Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 24, 1977.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). June 24, 1977.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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E 1C __01.* KMP

V,. N 5:1 17,..,-,.eCM T I..-',.-, C TTA CL AN- -
_,__i__ ___ ? LIVE CLEANP .

-___E_ editor PIylVls Bi!,ia-d Anct
l Fc_.~ia Jue 24, 1977

F~it-nh~ cCLatC- 150

Text Wednesday June 29 at -8 pm
at the Goodwill Parish Hall, if
you'want to be sure of a seat,get
there early.,A discussion on the
theme "Paths -for Independent Dom-
inics: Socialism or Capitalism"
with panellists including A.Martin
Waddy Astaphan, Rosie Douglas,Par--
ry Bellot, William "Para" Rivlere,
Norman Rolle, Julian Johnson,Phil-
lip Nassief and others will be in-
volved. There. will be time (it is
said) for comments from the floor
under the chairmanship ef J, A.
Barzey, and Dr.Rnyer will also
play his part.

The Israeli Ambassador to the
English-speaking West Indies has
visited Domiaica this week to hold
discussions and offer technical
assistance.He went on to-Jamaica.

IDI AMIN *no "belated honeyme=n"
- with his 4th wife (number of con-
cubines unstated): A TS3 woman re-
porte A.JTayler, said she. had
spoke to him on the tclephone.He
is alleged to have suffered an as-
sination attempt,

IN ST.KITTS, Judge EardleyGlasow
declared against that Grvt's seiz-
ure of all -lahds under sugar cane.
He said it was unconstitutional,
void and of no effect, issuing an'
order restraining the Minister of
Agriculture from seiZing lands.

- from a front-page article in
France -Antilles .(Par.tinique)
We all know that the smuggling
of fruits, straw materials etc.
takes place from Dominica to the
French islands. This is the first
front-page denunciation ,f such
trade (dated 21st June) which we
have read. Yet what is our Govern-
ment doing about it?
"La 'production locale est suf-
fisante" and illegal importation
is causing unemployment in Farti-
nique, says.this eminently respec-
table newspaper. And what of our
own people who on the streets
are told "limes are scarce" and
charged two for ten cents or even
more? Is it not time that the
Government.-of Dominica takes some


We all know that the price of
coffee has rocketed in-the world.
Yet this week, when we paid '$3.45
each for two.packets of Cafe Noir,
we were horrified both by the smell
and the taste of this hithert, de-
licious, coffee. It tasted as if
dead cockroaches or-something hor-
rible had been ground up in it.
We gave the packages ,away. A friend
said it might be due to the pres-
ence of boiled green Liberian cof-
fee amidst normally mature beans.
But we could not face drinking it.
In the meantime, Hon. A.Moise has

-------.b--- --- brought to our office a pound of
COLONEL EDMUND DOWLING and PHINA's Guyanese sugar which looks like
parents wish to thank all those extremelyy dirty, sand (we dare not
kind Dominicans who have welcomed waste it). It is as if the sugar
him here during two visits,during d. doeen rubbed in dirt. Why
which he has undergone great hard-, should the people of Dotinica be
ships in transporting Phina'sashes -obliged to tolerate these things?
to her parents.' home.. Negotiations
are now going on for these ashes SOVIET COM.PARTY LEADER AND NOW
to be laid to rest in the grave of PRESIDENT (Podgorny; being ousted)
Phina's Shand great-grandparents has been in Paris this week for
in the Anglican Churchyard, when extensive talks with French Presi-
Col.Dowling returns from Zambia. dent Giscard'd'Estaing.

II-- ~ ~ ----,--

Page Two .. TH E S T A Friday, June. 24,, 1977
BISHOP ORLAND LDDSAY COMING Schedule of Application for Cert-

On Wednesday 29th June, the Feast/
of St. Peter, at 7.-30 p.m., Mr..
wilfred Oscar Morgan Pond will be
ordained to the Anglican priest-
hoed by His Lordship Bishop Or-
land Lindsay.
This is the climax of a life
dedicated to the service of,his."
Church, during which W.0.M.Pond
has struggled to overcome many
physical and @ther-disabilities,
and has lived to see this great
eyent come true..
lfter'his ordination, Mr.Frank
Benjamin Edwards, a devoted Ang-
lican for many years, will be-or-
dained to the Diaconate and become
a Deacon.
The preacher Pn this out-
standing occasion will be the
Rev. Emmersen Richardson from St.
Mary's Parish, Antigua.
While he is in Dominica, Bishop
Lindsay will vbnferi at-St.Georges
Church on Mon. June,27th at 7 pm
the Confirmation and First Com-
munion Sacraments on 38 candid-
ates; and on Tuesday at the same
time (at St. John's Anglican
Church) 18 candidates will,re-
ceive these rites-.
JUBILEE "GUIDER" in this fine
MlagazineMiss fAy Christian is
the only Westindian writer,with
'a sh6rt article on how she spent
Coronation Day (Guide Capty-Tr'idad
on Tuesday 5th July. 1977
fr.m 10 a.m.
1. 2455 s/q. ft. of land, khown as
Lot L at Belfast Housing
Scheme Mahaut.
2. 129 acres 3 roods of land
part of "Fourchet" Estate
situate in the Parish of St.
John, Portsmouth.
3. .21.535 acres of land known as
Pre'ost close;to Sylvania
Estate in the Parish of St.

ificate of Title and Noting there-
on or Caveat for wee'. ending June
llth 1977.
Date of Person ature of re-
Regest IPresentig quest whether
for Certificate of Title or Not-
ing thereon or Caveat.
Request da- Leonie Request for
ted 29th Casimir the issue of
Nov.. 197-3 by her a Pirst Cert-
Presented Solicitor ificate of
8th June M. Eugeni Title in res-
1977 at Charles. pect of a po- am.. tion-of land
Iknowrn ass"aesidential Lot -in the
'own of Roseau ih the Parish of,
St,George containing 586 square
feet andbounded a.s follows:-
North-West: Cork Street; North-
East: Land of Gilbert Didier;Soutb
East: Land ,of Ursula Bunche';South-
West: Land of Irenie 'Peltie'r.
Request da- Edward request for
ted 24Lth Thomas the issue of a
March 1977 by his First -Certifi-
Presepted So6lici- date of Title
S1th June tor Zena in respect of"
1977 at L.Moore of' a portion
3.00 .pm, yer. of klih known
As a lot at TetTe me, Grand Bay.
it the Parish of St.Patrip! con-
taining.1491 square feet (Portion
A'A and 122 square feet (Portion"g)
and bounded as followss:- North:
land of Lionell Hector; East: land
of Millie Henderson; Southl: )land
of George. Abraham; West: land of
George Abraham.
(Schedule for d.eek ending 18th Juane.
Certificates of Title con.tinued-on
i. .;age Five, with Caveat Note)

House (fully furnished) and lot at
Emerald Hillside/with 10,000. gallon
Beautiful view of Caribbean.
Good motorable road to entrance of
Apply: premises.
M.E. Charles,
P.O.Box 121,
28 Old Street,


I- -

- --

~ ;

Friday 24th June, 1977 T H E S T A R Page three

This weekend our much travelled, much ridiculed Ringling circus
of Ministers of Government will return home for the umpteenth
time this year. They will no doubt get on the radio and TV Stations
and tell us, the public that they have obtained such and such
promises of aid for us. By now the public are doubtful of these
promises. Will they ever come to reality? is the question on
everyone's lips.
This last jaunt is perhaps the most annoying of all to the
public. Since 20th December 1976, the Government Ministers threw
the ball of independence into the playing field and everyone has
been thinking and talking about this. They informed the public that
the new flag would rise just past midnight on the 3rd November 1977.
They returned from England with no date settled for this
independence that the public are still so fearful of, because of
the lack of knowledge of all that it entails, One would have
thought that they would have taken time off to explain to the
citizens of this country what it was all about. But instead
within 8 days of their returnthey flew off again to England to
discuss aid with the Overseas Development Department.
Why these wasteful trips all over the world? They had seen
the Overseas Development Department about aid in late March 1977;
whatever reply they received then could not differ much to the
reply they would receive in late May 1977. Because circumstances
had not altered in that time.
What is even more annoying to the public is that they try to
pretend that other people are paying for the expenses they incur
while travelling. But the public know that this is not true.
They did not dare say this about the Independence talks because
the Opposition had to be present and know that the expenses are
being paid by the taxpayer.
But the Premier who is a great storyteller stated that he had
been invited by the American Government to visit for a month in
USA and that he was travelling to New York via London, West Germany
(he forgot to mention Switzerland). The absurdity of this is so
great as to have people rolling in the streets with laughter if it
was not in fact so tragic in that money required for necessary
facilities is being frittered away on what we would call in patois
It is true that the Premier may have received a month's
scholarship award from the United States Government such as have
been awarded and accepted by political leaders in Barbados. In 1973
the present Premier of Barbados, then Leader of the Opposition, had
such an award; and about that time Henry Forde, also of the
Opposition now Attorney General of Barbados also had such a
scholarship awarded him. So we know that such offers are not
limited to Ministers of Government; but of course the Government
guards them for themselves.
But what the public of Dominica realises is that the
scholarship was awarded to one man, the Premier. The public knows
that the American Government did not invite the Minister of
Finance, the Attorney General and a permanent Secretary to partake
of this scholarship. The public of Dominica is also well aware
that the USA Government will not pay for these men or for the
airline ticket to New York from Dominica that includes
extraordinary calls to London, West Germany and Switzerland.
But the Government of Dominica like to juggle with words as
well as with figures and so when they quite unnecessarily took
E.O.Leblanc to talks in London as an adviser to Government they
found it convenient for him to return home via the United States
so that he could visit his family there.
And so the hard earned money of the taxpayer is frittered
away at the whims and fancies of a Premier who does not care that
the people of this island cannot get the basic medical attention
required by them. The Government are completely uncaring that the
Doctors seem to be leaving the island and that politics does not
fill the belly nor does it cure the ailments. They do not care that
the poor underprivileged masses that they talk about so much in
their hypocritical style, have to buy their own injection needles,

their own bandages, their own medication when they go to the
Hospital for care and attention be it in the wards or in casualty.
Some hard working members of staff who would like to make
conditions what they should be at the hospitals and clinical have
in the past found a willing public to give donations. But they
know now that they cannot expect such voluntary help again. The
reply is being made to them that s not my concern, I pay my
taxes and the Ministers waste it; let them stop wasting."
There is another aspect to these constant trips .of Ministers
mt in e 8 st deer ~ ~8 s ew kgny^A ^.e^A~y tn the
ere is no neeo have so many minis ers. Some me ago the
Government tried to create two more Linistriew but they did not
carry the amendment through to, the.end. But why should there be
seven Ministers besides the Premier when there is no work to keep
them at home? When they can afford to be out of the island three
and a half weeks out of every four? Since only three Ministers
are in fact carrying out the duties, let us have only three
ministers and let us save about $50,000.00 per year. Let us appoint
an official "travelling" Minister who will have no other portfolio
but that of travelling. We, the public know that the Premier
could not accept that post because he could not go out on his own
and speak on his own, that is why he has to have the Attorney
General with him at all times as his mouthpiece.
The last aspect we should consider is that the Government does
not show its gratitude to the citizens of the State. In any other
state where the Government Ministers absented themselves from
their desk with such regularity and for such long periods, the
leaders would have been deposed and a new regime would have taken
over. The Government are also fortunate in that the Opposition are
non-violent and adhere to the principle that the change must come
through the ballot-box. But that is in keeping with the
Opposition's whole attitude, that the people are the real rulers
of the country and the method by which they make their wishes
known is by their vote be it in general election or at referendum.
In the Seychelles, the constitution of which has been a
guideline in some ways for the Opposition's proposals for a new
constitution, the people not so many weeks ago deposed the
President because he was not performing as they expected him to
do. He was about to change the Constitution without consulting
the people. To quote The Times of 6th June 1977: "The rebels
said they were deposing (the President).........because he had
not spent three consecutive weeks in the islands since taking
office. He was more interested in promoting his personal
prestige than looking after the interests of his people".......
"(the President) has often been described as "the playboy
president" and in a statement from the islands' police
headquarters, he was accused of a lavish style of life".
(wait until we see Minister of Finance's JAGUAR MOTOR CAR)
The President in reply to the accusation that he was always out
of the island replied "that he spent much time out of the islands
trying to attract much-needed investment."
This all sounds very familiar to us. We have heard of three
trips to France (don't count the departments of Guadeloupe and
Martinique) and after every trip the self same song is sung
"STADIUM". DBS carried a fanfare on breaking of ground at the
Stadium but a visit to the site will merely demonstrate that that
portion of land has become a large open air garage for one bull-
dozer either broken down or suffering from lack of funds to
motivate it!
Will our leaders learn that the time has come when they
are unable to fool any part of the people any part of the time!

_I)_____ __ _II~ ___ __1____ ~_ ___~

Friday 24th June, 1977, T H E S T A R

Page four

ii t

Friday, June 24,. 1977


SPage Five

Schedule of Anlication for Cert-
ificate of Title and rioting there-,
on or Caveat for week ending June
25th, 1977. (cont'd from agetwo)
Req ue's da- Emanuel e'uest for
ted 29th TLanglais the issue of
April 1977 'and Clem- a First Cert-
Presented ence Lang-ificate of,
20th June lais as Title in res-
1977 at tenants i'pect of apox-
3.40. p.m. common ir tion of Iaid
equal shares by their at Colihaut,
Solicitor Cilma A.M. in the Parish
Dupiy of St,Peter,
in the State of Dominica, contain-
ing 2775 square feet and bounded as
follows:- ,North by lands of Camille
Andrew; East by a Bye-road; South:
by lands'of Reginald Lecointe;West:
by Colihaut River.

Request da- Picton- Request for
ted 9th Mlay Toussaint the issue of
1977. by his Sol-a First Cert-
Presented icitor M. ificate of *
20th June Eugenia Title in res-
1977 at Charles. pect of apor-
11.25 a.m,. tion of land
,in Bioche in tho T-arTsh of St.Peter
containing 2L4537.5 square feet and'
bounded as follows:- North by'a-
Public Road; East: by land of Mary
Alexander; South-East: by land of
Mary Alexander; .West: by land of
May- Alexander; South-West: by laids
of NMicfield Lecointe and Mary Alex-
Request Ja- Amy Chris- Request for
ted 18th tinefnight the issue of
April 1977 by her Sol-a First Cert.
Presented icitor M. ificate of
20th June Eugenia Title omres-
1977 at. iCsrles pect ofa pa-2
12.0 noon, tion of land
known as a resident-al lot in Forts-
mouth in the Parish of St. John con-
taining 6932.,aquare feet and boundec
as follows:- North: Land of Bob
Garrauay; East: Land of Bob Garra-
way; South: Pembroke Street; West:'
Land of Ralph Thomas Waldron.

I -- ----- -- .

SI I tY0 We n U e r s jeo\c
to the issuing of a .Cert-ficae''-- o'f tleif on the above Applications-may
enter a Caveat in the above office within six weeks from the date of the
first appearance of these Schedules in the STAR news paper published 1n
this State or from the date when'the Notice preseribed by law was last
served op any occupant of adjoining lands in respect of which these
applications were made,

"A Banana a Day keeps the Doctor4
SB a D Education without Cleanliness is
away; Useless.
its Peal in the Bin keeps. Useless.
S'ats at bay. ,Dominica Jayoees slogans.
....~~~ J ni

Schedule for week endingJune 2$ otd
Request da- Georges jRequest for
ted 9th Jan Vidal by th6 issue of
1976 his Soli-a First Cert-
Presented citor M. ificate of Ti-
20th June Eugenia tie in-respect
1977 at Charles of a portion
121, lpn.m. _' of land- known
as A Lot at Bioche in the Parishof
St.Peter containing 6393 square ft.
and bounded as follows:- North:
Land of France Christopher; East':
Land of France Christopher; South:
Land of France Christopher; West.:
Land of Fratce Christopher.
- '- -- -
Request da- Felita Request for
ted 16th Paul by the issue of
March 1977 her Sol- a First. Crt-
Presented icitor ificate of'.-
21st JU'4e M.Eugeaia tle in res-
1977 at Charles. pect of apor-
10.10 a.m. tion of land
known as a Lot at Scotts Head in
the Parish of Saint Mark contain-
ing 5516.0 square feet and bounded
as followp:- North-East: Lands of
Maud Johnson & Vantina Jervier;
South-East: Lands of Dennis Elle,
Mark La Pinard and a Public'Road
separating it from land of Clara
Jarvis;" South-West: The Sea; North-
West: Land of James Peter,

Request da- Audrey Request for
ted 25th .Hypocrate the issue of
Nov. 1977 .: Ruth Ma- a First Cert-
Presented son W their ificate of Ti.
21st JUne Solicitor tle in respect
1977 at M,Eugeia of a portion
10.30 amJCharles. of land at
New Town, Rosesau, in the Parish of
Sain' George, containing 1,265'sq.
feet and bounded as follows:-
North-East: by Victoria Street;
South-East: by lands of Francis
Myler; South-West: By the Sea;
North-West; by land of Government
of Domini ca.

HENRY DY&, Ag.'Registrar of Title;
A Vat h" d\ i BR ri .1A 11^ t b1 /^-^ tr\* %



*-S-:: T-A :: S-: P-:*-0R.A-T' -' or chri ton
CRICIET: Dciniica Keeps HiTaeken
Trc2ju'yf. Dominica qui4, mfade sure
they would not be sharing the Hein-
eken Trophy with any team in the
Windward Island4 series when they,
bundled out St.Vincent for a petty
41 runs in their first innings, ;-x-
D8minica after the 2nd round of
matches led with 24 points,St.Lucia
and St.Vnceent 12 points each and
Grenada yet to open their account.,
Wias by St.Viacent and St.Lucia
respectively would have made Domin-
ica, St. Vincent and St,Lucia jcint
champions with 241 points.,
However a draw in the St.Vincent
/Dominica match or first innings
lead for Dominica (even if St.Vin-
ce t- won the match would still make
Dominica champi ons.,
Norbert Phillin 7 wickets for 15
rans as St. Vincent crashed to 41 -
madce sure of that.lst innings lead,
This was Paillip's second match;he
had missed Doninicat0 2nd match
against Grenada which IKaleb Laurent
(playing his last match for Dominica
successfully won, *-.? Dcminica,after
early demolition. o St.Vincent went
on to wrin by 7 wickets..-.. Scores:
St.Vincent 41 and 213: Warner 62'.
N.Phillip,7/15 and Derek Abraham
5/46. Dominica 182 c: 74/3.D.Abraham
41, 0-;::-;-. S't.Lucia came out
2&d with 214 points when.they squeez-
ed through to a close finish agairBt
Crenada at Victoria Park,winning
by only 7 runs.The week before they
had'beaten St.Vincent by 15 runs.*
Scores: St.Lucia 224 & 177.Grenada
151. and 2L4. -:'St.Vincent was 3rd
with 12 points, having beaten Gren-
ada who took cellar position with-
out a point.
EngTand and Australia played to a
draw,.in the first of a 5-match ser-'
ies at Lord's after both sides had
glimpsed victory on the final day
of their Jubilee match. -k Mike-
Brearly, captaining England in de-
posed Tony Grieg won the toss and
elected to bat, England scored 216
runs. Bob"fWoolmer 79 and- ek Ran-
dall 53. Jeff Thompson 4 M ,
ker 3/66 and L.Pascpe 2/53. **-*::-I -:
Australia replied with 296, ICraig
Sargeant 81,,GChappell 66 and D.
Walters 53.Bob Wyllis 7/78. *-:--;**
Bad light stopped play prematurely,
Australia were fighting a rearguard
action on 114 for 6.
BASKETILaLL: Cash'n'Carry Cardinals
'scored te st century of the season
when they came back from behind to
beat Sunstyle Amnbassadors 106-82.A
change of tadepushed Cardinals on,

Friday, June 24, 1977

I am asking "all Domin.ilos to
Open their eyes, especisily P J
land his band of spree bcos.
.Did you see what thaopened
to the Seychelles? After Irnde-
pendence, the Communists took
over, aided and abetted by
Russian and Cuban friends.
Lcminicans, the same thing
.will happen here in our beauti-
ful island: the-Communist group.
is here already; tne is spon-
sored by the Government and a
Communist group from Grand Bay
(small); also Castle Bruce and
Portsmouth are all ready for
the coup.
I am calling on Britain to
open their eyes, do not sell us
to the Communists by giving us,
"quick Independence" now, we
re not ready. We Dominicans
do not .know what -will become of.
us after Independence. We are
afraid. P J cannot handle the
Communists because they are in
his Government already.
Poor Christian, open your
eyes, the famous 'Party Chief'
is one, the lawyer fro4 Pbrts-
mouth is another and the Mini-
ster and his red red Brother,
who has not done one day's work
in his life.
Save Dominica and us Domini-
cans .- we are afraid,
(Signed by 11 Dominicans -
names & addresses giVen )

Fight *the enemies:flies,*osquitoes,
-.TARI1PO1TS contd. BAS'i~TALL. 1.
Eall Wizards beat E.7,To-,er'~ rs
61-45; and in other matches,Brisbane
Starlights beat Bata Pros 50-48 -
and BBy-Trinee Flames beat Dawn
Creation Harks 78-67. -:-:: .-,3r; ..--
NETBALE: A squad of girls are un-
dergoing training with veteran
coach R.St.Havis Shillingfb~d in-
prepatation for the. Caribbean Net-
ball championships to be staged in
the .Bahamas,
cricket in Dominica'recently: "Your
players are really first-class, It
was like being at Lordgj"
Printed & Published by the Proprieto-
Robert E.Allfrey of CoptHall Mill
House at 26 .Bath Rd Roseau DomitndcaW

Page Six

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