Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 6, 1978.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 6, 1978.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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-et... O.r S.A R

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ee p3 o report
----, -f Mr,. &

CC. il U. V I- -O T
(iflJ.i .JT ). O? TinW

4'i asur. extrnm .ly i.:i,', to loam that
*..-d.. *;'1 '." : t J e h s 'bot hi '' ri 'l
I 't pervr n'l1ty r. rtonnn u t-is
b' ve, uncallengeable woman who by
h .e exui c," rit- I_.tce3ry b yli anrd her
courage. ':-., before ,1fl'1.c, attion of
-',. "A^ ar ao DeR -- gained her'

S, i.. T)-' .i r- o

S read

/lCe iaew Year

fltoeon P'nta aJ

*; -"j2.a
',' ',

IH..'n, Robert V, Onamoniij
rwr:li'.n story a t*j3)

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Stoki aeggrtsvi e(5tributor not It line of hih
performance roofingq product Outstanding
r'o vth wrid .trofit vr xWjrtunitv No plwr routing
exprieafncr necessary. W'ri amet ts in our i fiid,
aoffring complete 'tralnitg at rna T1-,, head
quarters at r .)rost, Aojp) shtrid ha-.: I:r-
| n g, r : td.k,*',i, and "* -atir: .auBsrir 's,
Contact ii) C:oin'"ltY, outlthwestern Pettoleurn
Corpnfr- i.., P.O. etc 78,. Fort Worth, TRxst
716"f1 It .., T-Ir'- 7615300, "able: SWEPCOI
^^WMI ~RVillfl W '~iMMMelslMMftlMMH^IIlIfMMW miMkrI

: '" j: 1 ~ i '

. -. I


T HE S T A R Friday, January 6, 1978

N 0 T I C E

L. Rose & Company Limitei wish to inform grapefruit growers
that the Factory will open for the receipt of grapefruit on
the 9th of January, 1978. .
Citrus Growers Association members will receive their weekly
allocations from the Association. Non-members who have
registered with L. Rose & Co. in previous years should contact
L. Rose & Co. for allocations.
Non-C.G.A. members who have not previously registered with
us are requested to do this to enable them to receive alloc-
Fruit should be of the Marsh-seedless variety. It should
be sound undamaged and picked fruit without bruising or
deformation. fruitt should be no less than 3" and no more
than 54" in diameter. Fruit should be fully yellow in colour.
Fruit will only 'e accepted from growers who received alloca-
Fruit should be loose and not In boxes.
Fruit will be accepted from Mondays Thursdays 7am to A:30 pm
Friday 7 am to 12:30 pm
Grapefruit will be paid at 2. cents per pound delivered from
the south and 2.7 cents per pound delivered from the areas
north of Duhlanc.
..._. \! j
"Violence leads to revolution and Revolution to the loss of Liberty,"
said Pope Paul VI in his New Year's message. "Be men and not wolves."
He spoke out strongly against abortion and said he hoped for- a peace
"which would protect life in every way". ,. In-the year 1977, the
American people have grown fatter because of their dietary habits;
and the French have grown taller... 1977 was a year with several
bad earthquakes and a lot of hijacking. In 6ur view the best things -
of the year were England's improved prosperity and the get-together
of Egypt's President Sadat with President Begin of Israel.
Charlie Chaplin "Charlot the Great", born in London April 1889, died
at Christmastime and was quietly buried in Switzerland. "He was
,universal", said a great French newspaper simply. After a
long struggle and Court actions, Britain and France won their fight
for the huge Concorte airplane to land in New Yoik. The
Queen took the first ride in the new underground train connecting
Heathrow Airport with the heart of London. These trains will run
every four minutes and be of much help to travellers. A dozen million
passengers are expected to travel by them per ye&r.

__ 1

Page Two

She is half Welsh, half creole -her by a Special Correspondent
mother was a ;Lckhart, and her niece All brides dream of the perfect
and great-niece are Ena Willisms and wedding, but only the most care-
Myrtle McIntyre (Mrs. De!:mond McIn- ful planning by the bride's mother
tyre) can bring it about. Here, in 1omi-
Jean Rhys, npw'83, is still writ- nica, on the last day of 1977 at
ing, ans writing marvellously. We the Methodist Church, poseau, we
hope she will live as long ,as Mr. saw the most beautiful wedding
J.B.Charles, .long enQugh to come possible, when Jennifer Dawn.
back home ,nd revisit thee old House Fadelle, younger daughter of Mr.
in Cork Striet where she oh'ce lived. and Mrs. Stanley Fbde1le, was mar-
When you read her stories you will ried by Reverend John A. Gumbs to *
find e.voaations of our island,which Robert Victor Gamson, a young Eng-
has changed a 'bt since her youth lish Solicitor whom the bride met
but not all that muchc in London. It had bein love at
We are glad for you. Jean. We' first sight, and the Young men,who
salute you, and long'to see you' lived in the flat below Jennifer,
again. P;S.A. had desperately resorted to bor-
--. rowing' everything he could think of,
from t.ea-bags to tin-openers, in an attempt tb'deepen their acquaintance,
The Methodist Church, bedecked by Mrs. Rhona Fingal with golden an-
thtit.ums and drifts of asparagus fern, had exactly the right architect--
ural proportions fot such an intimately personal occasion. The sun shone
down to add its own West Indian benison. The organist, Mrs.: Josephine
Osborne, 'played everybody's favourites with a most sensitive musical
touch while we awaited the bride, who, of course, was twenty minutes
late, as was her right. (Everything was done according to tradition).
The bride wore heavy wnite lace and was given away by her father,
The two Volney brideasaids, Chqryl and Marcia, wore butter-yellow one-
shoulder gowns of class'i'Q Grecian cut, and indeed had their work cut
out while following, the bride "tq e'al with the yards of filmy veil 6nd
train that swept the aisle behind her. Jennifer was preceded by a dim-
inutive flower girl Nadia Raffoul, and a same-size page boy of great
charm (Russell Hill)
The aSdress,. given by Rev. Gumbs, dealt upon' the nature of love (St.
Paul's letter to the Corinthians) "Love seeketh not 'ts own, is not
proud.." e etc. tc, and really made the day for all present. Almost
everyone passed the redrrk '"My goodness, what an address it did us
all good to be reLinded,'" He, poke directly to the wedded couple,who
listened very seriously and attentively; anId the rest of the congre-
gation considered it a great privilege to eavesdrop. A truly
charming duet was sung by Merle Roberts and lermot Southwell. "T11
walk beside you."
The reception was held at the FadelleS residence in Rose Street:
an open-air lunIheon party on the lawns of the rear garden in the shade
of a large awning. The groom's family had flown in from England en
masse to attend the ceremony, and were very impressed with the warmth
and hospitality accorded- to them wherever they went. (Concluded on .4.)


Page Three

Friday, January 4, 1978

T HE 3 T A

P g F uT SF y

THE PERFECT WEDDING from pages 1 & 3
The decorations at the home were ar-
ranged by Mrs. Eileen Shillingford.
Among the guests were Sir Louis Cools,
Lartigue, wfth his wife and daughters,
and many we.l-known members of Domin-
ica society a good contingent from
Marigot, Stpwe, the North..,visitors
from Guadeloupe and Surinam. Mrs.
Rosalind Volney and Mrs. Lorna Robin-
son helped the bride's mother; the
service, like all else, was immaculate!
Champagne flowed freely, and so
did speeches: the bride's father spoke
and so did her sister-in-law, young
Mrs. Mary Jonnings, to whom the guests
listened closely. And what laughter
and conversation' "Happy the bride
the sun shines on"
P8. ThO best man, Mr. Andrew
Spiere-(cousin of the groom) said his
only disappointment war having to re-
turn, t London and leave the beautiful
bridesmaids behind; so who knows,
there may be ANOTHER wedJing soon
-But thee would not be another
like this one. NEVER HAPPEN:

OUR fREMISR IS LATE -Hugh Lawrence
Some 6 or 7 years past when the
ex-Premier Leblanc was leader,I hap-
pened watching the river near
to the old T.B. and observed some
people crossing from Goodwill to and.
from ROs'eau. At the same time I re-
membered the schoolchildren who had
to cross the old bridge perhaps four
times a day. I lost no time, but
wrote to one of the papers'suggesting
that a spring bridge should be erec-
ted there. At that time one would,
have cost aiout $7,000, but now the
cost will be about $12/$18 thousand
On the 20th December 1977 Premier
Patrick John promised the people of
Gutter Village a spring bridge,which
we hope will not end only in a prom-
(Concluded on page six)

He was 38 days old, and he'lit-
erally bawled for twenty minutes
while the Archbishop of Canter-
bury was baptising him.
Prineess*.Anne's son, the Queen's;
first grandchild, wept tears on-
to the historic Honiton lace
chris -ening robe.
It was a modern party; modern
language version 6f the service,
and two Nursing Sisters (Delphine
Stephens and Zohra Ahrou) were,
with Mr. George Pinker (Gynaecol-
ogist) among the guests, who num-
bered 70 and drank champagne to let-
are health.-and happiness. Thirty
stayed to luncheon in Buckingham,
Palace then the baby, his par-
ents, and other members of the
Royal Family drove out to spend
Christmas at Windsor Qastle.
We are glad that Princess Alice
who did so much for the Uniy' .rsity
of the West Indies, had a front-
row seat. She is now 9A., and is
the infant's great-great-great-

We have received with much joy a
copy of John Hammond's autobiography
from his sister, our close friend
Adele Emery, John Henry Hammond,had
the greatest ear for talent in
American musical history. Among his
discoveries: Billie Holiday,Count
Basie,Bob DylanjArttha Franklint
JHH, a descendant of Commodore
Vanderbilt,.had absolutely no prej-
udices and covered the Scottsboro
trials for The Nation. The book is
so fascinating that it nearly held
up publication of STAR this week.
More about it later.
The other book is, in weight and
content, slim. At last we now nave
a copy of When I Awake by Mark
Sylvester. (Concluded on page 6)


Friday, January 6, 1978

Page Four

A R Friday, January 6, 1978

N 0 T I C E

The Dominica Banana Growers Assoc-
iation wishes to inform its members
banana growers and all other inter-
ested persons that as from Monday,
2nd January 1978, its offices at
Roseau and Portsmouth are working a
five (5) day week,
The normal hours of work are as
Mondays- 8,30,a.m. to 1.00 p;m
and 2.00 p.m, to 5*00 p.m.

Tuesday &
Thursday &

Ca30 am. to 1.00 pm.
nd 2.00 p.m. to 4.00,p.m.

8030 a.m.
nd 2,00.p.m,

to 1;00 p.m.
to 5.00 p.m.


__ ----IIUIII
---~-----i---- __ __ ___ ___

1 t~h e...b. 1977 Request da- Gladys Request for the
13t.h December, 1977 ted llthct- Lockhart issue of a MiFt
.1 3J __ ober 1977 by her Certificate of
Presented SocitOrs 'Title in res-
F 0 M E T Oth Dec- Armour, pect of ALL THA
o'm ber'1977 Armour, piece or parcel
STABILIZED WHEAT GM at 10.55 am Harris & of land now dis-
STABILIZED WHEAT GRocar membered from
Helps Maintain Hea lh and Vital ty Everton Hall Estate containing 1.25
acres situate in the Parish of St,
S0 M T John and bounded as follows:- On
R 0 M N T the North by land of Petite Louis &
is the gerr. of the Wheat One of Bernard Rolle separated by Ravine
the richest sources of Natural B Estanie; On the East by land of Ovain
Vitamins Laville; On the South by land of Ovai
Laville separated by a public road;
300g pkt $3.00 and on the West by land .f Elodia
Joseph eard Ixenie Laville.
7 /a ii ROSEAU Registrar of Titles
-. .r TE: Any person who desires to object
S. "to the issuing of a Certificate of
S BLOOD TRANSJ USION Title on the above Applications may
enter a Caveat in the above offices
iThe blocd you give today may save within six weeks from the d&te of the
iyoux l fe tomorrow. Phone 2233 NO. first appearance cf these Schedules in
the STAR news paper published in this
......-. O State or from tae date when the Notice
INNOCT~T BBEIMAR SHOT: former Police prescribed by law was last served on
Inspector, then H-e8 ry Minister,was any occupant of adjoining lands in
shot ina a S.Andrews retaunt Wads respect of-which these Applications
renada: h_ died) were made
(am Sr av)~.~_ .

Schedule of Application for Certifi-
cate of Title and Noting thereon or
Caveat for week ending 2 th Dec'M73
Date ofI Persor- Nature of Re-
Reauest > Presenting quest whether
T-orCerti"fTate of Title or Noting
thereon or Caveat _\
Request ,da- Jerome Request for the,
ted 15th Alfred issue of a First
Augste 1977 L~awrence Certificate of
Presented by his Title in respect
21st Dec- Solcitor of a portion of
ember 1977 M. Eug- land known as
at 9.10 am. enia Lot 13 Part of
Charles the La Paille
Estate in the Parish of St. Andrew
containing 3.063 sq.ft, and bo.unmde
as follows:- Lot 12 Land of Allister
Douglas; South: La Paille Estate;
Sast: Land reserved for road over La
Paille Estate separating it from La
Paille Estate; West: La Paille Estate.



Page Five


------0 M R- -

r*S*TH*A*WRS*P:O*Ri*TS: .-Morchriston OIUR PREMIER IS IATE (from page
The Kerry Packer Australia team re- At the same time I suggested
gained a bit of their prestige in the that a culvert similar to Rosalie's
supertest series when they beat the be built near to the new Market, so
West Indies'by 220 runs in 4 days,af- that vehicles going north might
ter the W.I. had gone on ruthlessly, drive direct through Eliot Avenue,
confidently to victories in the first and a s'idepalk be built on the east-
two 3-day matches, and looked likely ern side of the old bridge: this
to continue their dominant streak, R ae os $ fof bo
lan Chappell made sure of his teims would have cost $50,000 fof both.
position in the 3rd match,when he Today the" idea is useless. -H.L.
scored the 1st supertest century GIRL ON A TIGHTROPE" the i RA
14-1, and supported by younger bro-
they Greg (90) in a total of 388rns,is soon to produce another Grace
put on 120 for the 4th wicket. Gibson play listen out for the
W.I replied with a paltry 145 with timing.
Greg Chappell ripping through the WHO KILtD INOCET BELMAR? Page
batting with 5/20 of 12 overs after HO KILLED INOCT BElAR? Page 5
W.I.openers Fredericks & Greenidge He died from a shot in the stomach.
had put on 7T for the Ist wicket, A Police Inspector, he was indicted
Australia did not enforce the fol- by the Duffus Report for causing
low-on, and declared their 2nd in- brutality to fellow Grenadians. 3
ninga on 267 for 8. Bruce Laird got men are detained, one a "prime sus-
the second super-century 106; M Kent pect",
40 and I.Chappell 43.
Set to score 511 for victory, Roy CARNIVAL IS ONLY 1 MONTH AWAY
Fredericks 46 and Viv Richards con- But it isn't organised yet.6-7th
tinuing his superb form for 123 runs February are the days. It is not
put on 126 runs for the 2nd wicket connected.,with Independence.
after Greenidge Was out .03, West
Indies were dismissed with a day to OUR BOOK GIFT (from pae four;
spare for doublettheir first innings No slimmer, however than the average
score 290. Poy Bright cleaned first book of poems; but it is not
the tail to finish with 4/74 and by any means all poetry. We wish it
Lillee 3/61. were. There are certainly some mem-
.-- ---- orable lines in his verse. I like
DAWU FIGIITS ON TWO FRONTS the short poem "The Caribbean Isles".
The Dominica Amalgamated Workers Un- The Publisher likes You, You, Youl
ion is engaged in two disputes at Strangely enough I do not care for
present. (1) with Geest Industries, Alwin Bully's illustrations for
who have offer 4 per cent from this particular took, except the one
Jan 1978 while DAWU members are hold- on p. 15 (Jungly); but am certain
ing out for 10 per cent, >)n Friday nobody--will- second me in this bhougiht
morning while the pickets were out One day I hope to get the authors
Police were informed and a Constable permission to quote from one or two
took away the workers placards. The of his poems, which are now among my
dispute dates from 1975. There is treasured West Indian collectionPSA
no improvement in negotiations with --
Cable & Wireless, who discontinued DOMINICA*S .OTIER AWARD
issuing uniforffa to employees; the Police Commissioner Oliver Norris
Union is claiming pay for them in Philip has been awarded the.Colonial
lieu of uniforms.More on this next wk.police Medal for meritorious service,
Printed ". Published by the Proprietor, Robert E. Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill
House at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies

Friday,January 6, 1978

THE 6- T A R

Page Six

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