Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 16, 1971.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). January 16, 1971.
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SJane a
Research Institute ;ot
the Study of Man/
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y.,
.5U.S.A.* W.I.
0OS/5 ,-
Vol. XII No. 3

Saturday January 16,197'-

Christian Council of Dominica
. .. Academy Gr~ound is to mark the a opcinm of thm
Week of Prayer for Christian UnitS. This was de-
cided at a recent meeting of the Christian Council /
of Dominica presided over by its Chairman, i-Hi
Lordship Bishop Boghaert.
The theme for the week is to be Every Man is
my Brother". The service, on Monday 18th Jants
ary, at 7 00 pm will include modern hymns and
readings, and an offering will be taken cp towards
the worship for the blind. Should the day prove
wet, the service would be in the cathedral A simi-
lar service will be held at Portsmouth, in the Method.
ist Church on Sunday, 24th January at 7.15 p m,
Other features planned for the week se a radio
talk by Bishop Boghaert and a broadcast panel dis.
Cussion to be mo*ated by Mr. Charrl Mayoas d
l 4 11 I IIIII I I I "



TIt is a shocking business, a real catastrophe"
said M. Lanier, President of the French Line,
when he heard of the total loss of the 20,ooo-ton
cruise ship SS Antilles on a reef near the Grena-
dine island of Mustique last weekend. The huge
ship tried to navigate the channel between Bequia
and Musique despite radio warnings from a light
plane piloted by a Mustique landowner and warn.
ings from small craft. At four in the afternoon,
she struck a reef with a shock Islanders waded
out to meet life-rafts and all the passengers and
some crew were evacuated either to Bequia or
Mustique. Soon after darkness fell fire broke out
in the engine-room and by the next morning the
pride of the French Line was just a burnt-out
hulk lying on its side --- a total loss. Most of the
650 passengers and crew were later taken aboard
the Queen Elizabeth II, which was standing by,
and disembarke4 in Barbados.

Ten Cect~t

who wiFth his wife a~ad
yount daughter escaped
death when two incen-
diary-type bo m b de-
stroyed part of his house
this week; be -1 the
British Labour Minister
whose Industrial policy
has thrown many
workers into a rage.


.. .. .. . .
Village Cricket Teams wishing to take part in the
1971 villa f Cricket Tournament, under the aaupici.
: of D. A. S. A. are asked to register with the sofea
ss, Emeral Hillside Estatas, at 14 King aiGerI V
Street Roseau (Tel: 2781), on or before SlE .
23rd January, 8171.

Meanwhit the Mustique landowner wtie ha
tried to stop the Antilles, Mr. Money-Coutts, had
put a notice on the eteck Prooerty of the Mus-
tique Development Co. Ltd." Later two French
ffieers few in from Martinique and placed the
French Tricolour Flag on the wreck. Our pictmr
shows the Antilles leaving Guadeloupe: she wil
not, alas, be seen at Poine-a-Pitr-api.
... .. :,.:

.2 4---

* MA
r -'

?srrrp ~ *l~~r ,-b~LdL; -YL~Z

-~ ~ ~ ~ 2 .. ~- --


* -" ,-T


-Llii~LTtm Cu 'u

On Jan. 7 Dominica.boa~
Staff-Sergeant Alk
Bunting, 24, son of i
Wm. Boating of Emrshal
came under small arui
fire by hostileforces, 4a
while on active combat ;
was hit in abdomen iZad
chest with damage to kWI
sey and colon. Aai&a
many friends hbre wirt
besad t arn that h is
on the "serious
condition" list in ths
main military hoepitan
of Vietnam -a cause for
; grave concern; but he i
:not necessarily in i~Wat
sent danger.
We send best wishe
for a sound recevefy.

The Gen, Sec. of the
T.UC. joined in national
expr.esionr of horror ad
,*sM.'** ,. *




Page TwoTHE T.A Satrda, Jauar 16,197

On all sides we see a serious lack of discipline in this country.
At times one wonders whether we can make any headway as a people with
such a disorganized outlook so widespread. More than that, one is in-
clined to question whether the :condition of progress with some commun-
ities is not the continued overlordship of foreign rulers. Some societies,
left to themselves, quickly revert to seed.
I would regard-self-discipline as a system of inner constraint, the
operative word in this definition being "inner" since constraint may
come from within or be imposed from without. Naturally, inner constraint
is a superior force to external compulsion.
The essential function of discipline is the maintenance.and preserv-
ation of order. It can easily be seen that unless there is order in a
community, life and living is bound to become, in the words of Hobbes,
"solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short."
Short, indeed. For we can imagine a state of affairs in which, for
example, som .drivers choose to drive on the right side of the road and
others on thk left. Literally, in such a community, life would be short.
So in a. disciplined community it being decided by legislative consensus
that driving should be on the left side, for example, one expects that
apart from the occasional odd deviate, all driving will take place
on the left side of roads:. If some drive left and others drive right, we
are in a thoroughly undisciplined and, one may add, disorganized community
where, apart from being short, life is constantly nasty and brutish.
I have taken an extreme example. But consider stop signs and speed
limits. Exactly the same reasoning applies. Is it not common daily occur-'
rence in Dominica for many drivers to disregard stop signs and exceed
'speed limits laid down by law? It is only recently that I had to swerve
sharply to avoid colliding with another vehicle coming in from a side
street without .stopping on the line when it was clear that I had the
right of passage. Most drivers in Dominica would think this a joke or at
least something not to be noticed. I glared on this delinquent driver
only to be asked by him whether I was scared. You see the kind of mental -
disorganization produced by a lack of discipline.
On the same theme, consider the speeding which takes place on Roseau
streets and other built-up areas. It is not a question of occasional
deviates, but a regular and widespread practice. What makes the practice
so widespread is that those whbse paid job and business it is to stop
such a dangerous nuisance do nothing about it and are themselves often
guilty, so that in this matter a system of indiscipline is built up and
it is difficult to know whether you are coming or going,
Have you ever noticed Dominicans in a queue? Under certain circum-
stances, a queue is the only practicable method of ensuring fairness of
treatment when there is a continual flow of persons to be served. Watch
a Dominica queue at a bank, Government office, shops., or even around
confessionals. Last comers, despite the evidence of others before them,
slip in at the head of the queue. If this happens in what used to be
the fish market, rows and fights ensue. In other more respectable Venues,
jostling and suppressed rage are the consequences of such indiscipline.
Now compare this with the English system of queueing where everyone
realises and accepts that on late arrival his place is at the bottom of
the queue.
In former times when individuals in their relationship with the pub-
lic exhibited lack of self-discipline, they were made to feel by the use
of the inferior type of discipline, namely, constraints external to them-
selves, that life cannot properly be lived in an atmosphere of indis-
cipline. Today, to a large extent, we have neither one type nor the
other, and so anything does.
(Continued on page four)


Saturday, January 16, 1971

Page Two

Saturday, January 16, 1971 T HE S T A R Page Three
Princess Alice Countess of Athlone

will perform her last official duties
as Chancellor of the Unieorsity of the
West Indies on January 30, when she
receives some 200 graduates (in agric-
ulture, engineering, the arts and
sciences) at St. Augustine. Both Prin-
cess Alice and Trinidad Prime linistor
Dr. Eric Williams announced their
resignations recently. ":'*:********
The Marchioness of d6ading,mother
of Lady Jacqueline Rufus Isaacs,denied
that her daughter was romantically in-
volved with Lord Snowdon. She said:
"This rumour is so very horrible...itb
quite mad for anyone to think such a
MINISTER OF STATE Joseph Godbor will
visit British Caribbean territories,
including Dominica, later this month,
returning to Britain on February 2. **

SINGAPORE: British Prime Iinister
Heath said in answer to verbal thrusts
that Britain intends to remain in the
Commonwealth and that there were no
rules to expel her.
MOITTSERRAT's new Ex.-Co. comprises:-
Chief Minister Austin Bramble; Soc-
ial Services, Mrs. hary Tuitt; Agric-
ulture, Trade & Housing J. Osborne.
Special duties with Comm,& Works -
Eustace Dyer; Nominated M-eber -John
Kelsick, barrister-at-law.

"Say, who is the little old lady
That gave in her resignation?"
"Well, she's only a Royal Auntie -
No need to create a sensation."
"But didn't she raise plenty money
For the .W.I. foundation
In the hope w~e would all be students
Of a groat West Indies nation?"
"Man, the times aie now too trendy
To be bothoring"with Aunt Alice,
So forget that ie owe her anything --
She can got-a reward at the Palace."
"Well, I love the Royal Auntie,
And I hate your talking so callous.
I prefer the"Royal- Ex-Chancellor'
To professor- of hate and malice...
"And who is that little short Doctor
Who says'we must have A-level?,
"Oh hets only Doc'Eric Williams --
In his youth he was quite a devil,
Remember his famous history book
'To can-~'orhando from Seville?'
Now hea' only an Uncle Tom character
In a great big-carnival revel."
"And what kind of character are you?"'
"I'm a gem of O-level power.
I see a nation in a grain of sand
And eternity in a dark flower.
I want to chang-"U.W.I. before
The ;lock strikes another hour;
And unties and Ulcles will have no
In my campus Ebeapy Tower. "


The following sections of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Ordinance Cap.
200 of the Revised Laws of Dominica 1961, are hereby published for the inform-
ation of owners of iotor Vehicles:-
Section 10 (1)
The registration of a notor vehicle shall remain valid so long as the vehicle
is kept in use, and shall only be cancelled if the traffic commissioner is
satisfied that the vehicle has been destroyed or rendered permanently un-
serviceable or has boen permanently removed from the State, or if it has not
been re-licensed for three consecutive years.
Section 10 (2)
The owner of any motor vehicle which has been destroyed or rendered oerman-
ontly unserviceable or has been permanently removed from the State shall
notify the traffic conmissi6nor in writing of such fact within one month of
the happening of such event.
File lo: H11/36/35'
Date : 7th January, 1971
G.7 718-1/1


(fr. paae ) Even in the other islands around us we have a reputation
for lack of discipline, a state of affairs which even from the stand-
point of other West Indians is not regarded as covered by the Dominican
ploy of indiscriminate camaraderie.
I would find it strange if discipline were not an ingredient in
substantial economic progress. I cannot conceive of the sacrifices,
abstentions and foregoings inevitably associated with progress being
freely undertaken in an undisciplined community. So that, in this view,
discipline like capital, markets and law and order is a prerequisite
for economic advance in the same way that it is for social development.
The copying has begun. As was well expected, the ruling Party i now
adopting the ideas which the Opposition Party made the basis of its de-
clared policy in the period preceding the recent General Election.
The Freedom Party had been in existence for only 2 years before the
October General Election; the Government had been in power for 10 years.
Yet, it is only after the Manifesto and Policy Statements issued by the
Opposition Party that the Government is now turning its attention to
the .measures outlined and proposed. All at once -we are hearing of
Government interest in those steps which Freedom had offered the elect-
orate. Let us enumerate some of them and at the same time ask the ques-
tion: why over these 10 years had the Government made no attempt at
bringing them into being, but is doing so within three months of the
Freedom Party's. manifesto?
Last week we heard of ministerial discussion with representatives of
the business community on the subject of reducing the selling price of
drugs and certain essential foodstuffs. The whole island heard this pro-
'posal from Freedom during 1970.
A team of experts on agricultural credit has been brought to Domin-
ica soon after the Election. A system of agricultural credit was one of
the priorities promised by the Freedom Party, as everyone knows.
Tourism. The Government has now brought in a firm of consultants on
tourism. The Freedom Party was plumping for tourism as an industry in
Dominica to offset the dangers which it saw- was building up for bananas
even while the Government was saying that it foresaw no future for tourism
in Dominica. in the near future.
I have already dealt ad nauseam with the enfranchisement of the 18-
year-olds: and the whole of Dominica knows that this step was Freedom
Party policy consistently in the face of determined Government opposition.
Yet this is to become law in the very near future.
The investment climate has been the preoccupation of the Freedom
Party in order to stimulate investment. While the Government does not
yet appear to want to go as far as the Opposition in this matter, it is
now calling upon the business and financial sector for co-operation,
whereas in September and October it was vilifying the very persons who
comprise this sector. At this point it is pertinent to mention that had
Freedom won the recent General Election, by now investment both local
and foreign to the tune of millions of dollars would already have
been under way.
Technical Education. This was one of the earliest proposals made by
the Opposition Party to serve as a basis for future industrialization
efforts. Just recently we heard about the proposed establishment of a
Technical College.
The Freedom Party had proposed an institution, modern in concept,
for dealing with juvenile delinquency. The Government, hoping to catch
votes:, announced just before the Election that it was setting up such an
institution (though limited in scope) at Mount St. Mary's. The Election
is over and so, too, talk or action in this matter.
(Concluded on page 5)

THE STAR, Saturday, Jan. 16,1971


, Saturday. JMauafry 1<,, 'P! ''. T

"a*- sld e OppXsmtio P-k r rhy
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Dr' : ?.-* clii- st i th ei r covicjion t)hat Domi-
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e AI

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C' -^^ L

(~?g Ct.

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~~ iwmpegrsna~~w; owD --a~

for quality

and value

,> aAr rrrr B

SSTAR- PaVg Finv

Take a look at thes'amNrps
range of VPBritishWines.The same grapes go
to makeVP that go to make a lot of expensive.
wines. Which accounts forVPs fine quality

Buy a bottle todav. v WN" I


?n the fort glades of the Americas there gr a tree, the Slippery Elm, from the lining of
whe- bark is obtairxe a remarkable factor that aids the digestin of milk
This material is ground to a fine bland powder and skilfully blended with malted wheaten

THC~4K~O ~s


TZh e isd EA 6 epas rend with hmt lk to ybevera ageace, e orPitkont resatrative and woxderfuft
pakatb^e mia-rrning and bed-time beverage, Excelent for invalids and convalescents.



can sally be retain by the most .elii stomach when Coher foods are unacceptable.



FOOD every day

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$2.30 pe I 1 b. tin.


A ital "- M er:-w-ms* l ilmm-." a="ala.wa glIIIW- -- W





Pflge SIX T II kE S V A I S tRurday, January f, ?i 9?




tn rntnons*r to eheto who Ekst OU" Rat. oraweigu on last
week's front page. we are .i. frofrr i:me tc time a
bit more about *hose popular rnynseCiy cfraiuJres.



'EAip'- ieii ,'II~irui '1I1I '[!h~ anrwr'.t Kgvp.eili:cc

Then as, nLw, thc cat had an eccono;in valu- t w ELgyp!
was th.- greai granary of the c-i',tczed w-:.ild. Ho'w.-ver, their
towermg warehouses. could i'e tsr h\ et-c l rat mil mouse
for miles. They woik the firs, rma t-o the i'anaries 1,hev could
find. The res:.!r v;.:lId have bec t!he !thir:-in of c'.: human
popu.i(onm and the Cattening .f the rodetr-l one. ec,~, for the
cat. Tie cat :'.opped hi! mia -aw dead in T- track,

Bramb le's

Ms. Amtia Bramble, a
3oer*ld formang sicxla0
*acbr ?wa s the Minister
ot Socnu SeTvicesa in his
tather'siGoverantefl : he
was a sattA for "'pLt1!y
degrading fte G-wvetri
MiCles Poliie and try-
mng to magn his Cabinet.
Conaating on his
p ar st's victory, Mar.
Bramble said that he and-


hia .iioB,,uaa: cid not
an lulpyite a tF1tal victory.

He said 9hk his Gov-
cramoett wou); carry Out
its lpcge in its manifesto
to moflV tlhit ptop*"e Is
te antnsigiq i tiomon Wo the
country's afei Ms.
Or( zonltitutional re.
flmi he -aid be would
tCriOi leapn o-m the ex-
perkn.:e snl( gauidnce of
Br iei

(Reproduced from The
Sunday Express, Decmn,
ber, O9,)

ACTRESS Joasea Lamky
^ took a Prmia Mifstta fto
a drive in West Loaon yr.s-
Crday in her cvam F m r n.

The Prire Miniher twa'
Robert VaL-;... .-L, ctroverluii
c -r .i- of h n e Cai
iTsiad gro~ p of 3 K.ittaLst-
SAnguila. He is in Britnk3 F,
tals on the .' tu Jf

Miss Lurle.y, who is .'. -
ing the 1950 car foa r 9
says: "Mr. BD.dsbaw sar
thiakiug abouA buying it.
"I recevh .- L-., call
after i bad 2u-. E 't -* car,
saying he world like t-: comer-
and see it.
"lHe came v..- w cih n
official sd his ', -.. f'r and
r took him for a id iJa the

S Miss
a,, already
= fir tlhe

^'ic.n-rrst. which is

in thL Ei3afslf e( s'i:bit3
has refused Bi tain's offer

liThe former Chief Mi.o
is,e f$ M "'.,: ,!at, Mr.
I.'E'- EZJ i Brambie, lost is .
seat% al1

A camirval 'I..:r ;he
prevaied in FPr-f ; 7T
shaoidrly i,# the fln&.
regsuits wer 'f.n(: .

... .


had a deaiiae o5'-r
Ca dhii5 ~~

"Jait before. Mr. Bryasi'Bair
arrived au alian ceupie camen
to see it," she says.

S"Te husband mwat crvy im-"
pressed wih it and said thtey
woaid buy it provid;dQ it w'a
r-,.b. ', to get thbe messavy
papers e o take it so Miaam
"Mr. Brasdn w dida'r t ake
a dl-ini:e of~. dHe raid h
likIl co araath cootra t-
a 'X.r.., Jf I'e decs buyv it
1el ei b ftsi pp4d a. kt-
JU Ciaab

Page Seven T H E S T A R Saturday,January 16,1971

SA KA FAIT by Zaidoli
Pounds, ounces, gallons, gills,pintn
yards, miles and all the other Imperial
measures will soon be 'out of style. *
Dritain is already turning over to the
decimal system, and many other counties
will be stepping into line, so it wont
be long before Dominica puts on her
make-up and dresses: herself to joinJ
But besides having the Imperial meas-
ures to cope with, there are also the
'local' measures to cause problems:
the 'car' of coal, 'chaupeen' of salt,
tpo'of farine ... not to mention a
handful' of red beans.
Because we have decimal money (dol-
lars and cents) already, people would
think we were quite settled as far as
money is concerned. But this is Dom-
inica, manJ We all know at least one
small shopkeeper who' still gives as
the price of things shillings & pence.
'Anty Balls,how much for 1 lb lamowi?
"Three shillings."
'"Mamal Sa cher oui,1 Anyway look
75 cents..." Any bystander who did -not
know would think us a bit wrong up-top.
Only last week I heard a Barbadian
lay her money on the counter in bewil-
derment and say:
"I cyan nnderstan' vunna Dominicans
nuh. You-all talkin' bout pounds weight
or dollar pounds?"
But I see her point, I used
to say (not long ago) "But Daddy I cant
understand how twenty shillings can
make one pound and I can't understand
those multiplying problems that nasty
hiss So-and So- gave us for homework,
and I can't understand why I can't go
and play.. ;lToday, however things seem
to be reversed:
"Listen'Ti-Moun I can't understand
why 2 + 1 = 10, and I can't understand
the New Maths problems that lovely Miss
Bo-and-So gave you, so why can't you
stop witheringg me and go and playV"
So things change, and to think of
all those agonising hours I sat on a
hard school bench and recited -
12 pence one shilling
20 shillings one pound (repeat...)
and to think it has all' one decimal,
ITew Maths and all learning
was in vain. I don't think I can keep
up with the changes, and see myself in
my old age asking a youth'for one gall-
on of gas, 1 lb. of sugar, 1 yard of
cloth &; 1 quart of good strong rum.
In Cairo, Far ida Halin, facing theft
charges, gave birth to a baby this week.
She named the baby Daras not guilty.

Si & G
The rains are holding out at last,
Holding out at a time when we have all
resumed our monotonous occupations. A
hell o' a ting, but who are we to
question Nature. Like a woman, she
can be nice and gentle, but with her
fury unleashed, Hell fails as a com-
parison. Got this bit, oh men of lit-
tle (or too much) faith?
But of course the movie theatres
are still open and we've just finished
doing in the Anniversary Celebrations,
The limbo dance to the rhythm of the
steelband in virtually non-existent,
but this does not necessarily mean
that the romantic atmosphere of a won-
derful mooailit night must go into
Uncle Tom'd locker So Sunset Terrace
becomes pro. tanto Moonlight Terrace and
the young bootiful couples have their
fling. Light ahd sand, liquor and
"music I understand, do wonders to
the soul. For crying out loudJ M-n,
don't blane me 'cause I ain't got any-
ting else to scream about...
I'm.a girl watcher. Suddenly? Don't
be daft out there. Who says I ain't in?
Course the whooping cough hasn't come
my way nor has pneumonia attacked,but
this does nbt mean that Itm not in..
But you're wonderingg just who is he?
I'll tell ya: it's that happy,inspired,.
loved doted on and soon to be dec-
orated for all-out expressiveness...
your favourite columnist, Si &4 G, ask-
ing forgivenesc for that self-conscious
b it .
The torld continues spinning. And
we're revolving. But say, you don't
feel dizzy, do you? "Yes" then you
gotta be a crackernut. "No" -.. then
you gotta be an astronaut. Dig???
Short for. saying 'You're with it,babe."
I hope I'm comngC straight; for it's
lousy up here. And that itch for
travel has been bothering me lately.
But never you jeer, Ah still got
another move (if not more) coming,
So long.. have fun.., tune on...
don't con... for life is like a bun.
Savvy, mes amis?
-+-r-. -- *-
ST. LUCIA: Castries City Council is
planning action against tourists and
crews of visiting yachts who walk the
streets "wearing as little clothes as
possible". Such persons "contravene
the laws of the land and are liable to
fines of $24 U.S." *Work permits for
outsiders on the UK patternwere insis-
ted on in' Asenbly, criticised'by the.
opposition (I-Mr. George Charles,). **

Pig gc U t THEi ST'tEd Sanrtday dtJamnary !6, 1:
w J m 1e l a- r- .- r i* % .-. 4 W*re- -.--.- -- W B. .... rC =- -

TYRES N- Rc& 0noul d,


"rvdrauhic JACKS,



FLOR T, i .' r'.


flhs~~~~ ~rs w nannvn~L((~R~ C-~?IWS

- 'BV









C- -


sa ew s



Excper ,nccd mrechanc rcoaired to ura.e e
of esfic machinery, mnni.v dlesel. Sala:v corn-
I mensLurate wih exper-ieieno
r I'py : MANAGER, Melviile Ie.a-

V ...9A C. A- N -J-


who ha-Ive ;oi i-s than, SO yer' z vxp'*-nnc? (1 th
op-erat- n, ,aininTre and A ntm l AC,. Kf rfdu
e ctif- gFeneraTnci ss-ta up ;' 2000 h y ar 2 who
poeas< a) I-e.isgh"" N national Ce< t ifr t i ns jri M". i;z i. !;:rc
.ia (i- r" V" i' N
Eine.n or e qu a e tt qu- ,a; 'a n
Appcn- sh bracke- 35-48 yeari- and sho id in tie frrat r :!-r
sutiry brf death <, backig.- ound, ,xp~rcr <- a
qualiinf atiikns to --
The Manaeg -r,
A-.A .. :_ '..-ttr; -I: L:rTn- teid,
1 r,< 1 7-
,. rdgel w ,rb u ,

CI i ,

in S :e

4a am ''^-flr


Saturd.ayJanuary 16, 19'71 THE STAR P~e Nine

St. Kitts is to have a television
station this year, Dep. Premier
Paul Southwell announced. It will
be sited near the Govt. radio sta-
tion, ZIZ.
A grand total of 443 tickets
were sold in the Group's December
raffle: at 500 per ticket this
grossed $221.50. Expenses were -
Cost of printing tickets. $25.00
S buying 1 stove &
1 ham (prizes $44.82
Paid Miss Agnes Matthew,
seller of most tickets $10.00
Paid Miss Esmeralda Charles
seller of the winning ticket 5Q.0
Total expenses $84.8,8
Thus the raffle made a net profit
of $135667. 1st prize was won by
Mrlheophilus Charles oa Camp
Londo nderry and 2nd prize by Mr.
Emlord Timothy of Wesley.
All profit t s were used to,
purchase gifts, for the sick and
incapacitated of Marigot. This
4 -- i + 1 4t 4-

Hard on the heels of the sea-tragedy
off St. Vincent, when the lovely
French liner "Antilles" in which many
of us have travelled smashed into a
reef off the tiny isle of Moustique
near St. Vincent and later became a
total wreck by fire (her 650Cto*urists
abd momw escaped drowning and
lived to laud the hospitality of St.
Vincent people and the intrepidity
of Premier Cato, who flew to the
scene at great personal risk)- the
huge Swedish-American liner MS Grips-
holm disgorged 462 passengers on
our shores without misadventure.
These folk seemed tobe mixture
of Italian, Swedish & U.S. tourists.
Over half;of them enjoyed scheduled
or private tours of the island and
were to be seen wandering around
Roseau on Monday.
Only four of these big cruise
ships (calling 10 times between them)
are visiting Dominica this,winter
season. The next to call will be the
Stella Maria II on Jan.24th her
second visit.

the M.D.S. treasurer, Mr.Jonathan AN s y is nw b m
Castor A survey is now being made of
Cator. beach erosion in the Windwards; Lee-
MR. CECIL BURTON TO U.K. wards and Barbados. Mr. Compton Dean
The Director of Dominica Employers of U.W.I. arrived here recently on a'
Federation, Mr. Cecil Burton, is one-day visit. He took an initial
attending a 4-month course in Per- look at areas where the coast line
sonnel Management and Industrial Ws worn away by the sea and also at
relations at the Industrial Societylegislation controlling activities
in Bryanston Square,London. on the beach. The UK Srvy financed by
STAR READERS IN THE LEBANON British Min. of Overseas; Development,
The little STAR goes far afield, will take three years.
and a constant reader who now lives ANOTHER WEST INDIAN FILM
in Beirut writes: "We love getting The producer of the Trinidad film
the Star, which has reached us of "The Right & the Wrong" ishich was
late via Jamaica, so please note shown here, Mr. Harribance Kumar,
new address. J.H." has done it again with "Caribbean
Thanks a lot, J.H. but if you Fox" which enjoyed a becord-break-
want your copies sent by air you ing run in Grenada Miss Jennifer
will have to pay new air mail costqbs;ten (Miss World) being guest of
honour before she went on her global
WHAT ABOUT JOINT CURRECY? tour. It is said to be better than
From St. Vincent comes the compIsint Kumar's earlier effort.
that although Britain has made a
big change from sterling to decimal U.S. VISITORS' GIFT
currency, we still have in the Car- Mr. & Mrs. Craigey of Philadelphia.
ibbean area Guyana currency, Trin- Pa., on their third trip to Dominica,
idad currency and E.C. currency; which land they greatly like, made a
and now Barbados says she is going gift to the Mental Home for the pur-
to have her own! True their value chase of beds; for patients.
is in dollars & cents, but so many The Superintendent and Staff are
types of notes: are confusing. And most grateful to the donors.
isn't it inconvenient for tourists?

Page. Nine


Saturday,January 16, 1971.

C ro, Ten
*v'-na3ft I-^-sr



Bta XM

F~ STAR i~.C:I L
?Lrm SUP1F ,,CZVIP?$:~t,~

plieCtiosCs are anirteA for the followins ote on the Es.tailishmnt of t1ts
:@ciatts.&: -
E=ing Pranut ntpervisor Ibrigot boxsCi Plant
Sd'g ara -nt Sperrijaor WeSley &sing Plant,

E2axg PA2at Srervisors Shau bar* rOperaersjace in agriculture a&4 the =atrtol 0f

Mhe priauale tiess of the pamt arl:-
1# RecruitmeB t and upWrsvlisio of workers at the PLant and CC7,1artiUa Vaite.,
2,. Prait Quality Control in the BDoxIg So".
.3 Proparstins of the Prfg uctinea Etimates of the Boxiag Znon, wage li2stzj, coatinsa
oa e^Pratisse *to.
4 control of treasPrtation of eta fruit to t*he SAing Tiant and b 4a fruit to
the 1SSpStisa Stations.
. mainte. s* of adequate ateeks of stores and saterile. uasd at the oadsag fPlant
- and CoAlletion aits.
6. Sanitation at rart and Collection tAt.
7. 2 aerita the proper a4temnaue of ailnntgs and equippanat.

A Supervisear my be requiredd to take charge of SmeO than one Plant with its Ce l.-
'tAan anits.
gM : The gal7ry of the post is in the sreag CO-240 per macth. Mte c.4 L 0t
entry wSll depeA on the saeessftal applicant'n exa rionezs.
fApplisat~ieae ld bse aeddrsmeed to the mGenril a oap-r ofa the Association and
'ltd reach this Office not i&ter thman knday, let lobraary, 1971.

A. D. BOxD
easnal Kang~,.r

.-a~-- aICUlm-(rIsl~D-

nit- s 9 :-.:u. J..
. ,- ;, _. ,- + .,

L iisU~r~i

Supplies of FRESH Paint in a Beautful Range of Colours Always Avalabl

Kao. "o f-e." .- Pmrto Me




*e. a. A&

u)T .o Cw ~ ^~c Mi iKBJr~~n~r*im~~'Wii11Wr nMW


Pa..-fff~R ^PAIN nnIrB IT I- mlLM



14th eanaasry 1971
721-'1 3

,sV r Y I& *^ 5 *A L AR.MA-M
Lc4^ 0-sweMB^S Oia^31a~s






Saturday January 16, 1971_ THE STAR ... .... Page Eleven


Professor W.M. Williars, 'Hoad of the
School of Social Studios, University
College, Swansea, Walcb, ulo arrived in
Dominica on January 2 is now making a
fortnight's sociological study of the
implications of tourism on this'island
in collaboration with Shanhiland, Cox &
Associates. Shankland Cox are the only
planning development firm who employ a
sociologist consultant. Uc learn that
a questionnaire is being handed to all
bona-fido tourists on arrival by sea or
air. 1No details or statistics are as yoe'
available since the computer analysis
of the returns will probably have to be
done in Swansea.
6 -- -.^ _-------
"--'' -''~~`'--

require a
Applications are invited from nationals
of Dominica to fill the above- entioncd
vacancy. The successful candidate will
be responsible for the opor-
ations of the bulk LPG at Toscau, Dom-
inica, and also for the repair and main.
tenance of all plant and equipment with.
in the Depot.
Candidates must possess-the follow-
inC' qualifications/cxcperience:
1. Completed a period of apprentico-
ship with a suitable trade school
or firm in one of the mechanical
trades or must have had at least 5
years' practical experience in the
mechanical/electriOal trades with
a reputable marine, electrical or
automotive industrial firm.
2. Practical experience with pumps/
pipe work would be a csset .but is
not absolutely necessary.
3. Have a valid driving permit for a
light transport vehicle
All applications will bb treated in
strict confidence. They should be made
in writing and addressed to:
H.H.V. Whitchurch C: Co. Ltd.,
P.O. Box 71,
in scaled envelopes clearly narked
The closing date for receiving such
applications is 22nd January, 1971.

.. .0 ..T C E
The Institute of Development Studies
at the University of Sussex, Brighton,
will hold a five weel'c' study seminar
on "Organization for Exports" from 2nd
June to 8th Julyf. 1971.

. The seminar is intended for:
(a) Senior aid middle-level civil
servants whose work is directly
concerned with export planning
and promotion or with the organ-
ization.of overseas trade services;
(b) Commercial attaches, trade att-
achAs or foreign service officers
who-have recently been considered
for or appointed to such posts;
(c) Officers of government export
and import corporations or state
trading corporations who are spec-
ifically concernedd with exports;
(d) Private sector exporters in de-
veloping countries, who as a re-
sult of their participation in
the scninar might be able to part-
icipate in private sector or
government' policy-making for ex-
port expansion. These private sec-
tor exporters should have sub-
stantial trade experience.
3. Applications are invited from suit-
ably qualified persons employed in the
private sector who wish to be considered
for nomination. Applicants should be
prepared to continue to work in the ex-
port field on their return. The United
Kingdom Goveranmnt may consider meeting
part of the cost of participation (foes
and subsistence) of applicants whose
participation -ivould be likely to con-
tribute significitly to local develop-
mont. Any such cases would be considered
on their merits.
4. Applications stating full. name. and
address, ago, standard of education,
present employment, experience and qual-
ifications should reach the Secretary,
Public Service Oonmrission, not later
than 28th January, 1971.
E. Nicholls
Public Service Commission.
PSC 5/3r
4th January, 1971.
.G.5, 713-2/2

( ,.'.-. I *
ST VINCENT'S BANANA TRADE for 1970 was most disappointing c6mparod with 1969's
record rodugtion & earnings achievement. Exports 2-1 by u0.7 lb. and earnings
by EC iu14.,568 below the corresponding period of 1969 according tkh the t StVDGTA.

Pago JTi~nte __ THE
S*T.*A*R*S*PSP*iO*R*;?T::: .'

At 3.15 pn Friday the Leeoards under
veteran Harris completed their 1st in-
nings with a lead of 1935. The out-of-
practice Windwards batsmcn found no
answer to Jeff rs '-.arrington and Robert
who finished off on their home pitch
of Warnor Park, St. Kitts with 4 for 9
and 4 for 44. The Windwards won the toss
and opened the batting with Vincent
Elwin and George Alfred but only the
latter with a slow and dogged knock of
36 made any showing. Elwin was ct. wkt.
off Roberts at 4. Irving Shillingford
stroked a neat boundary and was c. slip
off the next ball, Bute c:,b. RobertsO.
Findlay joined Alfred and put on 33
between them but Findlay fell to Ather-
ton for 16: Polius made some delightful
strokes and with Alfred another 33 was
put on until Warrington claimed Alfred
as his first victim; his second was
Polius for 24 and Horbort Phillip did
not last long b. lbborts Grayson
run out for 2and LaRocqub c. off Uar-
rin'ton for 9 was a depressing effort,
lightened by a lofty boat-up by David
Defoe for 20 then all out for 122.

STAR saturday, January 16,_171

I( f i( I

YWAJ .Uv i

Applications are invited for the
position of personal Secretary
with experience in typing and cap-
able of working on her own initiative
and with the minimum of supervision.
APPLY in writing to:-
The Chief Executive,
A.C. Shillingford & Co. Ltd.,
P.,Q Box 123, Roseau.
72-22 1/1.

The Leewardp started badly losing CHRISTTIANCOUNCIL OF DOMINICA:correction
.Aory c. wkt Grayson Shillingford with On page 1, the words "worship for the
only one run on the board, but no chance blind should have road "Workshop for tho
of an early breakthrough' cane as Living- Blind". 1o assuao our printer waq taken
stone Sargeant of Nevis showed his best up by the idea of joint worship, in which
form with a.61, before falling, to a we hope evory,.oe will join. Editor.
brilliant Polius catch off Torbert for three days were
Phillip. By lunch on he second dayTEAre
Phallip. By lunch on 2 e focond day WHO Consultants'Dr. A. Robertson Chief' of
Human Resources,Caribbean, Mr.G.H.Khan
Hector and Harris going ~well. Hector (Ch.Training Officor,Pathology, G i.)and
S o(Ch.Trainin- Officor,Pathology, UWIyand
was run out soon after for 58 but Harris
went on to score W10. VarrinCton then Prof,rA. Iair (Occupational Medicine UII).
went on to score 10O. Vlarrington then
almost saw the tail through until at They are concerned wirth trainingersonnel.
3.15 pn he was caught on the long leg NEWSPAPER: Thic' TLefbno Party is about to
boundary by Irving Shillingford for 22, come out with a newspaper, premises being
Leewards all out 315. in Mr. Tony Karz;m's Anigo's Rest. building.
Our Cricket reason oets underwvay this AIRPORTS: Two non from Canada's Ministry
weekend with Celtic U. v. Granites of of Transport are here (a) to set up & man-
Pte. HMichel in the Gardens and Champs age a netoorological Station at Brant-
Spartans v. Notre Dane of Grandbay on ridge and (b) to supervise levelling
the DGS grounds, and draining of lI61ville Hall Airport.
From met.findings, suitability of a new
T.he Indian teca announced for their jet airport site will be determined..***
W.I. Tour starting ne::t month is a care-----
ful blend of youth and experience. The THE FINAiCIAL TII.S has published a
16 players to go to the Caribbean under page survey on .ribean investment..
Ajit Wadekar include 5 who haven't yet MAYOR'S SPECIIM: Te have had many corhents
played in a Test, but 4 of the team -- verbal & written, that Mayor Scobie'a
Dilip Sardesai, Salin Durrani, H.L. talk on keeping ocseau clean was the .
Jaisimha and Erapalli Prasanna -- best radio- talk-lheard from local UIBS. *
toured the West Indies in 1962. The .
iPrinted s publiaaed by the Proprietor,
4th Australia/England Test was won by Printed. Allfr6y 6 u by the Proprietor,
England by 299 runs. The first three at 26 Bath Road, ose, ominica
woreat 26 Bath Road, Rosau, Doninicad, I.
were drearyr draws.


nhrili~r~FiP rfr*l ~lr lrm-~-h

~ ` '

Applications are invited for the follow-
ing posts and appointments:
(a) Faculty of Law Senior Lecturer
or Lecturer at Cave Hill, Barbados (5
posts), at IHona, Jamaica (1 post) and
at St. Augustine, Trinidad (1 post);
(b) Planning Unit: Educational Stat-
(c) University Libraries: Mona
Jamaica- Librarian. hve Hill, Barbados
- Assistant Librarian.
Further particulars may be obtained-
from the Resident Tutor, University of
the West Indies, ROSEAU. -I