Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 8, 1979.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 8, 1979.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: June 8, 1979
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
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L.A. S_2 78 STRE 4k
telephone Editor 2610 | rijT G ^ o
.O.Box 129, Dominica OR ,*
IK Media Representative '. .-:'' REr :-T ;'
olin Turier (London) 2 '' MS. A -
' Clhnf:s-tu.r r avLuiCa Oe Vi'rtute Duce Comrite Portuna Vol RDVSIGN RES N
n V VW1V 8I3A, Eglan' Edi-jr : Phyll is 81iai Allfr ey br iday. June 8, 199
Dominica is now teeming with people who are determined to arrest
the downslide caused by greed, corruption and slavish*mindedress. These
are people w. th warm hearts, strong hands and clea' minds though let
us admit +' :.t some of those minds only became clear this month. It took
criminal stupidity leading to death to make the revelation.
The Committee for National Salvation is the inspired new body which
proves by its very composition that is truly country-wide. You find on
it two representatives from fifteen organizations. Here is the list so far:
Dc-inica Christian Council (Charles Ma:.iard, Rev. Eric Joseph);
Six trade uniorv : Waterfront & Allied Workers (Louis Benoit, Curtis
Augus-uasDominia Amalgamated Workers Union (Anthony Joseph, Norris
Charles); Civil Service Association (Charles Swvarin, Percival Marie);
Dominica Trade Union (2::.nard Nicholas & a committee member); D/ca
Farmers Union (Athie Martin, Alvin ArmantradingO National Workers Union
(Raw-ins Jemmot, Philip-Dennis); The Dominica Freedom P$rty (Eugenia
Charles, Brian Alleyne); Dominica Association of Industry & Commerce
(Julius Sampson, j-lius Timothy); Dominica Employers Federation (Norman
Rolle, Sheridan Gregoire); Dominica Liberation Movement (Michael Douglas,
Bernard Wiltshire); 11-3 Social League representatives' names not yet
to hand: and the remaining 2 seats are being offered to the Dominica
Labour r.R wn i3 the E.m of tis sp endi1 congress o
doers and thinkers? Ic includes also Nat.Youth Council (Pierre Charles,
The- cannot fail in attaining this aim. All are prepared to suffer aif
are indeed suffering already for its achievement. We say to them, as
the ea=i :;t free crt-i' 'of corruption in governm.ert,, the STAR is wtth

i Attorney General Foreign Minister This afternoon details of the
Leo Austin has resigned; Ollve- J. m sting between P.J. & aides,
(Perry' Scraphin has resigned on moral arid Hon.M.E.Charlcs & Brian
grounds, he having long had serious Alleyne will be heard by in
f-l-,1 nCsS"e inst hi. Government. committee of "National Siv-iata
AND "NW %i UL.N A.V ASADOR Sorry- to- ist! f or us'.
Mra.,tr.Aon RPhvire D/ea, 'S Ambass dr a.icBA SiA R NT MIN
at th iJnited Nntions, New .ork, was ;-sa Sa2y She1ton is akipp ag
forced to tender his resignation. Doiniica o&'h^rtl^ta ..
Others are sil l'.'_gin o"
"l2ey seem totally 1vckirfg '11 sense. It L9.M I

Pai-e Tw ]?rd-v. Jun 8. 1979

We are marooned. Cut off from the
outside world save for its messages
of condemnation directed at the gov-
ernment, still mail-less and many of
us virtually foodless (certainly in
regard to proteins), with only the
good old telephone and electricity
still keeping going, we are living
in a small, contained, turbulent so-
ciety. And this week's weather,rang-
ing from heavr stormy showers .to p'-"-
fect sunny houv-, reflects our btate*
"What do they mean they are go-
ing to shelve the Act?" asked the
diplomat who slipped in via Martini-
que. "Just what they say: to put the
acts on a shelf for the time being,"
we replied. Certainly no hint of re-
pealing them: that will have to be
done, among many repeals, by a new
government, and we hope soon,
'When a dog is drowning, everyone
offers him drink:'. We thought of this
17th century pro serb when we heard
through that most valuable outs41ie-
inside radio the Big-R.A.(Montserrat)
that the executive committee of the
D/ca Labour Party, finding their PM
Patrick John, as a Freedom leaflet
says "naive, gulliblelacking in dis-
crimination, dishonest in his thinkk-
ing and also blind and deaf." This;
they have stated by their vote of
confidence in Patrick John's leader-
ship especially since they have said
that Patrick John' was taken for a
ride by Leo Austin that P.J. Knew
nothing of what Austin was doing.
After listing ,ome cf the things, on
which Austin "'managed t;o ool P.J."
the .P.lPeaflet sayi: "AND REMEBFR
INDEPENDENCE. The same leaflet says
that President Degazon has left Govt.
House "where he should never have been
in the first .lase", and invites him
to resig:, the office which he ha.3 ne-
ver held and "vacate our premieres ,
elso "to refund the salary hie has
dravn c, far, although. h can forget
about th- duty-free whiskey which he
has consumed." It also tells how ex-
AS Austin was pcrmittedi o clearfiles
'rom his office without supervision.

With the banks closed, some of
us are penniless. And conditions
at Princess Margaret hospital are
very grim. We understand that a
nurse cal upon a defence force-
man to gi blood to one of the
shot victim; but his officer ab-
solutely refused this plea, 'and
told the Nurse: "You are paid to
save life, but I am paid to takeit."
Private lives are affected too.
A lovely ;Iominican girl has had to
postpone her wedding: Fort Young
Hotel is clamped shut. Anxiety
about going ou at night and a
terrific rainstorm kept some peo-
ple away from attending the beau-
tiful memorial Mass officiated by
Father Lonucke. However there were
many persons in the Cathedral.
Hon, Eden Bowers gave some con-
temptible r: lies to the Youth of
Vieille CaL- (He is the man who
kook over the Speaker's chair when
Nr.Waldron a.d VyLatEl. it before
the consideration of the Libel &
Slander bill began. Waldron, how-
ever, seems to have ': acl there for
the Industrial Act). Anyhow,Bowers
said:"... I don't think I should
resign"; yet spoke cf his"resolve
to have Patrick John & Leo Austin
out of my political company." Yet
at the Exec. Committee meeting on
the Morne, he. never said a thing
while the members were backing John
TI the Youth interview, he remarked
"I don't think therf wsz need fo?
bullets cr deaths, b~ th '-' one
of those .thi"2 I suppose. ; d:
"having hoard Oliver Ser phin" (who
manfully resigned his nministerr'!:I
post, and wa. not in the Hoi -.r'-
ing the passing of the Bill jl."'
what he sort of exposed, I think
that the whole thing is a rotten
mess." That's enough about Bowers.
I don't suppose the ex-co members
have read the L.P.cocastitution. It
supports t e Uriver oal Declaration
of Human Xight and "seeks to
guard ASdi cherish thi naturall beau-
ties and advantages ;v.ith which tlie
Isle3ad of:? Dounica haa bcon so lav-
iohly encLowed by ....J. e
(Concirlc-. on Tage three)


Pridav. June 8. 19'79

P a ir Two

d u E T TA P0 ap r Yhv.-

Imagine setting that against Patrick
John, Leo Austin & Henckel Christian
signing up to deliver a large tract
of our exquisite lZdca to a company
(Freeport) which would turn it into
a filthy "New Hong FYng"! And fur-
ther,, in, its constitution the DLP is,
pledged to the encouragement of free
and original thought and expression
What of that"Libel & Slander" Act?
Of course, the town of Roseau, in
fact all of L.2ininica, is whizzing
with rumou- "Senator Jojo Karam
has resigned his senatorial post";
'sor: say he withdrew it, others that
it was untrue);"Five persons have
gone on v rlIssion to Tom Adams to
explain why he should stand against
the Govt. of Dominica". Well, we do
not know how th, y got out, but hope
they have. It Is certainly funny
how the P.M.Barbados announced a
speech tO be made and t.hon withdrew
it after the resignation of Austin.
L-st but very important is the
firm stand of the Unions and also
of DAIC. They were not hoodwinkAed
by Leo's resignation; and they abso-
lutely refused to meet Government at
HQ insisting on a p.. ley at Police
HQ with DDJren at least 300 yards
away. Th-t meeting "ended in disorder"
with Trade' Unionists stating they
wanted nothing less t1Lan the Govern-
mennt's resig-iation. DAIC say more
cr 1i:ss the same, which we appreciate.
For lt us. be candid: v:a must suffer
now let the Ministers enjoy their
fat stores of cash & fod. and leave
us t6 at.- o,--e The one thrig we must
never do, :'-tever our condition, is
o. surrender'.

"'Coir ittee for Natio_al Salvatiorn
We are not zure who. p:orz.otea this
committee, but the Freerl-cm Part has
denied -halt it was consulted b.ei'oe-
hand. Instead, they approve of a.
conse It ti onal solution- formationof
a .,.overnrr.ent comrrisiar.. members of
the House of Assembly, exc'lud..ung all
present Mi-iisters and LMinistors of
State, if the demands of the people
of are to be satisfied.

SEM 2 U L L JU LT. E 10
(Sunday Next)
at MAHAULP 9.30 a.m.
Guest Speaker: Mr. Harry Naar-
endorp. Lwatyer, General Secre-
tary of the Car.-bbeaen Human
Rights and Leg
Although I k-now that now
Princess Margaret Hospital is'in
such a sorry stat- due to Govcrn-
ment's refusal to resign, I have
had more than one experience at
our hospital, an institution that
should be very quie- and respect-
ful. In 1963 when I had my first
operation, the late Father 3eerg-
nrans had to quit the hospital and
go back to his Salisbury presbytery
on account of nrise coming from.
sheep grazing on the compound.
Akfriend of mind, next to my
room, had a. radio, and was so in-
discreet that he used to play it
during the night. This nuisance
was reported to the late Latrcn,
Francisca Dorival, a.disciplinar-
ian of happy memory, She imnediat-
ely had it stopped,
I noticed this week radios play-
ing at will and visitors and some
patients talking and laughing at
the top of their voices.
I think a serious notice should
be placed at the entrance of each
Ward, when. the Hospital returns ;o
normality. 'HUGH T LRNCE

I must congratulate Mr.Oliver
Seraphine for resigning his Mili-
sterial post. I was not pleased
when the P.M. Mr.Jon, started at-
tacking hiam for being the person
who introduced him to Sydney Eurn-
ette Alloyne,
But thy have all the others
hung on? For th-eir jobs and pT?
Burely, surely it car.aot b3 for
any morsl raoCon,
I'10-^^A,IA saoxu.,

Friday. June 8. 1979


~Y3[2R ~h~c~o.

CRICKET: 2nd Prudential Starts Sat. Forming a new Government: The
West Indiies once, again rank favourites Mechanics of Transition
in the 2nd Pudential. limited overs The Freedom Part; states:- "The
competition as in 1975 when they were transfer of authority from the ex-
champions with wins over Pakistan, government '-f the John-Austin-Riv-
Australia (twice) and New Zealand. iere :. 3gi to the new caretaker.
They are on the weak side of the draw Government -,f Dominica must take the
with Australia, Pakistan and the ex- following course,:- 1) The, ex-Prime
periena6d English h1c. d'ght it out Minister, together with all the ex-
among them on the ot!+ sido.*Il the Ministers and ex-Ministers of State,
mini championship run-up Sri Lanka must formally submit their resigna-
and Canada. fou .k theiik way up tL- the tions from i'le Hbuse of Assembly
world finals, S. Lanka topscored. in 2) Tare Pres ident (for the ti-:a being)
the series 318/6 (60 Overs) against will call upon the Leader of the
Denmark -- 110 only in reply.* Canada Opposition to form." Government.
beat Bermuda due mainly to brilliant 5) The Gov 'rnmen--appointed Sena-
batg' batting captain Brian Maur- tors will put their appointments as
icete; ~ Tn.o. in 182/6 against Senators at the disposal of the new
Bernudaa's 181 all out, The; zones are: Leader of the Opposition, At. least
A/.England, Australia, Pakistan and one resignation wi7l le arcc<.oed.
Canada. B/Vest Indies, India, New 4) The naw Prime Minister Madil ap-
Zealamd and Sri Lanka. point a new Senator, and n,;w Cabinet
.PORTS OiQ STRIKE: Locally all sport-membe:-?. 5). .:ihe new Goverimtent will
ting activities finished after the provide an adequate budget i-id per-
shocking events of May 29. The Hein- sonrlel for full enumeration of elec-
eken leg carded for Dominica v. St. tors and registration of Voters.
Vincent at Windsor Park was abandoned 6) General Elections will be called
without- a formal statement. A tentat-l.within 3 to six months,
ative fixturefor 1he match is Jiae 22R
in St.Lucia. Resumption of League TMREE MI.:0PJT- L MASSES at CATHEDRAL
Cricket is unlikely as yet and Basket-
ball has been suspended-but might re- e rst, onWedneday wa dedica-
sume soon. Football which was looked d to Henry Nicholls of Dominica and
forward to with such anticipation (a London.(see page 2,col.2); the second
Dominica-Cuba match at home and away tas given f- the late Cem Johnson;
scheduled) looks like falling by the this took place early on Thursday
wayside. This chance to learn and im- evening. And the third was at the
prove our standard, however, may comer d of murdered Philip TimOthy's
e or ., however, my c Nine Days"., later th: anme evening.
again. .... ..
We must congratulate the News rIhron- Str ikir' workers from P seau went
icle on their issue of last Satur- to Portsmouth to join ,-he huge tF::up
day June 2. It was really excellent.of str-iking Portsmou;h worker .
.SOME OF OUR PRESEIT CRISIS TROUBLES join a meeting organised by t-.A Cem-
.OME.OF OU -R T CR I..... TROUBESmittee for Nat ional Salvat ion. Speaks
Telephone lines in the Northen sec-m.ttee for ational Salvation.Speakes
tion of Domintica are dead There is included Hon. M.:. Charles, Charles
:1rwatep in aubu rbs of daseau and Savarin, Michael Douglas and several
in certain villages (no pipeborne). others. Although i,- is true that one
There is also a flour shortage. You speaker did say that Tatrick John
cannot get library books 'or read- esold be en ui nt fmesday neput
ing v.hile u7nempl-oyed or out of to resign, ,iis '*. not formal?: put
I >ol; s epd f eo ou o to the lIationa-l Coiiit-i e, which will
B-9 meet as we go to pres. to dGide or.
Printed &!i by the Proprietor th-.s -a- c-_ natters
R.E. Allfrey of M-ll House, Copt Hall at 26 BaLth Nd.. ofmcm. -ealth
of Dominica, West iLi:Los
" .. .

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Pridav. June 8. 19'79

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