Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 10, 1978.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 10, 1978.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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Telephone: Editor 2610
P.O.Box 129, Dodhica
UK Media Representative
Colin Turner (London)aLtd
122 S haf tesbury' Av erue,
Iondon W1V SHA E.ugland.

1 Virtute Duce Comite Fortuna
Editor Phyllia Shand Allfrey I

Vol. XXVII ha 1"7t FPr ,' November .10.


Eight Pages
by ROSE 0 -
Back Page

15df hi>ft+.An ft.

Glorious weather blessed Independence
.Day. The sun blazed, as children who
had to stand under it from 8 am to
1 pm discovered. That was at the
morning parade, after the exchange
of flags; when Princess Margaret ar-
rived, the British National Anthem
was not then played. The town was
decora+2d with sparkling pennants,
but no new Dominica flags hung from
private homes in Roseau area. And,
according to a report in the Brit-
ish Press, the Princess said "I didn't
see one f1ag recognising Britain."
According to this report "ISLAND
SNUB FOR HRH" she was "a bit peeved
last night by the non-welcome she got
in the poyerty-wracked island of Dom-
inica. 'They could have shown more
enthusiasm,' she told an aide."
Princess Margaret's arrival and
90 minute drive from the airport was
announced over the radio; and she
was not seen-off on her departure by
any Minister at Melville Hall. The
same newspaper also contains a'rath-
er horrible piece called "Island of
Fear", which we will not reproduce,
The people were in an inquisitive
mood on the whole. Thousands jammed
into Independence City (Windsor Pk)
for the previous House of Assembly
night outdoor meeting; DLP support-
ers took chairs destined for offic-
ial guests. But, like Clochemerle,
"Dominica is a place where protocol
is absolutely.embryonic". And at the
lowering of the Uhicn Jack, several
people had tears in their eyes:others

"Two little nations who cannot
survive except witth the aid of
great powers" ... They joke:
"Dominica, of whom the biting hum-
orists of the Caribbega say that
it's the only island fn the Antil-
les that Christopher Columbus would
recognize if he came but of his
tomb... has not changed (say these
humorists) since her discovery in
14,93." "
France Antilles' issue of 6th
November devotes part.-of its front
and the whole back page to the
Independence of Dominica; and there
are (in between) three excellent
and kindly articles by Jean-Phil-
lippe Demey. We shall quote again.
Before this, the Leader of the
Opposition delivered her address -
which readers w. ll find inside.As
one denied the freedom of the air,
she was right, in our view, to say
what she did to thousands of lis-
After the raising of our simple
and pretty flag, HRH gave her per-
sonal address, (concluded page 6)

[ I I I I ml I w .

-- ---

m I I l

-- --

--_r- -

Page Two .. T BH SE STAR Friday, November 10, 1978
NEGLECTED HEROES by Alister Hughes advanced constitutions.
D-i we remember this? Do we remem-
Engrossed in the serious issues of ber that we are building today on
our day, Westindians forget that the' ilitical foundations Marryshow
many of these issues had a beginning laid? Dc we remember that he earn-
before, our time. We forget that the ed fq. himse-i' the proud title of
foundations of many advantages we the Father cj Federation"? Do we
enjoy were lpid long before we were remember that October 19th was the
born. And, we forget the men and twentieth anniversary of his death?
women Who fought those'i sues and br that November 7th is his .birth-
who, sometimes at great sacrifice,. day?. Not many of us do, and, while
laid the foundations so that wecouldC there a.:e n' r tw. landmarks hoi:-
have a better life. him, estndans have fie
One striking example of this for-" mi hims Westindans have ftl he
getfulnoss, this ingratitude, this memor y this r duty to the
neglect o.f.our National Heroes, is m y f t
the poqr respect paid to -the memory S_:-ificance
of Theophilub Albert Marryshow. To- Ner is Marryshow alone in this.
day, a- we 'hbist our national flags,Have we ho-oured sufficiently andhare
we forget what this man did for us. we kept before us the significance c
We forget that, more than half a names like Nathaniel Critchlow of
century ago, when Westindians were Guyana and Mary Secole of Janaica?
voteless colonials, Marryshow al- Nornman MIanley' and Grantley Adams hIs
most singlehandedlly, -fought the sys-airportt named a-ter them, bit, how
tern of Orown Colony Government. many y-u.-cg' Westindians know vat
That didn't mean just. fighting thp these men did for them?
Briti&h- Colonial Office* Marryshew And what about Trinidad & TobagI's
also had to fight the colonial men- Arthur Cipriani? And Dominica's
taiity of our ancestors.-'The princi- Cecil Rav:.e? Haw many WWestindians
ple that the people should have a know of St.Vincent's Ebezneza. Duncan
vote was not accepted automatically or of Caspen ,olstein of the Virgin
and, even by those he was trying t6 Islands? The. 1istt goes on and 3o.
help, Marryshw: was branded a tru- There are outstanding.W.stindians
Sble-making agitator. from every territory who, in their
Dream wn generations, did their bit to
Nevertheless, he persisted and it give us what we have taday, but who
was he iho stirred the Caribbeanand are now forgotten or neglected names
promoted establishment of "Represei-likely to slip iato oblivion.
tative :Gvernment Associations". It That's ot good enough It is in-
was he who lit the fire of the,deam gratitude and we are throwing -.way
ef a Westindies Nation. And it was the added coint; bution these W 3Atin-
he who .laid the foundations of )u.r di&h ancestors car st:13 make. We
independence era. hnead Westindian heroes and Leroines
At his,'wn expense, in 1921,MarrY-andwe need a CARICOM National Her-
show took "hip arguments to the Brit-,es ard Heroines Week to high. -ht
ish Colonial Office, "Nothing -can them. Ve need to be made aware ef
say," he'fold the officials, '"e)n persons from this region who have
impress your minds more strongly set examples of depiccation and self-
than the fact that Westindians de- lessness. We need to remember the
serve the right to elact their own heights to which they aspired so that,
representatives iHe urged them to inspired by their achievements, we
see for themselves and, a year later, too .iay make our contribution to
the British government sent out the our time.
Wood. Commission to see what Marry- St. Georges,
show was talking acout. That Commis- Grenada,
sion recommended the beginnings 6f
our representative government and Westindies.
set us on the road o today's

pa~gc ThreA (n~

Addressing the Speaker, the Opposition Leader spoke of her great pleas-
ure in welcoming the Queents Representative, i H.R.H.Princess Margaret,
and af-cer a few felicitois sentences asked H.R.H. to take back to H.M.
the Queen "our than'r and' ur regrets that the necessities and realit-
ies of life in this islaizi merited a change of relac.i~onship with Her
Majesty; a change however which we know will not dim-hy one iota the
warm feeling of affection that Dominicans bear to Her Majesty and to
members of the Royal Family." She went on to say that perhaps a more
meaningful relationship with H.M.- the Queen as Head of the British Com-
monwealth might-. ensue, adding: "In this era when the duties of the Head
of State are not carried out-enttirely on his own initiative and perhaps
not as impr ceably correctly as one would wish it is as well that he is
not spen to act as -the Queen's -representative" -
hiss Charles next welcomed Under-Sec,. of State Mr.Rowlands and his
delegation; then the British Government, Represent&tive for the Associa-
ted State-s and the members of his' staff.
The many 'gifts that we have had in the -paet. from the U~nited Kingdom
next c :ae under review: not only financial assistance .and the Indepe ndenc
gift o1 $53 million and promise of more to come, but "these intangibles
which .e are unable to pack in a suitcase as we set out en this journey
on an uncharted sea with -our compass and tiller in our own hands."
Examining those intangible gifts and the use we must make of than in the
future, she spoke first of "a lesson in. Democracy".- To begin -with' our
UK friends have given us the Westminster model of Government'. We adapted
it to our circumstances and left out'the Upper Chamzber. But did we not
leave out more than that...? Miss Charl*Pn mplete control which
the House of Commons Speaker maintains over its members and"his im-
partiality and complete lack of'-bias equalled only by his strict adher-
ence to the rule that he must not contribute or take part in the debate,"
'saying that our copy of that model was a travesty, and that the manner
"in which we have rejected this'part of the lesson in democracy is a
cause for-deep Sorrow." She doubted that we would keep to the Westmin-
ster pattern after Irnependence. "A pity, Mr. Speaker'."
Agzin using the model of Westminster, the Leader asled "when are we
going to learn that Bills even though introduced for the good of the
public must kept secret from the members of the public? Public
shoiild have the right to make their feelings felt on any passage of law
*."the three readirsgs' should not all take place within five minutes
if 'each .other and invariably-at the same sitting ef the House. Such
sittings should be held' regularly at known intervals and the minority
should never, be deprived of the right to express their views. ,The
House of Assembly is -not a mere rubber stamp far the indiscriminate use
of .Cabinet in securing majority support for measures whiai have not been
ful.3 and fairly discussed both In the House and the Gener-
al Public." The O .Leader'spoke of the emphasis on consultation by
the opposing factions -in th". House of Assembly during constitutional
talks. Surely consultat i n cannot imply the imparting of a decision
signed sealed and deliv-red -io the other side?"
cspakin, of the weight of Public Opinion, she said. "The political
leaders in England heed the comments of the press but it is true though
sad, that criticism.iU the press seems merely to-urge us to continue
and. pursue relentlessly whatever road that we are travelling, in a man-
nei which -shows utter contempt for the persons who have found fault
constructively and have re.son to have so found "ault'.
Last under the' giet head of Democracy, the Opp.Leader told the
Speaker, was the democratic right to free alectilns. (concluded overleaf)

f~7~~C~~V- Nn~tAmh~l4 7n, ~~7~

Ir; FT R: '~ ~"AR

pOret e (b) STHE TAR Fr.dekv, November 10,..78
She said"Mr. Speaker... You. have heard us time and time again say-that
our new Constitution promises elections every five years; but can elec-
tions be free and fair,-Mr. Speaker, when electorallists are unfairly
compiled?" Breaches of the electoral laws, she added, had been brought
to the attention of the highestt authority over 9 months in 14 letters of
complaint, without the courtesy of a reply and with little redress. Ap-
plications to see -the Governor on this were brush? 1 aside; persons con-
victed of the crime of refusing to register electcrs are maintained at
the same post so that it is easy for them to continue depriving would-be
voters of.their register.
"We boast that we have Preedom of Speech but let us examine the
reality of the situation. In a country where the only radio is owned and
operated by the Government and no Opposition voice are permitted on
that most effective media; can' one really,say that we believe in F-E.aedom
of Speech? When time and again Ministers ef Government and some offic-
ials are permitted to abuse persons opocsed tc Government without the
right being given to such persons to exytlain their side...? When cffic-
ers of the radio state categorically that they will not have any news
items on the radio about members of the Opposition, and they are allowed
to carry on with this policy without let or hindrance are we really
adhering to the Human Right of Freedom of Speech?
"The Right to Dissent is well understood and accepted in the United
Kingdom. But here in Dominica, every criticism is regarded almost like
an act of treason... We will never build a nation on one point of view
only at least not in the democratic way that is known to us in the
Western World.. '
"Mr. Speaker, in the United Kingdom political patronage is net un-
known but there it is played murder known rules. We have learned the
lesson without the rules... It has been publicly and openly announced
that persons who do not belong to the ruling party win not be able to
obtain public housing, public service jobs and there is a not toc subtle
pressure' against members of the business community who do not flaunt the
party badge. If there is one single facet that will keep the nation c'v-
ided it is this brazen use of power for the purpose of punishing persons
who do not adhere to the party..."
"@ur counterparts in the United Kingdom have tried by example to give
us lessons in diplomacy. These we have net made any attempt to absorb.
Courtesy in the political field in unknown; respect for the ether man's
feelings is a virtue best forgotten and if one can ride roughshod over
all and sundry who do not agree with one, that is the order of the day.
The principle being who is not with you is against you."
"Another lesson that our United Kingdqm aid donors have attempted. to
help:us to learn is that bf pxieriites... It is not a lesson that .' ^
learns easily from hard experience; when one has grown in the erroneous
ways it becomes extra difficult to correct..."
-The Opp.Leader spoke next of Unity in matters of National Importance;
touching on the Right to Education far each, including adults whe
missed out or forgotten what they have learned a literacy campaign is
an urgent and early must. She then spoke of Freedom from Fear; people
must not grow afraid to talk out and to obtain tLeir right. She went on:
..."Let us reflectt for a while that the glitter cf Independence is not
all; the lights, the flags, the decorations, the parties and most impor-
-tant the exhilarating presence of distinguished guest, these are but
fleeting. By Monday next week the realities will be vith us. Independence
we will then know,- is not something we-have to hbout and sing about; but
something that we have to live with; something we have to work for; and
above all it will uot be for the few but it will be everybody's business."

CPa;_ -i-mr'A rp H r_ Q Ap b 4r 1
.11 X L .. L'V SiIUa lco A IJU AL LJ L~JI

Schedule p c tCertifi-
caV1te ore rena Notn ereon.

Date ofj Person.-
euestn Presentija
0r. .a C.Crtificate of
thereon or Caveat. '

Nature o Re-
quest whether
Title'or Noting

Shdule for week en October 1
Request da clCement Request for the
ted 9thJune S .Retse issue of a Mrst
1977 by.his Certificate of
'Presented Sol.ici- Title in res-
;17th Octo- trora pect et a'por-
Iber 1978 at Armour, tien of land at
2.35 p.m.. )Armour iLa Plaine in
'& Harris the Parish of
St.1atrick in the Commonwealth of
Dominica containing 17028 square feet
and bounded as follows:- North'iby a
Public Road; South: Lands of Eden
Bruney; Rast: Lands of Gabriel' Georx
and conuad Lest:adeo West: Lands of
Charles Cuffy-and G&lberter Pascal.

R'h r ii A frn Lw ?PirAnt91 r arer1" 'A

Rchedu~~ ~ ~ ~ IP- ek ydnt
Request da- Vansley -Request for,
ted 15th:De- Harriette the issue of
Cemrx~r 1975 by his a First Cert-
Presented Solicitor ificate of
30th Octob- Cilma A.M. Title inhres-
er 1978 at Dppigny pect of a pd-
3.45 p.m. tion of land
at Seniouse in the vi7age of Castle
Bruce in the Parish of St.David, in
the Commonwealth of Dominica, con-
taining 7168 square feet and bounded
a' follows:- North-- by lands of :-Mt-
chel Maxwell; South-West: b3'the- -.
Senhquse River; ;.Est by. lands of
Margaret. Boug64neatu West:' 'by lan
of John BaptiSte Drigo and Romulus
Jo^ )h ' a'
RequeSt da-, Leon 'Request r r
ted 28thSe.?- FrTancois the 'isSue' 0
tember 1978 nre George' a First Cer-
Presented,' 'tific.a tof
!30th *rt4k- iftr'14'4r -''1t+. Aas-

,Schedule for weeck enacIIn NovLL. ni

Request- da- Theresa Reqfest for the
ted 12th, Joseph issls of a First
6ct. 1978 by her ICertificate of
presented Solici.- Tit+e in respect
6th Nov. to Cii-of portion of
1978,at ma A.M.l i4 at Depriere
3.45 p.m, DupgnvIia Ruisine,Port-
smouth, in the Parish of. St.John,in
the Commonwealth rf Dom nica, cn-
taining 7564 .square. fee. and bounded
as follows:- North: by 3jand of Llew-
ellyn Douglas; East by >.nd of Jose-
phine Decouteau; West by land ;of
Isaac Benjamin, South b The Roman
Catholic Cemetery.
Request da- Mignon Reqlest for the
ted 2nd Oc- Xavier issue of a First
tober 1978 by her Certificate of
Presented Solici- Ti.te in,respect
6th Novem- tor Ci1- of f portion of
ber 1978ct ma A.M. lane at Ma-iget
3.50 p.m. uiy in the Parish of
St.Andrew, in the State -f Dominica,
containing 0.920 acre and bounded as
follmws-- North-Easts ~ land of
Olive Hamlet; North-West By land of
the heirs of.Coon Prevopt; South-
East. of Methed4st "LJiaSct;
Seuth-West: -By land pf pthodist
Request da- Celestine. Rque st.for
ted 17th Joseph by[ tbh issue of a
Oct. 1978 her. Soli- FYrst Certifi-
Presented' citorCil- c te of Title
6th Nov. a A.M.. il ppipect of
1978 at Dupigny a'. portion of
4.00'p.m* land at Jalou-
sie, castle Bruce, in the parish of
St' David, in .the Commnowealsth of
Dominicang 7,, 1. 3 atare
feet- ad bounded. as follow st.
.by, land of Andrew Jho Finn; .East: by
'the. SSa~ o South by land'f John:
prevost; e, s~;-. :b. land af iJhnson
Thomas.-. __________

ber, 78 a ..t -. et a m "et "f B Request, qa- Celestine quest for the
3 e lm < I ,gI~o fcti h o f ted 17th .oseph. by issue of a Pi+st
land k'own- as a Lot at WOooTord Hill Oct.1978 her ..Sf 0erti.ficte ,of
*in the 'iais"-of tnAhdr w 'h the- Presented citaCr il- Title i res-

ow"t Nth-East BY Lan illey 4 ma. pt. a pri
n: Ejamix, CrLuistrine De stonne1 I Cli- Bruge, in e St.David, in
Comy oenjalth in Soutmiastcy a Puaibi th Cmmowealt i of. DIoinca,contain -
oai -eparsatin- it fronm land of Wooaing 1 ,4411.0 aquare feet (Coritl.BAS6 b )
.ord Hill sutae ea bout~hdEastbs fr l and
of Alleyne Thomas; North West: by land of Octavia'Lavill A Elfordm benjamin.

- Z Z Z :Z ......... .. ... T -- .



^- _t.

PaiO4 Vniw-

'II ET T~ C 'F L\ a F,tnc~r MAl;nm~~~ In '1 nr)O


Four 14

i 1

TIT,.E' 4Y-ST61AT.TM N AcT ot4,
Sdbed, for week epding )1v,;
dannifebtian of deleatin Jobseit cUtA

Jo~d of Cect- :Va1mroi. VBot by J.fr4
Of. Johnaon ThZwas; Soutb by. U 44. if
Jobbhfon Thw=4; West by a puli
Road separati it from l2.a of'
Don atcob._
Requef ] c Requesit ffot
too the. th UMflitty I Ifue; of a First
Noy, q 976 by Oer Cort4f iqa~e- of
Presented aouc!. TIt34e in roes.
7th Nmrveidb..i tm C11- Do 0 of 4 or t-
IQ 19~78. at -Mo Atue. ;on 01- lars,
.4 A a Lott
slow tephi in
as foloip:- North by 0v l
Edwin; Soutb by Jaqad ):' runice mJLp-
it4j gast'by U.ands of Baptisto 8W
prite ani4 0rma Royotfj VIept. by ax~
Access Road 0.ep4oating It from 3MAdW
of tbe lIeiri li AkaltaglA iBjr1trRo
ted 6th ?oV.. ity th6e $ue 0;
ewbem -19 by;e a'o*irst Cori-
Preoente4 ,4. 1 f'Xeo of T'Tl

dier in.)oi

Re~ad separating it ~fom 1ard *fP
3vlyn Henl7; Easrt by Inland ~ T~ t
R4yer; Vest by A A.1es* Ro.4sde
loradtin :it fr latd fof landson
Pierre.. __

as 5 g ..rvsee ag

____ _11____1 ____I~__ __

Cle ,rk sYa sored b Cavalier u Awon
the ccnta The 18 year old beauty
enters the "Miss World" oope ititid
(4oyal Albert HallLondon,Nov. 25) -
and also win a aair trip to Canada,
Gvt gave $6,000 of the $13,000 she


Letter to the aitors;.C'.;L)BACK neels ror expenses.
Madames We have Indepnene we TENAGER HAS DPDCE BB...
have got it, we deserve it, that is A l-6yearz-old girl and a policeman
what they have the Ignorant People now at Grand Bay are the parents of
to sing, But Madaine, ih the book thh first baby to be born after
of Jeremiah we read "God asks us I etPatrick Roland AIbider.
this question., Can the Ethiopian
change their kin -er the Leopard THIS WEK II= MONTSERRAT
his spot?" A man threw a bottle through the car
.'I the answer is YES, let us window Chief Minister Austin Bram.
rejoice; but if the answer 'is NO ble, wif aif d schie d we"e irnYde. He
Ii say Father God, help us Ull*.was dewtae -obody hrt.e
W toS AY, iSTTAl please tel*iMone Bditor 2610 about yuw eer.
'< ., '. '> i-

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a~i~p~iis~,~~rYi',4ru~tn inf o 0~ -t~ra-t
tbeiares thaben repoaeydly highi
r~jk4jgq b( ship ri#40, ecxsisticg
04". 'r -.''! s fruit, 6rqttqd yejllow-i
fr.-H -3 rj- -~ting ripe' ruit in th9
shiI=0pn1e of' banana Es e dtp int
Doxinica in recent wee~s.
AJtlioi'gh it is dibrmgl, at Jhis timP,
of the .year f?r Phip tp4e re-
flept in the U44Wi d *4ttXyr"
Ioor't there 1 jaen an wlav~ur-
abj p psurg 14 tble '"i?~nd Wh.ccA
4qe4o proper '. rpiie a" ..actio.
Qrrwerm are.therefQore advised
thoeshi M pun week an4.
~ew~epa9 ~ Pay~tin~

FRtr~ l
frieC;l o*~ B3igt three qiPiar

4. A Reecppfton ~J~epo '%41fur8a

*Qrqwerx a'e apJe tio. q perLt~ e
wlth thp'A00dlatlion''in it6 f#orts
to ove;-oow 'Fd. 14Q ,0cN qf ship.
pipe ,
T 9C, TIRI89
--~Ua~s EL-' ;

~:~-: :::: :~
Pr-_ldrr~-hJ~~;nmheT in, 7~78

Frjda, Nov ember 10. 97ct. TAd)
COMMWNWEALTH OF DOMINICA -Schod. for wee' enin Oct.8 td)
iTITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Request da. Paul Noel. :Request for
Schedule of Application for Certi- ted 6thl0ct- by his the issue of
ficate of Title and Noting thereon ober 1978 Solicitor a First Cert-
Date o Person Nature of Re- Presented Cilma ificate of
U~estn Pre .,ent'g quest whether 24th Oct. A. M. title in res-
ther a 1978 at Dupgny t of a por-
irn 'thereon o' Cairezt. (Sc,.-.J _.- i in of land
Request-da-lEdward. 35 ion of land
tRequesth da-wd -. r e at Morne. June, i the parish of St.
ted 20th ~Iul & Delima f or -the David, in. the Commonwealth cf Domi-
March 1978 Paul as joint issue rf nica, containing 0.945 ocre and
Presented tenants' by a First bounded as follows:- Nq:. h: by lands
19th. Oct., th.b-r qici- Certifi- of Benoit Martin and Beltamie Cad-
1978 -at 4 ior Mclugenia cate of ettb; East: By land of ahelford
O a ale- I Ttle-in Matthew; South: by lubl' Road eepa-
rospect cf a portion 6e--andknown rating it from-xland of ,UiW4 matth ;v
as Lot situated at -ourne' Village We bt: y'landofAata ? asca...
in the Parish of St. John and con- et by lan scale.
tainin 2. acres and-bounded asa hilp uet fo
follows:- North: Land f.f Johnson ted 16th John thbe issue of a
Jacksor, North-E~at: 'Land of Willie tober 1078 Lewis by First Certifi-
Joseph,; vest ar- South-East: Land Presented his cSol- ofes of pitle
of Pet.-rson Tone and Others. 23rd Oct* ic itor itrespeot of *
ef Pit-rson Tr, and Others. Cijna A. a-t of
Req:eTdaTi Lsa Request for 1978 at Cilma A. Iaortion of
ted 26th Defoe the issue )f 3.45'p.m. 1M.DuDI, at Patria;
July 1978 by her a First Cert- ra Bay inhe arisof St.t
P-tented lic.i ific of e Coanejnwea of Dominica
4e.,nted + oliei ,ificate of cont nhilg 22,000 square feet and 1
19th Oct. tor M. Title in res- bound l fo2 ws:- N s refet a R
198 bounded as follows:- No zth 15y a Rav-
1978 at Bgnia pet of a por- ine separating it from Ls -f Alex-
o n Char as iaon of land andrin Thomas, Luke & Joseph Engene;
Coulibistrie in the P rish ,f S East by land of Vincent Alexander;
JCoulibistrie inig the P h Of Soth by an Access Road separating
'Joseph osntai'nihg lOc-.0 .G squaree it froin land of Mario C.*;gene;wests
feet and bounded as follows- North it ld of i
ly lands of Dbniel Antony Jose:h; by land of Joseph Pl.
South: by lands of E, .man Shilling- REGISTRAR'S OFFICE, OSEAU
ford, -Est: by government t of Domin- GI AR
ica (Play Ground); West: by lands f Ephraim F. Georges, Reggstrar
Lissa Defoe separated by rightr.way. of Titles.
Sclheduie week endincr october Z8th NOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
Re,." t a-6I Thomas --'quest far ject' t, the issuing of a Certificate
ted 23rd Alexarder -cne issue of of Title en the above applications
Oct. 19/8 by his a First Ceryt- ay enter a Caveat in the above
Presented Solicito ificate of office within six weeks from the
24th Ccte. Ci]a Title in ree- date of the first appearance of
IS78 at ;..M. pect o0 .Ap. th s@ Schedules in the Star news
3 .45 .. Tupiy ti-n of land paper published in this State or
known ri a -o ts Hi11 Berri- from the date when the notice
.coa, the parw of St. prescribed by law was.last served
Patrick, in the Commonwe- .Lth -f on any occupant of adjoining lands
Dominlca, containing 6313 square in respect cf which these applica-
fee ind bounded as follows -North- tions were made.
East: by land of the Heirs of.John' ., ....
all.e; Souih-East: by a Public Road A GIT FROM L,ROSE & CO.LTD.
Iseparating it from 3and of :Maria towards a hone fcr the aged.
S;i -rt; South-';es.: by land of Mr. Ken Lab.u4d handed a che ue for
Josei.h Hendereon Wes:i by land of I 13 500 to the Prime Mjuieter
. Cresencia Abraham Sanr.. zieita ThIma,8. on o embe Pme Mine.

Friday, November 10. 1978


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Friday, _xIovember 10, 1978

The Personal Message from H.M. Queen
,Elizabeth'~ and handed over the
Cogstit-uttonal Instruments to the
Hon, Prime Minister. The silver Mace
was exchanged for a handmade wooden
one, which (like the flag)' is more
.suitable to our mainly peasant com-
munity. Then the Prime Minister ad-
dressed the crowd at length.
The dayo were full of official
parties mostly at G.H.: punch party,
lunch party, evening drinks with 3
bands, Rotary ball, other events...
We attended two: the New Chronicle
Press party at Anchorage and one
aboard HMS Juno at which we. had the
pleasure of a frank and smiling
conversation with HRH Princess Mar-,
garet, who remembered the Editor
frop Federal days. Lennox and his
Motbhr joined in. For the rest, we
mainly listened in- to glorified ac-
counts of the jump-up crowded
streets,5 bands, no. crowd costumes,
Pickpockets had a field
Independence Day drew in: they .took
wallets with $700, $400, $50, $40 &c
7 5&h&et&tg8 ggF~uaphed _rk.
rested and charged.
Some of these visitors could find no
seats on the big night. The USA and
French Delegations seemed to us the
mopt important. Despite ROSE O'.s pic-
ong, we'd rather be teamed up with
them than with anybody else. Monsierw
Olivier Stirn "was unable to come";
his place was taken by M;JacqUes
Pelletier,Sec/State for Education;
M.Cuvillier,(Foreign Office) Paris,
M.Poli,Consul Gen.Porto Rico and
the Prefets of Martinique & Guade-
loupe as well as various Nava.,Tour-
ism, French Language and others were
also here.
We learn that Princess Margaret
said she enjoyed her stay in the
Fort Young Hotel and will recommend
it to her friends.
WAi.TEDZ: Good home for one lively
long-haired black kitten.Tel 2610
ZAMBIA: President Kenneth Kaunda de*-
sc'ribe I&t a murderer, in
at 26



? ''T AAJ1CA -

\ ^ *TT r'''i~ir~rii~n '

s .._____ __ __.- /
.Our tiny Commonwca th drops free
On to the world's big teeming plate,
As all her people watch to see
With whom she will get intimate.
For centuries the French have tried-
To seize our lovely Cinderella;
Now with their gifts they kiss the
,Beneath the Diplomats' umbrella.

PROM PORTSMOUTH: Our Correspondent BS
I gather from a recent Antigua meet-
ing that all the other Caribbean As-
sociates" will be joining together
to face Britain for Independence
talks. That sounds better; Dominica
was too hasty and did not accept
the expert advice of the Leader of
Opposition. It is now left alone by
You should see Burrowes Square,
Portsmouth, under a swell of lights,
it is splendid. On our radios we
could hear almost everythingSpecial
mention must be made of the arnyw
awards bestowed, excluding F.eedom-
- We personally welcomed awards of
various kinds to Miss iomna Garrard,
Mr. P.I.Munro (Central Water Author-
ity) Mr.T.C.Irish (Banana Assoc.).Ed.
I1DEPE1NDEICE: Service in London
600 people, mostly Dominicans, went
to St.Martins in the Fields Church
on Nov.3 to celebrate; the Queen was
represente.ded by Princess Anne, her
only daughter. D/ca's HC Mr.Arden
Shillingford read the lesson from
1 Corinthians. Chapter 13,

S.oeau, Conm.of Dominca iW.

__ __I

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