Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 30, 1977.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 30, 1977.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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e p9 eTnE r NSTAR .
__ __ "Their
k neh re~Editor ?6 aPlans
Colin Turner( Lond t Ltd a A Have
122 Shaftesbury Avenue Pack-fired'
ondon Wlv 8HA ahgland Vute -c d'e t ,, Pages 2 & 3
Editor Phyllis Shand Allfrey

4'riaav. Yientembe~ ~ 1Cla

A delegation of five Opposition
Members of the House of Assembly
called on H.E. the Governor at
10 a.m. last Wednesday to discuss
the C.S.A. Covernment backpay
impasse and the effects of the
strike on the island of Dominica.
Leader of the Opposition M.E.
Charles urged the Governor to
make every effort to guide Mini-
sters towards adopting a more con-
cerned and positive approach in
their negotiations with the C.S.A.,
for the sake of the whole country.
She pointed jout that whereas re-
cent negotiations had made head-
way, statements by Ministers at
their political Party meetings had
later destroyed most of the areas
of settlement which had been cov-
ered during negotiations. It ap-
peared, said Miss Charles, that
the Government were not serious
about solving the crisis.
Other members of the delegation
outlined areas where the Governor
could intervene, but warned
against his assenting to an un-
warranted declaration of a State
of Emergency. "Government is
daring the people to use violence
or demonstrate so that they can
get you to declare a State of
Emergency," said one member.
But even on this point, His
Excellency said that he would
have to follow the instructions
of the Premier and Cabinet. When
one member of the delegation in-

.- ..... --j _

The House meets on Oct. 18, and
if Government does not get its
way, a State of EmergnAcy will-
be declared. The CSA has turned
down the Govt "package deal" as
"an absurdity". It simply offer-
ed the same $2m. in cash and the
rest in 18 months. No!salaties
for strikers while not at work.
Nothing to be done about the PSC.
No guarantee against victimiza-
.The..'people, and particular-
ly farmers, responded marvellous-
, ly to the CSA Food Fair held to-
day. Contributions -- of a cane-
field bull, Soufriere 'fish, a
mass of ground provistions and'
fruits from all parts of the.
State were brought as gifts to
the striking CSA.
An authoritative source tells us
that half the Police are in favour
of strike action tomorrow.
Savarin has called on .Govt. to
state why this has not'been paid.

formed H.E. that Patrick John had
intimated at a public meeting the
previous night that if the Gover-
nor acted contrary to his wishes
"I will fire him." the Governor
made no comment.
This Wednesday meeting which
lasted some 25 minutes was attend-
ed by Hons. M.E.Charles, A.Moise,
A.Casimir, Pat Stevens and Lennox
Honychurch.(Conrad Cyrus was late,
because of landslides,Rosalie Road)

ovvr,,1 ,,2.v .tU .L


Pgao Tw;o H T R Friday. September 30.1977,

The people of Dominica should
thank Mr.Jerome Barzey for stating
in last week's New Chronicle the
higherto unpublicised fact that
Patrick JQhn's Govt. "never inten-
ded to meet this commitment"(signed
in July 1974 but NEVER contained in
the budgets'1975/76 & 1977/78) In
other words, no provision was made
to meet the sum due to the civil
We think Mr. Barzey is wrong in
saying "in a completely socialist
economy the Z'Jbvernment could meet
its expenditures by simply compel-
ling persons to supply their goods
and labour without pay or by taking
such goods and labour by force or
for less than the current market
prices" this would not be social-
St action, but that of a communist
totalitarian state, to which we
Sme mni h aa bs1 Ad i+ti

As the Roseau Town Council gar-
bage carts or dumpers don't seem
to be regular daily on the streets,
I would like to suggest that. a
horn almost like a siren or bell
be -used when they are out collect-
ing rubbish,
SMany housewives or maids are
usually engaged in house activists
during the busy hours of the day,
and cannot be always on the look-
out for their coming. By using a
horn or bell, it will help a great
deal, as some housewives do not
even have a small piece of a yard
in which to keep their rubbish con-
tainers;. and we all realise how un-
healthy and unpleasant it is to
have to cope with garbage smell etc.

: However% UI Bzeyendshis Madam I know you will call me a
However Mr. Barzey ends. his narrow minded crle when I.say
article with these true words"there narrow minded crele when Isay
is a crisis of leadership in this that I never expected to take any
country (and) that our new masters Lebanese name, AstaphanNas-
show iore insensitivity than the sief, Younis, Dib or whatever, and
old colonial master whom they are hold it up for patriotic applause.
re lacing .I now have to praise the name of
"If the C.S.A.loses this struggle Astaphan, for the President of the
th bells will not only be tolling Dominica Nurses Association Mrs.
for all civil servants of this Jennifer Astaphan is a really great
oAunt iy but for all Dominicans girl, and a good leader. Although I
well." Bravor well spoken. -E know the great girl is of Afro.-West
Indian stock, I feel the AstaTphens
ROM THE CsA8 STRIKE-T BiTLETS should be very glad of her presence
"Oetober all over"? Hardly in their family, for she has given
Civil Servants are bracing themsels pride and courage to that nae,
vfor aS erARDn CASHrESS bOctinbtr' PFurthermore, I was once her patient
for a ,HARD, CASHLESS October'... and know she is a fine Nurse as
Without a settlement by monthwend well as a fine orator. We both
pay ebeques will not be issued to wel as a fine orator. We, both
striking civil servants. (Btt. those patients and Nurses and SA memb-
who think 'broke' strikers will ere, do genuinely bless her
'crawl' back to work are vastly mis- A ASTAPHAN SUPPORTER,
taken. They are determined to con- -oseau-
tinu6, and public sympathy is with STRIKE BULLETINS contd, At a mass
them, meeting, Weds.night, CSA top brass
Bagatelle: the MCA assured the called upon the Premier and Minis-
Hospital Administrator that nursing ters to stop hiding behind DBS mi-
staff. would be made available on crophones, Party enclaves, Bath Es-
request. But a striking nurse was 'tate & closed doors and to come
told that they (the non-strikers)&dXout on the platform in Roseau to
not need the help of the striking explain their handling of the
nurses, strike situation to the people, *

Frida~. SeDt;ember 3~,1971

Pna e Two


Fr -.idayJ-J?11^^-71! 0th Sr 1977 TTt

Listening to every speaker at ths Labour Party meeting held at
the Goodwill Junior High School last Tuesday night, one got the dis-irct
tinct impression that the Labour Government's strategy in the CSA
matter has been to deliberately prolong the strike until month-Bnd
with the expectation that "broke" civil servants would crawl back
to work on Government's terms.
We could go back to Black Sunday (Labour Party Convention at
Newtown Savannah) when Mr. Christian spoke of the human weaknesses
of civil servants. He stated that civil servants were human, and
weak; and that they would watch which way the "wind was blowing",
and like rats on a sinking ship, would abandon the CSA struggle
as the strike progressed!
Mr. Christian obviously grossly under-estimated the extent of
the CSA solidarity which has cemented strikers into a solid mass
of human granite. More tragically, however, Mr. Christian and
his ministerial colleagues have totally ignored the swelling tide
of popular support for the CSA cause, to the point of proceeding
"full steam" with their ill-conceived plan to break the strike by
prolonging it to month-end and beyond!
At that unfortunate but revealing meeting at the Junior High
School, one speaker after another painted an illusionary picture
of the end of September. One got the impression that the Labour
Party spokesmen imagined that, by repetition' they could reassure
themselves that their plans would bear fruit. They pictured penni-
less civil servants who as one speaker put it: "do not have money;
they owe for house; they owe for car; they owe for this; they
owe f6r that," feeling the squeeze applied by no September pay cheque,
qnd'creeping back to their jobs, repentant, and at the mercy of
The Goverrment strategists have obviously not been monitoring
the Parish Hall phenomenon on a day to day basis something inex-
cusable for a Government facing one of the gravest national crises
in our trouble-checkered history. Had they been keeping their
fingers on the pulse of the crisis they would have realized that
the striking civil servants, armed with the conviction that their
cause is JUST; spurred on by the confidence of massive popular
support; incensed by the insulting threats of a delinquent employer,
have braced themselves into a Epartan posture in preparation for
a protracted struggle.
But there is another ill-fated gamble which though not as trans-
parent as that allu~ei to above, is ase disastrous in its effects
on the count-ry. That plan has been somewhat exposed in the New
chronicle and in the U'A Strike Bulletin. It was hatched out by
maybe the most ambitiou-'s of the Labour Party politicians the voci-
ferous and ". Mii ster of onnuinicaetions, Works and Hydraulics.
Durini the wrek3s ~i-mediately proceeding the strike, Mr. Douglas
(who in the course of a 11adio interview some months ago unwittingly
disclosed his a: .itio:Ln to be Prime _Mnlister of Dominica) invited
himself into the homes of civil servants,sometimes at untimely hours,
to expound on his d.iagnosis of Dominica's ills.

Friday 30th September, 1977


Paae three

His diagnosis? A crisis of Leadership; that Patrick is in-
capable of even understanding the problems of confronting the country.
(This, of course, he must have realized before the last election,
when he allied himself with the Armour faction in the leadership
struggle which followed Leblanc's resignation only to renege when
Armour came out of the fight as a loser).
And his prescription: a change of leadership! Presumably,
not just any replacement, but replacement by Mike Douglas.
Mr. Douglas conveniently exploited the Leo Austin issue, and
gave his Cabinet colleague (Mr. Parillon) the impression that he
was an ally in his anti-corruption campaign. He made good use
of the opportunity presented to castigate his political boss .iv ti.
(privately, of course) for protecting the Attorney General. All
this was, of course, done when public opinion^was perceptibly in
SMr. Parillon's favour. Then came Mr. Douglas' opportunity to say
to.the public what he had repeated privately. In the debate on
the Budget Speech, he chose his words carefully, so as not to offend
his political boss. On Black Sunday, another opportunity was be-
trayed. On those occasions, political considerations took prece-
dence over the interests of the State.
When the CSA untimatum was issued to Government, the Minister
of Hydraulics saw yet another glistening opportunity ready for ex-
ploitation. A OSA strike must have appeared to Mr. Douglas as the
most lik4y issue to tarnish the image of the political leader of
his party. He seems to have wasted no time
He is known to have encouraged civil servants, on approach
of the deadline, to go on Strike, "because", as he put it, "they
would find the money to pay". The Minister gleefully .
said at the'Agrioultural ExhibiliQr in Roj~itsouththat he wanted'
a ring-side seat come month-end (August) from which to watch the
spectacle (Patrick's downfall?), What callous, heartless opportunism.
Is it any wonder that Mr. Douglas was the first of the members
of Government who labelled the Strike: A Politically-Motivated Plan?
He is-in a better position than anyone else to judge the extent
to which the strike is politically-motivated.
But Mr. Douglas is perceptive. He recognized very early during
the course of the strike that he needed to change his position if
he wanted to keep alive his hopes of becoming the Prime Minister
of Dominica. His choices were clear: remain silent and reinforce
Patrick's suspicions of his "infidelity" and disloyalty to the Labour
Party leader; and to come out.and defend his boss, and thereby
dispJe any "rumours" of his sinister plans for "overthrowing" Patrick
as leader of the Labour Party.
But as fate would have it, that move did not result in a con-
soling reaction from the Dominican public.
Mike's plan had back-fired!
The end result of all these plans elaborated on above is the
crippling of the island's economy, and the damaging of an already.
tarnished image of Dominica.
Dominicans cannot afford to let this most valuable lesson leave
them unaffected. It should serve to remind all Dominicans of the
responsibility which they have to elect men of integrity to govern.
Let us not forget that September 1977 lesson in 1980.


_ _

; I---

Friday 30th September, 19777


Paae four


CRICKET: Dominica's 2nd Profession-
al B k .:3 Home
Dominica, Windwards, Combined Is.
and We'st Indies batsman Irvine
-Shillingford returned home on Sept
19th after spending more than four
months in England playing for Stock-
ton, North Yorkshire in the local
N.Durham league
Irvine's individual efforts saw
the team move from the Number 5
spot they occupied last year to 2nd
place this year. He scored more
than a thousand runs, which inclu-
ded two centuries and 7'half-centu-
ries, Hf had a topscore of 108 and
such other scores as 98,84 etc. His
average is well above the 50 mark;
he took upwards of 25 catches field-
ing in the slips. It must be noted
here that matches were limited to
The only other West Indian to
appear in the league was St. Kitts
and Combined Islands' allrounder-
Victor Eddy ghor plays for a neigh-
Domini cas first professional
was Combined Islands' all-rounder
Norbert Phillip, who spent a suc-
cessful 1975 with Colne in the Lan-
cashire League.
FOOTBALL.: B Spartans/Kensbovough
plays draw
Spartans, play~~a a determined
game, struck two early goals through
the efforts of the Lawrence brother
Jeffrey and Algernon within the 1st
twenty minutes of their match Sun-
day 25th Stpt, to leave Kensborough
United wondering as to what struck
them. At this stage the Kensborough
U.teami went into gear in an effort
to maintain their so far unbeaten
1977 record, Dana Hurtault's well-
placed shol left young Kirtney Chal-
lenger no chance as the match went
into the interval 2-1 On resump*f
tion it continued to be a ding-dong
tussle as both teams strove for an
advantage, Spartans were deprivedof
further goals in the match whilst
Kensborough U. threw everything at
Spartans. Cecil Elwin tried all the
shot but couldn't penetrate.(pp 6)

1. Thou shalt honour all thy debts
not in BONDS, but in CASH,
2. Thou shalt not issue empty
threats in vain.
3. Thou shalt pay due regard to
the Solidarity of the CSA.
4. Thou shalt not despise the
integrity of our legal adviser.
5. Thou shalt not defile the La-
bour laws by unilaeral amend-
6. When on the radio, thou shalt
address the nation soberly and
7. Thou shalt not question the
right of -Civil Servants to holi-
day in New York or any place of
their choice.
8. Thou shalt not abhor thy Labour
9. Thou shalt take due note that
the Dominica CSA will not stand
for any form of victimization,
LO0 Thou shalt respect the General
Secretary all the days of thy
-- .
Since the hijacking earlier this
week of a Japanese passenger planO,
now waiting at Dakar airport, Bang-
ladesh for a ransome of $6 million
US and the release of nine crimin-
al prisoners (all this demanded by
the "Japanese Red Army"), a French
Caravelle airplane was hijacked and
circled Paris for 90 minutes before
landing at Orly airport with a
wounded stewardess* Both planes
carry passengers, whose lives are

The much lauded and much protested-
against Casino set up by foreign
capital against the wishes of all
reasonable and Christian pwople,has
closed down and the investors are
going away or have already gone,
Tis week St.Vincent Government has
been called "the worst in our his- -
tor" by opposition politicians.

BWIA IRQUI: In Trinidad, the air-
line was found to be missing thou-
sands of $$$.Investigation proceeds

Frtd1y _S391m~ 321 012 12 1 THE S TAR

Page Five

THE_ STA FrdvS'tme 30.L YL 7

-;S*T-*A*-R'-ScP~O*R-;T-S- -Morchriston
' An overweight Mohammad Ali (36)
earned his $3 m.US on points(9-6)
against hard-hitting Ernie Shavers
(23) last night at Madison Square
Garden NY. Shavers had Ali reel-
ing in the 14th round, but at the
last moment of the last (15th)
round, Shavers was hammered against
the ropes, A proportion of the
crowd booed the result.
FOOTBALLS (concluded from p.5.)
R6y Murphy, playing with all the
skills and intelligencQ only he
can muster, eventually found the
equalizer through a well-placed
shqt some five short minutes be-
fore thefinal whistle, to make the
level at'2-all,
In other matches, Vincent score
both of Kens goals as they defeat-.
ed Gutter/Potters 2-1. S.Anthony
scored for Gutter/Potters.
Outter/Potters were again on the
receiving end, this time to Saints*
They went down 1-4, their lone
gpal a penalty scored by S.Anthony
after Saints had led 4-nil. For
Saints, Thomas Kentish 2 goals, D.
Simpson and Burgins one goal each.
In Division II,. Kensborough Un-
ited held popular ViCtoria Stars
to a one-all draw in one of the
beat matches of either division
thbs season.
Saints beat Spartans 1-nil' in a
match lapking in positive play.
CRICKET: In Australia, Kerry Pac-
ker has scored gains against those
who threatened his dominationClubs
have kept on Packer players as.
coaches etc. Some 50 leading-crio-
kete3's are signed up to play,

LATE. NEM': Three of the 9 crimin-
als ordered released by the "Red
Army" hijackers have refused. to
join their rescuers. In Paris,
the Caravelle stewardess wounded
in her arm and six passengers have
been let out. There are 142 pass-
engers held at Dakar Airport. ,***

TUTOR: ,Mr, Bernard Wiltshire
It would appear that Mr. Victor
Joss'e CBE has retired as noise-
lessly as he -has operated at the
UWI Extra Mural HQ during the
past: few years,
His successor is Bernard Wilt-
shire, a UWI graduate and (as far
as we remember) somewhat blackpow-
erish; but correct us if wrong.Mr.
Wiltshire once asked the Editor a
political-historinal question just
outside the Public Library, but
never returned for an answer. He
will promote studies in patois as
part of,our culture. We believe he
is a brilliant thinker and will
take in world culture as'well; if
he needs any help in Eng.Litt. ia
sadly neglected phase of Dominioan
study of late years), we shall be
happy to help him. Congratulations,
Sir Eric Newton Griffiths Jones,
* DC Head, is visiting Barbados and
St.Lucia with his wife, states Si.
Rupert John.,He can, hardly oome to
Dominica at presentL

Father Joseph Pascal Slavin, a
Roman Catholic Priest who had. been
15 years in Rhodesia and was con-
cerned with justice and human righ-b
was ordered to leave Rhodesia on
Friday. Last week an Americn Nun
was put out of that land,

Intern Doctor Joseph wrote to the
Government that conditions vere so
bad at Princess Margaret Hospital
that it was intolerable. Ee with-
drew his resignation until. Sept.
28; things did not improve. Dr.
Joseph therefore withdrew,
n Thursday Sept 29 a posse of
Ministers and senior officials
descended on PMH for a discussion
with the Ho pital's senior prof-
essional staff. Nowt discussions
in Cabinet.

- Printed and Published by the Proprietor Robert E. Allfrey of Copt
Hall Mill House at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies


Fridav.SeDtember 30''19377


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