Mrs. Kilty was getting her eqVipment together, John Ban4r was
having meetings with the Dominican government. Banks was also seeing a lot
of Alleyne and his Dominican development team and, in Sue Kilt-'s opinion,
the' invasion plot and the development plan were 'inextricably involved".
Eventually, the penny dropped and Mrs. Kilty realised that she was equip-
ping a. mercenary invasion force. "I was quite appalled," she told us.
On Saturday 2 December, Patrick John was in Lorndon to sign another
agreement with Sydney Alleyne. Armed with this document, Alleyne could
now raise the money for Dominica's mammoth development programme. Later
that day Banks threw a celebration party in a Dub near his home in nbeCmr-
ley, The funds were coming through. The Barbados invasion was definitely'oa'
and' the serious plotting began. Robert Denard, the French mercenaAr who had
captured the Comeros Islands in the Indian Ocean, weht to Antigua T.o, await
the call while, according to Bank'a invasion plan the main assault force
was to gather on Dominica. before sailing to Barbadosa Dominiea was given
the code name 'Hilton', but the mercenaries never got to dine the.e.
their plot had been discovered. Sue Kilty was flow to New Yorks,driven
to 1he Essex House Hotel, and grilled for several hours by Barba4os'Prlme
minister, Mr.Admas:.A few days later Sydney Alleyne, who made no bones about
his :intention 't topRple Tom Adama', was interv iewed by .(London's) $Decial
Branch. As there% law. against invading a foreign country, Alleyne was .ot
arrested and,. immediately afterwards, he went off to the South African em-
bassV in Trafalgar Square. BaAka was not prosecuted and, when we interview-
ed 4im, he admitted that the South Africans, were his paymasters.
..Sydney Alleyne put a bravU fate on things. He still had a second string -
the Dominica development scheme. He was going to build a tanker farm and an
oil refinery in ,his adopted island and, what is more, South Africa was going
to pay for it. "I want to trade with South Africa," he told us. "I 'Veapeet
fCath Africa, I admire South Africa's greatness and I amypathise. with South
Afripa's determination to determine her na internal policies,"
He knew, of course, that South Africa. was desperately ahoat of crude oil
and was having to pay a high premium to get its supplies from the Arab
world, 'It would be cheaper, (o1 through Dofm4iiaw

Eighty-eighty nations who are mem- by Marchriston
bers of the Non-Aligned Movement will TENNIS: Borg Seta Record
meet in Havana, Cuba in two months.- Bjord Borg the 23-year-old Swede who
Latest to join is. renada. Certain last year became only the second man
members have been pressing that the to win three consecutive Wimbledon
movement should be truly "non-align- finals set his own record c on July
ed". 7th by becoming the only man to win
TOURISM CON4ER3CE,JAAIACA, four consecutive Wimbledon finals -
At the recent Caribbean Tourism to equal a feat he set earlier in the
Conference held in Jamaica, many year when he took his fourth oonsecu-
'frightening rumours' were discussed tive French open.
about Grenada and cleared up.ThiA Roscoe Tanner, the manwo) played
is the opinion of Mr. Royston Hop- Borg in the Wimbledon finals, had the
kin, Director of Ross Point Inn, unenviable task of stopping Borg, and
Grenada. He told NEWSLETTER that gave a performance far above what was
some of the rumours were almost un- expected as he matched Bork point for
believable, point in a 5-set match whi h spanned
FRENCH AMBASSADOR VISITS two hours and 49 minutes before Borg
Mr. Henri Chollet (based in Trinidad) won the fifth and final set to take
has reaffirmed Prance's interest in the match 3 sets to 2.
continuing its aid programme to Dom- Martina Navrotsinhova the Yugoalav
inica. He said so to.P.M.Oliver Ser- exile turned American tool her 2nd
aphin and his Cabinet this. week. One consecutive Women's Wimbledon final
project concerns roads, another the when she met for the second time
Development of a tobacco project;. Chris Evert Lloyd whom she defeated
cultural exchanges etc. Mr. Max in the finals last year. This affair
Vincent of the Prefet's office in was one-sided, as she won 6-4, 6-4
Guadeloupe also arrived with a gift in only 56 minutes.
of drugs from the French Government LOCA L POOTBAL: Dominica tll play
for the Ministry of Health. He called St.Vincent at Arnos Vale on Sunday
on H.E. the Acting President and saw 15th July in the Caribbean V'ootball
the Sports Stadium constructed with Union (CPU) Juvenile Competition. The
some EC $1 million funds from the return match takes place Ju y 29th at
French Government. the Windsor Park.
YELLOW LIMES PRICE INCREASE Dominica Senior Team's matches in
Limegrowers will receive 70 per lb the CPU versus Cuba were scratched
for their yellow limes, and with due to the recent industrial actions.
transport costs & commission the Cuba were. awarded the points,
payment will amount to 7.6-7.7 cents. LOCAL BASKETBALL: Cash'n"Carry Card-
This followed Govt. discussions with Inals and Malta Heiheken- South City
L.Rose & Co. Pros scored victories over Sunstyle
DOMINICA. BROADCASTING CORP. Ambassadors and Dawn Creation Harks.
New Board Members: Alwyn Bully, Cul- Under ideal conditions Pro~ scored 90
tural Officer- Chairman; EdisonJames, points to Harks 72.
Dep.Chairman (Sports); Pierre Charles Rain marred the second match as
& Felix Thomas (education) and Mr. Cardinals scored 92 points to Ambass-
Julius Sampson, press & business, adors 65. Ambassadors (without asb-
Miss Pelicien Eloi (Women),Mr.Alvin stitutes) had to take time off on
Knight (Broadcasting) Mr.Curtis Aug- several occasions to regain their
ustus (T.U.s) and Mrs. Marie Davis- breath.
Pierre (civic interesta. This is TEST CRICEET: India and England went
certainly an improvement on the old into the first of 4 test matches
Board, CUBA which started at Edgbaston yesterday.
Score at time of writing: England
Among 6 lategoers to the Cuba Carifes- 67/1.
ta are Dr.Bernard Wiltshire & Michael,
- runey. .
ira An 'il I "R) 107, T H


pale P2ive

'Rr~~azr_ .T~l~v 7~_ 1Q~CZ


SOUTH ABFICAN CON~ECTION (conclusion) *S*T*A*.R*$* ?O*R-*T*S* Morchriston
On 18 January, he wrote to G.L.Will- CRICKET: Celtic U Takes Double
lams of the South African Coal, Oil& Celtic United who had previously won
Gas Corporation confirming "our offer the Jeff Charles Shield symbol of
to buy for and sell crude oil to 8ASCL cricketing suprermacy in the Augus-
with the approval of the government tus Gregoire League for two seasons
of the Commonwealth of Dominica". but lost out on the hattrick to
14 spite of denials,to the contrary, Somerset by points, amne. back this
the Dominican government was also hay- year to take decisively both first
ing talks with South Africa.On 6 Feb- division and Intermediate chareion-
ruary,Leo Austin, Dominica's attorney ships highlighting their superior-
general & foreignminister.-, sent an Dominican cricket, 1n the
off icial letter to G.J.Coatzee, the first division, they were led by
commercial minister at the South At- young Thomas Kentish who defeated
ricapi embassy in London. 'We. have every side. including & innings
agreed," wrote Austin, "that mutual defeats along the way. The Iiter-
interests will be served in the pro- mediate for various reasons had to
motion, stockpiling, resale and re- have the services of four captains
fining of crude oil and petrochemi- including former a-inard I, .ayer
cal products to meet the needs and Matthew George. JSi e-js thl Lst
exigencies of our respective countries capt. used, Mello VPiJ. & Vincent
An advance aum, in an amount agreed Younis all led sueceesfully. The
will be made available: to my govern- only defeat suffered came under
ment in order to meet outstanding George, Celtic's 6th match, with
and pressing commitments." What Dom- Aquarians of Layou the privileged
inica is (was) conmitted to is the team. So now, Celtic U has the
construction of an oil refinery, a option of having two teams in the
deep-water harbour for oil tankers, 1st division of 1980's season.
and an international airport. Celtic managed four players in
It seems a little sad.. (ends David the Dominica State Team3 Lockhart
Taylor) that a West Indian island Sebastian as. captain, Thomas Kentish
like Dominica should have to turn to vice-captain, Ian Munro and Mervin
white.ruled South Africa for its in- Durand.
vestment capital. With independence, CRICKST ABROAD: Essex, a team which
it has become a pawn in the game of has never won a major championship
international diplomacy, in the English county matches had
TWO USELESS HOLIDAT Hugh Lawrence taken a commanding 61 point lead
In my humble opinion political In- with Norbert Phillin, West Indian
dependence for Dominica, the Land of International, playing a major role.
the Lord, has only,brought a curse. Phillip oe C playing hit a 2nd season
Everything seems to be going backward helpd the County to 2nd place in
non-stop; instead of forward. Those last season's chamioships. This year
who took the strong stand of saving with an inspired John Lever who. has
the Commonwealth of Dominica from loa- taken 63 wickets totdate,, they have
ing 1/5 of her territory for a song, bombed county after county on their
m=st be 'highly praised. Let us all, relentless march to their first
without exception, put our heads to- championships. In Es ex's last match
geither and see that no holidays be vs E /6ssex,Phillip captured 4/55 and
kept for Independence, & jump up-; as Lever 4/6' in Sussex's 2 :d j us.
they will only help to keep us in a Essex won by 10 wicked without 0a:-Es
state of sadnsand regret. Good 88 for 5 declared & 12 tout los.
Lord.keep yofiees of ijn u Sussex 14 and 2 (e alQ p.5.
MAFIA GANGLAND: execution by shcoting ~r!ited & Published by the o F to-0 or
in America has taken place we will R.LA yf...Lrey aof Houos Xpit .'i t-
give details in brief next week. 26 'ath Rd.Roseau,Commonwe a.oh or
-_ .Dominica, Westindieas
,I. iii.?

I _


Friday. July 31.

Pa e Six

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