Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 22, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 22, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Language: English
Publication Date: June 22, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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It tEW YORK 21. N

PO Box 129, Dominica 1 i S
UK Media Representative 0
,olin Turner(London)Lt
122 Shaftesbury Avenuel Virtute Duce Oomite Foituna
Loidon VTV 8EA Enbid .is
Vol. %lIi No. 24 .: 9day June 7Snd 1979 fteen C

and his IniLf : by ROSE 0
Brian Alloy,- : Attorney 0 ,-he people of Dominica
General. are a.great and glorious clan:
Cha:-es Meynard (not ac- they have saved their country and coastland
outing a Mirn.sty). fromn a cursed barbarian.
Athie Martia ?Agriculture When faced by threatening guna:.hs
Michae? Douglas; Ferdinane they prepared to stand and fight;
Parill.; Luke Coriette. they have mounted guard on their city
As we c to Pre.s, the in the terror of the night.
Ministries have not yet 0 the people of Dominica
been declared, can attand so much and no more
-- till thbeyackcle .1e greedy tyrant
JERDMY THORPE ACQUITTED and show Aim the outside door.
Liberal ex-leader Jeremy, Not all the people are saintly,
Thorpe has been ac .itted for some have looted and burned
bY a jury including three in the stress of hunger and tension;
women cE conspiring tj but believe me, they have turned
murder male. model Norman to the sotbr ways of tradition,
Scott. of protocol and of law,
and chosen their o-:n new leaders
SATURDAY CRICKET: Ball by for the difficult months %fore.
ball commen-Lary on Englanc
7s. oestindies will take 0 good people of Dominica,
s. ~Iestndis will write these words to show
pla.e. all day.(See St- you are great and galla:+ and civilized:
Spc ,.. .- Your own true sister, 2ose 0.
3ARBADOS va the first Caribbean State to welcome tne cotsti!Ltllutrt i~
solution oi i:.inica,'J crisis. Barbados will also as:ist in the gen-
eral election preparations to takj place soon in Dominica. Thanks.
GO'ILL P.' TS HAL1T ew Prime Minister 0.Sevraphin was greeted by work-
ers at goodwill Pariph Ha.ll dismissing "back -o work strategy". He took
his oath '-: office on Thursd r, urder President Jenner Armour. The appoint-
ment of Patrick John as PM D/ca was revoked s'L.ce "12 elected members of
the House have declar:d their support for Oliver Seraphin...You no longer
enjoy the s, ort of .'elected members.,. I hereoy notify you that I
revclk-.- your appointment as Prime Minister." Jenaer A-mour,Pf.sident.
A London release stated that many Lomi .cans sent messages to tk~er
faul'.es expressing joy at the settlement of the Io~raiAca, crisis.

Friday, June BS, 1979

The last issue of the STAR came lugene Thom&ra'iho was also looted.
out on Friday June 8. We regret the All these acts are pitiable. But af-
blankness in-between, caused by a ter appeals from both sides, calm
general strike which we supported waa restorer..
(almost a revolution). Bulletins fl n Now Qo D Lay,June 19, there was a
ths Vreedom Party and the excellent longish wait which no one rin t2e
New Chronicle filled? the gap wellfor House minded. The new Clerk Mrs,
local readers. But those overseas White, showed much aplomb and co?-
must be wondering. In our last issue,, rectness. Eden Bowera was elected
we said "The one thing we must never Speaker, took his oath. All th, Op-
do, whatever s-* condition, is to positLin MFs arrived in a guard.
surrender." van (except Pat Stevens:, unavoidably
Well our condition has been very detained by roadblocks), and took
poor, but we have not surrendered, their seats. Gre-t cheers outside
In fact, the people of Dominica have for Miss Charles. It was then a:--
won their battle for a new govern- nounced that the interim President
meant. Shortage of food has been a was barrister Jenner Armour. A vote
main deprivation even ahead of of censure :aid by the Leader of the
lack of communication. Cut off, our Opposition (M.ECharles) was with-
island really was our whole world! drawn; instead a release signed by
But we have all shared, one with M.E.C., P.J. and Christian Council's
another. Arnold Bogh:.. was read. It sugges-
Tuesday, June 19th, was D Day, ted Members of the Houas should de-
juit as Thursday June 22 is V Day. cla-,e their allegiance one way o? the
The atmosphere on the 19th was &Othe; First to stand up was Mr.Zus-
charged with excited joy. Crowds, tace Francis who stated his support
mostly young, gathered outside the for Oliver Seraphin as Prime Minjiste
Govt. HQ. Happily, we got press tic- of Dominica and told of his earlier
kets. It was one of the most impor- doubts on the soundness of the John
tant days in Dominica's history, regime. hext was Bryson Louis, wrm
Strewn around the other (main) en- told of a meeting with E.O.LeBlanA,
trance of the HQ were charred remainswho said "Parjiamentarians should 6s-
of lawbooks, dragged out of the burn-cide." Caribf Darroux spoke fo3thright-
ed-out walls of the marvellous old ly on human rights and aligneA him-
Court House, criminally set afire by self, like Francis & Louis, with the
vandals la-6t week. This historical new Governrrtnt. Pat Stevens 6escrIb-.
Court House (circa 1807) went up in ed the time, now as "inminica's fia-
flames with all the legal documents, est hour" and spoke o international
title deads, birtL,death & marriage relations i.-a credibility; 'A. nise
records oc past anz preseAt citizens. saiL that tile wLoe affair could have
This loss can hardly be calculated, been settled three weeks ago; Avon
It is irreparable. Looters also des- Casiri. took his s.t ~.d with t w
troyed'the Ishops of Flossie Joseph interim government; L.Coriett, ..-
& Casimir Enterprises (knowrn Labour mured a sentence of concurrence -
supporters) and took out goods. They Michael Douglas stnted that on an 29
sacked the Lartigue bakery and burn- 1978 he had been put out by P.J.and
ed Miss Patsy's cer in d~.jlight, afternow on 19 JUTe 197) he was helping
atoning the ex-Governor's house and to put out tie P.M. He said the meet-
acaring that family almost to death, ing restored faith ii: -prlliamentary
However Sir Louis Cools-Lartigue re- democracy, and srrke of th- VOTERS:
signed his 'appoitmntmnt' as acting fair & free tlec ions should be held
-resident, saying it was not sealed, as soon as possible, arnd DBS mus+
anyhow, and he declared the last pro-be democratize.
clamation dissolving tl2e House invalid. (Tu.-_ to Page Three)

'FHli! ~'PAR

PTr ern TPwo

II.Y. ImlR JTlR Three
Conrad Cyrus spoke his manly short ', If youaccept a corrupt Government,
sentence. Then Oliver Seraphin, you too )re corrupt. It is alarm-
P.M.designate, said "This is a House ing to know of the many Roman Cath-
without a Front .i;ch -for the first olics who are still campaigning for
time....The Dominican pcc. .le have our present me:derous and corrupt
decided against a reevolt.onary sot- Govern-ent. Wo.-e still they would-
ution and will keep to constitution- discard Christ :,'rom their loves 'to
al means. The Latin-American type of worship a demex.ted, powermad, poss-
Government will not come her in essed, iniquitous and inept leader,
which the man in the street would aware that he t wanted
not have a right to select who sha~ld local, re tnally and internat-
rule him. It is the people who have finally (except for murbr aid de-
mafegurarde this country for usOur ceit) is doing all in his power to
masters are the people. destroy the economy of the ... :.-
on YMiss Charlea spoke firmly of country by instilling the fear in
the neces ty to bring Domenicabak the hearts of our good-natured and
to normal, Then Lr.,Christian, who religious, people, a,.. + by the indis-
came in late after pleas-: fromliieid4 crimi.,..te use of the Dominica De-
starteu off with Kipling's "IF" vexT fence Force, better known ae the
and went on t- say he hadAt wanted Manicc Gang.
o cooi;- to the louse, but many had Let u.-c not give u.p, as we believe
persuaded him. He traced his politi-
ersuaded him Htraced his ollti- t in the power of the Holy Spirit and
oal and career history. nd desire to without fear: "We want no
serve: "Death before DsooT." shout without fear: "We want no
s.derve "Death before sDishonout" bloodthirsty leaders; they shall all
mni added "who steals my name steals be moved. Hold the fort ia the-
trash" (sic); said he had never done be moved, Hold the fort fs the
thing he was a'ned of, trike towers on. Blessings and
anything he was aphamed of, and sdX Coure "'
u* on behaalf f th ex-P "this is courage.
4ot the time for scapegoats". He de- THE PRISONERS WALK OUT -. AD IN
claeed he came to "ge -this all down Give only rice & water for food,
n 'iansard"., Prisoners (90) fromi their compound
Before M.E.C 's closing words escaped due to suervsion
the ~Seaker intervened to express during the strike, to seek foad in
.is ovm support, for th.'e Interim Govt. M r ep in

ucluu;. TV team (ared: with all American viitop
ors omf e- err. equipment taking WATER CONTA1INATIOM SCARE: during
* ilms, pho- .aphs, notes etc. took THIS E WLYY EFK-, IT WAS -BPORTED
iace beforere :e bus-.ra O:k.- of he THAT. WALLR WAS IJLUJTED. Release of
housee .v enc-r,. ig gushes of tater from hydrants
-- ---- put paid to that scare
We., call t-hlis V Iy bi o thib o Leo Auctin & Vic Riviere are not al-
duate Tthe Ptiv Pre Minister r:a. r-f. lowed to enter Barbadlos 'Their con-
ed !n tho House of Assembly, although nectioa with South Africa is thE
Pece .eie PT refused. t; s~gn the rele- reason.- -
7a:.t d.ccunt ,.nd. ler.-.3.d "tconceas- ALL, COASTAL ~RALE fi ON L ..
ionf." t'rP ji'bilanlt Lo-aC was adjoen.- TH- NICGHIT CTHURcxDAY) fcillowing a
ed. ie i.e Now we hear from ex- "Lieavy riumo-ur" hat -ero enariea, will
Jurlt WTisley Brnio tho.t the Chief try to effect a get-1j Tb1;i-
Juo-lcoe has ordered hl._ fo sign. IT IS, THEh LNGEST DAY QP 1THEo
( Ue Pa4e 9 Que) E AR T

Paie Three

ttvr~rl~zr .f~~~7C, ~(3 7CII~~

r~r H R .c~T A B

Pae Pour T STA rd u 22. 1

S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S* Morchriston BBC : A SHOCKING LIE: Twice on
WI -England World Cup Final: West the evening news f-om London we
Indies remain favourite to win the heard the usual rsory statement on
Prudential World Cup tomorrow (all- the "Caribbean island of Dominica"
day commentary) in the 60-over single from BBC, w~ ch named the new Prime
innings tournament at Lords. XU the Minister a. 'liver Seraphin but said
semifinals on Wednesday, West Indies P.John was. &ill, holding ou. They
and Paiistah fought a* fierce duel on then went n to say that nearly a
a perfect Kennington Oval Pitch, and month's unrest was "over alleged
at Old Trafford New Zealand put up a police brutality". This is a lie.Who
fine fight against England. N.Z. could have given it to the BBRC Our
put England in o bat; they topped police have behave& with exemplary
the magic 200 1_ .nks to G.Gooch 71, paticce and calm strength.
Capt. M.Erierly and Dand Randall- 42
n.o., finishing their 60 overs at THEURSDAY V-Day in the House. Applause
221/8. New Zealand's brave attempt was given to Ferdinand Parillon who
suffered from careless lapses -.3. lbscamne from Lc-don via Portsmouth D/ca.
and 2 run-outs. At 45 overs they were. We were told that the ex-PM wants
180-7. Then 196-8 at 57 overs and u "concessions".(A reporter tells us
213/9 at 60 avers: John Wright 6,9 he is living in ex-Ag's Reigate home.)
Willis stayed in the Pavillion with Then came Mr.Eusftace Prancis' resol-
a strained muscle and Boycott bowled ution nominating 0. Seraphin ag inter-
to get 2 key wickets at a critical..a im P.M. This rias at 10.45 an.m. This
moment (he was o::t for a 0). was seconded i, Bryson Loui~. Mr.
At the Oval in perfect weather bril-Francia said he would like to start
liant batting by the Pakistanis for a !'crystallisation towards a solution".
2nd wicket stand of 166 (highest WCrld ..."BE IT NOW .RE80LVED THAT this
Cup partnership) by Zaheer Abbas(9S) House rreommends the appointment of
and Majid Khan (81) thrilled.a well- Hon. Oliver Seraphin ai Prime Minis-
behaved crowd as the powerful batting ter of the interim- government pending
side tried to overcome the Westindies the resulict of a general election in
score of 295/6 in the 60 overs. Man accordance with the provisions (j
of the match was Gordon Greenidgewith the Dominica C/natitut-ion." The res-
an opener of 73 lovely strokes, sup- ulution was unanimously accepted, and
ported by D.Hayes (65).Viv Richards applause broke out.
(42) also broke the Pakiatan runspree Miss Charlees then handed to tle
with his slow leg breaks at a critic- Clerk, and the Speaker read: 8euier
al moment S/52 when Andy Roberts Armour ... r mutual choice.., has
showed his lack of practice (2/41). consented to accept th& appointment
Others scoring were O.Lloyd. 37 and C. of interim President:,
King 354. Pakistan's As-t ftfal. 4/56, After r-i. at'ing Conrad'Cy:-'s, as
& Majid Khan's caused a near Depgut Speaker, c. the move of the
collapqe.The 2 matches notched up new Prime Minister, the House was
976 runs that day: RESULTS OF BRE- adjourned sine &ie.
159/9 for 60 overs.* Canada 139/9 Are hil o
60 overs. Pakistan 140/2.GROUI B I think that Arden Shillingford is a
India 190 all out; W.I. 194/1 (Gordoa dangerous iih Comijsioner for our
Groenidge 106 r.o.o); Sri Lnka 189all NEW Dominica, He should be put some-
cut, NZ 190/1.(Glen Turner 93 n.o.). where sof lso lse remove those
2nd ROUND: Group A.Pakistan 286/7,60 people like F7ossie zeph, -Bernard
oers,. Australia 197. d R D Cools Larti;0e and Le '.al others
o7-ers, Australia 39-9. 3rd ROUND (Ircp
A: Canada 105 a.ll out,Australia 10/3. from board 3 co..aissior.s, and please
Eigland 365/9-60 overs.,Pakistan 153. remove them 4UIC2i: I .MAi CITIZE&.
GROUP B:WI 244/7;__.* 2i1/ ./9 Printed & Puli'hed by :he Fioprietor
R.E. Allfrey of Mill House, Copt Hall at 2R BaSta Road oRaseau Com.ionwealth
of Dominica, Westincies.

I -

Friday., J'une 22.

Page ~irOUp




There is no doubt that 'the people ccThe Editor of the STARis a stary
writer. Hence our title for tiis
Domihica are on the majority whole writer. Hence o title for tais
immensely satisfied with the compos- true story. There as a young boy
isition of their new Interimt Govt. whobroke part of his spinal column
in a.Roseau River accident..He had
We certainly are. Although snags may suffer agon t t
arise (as happens during a "popular suffer agoniinpain both at
front" Government, there is utterly MH and in Britain, where he was
no need-for people like Dr.Bill flown for treatment. Having survived,
(Pare) Riviere to state that it is he comeback home and re-entered St.
a "sell out'. It is in fact nothing Mary's Academy, looking frail & weak.
of the sort, cbtmbining.all sorts of Working against lost time and other
opini onS odds, he eventually received a Com-
e aore happy to state that we monwelth Scholarship. On Thursday
,We tthis miracle winner flewrback hto his
were wrong last week in saying that thismiracle winnerflew backto his
Mr. Charles Maynard would not acceft homeland Dominica, proud possessor
a'Ministry. The Charles who refused of a degree as Geologist, 2nd class
is Charles Savarin, who (with Hon. honours,,from :Leicester university .
Bugenis Charles) is one of the two Our new BSc. is .Mr Ronald Vplney.
Bigenia Charles) is one of theWe extend tohs beloved mother.s.
most important motivators of the e extendtohis beloved motherMrs.
people's will in Dominica.(see p.2) Rosalind Volney, alsotokhis brotherss
-. _._.. ... ". -sisters-and other relatives, -or
P.M. EAPHI RECALLS AMBASS most sincere congratulations. The
ADORS. Thisis a good move Also he miracle winner told uS over the tele-
stated that all. statutory Boards, phone: "Dominica is my own country,
Co ssnstated tha are to berev. I. have returned to serve her'."
Commissions etc, are to berevised. ...,- .-_

~~~ --i

This is going to'mean great deal
,to. our standard of living. Oil pri-
ces are-up between 18% tb"'25.West-
pen .hbnrt.'i~~re f e vising means nof

JAPAN: An unexploded bomb might have
killed several world leaders .includ-
ing, Britain's Margaret Thatcher and
France's Giscard d'Estaing. It was
dismantled in Tokyo.

I l-r--~lU -~__

cutting oil..consumption.President SPEECHES THIS WEEK: We are sorry that
Carter is particularly incensed by we -did not hear a repeat of the Ag.
the.height of rises, and with Con- President, Mr.Jenner Armour's, #speech.
gress for frustrating his plans to Hon.Briah Alleyne said that Chief Reg.
ration oil consumption. of Grenada E,C.Wilkinson will come
A 'TIfER -HUGHs:- W ave just re=d here next week to Belp rehabilitate
our first batch (3) of late releases records of burned Court House. Also
ope to print up-to-date news next investigation into events of 29th
Hope to print up-to-date newis next h .
Swek.RAN ay have been'begun,
we. RAIN RAIN Rain .in Dominic..

: -

. .. .. L u ,

:8 T A I D
fl : 0TA5IB. TD i~OUR"
PAMVOW.A 0 U X, V it .

OUR M. M R B 0 E E D''
Pare Two ,ida June T H1979A

Led by Prime Minister Oliver J.
Seraphin in a Government of National
Salvation, here-are their names:-
Hon. O.J.Seraphin, also holds the
portfolio of External Affairs; His'
restigetion on moral grounds put 'him
in the forefront to become PM.,D/ca.
There will be properly supervised
enumeration of voters before electtid
Attorney General and Min.of Legal
Affairs: Freedom's Brian Alleyne.
TlA A p j l 4 A I^^*I

nu uand aO-UVuj Q oUZ t1u uLV u uui*-U.Jy NEWS FROM OVERSEAS
and will blot Industrial Amendment ite na l ous Dlack activist
Act ad4 Libel etc. act from the Internationally famous Black activist
Statute book. Moreto folow, Angela. Da-vis has been awawded the
Statute book. More to follow. Lenin Prize by the USSR. ***
Education & Health: Possibly the i$770,000 for reconstruction of the
only fqlly educated Minister for airstrip at Canefied hbai been gAven
these 9osts Charles Maynard. bY Bittish Overaeaa Division, arbados.
He was the Vc Chanellor (WI)s *** Pope John-Paul II has Xreated 16
He was ,the Vice Chancellwor (WI)s inew Cardinals as from 30 Juane. One is
personal appointee for the Eastern. areeilles Archbishop Mgr.loger
Caribbean, olds an LLB degree, was itohegaray, resident of the Prench
at one time a Permanent Secretary. tiscopal conference, aged 57. He is
Mhathe son oaf an agricultural mechanic.
Michael Douglas : Finance, Trade and Six future cardinals are Italian. two
Industry. we await tith eagerness are Polish, one Japanese, one Vietnam,
the matters he may finally disclose one Canadian, one Irish, one benchman
about the Ipte Finance Minister's and probably a Lithaanian. ***,**e*e**
dealings. Princess Margaret, needing money, has
offered her jewelry for sale at
Home Affairs, Housing: Ferdinand Peo Sotheby's, One item is a endat of
illen~ Like Dbuglas, he was excluded sapphire & diamonds worth some 2,t00.
from JOhn's Govt; came back from cartier Brooches, oie representing a
Englan, just in time. dahlia and the other a lotus (wprth
Agricuturde, Lands & Marketing: between 1,200 1,6oo) are also p
Lfor sale, The ;="Pz'in gets a c$ViL.
Athie Marttp, Gen.Sec. of Dominica sat allowance or 6o, o er ao en A,
Farmers iUn4pn. Has worked,p rd on -
their behalf. Obtained aid (objected W CRLD OOD 00.On.IL
to bty ohn from the U.S.A.for them. in Ottawa, Canada, from 44 Sept.,
the U.N. World lood Council will
Communicat ons, Works & Tourism:- meet. Their main objectives are to
Luke Corie te, somewhat shaky on his increase food production in countries
resignation. Hope he will do better where it is mat ibieede o Broaden
Effective distribution of ood; and
There is (ne less Cabinet Minister to provide a better system of. world
now. A saying.' food security. 6 nations are o the
CONFUStON: it is a pity a misnderstadng arose over the question of
Leader of opposition. Of course Miss Charles cannot remain as such,since
her National Salvation joint nominee from Freedom Party is a Govt.Ministert

Dettol, All sizes
Gelusil Suspension
Listerine, All sizes
Lorexane Cream
Minadey, Small & Large :
Milk o .Magnesia, Small & Large
SNice N' Easy
SOrovite Tablets
Oraldine Mouth Wash
, Savion, All Sizes
1 _

Friday. June 29. 1979

~HE.'. S-T AR

Page Two

Pege Thre T H B- S T A R-- FrdyJn 2,. 1

OF MICE... .
Now that the autocratic John re-
gime has been toppled in a "domino
theory" coup, the time is opportune
for our new Attorney General to ask
questions about the most recent trip
ef ex-Senator Denis Joseph and the
"Spending of taxpayers' coney. Infor-
mation leaked from inside sources
reveals that while on the trip (os-
tensibly to purchase TV equipment
for DBS) "Master Plan" Joseph pur-
chased propaganda material and pub-
lic address equipment for the forth- elections.
And to add insult to injury :ft
is said that TV video cassette sys-
tems which may belong to DBS are
being used by Patrick John and Denis
Joseph for their private entertain-
ment. Patrick's favourite movies
are Zorro and Mickey Mouse.We would
have hoped that Patrick would have
learned something from the "Mission
rmpossibile" TV series, and that is
his avowed Mission to continue to
deceive was an Impossible Task.
Patrick has really had a ball
throughout his lifetime. He is re-
ported to have destroyed Carnival
Bands, Sports Clubs, Town Councils
and most recently our own sovereign
State almost!
So much for giving the little
man a chance. ^r

AUrn (name



Praise God that the political cri-
sis is over and in such a nice and
calm way. Congratulations to Miss
Charles, Charles Savatin and their
supporters for the intelligent hand-
ling of 'tis grievous: and awful sit-
The other side was trying to in-
cite violence, but their evil inten-
tions were soon trampled upon and
Miss Charles, Savarin and their
supporters were .victorious. They won
the battle, ,and according to Freedom
motto, "we shall overcame.'
Thanks be to God. B.S.

Two mercenaries from U.S., one
Dominican-born (Romain) and another
named Caruso, flew in fto start aot-
ivities in favour of Patrick Jo1h
Caruso was deported, and Romain
left the following day:. H1cwever the
Commissioner bh Police h-s asked us
all to keep on the look-out for
suspicious characters.
There are also 8 escaped pris-
oners, including Desmcod Trotter,
at large in this State.

Patrick John was re
Force. When on Thur
the Commander of th,
fpn F Vnrpn fA T.4 n+

A TELEaRAM TO PATRICJO :. allegiance to Olive
"Executive Trade Union Council of ovie O
Caribbean Workers Affiliated LAT Govt. at Polics he has
meeting extra ordinary session Will- er RadioBig A" th
emstad Curacao on corrupt and re- the Prime Minister.
pressive situation Dominica stop all belongings from
Shocked your immoral and unconstit- to his Canefield Ho
utional refusal respect Governments stand that the Cott
and others outside stop You and Cab- sparsely furnished.
inet responsible murder other atroc-
ities and sellout Caribbean peoples .D A W U & CABLE
to Racists South Africa stop Resign We have been inf
forthwith avoid unnecessary results DAWIT correspondent
unprincipled position'1(Rec' DAW). pute is now satisfy

lying on his DDF
sday last week
e Dominica De-
Reid pledged
r Seraphin's
he gave up.
s.nce stated of-
at he is still
He has shifted
Morne Cottage
use. We under-
age is now

formed by a
that this dis-
ctcrily settled.

. .... i I

_L .. .. .....

,-- 2 TI- __ T 2 ... .. .. ? .



T HN E 9-T A2..-: ridd~v June ,29;;,`,:l979

Page.. Three.-!--,

Pare ]a*%,, THE l Te Wri-daw. u 2a.. 1T,9

*s*T*A*R*S*P*04ReT*8* -a Morohriston
CRIgCKt West apdies Retain Tite
The second Prudental u for limi-
ted overs cricket was oonclusive3y
Detained by Westindies by trouncing
England 286 for 9 (60 overs) to 194
all out. W.I. batted first and lost
Greenige by the run-out route at 22,
but since hynes, Kalli~haran and
Lloyd were all ba"k in fdrm It was 99
before they were back in the pavioV,
Collie King and Viv Ridhards took
over just before lunch and, for 16 more
overs only, the score was 230 for 5;
they had attained 154/4 for 24 overs
beforelunch4 The stroke play of King
& Richards played havoc with rather
mediocre bowling. King's 86 from
7r balls included 10 fours and 5 sixes.
: Richards, who waa (surprisingly) slow-
er than King, was n.o. at 138 and
the 60 overs were over at 286/9*

England gave a few early chances bti1 delicate denial: of the sex-grab of
Mike Brearly and Geoff Boycott took Jamaican men towards poor innocent
40 overs to chalk up a solid 129; girls. The terrible tale of the Lady
Br-arly 64 c.King, b Holding; Boycott whose Bonz car was destroyed by an
in Holdings next over, 57 c.Kallich- infuriated crowd ends on the most
aran 135. Randall and Gooch tried gentle of human notes.Sex and gang-
to speed the run-rate, but at 185 sterism make of "A District called
Randall fell to Croft Fellowship" a terrifying warning...
Then Garner started hi. magnifi- This book, obtainable from SAVACOU
cent spell of uniplayble balls in PUBLICATIONS LTD. P.O.Box 170,Mona
10 Balls. Gooch (22),-Gower. (0),Lar- Kingston 7, Jamaica, is a must for
kin (0), Old (0) and Tay.or (0) ct. Westindian libraries and for the
wkt. Croft bowled Henricks and had W.I. bookshelf, It sure has its own
Botham c.Richards, a ninety-two. run place on ours. (Price unknown).
victory for Westindies: Garner -5/38,
Croft 3/32, Hcladig 2/16. GREEN TRIANGLES" poems by Lenno
.. Honychtirch.- just out this week. A
NEARER HOME, the Windward Is.Heineken beautiful production which will be
series,~is yet to be decided.Grenada reviewed by John Spector & Rose O
(12 pts) met St.Lucia(without a point) next week, when we hope to give a
in Castries. This match was completely price <(unknown at present). PSA
rained off after about I hrs play* .
The other final St.Vincent vs D/ca GRENADA: Grenada s new Judge opened
at Windsor Pk has been postponed due the newly created Supreme Court on
to our industrial stike against the 10th April: he is the island's Chief
Labour Govt of Patrick John: It will Justice, Mr* Archibald ~edd, former
Sbe played next month and hopefully a Associate States Judge. Desmond Chris-
cham~pn will emerge. POOTBALL:- tian is Director, Public Prosecutions.
D/ca's Caribbean Football Union matches 3-man Electoral Commission: Anglican
against Cuba (due in Windsor Pl- June WorkcrPricst Herman Bhola; Winston
16 & fSre A(R if id. The pointsi~Bllenbusinessman; E.G.A.Walsh,retd
ST-: irip :Exec.Sec. of Grenada's C.S.A. Three
Printed & Published by the Proprietgr -Gairy Magistrates have been sent on
R.E.Allfrey of Mill House Copt Hall official leave; 3 new one appointed.
at 26 Bath Rd Roseau Commonwealth of if D ssmea new ones ap ea
Doninica,. Westindies. Ea s. W a istR W4A.

DUring the strike, we didn't have
enough to eat, but were comforted by
the loan of several good books,in-
cluding John Cheever's abort stories
from a special friend. Meanwhile,our
friend the poet 'dward Kamau Brath-
waite has asked us to review HaaeLe
ED.Carmpbell' collection d&f 6dhort
stories "HBE RAG DOLL"". Now the ti-
tle and cover hint that it may be a
book for children: nothing of the
sort. It is fiercely adult, and al-
though to our patois oriented eyes.
the Jamaica dialect of this clever
UWI graduate may seem coarse, it on--
ly underlines the sensitivity of its
characters' thoughts. The title tale,
"Rag Doll" is so moving that pale,
could weep. You will have to read
"The Carrion Eaters" more than twice
to understand it; "First Love" is a

Vii-IdAv- June 29- 1,97Q

Pacre "BhUT

sl Ha 8 ~I~~ d, a

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