Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 9, 1977.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 9, 1977.
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UK MBdia
Colin Tu
122 Shaf
London W


L=62 T 78T ET8
V Repre ra )P
tesbury Ave.

,Sixteen days
i-""-^ --

Editor Phyllis Shand Allrrey
Vol, XXV. No. 22 Friday, December 9, 1977 Fifteen Cents

We telephoned the General Secretary
of the Civil Service Association after
a radio address by Premier John in
which he accused the leaders of the
%5A of sabotage, stirring up dissen-
sion and dissatisfaction among the
daily paid and non-established workers
and ruining the economic status of the
country (result of the CSA backed
strike, recently concluded). Here is
Mr. Savarin's verbatim reply:




The many friends here of Mr.Con-
rad McIntyre and his wife Angela
(nbe Letang) are sorry to lose them
but glad that this Dominican banker
has accepted a as
Caribbean Directors' Assistant of
Barclays Bank International with
head office in Barbados. He joined
Barclays as a young man in Dominica
and has worked in Guyana Trinidad,
Hamburg and London. The Vclntyres

"My first reaction is that the Prem- nave tnree sons.
ier has conceded the first round to Mr. Ian Layne, well-libed during
the ISA, in that the previous response his term here, will be returning
from the Premier's office was that the to Dominica to take his place.
government did not owe daily paid HAT DID MISS A W ---T
In his recent broadcast the Premier Although Radio DBS repeated several
an its that Government owes daily paie times that Miss Stoddart had denied"
workers. the British Government's intention
Te believe that the Premier is still was to withhold Independence for
chafing under the successes of the CSA Dominica until 1980, we don't know
in the last strike, and his statement how this alleged rumour arose, un-
must be viewed in that light, less it is majority wishful-think-
7ncompetence and ineptitude seek ing of the people of Dominica.
ex:ases and scapegoats. The GIS recording of Barnet Defoe
The Premier's most recent statement interviewing Miss Stoddart was so
is obviously the first speech in an bad that all one heard was hoarse
election campaign. He is obv-outly scrambles in her replies. This
seeking to retain some kind of support lady, Asst. Head of the Btitish
smong the daily paid workers -perhaps Foreign & Commonwealth Office,was
in anticipation of an election in 197P4 here from 4th 7th December. She
....._____________ called on various people "toured
A WONDERFFL LADY DIES/ Roseau" and visited areas in the
.. D Eastern district. Perhaps Govt.
The death of Miss Mary Virginia Aug- will print a transcript of her
ustine at the age of 03 on Wednesday remarks over GIS DBS
afternoon took away a real landmark of Bohaert as housekeeper. OnTvly T-




n integrity, piety and industry from August she gave up and went to rest
inica. She worked in the Bishop's in the Nicholls home in Virgin Lane
se for 42 years, first serving as She had a splendid funeral; His
se to Bishop Morris and then stay- Lordship conducted her body from
on for 22 years with Bishop -- the home, and spoke memorably of
and of the care bestowed on her by the Nicholls family.



; i

---- --------;---7--

.| .. . .




Pare, Two T IH E ST
;;:c-- --;;;,c~---- -- ----- ---- ---
Ap?._o .tidons are invited from suit-
ably qualified persons for appoint-
ment to the post of PInancial Con-
troller of the Dominica Banana Grow-
ers Association.
DUTTIS: The Financial Controller
is ti- Chief Financial Officer of
the Association and administers the.
financial planning .and controls with.
in the Organisation. He advises the
Board and the General Mxaniger in
financial and accounting matters and
is directly responsible, for execut-
ion of the accounting procedures de-
si.ned to ensure the security of those
assets and the integrity of the ac-
counts of the Association.
QTTALIFICATIONS: The applicant should
be a member'-of a recognized Account-
ing body and/or should have consid-
erable experience in financial iana-
SALAR.Y: The salary of the post is
^ -OO per annvmu presently; however,
revision of salaries is uxader con-
sideeation and the salary of this
post will be revised upwards,
Applications giving details of qual-
ifications, personal background,
training and experience, as well as
three recent testimonials should be
addressed to:
Dominica Banana Growers Association,
Hanover Street,
to reach'him not later than 15th
December, 1977. T.C.IRISH,
16th November 1977 2577

GRIF an t6
has produced a Limoei'o Espesyal de-
voted to Poesi Kreyol and splendidly
illustrated with photographs and.old
slave-time reprints.
We are struggling to understand
the poems and songs in this number
We thAnk the anonymous donor for
semning three extra copies for us to
&Ive away.

A f1 Friday, Doeember 9 1977
The dirty shoe government members
of the House of Assembly only made
bad matters worse for the regime.
Everyone who spoke on the debate
of 'no confidence in the Labour gov-
ernment' lost a point: that is, 16
lost points against 6 winners.
A listener in St.Lucia phoned a
friend here and told him that not'
one of them replied to.the accus-
ations levelled against the govern-
The uncalled-for attack.made
against veteran J.B.Charles was
ridiculous and a rude waste of time,
h.ey would never mention that in
1941 he opened a penny bank, so
that the poorest man could make a
Shame on them for their ineptitude
And surely the 'no confidence in the
present government' conviction is
continually gaining momentum.

A Christmas story. by Company Sec-
retary Irma Lynch of Port of Spain
will be broadcast by the BBC World
Service on December 18th. (Sunday)
The story is called The Flaming
Poinsettia, and Irma hopes her tales
not only entertain, but also por-
tray the needs and problems of
people. It is the story of a poor
family who face a bleak Christmas -
until one member comes up with a
money-making idea,
After completing her professional
exams, Irma hopes to devote more
time to her literary work.
Time of Dec.18 broadcast: 2145
(9.45 p,m. Dominica time on 15.26,
9.51 and 6,175 MHz (19.66, 31.55
and 48.58m).
--- ----- ,---
At the end of this iorkzahp (held at
Springfield) the Minister of Agric-
ulture Hon. O.Seraphin was presented
with a draft plan for development of
the Cabrits area as a National Park.
Chief Forest Officer 'r.C.,azimea
th dlnked the Minister for his p-rsotal
Interest in conservation. (Clj.p, 6)


Friday, December 9, 1977

Donald Woods, editor of the East
London Daily Dispatch in South Af-
rica, now a "banned person," is-still
in that country virtually confined
to his own home, putting up with per-
manent police interference.
Here are some -quotes from one of
his last articles before the banning.
"Black consciousness has its roots
in the past. In the 1920s there was
a black consciousness movement in
South Africa, had many of the
trappings of an American political
movement, such as lapel buttons, but
it never really caught on in S.A.
because most black leaders of those
times still hoped to unite with
whites in a common South African So-
ciety. In the 1940s, most blacks
still wanted to unite politically
with whites.";
Donald Woods then describes "the
rigidity of Nationalist policy under
Verwoerd...the sworn determination
of 'Nationalisf.ts never to "sar'heTa n crra


A meeting between Banana Assoc-
iations and Geest Industries took
place in St. Lucia in November.
In addition to Island Managers,
the Associations were represented
bY WINBAN President r.' I.Sinso,
Directors Mr.D.A.Perryman and Dr.
J.Edmunds; Geests was represented
by Chairman Mr.J.A.F.Hai wood (WI)
Mr. A.F.Rodrigues (Caribbean Rep-
resentative and Mr.A.Chaytor(Group
Accountant W.Indies Office.
In his remarks President Ivo
Sinson stressed the importance of
close cooperation between Associa-
tions and Geest Industries. He
said they were completely inter-
dependent and it was not possible
for the industry to survive if
both did not work in close harmony.
Mr. Hailwood endorsed these words.

mon political system with blacks... PUBLIC HEALTH INSPECTORS Dr. the mid 60s black power was Philip Boyd's message (quotes):
born. He says: "The field in which you work
"The beginnings of today's black has unquestioned priority in the
power movement was therefore an in- affairs of the people of the Carib-
evitable consequence of apartheid.If bean. Basic Sanitation is indis-
you spend decades setting people- pe -T-scl and economic
apart because of their skin colour ensi for l and economic
they logically strike back-on that development and is also an import-
basis. If you exclude them, they ex- ant part of the infrastructure of
clude you.'If you reject them, they the tourist industry. It represents
reject you. But this thesis alone is the most economic, rational and,
simplistic...No black consciousness quite often, the only method of
spokesman has ever suggested exclud- preventing such diseases as gastro-
ing whites from political processes enteritis, typhoid'and dysentery
or society generally because of their tel tyhid and
colour, nor is the society they aim and eliminating the threat of chol-
at a racially discriminatory society" era...Traditionally, your posts are
Woods attributes his banning to named Inspector. I am afraid that,
the fact that he kept public opinion in our present circumstances this
boiling on the issue of the-death of is a complete misnomer, because a
the black leader Steve Biko, at the health worker must be seeking to
hands of South African police.Partly get things done and not simply in-
through his articles, the death of specting, He must be able to help
Steve Biko has become a cause celebre. people to get things done.".."One.
An important stepping stone on the peopf e osdest things done.".."One
way to the death of apartheid, -SPR. or the saddest things in the Carib-
bway to the deh of ad, ean is to find that a health ag-
ency has abdicated its responsibility for checking the safety of the
water that human beings have to drink." Conf. of P.H.Is, Antigua, Nov.

* _* .* -- '**

....N _


Page Three


T E S T A R Pridev.Deeember 1977
.1. -J- ~ -- -- ..

We know that Policemen are human
and cgn make mistakes like anybody
else, This was brought home to us
by certain events which happened
in November.
The Publisher of 'the STAR came
out of Miss Charles' office one
morning to find two Policemen stand-
by his car. They said to him:"You
haven't paid your car insurance" -
quite politely. "I certainly have -
ten days before it was due," he re-
plied. But he didn't have the new
insurance certificate with him; so
as they did not believe him, the
three men went at Mr. Allfrey's re-
quest to the Insurance Co.'s office.
When the Police found out that the
insurance had been pgid (although
Mr. Allfrey's name7/o the list of
unaid), they quickly left. Now
that would seem to be the end of a
silly incident, and the ruin of a
important appointment which the
Publisher had made; save for a fur-
ther occurrence.
vQer a week later, another Pol-
iceia~n caused Mr. Allfrey to pull
to the side at an awkward part of
Valley Road and told him "you have
not. paid your insurance" in a more
peremptory manner than the first
paired Now granted that in the first
plae6 the Insurance Co. wes at fault
- why did not the original police-
mcn place on record the fact that
the ,fsurance was paid? Luckily,Mr.
Allfrey had his cover note with him
but it did not dc his temper any
good; and if this happens again,he
will get a persecution complex.

There are so many things happening

(Seemeeting reported on p.3)
"It was drawn to the attention of
the meeting that in some islands
Trade Unions resented the presence
of the Banana Associatibns during
their negotiations with Geest In-
dustries Ltd.
"It was stressed that the presence
ef Associations during negotiation
was essential since, in the final
analysis, it was the grower who
paid for every increase in wages
that was negotiated by the Unions,
but that the Unions were not al-
ways aware of this."
Banana price Drops in TTK
Due to cold weather and decreased
consumption of fruit in Britain,
the price per ton of bananas has
fallen again; however DBGA manage-
ment will maintain the price here
at 13 cents a lb., and up to U14
when bananas are properly sleeved
and demanded in the field.

President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia
says he will give no further sup-
port to the British-American pro-
posals on Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).
Earlier hehad told Field Marshal
Lord Carver that the Patriotic
Front leaders, Joshua Nkomo and
Robert Mugabe, should be installed
in power in Salisbury before elec-
tions are held. Nkomo enjoys the
confidence of the Ndebele people,
whereas Muzorewa and Sithole are
Shona members of the majority
ethnic group. A reconciliation
between Nkomo and Muzorewa is
what many people are hoping for.

this week-end: the Concert in CHS -....
auditorium; the Young Freedom enter- BERMUDA 150 British soldiers
tainment at St.Gerard's Hall (with stationed in Belize were flown in
well-known calypsonians performing) to Bermuda immediately after the
snd at 9 am beforehand, two CSA meet- riots and arson which followed
ings at GJHS and Parish Hall. I the hangings.Others from icK JdLned.
I ; 1. __ I to I

Pr~dau.December S'. 1977


Pa e Four

Friday, December 9, 1977 TH E S TAR __ Page five__
Schedule of Apvn'iication for CeG'tifi- -
cate of Title and Noting thereofi or i.. ,ica Coconut Products Ltd.,
Caveat for week ent wi s to 'advise copra producers
Ctte .o.. Pe,' ... -ate f -i ::'.. that the Factory will stop purchas-
R.oet IPr-esenting whether for Cer- ing .copra on December 21st, 1977.
t--I'te-of~ Title or Noting thereon This is in order to allow for
or Caveatt er.. Christmas vacation and to carry
.ecu. d- out, maintenance work,
eu a era Request for the
ted 18th Charles issue of a First We will commence purchasing copra
August1977 by his Certificate of from January 9th 1978. We look
Presented Si.citTr itle in respect forward to receiving your supplies
23rd Nov- Armour ofa piect e on r of copra as early as possible be-
ember 1977 Arour, parcel of land fore December 21st, 1977 and trust
}at 1. 4 aL Ha-ris & a Lilette i ntj that increased supplies will be
i --- '- 1 -Heigft. of Co ,- forthcoming.
Sibistrie in the Parish of St. Joseph We have applied to Government to
containing 6.00 acres and bounded as increase the local price 6f Edible
ifollows:- North: by Lilette River; 011 to the Regional price. If our
*East: by land of Herphie Prosper; application is accepted, the price
SSouth: by land of Robert Vidal; West: of copra will be increased to the
by land of Heirs of John Foye and full regional price of $97i/ton
iJoseph Paul. from January 9, 1978, an increase
i_,,r;:r FOR J'EE IEiNG DEC. 3 1977 of $10/ton above the present price
j. .. ..- paid.
-Request da- Felus Request for the
ited llth Jolly issue of a First We take this opportunity to wish
iDecember 1S7b. by his Certificate of you -a joyful Christmas and a Happy,
;Presented Solic- Title in respect Healthy and Successful New Year.
229th Novem- itors a portion of-laz.ii. ,,Lar ...
ber 1977 at Armour, at Laudat in the I $.Y SoELICES Visit of M,.Kemp
i2.j# m, Ar~mour. Parish of St. Mr. David Kemp, a Senior Library Of-
I.rr..s antockhar George contain rficer with GDM, held talks here with
17936 square feet and bounded as fol- officials which may lead to aid in
'lows:- North: by a road separatingit training local staff, provision of
from land of Cyril Rolle; South: by bcrus, and perhaps library equipment
land of Alford Rolle; East: by a roat Refurbishing the public library in
I separating it from land of Cynthia Roseau, updating its reference sec-
Dalrymple; West: by land of Fergattyl ticn,providing trained personnel and
Rclle. e't2c 4aina_ achilLa...1.hary,,.-
(Request da- Molton Request for the O Eh-i PGog
(ted 28th Mingo issue of a First ,REGISTRARS OFFICE, Ephraim F.Georges
OctobE 1976 by his Certificate of. ROSEAU. Registrar of Titles.
Presented Solic- Title in respect NOTE: Any person iho desires to ob-
,30th Nov- itors of a portion of TJd to the issuing of a Certificate
ember 1977 A-mour land at Tranto in of Title on the above Applications
at 2. m Armour the Parish of St. may enter a Caveat in the above off-
I i s & Lockhart David containing ice within six weeks from the date
9 acres and bou'nded as follows:- of the first appearance of these
North: Land of Ralph Joseph; East:land Schedules in the STAR News paper
of Mrs. Branch Laudat and Morsenton published in this State or from the
Graham; South: land of Morsengton Gra- date when the Notice prescribed by
ham; West: Land of Mrs. Branch Laudat law was last served on any occupant
ad Cyril Graham. of adjoining lands in respect of
onor ovey which these Applications were made,,
loo donors ove life.Give boodgive--
fe. A priceless Christmas gift To save a life-- telephone 2233 01.

Page .Six. _.T H E ST AR Friday,December 9, 1977
s 0 W'7 O-T ifdrchr ist on
CRICKET: Kerry Packer & Conventional Th W sh ws e b +e
cumrT: Ke -ches played "downi un1- The Workshop was funded by the
Series. In matches p d Rockefeller Brothers Fund and co-
reitln Aust ralia, West Indies was sponsored by the Caribbean Conservati
victorious in the KerryPacker vs. tion Association in co-operation
Australia "World Series", while Aus- ton Asociati Dominica and the
tralia notched up a victory in the with the Gt. of Guadeloupe.
first Test Matches. Parc Naturel e Guadeloupe.
first Test Matches. L1 On the clorinp day*, Mr. Chris Max-
West Indies needed only 3 days to On the closing day., Mr. Chris Max-
West Indies needed on day to imea entertained overseas visitors
beat Ian Chappell s Australia in the and friends of conservation at a
super test by 3 wickets. Scores:
Australia 256 and 192; Ray Bright 69 exception in his home.
David Hookes 63. M.Holding /60 & IBY-TR.IEE WORKRS JOIT DAW. by 68%
3/72. Rob'erts 1j/52 and W.Daniel 3/15. BY-TRlE Wnc JOIN DAWpT by 68%
West Indies 21. and 237/7. Viv Rich- aOn 8th December, a poll was held
yards 79& 56, Fredericks 12 & 17, among the workers of By-Trinee with
and CLoyd Len Pascoe 2 /70 +and the above result. Poll was conduc-
.Wall 4 Ln P 3 a ted by Labour Commissioner Austrie
M.Walker 3/1.3. and Labour Officer Clem John. 23%
In the Australia/India test, Aus- and Labour Officer Clem John. 23
tralia bowled themselves to an excit- vote against, with 12 absent
ing and stimulating 16-run win over Gen.Sec. A.F.Joseph and Organiser
India in a match of changing fortunes J.Blaize were there to congratulate.
Scores: Australia 166 and 327.Peter STARSPORTS -FOOTBALL cctd.
Toohy 57 and skipper Bobby Simpson a Any turon OThe r hand by the
fighting 89 in the 2nd innings, and Any tur on r hand y the
Thompson 41 n.o. B.S.Bedi 5/55 and Defence Force team from Trinidad
Madan Lal 5/72. India 153 and 324. will have to be nxt football sea-
Sunil Gavascar 113 (his llth test son, as the goals at Windsor Park
century), S.Kirmani 55,M.Amaranth t 8, will be taken down after this week-
D.Jengsarkar y8, G.Vishivanath )5 & end whether Pte. a Pitre comes or not.
35. Wayne Clarke 4/A6 & /101; Thomp- The Martinique team is not arriving.
son 3/5a and /76; Mann 3/12 andA. BASKETBALL: Two double headers were
Hurst 2/50 M foreseen. Tonight Dawn Creation
Hurst 2/50.
In another Kerry Packer match, a Harks will play Bata Pros fom ".30.
Rest of the World side defeated an- At 9 p.m. a combination tear with
other team led by Richie Rcbinscn. i players each from 1977 League &
Tony Grieg skippered the Rest side. Knockaut Champion Caroni Co2airs &
Derek Underwood took a hattrick in By Trinee Flames were slate] to
bowling the Rest -to victory. take Y Selection Martinique.
FOOTBALL: Guadeloupe Team Expected On Sat. 10th
The long aderTIsed and awaited team D/ca National Team will play...
from Guadeloupe is due to play this they say. A steel orchestra will
weekend at Windsor Park against Dom- Provide music. The offseascn
inica's State Team. The matches, ex- league ended Monday 5th Dec.; and
pected in early Nov., were temporarilyFlames 1977 Champs were winners.
postponed when authorities in PointeRunners up Caroni C. and Harks.
a Pitre thought a combined Pte.a Pte HOCKEY 1Y DOMTTICA? A meeting to
team should play rather than RedStars decide upon the introduction of
So at long last our national team this sport is at SMA,15 Dec.,5 p.m.
will be able to show off their skills printed & Published by the Proprietor
against a worthy opponent. (Fext col.lRobert E. Allfrey of Copt Hall Mill
RWse 2t76 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

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