Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 18, 1977.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 18, 1977.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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telephone Editor 2610
K Media Representatimv
olin Turner (London)Ltd
122 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WIV 8i-AEngland

T NE YORK 214^* v
W *5 gA It
S* s "Ti Vol0 And dan
9*IIP^S I2I^Af Gran Vole IDwo -
a (Guadeloupe
yii,-t .te Duce ;. Comrlt-te Fortuna s aing)

S- ~1y~it .hendt .t re)
volo::::~r. -- Fid? Novo-rnber 10, 1977 F fifteen Cents

"Never-have I heard so much said
about nothing,'" was the verdict of
the Han.Opposition Leader Eugenia
Charles while winding up her case
for a motion of No Confidence in
the present Government of Dominica.
We think that the majority 3f peo-
ple in this country agree with her;
those long, windy, repetitive arg-
uments were boring in the extre e -
and they aren't even over yet; the
Premier is still,jawing on. None-
the-less the whole exercise has been
somewhat educational to Dominicans;
they have got the mental measure of"
their representatives. Clapping wmt
on in backrooms when M.E.C. scores
her points. "She did not spare them"
wrote a Portsmouth correspondent;
"she diminished the Minister zf Edu-
cation by saying 'We already have
too much mediocrity in this island'
regarding his intention ti set up
an institution of higher education."
"Every time they blasted her they
made us like her better," says an-
other writer. Well, they intend to
promote a vote 'of censure against
Hon. M.E.C. because Qf that apology
to the Speaker (already given).What
darn nonsense ,

Loving babies. as we do, we were very
glad to hear that Princess Anne,the
Queen's only daughter, was safely
delivered of a son on 15th November.
Captain Mark Phillips, the father,
conveyed the news to Her Majesty.
Contrary to rumour, it is Captain
Phillips who has refused a title.
So what will the infant be called?
Six names are being considered:
Peter, David and Albert are three.
The young mother, accompanied by
her midwife, left St.Yary's Hospital
to the cheers of hundreds, to stay
with her parents temporarily at
Buckingham Palace.
And in Dominica, the infant son
of Premier and Mrs. John was bap-
tised in the Anglican Church last
Sunday Matthew Anderson Nyerere.
His main Godparents were Mr. Baba
Butler and Miss Flossie Joseph.
We wish both the. boys -appiness'
___________ I--

A bold and imaginative gesture is 20 Hanover Street,
what Britain's Dr.Owen said of Pres. Roseau.
Sadatis visit to address the Israeli 216
Parliament this weekend. We agree. Telephone 2168
But Syria, Libya and the Soviet Union
are ifrious. Sadat really wants peace. T CT
OUR MISTAE: It was a U.S. and not a was opened by Archbishop Anthony Pan-
UK team leader who was oTfered a job tin in Guyana this week.
as manager of an estate here.Sorryi In n--- -I_ -



A Portion of Land at Canefleld,
containing 2385 square feet
for particulars apply to:
Cilma A.M' Dupigny,
1Ch b 11

Friday, November _1, 1977 THE STAR Pare
Schedule of Application for Certificate of Title and Uoting thereon
ior Cavoat for wook ending 12th November, 1977.
-tDat of Toaquest Person Presenting i aturo of Toquost whether
Request d.:ted 1 .. ilford John by for a Corti;icaoto of Title
2nd Auugust 1977 'his Solicitor or fotin' thcor_;,oni and Caveat
Presented 8th Cilma A.N.Dupigny Request for th issue of a
Novombor 1977 First Certificate of Title
at 41,0iO a.m., in respect of a portion of
land kInoo a a part of ~inellan-=sb-t-e, in the Stateo of Dominica,

1.r l an ohn; .ayst:
b- lands of Edna Sablon; South-'7est by lands of Ednoe Prospor.
'oquost dated .ilford John by request for t':e isCue of a
2nd A.ust31977 Ihis Solicitor First Certificate of Title
'.coented 8th !Cilma AI.. Du!pipy in respect of a portion of
November 1977 at 10.U 0 a.m. land known as a Lot at Mero
Tiloge, in the Parish of St-Joseph, in the State of Dominica, con-
taining 0,79 acres and bounded as follows:- North by lands of Hudge
Scblon; :est by lands of H.D,Shillingford; South-West by lands of
C:.iffin Shillingfordi South by Castaways Development.
T7quost dated Christianie Request for The 3sue 0 of a
1"th 3Setember iRoudette by her First Certificate of Title in
S.7 Soolicitor Cilma respect of a portion of land at
I':escnted 9th !A.M.Dupigny Coulibistrie, in the Parish of
lo-oiiber 1977 at 3.50 .m, St.Josenh, in the State of Dom-
hini4 ~'cp.taining 6.90 acres and bounded as follows:-, iTorth-East by
la-ids of Tinmy Joseph, Maria Joseph and HelenCasimir; South-East by
a Ravine separating it from lands of Alphonso Laudat and Earlin Wil-
l'.am-; 3outh-';est by land of Harry Lovell; North-West by a Ravine sq.
Paating it from lands of Wfensley Joseph and Stonil Parillon, 1
qesquest dated Rita Rodney quest for the issue T f a First
1st October nbe Boston by her Certificate of Title in respect
1977 .,Solicitor Cilma of a portion of land known as
Pr3:sonted 9th A.M. Dupigny __ "Brigo" in the Parish of St.Georgl
November 1977 at 3.-15 p,m. in the State of Dominica, contain
ing 3456 square feet and bounded as follows:- North-East by the re-
mainder of Brigo, the .said portion of land known as Brigo now in the
possession of Gorge8 Boston; North-West by the remainder of Brigo,
thl.e said portion of land known as Brigo now in the possession of
Goorge "oston; South-West by the remainder of Brigo, the said portion
o-' land known as Brigo now in the possession of George Boston; South-
Ea-t by a Public flead. ,
i.equest dated 7Talph Christian Request for the issue of a First
-ltL Oct. 1977 bby his Sclicito Certificate of Title in respect cf
PrFs noted 9th Cilma A. M.Dupgy a part of. Cnstant Spring Estate,
NaVt3b3 1977 atL 3,30 in the Parish of St.John, in the
St.;e of o:Juninca, containing 40 acres and bounded as follows:-
i'-_cth by a Public Road separating it from remainder of Co;nstant Spring
oEtate owned by Hucgrave John Baptiste; East by ?e.eaizder of Constant
Srin g Estate owned by Musgrave John Baptiste; South by remainder of
SCc..-otant Spring Estate owned by Mu.srave John Baptiste; West by Re-
m r....ler of Constant Spring Estate owned by Musgravc John Baptiste,
Certificates of Title contd. pages 4 &'. CAVE'AT NOTE ic on page 5.

Friday,_ November 18, 1977

Applications are invited from suit-
ably qualified persons for appoint-
ment to the post of Financial Con-
troller of the Dominica Banana Grow-
ers Association.
DUTIES: The Financial Controller
ist-e 6-hief Financial Officer of
the Asdociation and administers the
financial planning and controls
within the organisation. He advises
the Board and the General Manager
in financial and accounting matters
and is directly responsible for ex-
ecution of the accounting procedures
designed to ensure the security of
the assets and the integrity of the
accounts of the Associations
should be a member of a recognized
Accounting body and/or should have
considerable experience in financial
SALARY: The salary of the post is
$9,6o0 per annum presently; however,
revision of salaries is under con-
sideration and the salary of this
post will be revised upwards,
S Applications giving details of
qualifications, personal background,
training and experience, as well as
three recent testimonials should
be addressed to:
The General Manager,
Dominica Banana Growers
Hanover Street,

N 0 T I C E
The Dominica Banana Growers Assoc-
iation hereby give notice to members
of the Association, banana growers
and to all other interested persons
that beginning thea year 1978, the
Association proposes that its offices
at Roseau and at Portsmouth will worA

a five (5) day week.
Members of the Association,banana
growers and other interested persons
are hereby informed by the Associa-
tion that from the year 1974 onwards
the Dominica Amalgamated Workers
Union (DAWU) as bargaining agent for
the clerical staff has submitted
proposals and made representations
to the Management Corzmittee of the
Association for the introduction of
a five (5) day working week. The
Association has ultimately accepted
the principle of a five {5) day
working week because of the afore-
said representations and because
Government, commercial organizations
and other Statutory Corporations
have accepted the principle of a
fiv-, (5) day working week.
The Association's official office
hours from Monday through to Friday
will be published in a subsequent
General Manager.
llth November, 1977

SERVANTS by Hugh Lawrence

SRoseau, Our Civil Servants fyt their recent
DOMINICA strike have proved to us that Domin-
to reach-him not later than l1th icans can bank on them to run the
December, 1977. country. Their meetings in all our
i T.C.IRISH, parishes were a great success, and
-GENERAL MANAGER our people were nore eager to listen
il6th Novlmber, 1977 to them than to those Ministers, who
were almost chased away. I would sug-
gest that sone 16 of them (including teachers, policemen and firemen)must
et themselves'fully geared and get ready to resign when the next election
s approaching, probably in a few months time, to fight the election. It
is time that we cease to be the laughing stock-of the Caribbean. These
Civil Servants, men and women, have the brains, they are capable and de-
termined, and shall surely succeed, whether they run on the Freedom Party
Party ticket or as independents. The only way for Dominicans to decide on
INDEPENDENCE is by an election.



Page- .... Three



Page Four T H E S T A R FridayjNovember 18,
STATI OF DOMINICA... Schedule for Week Endi ng Novyj
TITLE BY 'RGIC Request da- Josephihe Request
Schedule of Application for Certifi- Request An-Josie issue o
cate of Title and Noting thereon or d b2her CerAific
Caveat for week ending 19th Nov.1977 ay1977 by her Cer
'Presented Solicitor Title in
Date of Person -I- ature orR-9^ S licitor Title in
Dat7e of Te-r-3-0 I ture y i 1th Nor. MEugenia pect of a
Re uest Presenting whether for Cer- 11th Nov. M.Eue poct of a
fica-teo tlor Noting1977 at Charles tion of 1
ficae oor Noting thereon 12.25 p.m. Pointe Mi,
or Caveat -.....---.--.- ..-. in the Parish of St.Luke contain
Request da- Rudolph Request for the 1,262 square feet and bounded aa
ted 15th C.Felix issue of aFirst lows:- North-East: Land of Rebec
August 1977 by his* Certificate of Rolle; South-East: Land of Mathi
Presented Solicitr Title in res- Felix; South-West: Lands of Lewit
15th Nove M.Eugenia pect of a por- Bardouille and Samuel Bardouille;
1977 at Charles tion of land North-West: Land of Benoit Andre.
11 30 a.m, formerly part -
of Layou Park in the Parish of St. Request da- Theresa Request for
Joseph containing 5.40 acres and bou ted 10th Pinard issue of aI~
ded as follows:- North: The Public August 1977 and Alice Certificate
Road; East: Grand Ravine separating Presented Pinard by Title by The
it from land of Christianie Burke; 16th Nov. their Sol-sa Pinard &A,
South; Land of York Valley Estate; 1977 icitor M. Pinard as tei
West: Land of York Valley Estate. at 3.10 pm. Eugenia ants in commc
Reqqueset da- ank eq t for Charles in respect of
ted 25th Oct. Bethel- the issue of a house lot at New "Twn in the Pari
1977 me by First Certifi-of St.George and containing 860 sqia
Presented his Sol- cate of Title eet abd bounded as follows:- Nortk
15th Nov.1977 icitor in respect of est: Lands of Heirs of Sydney Will-
at 11.50 a.m. M.Eugenia a portion of lams and Mrs. Williams Ferdinand;
Charles land known as orth-East: land of Mrs.Williams Fer.
a esi~dentiaf Lot at Dublano in the inand; South-East: Bath Road; South.
Parish of St.Peter containing 1074. est: Land of Rupert Lloyd.
square feet and bounded as follows:-.
North: Lands of Josephine Common and UAVJ- AT. .T
Sheridan Pierre Louis; South: Land of bSTARSPORTS* (p.6) RIONT
Cuthbert Shillingford; East: Land of Celtic United 197 Ch amions :
Danny Maronie; West Land of Diana Celtic United retained thmgons
Joseph tic UnitIed retained the Augustus
Request d-a Anestina Request for the Gregoire League championship they
ed 7th Alexander issue of a t on last season because of Saints
Jan. 1977 by hler I Certificate of inability to field a team against
Presented Solicitor Certificate ef the League champions. This news was
Presented Solicitor Title in rese released at a meeting of the Execu-
15th Nov. M.Eugenia of a part of the tive of the Cricket Association on
ember 1977 Charles Cottage'Estate Wednesday evening a Fort Young
at lU am 'in the Parishof HWednesday eveningat Fort Young
at 11$5 am .in the Parisha Hotel.
St.Patrick containing 20800 sq.feet This happens to be Celtic United
and bounded as follows:- North: by fourth league championship during
land of Joseph Alexander; East: by fourth league championship during
land of Joseph Alexander; East: by the 1970s, besides a Best Fielding
land of Joseph Alexander,Leach Bedmin. award in 1968.
ster and Richard Letouch; South by The decision of Association
land of Varill Charles; West: by land Tae while they were discussing
of Paul Alexander and Norbert Alex- p las for a 10they were discussing
wander. plans for a 10th or 11th Anniversar



Frda I. November 18 1977 T H E STA 1R Page Five
STATE OF DOMVNICA Schedule for week ending 12th Nov.
TITLE BT GIISTR*TIOI ACT (continued app-ic: Albert A-.--
Schedule of Application for Certifi- Shillingford )
cate of Title and Noting thereon or Lot in Roseau in the Parish of St.
Caveat for week ending &th Nov.1977 George containing 803 square feet
Date of Person ITature -ofReque-s and bounded as follows:- North-
2eauest 'resentint whether for Cer- East: Land of Wart Bernard; South-
tificate of Title or INotin -thereon E ast: Hillsborough Street; South-.
or Caveat\ _____ West: Land of Elids Na'ssief; North-
Request da Louise RTequest Efor the ye. 1t, and of Nelson eni-l anc.
ted 19th Pickman issue of a Fi t irt---H-------, -
Nov.1974 as pbr.of Certificate of ieq',e;t da- '1ti ot. Request for
Presented Harrison. Title in respeLed 11te h John y the issue of a
PresentednrespecOct. 1977 his Soli- First Certifi-
3rd Nov. Antenor of a piece or oc 7 hls ol- rst ertif
or a piece or Presented citor cate of Title
1977 at Pickman parcel of land 1P nted N citor cate of Title
3.05 pm. by her at S;rers in the 16th Nov. CilmaA. Min respect of
village and Pa 1977 at Dupigny a portion of
Solicitors Armour, p.m. land at Dubf',B
Ar'ourari And ish of StJoseph--
Armour,Zarris and formerly partf Caibishie, in the Parish of St.
Lockhart formerly t of
Lockhart ..the I-- s h Andrew, in the State of Dominica,
Mr.T.H.Shillingfordy conts.:lrF. '-(707 containing 2,102,0 square feet and
sq. ft. and bounded as f(l .0-,::;.... bounded as fol..lows:- North by land
North: by lands of Sheep-;rwd damsm; of Edna Abraham; Ea. st by land of
East: by lands of Le Hunto La reau Tuti. St. John separating it from
& Benny Pierre; South: by a Main Roac tie Public Road; South by land of
to Syers; We-st: by lands of Rufus '.igley Viville; West by 'and of Edna
Caster. Abraham.
Schedule for Week endg 12th Nov.
Date of Request for' e- eust da- Tutil St. Request for
'Request Rawlins issue of a First 1rd 13t John by the issue of
i7th Nov. Edward Certificate of Novei 1977 his a First Cr-
1977 Arthur Title in respect Preented Saelictor tificate of
Presented Piper of a portion of ..h Nov. Cilma A. Title in rc-
10th Nov. land known as 1977 at M.Dupigny pect of apor-
1977 at "Lolot" in the i2 j. m.' tion of land
i 10.00 a.P. Parish of Stt.. ~ib ,ish8~, in the Parish of St.
Containing 1T.7 acres and bounded -Andr.w, in the State of Dominica,
*as follows:- North-East: CG3asgow Es- containing 9900 square feet and
tate and land of Cliffox- Coriette; bounded as follows:- North-East by
lEast: Lands of James Anthony and a Public Road; South-East by land of
Heirs cf Lordie Romain; So-2t-h: Lands Joseph Nixon; South-West by land of
of Coolie Titchel and a Ravine sepa- Joseph Nixon; North-West by land of.
Iratin3 it from Land 6f Central Hous- Joseph Nixon.
ling and Planning Authority; South- REGI:STRARIS OFFICES EPHRAIM F.fESS
iWest: Land of Cecil Winston and a 5,OSEAU Registrar of Titles
Road separating it from Land ofadlly NOTE: Any person -rho desires to ob-
Lestrade; !orth-West: Land of Central je-7 to the issuing of a Certificate
Housing & Planning Authority and a of Title on the above applications
Favine separating it from Land of may enter a Caveat in the above Of-
Robert Piper fice within six weeks from the date
}Request da- lbert equst for ,of the first appearance of these
ted 3rd Nov. AC. the issue of Schedules in the STAR news paper pub-
1977 Shilling- a First Certi- lished in this State or from the date
Presented ford by fica'e of itLe when the Notice prescribed by law was
10th Nov. his Soli- in respect of last served on any occupant of adjoin-
1977 at citor a portion of ing lands in respect of which these
10.05 a.m. Eustace I.1 land known as applications were made.
FrL cis a residential
(Concluded next column)

Page Six_ THE STAR 18th November 19_77
*S*T A.:;R-::S P?~0R*TS*- Morchriston CAN_ IT BE RE
FOOTB:AIj:Windward Is.Tournament Off Editor, We hear that Patrick John
Grenada has now withdrawn from the asked the people of Bath Estate and
Windward Islands, Reggie Clarke tamr- some at Pottersville to be at the
ament, according to reliable inform- House of Assembly; and all of them
action from the Dominica Football Aoc, must sit on the lefthapd side to-
St. Vincent had earlier indicated air- gether, and when he (John) is giving
unwillingness to play in Dominica Miss Charles words they must clap
following the debacle at Windsor ark, their hands and make a big noise,
and their intentions were underlined Madam,you have seen for yourself
when we learnt they were training fbr this is just what they are doing in
a tour of Barbados. the House; the Speaker does not stop
St.Lucia were still.keen to make them there. These people are boast-
the tour to Dominica, on approval by ing that they are paid four ($4)
their Govt. of disbursements of fund dollars per day. They say if fight
* However steps have already been comes, they are willing to fight for
taken to host a Trinidad team in Dec. their Premier is the Master of Domi-
Dominica were guests of that team nica. We will hear morel E.C.LOELACK
Defence Force last year. Also a tour
to Guadeloupe is being planned for A WREATH FOR P'ioG.E
the Dominica team. On Sunday,Remembrance Day,during the
TABLE TENNIS: Dominica Beats Guade- Ceremony at the Cenot@ph, a speQial
loue The Dominica Table Tennis wreath was laid in honour of Emman-
team defeated the Guadeloupe National uel R.Fouche, onetime Lieutenant of
Team last weekend at the Fire Service the Free French Forces based in Roseau
Station in a series of singles and during World War II. He died on March
doubles matches. This was the first 4,1977 (a heart attack) aged 61, being
major series in Dominica since 1975 then Principal Honorary Engineer of
when Gifford WJilliams of the Fire Ser- Lyon,France. The sad news was then cont
vice emerged National Singles champ- veyed by his family in France to Miss
ion at_ ( o;iladi, i. May Christian,who laid the wreath.

Apply at once, enclosing a 30 cent Commonwealth
Reply coupon to
SOUTHPORT, Merseyside, England,
23,5 ,3/5 -
STU"kORTS contd. The teams were: Alfred Schallom & Richard Pochot.
Dominica, Gifford Williaams Capt.,J.C. In singles, Dominica won 13 to
Josephs, Peterson "Boyie' Charles, Guadeloupels 6. Doubles: G.Williams
Bernard liarie & 18-yr-old Clifton & J.C.Josephs defeated Webber and
Lewis. Guadeloupe was led by Christ- Sainval 19-21,21-16 & 21-11.P.Charu s
ian Webber; Noel Sainval,Alex Boimba & C.Lewis beat Schalom & Pocho 2
Printed & Published by the Proprietor, Robert E. Allfrey of Mill House,
Copt Hall, at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.

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