Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 29, 1977.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). April 29, 1977.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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4 -e: Eo-261 wb INDEPENIONCE
fLonedl ia, RepresentattE V klt A WITHOUT A
2 Londlon -Wi IV.2A TRn4Lnri wV00,. a 'a

Vol.XXV "iNToJ-.3 PiAT ? ,ri 9 1977

Fifteen Gents '5


," ~ m-' 'I --. *r t i'^ ; .^

At the-beginning of this centd- by, viopSr~vens
At th.biing Of this cent- Last week's New Chronicle's ,ac-
ry in England, the Mother of Parl-'
iaments decided to introduce (on count o-t Ere ntranceE
the "universal" franchise). loc.l tion ip the Roseau Centre has left
no doubt government by elected councillors o dubtn he mins of ne en
n allthetns bt not in very Dominicans of the mess and-medley of
small villages. It ws. good democ- nto wihichEducation hs sunkdes-
,racy apnd the towns were able to PStte ihister hristans dramati-
have the r own bye-laws which were in and window-ares ing. There
-' ., should" notTbda school sited in that
1sub iect Sto the approval.of Parlia- should- not be a school sited in that
meant plade, to beginwith. Lack,of dis-
SAlthog the o cilyties ande tons c Cipline in. schools and mal-organiz-
lthoe g thencditiesf ani d toens cation-a tministrateion at' the tosp
were hammering out policies. (res- ationead inistrato the top I
cshow-d up leamery on the education
tricted however ,by central' govern-
ment), the ruling Conservative or, screen" u 6(Co)luded o -g 6)
SLiberal Party of the day was con-,,: ptd rl.-,S. -t--w B ,.p a ,
,cerned- when the working people be".- Thri year, DpmSnican Trade Unions are
gan to elect their own representa- -celebrating May Day- together.. The 4
tives, Tade Unions -: DAWU0 .AWU, TU TJ & CME
/t e. So thd Conservatives always are o.6bining to' elebras te the ann-
i ampaigned officially as-, independ- al workers' holiday as one. 1Wewill
ents non-political. When soon ',not allow an' government' whatsoever
their candidates failed to become to disregard the wishes of the masses
t own :orvillage counc llors they ith iiniunity says CSA s VIEWPOINT.
called-. hem members -of the c"Rate-
payers Party" an~ always pretended -TS TO EARLY AS;Y
.,thatthey were nonf-political, g- pfor us -to, send thanks- to the many-
-that they were non-political, arg- -f na ge 1s wso re
ing alil successful candidates to be kind friends who gave-us verbal;writ-
no n-political,'whatever their pol' ten and other kind tributes wuhe i they
itic allegiae heard f -tie death of' our beloved
SHowever the pretence' wore thin darghterPhna.But- they helped us.
and now in Britain (as in 'France). .er--uneral Serviee vas held in the
all. provincial and, county "local ,Roman Catholic Church- at rancis Town,
politics "are openly politically la- Botswana; 9, Requiem h.ass was offered
;belled In- fact, these 1~6 a elco-- 4in. Stf ~nat ius Cathedral,Lusaka,Zambis,
-tions are a preview-of the trends
in these nations. includeded p.) LAST WEDNESDAY NIGT ST.GERARD'S
.r 't -_r i h A4'1 3 "I -- T.T- _

'The Kiss of Peace was exchanged
in the Sistine Chapel/between Pope
Paul and the Archbishop of- anter-
bury-. Yesterd-ay and today they, dis-
cussed efforts to bring Unity be-
' tween 600 million Catholics and 65
million Anglicans. They :sought: com-
motn ground on the power of the Pope
the Eucharist. and Priesthood,
Th eConstitutional discussions are
now to take place in London from
May 16th for three days. Leblanc
will attend with Govt. Moise will
also be nprsent twitr Miss Charles
and Lennox Honychurch.

.- 4 JeA nLj ias held.4. las v WeQQs.
:by the Dominica Freedomn Party,: detaas
for Independence were revealed. This
meeting was eduuatibnal a studious
attempt to-,evaluate the fLfture of- our
Sinstituiions.-Theb Pamphlet' "We the
People-,- was discussed in breadth,
.A Republic-type Go vernment-was a
main point made, with a Presidential
'Head who works and holds the pert-
folios of Defence, Internal Security
and International Affairs,- nominated
by a large body of citizens represen-
ting the different walks of'ligfe here.
President Carter's idea of "open- pol-
itics" had caught on: hope was ex-
.jpressed that-when a constitttion.had.
been formed,every village would debate.

*. A


- ----- --------- ------ -r -1; i-- --- -7 :

--- ---- --


- _1. __ __ __


Th-y1114. Shand,,.Ulfre-y

SThe Uominica Port Authority solicits tenders from repuable uppiers for
the underlisted goods. Price quoted should be landed cost, duty free, delivered to
Authority's premises at Roseau cr Woodbridge Bay -.s designated on arrival
Supplies under i and 3 will be required~witiuM 12 weeks of aceptance ot
S tender. Supplies under 4 will be required within t6 weeks of ccer,"ne oCfte~a r.
Tenders should be in plain envelopes addressed:
iad be marked in the to left hand coiner:
.TENDER PORT AUTHORITY # is gs 3 of 4 a applicable
E ach envelope should cot#in only one (z) tender
STenders should reach the Chairman not later than Noon, ist June 1 77
The Authority does not entertain any correspondence on the matter of declined
SCorrespoidence on amplification of tender erms should be addressed to the
General Manager at the above address,

2Sol.dyres r 4 to 4
.25 ta15 a
SPoeumaetic tyres 75 o 20 a
tubes 750 x o 4
ty-ret 70o .tS 4-
tubes S -
Styre 7.9 :
tub9 4
11b 0*A 204
STreT (UmbelM) p7 4 5 i.
STyra taiply 1toolao
STyre t4-ply 1200o 20 '
S tubes tt I o
- I. r .a b :- '. ab I t x f g "
ag5o Imp. gallons delivered by tank wagon to .4Upplfers own OlseMce t of inostlled at Pert
of Rmeau and Woodbridge .By combined montbly quantities o about t 4oo .G., L o demand.
Service taoks to be fitted out with flow meter and locking delivery hoe.
3. O3. IlW -
SeriesIlI P tsgli@4 / Lhahcktle -se3+isdrill s. psl. 'la hl
GOe. Prpos grease t1 Ilb ia 3/q4olbt pails.
i re rope preervaive rao lbs, Is 3040 lb. pal.s.
12 do,. Wbire uotfonr Shin $- shortleeve with button dawn breast pocket. PeOiipon
left ide atnd palette straps (bttunto p) In totto. or cotononbma/n te Abre arati ,
Tropical weight.
S6do2.dttk-biue terelne or ermilatr c .sire-rlant fabric unifoim troue Zlppo front,
two lde pockets, two butuo-dowe hip peed bit 4 0, e.
It do. white uoforer b~ao up a t blt .
'doz .ivueetifoam kirts tUMrMl a eam snrbor
2s dozs. ht-blue auoltmra irl; rtsf abi .jDe tl ail tar wtdhiote tltr.
doc dark-blue work pints twill. DetaU as for Unifor tirUtets.
2 dor. khaki work pant, twill. Detail as fot Uniform t uSoisr
i dez- uniform caps: khaki tops.
3 doz, hbortleeve tight-blue boiler sits. Tropical wiiht withb Imal pocket traevt
wards "Pot Authoritv" over sft pocket,
So pilt black uinfotr shoes,
6 pairs black tiafforms ses (Ladies).

r5 4..77

------ '- ~. .1*


What are we going to use for money to pay for the added cost of
Independence? We all of us realise that it must cost us more to run
this State when Independence finally arrives. Have we made any plans
and preparations for ensuring that we will have more revenue when the
time does arrive'
In fact should not that have been our basic and first concern?
That is that we will be able to manage financially.
All that the Government has told us*is that we must leave the
colonial despotism of Britain because while we are tied to her apron
strings we can obtain no aid from any other part of the world.
The other voice of the Government which is heard from Rosie
Douglas, their appointed spokesman for the cause of Independence NOW,
has stated that while we are tied to Britain's apron strings we are
unable to carry on valuable trade with the communist block of nations.
Of course we all know that is just "Rosie's Rhetoric" and has no
meaning. If there was cause for making this statement he would have
quoted dates and contracts which were attempted and which were
baulked by the British.
We have made it our business to discuss the point of economic
aid with officials of other countries and three salient points stand
out as a result of these discussions.
First: that no aid donors will provide us with aid for running
our State. Revenue for that sort of expense must come from our own
Second: that although there is money available for aid from
OAS, ECM funds and even from petro-oil rich Trinidad, these monies
will only flow into our pocket if we can demonstrate that we have
viable schemes which will in fact increase this island's production
Third: aid will only be granted to us if the aid donors are
satisfied with the past record of money-spending by Dominica.
We know that we cannot satisfy the latter requirement; because
we see at every step the inefficient manner in which money is spent
in this island; we know of the great dishonesty which has prevailed
and has thus cost us the true value of the aid given in the past and
we know that when the authorities have traced this dishonesty they
have used the Nelsonian eye technique of not seeing or when their hands
are forced and, before they can effectively interfere investigations
and convictions take place, those convicted are rewarded with free
pardons because of their party affiliation.
We just have to take a look at the expense incurred for the
preliminary discussions which took place last month to see the
authorities queer ideas of how our money should be spent.Six members
Sc ioyS^j gageo j .en u ot i vl ySo kJ8^^9^^^^ .^
atc-eas 04UCoDOper nig r ana no CuT sue ubsi o 0.00.O0 per
day was given to each member of the delegation. A detailed examinat-
ion of the voucher showing the refund made by Government to the
two members of the Opposition will indicate that the whole cost of
travel and expenses of the two members of' the Opposition did not
even amount to one passage for a member of the Government team.
One might say but that d-oes not amount to much. It might even be said
that if the Gov4'rnment delegation had travelled similarly to the
Opposition, the only saving would have been about $31,200.00. But
would not that sum have been handy if spent on necessities at the
Princess Margaret Hospital? At obtaining advance requirements of
oxygen? Or even for paying the collossal bill that is owed to drug
merchants through-out the Caribbean so that we could be back in
credit and be able to obtain supplies for our sick people in this
The reputation that we have earned of never paying back debts,
unless Godfather or fairy Godmother Britain pays them for us does
not augur well for any future attempts we may make at borrowing
because countries are not dissimilar to people when they approach
the world money market. Money is loaned on two criteria: the ability
of the debtor to be able to pay back, and the integrity of the debtor
and that is to be presumed from his behaviour in the past and the
view he takes of debts and the repayment of such debts.

S Page three

Friday 29th April, 1977


We know that the Government has on more than one occasion refused to
let the peop of Dominica, who after all have to work to pay back
those debts,now much they owe. The taxpayers have been told it is
not their business to know this. But Goverhment will not be able
to say this to the persons to whom they go cap in hand begging for
money for projects.
What is more there is vast competition for access to the funds
that are available for aid and loans to developing countries. It is
no secret that the world financiers are somewhat worried at the
borrowings of these developing countries and their ability to pay back.
Alarm has particularly arisen over the large amounts owed by
countries such as Dominica to commercial banks. The alarm is increased
when it is considered what several simultaneous defaults by such
countries could mean since the Banks might not be able to stand such
defaults all at the same time and this might lead to a loss of
confidence in the banks. The commercial banks are more and more
considering directing their funds to the International money fund and
the like who will only lend for projects and not for recurrent
bugetary requirements; and the expertise of these international bodies,
in appraisal and control, would come into play.
For this reason lending agencies and aid donors are not prepared
to lend money without having strings attached. The Premier of
Dominica should be honest enough to tell this to the taxpayer.
And the strings attached will be far more rigid than Britain has
imposed in the past.
We cannot forget that Britain had to really tow the line when she
last applied for aid from the international money market. To such an
extent that the concessions she had to make has caused much dissension
in the labour party ranks.
We may as well face the future and the truth now. Any aid or
loan that is given to us after independence will have strings attached.
We will be required to take the internal measures deemed to be
necessary to limit our demands for financial aid. Certainly -our
development plans will have to be scaled down; and our recurring
expenditure for the running of the Island's affairs will be
scrutinised with care to ensure that our own revenue is made to serve
us properly before the income of taxpayers of a donor-aid country is
wasted on us. For instance this may mean that even if the French are
really prepared to pay part of the cost oi a stadium, we may not be
able to release the balance of the money required, to ensure that this
Leblanc-Patrick dream becomes a reality.
The fact that we are head over heels in debt as a country, is :
very obvious. The fact that each six months our over draft require-
ments are almost doubled, and the fact that even with that provision
each month the payment of salaries of civil servants seems precarious
are facts that we live with almost complacently. But with
independence the complacence will not be so evident because we will
have to cushion the blow for us. We may be able to obtain a
moratorium on the repayment of our debts; but further grarits, loans,
aid, will be reluctantly forthcoming, if forthcoming at all, while such
a moratorium is in effect. Because to the lender or donor, if you
cannot manage your debts of the past, the question will loom largely
how are you going to manage the debts of the future?
So .what sort of Independence are we looking forward to?
Flag raising? Five days. carnival? and then our leaders cap in hand
to every aid donor and foreign country with a "please massa please?"
Nyerere of Tanzania has this to say about it: "A Poor Nation
cannot be independent if it depends on external help. Foreign aid
is by its nature temporary and unreliable and must not become the
basis of development." President Fyorere is acutely aware of the
dangers facing developing.-countries that rely on a high level of
external assistance. They can become addicted to aid. Loans and I
grants from foreign countries and international aid agencies can.
become an established part of economic planning, with the result
that aid becomes a way of life. These rangers Are particularly
relevant to Dominica which has no known natural resources that could
produce a sudden accumulation of wealth. It also has the most
practiced beggars for aid in the persons of the ministerss of
Government who have little results to show for their constantly
extended begging hand.

Friday 29th April, 1977


Page four


.Friday, April 29, 1977




Schedule of Aopplication tor Certi-
f'icate,of Title and Noting thereon
or Caveat for week ending 16thApril
*t977. .
Date off Person ature of Hequa
lequest 'Presenting wh their for Ceri
tificate oof TTtle or voting there-
on or. Caveat.
qesi CL -Fecca eqqeq orif
ted 17th Rolle as issue of afPiat
Dec, 1974 personal Certificate of
Presented rrepresen.-Title in res-
14th April tative ofpect of a Por-
1977 at Marie'A. tion of land
L3,.15 a.m. Pelttier known as a Res.,
by her Solicitor 1-1 identical Lot at
Eugenia Charles., Roseau in the
Parish of 'tGeorge containing 1039
square feet, and bounded as follaS:
North-' est: Ship Street; North-East:
by land of Alix. Boyd; South-East:
by land of Rupert*Green; South-'lest:_
by land of Virginia Titre.
seques-t eMi: atqus1da t' eis hy e
t;d 1st ld ~ S1 1isue of a ha'st
Nov. 197s6 eliX Gertificate of'
Presented or o-"itle in res
14th Aril itor "' ct of a Por-
1977- Eugenia tion of Land
11.15 a.m. J arle s Pointe icdhel
In t Parish oFT .iuke contain--
ing 1,208 square feet:. and bounded
as .follows:- North-East; Land of
Rebecca Rolle; South-Eastt Public
Road separating i from Land of-,
AiTnA' Raphaenl Lb South--a- T-LA of

Lewis Barbouille; Noth-ist: Ldand WASTE OF PRECIOUS TIME -Hugh omtenoe
of dosephine At thdu"e1- IT cannot see any use in showing
.- .A : us films on C.I.A. movements and
Request da JU b about Manlbeys visit to Cuba,.This is
te o 6th Bellot issue of a Eirst only a waste of our preciotl- time,
April977, by bfs Certificate of and trying to get us confus-ed with.
Presented' Solici. Title in respect strange ideologies or interested in
21st April tor X s aof a Potti'on of wtat does niot C tccern us. The US,
1977 at'- geniala Land at assacreo Cetral Intelligence Agency should
1.25 a.m. Charlest in the- Parish of Inow its purpose, why it should be
3t, Paul containing 856 square feet formed and its -results. "
=nd bounded ,s8 fol1owt.. Nofth-teast: As I have already repeated, all .-
Land: of Ashley Matin r North-East:. (concluded page" 6)
Land. of .ames Bellote; South: TandO t
Lucy Charles; S L GISTRARS O FI 'CEa E i
Wayland Daniel. 3c aule rorwee Soeaa8 -esitra, of t latLes.
Request da- Cleme?%t eqiuest orfoitL s t y pesot oa deire to objeci
ted th son ssue of a. the uing of a First CertifiOate
Peb. 1977. by his If ilat Cdfor Title on the above &application maay
Presented. .Solicitor cate ofTitsle' arte a Caveat ti the above office
226t Ari CUma n ee within six weeks from the date of the
1977- -t D~imar a lot oflaiCd first ppeaanoe 6f these Schedules
2 1, in Pai te i- in the --TAR newspaper published in
ptT.'aih of to- t e this State or P-fm -the date, when the
the Sate tfi Do oiSt n- Ntice prescribed by law was last
the State of Donir a a tinig jrwd on ya .OOol. t.t o- f
188$ s. ft. and bonitded as followast "rved iestanSyoc or -a
North: by land ofr I-areelein .4jule, lands. 4 rspeet of. which these ap
plieations 'weermade.
Jaoques; East by land of Joseph Tho -p1-icaton. wa, "-e
Jias,. Soi ah:. by latidof Emiliei Rich- .-ArS 0 Free-dom *
larde; West:' by land of Raphael Tmdiu .- PADtR OF T STAir and Freedom
ssaint and Paulina Joe ph Party 1ibmbers holI firm' .TW REFER.



Page Fivet


Sby John Spector
A decade ago, in Dominica, the
then Premier Leblanc started his-,
big drive to consolidated the Hat
(or Hate) Party in the villages by
encouraging thea' to. form village
councils -- always appearing to aim
at the same 'anciful a'no-maly of
rural democracy without political
but in reality trying to form Hat
(and later Shoe) Party branches.
In 1977 there is a very apparent
swing by the voters towards the'
Freedom Party (which is securing
majorities in one after another of
the village opuncils) so that sud-
denly the old cry goes up at village
council inaugurations "Party Polit-
ics tends to destroy -not build"(Parl.
Se*. Osborne Theodore) and "do not
antagonize the Government" by the
same Parl.Sec, at Grand Bay; but
.--worst of all the Queen s Rep-
resentative, who attends all these
little functions, exhorts Villagers
to "avoid politics" and, at St..
Joseph, intervenes. angrily in an
uncalled-for and I thi~in a uncon-
stitutional manner when thb Council
*Chairman, a know Preedomite, c'a'1s
on the Government not to discrimin-
ate against the new StJoseph oouni
So who is playing politics now?
Our Governor? sFor shaume,- l

- ,

SPage "Six T H E' S T AR Friday,April 29, 1977
SA*RAR S P*^Oe@R< TS*-Morchrist- EDUCATIONN BACK-fIRING .S.Steven-s
CRLGICET: 16.*members of the Austraian The injustice to the pupils who
touring team arrived in England Ap~d endured this terrible experience
22nd for-a -12-monrths tour whichwfll will ever be erase from their
take in est matches'and'3 one- minds. Cooped up, 277 in a room for
day internationals. The 17th member 150, without fbod -a 10 minute
of he team Rick M cCoter will join break,..just when the CEO got pro-
the'.team mid-May as he is still, re- motion and the new CEO took office
covering from the broken jaw he suf- Just when the Teachers Training Col-
fered against England in the centpn- 3ege staff left for-a big seminar
ary match played at.Melbourne, ab-radS Why has :Bach State a-
they opened their fixture with a -Yraining college for a small popu-
one-day match against-the Dchess -. nation? This question loomed -up
of Norfol~ XI at'Arindelo, Australia just when I was dismissed. I had
186 tfo 5 and Norfolk XI 166. ,Nine' ro chance to express my views
members' of that winning team were It it /said that Vre havz saved money.
having'their first taste of English but we lost the salt and flavour-
conditiopn, The two experienced pLay- of. healthy competition.
ers were Greg Chappell. (,Capt,) and In our white pages 3/4 of last
Richie Robinsdn (toured in 1975). week, a remark was made that if
LEAUE:' No Augustu Gregoire matches the intelligent people leave this
could be played because' of welcome State, it will be easier to push
winis which came pelting down Thurs. around the unlettered majority in
and Sat. o-f last week. However at favour of the Ruling Parby. So in
.Ca8nefield, 'Smartians salvaged all 12 a heated pursuit of Independence,
points -from rivals Asta who failed ,the quality of our nation will lot
to show a team on'the 2nd day c play. count. Recently only one school
This weekend, matches continue and (St,Martinis) showed up in a test.
defending League champions Celtic U Both Minister & then E.0. seemed'
will be fielding one, of their strag- perfectly satisfied. Last year a
.,es combinations: against, 1ahaut at National Examination was held to
Police G-roundS, GCnefiel. replace the -old School Leaving Exham
Member-s froii-both West'.Indies and The results were so disgraceful that
Pakistan(just over a 5-match .series they wre-tprn up and placed in the
which W I,.won) are once more backih wastepaper basket, Even- our own
action,playing fg91 various counties standards cannot now bear scrutiny.
.and other minor ,peaguesi W..STEVENS F OUR
BASIHtBA:LL GCashfn'Carry Oardinals D AUGHTER which brought him shock-
4a2) this eek.ieat EP,Irvih76 and tears: "i'am trying t recover
2 ahis wpek.Fr FardilsIrvig from the shock. We aro aware of the
Williams. 36 points, For Rockers, J.^ .ou
uc own-! personal, loss. At some time in. -our
Creation Haris (65o defeated s lives when certain- thins happen,
'b 'ne .arigs ($~)".. -Bata we ask WRM Te .never.get an answer
eSnt (he) 1s n vords, W-. only try t conclude
suffered Anothe loss when-the ey] _4 ithatGod is tstn u t t, d
ed Sunstyle Ambassadors.(.Bata Pro
5. Ambassador 6 5.* Trineestams t e passing us through the ist
feAmbassad orirs T ibulation, of suffering and& pin.
defeated Ball wizards 3. If we pass the test, we become indiv-
In-d a junior match, Lakers defeat, a , average; we.- e-
ed-ack Street NagicianW 67 or ar above average webe-
Sakers .Joseph 2 .Back St: VPrs- dome saints, er-thly saints who have
'per1 o t,, a te 'stood p-, to'the worst ills of life.
'pfETBAL: 1977 season t r on- take heart: and pull yourselves to-
TT''ETBALL:.-,-'e. 10i1- season, started,"on- i, ^ .
gether*. Goa will strengthen you,
Sun4Ap1ril 24 at Windsor Park with- and revea.1 himself in-,s-comfort of
addresses by Mro Arlington Riviere ,., 4 ate o
Perm.Soc.Premierts. Office, Mr RSt.. r extreme sorrow
Havis ShillinLford-d (etball coach"), *
and Miss Rosalind Bowers,. PesidentP O TI ughawrence
Netball Association. Their talks' ere :A(f.p,5). .ind aT-r integehsed inc
followedby a.Golden.Ball. contest fr. P.) ,nd arp inte ested in
Cuba'should emigrate to that coun-
(15-m kckout matches) wony-. tr and give us a bre tusgiv-
Goldies JTets. Matches continued on
Tuesday nd Thursdayevenings ing us a chance to forget her, so.
Stat. we can concentrate instead on
Printed & Published by -the Proprietor things better suited to develop our
.Robert EAlifrey of Copt Hall Mill country. We cannot remain" the mock-
House at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Diom- ery of the Caribbean!
in ica7, West Indies.- -------------- --
h -i,' '. -. e '-' .- --- -

re -- ~

---- --

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