Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 1, 1977.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). July 1, 1977.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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U.K.edia Reoresen tiv. clear,
Col4n trner( London)Ltcl Eat clean.
22 Shaebr Avenue,3 29

London '1JV 8HA. England. V, toe Shca G odtA 1 .dk.
_Editor hyllis Shand Allfrey
SVnl. VXV o. 1 .F.riday,July 1. 1977 Fifteen Cents- 15.
MAN THE, STATE NEGLECTED GETS BIG In'the Anglican Church, Roseau,
STATE FIPNRAL on Wednesday night, the mood was
Wills Strathmore Stevens, 72, was that of religious elation, Crowds
laid to rest in his native Marigot packed the building to see their
last Wednesday amidst a curious beloved Father Pond come into hi
set of anomalies He disliked it beloved Father Pond coe into h
when school-children got unnecess- own before God.' A well-esteemed
are holidays: Marigot pupils had lay-reader, was ordained a Deacon;
,the day off, although the funeral Frank Edwards.
took placo after school. 4s our It was pure theatre and when
readers will remember, he was a we say pure, we -mean pure. The
keen champion of banana-growers microphones, the cameras, the DBS
worrying about injustices and-the men filtering around, did not de-
heavy weights carried by tract from the grand solemnity of
the industry. Andit was banana the long service.- only too long
day! Moreover, he often wrote dras for a tiny'baby; everyone else
tically against Roosie Douglas; was enthralled. And howbeautifuly
who pushed in amongst the Ministers His Lordship Bishop Orland Lindsay,
at this great dead educator's his two handsome Priesti from An-
bierside. Our reporter writes:- ti-gua, and the organiser of the
"A procession-of Oars, busses grand occasion, Rector Eric Joseph,
and trucks wound its way,4aross conducted the massive 'ecumenical
the island towards Marigot on Weds. ritual we say ecumenical because
afternoon long before the scheduled it was a delight to see Father
4 pnm. funeral. In Marigot,people Longcke adding his Roman Catholic
of the northern district had been presence to this fabulous service.
visiting er. ,tevens't modest vil- Afterwards (and we shall be
large cottage all day to express giving some more details next
their sympathy to his family, week of Rev.E,-Richardsonts sermon
The coffin, draped with the and other.matters) the people
State flag, was joined down the crowded around to salute their new
steep hill towards the YMethodist priest in joy and fellowship.
Church by a procession including
police and defence force men,nursesI STATE FUNERAL of W.S.S. contd.
and several teachers. Dominicans His pioneer work in village
of every section of society and councils, his academic achieve-
political leaning mingled to pay ments and his political success
their last rauppects to this great were all outlined. "Even those
countryman. The'Premier,H.L Hris- who opposed -him," said Rev.Didier
tian,0.Seraphi,4 M.Douglas, 0pposi- could not deny his conviction and
tion leader M.E.Charles .and other h'is courage."' His determination to
members of the House of' Assembly* defend a case if he knew it was
.both past and'present attended, right and his belief in the basic
No sign of E.0.Leblanc -or the' two goodness of people were among his
other ex-ministers MrsJames and' virtues, As a schoolteacher he did
Ducreay, whom he expelled with 1WSSnot discard pupils as failures if
The sirmle and moving service they did not succeed academically
was-conducted by Rev.Mathurin with but encouraged them in ether areas
Rev.Gumbs, RevDidier delivered a for which they had talent.(Ctd, ._6C
eulogy so charged wiith emotion TH EATH OF G GE A
that at times the congregation boTE
that at times the Icongregation c dh A man who.had recently been decora-
in and out af the church could not ted for hisse ces to Dominica
refrain from applause --calls of in various ways including ~inger-
;'ameni were heard, W.S.Stevensb print help to Police also died this
1905,served his' village and his week His death is a great loss .to
country in almost every -field. As our society nd1e extend-to his
teacher,lay preacher,farmer,Minis- wife (ne'e Shillingfor and children
er of Government and Star oolumn- 1 deeS sympathy r c
ist, he worked tirelessly to tused.r deep ath

_ _

Page Two T H E S T A
by Hugh Lawrence
After reading -n one of'the papers,
about the remarks of some' of our
young banana planters, that we
should try to sell our bananas, in.
6.ome .other way or words to that
effect, I totally disagreed..We
always need foreign investors,ahd
cannot.exist without them. The
Minister.concerned made a wise
statement, and I admired him fort,
In years gone by,our bananas
were looked upon as green gold,*and
we should keep .that up. Lands were
bought, houses built, Cconcl.p.6)

We are selling out. our entire
stock of ELIZABETH ARDEN prep-
atations at substantial discounts
(33 1/3% and over).

EDEtIEVl: ~ We must ad- re -The
methodists who fight against gambling
and lotteries (Be they in St. Vincent,
St.Lucia,' Dom rnica pr 'anywhere.)I am
one who NEVJER fl inState Lot-mr

House fullyy furnished) and.lot at
Emerald Hillside with 10,000 gallon
Beautiful view of the Caribbean.
Good motorable road to entrance of
P.O.Box 121,
28 Old Street,
Dominica. 6 -t/2
,on Tuesday 5th July, .1977
from 10 a.m.
1. 2L144 sq, ft.-of land known as,
Lot L. at Belfast Housing,
Scheme ', Mahaut.
2. 129 acres 3 roods of land part
of "Fourchet"Estate situate in
the Parish of St.John, Portsmout
3.. 21.435 acres of land known as

R, Friday,July 1, 1977
,Schedul'e of Application for Cert-
lificate of Title and Noting there-
lon or Caveat for week ending June
18th 1977.
,Date ofI Person Wa-Jiure of TRe-
Request 'Pre seating cquost whether
for Certificate of. Title or Noting
Ithereon 'or Caveat.
jRequest da- Edward Request for
ted 2i. th Thomas the issue of a
1March 1977 by his Firat Certifi-
Presented Solid- cate-of Title
1Sth June tor Zena in respect of
1977 at L Moore a portion of
3,0.0 p.m_. Jr' land known as
a lot at -ete -Horne, Grand Bay in
the Parish of St,Patrick containing
1491 square feet (Portion"A' and122
square feet (Portion ;'B;) and bound-
ed as follows:-North: land of Lionel
Hector; East: land of Millie :Hender
s,on;. South:' land of George Abraham;
West: land of George Abraham,
S0SIDILEfor week endinu2ri4
Request da4Lawrence Request for the
2Rth June jJohn Bap- issue- of a Firs
1977. 1tiste by, Certificate of
Presented his Soli- Title in respect
29th June citor .il- of a'portion of
1977 at.. ma A.M. land known as a
,20 a.m iDu y. Lot at Bellevue
Chopin, in the Parish, of.St.George,
in-the State. of Dominica, containing
14,0957 square feet and bounded as,
follows:- North-East by land of Ed-
ward Raphael; East: by land of Mona
Julius; South-West by land of Thomras
Denis; North-West: by land of Thomas
fReque'Es daLawrence Reqluest`T or6 e
ted 27th 'IJno,Bap- :issue of a First
June 1977 tiste'by Certificate of
Presented his Soli- Title in respect
29th June citor Cilo f a portion of
1977- at ma A.M. land known as a
9.05 a'.m. Dupign lot at Bellevue
ChopnT -nin rbhe, i ari s of St.George,
in the State of Dominica, contain-
ing 0.20 acres and bounded a's fol-
lows:-, North-Uest by a Public Road;
South-East by lands o Myster Bed-
minster' and Olgar .Olgar Ormond;,-orth-
East by lands of Mona Julius and
Edward Julius; South-West by.lahds
of P.M. Russel and Seuville Raphael,
Certificates of Ti-le contcinued on
Page five, with Caveat Note.

Prevost close to Sylraniia Estate READER IS. VIEW on. BIOWN SUGAR
in the Parish of St. Paul. I compliment' you Madam for your
I _- criticism of the "Brown Sugar; hand-
Sed to you by Ir. MIoise. Brown, sugar
=E CSLEAN -. LIV .LE ANI which is more nutritious than white,.
OLEANLIESS IS THE BEST WAY OUT i-s thore abundantly used than white
The eDominica Jaycees suga. (Continued on Pag Six)






Friday 1st July, 1977 T H E S T A R Pa&e -three


There are few individuals who do not like recognition. Not
everyone wishes to be lauded to the skies at every effort made.
But no one likes to be taken for granted and where special
effort has been mada the person who has put himself out to
seve beyond the course of duty is appreciative of recognition
of that effort.
It is this wish for appreciation that has no doubt
given rise to the bestowing ofhonours by heads of states.
Although the world seems not to educate the young
into the ways which they will have confronting them when they
grow up, it must be admitted that even in schools recognition
has on the whole gone on merit. Medals for diligence are
seldom handed out to lazy and tnenterprising students and medals
for good conduct are not bestowed on scholars who spend all
their time in class talking, disturbing others, and being rude
ana uncooperative to teachers. Prizes for endeavour are not
given to students who are selfish and mean in their efforts and
who grudge their every action which could assist the school.
So that young people understand that rewards are for
persons who do work beyond the call of duty and who are really
shining examples of the student body.
How puzzling then must it be for these same young
people when they try to understand the method by which adults
grant awards. Are we not making of them cynical citizens when
they can find no justification for the awards that are made?
Are we not cheapening the awards themselves?
The general public does not know how persons come to
be awarded by Her Majesty the Queen. But the general public
knows that there is something wrong in the method when Eric
Gairy of Grenada is knighted. It is significant that the
announcement of the award was unaccompanied by any reason for
the award. Usually when such an announcement is made the
public is told that the person so honoured is being honoured
for his public service or for his distinguished services in a
specific field. LTo such announcement was made as regards
Fic Gairy of Grenada. One is therefore left to decide that
tnls honour was bestowed because of his honourable mention in
the Duffus Report and because of his successful use of his
mongoose men. It may of course have been granted for his
iar reaching concern for UFO's and his expressions of a special
relationship with the deity!
Awards like these make other people hesitant to
receive honours from Her Majesty and make people, even
recipients who are well deserving of them, place little value
on them.
The Queen has given silver medals commemorating her
Silver Jubilee to people all oyer the world and even in
Dominica some persons were awarded medals. The list of such
recipients has not been published and so one cannot tell if all
the persons who received medals from the Queen were deserving
of them. But if such medals were given to all members of the
House of Assembly or even to all Mbmbers of Cabinet, then one
would realise that the persons advising on the award of these
silver medals, has not exercised any measure of discernment.
Obviously the Queen cannot act on her own because she does not
know most of the persons who will receive these medals and she
must rely on some person who has her confidence to advise her.
It merely indicates that her confidence is badly placed.
And it is not only in life that recognition appears
to be erroneously made. If we are to consider ourselves a
nation in the future, we must pay attention to these little
things also. Because no matter how much we agree that "all a
. we is one", there is no doubt that there must be some measure
of prJtocol required and this must be adhered to on occasions.

_rida_ 1st July, 1977 TH E S T A R Page our~'

Let us look for instance at the various methods we have used
for the int~;er3n of our statesmen, and their relatives.
Should we not have some guidelines as to when a state
funeral is merited or not?
Should we not have some guidelines as to when the
mace is carried at the funeral of a person who has served in
the Parliament of the country? Do we have the mace on display
at such a funeral for a person who has served in the
Parliament whether he was no longer a member of the Parliament
at the date of his death? Why do the authorities trot the
mace out on occasion and not others? Do they themselves know?
SWhen Elma Napier was buried in the privacy of her
own premises, no recognized representative of the House of
Assembly was present. The mace was not in evidence. This may
well have been so at the wish of the family who preferred an
entirely private burial. But should there not have been a
service at some later date which gave recognition to the
fact that a person who had served in the councils of the nation,
had departed?
When Howell Shillingford was buried the mace was in
evidence and many members of the House of Assembly were
prominently present and so recognition was given to the fact
that a man who had served his country in the highest councils
of the state had passed away. But he was not given a State
funeral in the recognisedsense of the phrase.
When Isiah Thomas died he was given mace,
parliamentary representatives and state funeral.
Recently when Wills Stevens left us he was given a
State funeral but the mace was absent, nor were members of the
House of Assembly there as a body in recognition that a great
colleague who had served well and sincerely for many years had
passed away.
It is this hodge podge of methods used that makes it
difficult for the on-looker to know what guide lines exist or
if they exist at all.
It has been evident that relatives of members of the
House of Assembly have been given what, for want of a better
phrase, can be called a semi-state funeral. This of course is
unpardonable. There is a difference between a contingent of
police, or soldiers attending the funerals of relatives of the
House of Assembly out of sympathy for the ones who are left to
mourn the death, but surely they should not so take part as to
make it appear to be a State funeral!
Then in the House of Assembly too after the death of
a relative of a serving member, the incongruous habit has
arisen, by which two minutes silence is observed during the
subsequent meeting of the House. This of course is absurd and
takes away from the entire meaning of such an observance.
This recognition should only be given to persons who have
actually served in the councils of the State.
No doubt the errors which have been noted in such
oboervances arise because our leaders do not discuss or
consider the matter. As every occasion arises, persons just do
their own thing and unfortunately it has become a national
password that "anything goes". But we must grow up in many
ways before we are able to carry the mantle of independence with
decorum and since the eyes of the world may turn towards us,
we should endeavour to do things correctly and not continue to
make ourselves the laughing-stock of all on-lookers.
It has already been noised abroad that we do not know
how to behave when we are out on official business, let us not
entrench that idea in the minds of people who may have a
passing thought for us.
And above all, for our own self-respect, let us do
things right because in disciplining ourselves in such minor
matters, we will learn to do things correctly in other fields,
where they matter most.

Friday, Jt --, 1977 THE S T AR Page .Fve

STATE OF DOIINICA Schedule for week lendil June 25 ctd
T;TTI E D-- REGISTRATION .ACT Request da- Georges Request for
Schedule of Anplication for Cert ted 9th Jan Vidal by the issue of
ificate of Titwle and Noting there- 1976 his Soli-a First Cert-
on or Caveat for week ending June Presented citor M. ificate of Ti-
25th, 1977. (contd.rforaep..j 20th June Eugenia te in respect
Reques~-' anue Reque,_t for 1977 at Charles of a portion
ted 29th Langlaia the issue of 12.1 ,..m. of land known
April 1977. and Clem- a First Cert- as A Lot at Bioche in the Parishof
"Presented enceLang-ificate of StPeter containing 6393 square ft.
20th June lais'as Title in e.s- and bounded as follows;- North:
-1977 &t tenants irnect-of apot- Land of France Christopher; East:
3j,0 p.m. common ir tion of land Land of France Christopher; South:
equal shares by their at Colihaut, Land of France Christopher; West:
Solicitor Cilma A.M. in the Parish Land of France Christopher.
DiU n o f fSt.Peter, --------- ----..
in the State of- Dom1hca, contain- Request da- Felita Request for
ing 2775 square feet and bounded as ted 16th Paul by the issue of
| follows:- N6rth by lands of Camille March 1977 her Sol- a First Cert-
Andrew; East by a Bye-road; South: Presented- icitor ificate of7L-
by lands of Reginald, Lecointe;Weat: 21st June M.Eugenia tle in res-
by Colihaut River. 1977At Charles.. pect of a'por-
.-- -- 10.10 a.m. tion of land
Request' da-. Picton' Request for known as a Lot at' Scotts !Head in
ted 9th'l ay Toussaint the issue of the Parish of Saint Mark contain-
1977. by his Sol-a First Cert- ing 5516.0 square feet and bounded
Presented icitor M. ificate of as follows.:- North-East: Lands of
20th June Eugenia Title in res- Maud Johnson & Vantina Jervier;
1977 at Charles. pect of apoi- South-East: Lands of Dennis Elie,
11i.2 am- tion of land Mark La Pinard and a Public Road
In o ce" in the ar sh of St.Peter separating it from land of Clara
containing 24!37.9 square feet and' Jarvis; South-West: The Sea; North-l
bounded as follows:- North by a West: Land of James Peter.
Public Road; East; by land of Mary --- -- ------ '
Alexander; South-East: by land of Request da- Audrey Request for
Mary Alexander; by land of ted 25th Hypocrate the issue of
Mary Alexander; South-West: by lahds Nov. 1977 & Ruth Ma- a First Cert-
of NM.cield Lecointe and Mary Alex.- Presented son their ificate ofTi-
ander 21st June Solicitor tie. in repset
1977 at M.Eugaaia of a portion
Request .a- Amy Chris- Reduest for 1977 at MEugenia of a portion
ted 18th tizeiight the issue of N o,,TCoseaur lsn the Parish of
April .19.77, by her Sol-a First Cert Saint on ioseau, conin the ri ofsq.
Presented icitor M, ificate of Saint Jeorge, containing 1,26$ sq.
2Presented icitor M T ifiate of feet and bounded as follows:-
2th1977 un ugena Titleomres- North-East: by Victoria Street;
1977 at Ch.rles. ect ofa P la SouthlEast: by lands of Francia
12.0 noon, tion o land I
koIy as a rler; South-West: By the Sea;
knowna as a res-d-en-tfia lot in Ports- t-
mouth in the Parish of St. John on N West; y land o
taninng 6932 square ,feet and boundecof Dominica.
as follows:- North: Land of Bob ------- -
Garraway; East: Land of Bob-Garra- N 0 ,T E: REGISTRATi' OFFICE,
way; Sou hh:' Pembroke Street; West: ROSEAU.
Land of Ralph Thomas Waldron. HENRY DYER, Ag.Registrar-of Titles
.... -.. ----------- .- Any person iwh desires to 'object
o the issuing of a Certificate -of Title on the above Applications ;aay
enter a Caveat in the above office within six: weeks from the date. of the
first appearance of these Schedules in the STAl news pane published In
this State or from te date when the Notice prem'iibed by law was last
served on any occupaht of adJoining lands in respect of which these
applications were made.
S---- ------- ------- -- -----
"A Banana a. Day keeps the Doctor Education without Cleanlinss is
Education without Cleanliness is
away; Useles.
its Petl in the Bin keeps te Usele
ftats at bay. .Dominioa Jayoegs sl'ogqns.
.' '''' '+.. ^ ^ ^ '. .i ** ~ -- "


Pace Si------ THE- STAR'_ F a ju)ly 977

*S4WT A HRM*S*;PHO'@HsR-T'SM-NMorchri ston
CRICIET: Over last-weekend,Spar-
tans.and Saints cruised to easy
wins over. Asta and Police,respec-
tively as the Augustus Gregoire
league for 1977 continued.*Saints
continued to be pace-setters in
their zone when they beat Police
by 10 wickets at Windsor Park,
Scores:Police 134 and 92. Saints <
191 and 39 without loss. For
.Police,Archie Samuel 4/02 runs.
For Saints,Gray Samuel scored 90
runs and Norbert Phillip 28,
At Canefield Spartans beat Asta
by an innings and L runs. For
Spartans, Derek Abraham and Algex.
non Lawrence contrived to be the
wreckers of teams.Final.scores.
Asta 86 and $3; Spartans 143 .for
6 declared. John Rolle 41.
In this zone, .976 league Cham-
pions Celtic United have beaten
both teZms and are favourites to
go into' the. finals from tl'eir sone.
BASKETBALL:. As the league draws to
itV July conclusion,.the interest
of those teams who have nothing to
gain has started to wane-,Watching
some of the matches now,we see a
general lack of.urgency;some play-
ers just seem to go 'through the
motions. Earlier this-week a
match ended prematurely because
one team (Ball Wizards) thought
they were being put upon by the
referee. They had only 5 men pres-
ent and before the interval, one
player had to leave the court with
$ fouls whilst another had 4 fouls
and they had no substitutesWhen
the referees blew off the match,
Sunstyle Ambassadors led 37-26;
their George Bruney scored 27 pts,
In the other match that evening
Bata Pros from Grand Bayihad only
4 players for their match versus
By-Trinee Flames, and had to use
one of their junior players to cooa
plement their team. Ti-o of their
leading players,Lambert Henderson
and $ichie Joseph, were absent,
They were 30.al1 at interval,but
Flames being who they are (on a.
rather wet court from rain)went on
,@o'win 614* 3. For Flames:O.Burton
20, P.SkerriLtt 22.For Pros:H.Bellot
18, .-:-:~.:;- .n other matches C 'n'C
Cardinals 72 beat E.J.T. Rockers 44,
Dawn Creation Harks 64 Brisband
Starlights 1. _

VIEhW ON BROWN SUGAR (from p. 2)
Since the Government took over
the importation of this coaimodity
from the merchants we have not been
getting the better grade sugar we
were accustomed to. What we are
getting is dark, dirty and full of
lumps -or grains as we say in patois,
This is bad enough although we
know it is being used for molasses.
But what I bought last Friday was
not fit for human consumption, It
was so dirty and had more sand than
sugar. I tried to dissolve what ap-
peared to be sand to satisfy my
curiosity and the result was most
hopeless. I promptly bought a bot-
tle of molasses and dumped what is
being sold as brown sugar".
So ,many people dejectedly' com-
plain. Who cares? The big question,
is, must we kill our poor people by
paying Guyana to get rid of her
Subbish? If we have to buy from
Guyana, for health sake, let us
have good graded sugar.
(frp2) people travelled etc.etc,
Should we not always look up to
Geest as ourfwbanna. saviour? The
old saying is, tEat little,eat long'.
We understand that there is a
shortage of coffee'in Dominica now.
Consequently, the manufacturers of
Cafe Noir have been producing two
qualities of coffee: 'one of the old
excellent brand,,and the other (sold
at a cheaper rate) containing other
beans. This .cheaper coffee should
have a white.sticker over the name
CAFE NOIR on the package.The origi-
nal Cafe Noir-is still available to
keen customers in the same original
high-quality. We are also told that
certain people here fill 'empty Cafe
Noir bags with their oiwn brand and
sell these. So buy carefully
We hope that these facts will set
our readers' nmids at rest regarding
this Dominica coffee fhich has gained
an excellent name and reputation.
Incidentally Cafe N6ir is not offic-
ially exported, we understand; but
some of it is smuggled to Marie Gal-
lante or Guadeloupe. .SA.
STATE FUNERAL WSS (fr.p.l) With the
death of W.S.Ste ns we have lost a
, true& o/'nf e n at(<\r iT. 4 d- t ~ ^4^vit ib -?-,. _

c ,.- w t %o rj.mnat Ion and
ambition at a time when Dominica desperately needs such at example. He
was a devoted family mai, whose wife Hilda died last year. On his son
Pat falls a heavy honourable burden. As Mr.Stevens was buried with hymns
and gn salute the sun-was setting,not just on a day but on an era. Yet
pYoliies reare4 its head.Roosie Douglas made himself very prominenting.
i st it1ial hads aswd sit ing on the atar d ios. This was in
*1h.ewectg 1e. Thoer is a ploatoot.

Up2or i7UAJUjUosey o. (Jop t I all `DILL tIouse
crcr c`4 uD71R~ nc"0 OKgea .6,j AI1E B ey 01

f' '


-- --

--- -

LZe, S il



Frid~ng,__Si~y_ _1,~_1_97_7_

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