Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 17, 1978.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 17, 1978.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Telephone: EaitozX,.2O
P.O.Box 129, DOM KHA
UK Media Represetat ve -
Colin TuLwner (London)xLtd,
122 Shafteabury AveonW,
London IV 8H,E3-NGLAND.
Vei- YxVII NO. 18


tic. ,O. 2 .

S Vi bttto Duce Comite Fortuna
' Editor Prhylis Shand Allfrey

Fr.May, Novemiber 17;- 1978 Fifteen uents 15s

The first Independence House was
somewhat- grave and subdued;-Bibles
were presented to each Member and
Senator by the Dominica Bible Soc-
iety. The Members affirmed their
allegiance; then came the Senators.
The Speaker (Hon.Eden Bowers)then
read a. letter from the Prime Mini-
ster stating that Government and-
Opposition had not agreed on the
name of the President of the Com-
monwealth of Dominica. (This matter
will have to come up again at the,
next Assembly Meeting). Absent fro.
House: Speaker Degazon. and r.Arn-
old- Act ive, now transplant-edi tot .S-
come a Parliamentary Executive,
Ministry of Health & Industrial
Relations. Head of the Senate and
Minister of External Affairs is Hon,
L.I.Atstin. Mrs. Sylvia Burton,the
sole woman on the Government side,
will become Minister of State for
Women's Affairs.. She received, as
among the new Senators, a warm wel-
come from the Leader of the Opposti-
tion. .
It is known that Govt. has put
forward Mr. Degazon'for President,
and Opposition Mr. John Bully, one-
time Federal Finance Secretary and
Fin/Sec Dominica for years. .
The Bills presented were mainly
financial.: we shall deal wihh them
next week; Rent Control,Citizenship,
Traffic Amendment.
114 nation UNESCO has a draft declare
action on Mass Media which spells con
frontation. Its recipe for reform
involves increased control of the
Press b-v Government s.iMrv disagree.



Government Senators: Mrs, Sylvia
Burton; Mr, George Karam; Mr.Denis,
Joseph; Mr. Eimanuel Martin. On the
Opposition side: Lennox Honychurch;
Curtis Augustus; P.I.Williams; and V.
John Charles.
Premier John'Compton has said that
St.Lucia will do without a defence
force; "the money will be spenfin
keeping the people happy". We
see his point: if the people are
happy, no need to take up arms
against them. Extra strength will
he. given to.:the Police.

Apply:- M.E.Charles,
28 Old Street,
P.O. Box 121
Roseau, Dominica
Telephone: 2676/2855

at 10 A.N.



-This body will meet in' Dominica from
c8-23 November- Opening session is at
Fort Young Hotel.

_ I C_

____ -- I --- --I --------i----~----ir-

,.n-- -


Page. Two THE STAR Y Friday.November 17. 1978

ON And it was an important not,too.
In the paragraph "Princess Mar-
garet's arrival and 90 minute
drive from the airport..." this
should have continued- "was NOT
announced over the radio". Shame
DBS; and Shame on us for leaving
out the clue word!

,(A call to Dominicans)
Blessed 7sle, 0 Dlrainica
Verdant land of sp'arkcling water,
Of Icvely fauna and flora,
Charmi:ngly wilda
Nature smile znchanting ly
Around thy cost, upon thy lea;
Oh when, .alas, the; light we'11 see?
Are we beguiled? '

S.When will each son and each daughter
Arise from hdte and ill to stir
WHAT LE MONDE (Paris, France)said: Arfght, or w ei..L ever poIder
"in the days preceding Indepen- To know your worth?
de-nce, tie streets of Roseau (the Unite in love and in labour -
capital of Dominica) stayed The strong, the weak, the rich,the
strangely calm. This relative in- r
differene- was apparent when the To strive for peace and for onour,
PU*ie Minister, M. patrick John, Land of our birth?
(Labour) made his address' after
Princess-Margaret, who had- given Siffleurs whistle their sweetest lays
ever the instruments of Const-tit- Beneath the Sunts effulgent rays
tion. The public did not, by all And nature joins in songs of praise
the' evidence, give much attention To. Life's Giver.
to the discourse of the Head of E.-er since the famed Columbus came
Government. Beauty,rugged, thou'st been thesame;
In revenge,, the 'Head of the True to nature, truer in name:
Oppsliti-~i, Miss Jugenia Charles, Dominical
surprised everybody by attbaoking
vigouroualy -what she. called .a &~~ster' aid where is thy honour?
parody of democracy'.. She accused ServanE Ind what-i- true labour?
the Government of having; falstffd Where I progress? Str ae td
electoral lists, prevented' the In this rich lae. squalour
minority from expressiah, denied Away, vile politics parties
human rights and refused public Make clear the way for amenities
benefits and offices to persons Of life: true friends -not enemies
who did not belong to the major- In this sweet isle.
*itrry. --. Arise,O men, from lethargy,
THE 1938 Band Mauvais- yv R Ha. Arise'. with brain and brawa toil ye
Lawrence: .Iurirj To mAy.your Li.a. JeeweL re
Ca:nivaL. of 1938 t 'he seme band Free of dis tress..
ma.uvais of 1927 when Inspector .. The hapL sbs .Aaits why not utipZft?
Leighton was struck. down came And other 'soule- that go adralt
out to "-run Mas-. The Roseau pop. KHelp tem wIth some oT nature g
ulatioq suffered.much from fear to progress Sift
and panic., Luckily for us Capt. Biid- now the roads, build them vzte/,
Branch,' the then Ins-pecti of Build now the 'ships build indu;t-'ay;
Police had his .11 or so mern to And tarry not. Don't be weary
round, 'p the gang just around the Of well doing.
Pheonig. A few of them were-ar- Take care -of timewarte not labiour
wsted (6 to 9); the others es- Use well y-our wit, waste not humour,
caped. They were put on trial Preciou s is life. We must save for
in May and were imprisoned.The Honest living.
ringleader Merrill Anthony was
sentenced to 3 years and the J.R. Ralph Casimiro
rest to 2 years each. The late
C.E.A.Rawle was Crown Prosecutor.RECIMNVED WVI I -T1ANS ": wo co -es
(Concluded on page 6) of that splendid nature magazine

Page T.hree T H E S T A R Friday,1tovember 17l 1978
A BI SgTEP FOtRWAR)D by Alister Hughes of nation building?
Nex yr is an e g oe fr Half a century ago, to the average
Next, year is an exciting one for Westindian Britain rep esepted
Westindians. Were gi to ave Westindian, Britain represented
Westindians. Were goi-ng to have
our own examinations. These will re- everything excellent an& the colo-
place the Cambridge General Certlfi- nies trailed far behind. British
cate of Education (GCE) -'0' level industry was the most progressive.
examinations, and this is the biggest The geography of the "Ather Coun-
step we ve taken since adult suf -. 90 try was essential knowledge as was
cage was introduced. the history of the British Isles.
For a long time we'vte been talking This thinking was rejected in
about having our own' examinations, .the Cambridge examination papers.
but, not until-1972 d.4d we do any- Caribbdan students had to answer
thing definite. That ypar Common- questions on Britain's manufactur-
wealth Caribbean Governments signed ing industry and there w s nothing
an Agreement. They established he on Westindian development. The Brit-
Caribbean iEaminations Council (CXC), ish Isles were -sed extpAsively in
and that promised Caribbean ManS ee- geography questions. We tin&ians
dome from yet another shackle. had to know all the British Saver-
This is not to 'say there isBritsh ver-
thing wrong with the GCE examination eigna, but Caribbean geography and
& an examination. With development history (except the colo ial as-
of seconDary education in the West- pect) were completely negected.
ies, some- sort of examination was APPENDAGES !:
eoeesaary. Naturally, Br'itish colon- This was all part of the colonial
ial administrators turned -to BrIitishprocess. It brainwashed up into ac-
universLties for that, examination cepting that British interests and
and, whether or not-studets were, prestige came first. It forced us
educated to meet -the eal needs of to acknowledge that the colonies
the region,- the Oxford and Cam bidge were mere appendages and though, in
exeainations' served satisfactorily recent years, this gre'iure has
as indicators of how well Westindian be less in the new e which
boys andA girls were learning; bn ess i e new e
What is wrong with the GCE examin- we live, we need the pgo tive effect
nations, as far as we are concerned, of the CXG examinations to neutral-
is that they are set by foreigners, ise this brainwashing.
They are set by Britishers who see- Our examinations will emphasis
the world with British eyes from a the importance of the Westindies.
British .viewpoint. That is, perfectly Westindian students will answer .ques-
tatural and, as long as the colonial tions on Westindian history, agric-
era continued, it presented few pro- culture and industry, and they'll
blems for Westindian children.- They work out, not the ddstaice from Land's
did have to contend with questions En^. to John o'Groast, but.from Mon-
like, "Write an essay on -how you tego Bay to Georgetown. Our Westin-
would'-spend a winter evening but, dian-ness will be highl4ghted,'our
generally, they cbped because they" nationalism will be nurtured and we
were conditioned to believe that will be inspired to nation building.
Britain was the centre, of the .niv.e. n
SAtttudes iUndoubtedly, we re going to make
That just wonr t do in, our' ;Llepen- mistakes and plans will have to be
dence era'. we must be geared tro na- revised, but, in such a new field,
tion building and that depends- on this is inevitable. What we must
much more than inspiring speeches remember is that establishing our
from our politicians. It de nds-"'on own CXC examinations is essential to
fundamental attitudes, Mnd-tepse .'' our development, and, undaunted, we
have to be bred into tbe coming gen- must push on in laying the ground-
erations who will live 'i'. ev. fi- work for those who will build on it
op -thie .nes- s. ..-at .. later.
fHow Will e CX x ==na St. Georgesw,il
fet our funduamntal attituades St GeorgesE
How will they assist in the process 8th reNov.


mT W E'

cS edulef A pDlicltiQ fo Certifi-
NcFee 4itleanaNoting thereon.
te f Prson .Mature of Re-
Reque t Pr s quest whether.
Ifor a 'Cert4fi cate of Title or No ting
thereon cr Caveat.
Schedule fr week teni ctber 21"
Request da' Clement Request for the
ted 9th JUn St.Rose is.ue of a Flrst
1977 by his Certificate of
Presented Solid- Title in res-
17thQOcto- tors pect of a por-
ber 1978 at Armour, tien of land at
2,35 pi3m. Armour La Plaine in
(& HaTris the parish of
St.Patrickin the Commonwealth of .
Dominica containing 17028 square feet
and bounded as folliws:- North':by a
Public Road; South: Lands of Eden
Bruney; East: Lands e Gabriel' Georg
and conrad Lestrede West: Lands of
Charles Cuffy and Gilberter Pascal.

Schedtii~e' fnr week Aldnc ~tmhcti 4~

Reque6t da- Vansley Request fcr
ted 16thDe- Harriette the issue of
cetber 1975 by his a First Cert-
Prese4ted Solicitor ificate of
30th Octob- Cilma A.M. Title in res-
er 1978 at Dupigny pect of a p'r-
3.45 p.m. tion of land
at sonmouse in the illage of Castle
Bruce in the Parish of St.David, in
the Comrmnwealth of Dominica, con- '
training 7168 square feet and bounded
as follows:- North: by lands of Mit-
chel Maxwell; South-West: by the
Senhouse River; East: by lands of
Margaret Bougouneau; West: by lands
of John Baptiste Drigo and Romulus

Psifi4 .- -fP. m

request da- Mignoz quest for the
ted 2nd Cc- Xavier issue of a Firsto
tqter ,1978 by her Certificate of
Presented Solidi- Title in respect!
6th. Nven- tort C- of a portion of
her 1978 a ma A.M. land at. Marigot,
3.50 :o.m. upigny in the Pari-sh of
St.Andrew, in the State of Dominica,
containing 09ng acre and bounded as'
follcws:- North-East: By Lai.i of
Olive Hamlet; North-West: Py land of,
the heirs 'f Cccn Prevbst- SIuth-
East: By land of Methbdist Swiadp;
South-West: By-land of Methodist
Request da- Celestine Request for
ted 17th Joseph by the issue of a
Oct. 1978 her Soli- First Certifi-
Presented citcrCil- cate of Title
6th Nov. Ma A.M. in respect of
1978 at Dupigny a.portion of
4.00 p.m4. land at Jcalu-:
sie, Castle Bruce, in the Parish of
St.David, in the Commonwealth of
Dominica, containing ?6l81.3 sxare

Requ at da- Leon : Request for feet andbolimeo as 9OJ.LOAS JorUn:
ted 28thSep- Francois the issue ef by land of Ard'rew tJ3 Find; vot: by
tember 1978 nee George a First Cer- the San; South: by land of John
Presented by her tificate of Prevest; West: by land o- Johnson
30th' cto'- Solici tori Title in zes- Thomas. .-
ber 1978 at Cilma A.M. pect o a. Request dia- elestine request I the
3.50 p.m. Dupigny portion of ted 17th Joseph by issue of a First
land known as a Lot at Weedford Hill Oct.1978 j her Soli- Certificate of
in the parish of St.Andrew,in the Presented citU CI1l Title in res-
Commonwealth of Dominica, containing 6th Nov. ma A. 0p. pect of a por-
38150 square feet,and bounded as fol- 1978 at Dupigly tiOn of landet
lows:- North-East: By land of Silley 4.95 p.m. Jalousie,Castle
Benjamin,Christine Desbonnes & Clem- Bruce, in -hie paris of St.David, in
my Benjamin; South-East: By a Public the Commonwealth uf Dominica,contain-
Road separating it from land of Wood ing 4411.0 square fee-c (Concl.E L 5
ford Hill Estate; South-East: by land In .
ef Alleyne Thomas; .North West: by land of Oc-.aviEa Laville & Eifrc, Banjamin.

7: _. . l l i -- -, -



S ched aulF6e1for we __c___w-.I i_
Request da- Theresa Request r the
ted 12th, 'Josepih issue cf a First
Oct.. 197k- by her Certificate cf
presented: Solici- 'Tit e in respect
6th Nv." itor Cillof a portion e-f
1978 at a A.M. ln at Derriere
3.945 p.m, r-_ *pi~nv La Ruisine,Prt-
smouth, 1 the Pahish c-f St.John, in
. the Commcriwealth of Dominic'a, con-
tainting '75,4' square feet and boarded
's fci~c;wa;'- North: ty land of Llew-
lyn I Ugla: East by land cf Jose-
pilv6 t)eocutteau; West by land of
ac .Befnjanliny Ssuth by The Roman
cithoc'Ce mtery.

Friday, November 17, 1978

---,-1- *------:-- -- -- L6' 4.&' _
COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA. Schedule for week endir Nov 18th
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Application of Nelson Jtseph ctd
Schedule of Application for Certi- follows:- North-West by a public
ficates of Title and Noting there- Road; South by Piton Cliffs; East
on for week ending November 4th ; by land of Ellen Yankey and a
(Aplictlilon of Ceestin se'phre,) Ravine separatbig it-from land of
and bounded us follows:- iorth by -Pricilia Romai 'West by land of
land of Cecil Valmond; East by landNest, Patil. -g3r=lf Ti V
of Johnson Thomas; d est, by a Public on ..a _mes Reue. s
Road separating it from land of I6quest-da- oona James Request
Dona Jacob. ted 4th Oo0 through her for the
cheile' f~-wko ending Nov. 11th tober 1978 Solici tor issue of a
Request-da- Eunice Request for resented RonanADavid First Cer-
ted 6thNov- Millity the iss 31 Oct. o Chamber tificate
er 19h by her a uer-1978 at 11 Old Sreet of Title
emmber 1973 by her a FirstCerr )4. M Bgseau, in resp ect
Presented Solicitor tificate of -of a p1seau a in respect
7th Novemb-' Cilma A. Title in of a portion of land ate Marigot in
-er 1978 at M.Dupigny repeat ofthe Parish of St.Andret in the Com-
2.45 P.m .a -- orto n monwealth of Dominica containing
of n b m. portion 10 358 square feet and guided as
of l1ad known -as a Lot 'at Ha fo lowS:- On the Northy Uiand of
Bougar:dier in St.jToseph, in .th On e t b land
Commonwalth of Dom a'c Doris Musgrave; On the West by land
Commonwealth of Donrinic a,-contatltlrg Garmon Roblin On tnheqSouth ly
14fO-*square feet and bounded as of n Rn t Soth Ey
follows:- North by land of ..Jobn -land of Garmon Robin; Q the East
Edlat; South by land of Eunica Mil- by a Public Road separating it
lity; East by lands of Baptiste Es- from Heirs of .James Btrnette.
prite and. rma Royer; West by an '--
Access Road separating it from 3an3s Registrarts Office, Roseau
of the Heirs of.Anastasie Bertaend .
a ucha John.Bapti te.. Ephraim F.Georges, Regiatrar
Reque st da- Eunice Reque st for of Titles
ted 6th Nov-Milli ty the issue of a Any person who desires to
ember 19 78 by her First Certifi- ct to he suing a Certi-
Presented Solici-.cate of Title ficate of Title on the above Ap-
7th Nciater tor Cil- in respect of plications may enter a Caveat in
1978 at ma A.M. a portion of the above office within six weeks
1250 p, up y. land known as from' the first annearance of these
ppear ---'e--------------

a Lot at Haut Bougandiere in St.
Joseph, in the Commorwealth of
Dominica, contaiining 1600 square
feet and bounded as follows:--North
by laid of- Eunice Mi-3ity; South by
q Road separating it from lapd of
Evin Henry; land of Orma
RL Wetby an A'ceSe R oad 'sep-
negihd frm .lai1, Of Manson.
Pl crre. -ch.week eixiing 1Nov.lthi
Request d,- Nelso-:. Request for
ted 12-h Joseph the issue of
6ept,.?:78 by his 'a First. Cert-
P sented- Solici- ificate of Nov- tor Cil- Title in res-
ember 1978 ma A.M. pect of a por-
.t 0.30 ,m DupigMn tion of land
t-i 'Heigh'ts-f oif'- Coulibistrie ,'in
~'~e parish 'cf St;Josep~h, ,in, the
Commonwealth of Dominica, contain-
ing 228 acres ard bounded as

Schedules in the Star news paper
published in this Country or from
he date when the notfqe prescribed
by law was last served on any oc-
cupant of adjoining lands in res-
pect of which these Applications
were made.

We wish to thank the Qovemment of
the Commonwealth of Dominica for a
well-produced copyillustrated, of
the' Prime Minister's National Inde-
pendence Address We must also
thank the Dominica Banana Industry
for two copies of their excellent
history of the Industry (from In-
ception to Indesendence) written
by V.J.Francis fourillon. It con-
tains charts and photographs.

li I.~,.
T E S T, P

bnncl ~~ ~m

Page Six H E S T A R Friday, ovember 17, 1978
S*T*A*R*'SO.*O*R*T*S*-Morchriston ------
CRICKET 'W;St Indies in India
The West Indies cricket team led by EAVE YOU READ THE LATEST
Guyana's Alvin Kallicharan arrived
in ITdia for a 3- months tour,(to _
include six test matches) on Mon.
Nov .3th.. Among the 16-strong party
is Dominica's Norbert Phillip, who
made his debut against Australia
this year. The 1st tour match start- ...
India, 'now at the end of a two- ___
months tour in Pakistan,after a 17-. HTuieT x..r
year lapse, of matches between the r.Rawle as te .t.rne. .nepr, )
r.R awIe zwas ten Attorney General
countries, scored 344 runs in their iof the Leeward Islands. On his re-
first innings of the third and finale turn to Antigua, he died after a few
test match between the nations, in days illness. Ia the same month of
an attempt to level the series -(Pak- May te Sloop Violet,coming from
istan leads one-nil; 1st match dawn. Martinique with which she traded,
Opener Sunil Gavascar topped .for selling canoe shells te. sank off
India with 111 runs: hiss14th test sellingcanoeshells etc. sak off
ceIndia wi 1s11 runst hais 14th tet Scotts Head, where it was believed
century and 1st against Pakistan to .an illicit trade was being carried
heighten his image... a century out. The Capt B ypocrate Berber was
against all the cricketing nation saved with 5 others by ro.l. i ashore
Pakistan by close of play on the in their small digy. Six others
2nd-4day were 92/1 for'one in reply* perished, including my cousin from
England are in full swing with Colihaut, Norbert Alexander of and-
thei territorial matches in their .bta bde a Frenchtean hucketero,
current 6-match tour of Australia. PR cotd. TBAL:
They lost to South Australia inter Domiica is -cted to b he host -
f Dominica is expected to be the host
first 1st-class game to remind to the Windward Islands football
them that retention of the Ashes tournament due to start Dec.1st at
they won last year will not be easyW Windsor Park. At this time, it is a
The .Dominica. Cricket Association toss-up whether the tournament will
its annual general meeting lastweek- in fact be held. Windsor Park was
end; feature address by M.P. Hon. used largely in the Independence eel-
Luke T.Coriette in absence of the ebrations just about 2 weeks ago.The
Prime Minister who is responsible main stage falls on part of the play-
for sports in the Commonwealth. ing area,which will leave endless did
FOOBA: In a 2nd Division match markings as well as new ones hich-
at DGS Grounds last weekend,Kens-, would' have to. e put in. Already,
borough United walked away with a players called up for national train-
6-4 victory over Riverside in one ing have ceased top ractise as they
of Kensborough's toughest fights see no likelihood of the Park'oetting
in the division this season.The asy prepared in time for Dec.1 reckoning.
win Kensborough anticipated did not The hold-up over the dismantling of
come until the last few minuteswhen the stage at Windsor Park is because
with the score at 4-all, the River- of Assembly "78. The Park is the
side custodian without provocation venue because of its current stage
charged an opponent.Result:a penaltyand addition. sa ns.
which was converted. This broke the ST.LUCIA TO GET THE SlE U.K CASH
spirit of Riverside, who lackadaisil#5.4 mi n wil be g n to
1 d53*d millioal wil. be given to St.
cally conceded a 6th goal. They had Lucia on independence, on the same
however showed resoluteness the tennsa-s the amount give.L toDominica..
score of 3-all being~roof of uthias.
Printed & Publ ishei by the Proprietor,Robert E. lJfre ofCof t ; ll t
Mi!l House at 0 Bt Road,Roseau, -oifmOweae in oDbromin La, eaSindies

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