Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 22, 1977.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 22, 1977.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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\0 C-0z'7

,-~Y_~ ~t r _,yV kF .9
Telephaie: Editc~r M DX se
TL=W Sollt~Xfsejie~t~aNICAppw ay Freede
-Vetote 7, 0 C ool% -ortun ar th e pc

om educates
people (3 & 2)

,: ]Editor Phy.llis Shand Alfr2ey
V ol, XXV o4. 4 Friday, July 22, 1977 Fifteen Cents- 150

"I have listened to some of the so-called educational rubbish which
has been emittedd recently on"D.B.&. radio. The 400 or 300 or 200 years
of slavery has as much value as the Ras Tafarians backward-looking to-
wards a return to Ethiopia (not one single slave ever came from Ethiopia
Wo the West Indiesl)and the teaching ---'---------
of Amharic, a language of a small ru- LEO MUST GO
ling class in that country, rapidly This is the battle cry around
dying out except for Coptic Christian Roseau and we have received many
ritual, letters and messageson it. The
Instead of stirring up hatred for letter s n messages on ith he
the "white slav.," to give black peo- ater.was raised by the New
plea chance to place-all our own de- Chronicle again last week-. We
ficiencies on slavery, why not thank shall publish a vetted amalgam
the Western'World which has been able of your submissions soon,friends,
to hand doinm through the last 100 .----.- .
years the technological background of GIVE IS CASH NOT DEBETNTIRES -
the industrial revolution, the judi- say the Civil Servants
.ci-al systems hammered out since Greek Gernmn owes thev Cvil ter-
times, 2,000 years ago, the'.Christian Government owesthe Civil Ser-
religion of love and peace, the con- vants backpay, bat has offered
stitutional ideas which from Plato;s them debentures redeemable in
Republic, through Magna Carta, the 10 years. At an overerewdedet-t
American Constitution and the Bill of ing in Goodwill yesterday, some
Rights ensure the chance of a stable 900-1,000 civil servants firmly
society in which the rights of the turned down that suggestion.
individual are paramount over those Pay up by August 31 or we. will
of theUnited Statesonstitution "take industrial action" they
promises basically is the protection say Of course Charles Savarin
of the person against injustice from is back; his return, hushed-up
the rulers, whether they be elected, by DBS, resulted in a spirited
or otherwise. Those Constitutions edition of CSA.Newsletter and
that do not graaut human rights-to the the ransacking of his Portsmouth
individual but make the State para- fhcuL again. In August 1976 a
mount, are not true Constitutions: similar thing happened and the
they are faes and frauds relying on criminal wrote notes ending.
such catchrords as "the dictatorship Patrick hn
of the proletariat"' d.d any': .ee ee Long live Patrick John". We
a proletariat dictating to Stalin,to are glad to tell our readers
Mao Tse Tung or any other member of thal Charles is BACK TO STAY.-
a Poliftburo? 1-RITIfl TO CORATLATE
(Continued on page 'two) 1, nT T 1 -~I ATITLA4
^^-nLTJ u- --- i ** ITJf~\ /vt -tr~ TT -y^i / y n*h h* r h i i i i

Dominica Coconut Products has inform.
ed all coconut growers & copra sup-
pliers that the price of copra has
one up from $865 per ton to $965.
Grade I copra). Payment will be re-
troactive from July 1,1977, and a
circular will be mailed to all copra
suppliers explaining matters in full.
To keep down the cost -of living, the
price of edible oil sol 0 locally will
not be increased, Growers arB asked
to increase copra production; the
factory only -operates at 40% capacity,
.Doinica 'produce s nly 2 L50 tons p, a

11ULA .Ucl A llU kip ILJi l ils ll UII LI J LJ.i.1
vitation to USA, "Youth" adds:-
"I suggest that he takes his en-
tourage, a Financial Adviser with-
out finance, a bent AG or QC and a
Secreltry to hold his empty brief-
case; also that h- goes to the
States via Cwitzerland,Germany and
France, and br.ngs back a Falcon
interest and tax free."

EDA-PIERRE, brilliantly elected to
the Conservatoire de Mustquqe,France
ae a great Martinique singer,


Page Two TH E S T A R Friday,July 22, 1977
DO WE REALLY WANT IT? -John Spec~-orte p ------ THE-
The Opposition in Dominica were WE ARE NOW IN THE HURRICANE
represented in the May London Conf- SEASON: so here are some hints
erence by three able persons and the
main differences of opinion over the A hurricane covers an areof about
thrashing out of a Constitution for 100 miles qter with winds grea-
Independence lay in the fact that the ter than 7I7per hour, spreading
Freedom Party, in free debate among winds above l0 miles p.h.outwards
their own representatives, haid deci- for 00 miles. The eye br centre
ded that there must be checks and of a hurricane may have winds ex-
balances on the Powers of the Pre~er, ceeding 150 miles p'.h: The hurric-
the Attorney General and the elector- an w t kilr ms fm
al machinery. This does not mean just ane s .worst killer comes from the
P,John or L.I.Austin iFtmight,after sca. Waves may reach 50 feet or
the next election, be M.E.Charles or more, undermine foundations df
L.Honychurch, Mr. X or M/s Y. buildings near the sea, and damage
The American Constitution is form- shipping. The normal hurricane
ulated so that the (elected)President season is July-Oct. Please observe
is the executive and his Cabinet,the these safety measures:- Check-up
Senate and House of Representatives your shutters h
(botii elected) make the laws,mostly your shutters, hooks latches;
on the suggestion of the executive; see that your galvanised sheeting
and the judiciary (the Supreme Court) is properly fastened; keep nails
decide if the laws passed are infrin- & hammers and a supply of timber
going any of the peoples basic rights. for barring-up purposes handy.Have
Now there is one thing that every -a reliable flashlight and hurricane
man and woman in Dominica can be sure ilantern.Check your batteries and
of: PJohn wants to stay Premier by kerosene oil supplies,
hook or by crook, because the Premier
as the Con tituttion now.stands is Lay in a supply f provisions
All Powerful, that can be eaten without cooking.
Should the-present ,electoral set- Transport etc. may be disrupted..
up be altered, then on the day of In- Keep in hand at least a 2-day
dependence, new elections would have Supply of drinking water. Clean the
to be held within a month or so; and bath tub and fill it with water for
P.John is not so sure that his term domestic use. Board up your wind-
of office has so far been much of a ows at the first alarm. Secure out-
success-any more than the last ten doer objects which might be blown
years of associated statehood under
Labour" has been a success. way they may become missiles of
So'what do we find? The Opposition destruction in hurricane winds.
wants a working President not a C-ov- If you own a boot, secure it.Keep
ernor figurehead whose office is .a off the streets. If you own a car,
pure waste of around $100o,00o The top up your fuel tank. Service sta-
President could -not be either appoint tions may cease to operate. If the,
ed or sacked by the Premier as the eye of the hurricane (calm centreL
Governor can be now. eye of the hurricane (calm centre
The Opposition wants the office of passes directly overhead, there will
The position wants the office ofto hour
Attorney General split; thn A.G.shlde a ll a few.minutes to hour.
nnt be the Public Prosecutor as well Stay in a safe place. Remember at the
(wMho will bell the. cat?). Should the ether side, the winds rise rapidly,.
A .G. as Pub.Pros, suspend the A.G. 1lcwing from the opposite direction.
from cuty pending enquiries into the The scene of destruction after
accounts of the Registrar? the passage of a hurricane hasto be
Looking back 10 yearb (not 300), e passage a hurricane has to be
Looking back 10.yearb (not 300), seen to be believed. We only advise:
what has been achieved? The main roadsee t e ied. W oy is
were built before March 1967 and are seek medical aid at your nearestFirst
now worn out for lack of maintenance. Aid Centre; don't touch loose wires.
The deepwater harbour is still not Don't dispose of accumulated bath
functioning; the Government has ac- water until the water supply hasbeen
quired se-eral thousand acres of landc restored. Drink only boiled water
but not yet paid for them, Stay away rrm a--sas --,-----
The estimated budget Expenditure les yu oaaler aea, un-
for 1977-78 is to be pushed through aed to help.
-th House at- some $62,064 180 (.ecur- Dive Pcars carefully; be alert to $26,873,570; Capital U35,190,66Q0 prevent fire.
(Concluded on page six) (Abridged from the ST.KITTS DEMOCRAT)
1 '* ,* *' \ '


At the end of the Constitutional Conference which took
place in May 1977 in London an official press release was made
by the Chairman of the Conference and in this it was stated
that "the next step would be for the proposed Constitution
to be discussed in Dominica and in due course to be considered
in the Dominican House of Assembly. It would be important
that the British Parliament should be satisfied that the move
to independence commanded the support of the majority of the
Dominican people."
This release was no doubt founded on the sentiments ex-
pressed by the Chairman in his closing address when he stated
"Therefore it seems clear that the next step will be for the
political leaders of Dominica to report back to their constituents
upon the outcome of this Conference, and particularly upon
the constitutional proposals as they have now emerged. Both
have assured me that they will be supporting the move to in-
dependence on the general basis agreed, while of course reserving
their positions on the points in dispute. To make the pro-
cess of consultation easier I have undertaken that a paper
should be prepared quickly in the Foreign and Commonwealth
Office to set out in terms easily understandable to the layman
the main lines the proposed Constitution as reflected in the
report which we are about to sign. This can be used to form
the basis for discussion and debate in Dominica, and I hope
that this debate can begin within a month or so from now."
As soon as the Opposition members of the delegation which
took part in the May Conference returned, they made it 'their
duty to begin these discussions.
On the 3rd June 1977 the Leader of the Opposition wrote
to the Manager of Dominica Broadcasting Corporation requesting
time on radio and television to speak on the subject matter
of Independence and to hold a forum for discussion of .the
same matter. After repeated telephone calls a reply was
received on the 5th July but dated 5th June stating that
her request had "not been granted."
Three days after their return home the Opposition delegates
held a public meeting in Roseau which was attended by a very
large number of people including persons from nearby villages,
and they 'gave a full report of the discussions and outcome
of the Conference and laid out their plans to travel round
the country holding seminars to discuss these matters so that
the public can also participate with questions and comments.
At their Annual Convention which took place the first
Sunday after their return, the usual guest speaker was omitted
from the programme so that priority and time could be given
to discussions of the Independence Conference.
The following Sunday a mini-Convention was held in Ports-
mouth to accommodate persons living in the North. Seminars
on the matter of Independence and the proposed Constitution
have been held at Calibishie, Wesl"ey, Wotten Waven, St. Joseph
and Kings Hill.
Plans have been made so that each month about eight of
those seminars are held. Each of the Seminars have been
found to require at least three hours, of which half of that
time is used up by the audience for questions and comments.
And significantly at the end of each seminar the speakers A
have been thanked for coming to explain to the audience the
matter of Independence.
Several groups have requested members of the delegation
to hold discussions with them on Independence and these dis-
cussions have been held with teachers: a similar suggestion
by the members of the police force and fire department has
not been implemented because their authorities have refused
the opportunity for such discussions.
What of the Government delegation? They are yetto
discuss with anyone the outcome of the Independence Conference.
It is obvious that they do not understand the meaning of
'discussion. Oh their arrival here on the 23rd of May when

Friday 22nd Juls. 1977


Pa e three

Friday 22nd July, 1977 T H E S T A R Page four

they were obliged to proclaim a Bank Holiday to ensure that
a few school children attended what they described as a "mass
rally" in Roseau, the Premier announced that after "further
discussion" in Dominica he had agreed to accept that the Governor
General should be called President. One must ask "Discussion
with whom?" At Portsmouth which the motorcade visited before
coming to Roseau, the speakers on the Premier's platform cas-
tigated the Opposition for requiring a Republic and yet two
hours later on arrival in Roseau the Premier would like to
give the impression that he had discussed this with Dominicans!
In his car with him were members who had attended the conference
in London (minus the Attorney General), must we therefore
conclude that "discussion" is {o be limited to his Ministers?
Last week the layman's guide promised by the Chairman
of the Conference arrived in Dominica for distribution and
to foster more discussion. What is the Government doing with
it? They are having excerpts read out by their favourite
disc jockey on the radio a.d tAey are inviting questions by
members of the public the replies to which will be given at
7.30 a.m. on Sunday! The time has been chosen no doubt to
prevent anybody listening since that hour can hardly be called
prime time.
So more and more we see that the Government desires that
the subject of Independence must not be heard, must not be
aired and must not be discussed; their attitude being that
the less that is known about it the better.
So how can the British Parliament be satisfied that the
move to Independence commands the support of the majority
of Dominicans?
It is not sufficient to talk to the public from the radie
and even the gimmick of requesting questions to be put to the
radio station so that replies can be given some days later at a
timewh ri most people will not be listening, does not complete
the task which the government undertook to do.
It is the exchange of ideas between the main speakers and
the audience and the full participation by the members of the
audience which in fact constitutes the meaningful discussion
which was envisaged at the constitutional conference.
Instead the delegation from the government side act as if
they are afraid of their own people, afraid to have comments and
criticisms, and advice from them and certainly mortally afraid
of having questions put to them.
What are they afraid of? Do they fear that they may have to
explain the hottest topic of the day that of the Attorney
General and transfer of title to himself? They should not be
afraid of having embarrassing questions put to them surely
there must be answers and they must know the answers!
If they do not know the answersthen how will they be able
to answer the questions put to the radio station? How do they
intend that knowledgeable answers should be given at 7.30 am. on
Sunday? Do they intend to ,set ,up a panel consisting of persons
of all views on this subject matter of independence to ensure
that the public can be ful informed and wholly enlightened?
Would not the public be encouraged to send in questions if
they had been told beforehand who the persons are who would give
them replies? Perhaps a better method would be to have the
questions put to a panel of persons consisting of both Government
and Opposition taking part in a public debate, and the question
period of this debate should be broadcast over DBC for the
enlightenment of all.
This is the day for open government and we cannot afford
to hide and be afraid to talk out the truth and state the position
as it is. It is only with frank and open discussion, and the
acceptance that there will be areas of disagreement, that we can
have the unity which is necessary if we are to have a future of
hope and approach the road to progress for Dominica.
Let the Government realise that Dominica does not belong to
them alone, and that the people of Dominica have a right to be
fully informed on all matters of public interestb.g. Independence.

Friday, July 22, 1977 THE S
iSchedule of Application for Certi-
ficate of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending July 16th
1977. ____

Date of Person Nature of Re-
Request Presenting quest whether
for Certificate of Title or Noting
thereon or Caveat.
Request da- Bright quest for
ted 1st Toussaint the.issue of
July 1977. by his a First Cert-
Presented solicitor ificate of
llth July Cilma A. Title in res-
1977 at ]I,Dupigny pect of apcr-
3.50 I.m. ._ tion of land
at Castle Bri-ce in the Parish of
St.David, in the State of Dominica,
containing 10,019 square feet and
!bounded as follows:- North: by a
Public Road separating it from land
of Joseph Alfred; North-East: by
land of Letisha Istash;South-East:
iby land of Colyn Bucket;South-West:
by land of Preston Bannis; West: by
land -of Stephanie Wiltshire,
.--- _L- .--iL--L ---

Request da.
ted 20th

by her

Request for
the issue of
a First Cert-
ificate of

14th July, Cilma A. Title in res-
1977 at -M.Dupigny pect ofa por-
10.(0 aTmO i tion of land
known as a Lot at Savanre Paille,
in the Parish of St.John, in the
State of Dominica, containing 2.337
acres and bounded as follows:-
North-East by a Public Road separ-.
ating it from land of John W.Flick;
South-Eash by land of Georgina Fe-
ler and Nixon StJean; S south by a
Ravine separating it of
Randall II.Lockhart; South-West by
The Sea; North-West by land of Roy

Request da- Clement Request for
ted 22nd. J.L, the issue of
June .1977 Dupigny -a First Cert-
Presented by his ificate of
llth July Solicitor Title in res-
1977 at M.Eugenia pect of apor-
12,45 p-m. Chajl,;- lion of land
knoon as A Resldential Lot im Ros-
eau, in the Parish of St.George,om-
taining 450 square feet, and bound-
ed as follows:- North East:Land of
Ve'rginia Titre; South-East: Land of
Alix Green; South-West: Hanover
Street; North-West: Land of Clarita
John Lewis.
It's easierr than you think: use
the garbage bins, JAYCEES
But when will RTC clear them? -Ed,.


Any person who desires to object to
the issuing of a Certificate of Ti-
tle on. the above Amplications may-
enter a Caveat in the above Office
within six weeks from the date of.
the first appearance of these Sehedy
ules in the STAR news paper publish-
ed in this State or from the date
when the Notice prescribed by 7ia.r
i&as last served on any occupant of-
adjoining lands in respect of which
thes a applications were made,

Apprex. eight (8) acres of
cultivated land near Carholm,
St. Joseph.
Contact liss C11ma Dupigny
20 Hanaver Street
TE: *2168

Stop the litterwill ou mis-ter?
Rats and roaches are pests: get
rid of the mess. JAYCEES


TAR Page Five
Continued Schedule 23rd ul
Request i a- d ney Request for
ted 18th Valmond the issue.
July 1977. by his of a First
Presented Solicitor Certificate
18th July Cilma A. of Title in
1977 at M.Dupigny respect of a
2.50 pam, I portion of
Iand know as a Lot at Corner River
in Wesley, in the Parish of St.
Andrew, in the State of Dominica,
containing 3.625 acres and bounded.
as follows:- North: by a Footpath
separating it from land of Freder-
ick Telemacque; South: by lands of
Osmond Richards and James Wright;
East by land of Arthur Robin;West:
by land of John Baptiste Valmond.

Request da- Bbrtrand Request for
ted 18th Guiste the issue of
July, 1977. by his, a First Cert-
Presented. Solicitor ificate of
18th July Cilma A. Title in res-
1977 at M.Dupigny pect of a pac-
1h00 pm, tion of land
at Devices, in the Parish of St.
Patrick, in the State of Dominica,
containing 0.460 acre and bounded
as follows:- North-West: by land
of Catherine Thomas and Albert La-
ronde; East: by a Road separating
it from land of Thomas Etienne;
South-East by land of Euphrasia John
Baptiste; South-West by lands of
Catherine Thomas and Editha Ni.burg,-

N 0 T E: Registrar's Office,
Ephraim F.Georges, eLegistrar of Titles

'**S ARP-AR 0 M6orchristo D E REAL WANTI from pages 12
FPOOTBALL: Season Opens Tomorrow The figure at:the Budget Session
e 77 Football season gets un- of 1967 was -'wait for it -$-0s266,760
Cderway at Windsor Park on Saturday (Recurrent $7,489,205;Capital
July 23rd with a Soccerama: the 7 $2,779,565).
First Division teams are: defend. So we have a big Government HQ in
ing league champions Kensborough which the lift never works; and many
United; defending knockout champs Ministers and ex-Ministers have nice
iarlem Rovers; Spartans; Saints; big houses (some rented out), and cars.
Spurs; Kens ,and Gutter/Potters cor- The richer merchants are no not so
bined.'Absent this year is C6ltic rich, but still have to pa s ov-
ernited,who seem to be' just taking erdrafts which they must raise to pay
a season off. However, the first- the increased duties on goods imported.
named teams will be complemented However: are the poorer people better
withPolice and Saints from than in 1967? The per capital in-
This season promises to be a come of a Dominican, not in inflated
+very keen one,with all the teams currency terms, but in terms of what
showing new faces in their line up he can buy is way below the 1967 fig-
owhilst tlhe older or more experiencietre. In fact the whole country is des-
heads are still around. Look'out perately poor, And the Funded Public
for thrills galore jDebt which was $2,369,600 (borrowed
EGRICKET: In the first round of the money on .which interest has to be aid.)
Bensor & Hedges Youth series,Ba'r- in 1967, is so it is estimated -
ados beat the Windward Islands by over $100 millionU
one wicket in Arnos.ValeSt Viment So people of Dominica, I need not
-whilst the Leeward Islands cap- even hint to you what additional bur-
tured first 'innings points over dens Independence will bring.Protocol
Jamaica in St.,Kiitts. SCOfESg: Lee- alone for every Head of State, ho sets
ward Is. 331 & 90/2; Jamaica 316, foot on Dominican soil will cost over
Windward Is. 125 & 226, Ignatius $100,000 every time: African Presidents
Gad#t (Ciptain of the'Windwards')10etc, are -fussy about 100-gun salutes &c.
Barbados 161 & 192/9. Riarto 93n.o A full-time Ambassador in-any country
(2nd innings). T,Kentish ,4/41 and, with staff will cost $250,000 a year.
CDavis -4/29. -. ILEAGUE: Ambrose Syl Who is going to defend our shores?One
vester (Somerset T o9 the season's coastguard cutter? Guatemala wants a
best figures; he took 8 Policewic" piece of Belize; who might want to use
kets for 22 runs at Canefield.Som. Dominica for target practice for a
erset won the match by 3 wickets neutron bomb?
BASKETBALL: Knockout Contest Beg Independence without safeguards will
SBy-Trinee Flames dipayed some ew certainly find us1 stuck with the same
skills against Dawn Creation Harks gang of playboys that we have govern-
ollowing Dominica's tour to MartiT-ing us now, for another 20 years.And
ique which included several of they can't make up their minds what
their players. Here 'the final scorekind of ideology to propagate -Marxism,
id not reflect their form as some Castro-ism, Maoism, Co-operative Soc-
second string players played inthe ialism, Democratic Socialism, Laissep-
2nd half. :- Ball Wizards knocked faire-ism or plain Favouritism: Isus-
out Sunstyle Ambassadors 70-63 af- pect the las~t
ter Ambassadors led 35-29 at the It's a pity for them that Swriss
interval.George Bruney (Anib) 3. 'Banks are stopping having secret num-
Dominica's basketball team's trip bered accounts. Still, there'll be -ie,
+to iiartinique proved anti-climacic Dominica Naticnal Bank.
as Caen and Surinam failed to said John Spector.
teams. It resulted in a series of
matches between host Martinique-& W I F R 0 T I C E
Dominica all won by Martinique, r y San o Sa
.though Dominica could-have won two. I, Rodney Sanford of Salybia,,
Scores: M1/que 97, D/ca 93; M/que declare that I am not respon-
107 71 and finally M/que 68 -67. sible for any debts incurred
Top strikers for Dominica:Trevor by my wife Elise Sanford who
Knight 54, Oliver Burton 41. left my house and home on loth
--. June 1976 without good cause.
COMING NEXT WEEK: A fine contribut- (Sgd.) RODNEY SANFORD.
9n from E.C.Loblack on "a one-Party
"ate". We could not give it proper POSTPOEMEINT: don't ask us why,but
space in this issue. Also Hugh the House of Assembly meeting has
Lawrence on a destructive radio pro- been put off until Weds.August 3rd.
.gratme. See page 2 on July 29.-Ed. _
^ '

ri dav~u N 22. 1977

Pag~e I si


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