Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 25, 1977.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 25, 1977.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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MER ThE sTuoy oC I
Telephone Editor 2610 Wi
UK Media Rel~esentative "M M
Colin Turner (London) nf PA- e TY La goon
122 Shaftesbury Ave t Do IU m ICt ING n.28, 8 o pm
London WiV 8VA Englan Virtute Duee Comito Ptu iscussin.n-House of As-

Editor Phyllis Shand Allfrey


Friday.. November 2!5. 1977

Sast Friday Nov. 18, in full day-
light, an American citizen, by name
Ivan March6m, was murdered (chopped
to death) in the Layou Parlk district
near Pont Casse. He was aged 3.,and
we understand was married, with child.
dren. Mr. Morcham was helping in
the construction of a house for his
Aunt-in-law, an employee of Unitet
Nations. Eyewitnesses helped Po-
lice to capture the assailant, al-
leged to be a Warner Village man
named Merifield Nicholas, who has
been remanded for trial in January.
His mind is said to be unhinged.
kany rumours about this horrible.
event have circulated in Dominiea
and elsewhere. -: It appears that
There is no element of racism in
this sad affair. We are awaiting an
iffo c +Q+Camnon+ iair l rs ntatAtb


-Vo .... o. 2 Frida November 19

Last Sunday, Nov.20, a bold step in
the realization of last August's
proposal at a seminar sponsored by
the Caribbean Council of Churches
took place: The Dominica Human RIghts
Committee was launched on S.M.AAground
A disappointingly small, though ob-
viously appreciative gathering of cai-
cerned citizens heard talks by TRon
Green (Importance of Human Rights to
Dominica), Gregory Rabess (Rights of
the Caribs) Brian Alleyne (Repressive
Legislation)and Charles Savarin on
Workers Rights.
The feature address was given by
Grenadian Barrister-Pariamentarian
Kenrick Raddix on Human violations in
the Region a vivid,blood chilling
accountt of treatment inflicted upon
himself and associates under the or-
ders of P.M.Gairy & Innocent Belmar.
He cited records from Duffus Report.
(Continued on page two)

The murdered manwsbAT'S 'NawST8TCAL' ?
SThe murdered man was burled in The dreary demagoguery and malicious
the Roman Catholic Cemetery last mepuis in the 'dignified' House of
Saturday.No announcement of death. Assembly has ceased its radio volume
A CORRESPONDENT WRIT- In general the performance was unbe-
SCORRESPONDENT WRITES:- coming to a Parliament, :-ttler-like
I should like to quote from a Bro- screeching of Govt.speakers was ob-
chTre ubrished by The Dominica viously directed to voters and to the.
Tourist Board in June of this year. claque of Labouritqw who made noisy
'In the spirit of true brotherhood claque of Labourite who made noisy
WI te l spcyirit ofrue brothelhood applause in the strangers gallery.
we welcome you to our beautiful is- they willingly spent many hours there
land.. s your enjoyment help usto and were clearly well-rewarded.
conserve ou, nature, help us to eep House of Commons,WJestminster,does
our dignity, help our people tohave not broadcast debates. "it is...a
happy memories of you ..,,t relaxed debating forum where the em-
On November 18th an American was -has ion addressing fellow members*
brutally murdered in the Pont Casse ood, we do appreciate simple court-
area of Dominica. His body was sub- esy, and abhor violence.
sequently placed in the mortuary at Please help to conserve our lives
the Princess Margaret Hospitalwhere whenever possible, and failing this, *
members of the general public were help us to keep our dignity EVEN
allowed in to gape at the poor re- ;IN DEATH. Too often our memories of
mains, this beautiful island have a night-
Although we may not always be wel-'mare quality about them.
comedy in a spirit of Itrue brother (name given) sgd. "AN EXPATRIATE"
Mrathe :-hh th media" (Mrs.M.D.Pierres booklet, p35)(concl. + p,)

.Vol. XXV. NO. 20

- -- ---- --


Friday. November 25. 1977

Speaking on the"Chilean connection"
existaiet with Grenada, Hon.K.Raddix
voiced fears that the root of that
connection was Fascism; he saw the
threat'as not being localized in
Grenada, but as extended to the entire
Caribbean. Closing remarks'were made
by Corporal Hansel Valerie, repres-
entative of the Royal D/ca PoliceFbrca
Chairing the'meeting was Brother
Egbobt Germain, Principal of S. M. A.
Who had his Hfmrau rights violated
when he was arrested whilst watching
as the Police "tear-gassed" a crowd
attempting to hold a meeting on the
Roseay River bed. (The case has been
postponed "tntil sometime in January
next year).
Among the objectives of the Domin-
ica Human Rights Committee are:
The promotion of Human Rights; and
to serve as a watchdog to identify
violations of Human Rights, give pub-
licity to such violations, and to give
support to the victims of those vio-

Tonds re inyited from suitably
qualfed local cotractors for
he dismntin of one teel-
amed e measuring O0 ft x 80
., wiat tgalvanised sheet clad-
ding at the Roseaud Port n re-
erection of the said ouian
with concrete block walls; aNthe
Deep after Port site, Fonn Col6.
The building can be inspected
at the Roseau Port during normal
working hours and by appointment
with the General manager,
Foundation drawings can be col-
lected at the office of the Gener-
al Manager, Port Authority, Roseau.
Tenders should include a break-
down of the cost of dismantling,
transportation and re-erection, and
also of electrical installation,
touching-up with primer, and supply
and application of one coat of anti-
corrosive paint.
Tenders, which should be in
plain, sealed envelopes, ,addressed:
The General Manager,
Port Authority,

P.O. NBox 24J,5
DOMICA Y and marked "Tender for transfer of
Tenders are invited from suitably shed", should be received not later
qualified local contractors for the than 4.00 pm., Frtday, 9th Decem-
construction of a Toilet Block,meas- ber, 1977.
during 67 ft. x 16 ft., with approp- 'The Authority does not bind itself"
rate septic tank at the Deep Water to accept the lowest or any tender,
Port site, Fond Cole. nor will it entertain correspondence
The drawings of the Toilet Block on the matter of any declined tender,
can be inspected at the Drafting J.B. EUGENE,
section of the Public Works Division, ,, GENERAL IANAGER
Ministry of Communications, Works & -
Hydraulics, Government Headquarters, iEWSBIEFiS: .sBradshaw-ias-ref-sed to
Roseau, during normal working hours, give back sugar lands to the owners
Tenders should include a breakdown despite a Supreme Court ruling. He
of the post of excavation, concrete has paid $10 million for lands which
work, blockwork, plumbing,electrical the owners consider qorth $24 million,
installation, carpentry, painting and PORTSMOUTH: A Canadian consultant has
any other items necessary to the com- been here looking into a steel jetty
pletion of the works, Bor Portsmouth.* Ian Smith has almost
Tenders which should be in plain, agreed to principle 1 man 1 vote..
sealed envelopes addressed: -- ----------.-
The General Manager, December, 1977.
Port Authority, The Authority does not bind it.
P.O.Bok 243, self to accept the lowest or any ten-
Roseau,J der, nor will it entertain correspon-
and marked "Tender for construction dence on the matter of any declined
of Toilet Block", should be received tender J.B. EUGENE,
not later than 4.00 p.m., Friday9thl GENERAL MANAGER 4 1.



-- --

Paste Two



Friday November 2, 1977 T H E S
!Applications Pre invited from suit-
ably qualified persons for appoint-
ment to the oost of Financial Con-
troller of the Dominica Banana Grow"
ers Association.
DUTIES: The Financial Controller
is the Chief Financial Officer of the
Association and administers the fin-
ancial planning and controls within
the organisation. He advises the Board
and the General Manager in financial
land accounting matters and is direct-
ly responsible for execution of the
accounting procedures designed to
ensure the security of the assets and
the integrity of the accounts of the
should be a member of a recrognised
Accounm- ing body and/or should have
considerable experience in financial

S.'..._Y:The salary of the post is
$965o per annum present]! ; however,
revision of salaries is under con-
sideration and the salary of-this
post will be revised upwards.
SApplications'giving details of
qualifications, personal backlground, A
training and experience, as well as
three recent testimonials should be
addressed to:-


..-.. _JPa e Th ree- .....

-.-------~-~-.---..---.- -

Sorhaindo's letter to'Ferdinand
Frampton, UNbroadcast, with a lead-
in by the author, (On Constitution-
al questions__

The General Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers Association,
Hanover Street,
to reach him not later than 15th
December, 1977.
16th November 1977 2-2,1




UP TO. $100


per WEEK in your spare time


Apply at once, enclosing a 50 cent Commonwealth Reply
coupon to




162 Sefton Street,



FOR AND AGAINST SADAT: President Carter has praised the human init-
iative of the Egyptian Present in seeking to resolve the war crisis in
the Near East, -' The Libyan news agency JANA urged Arabs "to inflict just
punishment on traitors ".Egyptians turned out in their thousands to wlS..
come "the Hero of Peace" the greatest of Cairo demonstrations.



A Portion of Land at Canefield,
containing 2385 square f@et
for particulars apply te:
Cilara A.M. Dupigriy,
20a Hanover Street,
Telephone 2168

iTI ii i-~--- _-__ I _-----

i i

Pag0 Four T -I E S T A R FridayNovember t, 1977,
-aMT-A F 5- b iINfCA.. Schedule for WeekEnding Novith ctd
TITLE BY REGISTRATION ACT Request da- Josephije Request for the
Schedule of Application for Certifi- ted 26th Antoinc issue of alirst
cate of Title and Noting thereon or May 1977 by her Certificate of
Caveat for week en d_ lth Nov1977 Solcor
Date ofPre--- nature es Solicitor Title in res-
1Date of eron ar whether f ue th Nov i.Eugenia poct of a Por-
eques eeting whether for Cer-1977 at Charles tion of land at
Mfi'cate-of Title or Noting thereon 12.25. m.i Pointe Michel
or Caveat i .......-- -- In the 'Parish of St, Luke containing
Request da- Rudolph Request forthe 1,262 square feet and bounded as fol-
ted 15th C.Felix issue of aFirstilows:- North-East: Land of Rebecca
August 1977 by his-, Certificate of Rolle; South-East: Land of Mathilda
Presented Solicitir Title in res- Felix; Sonth-West: Lands of Lewis
l th Nov. M.Eugenia pect of a por- Bardoill-e and Samuel Bardouille;
1977 at Charles tion of land North-West: Land of Benoit Andr6.
11,30 a.m,__ formerly part -------------
of Layou P~rk in the Parish of St. Request da- Theresa Request for the
Joseph containing 5.40 acres and bctn-ted 10th Pinard issue of alEist
ded as follows:- North: The Public August 1977 and Alice Certificate of
Road; East: Grand Ravine separating Presented Pinard by Title by There-
it from land of Christianie Burke; 6th Nov, their Sol-sa Pinard &A3ce
South: Land of York Valley Estate; 1977 icitor M. Pinard as ten-
West; Land of York Valley Estate, at 3.10 pm. Eugenia ants in common
Requet da- Thank equest for Charles in respect of
ted 2$th Oct, Bethel- the issue of a 7 hou-seti" f'T aT'ie1J2 67" wn in the Parish
1977.1 mie by First Certifi-of St.George and containing 860 square
Presented his Sol- cate of Title feet abd bounded as follows:- North-
1lthNov.1977 icitor in respect of est: Lands of Heirs of Sydney Will-
at 11,50 am, M,EugenrLaa portion of ams and Mrs, Williams Ferdinand;
Charles land known as North-East: land of Irs.Williams Fer-
a B dental ToE at Dublanc in the inand; South-East: Bath Road; South-l
Parish of St.Peter containing 10714 est: Land of Rupert Lloyd.
square feet and bounded as follows:- (-ee CAV%- NT YvE e-o --
North: Lands of Josephine Common and .
Sheridan Pierre Louis; South: Land of *STARSPORTS* (p.6) ORI)qT
Cuthbert Shillingford; East: Land of -
Danny Maronie; West Land of Diana IMtA'S SuCSSut L oU
Joseph. __-
Request da- Anes tina Request- or the India has had a 100I success in
ted 7th Alexander issue of a First their current Augtralian Tour.
Jan. 1977 by her Certificate of They added 2 mor, victories to
Presented Solicito-r'. Title in reseecb
1sth Nov- M.Eugenia of a rrt of the 5 wins already achieved, although
ember 1977 CharlesjCottage Estate not winning a single mstah on
at ll5 am in the Parishof their last Australian .tour.
St.Patrick containing 20800 sq.feet osot recent of Australia's
and bounded as follows:- North: by side tc be defeated was Yew South
land of Joseph Alexander; East: by Wales, led by former Australian
land of Joseph Alexander,Leach Bedmir. Captain 41 year old Bobby Simp-
stor and Richard Lctouch; South by son. South Australia and Victoria
land of Varill Charles; West: by land were earlier victims.
of Paul Alexander and Norbert Alex- Ist test match starts December 2nd
ander. est c


Friday, November 2S,_ 1977 TH. E T AR P_ age Five
Schedule of Application for Certifi- Tenders are invited from suitably
cate of Title and Noting thereon or qualified local contractors for the
Caveat for week ending 19thNov.1977 construction of the foundations and
... floor slab of a steel-framed build-
Date of Person Nature of Request ing at the Deep Water Port site,
Request Presenting whether for Cer- Fond Cole,
t ficate of Title or Noting thereon The foundation drawings can be
or Caveat collected at-the office of the Gen-
Request da- T 1 fit. Request for eral Manager, Port Authority,Roseau
ted l1th John by the issue of a Tenders should include a break-
Oct. 1977 his Soli- First Certifi- down-of the cost of excavation,st;m-
Presented, citor cate of Title work, concrete work, reinforcement
16th NovW Cilma in respect of and any other items necessary to the
1977 at' A.M. a portion of completion-of the works.
35 P.m. Dupigny land at Dubique Tenders, which should be in plain
Calibishie, in the Parish of St.Andra sealed envelopes, addressed:
in the State of Dominica, containing The General Manager,
2,102 square feet and bounded as fol- Port Auth~'ity,
lows:- North by land of Edna Abrahaml P.0OBoX 4,
East by land ot Tutil St.John separ- Roseau,;
eating it from the Public Road; South and marked "Tender for construction
by land of Wigley Viville; West by of foundations and floor slab",
land of Edna Abraham, should be received not later than
Requestda- Tui 1iet-iS' uet -or i'eo 4:00 p.m. Friday,9th December,1977.
ted 1st John by. issue of a irst The Authority does not bind it-
tfovanber 1977 his Soli- Certificate of self to accept the lowest or any
Prese d citor Title in respect tender, nor will it entertain cor-
Presentod Cilma of a portion of respondence on the matter of any
977th Na A.M. land at Calibi. declined tender. J.B.EUGENE,
.977 a Dupigny shie, in the GENERA MANAGER.
-P---------Parish of St. 2,I
Andrew, in the State of Dominica,con- "TH IK IT OVER-
taining 9900 square feet and bounded THINK IT OVE
as follows:- North-East by a Public The Dominica Freedom Pqrty has is-
Road; South-East by land of Joseph sued its policy boOlclet on indepen-
Nixon; South-West by land of Joseph dence and government fpr Dominica;
Nixon; North-West by land of Joseph there are also features on citizen-
Nixon, ship, democracy and Party Policy.
Ni----- ~ ------- It is easy to read, with illustrat-
Request da- Owaylis Request for ions on points made in the text.
ted 18th Feb. Francois the issue of a Thousands of these booklets are
ruary 1977 by his First Certifi- being distributed throughout Domin-
Presented 16th Solicitors cate of Title ica, and all those who.receive a
November 1977 Armour, in respect of copy are being asked to make a don-
at 2.50 p m. .Armour, a portion of nation. "Think It Over" shows the
Harris and Lockhart land known as Party' s dedication to lead t-e country.
a lot at Borne- iTZnE-he arish of St. object to the issuing of a Certifi-
iAndrew in the State of Dominica con- cate of Title on the above Applica-
taining 17,704 sq. ft, and bounded as tions may enter a Caveat in the ab-
follows:- North: by land of Essmie ove office within six weeks from te
Magloire; North-East: by land of Veracdate of the first appearance of these
Paul; South: by land of Octance Andrew3chedules in the STAR news paper pub-
West by land of Jennita Letang. lished in this State or from the date
iEGSTRARS OFPTCE, TR~P7 G when the Notice prescribed by law was
ROSEAU Registra0 of Titles last served on any occupant of adjoin-
NOTE: Any person who desires to(nxtcol ipp a ionresect which these
1 lctoswrmd

Page Six THE S T A R Frida, November 25 ,1977
MS^%^^RTESlReTS^- Marchriston WHAT'S 'IDifENSEICAL' I ?
OFF:"Fo- -reasons largely given last Dominica's Parliamentary Pro-
weak, this annual get-together of ceedings"Act, 1974, provides for
the four island territories is defi- broadcasting proceedings of the
nitely off, according to a spokesman House of Assembly; an all-Parties
of the Dominica Football Association Committee has been set up to determ-
However,arrangements are proceed- ine the conditions under which brcd-
ing satisfactorily to send Dominicab casts may be made:. Understand that
team to Guadeloupe, where they will this committee has not yet met,
engage Red Stars. *- Last weekend in Three speeches in the Censure De-
a practice-match against a Ports- bate were outstanding: Hon.M. E.
mouth team, the Dominica State team Charlest opening and closing speeches
won handsomely 13-nil. At the inter- (measured and statesmanlike, rather
val Dominica led 6-nil. The last 3 than rantingly political), Lennox
goals came in about four minutes. Honychurch's crisp, literate and
Cecil Elwin 3 goals, R.Murphy 2, documented statement of fact and
J.C.Lawrence 2 and L.Lewis 2. also Conrad Cyrus's contribution.
CRICKET (See also page four). The public should have learnt a
Clive Lloyd topscored 140 runs at great deal about the politics and
Adelaide in a trial match (World political history of Dominica, but
series), the Premier speft so much time ex-
In two 4-day matches, starting acerbating class-hatred by his ref-
Nov.24, the Kerry Packer players got erences to the capitalistic behav-
into their groove on specially pre- iour of a few Dominicans (most of
pared hothouse pitches, but the whom are long dead) in the days be-
crowd attendance was below expecta- fore Associate Statehood. Which
tion. The first big Packer Match brings me to the point that the Cen-
begins Dec 2 also. Verdict on the sure Motion was on the current Gcv-
Packer Court trial is expected to- ernment which came to power in19 7
day but not available at presstime, Why then did the Premier stray back
The Dominica Cricket Association 30 or 40 years?
holds its AGM at the Dominica Gram- To close the subject of this dis-
mar School on Sat. 26 Nov. with FPe. courteous, undignified pseudo-debate
dinand Framptan chairing. I must refer to the proposed suspen-
PHAROAHIS {HEART WAS HARDENED b- sion of the Leader of the Opposition
E.C.Loblack: We have three funda- a move, not by the Speaker, but hy
mental lights shining in our minds a Government vote. The Premierspeaks
1) the CSA Strike; 2) the motion of'of love, of God-given authority of
no confidence in the Govt. and 3) is government (? divine right) but
the letter by the doctors,nursing exhibits fear and hate of the integ-
association and hospital administ- rity of the Hon. Eugenia Charles. A
ration demanding an apology by the asty and possibly'ill-advised note
Premier (Chronicle of last week). to the Speaker and an apology given
From Noaht's time to this day God at a technically incorrect moment,
always ordained someone to deliver do not prov'~de an occasion for long
his people from their oppressors r humiliating speeches about dignity
to warn them.from sin, and privilege. The former word ap-
What has Miss Charles gained?She plies to the dignified withdrawalof
makes a great sacrifice even to let the leader of the Opposition.
Patrick Johnts sister wash her hands oback ~ ctd. up their bundles andI
in her face and take it cool,so cool for Dominica to be resurrected.
Inasmuch as Patrick John and his : We- regFet that Mr.Hu
ministers stay wethet th omin g La ne ee e li ot appear
loa so mu c w n 0ex *e ntnot appear
as awe aemanu tnau tne peoar
rin-e T Published by the Proprieto -Ho-ber oous e,
Copt Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies

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