Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 8, 1977.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 8, 1977.
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A'152 '-r OF: S

iTele oh L.itor -261 '1
U. K.8Redla bresentatif I
122- uy Avenue,
I= dxlua I= Englad*, Vioett '71 ccC90AS '30t

t `

Editor. Ph-yfllis tul8nl A.L1Py

Frkidja-v JuJr 8.a 1977

Fifteen Cents -- ZS-0

by John Spector
The Thursday morning news from
DBS shook me up when they quoted
from an Agricultural Department
monthly newsletter that only 15%. of
agricultural land in Dominica was
owned by Dominican farmers. That
sent me flying to the, 1953 report'
'Land Administration in Dominica'by
J.A.N.Burra B.Sc. Updating the list-
ings of estates of bver 100 acres
(by transferring CDC and other es-
tates to Government), I came up with
a figure for non-Dominican holdings
(in 1977) of some .,000 acres out
of 50,000 or 7.5%. '
However if one goes further,into
the 1961.Agricultural Census which
shoJs the smaller holdings (20,6%
less than one acre and 51.9% be-
tween I and 5 acres), -the tot-al
acreage held by Dominicans is 61s27
-an increase-of 11,000 acres. Est-
ates over 100 acres amount to some
30,000 acres, leaving roughly 30,000
in holdings under-100 acres 4e,
50.. We know of 4,000 acres held
by LRose, Archbold and Geest etc.
which leaves 26,000'acres in large.
estates plus the 30,000 small ones
I mentioned, Of course, I may be
wrong -but who are'all these
strangers owning 52i227 acres(85%)
of) Dominica land?I don't believe it|
I have also been reading through
Burrals recommendations (Chap, VII)
and, as far as I can see, thn only
,actions which have been taken in
all that time since 1953 are the
National Park"and the cadastral sur-
vey. No "teeth" have been put into
the Title by Registration Act (com-
pulsory registration after sale,
concrete markers for survey and
inheritance by primogeniture, for
exam-ple); and although a Land Use
Survey has been undertaken, success-
ive Labour Governments have failed
or (as Leblanc admitted) were afraid
to. use a Land -.Tax on unworked but
agriculturally productive land.
(Continued on page two)

- GUYAA has applied to Trinidad for
a loan of 100million dollars. She is

F RE E-D O M Another Big.
Meeting On the Anniversary of
protests against the Seditious
Act Nine Years Ago:,
T- commemorate the struggle led
by freedom-loving people in Domi-
nica against the iniquitous im-
position of the socalled "Sedit-
ious Act', nearly as many people'
gathered in and around ..igon as
was the case-when a huge crowd
listened to reports from London,.
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Pat Stevens and his entire family
wish to thank, first of all, all
those in the Medical circles who
tried extremely hard to bring re-
lief to'his father, .the late-Wills
Strathmore Stevens, as well as all-
those who helped in one way or an-
other to bring.comfort during their
period of Bereavement.
:.. ---" __.;___-I

John R. Vanderpool -
who left us 'desolate one year
ago, on July 3rd.
He lives on in the hearts of
his ever-loving family.


We are sorry that we stated that
the late George Astaphan was mar-
Tried. It is Mr.Raymond Astaphan
who married Lucille Shillingford,
and.he is happily still alive.We
apologise for any confusion caused.
In or report on M .W..S.Stevens'
funeral, it ras wrohgly .stated
that Mrs. Mabel James did not at-
tend, Several persons have told
us that she certainly was there,
although unobserved by our Reporter.
We apologisee for the mistake.

sai o 'oe nearly bankrupt. ,And Dominioa has applied to Trinidad Govt.
S fo a o loai of it, tmilon dollars._ --
b. ~ ~~ -' -


XV Nn.. 2


---- ---- -- --_. 1- ~~ ~

Nn 2~; --_I~- --

-------~---I~- --

iri a_


A' R Friday,July 8, 1977

John Spector I have just heard of the tNot
Only recently has a government Guiltyt verdict .returned bo the
reintroduced the Land Man- Jury in last week'i muv.rJr t ia-l
ager by means of the 1973 LandMian and the outcome will serve to re-
agement Authority Act. Howe.vrr,d;,-. inforce the widespread belief
ing the last few years GCoverament that the Island's prosecuting
has acquired several hundred acres machinery is outrageously inads-.
of agricultural land --Geneva, Castle quate. when it comes to fighting
Bruce,Melville Hall, Newfoundland major cases.
(and Moore Park). These, I believer To those familiar with the doo-c
have been purchased but not paid easel and the accused, both .inL hls
for --except for about one-thirdof case and the other recent ure.y
Geneva Estate, Much of this land t-rial involving alleged D,'C~ it
was .sold with standing crops, such is becoming clear that vict-:y wi.11
as citrus, coconuts and bananas; go to anyone able to afforA c.-r:ne
now after one or two years many of better than the inexperiencedl apren-
tthese plantations are unproductive tices operating for the PcLcO
for lack of 'weeding, fertilizer or- The time has come when tlu' Gov-
necessary pruning, Melville Hall ernment must either afford c-'i.2
Cooperative appears to br the most victims the benefit of firbWjt~.e
successful. Coui-sel, by revamping preseni,, P-iCose-
The Castle Bruce ,Estate is split outing procedure., or run the .o-iid-
between tenant farmers, the'Small ,a1Ihle risk of the rinid pr! re
Ant Hill Co-op and (major portion) tion of private revenge squads -;
the Castle Bruce F.rmers Cc-opera- in the community, as the reeici!
tive, The first two groups are very confidence of our citizens i: *:-.-n-
productive but the C.BF Co-op,des- ican just~5~eats justifiably e .c
pite obtakinS some 1/4 milliO. do. Looking forward to some eif and
lars from outside sources have ap- constructive changes, I rc
patently spent the money and have% A VERY CONCERN~D OBSERWVE;.
little or no production to show.
Geneva Estate, despoiled of- cq. QUESTIONS FOLLOWINGW A WARNI-J'
ital equipment by vandlism and. June 2 in";heST A .-
larce ry, is partly recovering by n June 2 in' the STA A Wo.--
4&. Ed-d wkork of. some ten tenant Ing was given to Dominicans. Tw?
farmers, As for Newfoundland, it I want to ask Dominicans a 'eq
appears that a Youth Cooperative is questions,
antagonizinglocal villagers 6n a -1, Have we got a Premier? f not,
tenant basis s g managerial be should not be peid a nenry X
rights. he is seldom in office.
In general it seems that E.O, 2, Should not the Attorney Genral
Leblanc's political war-cry the be sacked forthwith for his dcec
land belongs to the people" is and for not doing his work as crzwn
being taken too literally, There is eProsoutor?
unfortunately for Doumiinica a great The recent Court happenings have
deal of'talk, especially in the ru- Uhown his L'epartment's incompetence.
ral districts, which encograPes We the Public are surrounded by
young people'to thina *Uhaat it.i murderers. Miss Charles asked 'for
right, for them to seize unculit".va, a Crown Prosecutor. How right she
ted land and to ig-no-e the law.nThe was: the Pclice do their job-but
latest seems U.o Ie Archbold's they are not legally trained, b..nce
Estate at South Chilten has teen a legal man instead of moomoos iShoul
demanded by land hun, ryt persons' help them,
from PointQ iilcbl, backed by 500 3. 'What about those Bath Estate
signature s.. house s?
Government should resign, if it ITney taken on loan to be paid~ by
does not wish to work but would ra. all taxpayers.- but these houPs- are
other fly around Europe and Atarica. only given to the stooges of ;,,e
Let another Peoles Goverr nt" Shoe Party. Do those poor people hav
decide whether to se'a. land freehold to pay 500 down, plaster, wi-re .:d
or leasehold, read the' various re- paiPt, and then pay '88 months; -,n-
ports, then act. Euforce the colleo til they diJ? 1.hile Iiinisters e.,e
tion of land rents legally & fairly. living in. big Stock Farm houue.,0,o. r
Above all, do it BEFORE Independe-ac $60 monthly? .
otherwise I-Day will find Dominica 1 Yet the crooks want INDEP E_
raped & pillaged .- Ill-led,, ill-fo OI ... A FRIGHTENED DOMIiWMil.M

- ip~o rnt~:bpys~,. -

I -- - -




__ __ I 1

__i__ __ _~_

__ i

T H F. S T

Page Two

riT 8t JE ST T.A.R Pa...e three.


The weirdest of Government Information Releases was heard on
Radio Dominica a few days ago. It appears that the Premier,
the Finance Minister and the Attorney General went on a little
joy ride, on a plane of course, from Melville Hall to the
Massacre By-Pass and back to Melville Hall.
This is in itself nothing extraordinary since we all
know that the Premier's fetish is planes. If he cannot wing
out of Dominica because he has exhausted the supposed
invitations that he has received, or what is even more likely,
has exhausted the Treasury, he"must be airborne in some way
or other so this time it was a trial run on the proposed
site of an airstrip at CheckHall.
The Premier knew that he was breaking all the laws
that there are governing the landings and takeoffs of airplanes.
But no doubt he has come to believe that he is above the law.
The Attorney General, who should know even better than the
Premier that Government leaders must not only stick to the law
strictly but must appear to so stick to the law, apparently
acted as His Master's Voice and did whatever the de facto
head of state decided. The Minister of Finance is incapable
of thinking sufficiently seriously to have advised against
this breach of regulations.
Knowing that he was wrong to order the pilot to land
and take off on a public road when no emergency so required,
the Premier chose to whitewash his fault by a press release
to the effect that they knew that it was a risk but that they
took the risk on behalf of the people.
No doubt if the plane had crashed the site would have
become a national shrine in memory of the bravery of
Government Leaders who "had laid down their lives for their
It is in such little things that the Premier
indicates his complete ineptness and it is in little things
like these that he demonstrates to the rest of the Caribbean
world that Dominica and its leaders have become a laughing
stock, not to be taken seriously. Is it any wonder that we
fail to get serious investors coming to our shores?
They like to blame their lack of investment and
development on the Opposition saying that they drive away
capital (and we must presume capitalists) by informing would-be
investors that there is nothing good in this country. But the
argument is so obviously fallacious that one should not even
bother to reply. After all if the Opposition Party consists of
capitalists, gros bourg, bourgeois, are conservatives who hang
on to all the resources of the country, they are the people
first to benefit by the entry into this country of much
needed capital.
It is far more likely that a Government that
describes itself as Democratic socialist, would wish to
prevent the lodal capitalists from cashing in on their
resources. For this reason, then, such a Government would
prevent developers from coming in to Dominica to spend
capital, some of which must go into the pocket of their hated
We are not so naive not to believe that the leaders
of Government would prefer to keep the country back if in so
doing they were sure that they also kept back the persons who
have opposed them and their lack of policy.
Will our leaders of Government ever get wise enough
to understand that they would do much better to work with
those that are their recognized enemies in the interest of
procuring the best for the country. After all they would get
all the kudos for this, and they could use their Government
controlled radio, and their semi-controlled Big A, to spread
the news of joy all around so that people would be sure to
realise that in their graciousness, they had permitted the
hated opposition to serve their country in the only way that

Friday 8th July, 1977


Paee three

Government thinks they can, i.e. by giving up their resources
to Government at a price!
The leaders of Government do not have to look far for
an example. In St Lucia recently an investor (of the serious
ilk that seem to gather in neighboring islands though never
in Dominica) put a proposition to the Government'of St Lucia for
the erection of an oil refinery in that island. The investor,
wisely required that this proposition should receive the
consent of every member of the House of Assembly. The St Lucia
Government who realized that certain provisions of the agreement
might meet with disfavour in some sections of the community,
requested the investor himself to come down and talk to the
members of the House so that any points of doubt could be
clarified. The result is that the agreement has been finalised
with the consent of all concerned and about 3000 jobs are to be
created hy this investment!
Let us look at.what would have happened if this
proposition would have been made to the Government of Dominica.
The whole thing would have been done in great secrecy. Not even
all members of the Cabinet would have known about this proposed
investment. An agreement would have been drawn up with the
knowledge of the three musketeers and perhaps of only one
important merchant supporter of Government; the agreement would
have been impossibly slanted towards the investor so that little
benefit would accrue to the island. In the final result, the
investor would have been discovered, after many wasted months,
to have been a fraud with no money to invest, no know-how to
bring to our use, and probably famous only because he was wanted
in some other country.
After 15 years of a constant repetition of this
chaotic behaviour, our Government leaders still have not learned.
The only lesson that they seem to have become word perfect in,
is how to create a sensation so that the people's minds are
dazzled dazzled and taken away from the hopelessness of the
With Gairy in Grenada, it was his announcement that he
would walk on the waters; and this was surrounded with all the
mystery of candlelight which we enjoy so much in the West Indies!
Now Gairy is taken up with the Deity and the Flying Objects which
he wishes to identify. So we go one better than him and our
leaders become the flying objects themselves!
Not content with being out of the island for three
weeks out of every four at great expense to the taxpayer in their
preferred first class status on the recognized routes, they take
off on jets with the Dominica crest and the news is -sent back to
us that the Premier piloted the private jet for 100 miles, or
yards or feet! We must presume that for this act of
enterprising bravery we should have hung a medal on the premier's
Guyanese colonel uniform!
Since the response was lukewarm from people who are
expecting more from their leaders than jazz-raaa, another
attempt is made to distract the troubled minds of the people of
Dominica and this time the'Premier and his two companions decide
to brave the skies and the uncharted elements and make a landing
and take off at the proposed site of an airstrip. For fear that
people might not realise the great personal saCrifice that he has
endured, the Premier has his lackeys at the Radio Station point
out to the listening public that he knew the risk involved but
that he took it in the light of his duty to the people!
What the people are wondering is, if there was a crash
and the three musketeers had only been hurt and not killed would
there have been bandage at the hospital to bind up their wounds,
would there have been oxygen if it was required; would the x-ray
have been working; and would there have been even a phensic to
relieve the oversize headachesthey would have been enduring?
These are the questions that are important to the people of
Dominica and they would like to have the answers. What are the
Government leaders doing about jobs, about health care, about

education about development in between their joy rides and the
satisfying of their urge to serve their fetishes!


Friday 8th July, 1977


Page four.

Friday, July 8,'1977

ISchd.ile of Applicatipn for Cert-
.ifrlate of Title and No!ting there-
on or Caveat for week ending July
2, 1977.
Daate of TPerson Natiure ofTle-
Recuest Presenting quest whether
for Certificate of Title or Noting
thereon or Caveat. \
quest da- Lawrence Request for
'rd 27th John Bap- the issue of
Jl',ie 1977. tiste by a First Cer-
r iiented his Soli- tificate of
tjh June citor Cil- Title in res-
i'7 at ma A.M. pect of apor
i 20 a.m. i_ ,tion of land
i,,-n; as a Lot at Belle ue *'Chopin
l'a the Parxish of St.George, in the
S!c.ate of Dominioa, containing
I, 27 square feet -and bounded as
if'.. ows:- North-East by land of Ed-
i:ard Raphae:; East: by land of Mon4
-,l 'liuS; Solmt-;est by land of
ji'."t'as Denis; North-WIest: by land
o~f Thomas Denis.
quest a- TLawrence1 Lequest~for
tod 27th Jno.Bap- the issue of
S4 .ne 1977 tiste -by a First Cert-
"r'csented his Soli- ificate of
.. _h June citor C1- Title in res-
1:977 at ma A. M. pect of a por
!9,.25 a.m. Digny. tion of land
I:) wn as ao at Bellevue Chopin
'Jin the Parish of St.George, in the
'.3' be'o.2 Dominica, containing 0.20
aci's and bounded as follows:-North
West by a Public Road; South-East
by l-nds of Myster Bedminster .and
3Ogar 'Omnond; North-West by lands
iof Mona Julius and Edward Julius;
S.11th-W'est by lands of P.N.Rus1el
i.nd Senville Raphael,

HENRY DYER, Ag.Registrar of Titles
Any person who.desires to object to
the issuing of a Certificate of
Title on the above Applications may
enter a Caveat in the above office
withft six weeks from the date of
the first appearance of these Sched.
ules in the STAR news paper publish.
ed in this State or from the date
when the Notice prescribed by law,
was last served on any occupant of
adjoining lands in respect of which
these applications were made.

"Your health is in danger. when your
City is in a mess,
"Let the streets shine, remove
the grime,"

W A T r
Applications are invited for the
post of clerk/typist to work with
The C0operative Citrus Growers of
Dominica at their office at 21
Harnover Street, Roseau.
Salary will depend on the
ability of the person accepted.
Please apply to the Secretary/
Manager'by the 25th July.

We are selling out our entire
stock of ELIZABETH ARDEN toilet~
preparations at substantial
discounts -(33 1/3% and over).
TiE BIG R. A. times
Most intelligeAt people in Dominica
get 'their news from Radio Antilles.
Here are their new news-times:-
Morning full news: 6-p4 a.m. (. quar-
ter to Seven), Midday news: 12n30 pm.
Evening early news: 6 pnmafter that
ghastly serial Christopher Macaulay.
Dial, '0O on your Radio.Get th!, newsat

by EC.Loblack
When w'il Dominicans stop cutting
square pegs in round holes.? Some
time last week I saw the Mayor of'
Roseau on TV dressed like a Bishop
asking Dominicans to cooperate with'
Jaycees to keep Roseau clean,
I would,like to ask the Mayor
when last did the Town Council prua-
ecute those they have seen dirtying
the streets of Roseau?' To put ev-
eryth'ng n a nutshell, the Mayor
knc:;; well that because the Labour
Party wants the people to. vote for
them they will never report them
when they violate the law,
Coming to something else: Roosie
Douglas-insulted the funeral of the
-late W.S,,Stevens I .need no; say
more for your readers who were at
the funeral and saw what Douglas did
will know what I mean, W!ho does he
represent? E.C.L.
In the island of G(ia'de-
loupe there are about 10 sugar fac-
torie,. For a number cf years our
people t nt t:..velling i-o that coun-
try to seec< employment in that field.
Thera are thousands of Dominicans
residing there; they have bought
properties, vehicles, educated their
children etc, etc, 'Tqhy cannot the
French Government give us a small
sugar factory instead of a sports
stadium outside the papital? ,

-LI- --~-C'-I-*-----L---L-U--CI-L-r-C-

Page Five


S.KR2 Mo rchri lston w~ ete on s IMuly 26 at 10 an.
CRICKET: Grand' Bay had their- first W ly26 a
victory in the Augustus Gregoire SUGAR BEFORE SPORT H ugh Lawrence
league when they defeated Casuals (fr. p_)- Our farmers would then
by an innings and 26 runs at the be able to diversify their crops,
Windsor Park last weekend and other people with large back,
Dominican fast.bowler Boniface yards would cultivate-sugar care
Xavier returned figures of 10/39 and thus reap a yearly harvest.
for:-Grand Bay whil4t John Fabien
who topscored.with 25 runs,ohipped FREEDOW MIEETING (from, page One)
in with 2 wickets for no runs in
Casuals second innings. Scores:- Listeners were reminded of te ore-
71 and 70, 'Casuals. Xavier 7/26 sight of the early Freedom Fighters:
& 3/13 and Fabien 2/00.Grand Bay their warnings had been justified;
170: Fabien 2.For Casqals,.JosA Androcles (Loftus Roberts) and-the
ephi 5/21 & E.John <3/[0. Celtic three Editors :,Boyd, Allfrey and
Scobie had told them-what could.hap-
United got' away with all 12 points obe had told them what couldhap-
when their match vs.Blackburns pen and it did'
failed because of Blackburns ina- A cr went out: "Leo 'must gol
ability to field a team -the Gardens And another matter 10 months since
S."Celtic'United got away with all the need for a St.Joseph by-election
12 points, as stated. was underlined.
Seven players from the Under-19 The people cannot wait:' any long-
league are said to have left for er for their grievances to .be settled
St.Vincent today for trial matches Aiong 7 resolutions delivered to Gov-
to select a Windward for ernment by the Freedom Party after
the Benson & Hedges W.I. series, their conference were: Repeal Qf
They are Myrvin Durand,Joseph Quisbe unconstitutional legislation before
Thomas KentishRalph Richards,Aug- Independence; and DBS radio time for
ustus St,Jean,Eric Williamd from the Opposition.The meeting, at which
Kens team,Samuel Johnson fr.Saintsa, iiss Charles-Lennox, Armantrading &
The form of selection has deprived S.Le.strade apoke,was chaired byyoung
several players of a chance to dis- Victoria Beaupierre.
pkay their, .abilities, Among them: GUILD OF GR.LADUATE- DEBATE, -
John Scotland (Wlindwards team last This week s Guild of Graduates de-
year) and- Lenny Andrb from Saints, bate on Socialism & Capitalism the
The Windwards play their first choice for Dominica was well attended,
natch Vf- Jamaica in St. Vincent,' but reports indicate the. content was
July 1., Vivi Richar4.s (Antigua)wld disappointing. A.Martin,Para Riviere
plays forFSomerset in'-Eglish Coun Roosie Douglas and Philip Nassiefwae
ty Championships, became the first on the panel,chaired by Jerome Barzey,
player to score : 1000 first class Douglas was unpopular; discussion of-
runs this season pounding his 2n ten strayed from the point, but con-
double century 204 in 220 mins.'vs. tributions from the floor enlivunedit.
Sussex. He got 6 sixe's & 21 fours, .- -
Antigua became first champions MINISTER SMASHESSI M GO VT. VEHIOLS
of the newly sponsored Heineken Just a few days after appearing in
Series in the Leeward Islands, es- Court for his involv~rant in a traffic'
caping home to one. w-iket victor; accident, Communications 'Minister Mi-
over St.Kitts after their last pa itha.n Douglas was involved in another
had, to 'get 16 runs,James 12 and smash up undpE Canefield Cliffs, The
-Paul 10 put on an unbeaten 19. Landrover- is a write-off. Meanwhile
Scores:3t,Kitts 224 & 203, Antigua his brother Roosie uses the Ministexrs
206 and 225/9* private vehicle to play his private
BASKETBALL: Suinstyle' Ambassadors politics.
defeated Dawn Creation Harks 84- NE .W S B R I E FPS: Charles Savarin
74 in a very keen encounter. At of the QSA is back home, MALAWI-
one stage the sores -were tied on Hastings-Banda sacked Cabinet & Party
70-all.Ambassadors George Bruney
70-dgot 44 points: a good season fo Exec -rules as President. '- In BRITAIN
got 44C points: a good season forimboth Miners & Transport Union set as-
TONIGHT,in Block-o-Roma nig-ht at ide "Social Contract ;- back to .coll-
Windor Park, dqending champions ective bargaining,which may cause elec-
By-Trinee Flames clash with dafen- tion, warns Callaghan.
ding knockout champs Cash'ntCarry
Cardinals. This will determine the Printed & Published by the Proprietor
league championship for 1977. R.E.Allfrey of Copt Hall' Mill House

at 26 Bath Road, Roseaus Dominica WI,





1..-- --L -- qc--r~------w--- -



Friday.. Julyj 8,.* 1977

Page sixx

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