Group Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica)
Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 28, 1977.
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Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 28, 1977.
Uniform Title: Star (Roseau, Dominica).
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publication Date: January 28, 1977
Spatial Coverage: Dominica -- Caribbean
Dominica -- Caribbean
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Med3a 0Ed t ? CONFERENCE

on the
o Iat, W1V8HA,Elad. "'..: ,..,: ? ,?. ? Seee pag3 ,
Edir -- P a ajaA3ey
7 1 XXIV No 4 1 am.a, -,Jagua 8, 1.YY fifteenn enta = 16 i
AnI one of them, Sir Rupert We think people are working up to
John (who served as Governor of what is in store for them, whether
it.Vincent from 20th Oct. 197'0 : Z Independence comes or not. The
3ec. 35, 197) is coming herenext constitutional affair is just a lot
reek. The other isM.E. Geoffrey of talk over a scrap of paper, says
>uy, Dominica's last English Gov- our Northern correspondent. It is
?rner. Note the blank before his better to have a faulty constitut-
sme: the 'Sir' is yet to be an- ion with God-fearing honest politi-
;ame:n the 'Sir isye t o cb a ians than to have a word-proof
bouncedd to us: he took up his maj- constitution with political dema-
r appointment as Governor of St.
Nelena this month We admire this gogues in charge.
man for his modesty ani efficient He adds: A strong leader like
performancee of his duties; and for Bird of Antigua will not have Inde-
ihe love and care he and his wife pendence alone. Why can't a Pat-
aave given to their adopted Carib rick.John hXve the sense to fol-
soa Ben. Incidentally, Lady Guy low this lead and do likewise
Actually dreamed thba she would ent i. .- .. ieasur
ter Colonial jo'rteyings in Plant- to bro y pleasure
Motion House,home of St.Helena's and find a measure
Goveror: Good wishes, you three.
And now Sir Rupert surely our PAPILLOTE may sit you
favourite of all recent past West If your taste selector
Indian Governors. This man gave up tends towards nectar
his job as Senior Euman Rights Of- and your preference In food
Sicker in the U.)N.Sub.-Comm. on Pre- is wholesomely good
mention of Discrimination & Brotec- PAPILLOTE may suit you
lion of Minorities to serve St.Vin- our aim is to please
cent.:He greatly aided the Childrs with service and.delicaoies
Welfare Fund it its struggle against
diseasee and malutrition. His wife f OPEN : Weds. Ft Sat" Saun..'2.6pm
Sor by reservation. ,, hone 2287.
IHepsy" was a gallant supporter in e. .Phone 37
Red Cross, Guiden... At one time W I E -N 0 TI C E
Sir Rupert was a member of St. V.'s Bertran,
Labour Party: he is now ent Hartford Bertradred
it y "n at La Plaine, hereby declare that
apolitical", says "no-oe st I am no longer responsible for any
sand aloof and aot raise a voice "\ debts incurred by my wife Carol C.
Sn matters of freedom & independeb terrtrand nee Le Grant, neither am
We think that the Commonwealth I responsible for her four oh1d3eAm,
Development Corporation has scored they havig left my house without
a scoop in securing this excellent Ymy cronsent o th e I8th oa June 1976E
man's services, as P.R. Officer. (sd) JETFPORD BERTRAND
.7 11th January 1977
NET WEEK: H6w Roosie Douglas was B"t h will! on 'up ta 1 p.m-
rejected at Marigottl BARCLAYS BANK y to

Page ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Tw HE SA Fiay auay2 "l7

My old friend and colleague Mr.
S.J.Lewis complained again recently
of the failure of the schools to
teach grammar,. It is not only gram-
mar that schools do not teach these
days. Character Training,' mor~ im-
portant than Grammar, is sadly neg--
lectel. Good manners is completely
out. Modern Educators in Britain
said character training needs only
an indirect reference when someth-inf
crops up: yet these same folks now
adlit that the tendency to crime,
the growing spate of violence and
vandalism are in the'main due to
+4.t 1h -tv '- 1 i n lin 4 n ho nme

The Fine, Soft-,. Velvety kind

Lot 5C1 Cane.ield containing
2120 Square ?Peet.
Apply:- MP a7AP;TES,
28 Old St-ceot,
P.O. ox 121,
Roseau, Dominiea.

ellG 11new rax cL.HJ-LIV p LU. ,tUW I*
.LiJ r Education S- by WSS. frontt olc .1)
school and society.
young people reading" the ne a-ti;1.m.7
Reading, in all schools, is very er eopd discussing their crleis,
se ers and discussing thex ct C.s,
poorly taught. Oral reading is at- Do we therefore deserve to have
rccious. The Patrick Zohn Regime our Himan Rig'ts and Freedo t s th
prefers to get people to read the en awy b thrd-rate politician s
news who pronounce simple English bent on power and wealth?
Wrrds in a manner that is obnoxious It is the loxity and carefree
to- our cultural and literary senses. attitude ei policy in edu ca in:
I was recently amusingly.sho cked tod a thlat s responscibc- le or ,;:s.
when the word "remanded" (over DBS -eroding of dea crcy and -e co.n
recently) was prnnounce:d "repriman- iivDj not only in iom nica but
da" (in custody)1 throughout the Caribbeman
The teachers in our-schools will I request Education Minister
stick out for more pay, but will Christian to note (i) that the
not, or dare not, protest against number of teenage criminals under
ridiculous and atrocious pronoun- 13 is considerable; (ii) that the
cition. The Teachers Training Col- Child. Guidance Officer should re-
lege does not seem to bother about turn to this original post,for
DBS announcers, which she was given extensive
Mr. Lewis, '"Civics and Good Cit" training, instead of remaining in
izenship"is not taught either, and Family Planning; (iii) that too
this is presumably taboo because many school buildings fall into
young people ought not to know disrepair, causing pupils to go
their rights and privileges -other- without schooling for weeks during
wise they might be appalled when repairs; (1)that the UiDP prop-.:al
politicians overspend on travel and for a secondary modern school for
even appear to protect those who Marigot (in view of heavy expenses
pilter scarce revenue, thus depriv- n Roseau) is for him t:opursue,
ing us of the services for which we The Youth Camp is a Watergate that
pay in these days of high c6st of he and his colleagues have covered
-7 .No "do our schools,primary
ai ~ r, insl the mris up. Will the Marigot Districtt See.
and importance of clear thinking ondary School rrer be sited there?
and discussion. Have not funds from abroad been:
Our youths do little or no reading promised?
after leaving school. Seldom in town Fnally, our society is corrupt.
or country does one see (next col)rThe 13-year old Joey of the Oi-.r
--- ") Augustus murder (concluded on p. )


Friday, January 28,1977


Page Two

"It is, illusory to believe that political independence by its mere
attainment brings freedom to a people. Historically this has never
happened not in any continent of the world and yet, in the West
Indies we assume that we will somehow escape the experiences through
which we must pass if one day we are to be free, albeit sharing an
interdependence with other nations." These words are that of a noted
jurist in the West Indies. They are just as applicable to economic
independence as they are to political independence.
The spokesmen for the Government of Dominica are telling the
public that it is necessary to go independent and to go independent
very quickly without any thought, consideration of the manner or the
vehicle by which independence is obtained because as soon as we
become independent the wealth of the world both communist and
non-communist will be laid at our feet and we will merely have to
choose which donor's aid we accept!
The man in the street knows that is not true. We had similar
promises when we were considering entering Caricom and the East
Caribbean Common Market. We have had those promises every time
another paper company is registered such company having the right
to set up International Banks on our shores. We in particular had
this millennium painted for us in glowing colours on the front page
of the Advocate of September 14th, 1975 when our Premier boasted that
his negotiations with Alleyne Mercantile Bank were near completion.
All of these promises have come to naught; and in fact at the time
they were made, were known to be worthless.
So we will not be fooled by any such golden promises held out
to us.
But our Government democratically elected on a "rum and drum"
platform have declared that they, the Government intend to go
independent with Dominica on 2nd November 1977; they have done so
without one attempt to consult with any body on the matter. In fact
the mere manner in which this information was brought to the notice of
the public by a DECLARATION made at Salisbury which was followed by
no discussion even at the ruling party's Convention, indicates that
they have laid down the guantlet and intend to drag us into
independence on their own terms.
As a result they have set out their Independence draft
Constitution'and given the public to the 28th Februdry 1977 to make
comments. They do not guarantee that they will even read the comments.
The draft constitution was apparently available from the 20th December
1977 but the copies were not in fact available for persons who sought
copies at that date or in fact until many days after and after many
attempts to obtain these copies.
The Dominica Freedom Party was only able to obtain ?1 copies on
the 14th January 1976 and that only with the help and great
co-operation of the staff at the Premier's office. This means that
only one copy is available for each Constituency. Studygroups have
been set up in each Constitutency and they are preparing their
comments, additions and suggestions for deletions and amendments to
put before the Party as a whole.
Thus the Party haV agreed to meet so that representatives of
each Constitutency can bring in their submissionsto enable a document
to be prepared so that the views of the Opposition on the draft
Constitution can be made known.

Pridnv 38th. ~anu~rv 1977


Paee three

It is obvious that the Party's view that there must be a
referendum before Dominica can seek independence will be reiterated.
This decision was taken at the Annual Convention in June last year
and it has not been changed.
Readers might ask why should there be a referendum? And the
simple answer is that the law provides for it and there has been no
change in the law. A second and most vital reason is that any change
in the status of the people of Dominica must be decided on by them-
selves. And that is why the Freedom Party insists that the
referendum must take place after the draft Constitution has been
considered in detail and every section of the community has had an
opportunity to make their contributions so that the constitution that
evolves will be a constitution drafted by the people or with their
consent'. They have to live by it and abide by its terms and they
will more willingly do this if they feel that they have had a hand in
preparing it.
This idea of a referendum is not one which has emanated from the
Freedom Party. This party did not exist when the provision was put
in the laws governing us. In November 1965, when Leblanc was the
Chief ilinister of Dominica, Britain suggested constitutional change
for Dominica. Leblanc did not accept what the British Government
proposed blindly. He discussed the matter with them and out of those
discussions the 1967 Constitution which brought us to Associated
Statehood became law. From the outset the British Government and
Leblanc recognized that the status of people could not be changed
"without the approval of the electorate." At that time Leblanc was
advised by the very same Attorney General Leo Austin. So that it is
not the Freedom Party who has stipulated that a referendum must be
held it is in fact the Labour Party and the present existing
Attorney General.
Britain realized that we might want to hang on to her apron
strings when we had become an embarrassment to her and therefore she
made provision under section 10 (2) of the West Indies Act 1967 (which
gave usour present Constitution) that she could terminate the status
of association with us by enacting legislation in the Parliament in
London to that effect. It was understood that about 6 months would
be given us then to set our house in order. But it was obvious that
Britain would do this only under great provocation she has had the
provocation since so many of our human rights have been trampled on
by the Government but she has refrained from acting under 10(2).
It must be pointed out that Dominica cannot TAKE independence under
section 10(2), Britain can cast us aside under 10(2) and if she so
wishes to do let her be less hypocrite and be honest about it and so
state in plain simple basic English that the man in the street can
understand. Stop the double talk!
However the same West Indies Act 1967 stipulates that if
Dominica wishes to go Independent she must first have 2/3 of her
House of Assembly agree to that three months after the first reading
and then she must let the people vote on it and only if 2/3 of the
people voting have agreed to it, can she go Independent.
Therefore the Freedom Party are preparing their comments on the
draft Constitution so that the people can be aware of the pitfalls
which have been planned for them and they can then elect whether they
wish to go independent with such a Constitution. The People must
decide and they will decide!

Friday28th, January 1977


Page Four

Page five

Le enc. :Schedule of Application for Gertt-
W.then w loC at our sm.ll sppi ficate of Title and Noting thereon
l.ation of ;b:ut 75,000 sou.s, iw jor Caveat: for week ending the 15th
tan we afford to accomoa-Tie so manfliday of January, 1977.
of the following? -- te rsn Nature oi e-
--cs sD.-,..e P r ,c; "i Na ru'e o at. Re -
Dreads, Dreaaful, Black Power, *Presented.Presenting quest whether
po.liti,,l activists, Trranscendenta .,,. for a Certifi-
Meditation-sts, sccret societies, cate of Title or Caveat.
Babsi, falie preachers, IMus-lis and --Re es~ Sterli Roquet qfor
so-oalled Christis- Ited 23rd George the issue of
Will this Government accept the Dec, 1976. by his' a First Cert-
blaqme? 'Presented Solicitor ificate of
ITIless we, the older folks, can 13th Jan. Cilma AM. Title in res-
hold oi.r heads tc&;ether and strong, 1977 at Dupigny.pect of apor-
il surely get mixed up and 3S.3. .. :-on of land
Son.c f a-d ?.6i, in the -arioh of StoAn-
con -.ed b. drew, in the State of Dominica, c n.-
Ther.e 'y 3, others to come, so tai; idg 16'742 square feet and br'--
let us be 'e.. world is becom-ded as .follows:- North by hv.-i off
irg ;50.e and ..r satanic. Peter Dewhursb; South by a Public
-- -----and Access Road separating it from
E.:: ',. 3a3ely" gentle con- land af Adolphbus George; Easti by
tri re somewhat rARSH, e-ld of Seventh Day Advenftist
.-------- CLhurch; Westby land of E.dley
'': -,a (f a- -.-p -- ) .Castor and a Right of: Way separa-
A.. ...c-. ;S :bcsn n by ageIs, -ing it from land of Adalphus
e tthEdu Geore
-ca ;.:.t '..-;e., can we be happy ._ ..
ab't.:: t ; r.- ~-'r'",.er in which educ- REl.,1STRARI S OFFICE., HEIMRY DYER,
at ., :, >1 ,....g o :-ied on today? Roseau. AgRegirtrar of Titles
*i-1 "..-.:'ndunce cure this evil?
-----. .......... ce NOTE: Any person who desires tao ob
NE WS FR M P O RT SMUTH ject to the issuing of a First Cer-
Stificate of Title on the above -o-
A Star reader rites: "Allow me to plication may enter a Caveat in the
express how I enjoyed reading Sat- above office within :six weeks from
urdayts "STAR it was so interas- the date of the first appearance of
ting. Star Lestrade left no stone this Schedule in: the STAR News Pa-
unturned. What about Hugh Lawrence per published in this State or from
who: spoke the&tp about people the data when the Notice prescribed
going- to Cubae 1 Inere in Ports- b law was last served on any oocu-
mouth, we had the example of two 71er of adjoining lands in respect
women who had left Dominica for lof which this application was made
Guyana:-one was Miss ---, the ot-a= Ide
her Mde,H------. Miss M---- came T'o~tm):h stLc0s tat gangs
back to Dominica in an old wornout of youths and elderlies" constant-
black dress & barefoot,begging. Ma ly trace his moveeonts; that there
HI ---.. came back with an old white is "'an unusual vehicular day & night
casse on her head, a helmet & an traffic in. the area of his home;
old gown penniless. Tbhr b-thed the drivers "casting intimidation
at year. Hence, Hugh Lawr-nces and death-warning slangs", and many
S.,aEEment'was ti-ao and nothing but
s:utement'was tsao and nothing but other incidents. He adds: "To-Domi-
the truth, so help me God.- B. S. nincans here and abroad, we shouldn't
Another correspondent, K.Hughes, sit down and accept the adverse prTh.
is having trouble due to his oppos- ciples of Communism to bud in our
ition to Communism. (Next column) society.*"The truth we cannot. kill."

Friday, January 28, 1976


Page Six T H E S T A R Friday,January 28,1977
S-;T*A*RSIS'*P*Ox-R*T** Morchriston: BOOK REVIEW: "&1E1 P IT OFF LADY"
CRICKET: Barbados Takes Decisive Lead short stories by Jean Rhys
Barbados took a domineering lead My dear Jean, I have your book
in this year's Shell Shield compa:- in my hands now; it is small and
tition when they beat Guyana by 3 delicate, like a little plant
wickets at Kensington Oval,Barbados loaded with gems of wild flowers
to earn a maximum 24 points from 2 and berries which might be danger-
matches played. Closest rivals,Com- ousl Of course I love it, as I
bined Islands, 12 points off 2 draws, love everything that is yours,that
There s a new ruling in the potts is you. And I think of how many
system this year. Teams which lose thousands of people in the world
on first innings in a drawn match just know the name Dominica because
receive no points whilst first inn- of you: Jean Rhys, while the public
ings winners earn 6 points. As a library in your own home island
result, Trinidad (joint champions hasn't got a copy of Sleep It Off
with Barbados,1976) and Guyana after Lady yetj Isntt that a joke?
two n.own, matches each have no points A sad sort of joke, anyhow.
Jamaica has six points from their But I wontt give away our copy
match versus Trinidad. of this book to the library. Once
Scores in the match Barbados/Guy- I gave them 3 copies of my Orchid
ana: Guyana 280 & 298, Barbados 419 House, and they were all stolen.
and 161 for T. (Collis King 130). One may bet that our newest work
Barbados dominated that match from t- .would not last long,
the first session until the final Robert and I thank you for
day when they were 107/9 at teatime, going on writing, and writing so
cbassing 160 for victory. Joal Garner wonderfully. One has to sniff the
33 no. and Stephen Farmer 18 no, flowers, and nibble at the berries
got to their target without loss. again... and again.., and again...
The Combined Islands failed for So: your old friends send you
-the 2nd time to .win maximum points their love.
from their matches when Trinidad Robert & Phyllis A.
held them to a draw at Queents Park TSOTS Gillette-type crick-VA
Oval. Trinidad started positively Gillette-type arick-
enough 3 wickets for 11 runs on et continued in Guyana (where SBBa.
the board. Irving Shillingford 120 bados played the home team) and
and Victor Eddy 82 shared in a 163- jSt.Vincent, where Jamaica came up
run partnership. Derek Parry 57.The against: the Windwards.
Combined Islands all out for 325. David 1"oblford won the toss f cr
From then on the Islands were in. Barbados and (unlike other captains)
control except for the session be- e 'Fl iUtl. i tt BO ~, OO~aIMt
twaen lunch & tea on the final day, in his teanws ability to bowl out
when Trinidad (chasing a victory ,.;-^^ tQ for less than Barbados total.
target of 295) scored 123/1. After Scores: I;Brbadbs 239 for 6 in 50
the teabreak they fell in trouble -rd overs, Emerson Trotman a brilliant
and had to be content with a draw. 100 neo, and D.Holford 46- This
Final scores in the match: Comb- pair put on 113 for the 6th wicket
ned Is. 325 & 222 for 9 dec. (after after Barbados were 97/5.*Guyana
being 139 without lossI A mad chase scored 220 Barukh Bacchus 73.
for runs resulted in that collapse). At Amos ,Vale,Jamaica scored
Openers Lockhart Sebastien 81 and 169/9 50 overs::H .Chang 32. *
ichael Camacho 65 put on 139 (nd Windwards struggled to 164: GC(y-
innings,) Trinidad 253 and 203/8. son Shillingfbrd 31.
Larry Gpmes 56 & 57,Theodore Cuffy The Pakistan touring team landed.
61. For the Islands,N.Phillip 3/38 & in Antigua t start their test(5)
1/19, A.Roberts 2/49 & 2/39,C.Wilk- matches in the West Indies after
ins 2/59 & 2/51 (debut). drawing 1.1 in Australia.
Printed & the Proprietor, Robert E. Allfrey of C6pt Hall
Mill House at 26 Bath Road, Roseau, Dominica, West Ind.ies,


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