Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 6, 1977.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). May 6, 1977.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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Dominica -- Caribbean

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7fttiARCH 1NSY1TUUlit
ibkft tkt YvJ4OF '"N
1.62 TAST 8 StRECE

Tel epholiie Eaitor- 261O
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24. _____ No.Raltor 9dr LcIaad IfLfrey
jitE4 oFifteen~en
Fj d! dj ,61977 ,

ain how'independence can affect thp n
We cnan ad will find ourselves'
aliens in the ITK. unleds certain
steps are taken about this.," said
their spokesmen.
TOirr READTR.S: you will not have
heard the above news over DBS today.
Pass your paper to your friends#.

Alwin Bully's murder mystery play
"NIGHT IOY" starts tonight- but: it_
is sold out.Ralph ias Patron..

LOCAL N1EWS: Scholarships to Guade-
loupe Four students of the Dominrca'
Teachers College, and four -tea.chers
from Secondary Schools, have been
granted French Govt.Scholarships t
advance their knowledge of the French
language and its teaching.* Work en
the $1,2 million Sports Stadium from
France started todayk,41 members cf
the Skal Club of France stayed at
Anchorage Hotel on 2-3 May. *D6nkey
Derby cleared $9,000 says Frank Baron
. Bananas sold at boxing plants now
fetch 12.50 cents per lb.

I. I -

read what our brilliant political -'Carl BernsteinBA of USA
analyst has-to: say pages 3 and 4 On Thurs, 12th .ay at the Convent
'PECIA-AD y CIOUS"High School auditorium, the:pub lie
president Carter of the relation- will have an opportunity to hear
an extremely gifte-d young Guitarist
ship between Britain and the IT.S.A. an extremely gfte young Guitarist
ship-between Britain and the U A. (oce a student with the preat
SPresident'Jimmy Carter arrived Segvia) give a performance of both
in Britain on Thurisay and was wel- popular and classical music.
cored by Prime Yinister Callaghan. Carl became *a musician ai age 5,
H e came to-visit the village of studying violin and piano; at 16,-
Washington, near Newcastle,N.England. he began to study the guitar and
Callaghan said they were both unit- stayed with it. He is also a oom-
Sedainh the struggle against poverty; poser and a singer.
Carter said it was no accident that For the past five months Carl
BritainwaS the ftrst country he Bernstein has been delighting aud-
iain s. iences-in the Caribbean,. at Curacao,
*was visiting as TU.S President-- Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Barbadoq
after all,,both countries believed St.Vincent, Bequia, StLucia and
-in individuality 'and freedPm. now i't is Dominicats tur m He- is
in fabt a globe-traveller, -having
Earlier, -CaflEan, whose Labour studied in Spain, England, Italy,.
Party had suffered another by-eleg,- U.S.A. and Nexico; he has given' bon-
i-tion loss, defended the Queen in her certs all over South America.
Remarks oh devolution, saying they .Note the date -Thursday May 12
the views ;of his Government. (Her, Tickets: Adults $3, Students 41450.
Majesty'had said that while Scotland: P R A -
.and Wales deserved greater autonomy, for o rsDay)
This, should not be. at the cost of (for otherDay)
IUnited Kingdom unity.) Meanwhile, Son Mary our Queen, 0 Jesu,
,as those who.listen to the BBC news Most powerful of sons, kind and'trxe,
know Bi Ben is at last fixed u The spirit of love in us imbue
.know, Big.-Ben is at last fixed up. r give Mother her rightful due -
To give Mother her rightful due.
0"~ AS-r I BRITA C 'LI*" Help us to shirk not duty;
Dominicans in Britain are calling Bless her, 0 Lord, both night and day,
.on all ominic~ns living: there to And when her breath of life has
'"take a *re active part in the af- passed, away
fairs of the Island:". They critic- Grant Tho. eternal peace, we humble y
Sised the wayin which Patrick John pray,
staking the Island into.Independ- *TorNOTHER whots true till death,
ence,, and are trying tb instill in- -0 J.R.Ralph Casimir
tA. f .1 l rT S T 4 Air i se li.tLi. i BRi. -.-.

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-----1 r~*o~r~~lL~W~'~U"""L~3L'I*~P~TPP~"~"F~ -

It is always interesting to see ourselves as others see us and in
an article which appeared in the French paper Le Monde which we have
attempted to translate and which in English would be entitled
"Dominica, the Pygmy of the Caribbean" the following has been said:
Roseau It's a stone throw between two ends of France. an uneven
forest planted on the ripple-less waters of the Caribbean Sea.
It lies halfway between Guadeloupe and Martinique.
Dominica holds promise. The forest casts a spell on the
traveller to the island, where the names of the rivers can replace
the Saints of the Church from one end to the other of the calendar.
You come from afar for a new kind of safari in which you watch out
.for the game armed with a camera to track down the sisserou in its
'last place of refuge and tourists fond of package adventures
discover in a matter of one ride, the wildest island of the
Caribbean Dominica, with its mountains, volcanoes, jungle, fauna
and rivers. Dominica and what is left, of its Indians, "pure Caribs"-
a dollar for a picture of one of these standing in front of his small
dwelling with his bow and arrows. A glimpse of one scene without
Lingering on the rest.
What is the rest? Dominica of the crowded hovels of Roseau
and the ease and comfort of the suburban houses of Goodwill;
Dominica of the Lebanese, the kings of shops and business; and
Dominica of the unemployed, who hasten to drown their sorrows in
local marijuana, ganja or white rum; Dominica of the planter who
undersells his bananas to feed London, and Dominica whom London
feeds with grants which disappear in pretences; Dominica, too of
Carnival, which tangoes to an air of reggae, and gets drunk on
masquerade and calypsooe; one night of feting and masquerading
in a hole of misery.
This paradise of the poor is preparing to break its last links
with the British Government. An Associated State with the Crown
since 1967, it had been a mere colony for more than two centuries.
Dominica now considers itself grown-up enough not to be a vassal
state any longer.
It you listen to these who govern, this final deliverance would
give it all its trump cards, so that it could play the card of
development. "When we obtain independence we will have a brighter
future" say the people in power. They are certain that aid from
new friendly countries will be much less selfishly interested as
was that of. the old colonial power. .............
Independence will not wipe away the traces of such a heritage.
Ten years of self-government have already shown that the
institutions, the political and the social way of life came from a
mould made in Britain. But the hopes of the island's leaders lie
in the use they make of their full independence to attract new
friendly countries
It is a risk, For all his opponents, leftist and rightist,
scoff at Patrick John's Labour Government and say that it is
incapable of pulling the country out of misery. Mr John has a
simple answer: "It is London in charge of external affairs, who
stifled our development. We cannot, without her premission,
negotiate with other nations, even in the best of our interests."
Once the last ties are severed, it will remain to be seen whether
Britain was really the obstacle. The contacts made during the last
years in order to escape the protection of the English economy
scarcely encourage optimism.
Mr John has travelled a great deal. But to some of his
compatriots, who received him without fanfare or music on his returns,
he should do less travelling and more work. The expense of the
European escapades is great in comparison with the results achieved
from them. .......e.
There is no doubt that "the honourable Premier" was received
in Paris in February 1976, by ii.Jacques Chirac who did not fail to
recall "the historic bonds between the two countries".
.......At the end of the talks, what was definite was that France
would help Dominica to realise plans for a Sports Stadium in Roseau
........."a valuable gift". And the man who is not easily
astonished would hear himself reply very sweetly: "when a government
disposed in your favour offers you a stadium you must be pleased".

Friday 6th May, 1977


Pa e three

It is true that the investors have only just begun coming in.
It's a hard task for them when one considers a hostile right which
reproaches the government for "in truth and in fact wanting capital
and yet frowning on capitalism" and a left that jeers at the
Labourites "who beg from the imperialists". The government however
has sworn to spark the curiosity and confidence (why not) of its
richest neighbours and of the continents: Venezuela, Canada and the
United States.
The island has quickly exhausted its weapons of seduction.
The parrot-hunt and the exotic charm of the lastCaribs and not enough
to convince the most easily led tourist that he should come and be
enriched in a country where repairs are done in August to ten metres
of road which crumbled in December and which are filled with pot-holes.
After having landed as well as is possible on a runway that lies
wedged between the hills and the sea, the tourist takes a two hour
trip jolting and tossing all the way to the capital. These two hours
immediately give an idea of what the infrastructure of the island is
like. The wildest island of the',Lesser Antilles" can send the
tourist into dreamland, but the investor risks getting nightmares......
The plans for development are very numerous, but you are quickly
told that "they are being studied" an English engineer was
"seriously examining" the roads; some Venezuela experts "were looking
into" a new airport, some Canadians "were interested in" tourism;
and Americans were "planning to exploit" the resources of the forests.
But mention these plans to some opponents and they laugh you in the
face: "they have been singing the same refrain for ten years now"
said a student returning to the island on vacation, "the words change
slightly, but the melody is the same: nothing happens."
The government of Mr John has one eye on the West from which it
expects Heavenly manna, and another eye on the "socialism" of formerly
British Guiana. But not at ease with its squinting. it walks in
tatters on a road filled with traps. It says that it is interested
in the development of a large sector that is willing to co-operate
but becomes very timid when it has to attack a very important reform
like land reform. Doesn't its power rest with a small middle class
Which in the country as in the town grows timid once it believes that
its property is being menaced? .........
So we see ourselves as others see us. We wonder what the
Le Monde contributor would have said about the headlines which
appeared in the New Chronicle last week. Here was a leader, who had
retired from politics two and a half years ago, after 13 years of
leading the country, and he now announces broad matters of policy
which he never even hinted at while he had the opportunity to do so.
He was in power when L.Rose & Co. obtained permission to erect the
citrus juicing factory,why did he not then investigate the
ramifications and decide then whether it was good for Dominica or not.
And before he opens his idle month at this time why does he not do
some market research and see what the demand for juice is and what
price he can obtain for his juice outside of Dominica. Why doesn't
he explore the fresh fruit market in the northern islands, and
together with his partners in loud-mouthed talking, why doesn't he
form a cooperative for the purpose of acquiring the means of shipping
all the citrus from the north to the fruit starved islands of
Antigua, St Kitts and the U.S.Virgins.
But unfortunately Leblanc has never learned to think before he
speaks and that is why during 13 years of his very enlightened
leadership", Dominica went backwards and under his successor who sat
at his feet in pupillage, the process of backward movement for
Dominica has continued.
Second Independence Talks
We understand that next week delegates will be leaving Dominica for
London to discuss a constitution for an independent Dominica. Why has
the Government said nothing about this? Why has the Government not
announced the full team that will be leaving our shores Will they be
eight or nine this time? And will the radio manager go again to remain
silent in London and become vociferous in France? Why has the Govern-
ment never held a public meeting in a building so that serious minded
and responsible citizens can question them on their stand and give their
views of what they. the public, want for Dominica. Since when and why
are the Labour Party afraid of the people?

Friday 6th M~ay. 1977


Page four

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S2 -MOG.12---~~--i

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._.~ -- ...'.1

Page Six T H E- STAR Friday 6 1977 .
:-S -I.A-R: S-:P-:.0;R-:-T-:.S-:--- Morchriston STATE' OF DOIINICA
the Augustus Gregoire League Celtic (A-ppication : continued
United needed just 7 hrs. to romp questt d .ay.s e m.estor f t-
home to an innings victory over ted 13th Wiliams issue of aIrst
iahaut C.C. at Police Grounds,Cane-April,1977 by his-, Certificate of'
field last-weekend, Mahaut won Presenited Solicitor Title in res-
the toss, sent in -Celtic bat 3 My ,Cilma A. pect of a por-
on a rain-a-fe6ted pitch at 1,30pm1977 at M.upigiytion of- land
3 hours patt the scheduled start, pm. .mown as a part.
at 33, Celtic lost their first 2 of harn F,-se Estate at Borne in
tickets and were 61 for 4Lockart he Parish, of St,.;John in thk, State
en87) Royston Jon (40) of Dominica containing 2.83 acres
put on 104 runs for the th -iicket and bounded as follows:- North-East
This happens to be John's 3rd cen- by land f Hartirll Magloire;South-
tury stand in 3 matches playedhis by a RaviHe patl separating
io previous s~ta-nds wet1 ith, The-'East by a Ravine partly separating,
two .previous stands were with T- it from land of Joseph.Desbonne and
mas' Kentish for the 1fEh & 5th wic- land of Zelpha Magloire; liorth-West
kets respectively.' Even-ually Cel- by han. of Hartwell Magloire; SoutLh-
tic U declared on 206 for 8. For. st: by land of Paddintdn LeBlano.
Mahaut, 5/57 and I I
R,Prevost 2/52, Mhaut in their SCHEDULE for iweek endTng 7th .May,
.turn re-p.ied with only. 63i ,uick Caveat NOTE on Page Two.
bowlers. Pierre JohnJules 5/20 and ,TAR.PORTS -on. r----ti-- -d, hit
Renix John Baptiste did the damageShillingford on.the arm (2-7).The ot-
Following on, Mahaut scored 91 in 'her not-out batsman was Gray Samuel..,
succiibing- to the twin spins of 'BASSTIrALL : On-Weds., Data Pros
H.John Baptis;t3e 12 and Thomasb bnteat Brisbane Starlights-in a strong-'
-t ish. 4/25- custodian Iat. Iunroe -rearguard fight. /Starlights led 27-,
allow6d ,o escapes -<6 stumpings, -! maintaining their lead to 39-32;
B.Leblangot 21 t well-played ,' then Bata Vros -evelled at 4-all &
fTor other A.G.League match Sai, ron at 46-1 3. For Pros,La~~bert IIend-
vs su person 17,RIJoseph 1Q,P.Charles 10.
vs- C0uals was abandoned at-the 4. 2 x-.. .:-
Botanical Gardns; yet SaintsopenStarlights:G.Bruey 13, CDavid 11.
botanical arden s; yet Saijts open- ..2nd match that evdhing Ball Wiz.-
ing bahtsen hlad unleashed on Casuas. start aain EJT
son was particularly severe on&t0CbSes.Iall WiEa s 6 ers *
*& N .Leblanc 23'. S* RJT 77ockcers $14.
Is.playerC-rayson Shillingford -- Last-week, CtnC Car inals and By--
hitting him fo 5 fours in 2 oversTrin Faes played to exciting ws
(inc.3 splendid hook shots, blast-I Sun ad ad. Dw
ing 7 undefeated runs in attal reason ars res eive
of 108 without loss. Leslie tienne (NETA see end of pag

S', Coming: to Dominica MayI 21st
A DYNAMITE. SHO followed by a DANCE
SFeaturing: Kaiso Genius 'of St. YMartt i-
Lord Lester of Trinidad ,
Si.ngingmgRoemer of Trinidad
SKing Solo'of Dominica
SHOW T.ME 8 :30 p.m. at the ARAWAK THEATRE.
SDANCE at the Fort ,*Young Hotel: starts 11 p.m. sharp.
Show Dance Music is by the Belles Ccmbo of Dominica
; Tickets can be picked up at their Araaak Theatre.
_.._--,_'\f ...__________ ______. B --0----- -T' .
STARSPORTS- NETBALL: 4atches at Windsor Park'- already Hillsborough
Special and Good Year Stirs are the teams to look out for. Spar-tans
should not be discounted their girls, though young, .are _expierienced-
TWoyears ago they beat bothj~pace setters. won the Knockout C6oeetiton_.
Printed RE I -i ----
SPrnted bIshed by .the Proprietor, Robert m.Allfrey 6f isll House
Capt Hal at '26 Bath Road, Dominica, West Indies

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