Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 24, 1978.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 24, 1978.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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NEW YORK 21, N. Y,

Telephone :Editor- i-610
P.O.Box 129, DOMIlTICA
UK Vedia Representative -
Colin Turner (London)L
122 Shaftesbury Avenue

o 19

A t Meteorolog-
ical Council
d M I~tA met' here: our
tTd report will fol-
I Virtute Duce .Comite Fortuna low,next issue.
i-= --- :i- f .._ -o~ n x ....

Editor Phyllia EJuad Allfrey

Fcri vr4,bTZ 1~toVFrnh.lY~I OAd 1 07


SR .aA LE After the murder of a brave U.S.
Senator who was investigating com-
1391 Square Feet of Land with plaints about a so-called religious
TWO STOREY HOUSE sect (Temple of the People) in Guy-
at ana from his constituents, the murder
of two journalists, a cameraman and
jAngle of Queen Mary Street and a woman by gunfire, 409 persons in
Kennedy Avenue the sect died, suicide by- po;ion of
cyanide mixed with orangejuice. How
Apply: M.E. Charles they came to be there, why they were
28 Old Street accepted, (highest references, one
P.O. Box 121 from Mrs. Rosalyn Oarter(?))and other
Roseau, Dominica. questions, we shall attempt to answer
S__j The Senator is Mr. Leo Ryan of Calif-
UK GIVES $51,000 FOR FOREST PROJECT ornia. A man has been accuse d of
Building sites ros on a iv murder; the Doctor who fixed the
Building sites & roads on a fivd poisoned cocktails of Dr.H.Schacht.
acre site at Hertford Estate(bought _________o.
by Govt.) will back up a timber-ex- Target is one million board feet
traction and saw milling plant, of timber from stal-is _Atnd


- -----~---~--~

. ,-, ov
s **- *** '
s a ---*** -------- -------- -'*--

et W. Auden wrote once, A polite letter from Kensington
Ihe-poet W.H. Auden wrote once, in' Palace,England, on her Independence
aris, a poem containing these lines: mission was sent by Princess Mar-
0 little cafe where the rich are garet to the Prime Minister. She
always waiting, was "truly delighted" to have seen
Waiting expectantly for something part of Cadence Spectacular, din-
to happen,*. pressed by the smartness and pre-
Let me transpose them to Dominican cision of those in the Windsor
reality: Park military display, found the
O little rumshop .where the poor are flag raising "most moving" and
always waiting, said it was altogether a truly im-
Waiting expectantly for something pressive evening..' "magnificent
to happen... firework display". H.R.H. equally
You can see them, you can hear them, enjoyed her brief tour of the
Because they hear little or no news Hospital and the rally in the Bot-
they lean on the counter, waiting. anical Gardens and much apprecia-
rn fact, since Independence everyone tethe gifts which she received
is waiting; especially the Dominica stamps.
At least the less well-paid work- She wished all Dodinicans every
ers will benefit (we hear this week) good fortune in the days ahead.
by the bestowal of a cost of living
allowance: see pages three and six. MONTSEBRAT ELCTTION GRAND SLAM
The Bramble L.P. era is over. Hon.
FEAST OF CHRIST THE KING This Week' John Osborne won all 7 seats,with
End: Hundreds of Catholics will between 75/80/ of eligible voters
come to Roseau on Saturday for the polling out of 5,000 registered.
feast; and Sunday is Assembly Day He is leader of the Progressive
in Windsor Patk,all are welcome. Labour Movement. Time for a Changel

BSPf.clFtn ~pnio _~rA

Page Two THE S AR Friday, november 24, 197
SUBSANCE OR SHADrSW by Alliter Hughes Air Martinique does offer limi-
L1AT the "airlinheof theEastern ted schedules but that is not
g.ri k.edn", may soon face stiff com- enough and, if RIMIR came in,
petition. PR IAIR, the "airline of hecomrbeion mer force LU
Puerto dio"a. plaTi extension into d ve e er olce.
tLIATI domai. Thi3 will. pro-babjl y siderations. LtAT is not,,just an-
stir4LIAT to provide better service, other a ne. It is the ifline
but Estern- Caritbbean Governments ote s.hne
f,-so me ff ? s asome 'J .R-Af V P-'
should be cArefu1. not' to lose the ans we soula :ms et wP
Substance for t1h shadow. ended a few years ago When Court

Puerto R-ico International .Air-.
line '(PRINAIR) is a thriving Car-
ibbeaT airline which, for the past
twelve yeaexs, has been a success,
story. Based in Puerto Rico, PRIN-
AIR accounts for half the traffic
into that island's -international
airports The airline has 280 daily
flights, carries more than half a
million passengers a year, and goes
to eleven d'estitations including
StKitts and Antigua.
Recent developments have prompted
PRiAIR to' plan expansion. The Un-.
ited Stated Civil Aeronautics Boa-:d
is likely to allow several more Ur.
carriers to f-ly to Puerto Rico, aizd
there probably will be increased
passenger flow to that island.
PRINAR could bid for a share of.
that traffic, but PRIhAlIR s Pre4ri
dent, Mr. James Ceresa, recentlyf-
told the paper 'Caribbean Buai n ass
News' that his airline prefers tu
tt isaztgi esshe spin-off in-
Mr.Ceresa sad that North Am~eri-
can passengers arriving in Puerto
Rico need transportation to conitin-
ue there journey to other islands
and th4 plan 'T to extend PRINAIRt a
routes Wat and' East tho better to'
fulfil th4i Tieed. RThe airline would
fly tq the-Doifnican Republic Haiti
and the Turks & Caicos -.slandj tp
Montserrat,. Dominica, Martinique,
.gt*Lucla, St.Vincent and. drenada.
This looks like an excellent
break for" the Eastern Caribbean.
There have been widespread crmpla-its
against LIAT. Islands like S't.Lucia,
with alternative jet connections,
don't t suffer as much, but Montser-
rat, Dominica, St.Vincent arad Gren-
ada are at the mercy of LIAU's al-
most complete monopoly*

Line, the then owners AII
found our rout as unprofitable.
They pull-d: out. That sp3led
disaXter and Sastern Car.b ean
Govermmt.ts8 hal to rush and bmy
the airline;-

Thai depgt OI~ IAT hasn't
jcharwed.. We still. need an airline
which will operate ol1 our routes.
Some may net te lucrative but,for
the sake of our tourism, commerce
and facility, we must have an air-
line which will operate them all,
whether the airline -makes money or
not. But, if PRINATR comes in and
competes with LIAT on equal terms,
LIAT proab ly won't survive .Based
in the rich Puerto- RAco/Virgiln Is-
lanes market," PRIIM(A has an econ-n
emi(c head start and p..otatiy would
crush IAT out of ex eo
What happens then? A&i long as
PRINAIR (or any other carrier op-
erating our routes) continues to
thrive, we'll have But,
airlines don't operate with chari-
tatl'e motives. If our routes are
foiid to be losing instead of mak-
in: money, the airline wil.1 pull
out.. It is not their responsibility
tc supply us with communications
anr. they'll leave us isola-a. d.
The answer is to realise tIe es-
sential nature of LIAT. It is a
pu.iic utility as .Irrortant as
wLEter, rcads or electricity, yWe
must find money and expert ie,L.Lft
.'t from its present inefficient
Wdtate and get our own airline op-
e:rating properly, 'Wheh we've done
that, we can then decide whether
we're letting the competition in.
St. Georges,

l.5th November 1978


D I A L 0 G U Es A Splendid, Journal NEW DIRECTIONS for CANSAVE,Windwards
We live in a-little stone house, "Children are peg le ad as such
built in 1830, which we occupy like are the greatest aral resource
impoverished royalty, by grace and potential *f every country in this
favour until the d~y when, all our world." So said Mr. William. Stock,
town busine's settled, we cat off Director of International Progaamme
for the wooden cabin on the-edge of for the Canadian Save the Childre
the Carib Reserve viriph is oer own." 'F.und t(CANSAVE,T this week n
This cottage is far too Ifl of pa St.Vinient,wi h Miss Carmen Lsan.
gers S PaRe7, bllt e dt a tokrbach-" They declared that each of the
siver-grey eat given to us by the woul now begin to plandG-
Davis ladies) mice or rats,- frr that tennine and implen*t programaes
'Sylvie' catches at least one rat or for their objectives, in accord
Bouse per night in its. environs all with their own special needs. Prev-
through the year arn she. teaces iouslySt.Vincent had ~een the co.
her carefully-spacedittes how t. ordina.tir centre for the Wrinkdwr&rd
devour the ghastly- pr We therefore burn a let othe- made, StVincent Trainirg Centre a
staff we receive, as registered new model for the whole Eastern Carib-
paper owners, by post or otherwise bean was much praised. "Formal links
But we never burn DXALOGUE. This is are now beitf established between
described in its inner coer as' "a the Training Centre and the U.W.I.,"
quarterly journal of opinion and an- said Miss Lusan.
alysis on subjects of current intel- _____ ____
ectu'al and cultural interest in the EBRA CAN VIOL T
United States. The ev viewoepesoesd CELEBRATED CANhDI1A9 VIOLINIST PLAYS
Sn its' pages are those-of the auth- .IN BARBADOS to aid the Psychiatric
ors and do net iecessearilv oaefLsee Hspital, Miss Nadine Wunder, accom-
ors and de net aecessailY *afest by Janice- Millington, Barba-
the views or policies ofhW U.S. ianost is famous tnougbout
government.". And we believe this.. I fs erirsuosiyTh cn-
Above' all ohe'rwriterst %o'P.~bwr CahajdJ for her virtuoslty.T~e c -
Above all other writers, C.p.Snw 'ert takes place tonight. Friday 24th.

the arts musdt not be div.islle, of TWO BASKS GRFATLY AID P. i. H.
W*urse Leonardo da Vinci- did this, Following Barclays Bank's gift of
in a visual sense centuries _o, a $65,003 x-ray machine for Princess
ut DIA t is te 'l Jourinal Mlaargret Hospital the Royal Bank of
we.rece~evic C ak~ 5 8 1
we. receive (oich anse 1, rn l a be- -Camda has given Wio 000 towards
twee world (or rnaona) w Irsi equipment for the operating room at
nhera .t ar saeeit. .he hospital. These gifts are truly
One can plough rough "What Paths welcome .
to the Future", 'deriving some deep NON-ESTABLISHED WORKERS TO GET COLA
thought; then comes an article on s i oace will
"The Cowboy in Hollywood" (reveali- ); Cos of ivin allowances wi be
then an article on t1e New Rfomant paid to all categories of a16-est-
h in I~ic (H. .Scho InbW)3; f ear ablished workers in Govt emlloy
skippe "The ,Prorities f, US For-' when a formula has "been worked out.
ign olicy" (Z.Brzezinsag), b et the
Publishe, steed with it, a we T OO- AD C
both read a French writer on The Following a uccesseul self-defence
Transcend-ntal Theme in American demonstratio (against an attacker
Writing, ani Cousteatls "npul armd viti word & knife), main in-
orn neeve Conncam te 4 strotor Aahworth Colaire awountuoed
b Walter CertonS ~ r 'aT ~ ..' t -q t. re opening of a Martial Arts
rom Farregut's 8capi1 'bey ScB1hool1' and formation of a o09uuaol
himself .Absolutely gilAie O iedt iMore- REE -CHOPP : GU a )-ha
over there are even took 'viws given EC ,5 to a fearla
^ on nrman Thomap ; ideaiJst.. Saa or.e. hasa
**- -..a for. .g*: -**. gie E
S.-.. .. <:? ** l. ,i
_____.'__________,_______,_________I_,___________"_________________ --; *

EridaNs November 24, 1.979, V9 9 S T A Pz

Pag~e 'Phhsee.

g Pgg Four TT H S T AR Friday, November. 24, 1978
L. Rose Company Limited wish Schedule of Application for Gerti-
L. Rose & Company Limited wish.. ficate of Title and iuoting thereon
inform grapefruit growers ,.that the f ending november 24th
Factoryill ope frthe rfor weeek ending ovember 24th.
factory a ill open for the receipt Date of Person li nature of Re-
of grapefruit on the th of.Decem- ust Presentng qest.whether
ber 19. for a Certificate of Title or ihot-
Citrus Growers Associat'ion members ang thereon or Caveat.,
will receive their weekly alloca- Request da- Bernard Request for
tions from the Association. Non- ted lstitv- Toussaint Ithe issue of
members who have registered with mber, 1978 1by his Soi a First Cer-
L. Rose & Co. in previous years :, Presented icitor tificate of
should contact L, Rose & Co. for 21st liovem- Ronan A Title in re s-
allocations. ber 1978at David of pect of a
Non-C.G.A. members who have not. .15 --Ldpm* ha~fers, portion oft
previously registered with us are Ol.
requested to do this to enable Michel in the Parish of St.Luke in
them to receive allocations the State of Dominica containing
them to receive allocations. ^^ ^^ ^ bounded as follows:-
0.901 acres and bounded as follows:-
Fruit should be of the Marsh-Seed- On the 1North: by land of William
less variety. It should be-sound Xoussaint; On the East: by land of
undamaged and picked fruit without McDonald Peltier;. On the South: by
bruising or.deformation. Fruit lands of Ermay Raphael,Alius Balson
should be. no less than 3" and no and Lawrence Boyd;. On the West;. by
more than 5'" in diameter. Fruit a Public ,Road and lands of. Boyle
should be fully yellow in colour. Peltiert Joseph Peltier, Lcille
Fruit will only be accepted from Hyson, Josy Peltier and Mary Patrice
growers ,who received allocations. R guest da Valentine. Riogest for
te 1 thAu&. Jean Marie the issue of
Fruit should be loose and not in ust, 1978 ne Raphael a First Cer-
boxe s s- t ovn ee -e ael a. First aer-
boxes Presented and Jonas tifiate of
Fruit will be accepted from Mondays- blst Novan- ean Marie, Title in
Thursday 7 am to 430 pm 198 at by. their respect of
Fridys 7. am to 12:30 pm 11 a. Solicitor a portion of
.. ,-_. Vanya DupigX i lad.d aat
SGrapefruit will be paid at 5.5 cent' Bellevue Chopin in the Parish of
per pound delivered frbm the South St. George., in the .Commonwealth of
and 3.4 cents per pound delivered: D9omlnica, containing L000 square
from the areas Horth of Dublanc. feet, and bounded as' follows:-
..-.--------- .-..... North-East: Land of Lawrence John
-Baptiste;-South-East: Lan i of Olgar
AGRICULTURAL LA"D FOR SALE Ormond; South-West: Land of The
at ."GOFPEE" Gospel Mission Church; 6orth-_Wst:
CLAR! HALL ESTATE Land of James Raphael and St.Ville
Apply:- M.E. Charles, -I is (
28 Old Street, CA EA TOTICE is onnej -age ft e
Telephone: a876/2855 A resolution put forward by
T: 25 the Soviet Union, Eastern bloc
Also countries and others, which would
at LAYOU., RIVER HEOTEL have given power to control the
on SATURDAY 5th NOVEMBE 1978 Press absolutely to Goveruments,
at 10 .m. was defeated by a compromise res.
U~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ I ...II :, l IIi

- .8

ridavNovember 24, 1978 TH E S T A R Pae Five
COIfOW EALTH T OF DO C hed week N c
Schedule cf Application for Certi- ted 19th E' Request for the
ficate of Title and Notirg thereon Aug 19. by hr ssue of a
for week ending November 4, 1978 Pesented So.ic- First Certifi-.
date of Person -( Nature of Re- 15t tor 01- cate of Title
Request Presenting. quest whether 1978 at ma ,in respect of
for a Certificate of Ttle Qr Noting9.35 a m A uI. a portion of
thereon or Caveat. tCl Ap." "y land at Bath
R-equest Ida- Iona Jams r request oa Roseau, in the Parish of St.
ted 4th Oc- through Isr far the Gerge,- in the Comnonwealth of
tober 1978. Solicite r issue of Dominica,C containing 989 square
presented RonanA.David a First feet 6:lnd bounded as follows:-North
31st Oct. cf Chambers Certifi-. by land of Lizette Jolly; South-
1978 at 'j11 Old Steet, cate of East by a Right of Way separating
S4 a ~m. Ros eau. Tittle in it' from lands of Steven William
respect of a pc'tion of land at and Hopson Thomas; East by lands
Marigot in the parish of St.Andrew jof Borsute Richards and Fletcher
in the Commonwealtb of Dominica St. Rose; West by land of Alfred
containing 10 358 square feet and 'Bruno .
bounded as follows:- On-the North Request da- Emelda Request for the
by land of Doris Musgrave;. On the ted 18th Elwin issue of a First
West by land cf Gamon Robin; On the July 1977 by her Cerificate ofs
East by a Public Road separating it :Presented i lici- C ite inate o
Solic Title in res-
from Heirs of James Burnette. 15th Nov. tor Cil- i e
chedule- for week ending Nev. '18th '178at ma o .M. pect of a por-
Request 4a- Nelaon Reque t for tion of land at
ted 12th Joseph i the .isue. of r, insh of St,George,
iSept.1978 I by- his a First Cert- in the Commonwealth of Dominica con-
Spresented. Solici- ificat. of gaining 23 600 square feet and boun-
14th Nov- tor Cil- Title in res-dd follws:- North t a Public
ember 1978 ma A.M. pect of a pa- Road; South by land of Dorothy Kir-
at 10.30 am Dupigny tion of 2and toh; East by lands of Janet Lewis
t' the- Heights of Coulbistrie, in land Jones Myler; West by land of
the parish ,of St.Joseph, in-the zie Charles.
commonwealthh of Dominica, contain- IREGISTRAR'S OFFICE, ROSEAU
iing 2.28 aores and bounded as fol' Ephraim F.Georges, Registrar of
lows:- North-We'st by a Public Road, Titles
South by Piton Cliffs; East bby ld : Any person who desires to
f Ei ane ada Ravine separ- A ph
a -i kmai*ana pricM iria eot to the issuing of a Certi-
om ni .West by land of Nesta-Paul. ficate of Title on the &bove hp-
Request -da- Ronald eque s or plications may enter a caveat n
ted 13th John l1t is sue of the above offIce within six weeks
Nov. 978 Bapais.te a First Certi- frm' the first appearance of these
presented i byhis 'ficate of Ti- Schedules in the Star n ws paper
15th No Solicritor te in rest published in this Country or from
197E at o CilmaA.M. of a portion the date when the notice prescribed
m Duupi of land a iby law was last served on .any oc-
-as a pt fSyers E01ate in the :cupant of adjoining lands in res-
Parish of St.Joseph,in the mommon- ipect ofwhich these Applications
wealth of Dominica, cCntainngi were made.
1600 square feet and bounded as ; I REPLY TO AN ENQUIRER
eollcws:- North-East by Remainder
SollwerEstate Sou--East, bby landThe ten Saints whose nemns are giv-
0o er Estate* South-uast by l n to parishes (the 13 stars of the
land ef- Tran siteau Ama- tdin Nrth nation faag) are- Sain Ma.x,
We y anAcce Road separating Dt aot P Pa h i
It from land of _nEay $er!'ant. drDavid., patrerk a Stt
ieft out. tD.

Page Six T H E S TA R Friday, November 24, 1978
*S*T*A*R*S*P*O*R*T*S*- Morchriston C,3.A. OBTAINS COLA FOR 110i-
Sunil Gavascar, 29 year old right- We are informed that at the
handed Indian opener,was named to time when monthly paid Civil Ser-
lead India in the 6-match series vants obtained their settlement &
against the West Indies shortly af- COLA agreement, the Gen.Sec. of
ter the Indians arrived back from CSA wrote Go Corerment .that weekly
Pakistan, where they lost a 3-match daily & hourly paid workers, est-
series 2-nil. The captain then was ablished and no6-established,were
Bishen Singh Bedi,who led from 1976. entitled to the same treatment.
More than 2000 angry Indian demon- For every $10 rise in cost of liv-
strators were at the airport to dis- ing, hourly paid workers should
play their displeasure with Bedi's get 5.752 ce.ts per hr; as the
captaincy.* Pakistan won the final cost of living has risen 3 times,
match by 8 wigke~j scoring at a to $30, the non-Established workers
rate of 7 runsto clinch victory should obtain over 17 cents per hr.
after they were set a target in 35 They work a 40-hour week.
minutes and the mandatory 20-over -----
count in the last hour. They reached AL'OTER PARAMOETARY EXECUTIVE
their objective with 7 balls to spare As our informant remarked, soon
Scores in the matchaat Karachi:'India lGovernment will have more generals
344 and 300; Gavascar 111 & 137. !than fighters, more chiefs than
Pakistan 481 for 9 decl.& 164/2. Indians. Newest ParlExec. is Mr.
Javed Miandad 100 & 63 n.o. Mustaq iElkin Henry, appointed to the
Mohtammed 78.I Education Ministry with special
WIot Indies started their tour of responsibility for Cooperatives.
India with a 265 run victory over Two other Parl-Execs. are Messrs.
Central Zone (a 3-day encounter)with Joey Vanterpool and Arnold Active.
fast bowlers Norbert Phillip and
Sylvester Clark chief architects of STARSPORTS* ctd. FOOTBALL the
destruction..* W.I.,. after being forthcoming Windward Is.tourname.nt
bowled out for 224, struck back to scheduled to start Dec.1 does not
bowl out -their opponents for 130. look promising up to date. Players
Phillip 4/37 and Clark 3/29. Larry have gone off practice sessions
Gomes in.W.I. 1st innings, 42. with coach Vivian RenX whilst nothing
In W.I. 2nd innings, skipper Alvin is being done to Windsor Park where
Kallicharan ran 80 and F.Bacchus 38 a large part of Independence cele-
helped West Indies to 220 for 5 decl.brations took place; there is also
Central Zone were'bowled out for 51 a lack of communication from the
in their 2nd.innings, as Clark(5/16) other Windward Is., to cast doubt
and Phillip(5/34) ripped through, on their actual participation.
The first test match between the BOXING: Inclamoent weather cut out
touring West Indies and India starts the boxing programme advertised
December lst -for last Saturday night at. Windsor
LOCAL CRICKET: The 1979 Augustus Gre-Park. Io future date has been s ~.
goire League series is expected to Abroad, Larry Holmes, World Boxing
commence early in January. ,Council (WBC) world heavyweight
FOOTBALL: The second division league champion stopped challenger Alfredo
continued at the Dominica Grammar Evangelista by knock-out in the
School grounds; once again Kensboroagg 7th round of their scheduled 15-
United strengthened-their champion- round encounter in his first de-
ship claims, defeating last year's fence of the title he won from
2nd div. champs Victoria Stars 5-4- Ken Norton. He was always in con-
in a good match. (next column)__ trol before he crashed home his
Printed & Published by the roprietorl heavy left hook to end the matter
Robert E. Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill decisively.
House at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Commodiwealth of Dominica, Westindies

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