Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 2, 1977.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 2, 1977.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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'elepnone Ed tor 2I0
UK Media Representative
Colin Turner(Lando cN
122 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WIV 8VABEgland

Othis week
Virtute Duce Comite Fortuna

Editor Phyllis Shand Allfrey
Vol. XXV, No. 21 Fiday. December 2 1977 Fiteen Cenb

On the last day of the official
registration,of voters, late-comers
found the office clcsed.Investigation
revealed that a messenger had gone
away with the key. The Hon. Leader of
the Opposition is writing to the Gov-
ernor about this denial of voters'

A Geologist-Geophysicist from.the
United States is now here looking in-
t! the possibility of scientific as-
sistance to Dominica in the area of
Resource exploration, The U.S.Geo.&
SSurgay already has samples of eur
b lack sand, limestone, volcanic rocks
and clay. The investigator is Mr.
S ames Case, and he will submit a re-
port on his findings to the U.S.

Britain to Manage 2 road schemes
The Minister of Communications Works
and Hydraulics will shortly sign in
3arbados an agreement with the Crown
Agents re management of two EC $6
million road,.pojects, sponsored in
Brussels by the British Ambassador
in November. Work on the West Coast
Road (Salisbury to Pointe Ronae) will
start by March 1978; and on the East
Coast Road (Castle Bruce Hatton
Garden) by September 1978.

Mr. Ferdinand Framption is to attend
a regional conf. in Jamaica on Educ-
ational broadcasting. (Dec. &-15).
We are strongly in favour of genuine
non-political adult education.



* After MurderersWgre Hanged
iProtests against the reinstitution
of hanging in Bermuda (the hang-
man was secretly flow in) fused
into violence and shops ? offices
were attacked. The murderers,Bur-
rows and Tashman were convicted
of murdering Sir Richfrd Sharpless
his A.DiC, and a PoliCe Chief; one
was also convicted of killing a
Supermarket proprietor.

SA Canadian Diplomat, 10i;. Christop-
her Davis, was here for two days
formulating his ideas on existent
and future projects set up in Dom-
inica by the Canadian Government.
He held talks with several people.

World Council of Churches Gen.Sec.
Rev.Philip Potter is in Cuba to
plan a meeting there of the Carib-
bean Church leaders in 1978.

Led by the Premier, Ministers and
Officials visited Bells to check
on problems there and the site of
a bridge. Hon.Vic Ritiere fell in-
the water and was "rescued by the

DBS new Schedule. There will
be news at 6 a.m. and 7 a.m:8,9,10
& 11; at 13.15 followed by news of
the week and sports in review; al-
so news at 3, & & 5 on the hour.
Official newscast at 6 p.m.



Page Two
-J ~ II I-

Th -xE Si4

GRIF an T 1;
This weekend a new pictorial
Dominica magazine named The Dominica
Link is appearing; started by Parry.
Bellot (whose Canadian college mag.
was also a-'Link') and edited bylbet
Sylvester, we understand.
Meanwhile we have received from
a friend (anonymous) in the French
Antilles a publication several
copies printed-in Guadeloupe on
fine white paper, and entirely de-
voted to Kreyol Franse (French
creole patois). It is an intellect-
ual exorcise to read GRIF an TE;for
one thing the writing is serious,
blacl; nationalist, does not neglect
the arts you find poetry and
Mizik (music) therein, comments on
the social condition of the people
of Matnik and Gwadloup. Moreover,
you are given lessons in the proper
writing of the French creole lang-
uage. I found that to read the
whole of this newspaper, I had to
read aloud a good West Indian ha- '
bit. In Limero (number) 3, you
have your first lesson in Kreyol-la:
Pou Li ek Ekri Kreyol-la
(to read & write creole)
Chaque Let Toujours ka fe an sel Djob
(Each letter always does only aE job)
Ch pa ka jin pran plas K,kon an mo
frans6 (cholera), Nou ka ekri Kolera
an kreyol.
G pa ka jin pran plas J, kon an mo
fransb "agi Nou ka ekri "aji' ek
pasaje; -geri, goumin.
S pa ka jin monte asou tet Z, kon
an mo frans6 "rose". An kreyol nou
ka ekri "roz", "sezi" "sizol".
T pa ka jin pran poz S, kon adan
mo frans6 "action"' nation". An
Kreyol nou ka ekri "nasion", "atan-
sion". NOTE it is pure phnertic
The people running GCrif an T- are
not just reviving a peasant language.
They are trying to elevate it into
cultural written communication. A
hard task, and one wonders whether
it is worth it- think of that word
djobl But it is symbolic of a de-
sire to separate from France, men-
tally if not actually.

SA Friday ecember 2 1977
If you agree with George Mendes of
the Big R.A. that classical music
is like champagne, you will want
to hear Haydn's "Surprise" Symphony
(Woodwind Quintet), a Chopin Valse
(piano Yvonne Severin); also
Mozart, Handel,Bach and Krieger.
SAnd if your taste is more pop-
ular, there are some lvely Christ-
mas songs and carols '- with the
audience joining in the chorus!
All this will take place at
the Convent-High School auditorim
NEXT FRIDAY at 8.30 p.m.
Telephone 2016 to obtain your
By the way, this Concert fis in- aid
of the good folk of the Infirmary.
Tickets are $2.00 each,

ELECTIONS: A Small Turn-outSt.Lucia
The Opposition boycotted the Town
Council election this week and the
vote was the lowest ever with un-..
b'pposed victory to John Compton's
A Big Turn-out South Africa
The entirely white Ruling Party
of S.A.President John Vorster wae
overwhelmingly, in a country still
shaken by the murder of Black Acti-
vist Steve Biko, whom Police now
admit to have injured.
VATICAN CITY Pope ReceiveIsgie-rek
The Polish Communist Party Leader
Edward Gierek visited Rome for four
days this week'and had an audience
with Pope Paul, who asked him to
concede more. freedom ,to Roman Cath-
olics in his country.

Youth leader Eddie Roysr has been
elected President of JAZCEESo s,-:-
At the Commonwealth Agricultural
Conference in Jamaica, the Duke of
Edinburgh made a key speech. -:c;
A young Dominica man threw stones
and drew a gun.on the Govt.House
sentry, who shot at him he was
latdr captured. Name not given..-*
The Soviet Union is to channel aid
into a Jamaica cement plant, *.f:r

Friday, December 2J 1977 T H E _S T A R

Tenders are invited from suitably
qualified local contractors for the
construction of a Toilet Block,meas-
uring 67 ft. x 16 ft.,with approp-
riate septic tank at the Deep Water
Port site, Fond Cole.
The drawings of the Toilet Block
can be inspected at the Drafting
section of the Public Works Divis-
ion,Ministry of Communications,Works
& Hydraulics; Government Headquar-.
ters, Roseau, during normal working
Tenders should include a breakdown
of the cost of excavation, concrete
Work, blockworkplumbing,electrical
installation,carpentry,painting and
;any other items necessary to the
-completion of the works.
Tenders which should be in plain,
sealed envelopes addressed:
The General Manager,
Port Authority,
P.0,Box 243,
and marked "Tender for construction
bf' Toilet Block", should-'be received
pot later than 4.00 p.m., Friday,
9th December, 1977.
The Authority does not bind itself
to accept the lowest or any tender,
ior will it entertain correspondence
Pn the matter of any declined tenbdr.

The Caribbean Family Planning Affil-
iation, member of the International
Planned Parenthood Federation, in-
vites applications from West Indians
with advanced training in fields re-
lated to socio-economic development
and with high level organization and
Managerial expertise & experience.
Position based in Caribbean and re-
quires extensive travel within the
region. Attractive salary and benc-
fits plus per diem allowances,
applications and curriculum vitae
should be forwarded before Decembe:
15, 1977 to:
The President
Caribbean Family Planning Affilietion
P.O.Box 361
Grenada, W. I.
:______________-r *- >/
This Christmas you can give a price-
;leass gift Blood phone 2233 NOW.
The Dominica Blood Transfusion Ser-
vice (Medical Lab., P.MH.) hald
its 2nd clinic on Nov.24th in the
We are told that the Staff's response
was excellent; the Service is very
to them and to Mr. Waddy Astaphan.
Welcome to Dr. Kieran Premanandynow
the transfusion service Doctor!








Apply at once, enclosing a 30 cent Commonwealth Reply
coupcn to


SUPPLIES, 162 Sefton Street,



225 -5/3






apw= 'Z:


~~---"- ----"-~-~-~~11 ~---

. . I U N II I I in I i i


- -i

Page Three

Par-e Four T H E S TA Friday December 2, 1977
FERDINAND FRAMPTON: T-.e Question that i-.ver was A:ked
A- ong r~ago as J-l.y 256th, R' ert-X A.Sorha-ndo wrote to M'.
FP-,nroton as P-*.oducer of Indopendence Forum DBS, offering congratulations
for bringing a debate on Independence to the Dominican people, Mr. Framp-
ton erroneously claimed, when Opposition charged him with BIAS in the
selection of letters read in the Forum, that Mr. Sorhaindots letter had
asked a question pertaining to a debate between the Premier and the
Leader of the Opposition, saying that d~rea s that question had been asked
and answered on,the Programme; also claiming that carbon copies Of the
letter had been addressed to the Premier and the Leader of the' Opposition,
and he interpreted the Premierts silence on it as meaning that Mr.
John did not want to answer the same question twiceL Mr. Framp'ton has
been challenged to read Mr.Sorhaindots letter in its entirety on the
programme; he has not done so. Here therefore the public can read it:-
"... have long advocated a more dynamic role for the radio in the
education of Dominicans on vital issues.
I hope that DBS-TV will (as soon as it has overcome its technical
problems) continue the debate with panel discussions. In fact, I would
like to suggest that you consider varying your "Forum" format, such (so)
that the public could be more actively involved. For instance, a panel
of spokesmen on the Independence issue, 'cow-prising of Govornrment repres-
entatives, Opposition, CSA, Youth Groups, Trade Unions, DAIC (to mention
a few) could meet in the DBS Studio to answer questions posed by listen-
ers over the telephone, I would like to suggest -further that the pro-
gra1ime be aired at.a time more convenient to most Dominicans, .7015 a..m
on a Sunday morning can hardly be considered prime time in Dominica? J b .
Please permit me to ask both the Prei.-er and the Leader'of other Op-
position to comment on the following observationst
1I find it rather interesting that the proposals 'for.a Constitution
for an Independent Dominica now receiving wide publicity contain prov-
isions to ensure that the PEOPLE have a direct say (by means of a
referendum) in the decision to alter practically every clause in the
Constitution; and yet, now that the present Constitution is being dras-
tically revised, the Government does not see it fit to involve the People
to the same extent, I would like to pose the queqtioi:
How can we ensure that the final Independence Constitution will be a
reflection of the wishes of the PEOPLE of Dominica, as opposed to the
wishes of the political overlords (on both sides of,the political fence)
Thanking you in anticipation of a response,
I am Sincerely yours
(Sgd) Rupert A. Sorhaindo..'"
..---- -
THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST -Hugh Lawrence (contd) *
to tzia haves and not to the )avb-
We see every c.ay that the'Holy Word to ta haves and noa to the ha.-w
of God is being fulfilled. Breadfrv.ito, sall be seeing log ore and ore of
sprat and chacha'are being sold fast- the, Scliptures fulfilled,
er than hot bread, and at top prices e S
We can remember that the3c commodities VISITS: LIBRARY ADV-SIR
were mostly used for animals, and on- BJr.Ivor Kemp, ih. of 0,Dev.Senior
ly by fancy were they put to human use. Library Dev;- Officer, arrived today
We realise that the poor who are to look into our Library situation,
the masses (and Scripture says that we Ho will find the fiction dept. in-
shall always have them with us)' must complete, biography overloaded; not
be fed. Such focd items as beef, drum- enough njvel-. by good authors such
sticks and whole chicken can only go as C.PSnow,Iris. I'Mrdoch,sasid others,

Page Five T H E S T AR FridayDecember 2. 1977
Tenders are invited from suitably -
qualified local contractors for the If we say that there has never been
dismantling of one steel-framed shed, such a well-presented collection of
measuring 60 ft x 80 ft., with gal- political and constitutional facts
vanished sheet cladding, at the as Dominicans will find in this
Roseau Por-b, and re-erection of the green, brilliantly illustrated book-
said building, with concrete block let, we are not overstating.
walls, at the Deep Water Port site, Every young person should see it,
Fond Col., because it tells you not only about'
The building can be inspected at the present set-up in Dominica but
the Roseau Port during norm-al work- the probabilities of our, future un-
ing hours and by appointment with der Independence. The text is sim-
the General Manager, ple and concise, like .the pictures,
-Foundation dra-wngs can be col- No household in Domirica should be
elected at the office of'the General without this valuable aid.
Manager, Port Authority, Roseau, It was, of course, costly to pro-
Tenders should include a break- duce; so if you make a donation,try
!down of the cost of dismantling, not to give less than $1,l0. We only
transportation and re-erection, and produced a dollar then found it
also of electrical installation, so precious we went back to give
touching up with primer,. and supply more E3itor.
'and application of one coat of anti---
Tenders, which'should be in plain, POST OF' F Y k"CIAI I ~^ I
sealed envelopes, addressed: Applications are invited from suit-
SThe General Manager ib cqUalified persons for appoint-
PoJ t-uthorit ment to the nost of Financial Con-
P.O0 Box 243 : troller of the Dominica Banana Grow-
SRoseau.; ers Association.
11 *.": The Financial Contr,.l1- ,-
and marked "Tender for transfer.of The Financial Contr e
shed", should-be received not later is ehif Financial Officer of the
Than I.00 p.m., Friday, 9th Decembe Association and acministers the fin-
1977* The Authority does not bind J:he organisation. He advises the
itself to accept the lowest or any Pocard and the General Manager in fin-
te.nder, nor will it entertain corres -ancial and accounting matters and is
pondence on the matter of any de- directly responsible for execution of
lined tender, JB. EUGENE, the accounting procedures designed to
GENERAL MANAGER. ensure the security of the assets and
,244-. the integrity of the accounts of the.
.. Association.
QT. '7 CTAT I TS: The applicant should be a.member of a recognized Account-
rig body iand/or should have considerable experience in financial Manage-
S".4RY: The salary of the post is $9,600 per annum presently; however,
r 'silon of salaries is under consideration and the salary of this post
'I will be rsvisad upwards.
Applications giving details of qualifications, personal background,
training and experience, as well as three recent testimonials should be
addressed to: he General Manager, Dominica Banana Grouors Association,
.Hanover Streot,
to reach him not later than 15th December, 1977, T.C.IRISH,
S .16th November, 1977 GENERA.L MANAR......

Page Six .T THE STAR Friday, Decermber 2 1977

Tenders are invited from suitably Dear Madam Editox:
qualified local contractors for the In ths State of
construction of the foundations and Dominica few of us can claim to be
floor slab of a steel-framed build- all black or all white. Is it not
ing at the Deep Water Port site, time that we recognize our inheri-
Fond ColI. tances and accept the fact that we
The foundation drawing can be are a coloured people? And learn
collected at the office of the Gen- to be pro of it? p
eral Manager, Port Authority,Roseau. No one, not one single person
here, should ever have to feel
Tenders should include a break- guilty, ashamed or embarrassed be-
down of the cost of'excavation,form- cause'of his colour be it black,
work, concrete work, reinforcement white, or one of the many shades of
and any other items necessary to the brown,
completion of the works. Members of the House of Assembly
Tenders, which should be in plain, instead of pointing an accusatory
sealed envelopes, addressed: finger and making freshlyl remarks
The General Manager, about 'little white boys could and
Port Authority, should be leading our country and
P.O.Box 243, its people out of the dark ages of
Roseau.; colour prejudice, not back into
and. marked "Tender for construction them.
of foundations and floor slab", In a world where the false values
should be received not later than of skin colour still prevail,could
4:00 p.m. Friday,9th December, 1977. not this small island of ours, a
The Authority does not bind itself newly emergent nation as it will
to accept the lowest or any tenders shortly be, point the way to recog-
nor will it entertain correspondence nizing and respecting that all
on.the matter of any declined tender people, regardless (even because of)
their colour, have unique qualities?
249- Goodwill.

Miss Charlest Triumphant Meeting Madam,
is ars' n en Madam, I was a person like many
On Monday night in Lagon the Freedom others who walked up to the Mortuary
Party's meeting was listened to by and looked on the poor remains of a
a big crowd, who heartily acclaimed murdered white man. And I did it be-
their Roseau Member Hon.Eugenia cause I wanted to know (concl. 7)
Charles, especially for the part she .
recently played (and endured in the ALLEGATIONS, tMi .F.M.states that
House of Representatives. At the it has never sought membership of
close of the meeting certain partisan the N.Y.C., and criticises the
admirers presented their MP'with a ,Grandbay groups' strategy in "man-
wonderful bouquet, ipulating the recent ITYC's AGM el-
Freedom Youth State their Complaintsections to attain your present pos-
ition". (Late registration of 16
In two letters signed by the Pres- groups in Grandbay makes YFM wonder)
ident of the YOUNG FREEDOM MOVEMENT The other letter is addressed to
(Kelvin Francis), the members of the Hon. Speaker, and says in part:
this growing youth movement stated "the attacks on persons absent from
their dissatisfaction at (1) the be- Ithe House, some long dead, and some
haviour of the National Youth Coun- of venerable age, have made the y uth
cil, whose President is a Grandbay think that no respect is due to any
young man. Replying to radio-aired f institutions in Dominica..."

L __

Page Seven T HE S T A R f-ida j member 2,1977
STATE OF DOMINICA S*T*A*R*S*-*O*R*T*S*--o orchriston
Schedule of Application for Certifi- Today the first Test Match bet wea
cate of Title and Noting thereon or Australia and the touring Indiaus
Caveat for week ending 19th Nov.1977 started; also the first of the Kerry
--. acker Test series between Australia
RDate of Person i ature of R e and be West Indies commernced, India
Req est Pnr;enti I whether for Ger- has scored 100%o success on the tour,
tificvate of te or Noting thereon beating four county asies,and then
or Cavea quet for* the respective State tamins. Their
Request da-- Owaylis Request for latest triumph was over ueenlad
ted 18th Febk Francois the .issue ofa atelst- t r iump was .ar 1e runs
ruary 1977 by his First Certifi- inside three days; 119 by an innina 111 agains
Presented c cate of Title inside three days; 119 ad 111 against
16th Nov. Arour in respect of 35 for 8 declared Mearwhile in two
17 &t A rmouri, a prin warm-up trials before very poor gates
1977 Armour a portion of -
50 Harris & lan the Kerry Packer series. started with
'okha~ t la at l ak/est Indies beating a Rest of the
35tfe-unParish of St. Andrew in'the World team by 10 wicketp and Austr-
State of Dominica containing 177074 ralia drew against sautgr Rest team.
sq. ft. and bounded as follows:- Scores in the W.I. match:- Rest 534
North: by land of Essmie Magloire; for 7 dec. and 88 all out; W.I. 69
INorth-East: by land of Veron Paul; aid 54 without loss. Clive Lloyd
'South: by land of Octanoe Andrew; (captain) scored a blistering 140,
vWest by'land of Jennita Letan. Rowe 52 a#d Murray 51, n'a 40 over
. Sc3edulef Wror die Sor 'one-day mat-h Australia beat a W.I.
.Request da4- Gerild Request, fo e eam: Australia, batting irst 190,
Cited 18th Charles isue 'of a Fi'rstick MeOosker 78; West nies after
AuIgust 1977 by his Certificate of a good start collapsed D 144 all
Presented Satcitars Title in respect out with Mick Malone claminng 4/40.
23rd Nov- Armour of a pioco or OOTBA: All efforts t% get foreign
member 1977 &Armour, parcel of land teams to engage our local side in
at 11. g Harris & at Liletto in matches to round off the 1977 season
Lockhart the Heights of have ended in failure. The Windward
olbl'S-3Tr arish of St. Islands Tournament commencement date
Joseph containing 6.00 acres and has passed and there's np hope for
bounded as follows:- North:- by a tournament this year. Red Stars
(Lilotte River; East: by land of of Guadeloupe has again disappointed
Herphio Prosper; South: by land of local fans and a Martinique team we
!Robert Vidal; West: by land of Heirs twice expected and the match called
'nf JoTn T onve and TrJo h P1aul off

-, .
ROSEAU. Registrar of Titles
NOTE: Any person who desires to ob-
Jec' to the issuing of a Certificate
of Title on the above Applications
imay enter a Caveat in the above off-
iice within six weeks from the date
of the first appearance of these
) Schedules in the STAR news' paper
published in this State or from the
date when the Notice prescribed by
law was last served on any occupant
of adjoining lands in respect of
which these Applications were made.

Football continued on back page

if it was really true. TETwas- true
and made me sick for the day. Now
I ask a question: is it not better
to acknowledge a murder when it hap-
pens than to hide it up and become
known as a land where murder is hid-
Since they are to have a tourist
seminar here, this is q question
our representatives might'ask the
other experts. My view is, if you
hide one murder you may well hide
another.This gives a bad reputation%
TRUTH SEEKER, South Roseau,


,.~i_. L-._I-L

Friday. December 2. 1977

STARSPORTS (iont. from p.7) There has
been worrd from the Football Associat-
ion that the Trinidad Defence Force.
(which hosted our boys in Trinidad
last, year) may make a trip during the
month: but judging by the performance
of other teams and the fact that the
Christmas season is on us, its bets
BASKETBALL: A sure bet, however, is
that the Martinique team is arriving
December 9 to, play that night against
a combined team of League Champions
Caroni and L.O.Champs Flames. On Sat-
urday night at 8.0 there will be hot
baskets as the Martinique side takes
on a Dominica 1Maional side. The off
season league meanwhile carries on at
Windsor Park where, a Junior National
selection will make their debut on
BOXIiNG: The President of the World
Boxing Council has .warned Muhammed
Ali that he had better retire before
it is too late, since unless he figslB
Kean orton, the Ao. One contender fbr
his crowun early in 1978 blorton is
likely to make a successful appeal
to the WBC that Ali be stripped of
his title.

D- "am +Jr .hf.-- -. _;

St. Vincent has doubled our bad re-
cord: 1087 babies were born last
year to teenage girls thirty per
cent of the total births for that
State, Warnings have been issued of
the danger to health and economic
conditions of these premature mothers,
Mr. A.Frederick Joseph and Mr.Norris
Charles of DAWU returned from Costa
Rica this week. The CLAT Congr:ess
lno- wtrh ikman R rcI-h-ts A.- &0

CRICKET AGAIN: (Packer) Rest of World LENIN (contd., certainly has -ore
186 all out; Australia 184 for 7,Wat- power than the Tsar's rulers everhad,
son (new'man who'replaced Redpath)took It is also more autocratic an.d,argu-
7 for 26. Only 1,000people watchingl ably, more careless of the iniere'ets
TEST:Australia 256;W.I. 47 for 2. of the people.
LENI IN SWITZERLAND Like the Tsarts regime, the Soviet
by an Tickle SWISS PRESS REVIEW Government lays a heavy hand on the
by Ia Tice- SWISS PRESS REVIEW smaller European countries to .he
It is generally known that Lenin, west of Russia Unlike t the gin-
the founder of the Soviet state, sat west of Russia, Unlike at the S.gin
out most of the First World War in g the cen,
control is absolute, and little care
Switzerland. When the Tsar was over- is taken to safeguard th6 leE mate
thrown in 1917, he was given money is taken to safeguar the lle ae
and travel facilities by the German aspiraios of the peoples cirtrned,'
One result has been the birth of
General-Staff, so that he could re-
Euro-Communism, which may be lethal
turn and foment a real revolution.He Eto-C t Sovit ne whch may be lethal
travelled 'across Europe "like a bac- to the Soviet need to dominate not
illus"tra as Churchilloput itk only its own people but also the
Sixty years later, Lenints success-people of other countries. The Sov-
ors have been celebrating their dia- lets themselves resognised this, at
mond jubilee. Some of them may have !least tacitly, by not allowing the
uneasily asked themselves whether iSpanish Communist leader to speak in
somewhere in the outside worrd anotherthe jubilee celebrations and thus
Lenin may not be lying in wait for address the .ussian eople,
their established regime, and it i e call at r
'^ j L g j B --1 3 0 : Q ~ e a n a i t __ .i c ^ en 1 e arI T n e x t w e e k .

Published by the Proprietor, Robert E. Allfrey of Mill House,
Copt Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies

. .


Pave Eteht

Prince Charles has agreed to attend
a performance of "Bubbling Brown
sugar" a black musical .ith a Zin-
babwean director (John Mapondera).
The British Govt. has promised
030,000 and the Arts Council 40,000
towards the acquisition of a four-
floor building in the Covent Garden
area. It will be used to encourage
black talent in the performing arts
in Britain.
Drum is a non-profit-making 6har-
ity to provide training facilities
and stimulate opportunities for black
performers in Britain,

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could not validate /var/daitss/ingest/work/UF00072476_00579/E20090905_AAAAQI/UF00072476_00579.xml
File: /var/daitss/ingest/work/UF00072476_00579/E20090905_AAAAQI/UF00072476_00579.xml
PACKAGE UF00072476_00579

xml record header identifier 2008-10-27setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Star (Roseau, Dominica). December 2, 1977.Star (Roseau, Dominica).dc:date December 2, 1977dc:type Newspaperdc:identifier University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage Dominica -- Caribbean