Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 30, 1971.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 30, 1971.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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M .rs. 'une Lowenthal, I af
11brar-.a' 14cflI,
Research Institute for for the `4-0'
the Sttdy of Man, O RESL"a.2H
s6 et 78 Street fCts
6FO2 HE ST J t
Now Yczk 10021, N.Y., 14 kr CF U *3.S.A. 2. 78 STtFfbJ1
Vd. Xil No. 5 salusxr;_y Jftnuw-y 30,.1971 Ten CentA



* qs ~g1 ~rC8s


M r. j o Joc p bodber,
Minister of State at the
Freijm ani)) Co:mmon-
wealth office, will visit
Dominica next Week.

Argffa now
recogeized port
WUqd-r o L)nI"0O, izwamers of tiz.
wm~k;s sWri~ft, hm M~g~
APngaiifla aru anIx~~
&ti,-kg Port, ad 1 is=rrently
lnping a rather of tdw names
h oeaon-going &'*ap Which ceai at
te iefifnd.

Peace (Corps
DtQ. PirCctot of th,
ptearc, Cavrps 11i Ue Eastern
(.:a r bevnn w il iC' thVf r.-
Oj';o at tjhe~ tnd of j
ID! KPenva.

bfore the O"Mi Woer-d

new SchooC

The structure of a new
primary school for Salis-
bury has arrived in
Roseau f r o m Britain.
T h e modern double
story building is expect-,
ed to accommodate 800
children; the cosrt(bout
$300,000) will be
met by the British de.-
velopment programme.

."Jamaicalmiation" for Royal Ban.
The Royal Bank of Canada is to establish a aww Jamaica~n
company to take over all of its barring operations in tb.a
island. As yet un-named, it will have a majority Jamaicai

J2N Dominica, there are two events which caueS
Nearly everybody to down tools : not Church.
Not politics, even. Cricket, of course, and carni-
val. If you are running a business, don't expect
more than part-time services during the peria'-
February 3-6. Some who are notably apathetic in
everyday life will workup a frenzy of excitement
as sports-spectators.
All this week, grundsmen hare been pre-
ptringthe Botanic Gardens for the big
Windwards-Leewards 4-day nmtch against Guys-
na, which starts on Wednesday. The teams willbe
provided with changing rooms and showers, din-
ing facilities and kitchenette, as well as extra seats
for players, scorers and umpires. Bleachers have
gone up for the anticipated crowds.
SWaiting to watch crickt ? -Have a good
time But meanwhile, watch the weather. Rain
is the only thing here that doesn't stop for cricket
or carnival.

House of Assembly
BC SESS i&y Feb. 12



One of the most significant pieces ever to appear in the local press
must surely be Rupert Sorhaindo's contribution "Reflections II" in the
Herald of 16th January. The thing is a minor classic. Rupert is a very
young man, but he exhibits a maturity of mind and felicity of expression
which should be the envy of very many of his seniors. Would to God that
there were more similar young minds to which, with confidence, we could
commit the future!
Rupert Sorhaindo was the Freedom Party candidate for the Vieille
case constituency in the October 26th General Election. Except for the
village of Vieille Case proper, his Labour opponent, Hon.John Royer,beat
him convincingly at all the other polling stations of the constituency,
especially in the remote and isolated areas like Bense, Dos d'Ane and
Paix Bouche. The significance of Rupert's win in Vieille Case should
not be overlooked.
Never was there greater dissimilarity between candidates. Rupert
Sorhaindo is, by any assessment, a brain. He is genuinely interested in
uplifting the mass of the people; is of impeccable public behaviour and
does all he can to raise the prestige of his birthplace, Vieille Case,in
particular and of Dominica in general. Nevertheless, the voters of the
constituency were subjected to what he describes as a "dehumanizing brain-
washing"' to choose by a very substantial majority the Labour candidate.
Manfully, Rupert Sorhaindo has pointed out two persons who, he sys,
were largely instrumental in playing upon the minds of the helpless -people
of the area to mislead them into regarding John Royer as a more adequate
and desirable representative than Rupert Sorhaindo, both of whom are
SVieille Casians. Those two persons are: Mr. Jenner Armour, LL.M., Barris-
ter-at-Law and Solicitor; part-owner of the neighbouring Blenheim Estate,
and Mr. Michael Douglas of Portsmouth, whose father is still held in
esteem by the residents of this constituency.
I was; not aware before Rupert Sorhaindo's disclosure that these two
men had played so prominent a part in the election affair,though I knew-
in general terms that highly capitalist though they be, they conceived
their interest to lie in a (LeBlanc) Labour victory. This is an example
pf something I have stressed in my series "General Election Post Mortem'",
namely, that an hitherto hidden element in the Labour Party -- its
affluent arm -- was forced by circumstances to surface from its depths
when it appearedthat the LeBlanc..Party, and with it, their interests
were in danger.
Rupert Sorhaindo tells us how at John Royer's first public meeting,
the candidate himself spoke for about 3ne minute while Mr. Jenner Armour
occupied the platform for t.wq hours, warning the people that a vote for
Borhaindo would'be vote f6. "8obiE;ageiajgur and Roberts. He did
not, of course, tell them that a-vote for Royer was a vote for Armour and
Armour, for a certain huge firm for well-heeled heirs, for parasitic job-
holders, for favoured Government contractors. Nor that a vote for a
successful John Royer implied a continued stranglehold on the banana in-
dustry by a certain family. Nor that the success of Royer would brin~
nearer to realization the overweening ani barely-concealed sib passion
for power of which, however, this community is keenly aware.
Mr. Michael Douglas, to judge by Sorhaindo's account, is: a. range
personality. Prominent in the LeBlanc Labour Party's campaign (he was
the main speaker in ,their Roseau election eve public meeting), together
with Mr. Jenner Armour,hewas he mainspring of the LeBlanc Party propaganda
machine in the Vieille Case constituency. Admitting publicly that the
candidate of his Party was not remotely to be compared with Rupert Sor-
haindo, he nevertheless spoke on the platform agaijist the 'rich' and the
learned. (Continued on page four)

Saturaayr,January 30,1971


Page-, Two,,

Saturday, January jOj9Z.. THE STAR Page Three
*** U E E N -and C 0- l H 0O N WEALTH; I 0 OT ICE
On Thursday, Princess I-lar aret arr-1 APPLICATION FOR EITLISTMENT INTi~HE OYAL
ived in Barbados to join her hiipband DOiIITICA POLICE FORCE
Lord Snowdon, convalescing a.ftqr a re
cent operation. She will stay there Applications are invited from suitably
for a couple of weeks. *** Princess qualified persons for enlistment as
Alice, the Queen's Great-Auht, :says Police Constables in the Royal Dominica
goodbye to UiI in Trinidad- today. Police Force.
U G A ----- A: PreOt 2. Interested applicants should report
U G AN D A: Prosident CH-it- 'OpOt4
wa deposed by a miit b during for an interview at the office of the
was deposed by a militiy'eSarcoup during
his ab sence in Sinapore- a" ~.miar Chief of Police, Police Headquarters,
his absence in Singapord' a familiar I a, i
event in African politics. He topped Roeau, at 9.0 a.m. on Iednesday 3rd
off in Tanzania, whoer Presidbot Julius February, 1971.
'crere took his side. Obote was hccus- 3. Enlistment on two years pro-
~yprore took his side. Obote was accus-
ed of Communism and too nuch aid from nation, during which period selected
Chinese issapplicants uill undergo a six months
Chinese advisers.
initial training at the Police Training
GODBER IN ST.KITTS: ."- am her B to see School, iHorne Bruce.
if we can make progress n'thb propos- 4. The following qualifications are
als I have put to ar.:8Bra.dhaw," said required:-
the British Ministeir after visiting (a) Age bettreen 18 and 30 jears,
Anguilla; Mr. Arthur Ucatsoh, career (b) iihinum height 5ft 8 inches,
Diplomat,will be Britain's now'Comr- (c) Chest measurement 34 inches,
missioner in Anguilla. (d) eight 140 lb.,
BUITRH. IN INDIA: Pre iser Forbs (e)Educatibn Secondary education,
BURRIAH IN INDIA: Prime' lliri-tor Forboo
Burnham arrived in New Delhi on Jan.28 or Priuary School Leaving Cert-
to confer with P.M. Indira Gandhi of ificato.
India. Applicants with G.C.E. passes in
DOI-NINICA Manufacjturers Aasocijtion approved csbjects will receive
held its 1st meeting ; at Fort Ypung on extra incremental incentives on
January 14. It hopes to naJe- contribu- satisfactory completion of the
tions to the economic welfare .nd dev- initial training, and may be
elopment of the State. TT6CobnC.itte is considered for further training
- IMr Philip Nassi6f,Pros. ,Jr.Cecil overseas. Incremental credit will
Ballot, Vice-Pres., h1. *P.tT.Rolo',Treas. be g-anted at half the normal
and Messrs. Alec Giraud, EIP.: S.hilling- increment rate for each '0' level
ford,- Patrick Rolle & .RS. Faolle. ana one increment each for English
Ir. WJ.OM.Pond of Chhmber of Commerce hd Ihthonatics.
was appointed' Secretary. Applications (f) Succeosful applicants will be
for membership should"go' toLoye Lane, required to undergo a medical ox-
Initial act of the now Assh'. as to aminatibn4 Forms will be supplied
sponfor "Miss Buy Local Quben'for the from the office of the Chief of
fort h coming Carnival celebrations. Police.
A.G .M. of Chamber oI~ Comfocrce: this 5. Salary attached to the post is 32280,
was held on Weds.27th.' IMr. C.A.Maynard $2400 x ISO $3300, but whilst on train
was elected President ; Vice.Prod.-Mr. ing the recruit will receive $150,00
T.E.Coulthard; Soc.-Proe- Mr. J.; N. per month.
Liburd; Treas.-Preo.- Tr. PR.Duiigny ; 6. Lodgin: A c..nces of $360.00 per'
and Committee Memberc are Mesra. L.O. All .ncs of $6 p
Green,P.Nassief and P.Shillin ford. annum will be paid to married constdies
Stress on co-operation with 'G.vorrnment D.H. PHILBERT
in the interests of'thae Statei Customs January.20,- 1971 CHIEF OF POLICE.
service improvement, price control and File No: G16, 738-1/1
shop hours ('.half days'Sats.noj Thurs.) -
waercthe topics raised.
U.S.A. "BLAST-OFF" for Apollo 14 o took place last Sunday at the Methodist
Monn takes place today SATURlDAY.**.* Church: extra chairs had to be found!
C.L...: Bw e The Catholic Pdrish Priest was assisted
CAeTADIAN APwY COLOdIsL: .J. Brown came by Anglican Fr.TyUatt & Supt. Rev.Gordon.
here this week to discuss Canada/Carib- The Asst.Parish PrioestFather Vocel(USA)
bean Cadet Exchange; hold talks with HE gave a splendid honily, using his touch
the Governor, Premier; R.DIF. Officers of humour., Last Sunday was a busy day for
and DGS Cadet Corps personnel, also Sen- the Legion of Mary, which hold its Reunion
ior Civil Servants; touring other States.function at IIarigot well attended.

A N D R 0 C L E S on "TWISTED BY KNAVES..." from Page Two
Mr. Douglas, by the way, is son of Mr. Robert Douglas, nabob of Ports-
mouth, who .has.for some time retired from political life. Of all the con-
temptible propaganda of tjhe JIeBlanc Party, there is none more so than the
attempt to; create ..the belief tat such a Party is the poor man's party.
Noblese. oblige: and wh:ile..we can make some effort to understand
.the mentality of some of the propagandists of the victorious party- 'e-
cause of their several lacks and deprivations, one cannot take such .an.
indulgent view of Messrs. Armour and Douglas in misleading the people
into voting for Royer rather- than SorhaindoJt: should have been their
business to try and discuss issues with the masses in a truthful and
objective way so that gradually the people's minds would be educated.
They could have, if it is possible, justified the condition of the roads
of Dominica; the lack of health facilities and of avenues of employment;
even the very conditions in the constituency to which Rupert Sorhaindo
draws attention. But to have said that Rupert Sorhaindo is D.U.P.P. in
disguise -; that he was the tool of other persons -- to have conveyed
the impression that Rupert said in Roseau that the people of Vieille
%ase are fools because he stated that the LeBlanc Party brainwashes many
of its supporters -- that is twisting the truth, and I would have thought
this unworthy of persons like Mr. Armour and Mr. Douglas because, let us
never forget: it, tol-whom much is' given, much is' expected.

I wrote briefly last week on the banana industry in Dominica and I
return to the subject todayJ'-
There is now a widespread feeling among growers that things are not
What they should be in the industry .and many are turning away from it.
What worries them is that their share of the proceeds of the industry
constitutes a diminishing proportion, and they see frivolous and extrav-
agant use of part proceeds of their sweat and toil in tax and cess; their
prices not-rising but their costs always upwards, mainly through Govern-
ment action; uncertainty of the future, despite assurances from Britain
who will never give up ier ambition to become a member of the European
Economic Community -- her principal national objective at this time --
if she cannot secure special arrangements: for former colonies.
The Dominica peasant is a strange fellow. Without fuss and only
after long suffering, he decides on .& course of action. It appears from
numerous accounts all over Dominica that many growers are in this rebel-
lious and pessimistic frame of mind. One of their 'greatest frustrations
is finding themselves without rehabilitation funds after the many winc-
blows we have experienced during the past twelve months, thanks, to the
policy adopted by the Labour Government inspired Boards of the past sev-
eral, the banana industry is too valuable to-be allowed to pasa
away without a determined effort to put things right. I showed last week~
for example, how the grower is exploited for the benefit of members oa
the Board who, for the most part, are so incompetent that real direction
of the inriustry is through remote control. Growers, especially those of
the South and East, have no one but themselves to blame for this state of
affairs if .they continue to show lack of interest even in membership of
the Banana Association while a small determined group has been allowed to
run -- or run down -- things all this time. When will.the people of
Dominica learn?
"I don 't often enjoy old-fashioned religious articles. However "T=E STATUTORY
CIfISTIAN" '(Dec.24) was a wonderful exception. There was an honesty, an openness,
an exceediggly, non-hypocritical aura about it. The author seemed to understand
why change were being nmdde in traditional Church' rituals, even though he
didn't quite care for them. That is understandable, natural. People don't norm-
ally like .change (there is a fear, an uncertainty involved..)but they should
always be willing to concede it when the majority r oquets it, when the New Age
demons it. If rorQ pQple were like Statutory Christian, there might really bo
much -?cace and uoodwil.. in our world.


Saturaay,Jan~uary 301971

Page Four

SH .' r E STAR ARn I' FigL,

* 42"
S 4r'

,~-. --7

Finest Ra.:.--





? ** .' ,
0'.... -


Law C.ost


tvxcu 7 ~5

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-" ';'~"

"-' ---- r-,.. -4 '

Low Cost'





Medium Range

I Visit us, a'X our free advice you will not -t i:t iti


;i-- At Our 0Vholesale


Departme 't, King

'S -
4* a' 13

2, -

I- '. r"-
.,ic~'; er ,"

w-A J iY. :_ "N f L'S.

r F-111n


S'" .Cto Rico's

.1... .,,
XIi L1

bli -

, -.^

I ~


Geo. V St.


S k, E--I.

Page Six T H E S T A R Saturday,January 30, 1971

From my perch on the IIill, you can Twen't-tiio days left until Iaaqueradel
see the city all aprea-d 'but before you, In the secrecy of drawing-rooms (for in
looking neat and orderly though some- Dominica every little front parlour is
what jumbled. Around you lies the flat called a 'drawing-room'), garages and
expanse of countryside stretching for warehouses, Queeon costumes are taking
miles, ending in the sea on your west shape. Plans for bands and floats are
and' in land and more land everywhere turning oVer in the minds of sponsors and
else. No mountains slashing through organizers. Calypsonians are trying des-
the skies, devouring the blue and in- poratoly to scrounge up something that
producing towering mouhts of luscious sounds like rhythm, and mothers are
green. No! One only sees the magnifi- talking their innocent little daughters
cent skyline. And when I came in that into becoming Carnival Princesseso In
nigh t, I was caught by the dazzling fact, the whole paraphernalia of modern
galaxy of brilliant lig hts below me. Dominica carnival is slowly gaining no-
Then it came rushing to me as the plane mentum and some twenty days from now it
gently touched down, will reach'its climax with a scattering
Yes, I am no longer w'ith you, physi- of delayed, disorganised shows.'-which
cally, that is; for in spirit my pres- everyone will thoroughly enjoy! Disorg-
once is there, In a distant dimension animation' is part of carnivalJ
of the stratosphere many lig ht miles Greek soldiers in sunglasses and smilig
away and far removed from your territ- Zapata bandits will walk (not jump) in
orial limits, my light soul is a-wander-in front of jiudgos. Girls will put on
ing The call of Destiny had to be their best 'bells' and blouses; drugged
answered. Although the night is cloudy, boys, sone with red-silk headbands a-
let it be...Let it be! streaming,' ill curse loudly,.. and cohi
But down here the Do U Oin Thing at- Ash Wednesday mbrning everyone will
mosphere prevails. Just to show you: say: "i-hn that uas a great carnival but
this _guy is a construction worker,see? next year bong" to be twice as good!"
The lunch whistle blows, heo knocks off, Teh' I'm being a bit hard man.' le
goes to the end of the g irder and puts really enjoy ourselves and even though
his lunch box on his thih;h opens the we look through the pages of the Trinidad'
box, takes a sandwich but' ahd b items "Guardian" an'd "Express" to get our ideas,
into it. "Goshdarn!" he says,"peanut there still is c. little originality left.
butter!" an4 down gbo;' the sandwich Many people believe that Trinidad has set
to the street,..He reaches into the a standard of carnival and we should f6l-
box again, bites into another sandwich, low it, but according to legend there was
"Goshdarn!" he says again, "peanut noThing as original as real'i~as'Dominique:
butter!" and down goes the danswich to That spontaneous, unplanned,undirected
the street You don't get' it? But I burst of joviality and powerful human
ain't finish yet..He opens the Third movement that we have left behind forever.
sandwich. This time it's hah. He likes Maybe it's the feeling of status quo or
it and eatp i; all up Opens the fourth a new sense of conscientiousness aiong us,
'Goshdarni" ho says again,' flinging but as 'groovy'"and as 'way out' as people
the' sandwich fdur floors dobi' to the clain to e nhoadays, carnival is"-very
street. Well therers another worker reserved compared with former years. I
sitting on'a. girder just a bit below tell you when those people got on the
this fellow. 'He looks"down and says, road with "joi poco ouvert nous doorss"
"Say fellow,, I been watching you with there was no s'tpping them till "anou all?
dem sandwishe'." a kai nama-nous." on Ash Wednesday morning.
"So wh-at?" the 'first guy says. LIGHTE'SIDE: not staring dd-
"You married?" the second guy asks. "You're.not staring dead-
"Yes, I'm married." panned, are you?...You still don't get it,
The other shakes" his head. "Howlong'you say..."' That's not funny. That's a
have ya been married?" tragedy'? So that's what you think?
"Ten years," the first guy says. Use your brain man: he made the sand-
"And your wife still don't know what wiches HIMSELF!
kinda sandwich you lik?" There's a cool breeze blowing: it is
The first guy points his finger up night. 'hi afternoon the sky opened and
at the guy above him and yells:"Listen, rain poured own, to the people's relief.
you ---, leave my wife out of this. I Then it stopped, in 2 min.30 seconds. And
made those goshdarn sanwiches myself'" Then it ryonen searing and sweating.
everyone began swearing and swracting.

-5. Cruicksh ,nk ably read the fr :mcn div .
iy Dr. Martin L3thsr Kmgs bfe .- e -!-c dj I .C
at th UCasty GC .-'-- (S'-iA) 'b ir-c. .
"'Evpry -l i .* :,, I '' 1 '
we all tin ;-k r>-alisti-cauly abcot that w ,i ,. ., -
victimized :wit what js i:fe's final cor,:i..,,a :r :rci.c,i :1.:-
that sointhing we caii death," King .--.l' n -n! .!'.ai
s r onC o n.
"We anl think about it, and every n r. .. r ;l iti,
about miy own drath anr I think al-..-u' **.:, ,, rn,
"If any of you are ;acund when '. .v '-, -. ,. ,
I don't 'af! a onsg funeral. And iu 1,' j ; ., ', .
deiive-r the eulog-y tefi himn nut to talk ..-- ..,. ,
now and then I wonder what I want .;r..; 'u .'- -ii :.. '
not to merition ,hat I have a obel P, .. -i ; ..- i ,.
important. Tll hiun nut to mention i -i...- 3,. a; 4,q
other awa.rd---thiat's, nut imp.orlnnt. -"P 1.. .,
tion where I wcnt to school.
"I'd like somebody to mention Lha, ,ic-r MNi ,,"it I.i.l:!r i
King Jr. tried to givi his life serving others. I d li.e. for
soebot,,y to sa.y ; day that Mart:n Luther King Jr.
tried to love somebody.
"I want you to say i.hat day that I tried to be right and
to walk wiit them. I want you to be able to say that day
that i did try to feed the hungry. I want you to be able to
say that day t hat I did try i may lif tx, visit those who were
ir prison. And I want you lo say that I tried to love and
serve hrmaniity.
"Yes, if you want to, say .h at I was a drum major. Say
t.ihat I was a drum nia. or for justice. S-a- thatt I was a drnunm
major for peaj.e. I was a dram major for righteousness.
'-And all o' the other shallow~ things wih not matter.
: won't have any money to leave bur.iln. I won't have
the fine and luxtu'ious thir;i:s ;.f ife to leave behin-,d Bu. i T
iust want to -. >,ve a conulin:t.ed l.e,. behind."

le Saske ard tihe Fatnerr., ean

SA egenJd frunm d 4 ia4

(.NCE upon a time there li-
ved a farmer. He laboured
. dte livelong day on Is fa .rm
wVh.ich yeidcdehim practically
little. But the farmer was very
pious and still nourished hopes
on his farming.
Oneday,during the long hot
steaming summer, the farmer
fell.bone weary and thought he
would have a siesta under the
cool shade of a vast banann tree.
When he woke up, completely
relax-i, ruling his eyes, he
saw a terrific sight. Lo! There
a little far away was a cobra,
crawling in front of an anthill
flourishing its sprawling hood.
The farmer looked at the cobra
with awe and devotion.
"God has at last sent to me
bis messaaiger, the Nagaraja.
rthe erpcnt-g':d. How ? G'cgot
him, my patron deity all these
days, mont-s and years. No
wncder my farm gives me very
little. At least from now on, I
should propitiate him as best as
I can." .he fairn.'-r made up hi b

He fetched a saucer of mi!k
and served his N ;garaja. That
day the farmer had a re:-tful and
pieaeful sleep.
The next morning when he
came ba'sk to the farm to take
back the saucer, he saw a goild
coin glittering on it. He was
too overwhelmed. He went to
the ant billeveryday and offlred
milk to the snake-god, receiving
a gold coin in exchange.
One day the farmer, having
some urgent business, instruct-
ed his son to give milk to the
snake daily.
The son took the milk there,
left the saucer before the ant-
hill and went back home.
The next day lie saw a gold
coin shimmering on the saucer
inthebroad daylight Sudden-
ly some wicked thought crossed
his mind.
""! .m *;ure this antuili is
fullof gold coins. Why bother
oneself by feeding the snake
daily? I will kill tiis cobra
and get all the gold coins."


Ai iri: tour -'eat ;aces of
rrdanknd, the Ausirato-d, the
[-iu(poid t ihe Mongoloid and
the Nr.9ou arT irepresen;ed in
India. Most Indians are of rmxed
race. Among them are adhe-
tents o! netriy all religions-
-indus, Muslims, Christiins
BuiJdhias. JewsA Sikhs, Parsis.
Jains and others
The next day while offering
the milk, the boy struck the
snake on the head with a cudgel.
But Fate had willed it other-
wise; the snake did not die.
Instead, the snake became in-
dignant and bit the boy so
fiercely that he died instaptane-
When the father received the
sad news of his son's death, Ihe
could do little. He knew his
soni had paid a dear price Jor
avarice and ungratefulness. 01

k 2


fs "-i ULI rni..-,(i.tttuid ia
*s tr<: I tjhe i -v hrh- .
: :' .,'. i i i;i.n i: i'. is th

frri t a -,s. t r y,' ra
V'te 1'i '..\ I i '.a ir n"'

s.. re t'ions l. ot f ** rac .n'

iiead neci a.n tihe shold.t, s.
rc're is alst a ruf.. of hahr oi.
,, 'L[ ,._.; T ,if ?i, .*,'.^.. '-ot :*-, *
:e ci'1 i : r "'- b .,'"" '
frroii a busn hv a L-acful
st'alk. ,ions aook feroa:iohs
with tic pio'se mane on the
head, neck and the shoulders.
There is also a tuft uf hair o0
the :ail. The usual colour is ye-
ilowish gray. In size the
only equalled or excelled by
the tiger; it mnay measurrc
10 f, from nose to the tip of
the tail.
The movement of the liou
is always agile and quick. Over
a short ditrance they can
gailop very rapidly. They are
albs known to juirp big obs'a-
clcs. carrying a goa: or o:her
prey' i their tmou h. Tiheir
strength is thus phenomenal.
The principal food of :he
lion consists of buffaloes,
antelopes, ze-brus and gitaffes.
In cultivated areas they freq-

A Dynamic

Abot 82 per cent of the
people live in 567.338 villages
and the rest in 2.700 towns atri
cites, which include some of
the world's largest like Ciacuai'
and Bombay. Cities like Delhi,
Madras, Bangalore. Hyecerabad
and Ahmedabad hive a pop-.
lation of more than a milnon

The Constitunon recomnses
15 majot languages. Hindi i.
the official language of Ih .
Union, But English contirnue:-
to be used int addition for certain
cffic.a! purposes. The bound;i.
ties of the States have bee"j,
drawn largely on the basis t<,
the major lariguagq s

A dtstinclive idt re of 'it'
Indian Con;t!Lutiof :s that a
emb)hdies s'verti Fund;rmer.ia
Rights ,which ae eif-iorcea-i;,
by Courts

CPag Seven

ailsn longer -acti-, m


4Ve ,. :

ough to kill wild creatures.
It is usually the lontess
which works as the breadwi.
ner in the family. Toward.
sunset the pride of lionecs-s
snarling and roaring,
through ote jungles in earcht
of prey. Creeping forward -e r
a few vards at a tiu e ts
move into strikngr distance
then leap to the kill.
Meanwhile, the miirres
males. remain orn the side hit
shunning work-until it iS iad'-t.
to appropria e f he Toices:
ptrgion. The female sea

next, the cubs get the scri`n

s,-ola Eigag~at $ftt~. ln-rh.7y.-~ JA-W.brv t ,'


0 OPe) YOUR?

SeaUse ymou have ade a ci-i:!
3 nMo are a tl mafion ", a "Weight
a big boy among your friends

Sl, MRT, /01


| "Any fool can make a dcdild
But t tas a R B A L man
| (or woman) to PE-VN'T one".

2You cam he e lover sad s11l remmFn m -
mom oves s a UaWth erj

"i,- A." '" i.;" :"C

The second issue of Treasury Bils, and the siest
pubbc isze- made, closed. on rdr-n. x ithj arura-,
at an ave-age discunt rate of Iz.8. per cent, Tri..
represrts an annual interest rate of 7.7 per cent
The tocdal anont rendered sto(.d at $958.000
against a ~tol amount offered in the sum Iof

Notice of axther issue will be punished
in d CY osSc. I

f-7T19 iI5, TM6-I

FimacUial Secre&ary.

Post O %ffct otice
TETE r;.:.,'r'- .
It is v~" &t : genera .T-r.- that with
effect from F:.- 29th Jan.u., 1971 ulth, "-. .1
Agncry at. Tere Mnt.,rZ wii be uw:ans-is to t he
,.,'nc-: ofMr. .Lavwr-cnce Watt of Tchte
who will be the PosWal '.S.

C&eW 15Y Gf4.. 735,-.
CBe au:.a &W, 9k71

~~:~~s m~*~-l~ o ~ e~- ~s --af '-A-.~


We have just received a


consignment of

and the following Fertilizers and Non-ToxT: Pesicides :

Gi PTim B & Bl od erdWizer 7 lb.
,, Garden Fetilize'r 7 lb.
St,, Fruit Tree Fertilish 7 ib.
, ~. Roe Tree Fertitber 7 lb.
, ,, Sulphate of Ammonia 7 lb.
S Sa, ace of Po:.h 7 ib.
STosrato Fatilizr 7 Ib.
a, 7 1.
0)~ Pe tkF~~ib b

bag 1.60
bag -1.80
bag -160
bag .1.7TS
bag 4.00
bag -a.1o
^g- 'aq
*^~ "1,^.

erNis D.,U, -' Package C
S4 A ,, ?,A'
3t 4et -. '-.

Rose Dust Squeeze 2.:.;ge
Rose Spray 4-oz.
Slug Killer
Tomato Spray
Tomia.o Dust
Fruoi Tree Spry

-,g L7~
-A C?'-'




Jsvn.rwat7 ra4 ftBcaBKllB


sl~a~Flplr~sisr;xnDa~nurrr M*CPUEYCI~FIC

~.'4 ~BR

S&tyriiiF i taans"


125- 1'.-:



Saturday, January 30, 1971 THE S T A R Page Nine

-' .: a I C E


Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for Commonwealth
Scholarships Australian Awards tenable in Australia in March, 1972.
2. ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must normally be candidates who are or who will
be graduates by March, 1972. Applications will also be considered from persons
without a degree who wish-to take escourse of study- in Australia, provided that
such a course of study is, normally, not offered at the- University of the
West Indies.
It should be clearly noted that the minimum qualification required of such
applicants for undergraduate awards is as follows:--
(a) Passes ih 5 subjects of which at least 2 must be at Advanced
level or.. equivalent; OR
(b) Passes'ih 4 subjects of which at least 3 must be at Advanced
level or equivalent.
Al.o included in such qualification must be at least a G.C.E.
"0" level. Rass in. English language.
The subjects required should be related tp the field of study which the
applicant intend to pursue.
3. AGE LIMIT: Not ::cboding twenty-eight (28) years of age by- March slt,
1972; 'but in s-ecial circumstances this a;e limit may be raised.
4. FIELDS OF STJUDY: The bchplrships are available primarily for post..
graduate study and research, but may also be srbnted for courses of under-
graduate study on the conditions detailed at (2). above..
Priority of consideration will be given to ap-licanto seeking qualification
in the fields listed below:.-
Medicine; Building and Construction (for teaching posts);
Motor Mechanic- (for teaching posts);v Civil Engineering;"
Veterinary Surgery'; Forestry (B.Sc.); Industrial Chemistry.
Successful applicants will be required to enter into a
bond to serve the Gbvernhnnt of Dominica for a specified period on completion
of their course of studios.
6. .CLOSING DA: ..All Cpplications should reach the- Secretary,'Public Service
Commission, Government-House, Rosoeu, not later than 26th February, 1971.-
S If nominations rehch Australia sufficiently early this year, in some
cases it may be possible to arrange for successful applicants to commence Dost-
graduate studies in the latter part of 1971,
Further particulars may ber .obtained .from the Education Division of
the Ministry of Education c.nd "Health, Roseau,
P.S.C. 5/5, G.10,.732-1/2.
18th January, 1971,


Page Ten


Saturday January 30. 1971


One Ford D Series 5-ton


in excellent condition

I Contact:

I o

It s notified for General Information that at
meeting of the Roseau Town Council held on ite
20th January 1971, the Valuation list of Properties
within the Municipality was revised and accepted
by Council.
The list is published in the Official Gazette
and this Newspaper.
Copies can also be seen at the office of the
'Roseau Town Council.
Town Clerk.
mas87 ~9j

Schedule of Application for Certtff;zte of Title -and Notingy
thereon and Caveats for week endlng3rd 416y of january. i971.
DK* Kequiested Person Pre sarttngi Nature of request
wherher a CertiFcate
of Title of Norting
& thereon or Caveat.

Rct"et1 dated the Moses RAphael Requmat for the tsatm
28th day of Dec. of a First Certifcamte of
1970. by his Solieitor Titth: in respect of am
Prt~ented the t21 p1-tm" "r!a-4 '.:'-cd.
ej%- o*' .Lan.. 197i. Vaanya Dupigny mt Fond Baron, ?n the
at 3.00 p.m. Parash of St.Gcorp cow-
tairwng 2429 sq. ft. andf
be-unded si follows ,-
On the North-West by land of George Hill. On thi' North-
East by land of George Hill On the South.East by land of
Ge**e HIl. On the South-West by ton fet of land along the
Public.Road reserved By Gtorge Hill.
Registrar's Office, SYLVIA J. BERTRAND., :a
R ooseaua, Dominii:a. 971 Raepitrar of Tities. j*

NOTE: Any p. rson who desires to object to the issuing of a
Certificate of title on th-. ablovci apphica.on may enter a Caveat
in the above office whij1 six wevks from the date of the First-
app.'5arance of thi's schedule mi ti STAR Newspaper published
in this State or from the date when the notice prescribed by
law was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
)and in respect of which the application is made.

Delivery Roseau $5.00
Country Post $;.00
to any address in world :
$7.60 EC (U. S. $4.00)

Ansnual Subacriptiatt
U K. 3. 15s.
Africa 6. 10s.
U. S. A..$8.00 U. S.
Canadu $8.00 Can.
B, W. i, $8.12 E.C..


SDue to the rising costs .of operation of our business, -h- high bank interest rates, Nationrs
Provident Fund, increased salaries etc., and the expenses incurred in collecting credit accounts
S coupled to the general dilatoriness of debtors in paying their acccounts, the Directors of this
Company have decided to change the basis of our operations to CASH ON DELIVERY only,
and we shall not operate any personal credit accounts as from ist February 1971.

This policy will not apply to Commercial houses, banks, Government departments and
other companies and organizations in good sitandig.

As a result of the change of policy, we shall be in a position to offer customers many items at
reduced prices, and the non-enjoyment of credit facilities will, to a great extent, be offset by
substantial savings which will accrue by purchasig your supplies fiom us.

We shall do our best to serve you well at all tie=s


___a_________ -- ,


"' X



baturmay, Janruary 3L). 1971

Hydraulic JAC
:.. -



v & Rerjnould,
S* ,. r ,*,.T s








*4 -d~ r .-i~-ap_~i ~ ____________________________~l~ Cr~ .T-Y

jApplications are invited for the following posts on the Establishment of this
SBoxing P1lnt Supervisor Marigot Boxing Plant
'1 Boaing Plant Supervisor Wesley Bosing Plant.
Bfoiag Plant Supervisors should have experience in agriculture and the control of
F The principle duties of the post are:-
1. Recruitmeat and supervision of workers at the Plant and Collection Units.
2. Fruit Quality Control in the Boxing Zone.
3. Preparation of the Proaduction Latimate of the Boxi-g Zone, wage lists, costings
1 of operation, etc.
4. C-oatrol of tr-.-nsportation of stem fruit to the ~xBing Plant and boxed fruit to
S the Reception Stations.
5. naintenanae of adequate stocks of stores and materials used at the Boaing FJant
and Collection Units.
6. Sanitation at Bozing Plant and Collection Units.
7. ensuring the proper maintenance of buildings and equipment.
A Supervisor may be required to take charge of more than one Plant with its Coll-
Aection Units.
SALdY: The salary of the post is in the range $200-S240 per month. The point of
entry will depend on the successful applicant's experience.
SApplications should be addressed to the General Menacer of the Association and
should reach this Office not later than Monday, lot February, 1971.

'4th Jdnar:ry, 1971

-~ -'-

General Manager

-~n r f .aa
;paaaffltta" aiMUtd~a- f eaY a a-iw^^ -^^awb *iSii.^.r.B'" *-w.
LItT ^I ^ iHP fi rli) B lm' llli<1'1Jjliiir1111*>11ir Il iii n lin n ul 11 W~ XK IV~

Page Eleven


" ,, :.:- 1. *.-

forquality K-

and value *

-'.'*- "^ : v a
.. -. '- .: .- *

T- a la tie
e .W. IC .._.'f P-. .'f.ine q

:'* -- .i2a
S"-. e't "p', -- t "- :* -. -- r -
range -f-P.-h- ,.. ;..' Th e '" -s-am g pes gr. .

i-nes. '.i: 'couns or V ... tin qua i.
B- ,--:u k *,._: .. %a b o d jix'..

ies. Whch accounts for VPs fine quality :

Buy a bottle today ivr-,l s

Page Twelve T H-E S T A R Saturday,January 30,1971
**:S ^*T* =sP* :*Ry' ': VDOMiIN'CALi fbRED CROSS SOCIETY
UindwardsLeeward Lose--Miss Elizabeth Iareo, Director, Ovorsea
indwards/ Leewards Los _-.I,. Dept, BRCS, and Iiso Nancy Gibson, Field
After their nine wickets defeat by Officer,Caribbean, visited Dominica from
Bar~dos in St. Lucia, the Cohbined Is. Tues.26th Fri.29th, to see the work of
took on Trinidad at Qucns IPark and the Dominica Brahch. 1iss NTares saw the
again failed to show their worth -- tlty now HQ on Foeration Drive,meeting Exec-
were scuttled out for a nmeogro 98 with- utive & VAD '*Matbors. At 6.30 Tues. sh6
Slipper Harris top-scorihg-with an un- was guest at a Government House party.
defeated 35. Bernard Julice was the On Weds, the roup travelled to La Plaine
main wicket-taker for Trinidd.c'uith 3 to attend a Junior Members onrblneint.
for 6: also O.Bartholonou 2/14, Charlie Thursday'was devoted to visiting H.E.the
Davis 2/17 and J.P.Bartholobno 2/8, Governor, Govt.lihistors and Junior Enrol-
Despite a poor showing at-the wicket mont of St.rlartins C: C.H.S. Links at 0CS.
the Islands fought back gallantly in The Red Cross visitors then left for St.
the field, having Trihiaad stDruggling Vincent on Friday.
at 72 for 4, but some spirited batting
by Bryan Davis (tppscore 72) and Rich, L'AUDIENCE- IN TIE CRIMINAL COURT
ard do Souza (61) helped Trihidad amass Last week's snc-ibh continued with the
a total of 257. Young' left-arn spinner sad and sordid caos of a teenage girl who'
Willet restricted the Gcore with inmac- was assaulted at Citroniore by five youths

ulate figures of 2 for 36 in 30 overs, and raped. Four youth received sentenc-es
with liorbert Phillip bagging 4 for 49 of two years inprisonnmnt age range 16-
in a brilliant 19 overs. 22 years. One wnas put on 2 years probation.
i7hen the Islands batted again, they *Calabash Restaurant Manager Alfred Magloir-
lost Alfred early, but Sargeant' and was acquitted of'a manslaughter charge by
Anory carried the score to 59 before majority verdict, for the shooting of 24-
the rot set in. Anory made a fine 42 year-old Raleigh Leblqnc last Septeiber.**
(6 fours) and Warringtoii dcne in as 2nd The second rape case for the week was
day nightwalichman but poor n~arrington called oh Thursday: a man of 26 assaulted
went at 59/3-leaving still a deficit .a 68-year-old woman. ie was also sentenced
of 159 at stumps. for wounding sentences to run concurrently
Resuning on the third day, Sar.eant ST. GEORGE'S CHURCH, R 0 S E Ar U
and ifillot saw the score to 94 but the *S E R V I C E' S
latter was run-out for 21. Sergeant SUNDAY Jan.31st MasS 7.30, 9.0 a.
scored 30, Irving Shillinb;ford 21,and Evensong
Hector again failed to get off the. TUESDAZL Presentation of Christ in the
mark -- 145 for 7 at lunch. After that Temple: Iss 6.30"a.a. and 7.30 p.m.
the tail crumbled to finish 155 allout. WEDNESDAY-* Ms 5.301 a.m.
Dnly 4 more reruns needed to make Trini- THURSDAY M- 6.30 a.m.
dad bat again. Bowlers: liorioga 4/28, FRIDAY:" I4M.a 5.30 a.m.
Julicn 3/56. SATURDAY : 'Ma ss 7.00 a.m.
EPIPHANY IV, SUITDY Mass 7.36 am & 9.0 am.
iText week, starting- on Wednesday, the .Evenong 7.15 p.,
Islands come up against the night of -
Guyana under their Captain RoHan Kanh aIDflBAY ViLLcca COU L: uccessful can-
Stars-include Basil Butcher, Lance didatos were "-IIr. Joseph Alcondoriir.How-
Gibb, .Steve Camacho, Roy Fredericks, ell Warringtoh; 1r. NTewton Francis; Mr.
Philbert Blair, Clive Lloj-d and Alvin -David Xavier and I1r. Iitchel Roberts.
Kalich aran. The Islands should definit-EVANGELIST Rov. '1brton Dorsey of U,S.A.,
oly settle _down to a big score in the on a W.I..visit, will be guest speaker at
small grounds of the Botanic Gardens. a rally at Goodwtill Junior High School on
Combined Islands may nml-e one change to Sunday 31st Jan, and will hold eveoieclistic
their team by finding a replacement services at the Christian Union Miscbnon
for Auckland Hector whose' performances Church, Roseau, till 7th February.- He is
have so far been disappointing. Ile hope a writer and past-President of the Nationa.:'
La-ocque will get the chance. Holiness Association of America.
LTHIdLETICar: hern -G es ,Printed'& Published by R.E.Allfrey'of St.
Tiongaster Monday -Ca orp rnil l es Aroment, Doninica,'at 26 Bath Road, Rosea,
Theional Youth Camp ll ld ts DOiIITIC, nest Indies.
Annual Hoot at Camp Londonderry Apr.12,