Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 27, 1971.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). February 27, 1971.
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librarian, '
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the Study of Man,
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New York 10021 N.Y.,/
U.S.A "
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a4 *

', \rhl ~ CC~ ;C

Virtubt _VUCQ 6mile 'YortunaNEW 2i 2, N.

~L 1.

Vol. XIII NO. 4

Saturq!Ay Fehbr;'sa? .27,1971

1Ten CeuBs

TOUG1,E controls on entry of -
osmmonwealth and particularly #,
coloured immigrants to Britain are '4446
set out in the new Ia migration Bill the
Conservative Govt, has presented. If you IS lovely
have no familyy links" with Britain, then Mias Anthea
no automatic right to settle there. Thus, &as chosen a
Ce~sSn,Austra3lians etc. will ret in ival (ueen.
if they want to; most immigrants will need tall,iwith si
a work permit for a specific job, must reg- 26-38; and I
sister with the Police.Migrants already in ent owIn sht
Britain won't be affected. And Commonwealth be shown in
citizens will retain votin- rights. Doctors Anthea work
& Dentists are exempt from nrThibition.also Royal Bank
those who have a parent or grandparent born was sponsorO
in Britain. Otherwise immigrants will be West Indies
treated like aliens, ane! throwm out if they and passed
didn't behave well, but with right of appeal. "conversati
IT is a bad Bill. We oppose it. Behind it for intelli
is kNoeh Po~wll,vho says there will be four wit: We he
million coloured people in Britain by 1980 print BNIx
because of their rapid reproductivity, if tures of ru:
the trend is not ctrbed, "Voluntary repat- up Urula L
ration will be encouraged." A BAD BILL! Mnd Joan Le

~Rnd sir,P
1, W a ir em,
aS oar~ Crn-
She is 5161
wer =114ific-w
uld really

in the
:f Canada, /
ad b- 1.
Oil Go
the Jdges' 7
on test"
Renee &
p0 to
Pi C- L6
athann,~hrt~, a

P~ im9


n~iIst hag a Be~4rl
BZ~h~bi, Mr, XtF UIE~
Pnd fat-' mayor of raft-e-
-Mir. WlVel~eBs a~v
11'4", twnr b iim I'mIisw tz
Ncw Y.k hy Vautage Pxess
gwi ja dM PTY 7cd1a- R A Now
Iymnk W AJ~iu v, hew dayr.~l~


HIS Lordship the Rt. Rev.
Orland Lindsay d Anglican
Bishop of the Diocese of
Antigua (inc.Dominica)flew
in on Friday to pay his
first and long-awaited Vis.-
it to this Island State.
Bishop Lindsay was driven
y Yr,,Wyett to Portsmouth,
were he confirmed candid-
ates; he arrived in Resaau
later and after paying a
few courtesy calla and con-
ferring with his Church
Council, will confirm Roseau
candidates at about 9 a.m,
on Sunday. His stay is made
all too brief as he has to
attend the inaugural session
of Antigua,' now Assembly.

~a~i~a 8~e~l



MYsM~~P~?aulso~i~4a~~LI ririn

Ten Cents



Saturdwa- Februair 27.1971

. 12f "I __ __ _-V -, .-- ;- -

Because 'of the House of Assembly meeting of 12th February, Androcles
has; material .for his column for ek weeks weeks. I hope readers will not
mind the attention which will be. given for the doings of the House because
Dominicans hbve allowed a Government to so dominated, and rule their lives
that on the rare occasions when it condescends to meet and be questioned
by the representatives of the people, full advantage must be taken of
suoh events. In addition to this fact, this columnist has the. nasty habit
of trying to extract every bit of argument from a given situation, much
as one, tries to extract every drop of milk from grated coconut. So for
the next week: or so, reader-s will. be brought up to date on the doings and
thinking o lack of them of this Government.
SThe high point of the proceedings was, not unexpectedly, the Opposit-
ion's reply to the Budget Address. Those who? missed this missed a rare
treat. The Leader of the Opposition delegated the Hon. Miss Eugenia
Charles to present its formal reply and this was followed immediately
by Miss Charles' own personal contribution.
It is assumed that some, at least, of the local papers will be pub-
lishing that document, so readers will see for themselves how the Oppos-
ition shredded the Government's cherished Budget Address. and has held it
up to, the ridicule, of the thinking section of the community.
During the reading. by Miss Charles, the Ministers, and such of their
back-benchers. as can understand, squirmed in their seats. The Premier
made frequent visits, to, the room normally used as the Judge's Chambers,
and the LeBlanc Labour Government blood pressures rose visibly. The reply
was able to end up on the: note that the new taxation measures passed by
Government to implement the Budget wore unjustified: firstly, for the
reason that they could not have been more ill-timed considering the de-
pression of banana, prices at this time, and, secondly, that had the
Government conducted the affairs of the country efficiently, it would
have been able to make savings-more than equal in amount to the proceeds.
of the new tages on cigarettes, rum, radios, etc. which the Government
had" passed earlier in the meeting.
Hon. Misl Charles then proceeded-caustically to expose the Govern-
ment's ineptitude and its mania for extracting taxes from the people to
fritter away -in wasteful and unimaginative schemes which did not in any
way advance the welfare of the country. She had her own comments on the
Budget's outstanding feature of providing well over a million dollars
for erecting Police Stations all over Dominica and providing some soph-
isticated type of naval craft for the Police Department. In other words,
the Government's long preoccupation with force: crystallised in the 1971
Budget. When the Premier tried to justify such huge expenditure by ref-
erence to the rentals paltryy) Government was paying for private build-
ings used as Police Stations, the ridiculousness of the argument was
Pttld BIdsa that the Government took a licking at the hands of the
OPPasb0ma over the Budget Address such as it has never taken before.
However, one. who was not present will never get that impression by list-
ening to the news report on WIBS which stresses the Government's reply
without saying what werei-the Opposition's criticisms which gave rise to
the reply. I think it is high time that the community becomes alive to
the part which WIBS (Dominica) is playing in keeping the people in ignor-
This last thought leads me to the speech on the Budget Address by
Hon. W.S.Stevens;, the former Minister of Education, but now Opposition
Member for the North-Western Electoral District. While he does not belong
to the majority Opposition Party, it is obvious that Mr. Stevens shares
many of its views and goes along with it. Somehow I get the imression
that Mr. Stevens: now feels in rather better company than he found him-
self in for these past few years.
(Continued on page four)

T., 'rr- m r

Saturday,February 27,1971

A car carrying the Queen and the Well it's all over now'Masquerade
Queen Mother was stopped by a Po- was very mediocre this year but it was
lice motorcycle patrol on a lonely fun,--anyway. It took most people until
country road last Saturday night. Tuesday afternoon to get into the mood
They were returning from a dinner and then the songs really rang out.
party and heading for WindsorCastle. "Mado sock to me 'cause my water
Buckingham Palace issued a statemat.falling down" and Kai Poule Cwazay"
The British Press: said that the were the obvious hits, with Sparrow's
Queen was annoyed by the incident. "Edizina" thrown in for good measure.
ANTIGUA.: New Premier George Walter -S nday was the Gala Show at Windsor
told a press conference that his Park, There was not much 'gala' in it,
State could not think about full bit the show was enjoyed What every-
independence at the moment. He en- ori missed was the parade through the
visaged closer unity among Carib- ateets on Sunday afternoon. I know
bean islands as "a gradual move to there were only two floats, but what
H- getherneso, mqst people were interested in was a
to-ghernes look at the Queens. After all, not ev-
BRITAIN: The stockmarket has been eryone can pay eight dollars to see
quiet because of the lengthy post- them and besides not everyone can go
al strike, approaching a trade lossto0 Windsor Park at the right times. *
of 20 millions a41 the highest Then there was Monday morning. Only
unemployment figures; since 1963. two bands and still no parade of Queens
DOMINICA.HE .Mrs.Verna Critchlow on the streets. Seems that lovely Anthea
visited the State for 5 days,paid i only allowed to be Miss Windsor Park
official courtesy visits,witnessed instead of Miss Dominica. But the few
carnival events and entertained thebanqs there were fine: Raymond Lawrence
Dominica Beauty Queen and other and the Progressive Youth Group gave us
carnival notables at dinner. She an eyeful with sections of gold nuggets,
is Trinidad's High Coam. to WISA. Jewels and fire. After them came the
even. more impressive "Psychedelic Play-
HOME ECONOMICS,Blbrqa Mrs.Eileen irig Gards". Hearts, diamonds, spades,
Wyke was one of those who benefitedclubs and even a few jokers all glit-
from specialist training in the tearing in the sun (which graced us with
teaching of her subject. Funds' for its presence) and jumping to the trump-
the course were provided by UK ets of the Swinging Stars. What would
Development Division in Caribbean. we have done without this splendid band
MISS NORTH DOMINICA: Marigot's which gave us a great deal of colour-
Magdalen Lewis won the beauty prizeound and gaiety? How quickly, too,
for the North- presented at the they caught on and interpreted the lat-
new -Arbeedee cinema,Portsmouth. est Pit-calypsoes -
IN ROSEAU, Psychedelic Gar:':- won When. the parade was over Roseau
the Band of the Year award; PLUTO lapsed back to sleep, and it was around
from "Journey to the Centre of the that' time I began to wonder how many
Earth" was King of the Bands and more, years Carnival had to live until
the Queen of 'the Cards came 1st. i just-fades into another working day.
PORTSMOUTH's Philbert Valentine It ; a horrible idea, but not impossible
was- a big winner with his 'The ND CARNIVAL FROM THE NEWSDESK...
Black People. through the AGES". I- A~ ,'hR+,-, .-,,,, ..,N S.,,. -*
U'.4. ceebaton Le l tiJ V li

Miss Florrie:. James, Herman James,
Roland James, the daughtersygrand-
children- and-other- relatives of
the late Selwyn James Wish to
thank all those who expressed
sympathy in their recent bereave-
"And I was struck down by death's
I was a mortal to the last
Long breath..." -Dvyan Thomas

cident-free:, with one sad traffic death
when a van ran off near Tarreau Cliffs
killing George Barry of Goodwill; his
passenger .waa unharmed. Five wounding
(with knives ortroken bottles) resulted
in hospitalisation then discharge; and
there were eight cases of minor assault
and battery.*Three burglaries, one at
Shillingford's in Newtown, one at Mr.
Lee King (of Royal Bank)'s house in
Federation Drive, and the theft of a
gold lighter at Major Thompson's seemxr
to round up the crime report,Mbn./Tues.

T H E: S, T L

Page Three

S.-fturc -Tv Februnarv 27. 197IL

-ag e oUr b . ., .
Mr. Stevens disclosed that as Minister of Education until last
September he had spent. much time preparing a schem., of adult education
which was intended to be the Government's contribution to, International
Education Year. He, was surprised to find that no provision was made for
its implementation in the 1971 Budget. He need not have been surprised
because it is well known that any Government of which Mr. LeBlanc is
the head will never attempt to dispel the ignorance of the masses upon
which his political empire has been built these past ten years. Ancro-
ales has often made this. point.
Mr. Stevens and he ought to know also made reference to the
propensity for belief and practice in witchcraft which was character-
istic of some of the- chiefs of the LeBlanc Party. He referred to the
biblical story of Saul and the Witch of Endor.
In the.general debate which followed, it was clear that the Gov-
ernment haid been completely thrown off balance. The Premier in his usual
senseless way continually referred to the year I960, the year before he
took office, but a whole. decade ago. He also spoke about -the honesty of
his Governments, about which I shall have .a great deal to' say shortly.
Unabashed in the presence of Hon.Miss Charles, he claimed the Fort Young
Hotel project to be the fruit of his Government's activity I
I have to record that a new- low in Parliamentary debate was estab-
lished by Mr' Earl Leslie, Minister for Home Affairs in the LeBlanc
Government, and representative of the Portsmouth Electoral District.
Unless it is; due to his senility, one can find no excuse for his rude
remarks; about Miss; Charles. He has clearly now taken on the mantle dis-
carded by Patrick John, another Minister.
In all fairness, I must state that I did not hear Mr. Armour's de-
fence of his; Budget Address, but had it set the Thames on. fire I would
Share known of it.
In the Budget, provision is made in the. sum of $316,000 for a school,
at St. Sauveur. The Opposition was not slow to pounce upon this- folly
by pointing out that such a sum was more than enough to provide two
schools for the general area. By virtue-of being the most populous vil-
lage of the area,Petite Soufriere should have a school and stop having
to send its children miles away to St. Sauveur. For a similar reason,
Good Hope, though this village is much smaller than Petite Soufriere,
should have its own school. But there can be no sensible reason for
building such a school at St. Sauveur unless the Government os condemn-
ing for generations the children of Petite Soufriere and Good Hope to
trudge.-daily for miles to and from St. Sauveur which is clearly becoming
a deserted village; the mere appearance of church and presbytery test-
ifies to, this. What kind of thinking is there in the Government of today?
That a school or schools in the area is a crying need, there is no doubt,
but. how can the Government think of building a $316,000 school at St.
Sauveur when 90% of the children of that school today come from Petite
Soufriere and Good Hope. ?
SSoon after the last General Election I wrote that the Parliamentary
Opposition is stronger than the Government. This was painfully evident
at the meeting of the House of Assembly of 12th February. I seem to feel,
too, that the Premier is breaking upg-to judge by his appearance, and
performance- at that meeting. So the disparity may be even greater in
the future.
Mr. John R. Roberts and family in Dominica., and on behalf of
other relatives abroad, most' sincerely beg through this medium to
thank alI those kind friends and well-wishers who hame by cards and
otherwise expressed their sympathy on the occasion of the passing away
in the United Kingdom of our dear Aline Weekes nee Roberts on Saturday
6th February, 1i971.



Saturday, February 27, 1971 THE STAR Page Five
Short Story M A T IT I N E'S CARNI VAL
by Cynthia Watt
It was carnival time, and all Roseau was astir with carnival excite-
ment and heartbeats like drumthrobs. Just beforehand $he stores enjoyed
a booming trade, and almost at every street corner you came across a group
of teen-agers vividly discussing their costumes, their bands and their
dances for each night.
Janet walked into Astaphan's and went straight up to Eurilla's coul-
ter. "Hey Eurilla: What's cooking?"-
"Girl, it's time for Monday to-qome. I'm goin' to run Mas' like hell.!
"Me tool Things look as though 4t will be hot this year." Then a\
customer came up. "What can I do for you?" Eurilla asked.
"Twelve yards of cloth and two rolls of sequins." ...After
the customer left, Eurilla glanced up and met the proprietor's eyes on her.
"Madam's eyes are on us, Don't act like we are wasting time. I'll
meet you outside when we close." It *was: almost four o'clock.
On their way out, Eurilla told Janet how her father George ("Garge")
had sent a big parcel for her Mother,Titine, and herself. But Ma Titine
wouldn't give her the odds and ends in the parcel which might come in just
handy for carnival. "Ma wants me to bring her in more money from my wages,
She hasn't told me if Pa is sending money; so I told her if not, sell some
of the things he sends in the parcels;.'"
Ma Titine was at that very moment sitting in the kitchen, gazing at
a. sheaf of banknotes in her hand. Her friend Ancine was sitting opposite.
"Well Titine what you say now' You see Garge was gadderin de cash
up for you, so you get all in one big lump. Better so.Five hundred dollars"
"But id only twofifty," muttered Ma Titine.
"Is de t'ird time tell you...five hundred. You see de Merican money
nearly two time our own her,".
Ma Titine stuffed the notes into an old cloth bag which was her purse.
SShe left out two of the notes, which she handed to Ancine. "Dat is for de
letter you read and de money you change for me.' Is enoff?"
"Enoffi" Ancine began to sniff. '" neber t' ink you would give me mo'
dan two-t'ree dollar foh ahwee drink our rum and enjoy ouraelf for carn-
ival, and eat our braf and callalou. It mo' dan enoff*'
"Eh-eh, I almost' forget you will see Eurilla befoh me. You-all is
neighbour. Tell her I want to see her But don' say no moh."
When Eurilla finally reached he: mother's house next day, she was
surprised to see a complete change. Ma Titine had scrubbed the place until
it shone ; then she had really gone to town. A new armchair, a refriger-
ator, new cups and plates, new cutlery; a china cabinet, and in the kitchen
a shiny four-burner stove. Curtains made from cloth sent by Garge hung on
doors and windows. A-gaudy carpet was on the floor.
"Ma! What's happening? Wha,.." Eurilla was amazed. Ma Titine hugged
her. "It not nice? Tell me. It nice? Gal, we go-.have us a fete one
fete. Garge say he go send me $250 dollar ebery mont'. Ha big man now.
Wha' you say!" She launched into the whole tale of how Ancine changed
the =aaag?, But Eurilla was still doubtful. "Ma, I will come back and
stay with you, but it's no good telling me to give up my job. Suppose..."
And she planted the first seeds of doubt. Suppose Garge didn t keep
it up? Suppose Ancine, who changed the money, had really kept half of it?
Suppose Garge had actually sent $500 UJS, and Ma Titine had only received
half of that through Ancine? She was so full of suspicion that Ma Titine
nearly crieda, But just then Ancine, with her smiling innocent face, came
to the door all dressed for carnival, bell-bottoms, high-hat, and psyched.
elic blouse. "Man, this girl a. good business woman, she can make me t'ink
my best friend a Judas!" laughed Ma Titine, brushing her eyes. And right
then and there Eurilla slipped out of her everyday clothes, into the gay
bright costume she had in a paper bag, decorated herself with the finest
oddments from Garge's parcel, downed a half-glass of rum-punch, started
jigging and chipping to the sound of the nearby Windsor Park music, beat
her mother affectionately on the back and hustled her into. carnival garb...
and.~i was. Kai Poule and My water falling down all over Roseau:

Ubr 2Spage six




Re & P grnmildI




i~~ ~~,~
1 ---- -- ------------- ---





7 H IL


SINCE the last nine years and six years when
prices were fixed for our Plain and Filter Cigarettes
respectively, we have tried to maintain our prices
by absrbing the continual increased cost of
materials and other manufactring expenses.
SNow we are obliged to bring our prices 'to meet
-insme of these mounting coft.
Fronm the 15th Febrnuay, 1971, our prices are
:, as follows:-
S"Hilisborough" Plain Cigarettes $68.00 per case
jf 20 Cartons. The retail prices will be $3.75
Super carton of 10 packets, 45 cents per packet, and
cigarettes for 5 cents.
S"Hillsborough" Special Filter tipped Cigarettes
S$74M00 per case of 20 Cartons. The retail prices
Will be $4.13 per Carton of 10 packets, 60 cents
per packet, and 1 cigarette for 3 events.
Black Leaf Tobacco, 2.00 per lb in case lots.

, February 16, 1971,
% t .= :_:' ... ... !', .. :: .

Take a look at the
range of VP BritishWines.The same grapes go
to makeVP that go to make a lot of expensive
wines.Which accounts forVPs fine quality.

BuL a bottle toIday\. vI h.NF
ivi.8 --

New Prices for Filter Cigarettee
In computing the increase in the price
of cigarettes recently the Management of
the Tobacco Factory drew to the attenton
of the Comptroller of Cuatoms & Excise
that the excise duty bing paid by them
as calculated on the net weight while
iamporters of cigarettee are permitted to
pay Import Duty on the actual tobacco
content of the Cigarette.
The Comptroller has agreed to permit
thf Tobacco iFctory to pay acise Duty ta
the same matter as Importerp of a@ar1awe,
The saving on the coat of cigarettes
amounts to $5.00 per case and this aingg
is being passed on entirely to the Con-
Fiter cigarettes will therefore be
sold from the 8th March, 1971, at 77.00
per case of 20 carton. The retal price
will be $4,23 per carton of 10 packets,
50 cents per packet, and 1 cigarette
for 3 cents.

Tobacco Dept.
February 20, 1971






and value


Sattzrda T Ferabrup y 79711

n-n- STARtk

Pare Six



Saturday, Febtruary 27,1971 T H E S T A R Pyge -Sevejr
Extra Mural Depgrtment To the Editor:
ROSEAU CENTRME I in the Bible that
In its' efforts to-help with pro- God causes.the grass to grow for the'
fessional' and pre-professional tranr- cattle,herbs -for the service of man,
ing, the Univ ersity -of-the West--In--oTl to make his face to.shine, and
dies. through its Extra..Mural..Depart- bread that strengthen man's heart.Our
ments offers courses' which are geha. d Lord Jesus when .n .earth told us that
toward-a-s.pecial-professions, either iman shall not live by bread alone. It
as pre. -professional and profession- appears to me that these Ministers we
al---courses;, or as refresher courses. h1ve< in Dominica today (the type of
The Extra Mural Department, Dominica, brains they have) believe
therefore announces its first such "Man-shall live by fish alone".
course geared to young men and wo- If that was not so their brains
men aiming at careers like nurses, would properly function.They would@ not
ward assistants.,, health inspectors, only control fish but all comcdities
social workers of every description 'of life. I am not saying that fish li1k
etc r Voca Jacks should sell at 3 for a dollar,
ec* Our Vocation Course No.l will but when the fisherman sells the Jack,
accept students with School Leaving, he has to go and buy medicine,food,
Certificate or students who have the little rum he uses to drink when
been at a Secondary School for two h gts cld se all these things
ye ars or the equivalent The he geta cold in sea; all these things
ye ar the eivalent went up high, all the little cigarettes
classes will start in the week com- he smokes:, as a matter of fact every-
mencing March 1st and finish in the thing went up sky high. Now.when Mr.
last week of November, with a one- LeBianc was campaigning for his elec-
month interruption during the sum- tion the question of fish as put to
tme r holiday time flasssh will t to
me r holiday time Clases will him, he said in public that fishermen,
be held on Mondayss, Wednesdays, go fishingg many days and having caught
Thur~days ahd Fridas,- at the Goo. nothing so the day they make a. catch
will Junior High School and may be they must pay for their time. Election
transferred to the new Extra Mural iS only three months past: it appears
centre upon due notice. Classes to me that I.LeBlanc forgot what he
will generally start at 5.00 ,p.m.anhad h aid, 0h the other hand is it be-.
last until .00 p.m. with an inter- cause Scotts Head is the Head of fish-
ruption from 7.00 to 8.00 p.m. ermen where they catch more fish and
Students; intending to become ward because Hon.-Moise. (Leader of the Opp-
assistants. will be exempted by the. osition in the House) has- all the back-
authorities from the entrance exam- ing of the fishermen that con-
ination if they pasa through the stituency, that.all.the Ministers con-
examination to be set by the Extra sider the only thing to control is
Mural Departmn,.t. Students who pass fish? "Oh by the by what about that
through 0' Level in MNthematics, Indian Bishop, where isa he? Some say
English and Health Science will be- he is, somewhere at Mbane Bruce, others
accepted as student nurses. However, say he is at Portsmouth so it seems
it must be understood that this to me he is just like the Scarlet Pim-
course is' not a cadet system where pernel, he is everywhere."
passing the exam on reaching the ne- Poor Dominica, I was informed last
cesasary.level constitutes an assur-' week that two weeks before the general
ance of employment. Interested stu" election the children of Mar-igo-t.were
dents should book at the Extra Mural playing in the burial ground and they
Department. Those students who' al- found there some money. (Contjd.. a '3a
ready are members of the Extra Mural where will also be occasion for dif-"
Studies should bring their student" ferent handicrafts and art as simaLe
booklet Fee for half course $0.5 4- occupational therapay,group; dynamics etc
to, be paid in advance.-- A half course from time to time. There will be vias-
eonsis:ts of about 15 weeks at twelve its, arranged to the infirmary,hospital
lessons per week. Subjects offered: water works etc. It will depend upon
Health-.Science, Mathematics,English student response whether this course
Home Economics including-budgeting, will actually be introduced. Students,
nutritional theory and di Bs. *** may be sponsored by the business com-
SProfessional ethics: PsychoX'lqy, music,munity and onganisations like the
social structure'-once every fortnight, Chamber of Commrerce, YCW etc.

ge Eight 'T H E S T AR n'trday,February 27,971-
** S -*A*RSPO ** 0 ***** S WOE. T TO TE i0AD by E. C.Lobl"tiyf77
TENNIS: The Domihica'-AI--Islrid Ten- The money in' ,Hrigo't cemetery wacwi~ih 5
nis Tournament eided last week.-Did different oils; it wao said that if the
you know it had taken place? There children'-ot removed that thing in
were 3 radi-p .otices,bht by the time the burial'grounds, Mr. Stevens would
people got around to rtie idea, the have lost the election, .We must watch
Tournament was finished .'-TWe' are not and-.pray,- -LB K, R
criticising the busy obgAnisers; but C. LOBLACK,
it is a shame that"Miioe spectators we I DOMINICA- PENTSIONERPS' ASSOCIATION,
not encouraged to wat-ch" this'exciting' IT 0 T I C E
graceful and enjoyablIes-oit. *** .
Final matches were played 'at Union ROSEAU TOIN COUNCIL pensioners are here
Club', but bad weather mIad~ the plan- by notified thot the Secretary of the
ned 3 Exhibition Matches at Govt. HuseDominica Penhsoners' Association has been
impossible. owever,Sir Louis Cools- ,reliably informed by the Executive Officer
Lartigue presented prizes indoors and of the RTC, that estimates have been
thanked participants 'regretting he approved for the purpose of increasing
had'been toobusy 'to ac a-- tennis pensions of R.T,C. pension rs and that
this year, and wishing those -g~ing to vouchers in that connection are being
St.Lucia as Dominica's contestants processed.
for-the Barnard Trophy gooalck- A' W A N T E D
Juhion Tourhamnnt to bnfccorage teon-
agers may be held sbmbtime in 1ay.*** One ASSISTANT: BOOKKEEPER -
TOURNAIENT RESVtTS were-: winnerss of "0" Leyel in- mathematics preferred but
-~en's Singljes... Ronald Shillingf ad -revious experience in Book-keeping
Lady's Single ,; E.olyh-'Reia not essential.
Men's Doubles.. R.ShillihgfH & tour FACTORY WORKERS (4)
S..... 1,TAlly&i he All applications to be sent to:
'Lades' Double' JrDg OMi~ICA COCONUT PRODUCTS LTD. ,Box 46.
Ladies' DoUbled; E;Read'& J.,Wright .77t 1.2
It Wrill be seen that T'Eelyn Read-won wishes to recruit a
'in 3 events (terrific) and Ronald Shil C O Y TYP I S T
-lingford in two: they--re ally. g9& vho will be expected to undertake
CRICKET: First TEST ona- in a drat;! soie general office duties, The
Rohan Kanha 158: n.o'.and Skpper position will be permanent with
Gary Sbbers completely domi1hated the prospects for promotion.
final -day's play-betweEn TIdia and APPLY in the first instance
tE1e Te1st Indies edinf in a- drw at by l tter to
Sahina Park, Jamaica, after -the'W"est The Manager, DOMINICA ELECTRICITY
Indies had been asked to follow.-on- SEVICESR PO oxl4 ,
..-.~ magnificent centiu- by Dilip Sar,-'77 /1.-
desii helped' Indi'a-Eass 387 ii' their N E W--- B A N K I. N--- -H 0--U. R S
-first~innings.SardesaiT"212l the The Gneral-Pr.blic is- hereby advised-that-
highest score by ai' InaiEh-gainst-WI. consequent- oE'-t recent-amendment to'th6
Wheh the West Indies- atted, Batsman Bills of-Exchdng6 cEt the folloWing Bank-
found runs hard to ged6t-~~ hst the ing Hour w4ill .cone into force as from
spin of Bedi'and PFasaha,jhd the" Saturday, 20th .I-lrch, 1971.
West-Indies were alI-ut' for 217 with MONDAY-THUTSDAY 8 a'. m. to 12 noon
Ianhai topscoring"with-57. **"Asked to' FRIDAY 8anr- .1211 & 3pm 5 pm-
follbow on 170 runs beHiHa'd the-West'
Tidies .quickly lost Chach6o-:and Fred- The Banks 'rill not be open to the
ericl3, "but when -Ll6y-oine"Ko-.nhai, Public on SATURDAYS.
runs flawed' freely phrti'ulr rIy -m
rLlsyd who scoredly57- re.-he ias F.P.E.Dupigny J.C.Da Silva
Lloyd, who scored 57^oPTore hewa-s .' ... '
run out f6r the 2nd time. Sobers Join- orc" for
S.Knhai, who reachd..hi cntury- Barcas Royil
4th against India-soon afoi.' Sobers Bank D.C.O. of Canada.
scored 93 before e hwas caught. at the 770- /4 . off Solkar. Barrett.joinin.I, -Kan -K.
bai, aidn"t last long (4). Then came. Printed : Published by the'Proprietor,
Findlay 30 n.o, & Kanhai- 158 n.o.- & R.E..Allfroy of S'Z--Aoment, Dboiinica at
the W.I. 384'for 5."SCORES--India 387. 2 Bath Pond, Roseou, Dominica, Iost Indiea
West Indies 217 and 384 for 5. ***

Supplement (i) THE S T A R. Saturday,February 27,1971
TA:DS, TAD & T.RIC by-..John.Spoetor The annual carnival season in the
.A drbcles is dealing e6Tffoctively 'gayg Caribbean island of Trinidad has
with the Dolitical abpect-0 of the' BEdr'tbeen pinpointed as the time when most
so I am left with th6 boco- of the Est- unwanted pregnancies occur, according
inmates the figuros;"Uhat' i" find is to a survey by the Family Planning Ass-
tricksy is the way old laws -and'new ociation, which includes; medical experts.
terminology are used to. fool the public.nhey claim that (from past experiences)
The Annual' Budget does not give a truth-a large number of abortion cases will be
ful picture of Revenue & E;tenditure reaching hospitals and clinics this
because Siipplementaries are slipped in year, within six to 12 weeks after
during the year to cover spendihg over carnival "the Merry Monarch has gane
and above that authorised anid revenue to rest for-another Year'".
is raised by using waftiTh ordinances'.
to increase import duties b;y S.T.O. ok- READER'S VIEW: "I back the President"
ccutive action. Another 5tuht is to use
the Carifta-ap)rovoa Consupti Mrs. Editor: President Nixon has again
on products that are not. and never have strongly emphasized his policy in Indo-
been, produced in the Cari'fta area'. China. In pulling out all U.S.soldiers
Turning to the Estimates' Tifures, we from: Viet Nam it would mean a total
find that an increase in I::port t1ti-es wiping out of the South Vietnamese
oh 'Articles' other thal- 7lcolhblic Lipors' people. Senator Kennedy is rather harsh
of';3M 'is expected-, an-'d Consumption against this policy of Nixon. But I
Duties"- Tame thing, except that- it hits wonder whether he is not still suffer-
local manufacture as w6ll) is up by $1 ing from those terrible shocks of the
million. The Minister states that these trpgic deaths of his two brothers, and
100- increases "will not appreciably his own tragedy when his car plunged
affect the Cost of Livi-nc, yet cit the into a pool, drowning his brother' aie.
sake time realises the 1ig decline of time secretary. I say to Mr. Nixon,
the bihanaa industry by reducing the am- keep: up the fight, I back you, Sir.'
ount expected from Export -_ties, A Continue to protect your neighbours
$2.3 million extra in dutiies must mean Ilndo-China. No better love than this
a big~increase in prices o"'luxury' that a man lay down his life for his
goods, in which case the Law of DiminiAi- friend, We do realise that nerica-is
ing Returns would operate to cut con- groaning under a terrible strain that
sumption and reduce revenue, draining away lives and money, but vwh
On top of all this there is an 809 else will stand?
increase expected in Income-Tax pi r- IHUGH IARENCE,
haps he expects this 'to come from the Roseau.
Civil Servants' bonanza? ni any case LORD HOWICK IN DOMINICA
the nott effect is to lower the level Release from C.D.C.
of savings of the upper income groups We hve already reported to readers how
and reduce the amount of money available th Chairman o C wealth Dveopment
ion Of monwealth Development
for local investment just at the tie. Corporation made a tour o this State,
wn, m ., orporation made a tour of this State
when so many venture' are goinh public observe CDCg
1hat Tolly is the's? Fe6r_ "hd the. desire observing progress, and opened. a rew
y ire power station at Fond Cole, visiting as
for security of inin~iteri'h obs? More
and bigger Police Stations for the Pre- well stations being erected at Blenheim
mior to play dominoes in" and Melville Hall. Lord Howick met mem-
As for the mud'dled-up items under bers of Govt. and during his address at
Expenditure, one could write volumes Fond Cole said he "was delighted with
about the "55 Staff Nurses for ihobm' everything he saw in the country" and
no none is voted, or the over 10,000- that he was "very impressed by the pro-
spent annually on keeping II6ihtal Patierts grosas since his last visit. He said that
in Antigua (a total of ,?100,000 has out of $7.8 million already committed
been spent on this since LTbbur came to by CDC to Dominica, at least a further
power sufficient to build psychiat- $2 million would be spent in 1971. Hon,
ric ward at PIMH). And'why should the P*John after opening the Fond Cole Sta-
Gaodwill Taxes of $41,O00 not go nowtotion expressed satisfaction at CDC's ex-
P.T.C.? Last; but not least, what is thEpans'ion of the electricity service and
Revenue Item, Head 3, 8, of 25,000 their '.continued confidence in the coun-
without any descripti-on ? It seems to try, and hoped for increasing investment
me that is rather a lot of money to go particularly in housing & electricity.


READERS VIEWS cont. Daminica Agricultural
Madam, Editor, Marketing Board
A Stroha Reply from Yquth
I must compliment "Older Youth" NOTICE TO COFFEE GROERS
for his 'brainwave' which you pub- The Agriul.tural. Marketing Board
lished in a very recent issue. But offers to purchase from growers, the
that is as; far as my niceties go, full local coffee crop, this season
for I regard !'Older Youth" as the at a price of 550 per lb. for dried
typical l1issaz-fjire adult; he is: parchment, coffee delivered o the
not a youth, since he (or she) Board. Growers are requested to take
does not desire to associate with every step to harvest and prepare _
any young person or idea. Besides, their erons for delivery to the Boair
he is particularly jealous of young as early as possible.
Yele me Eitor, here e Although the exact extent of prod-
Yes, Mine Editor, there are adults action is not known, the local offeE
'wo dislike anything that comestion is not non, local fe
from young people, jealous because crop has been estimated to be in the
many of the good things that those region of 15,000 pounds of parchment
youngsters do ai-e things those coffee, and the Board would like the
adults should.ave- done and did'et-co-operation of growers in supplying
do -- -?hen the chance was there. all that is available.
So these adults point out the As from 1972, it is hoped to purohe
badness of a flew while they close ase the coffee crop in berry form.
their eyes;, deliberately, to those
who do the good. For example, they M.G.WHITE
won't recognize the "Education Weel' General Manager
sponsored by the Loubiere Youth 778-1/1
Group as something uplifting. They;
won't regard the "keep thel city(or Reply from Youth (cont.)
village) clean!' campaigns run by
the St. Joseph'Youth Group,, or the Io many times have we seen adults as
St. Alphonsus. Youth Group.. And if drunk as mice, incapable of practisinl
at all they do), they won't say it self-control to speak of only one
is the young people's "ovm thing"; thing? Besides hasn t youth heard you
no they won't point out these back-bite your so-called friend and
things, neither' would they offer a then greet him or her with that hypo-
helping hand. critical broad grin and "I'm so happy


to see you" the next time you meet ?
Coming back to; his letter proper, Well, then, who has caused youth to
I would like to point out to "Older hate truth and frankness? And again,
Youth" and his fans that young who was the first to design what you
peIople are not try-ing "to make life adults call an "immodest mini-skirt" ?
harder for youth to. om3a". On the An adult, of course
contrary they are trying to' get No, do not think that I am de-
away from the world of "tricks~ lies, fending youths for their wrongdoing,
shams, strife. and hatred" which I am simply pointing out that the
Older Youth" and those: of his type more guilty ones do not realise that
have created for them. they arg guilty. Guilty, not only
They are trying to be different, because of their self-erected world
running from the lack ,of "truth, of "tricks, lies, shams, strife and
frankness and modesty" pervading thehatred", but also because they despise
adult, almost purposeless world, when we want to escape from that world
S- which is precisely what young people
No, "Qlder Youth", we do not are trying to do when they "do their
"Hate truth, frankness and modesty", own thing". This is why youth seeks
If we do, it is due to the fact that to "Cancel Old Youths, Please". I
these virtues are not there and so sincerely hope he, won't call them
they cannot be loved. Indeed, has IDYOTS in the future; for it isn't
not youth witnessed the adults they who hate "truth, frankness etc."
stealing time and money from their they love them; their slogan: "Peace
employees ? And has not youth seen and Love". They "Own Truth" a little
adults compete against, fight and more than adults I
quarrel with their colleagues? "Oh h 0 Younger Youth", Dominica.

~l1nn~~arn-~z~rrf~: (ii)

CIClvr~o~r Phhn,,ri~nTr 0)7 1Q176