Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 14, 1970.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). November 14, 1970.
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*Mrs. 'ane Lowenthalt
'Research Institute
,the Study of Man,
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y.,
U.S.A. 2 -
OS/5 .faebu y Aie d,

Vol. XI No. 20

National Day A
3,d N-.[,, 19P70
ROSE:. 0
hjrtulg ~j~tc& gi het Sharpest
and Best -
Edltor PHYLOiS SHANO ALLFREY Pa'ro 4. and 8

Saturday November 14, 1970

Tripartite Home Rule For

guffli:a rClomimmsion crecommt Nxie d Omt there~
A In a subs 4iai deo lion o power
At.siii, ~gto manage its owr affits-,h at:
(a) <'j~PAniui should hawr a : v clecicd H

0 nv e, xehca.tive and, fisca autitv.
!Irjl C*d~t ooi;w7ersB
~. '"A new hady 9boUI be ft-tabishod to
b~ cded~ a xadinating Councit, ot n which each
Sthe Staiwi-c should have equal

"Gin-:trr piarttcipation in t1t affairs of
sh coiu1d be afforded by w01c0vidiug that
Atnguilla have p. a- .i membership In the, House.
fi Ass..rnibty al -.! in the Paitc and
PXI~ Serrice CriOl~
U; essenc the re-clomptr!,.-ndations are based
twpoe i-e Ninea.Poia. ia s'Zd Nt 5 a- andribl
indictment on the 4t. 1Kitrs tovelyrtsnent ft-t they
wasvicl so m-uch timd and money iii crating a
tOtally unoe ssary situatiOn.



The First Meeting of the First Session of the !6cond
Parliametnt under the 1967 Constitution will be held
at the Court Hou*ey Roseau, at 10.00 m.n-#. on Thers-
day 19th Novebser, 1970,

"` ~ ~ ~..s:

SS,,' ,. A : '

Moci farbarito will pay a visit to
Do N. 8 Fatr Brno Letart f the

Ap\sto> )Delga-on is acompalnying him on his
Caribbean journey.

Card of Thanks
Mr. Victor A. A. Archer, Mr. Loftus Ro. i of New
York and the utler family of Dominica through this
. ".',r.. r- -ce r- : .. t.

O ?'- .. i: t" -: -.' '.',/ S 'r/ii ,'.ICA P :.-',: ,, i :'j .iC .".'r-' .

medium, thank a rl those who sent expressions f
Cmah their recent ereaveme

Card of Thanks
Mr. VietorP A. A. Archer, Mr, Loftors Rosi of Newr
York and the Buler family of Dominica through this
medium, thank tal those who b ent expressions cf
sympathy in their recent bereavement.

France's Great Warrior Dies

i2 EAST 78 RE
JAN 14 .7,

New girl at V

WI Com mittee
*"iif -*> .^

"WrT. Anainp Parkin

'ITe. West India Committee has
aipponated Barbadoes-born Mrs.
Penny Prkin as tOeir new Infor-
mation andi Pubtic Relations Oth-
cor. Sbe hokld a law degree frorm
urlham Uoivermith.

AST T urs da~y the body of
cenefal J'a au'I;e, gire&at4
Freiichirtan of OUT' tma,
i laid teo rest in hi. home I
e whOle potentates and
it--ra all ov'er tho
)0ld a&tIt-e ed a ratemrial
rviee at Notre Dame
tih-dral- Paris. General
Ia-$s de Ge&lle was 79.
e had refused a State
;---A th'uglh he was the
L .d -ho had done mol-e
an any ether to mnaka
ance a wdOd power after
r ignemirtiius defeat artd
cpsaicnn by the Germans I
world "War i. -I
Travalling around theol
lIabs, raising Francb', Te-
utation to heights dceapair.
d of, making himself troex-
I-soame both to the Anmerln.,
an. and the British, the1
all, stiff, controversial!
&trio! will ever h. reIMes-U
ered as a ReWsistane lead.
r and stralegiat of tlct#O
ravery and decision. Flags
i Britain flew at ha"m.rast
a mark the pascinz of a

.9 ~Memnoriam

The Cross of Lorvie
(leallne 'A.'c'I if ) was %ts
s51gr too. and t of all
Pranzc's freadomnfightirs
wti oufferrd dominaiuoo but
never rave k.p. Thu 1, Be onyl
aaked family associatesafthil
ForceL- ond Free French eom-
rades of the past to join th*
villagersa-r is last rites.
Here in )c'rnkha. Father
Aixandar brosicast a splen-
did tributes to the bigeCt
Frsvchman of them sit.

Tea Cets

The Bltlot family wishes through this medium to-'
express their thanks and appreciation for the many
tokens of sympathy received on the sad occ.a ion of
the death of Arthur Bellot. (See '-. 1)

SaturI~py Novern ,.er 14, 1970L


Saturclav. November 14. 197D

By Androcles
In considering some unusual features of the recent Election, we have
already identified some of the more startling ones as follows:
(X) The consistent direction given by the successful Party to the
0lectorate that they should not allow "rich" people in public life;
(s) Despite this, however, the affluent element in the LeBlanc Party,
hitherto hidden, was forced under the pressure of events to surface in
the days preceding the Election;
(3) The political partisanship of the Police as a boay was made
Today I deal with what I consider the most startling of all the fea-
tures. It is quite possible that there are persons here, under whose
Jsee events have occurred, but who have not been aware of what I now
proceed to state.
A very definite attempt was made in the Election campaign, to make
people believe that LeBlanc, the leader of the successful Party, par-
took of the nature of a god. This is not an exaggeration. Certain
policemen and civil servants have been identified as persons insinuat-
ing this blasphemous idea in the minds of illiterates. It was noticed
most forcibly at the final public meeting of the LeBlanc Party held
from the balcony of Mr. George Kaeam in Cork Street on the night of
Sunday, 25th October, when it was feared that things were going badly
for that Party. In the crowd were persons sent to take note of happen-
ings. It was on that occasion, too, that the political partisanship of
'the Police was most publicly demonstrated.
.The attempt to divinize LeBlanc began with the posting of large pic-
tures of him at strategic points all over Dominica. I did not myself
see it, but I have been reliably informed that even some Government
vehicles carried the portrait. Thus was created the intended "Big
Brother" feeling almost everywhere one went. This effect being created,
satellites took over from there and in a variety of ways hinted that
Lelanc was no ordinary mortal and that he was something of a god.
Consequently it would be impious not to vote for him.
I want to repeat that the ones who hinted, suggested and insinuated
this horrible idea to their more ignorant brethren were persons who
knew better, but whose knavish propensities led them to this terrible
Somewhat allied to this, since we are dealing with a perversion of
religion, was the attitude of persons who would wish to consider them-
selves religious. I have never been more ashamed of Catholics thai in
this Election campaign. For the leader of the LeBlanc Party has made
it abundantly clear what was that Party's, i.e. his, attitude and in-
tended future policy to the Catholic Church. So, too, had his chief
lieutenant, Armour. Thus I am not in the least surprised when I read
the banner headline in the "Dominica Herald" of 7th November.
LeBlane had publicly insulted the Catholic clergy by referring to
them who had done so much for the community (education, primary and
secondary; housing; creches:; Credit Union; free food for the island's
poor; devoted work for the old at the Infirmary; setting up a high-
class handcrafts industry; initiating a land settlement scheme on the
Belvedmb Estate; now setting up a garments production farery, etc.
etc. etc.) as "bloodsuckers." There is no one in Dominica who can
honestly say that he did not know about this -- the Freedom Party had
ensured that. It was also well known -- and I imagine that Mr. Stevens,
then Minister of Education, would substantiate it -- that after it had
been proved beyond any doubt thot unless an increase in Government
subvention were forthcoming, the Convent High School would be forced
'to close down, LeBlanc still refused as Minister of Finance to release
the required funds until he realized that this would become an Election
issue and so was bound to relent. (Concluded on Page Pour)

gt dip slV -->*- r*^*^T T --- -- ,

. -V P m ir.n,

HT E ST)01

Nvm u 1&-tj 1age Tr Te e1i*t i _

o T UE N P



Her Majesty sent her eldest son the STAR deliveries next wejk: will
Prince of Wales to represent her at customers on the Goodwill nute who
General de Gaulle's funeral. (She usually have their papers delivered
had known the General well as a at home, kindly call at the shop of
young girl, when he was an exile in Mrs. Seraphine Dechausay in Feder-
London, fighting against both the ation drive for their copies, as we
Germans and the traitors in his own shall not be able to give the usual
country). With Prince Charles in thehome service next week end.
British delegation to Notre Dame WE REGRET: Our inability to print
were one British Prime Minister in Wa piece cald "Our ype of Govt."
office Edward Heath and three a piece called "Ou Type of Govt."
office Edward death and three by "A Dominican (Freedom)"; also a
past Prime Ministers Harold Wilscprose poem by "Watchword" -Reflectia=
Harold MacMillan & Lord Avon,ex- on patient ears" and ea patois
on Impatient Years" and la patois
Anthony Eden. Funerals are-great verse. ** ROSE 0 has asked us to
get-togethers for statesmen, so no- rep rere correspon-
one was startled to see President reply wth pressed to write ver-
Nixon, P.M. Indira Gandhi of India dens who pressed her (to the
and Praesidium-President Podgorny the tune of ouisc Waresigny)and a(to the
of USSR chatting solemnly while "Johnson's house is mortgaged now" to
the champagne popped at President the tune of London Bridge is Falling
Pompidou reception in Paris, *** Down" that as a folklorist she does
Prince Charles was there too, be- not feel inspired to dolso. Sorry
having in his impeccable debonair
manner.............**-**-*-*-*:-** -;: :- AnT.TTqT T. UNQIAIFED

BRITAI N: The Archbishop of
Canterbury, Dr. Ramsay, said on
arrival at South Afric-a Friday that
he was against the decision of the
World Council of Churches to finance
guerilla activities. He was not in
favour of Churchmen involving them-
selves in violence. He said he was
definitely against the sale of arms
to South Africa by Britain, and he
vas absolutely against apartheid as
it was incompatible with Christian-
ity. He did not think he would ever
change his mind on this question of
human relations. ****
Miss Eugenia Charles, ba'~pj8ter &
President of the Dominica Freedom
Party, will be the only woman (save
for the Clerk of the House) in the
new House of Assembly which sits
next Thursday. Miss Charles was
named by the Leader of the Opposit-
ion Hon. Anthony Moise, as his and
his Party's choice for the nominated
seat. On the Government side, nom-
inated members are Mr. Cleve Tav-
ernier of Soufriere & Mr.Arnold Act-
ive, A Speech from the Throne will
outline the LeBlanc Govt's policy.
ETHIOPIA; 72 people have died of
cholera; 850 have ha dhe disease.
UNITED NATIONS: 18 countries have
signed a resolution asking for China
to be admitted to UN & Chiang kai
Shek's group expelled.U.S.A. is in a

Another Spviet writer, Andrei Ame.
rik, who spoke out against the
treatment of Russian Nobel prize-
winner Alexander Solne#itzen, said
before imprisonment "essential pro-
nouncements on literature and wt
in my country often come from
people who are absolutely unquali-
fied to make them." Andre; got 3
years in a labour camp.
COLLISION between the British air-
craft carrier "Ark Royal" and a
Soviet destroyer in the Mediteran-
nean is the cause of vexed exdanges
between Britain and Russia.
GUYANA: 'Mrs. Janet Jagan was arres-
ted andcharged this week in a Mag-
istrate's 8ourt with behaving in A
disorderly manner during the trial
of an MP & others for murder.
DOMINIC A: Portsmouth thtXC-
you meeting after election held bo
Clem Rabess was very well attended,
cordial and without incident. **
Roseau official opening of the new
D/ca Red Cross HQ at hospital round-
aboutwill take place ? pm-
K E N Y A : First tele-call made
over TELSTAR (communications sat-
ellitqAed inear Nairobi) was by
President Jomo Kenyatta to U Thant
in New York.
DOMINICA: Fine arts classes in draw-
ing,painting,woodcarving & cergta.cs
(evening) fee $5;SO students are
starting at Roseau Boys school.

Page Three


~~u+l~ui~s~~r Nnu~m~z~r ~a_ ~oi'ln

M.PMj oV r R -nv^ +? r ^ -,+ --Rnvm r1--- 970

*1 w, -. r**

ANTROCOLES (Qontnue1d fror page two)
All the local world .also knows that LeBlanc has been itching to deport
priests, and to satisfy an old-grudge a an oldrge ainan old priest with whom he
once crossed swords and many people know of the hint which he drops
occasionally about what he will do to the Church if he gets a chance.
And yet, despite all this, Catholics have been among those most devoted
to ensuring his success at the polls. I shall indicate some of them:
holders of some of the highest offices in the land; cantors in Church
choirs; sacristans;; Officers and leading members of the Holy Nane
Society together with their wives and other relatives; people frequently
seen receiving Holy Communion and -carrying "le dais." What is the
meaning of this? Surely, in a normal society, :ffa less than this is
enough to ensure that a Party based on principles so opposed to those
professed by the people get nowhere. Can it be that there is much less
in the people of Dominica than is; usually thought to be the cs e? A
gloomy thought indeed.
As I was saying: efforts have been made to cause ignorant people to
believe that Edward LeBlanc partakes of the nature of divinity and has
certain god-like qualities and attributes. Those responsible for this
are not exactly ignorant. They are worse than that. I was enumerating.
earlier the types who, surprisingly, have been found promoting the
cult. I have also mentioned the types who would wish to be, catalogued
as Catholic but who give themselves to supporting a regime avowedly
anti-Catholic. I go as far as to sa that even the Church's own news-
paper has been, to say the least, very ambiguous in its attitude in
this matter. So where do we go from here?
I believe that it is later than we think. A certain kind of
materialism has so taken hold here that people are willing to pros-
titute themselves, their early training, their education, their Faith,
upon LeBlancs altar just so that they nryget what they do not deserve
and could not :honestly earn in the normal course of things. Thus the
taxes that we 'pgy become, under the existing regime, the instrument of
our own torture. Only this explains much of what we see around us.

VER S E S, by ROSE 0


Don't wake Daddy he is having a rest.

After all. his labours north south east and west -

Look-it, he has taken off his dirty tennis shoes,

Loosened up his belt and finished read the news.

Underneath his photo burns the altar lamp

All the treeless backyard is a police camp.

"God" is in his armchair; all is for the best;

Don't wake Daddy he is having a rest.

.9~f.~7~r~n~t_ 18n~~t~mhc~r 1~,7~910


8l C..3STL. ST Pt. LeS

1 Kr M A s A

E -RVIC'. rlA' CS%4Wf
k k-f !to ,

Sl -.. p

Distributors For
B.s, Appl ces Ltd..

i ti nt ^*-s mg a a K l


Pap a SiTI 3.x r o 1 17




It is notified for general informa-
tion that the First Mooting of the
First Session of the Secbnd Parliament
under the 1967 Constitution will be
held at the Court Hous6d Roseau, at
10,00 a.m. on Thursday2, 19th Novembor,
Ibombers of the public are hereby
invited to attend.
.Clerk of the House of Assembly
;.r9S,, 636-1/

I. PS. Adoy, Consultant of Bri-
tain's Contre for Education Development
Overseas, arrived here recently in
connection with the Caribbean Regional
Science Project.soon to be launched in
0ominica, (aimed at establishing a new
approach to the teaching of science at
the Junior Secondary level). Six'
schools in Dominica have boon selected
to participate in the project.

On Monday 2nd Novembor," 1970 death
knocked at the door of irs.' Brunette
Thomas of 62 River Street after about
four, years illness. She was then 87
yoars old.
T3orn at Dolice on 24th lay 1883,
1Irs. Thomas popularly kIownm as 1MA
BRIME had been living in Rosoau for
the' last 50 years. She was" thrice mar.
ricd and was the Aunt of 't6e well-known
Dominica born Bishop towers. She was
well respected and loved by all who
know her both young and 'old, During
her-active years she bore the admira-
tion of her peers as a charitable mem-
ber of the community being always rcady
to succour the sick and afflicted.
She will be well missed and long romem-
bored for her loving kindness.
She was a devoted Catholic and a
member of the Sacred Heart and Mount
Carmel Societies. Her faith in Christ
was groat and her life was an example
to both young and old..
We fool confident that -e can say:-


On Tuesday 3rd ITovodmbor 1970 Mr.
Rodorick Hurtault aged 96 of 26 Bath
Road died at the Ptincoss Margaret
Hospital at 5.a.m., after ailing for
a few days.
He was a shoemakeor, married to the
late Miss Rose Sdrhaindo. 'From their
marriage came ton children, of whom
six are alive and'four doad, those'
alive include ilrs. IMary Vantorpool,
Miss Yvonno Iurtault., 1fiss Maud
Hurtault (all in Dominica); Mrs.
Angela Venter (Guadeloupe), Mr. Claude
Hurtault (England) and Mr. Joseph
Hurtault (Guatemala). Ho also had 16
grand-children, and 26 great grand-
He was a staunch member of the Holy
Name Society.
The funeral took place on Nov. 3rd
p.m. at the Roman Catholic Cathedral,
In spite of tho6 national Day holiday
there were quite a lot of mourners.
The last rito6 of the Church were por-
,formed by Rev. Father Van Aokere at a
funeral mass, after which his remains
were carried to the Roman Catholic
Comoetdry fdo burial.

Death knocked at the doors of the
old Bollotfamily' once again on Satur-
day morning the 7th November and took,
away Mr,. Arthur Bellot of Castle
Mr. Bellot collapsed at his home on
Saturday the 24th Octoberi and was
taken to the Princess Margaret Hospi-
tal, He showed no real recovery for
the two woeles that he lay at the Hos-
pital and quietly passed away early In
the morning on Saturday 7th November.
His wife and friends and relatives
who include his brother George, the
sole remaining member of his family
will miss him.
Arthur Bellot was a very genial
and amiable character accommodating,
in..the. mahnnor'of the old noblesse
ob.lgp which was the tradition of his
ami ',A fair sized entourage of
people of all .walks of life were at-
tached to him in a natural and un-
affected way. They too will miss 'him
He was 57 years old.
The funeral wva conducted by the
Rov. Gordon of the Methodist Church
who paid a friendly and appropriate
tribute to the deceased.
R. I. P.


'i~a~c Six


Saturday, November 14a 1970


, ri yr y r --a -:..+ 4 r'.& ;;,.---t -. ,' .C -

c4*X--ot ?* ~

F R e

JiF t E
For QuP




E-: N Tfl a

& -,- U'l~

Gives You More

When You Pour





4t .,.
4~4 qt;' -b

\y? -~~ .;d j


E A rf T-oi ^Lt BAK^ H- w ^
it ..--- r.-. ---
|2 & ^.. i8N
"1 ^.^t^^ f^.A2 -
'f TA ~ .~2~ A ~ *
*L \r' A

Yi r'

'#t.-J tr?'42

0siL U

N -1

Vit r '"~c; -'.. ---- y ir-
I. '*\ ^** l^ *s.yf f / ,- '*
,, ^ iii9 t'-l .~ -g ^ 'i .'
*" -f .
flA' Afitrn \ajj 83~--


*s^~ 3 .*&
*' f
?* -?*"




sin O.seTw .N `8R';:X 0E SI,


Mixing One Beg of
2 lb. Salt
: (iso) oz. Yeast
f lb. Sui
S-. 2i-Marine Palis of Water
SS... lb. %Waer by Weight
SN. B. A full pail :s approximately
7 ^ ,<- .. h >

sng e..o. V-St.

^teAw> _- I "^ mt .i n-mawli



*-~ ~L~VlttweCroK^-lUBitT-tW.WWWWia^^

;q^-~I~*W~o.r i~*,^atmn.WN-~W. Wiifll" ^^ ^ I_ __ u' _/*
i-*~<.wi...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ *r^^rjy.^piK'l^-^fj-jiagfcQlieBsIartBtgttt^ ^ ^JL^^Btgl

RC IVli F75 -

'' W


fE f-

,:8. ut"
L.--.d I


7 ~i~3BE~;"

SN S-`

s-'Ti1M QriAn AItIL N-nIb 1u4.1 970 -..
.FSQge V.anZLL ___7_ V '.- F F

By The Ghost of Si and G
Yesterday I heard my first Christmas carol. Already? They don't
even give us time to recover from one thing and there we are slam bang
into another! No time to recuperate! Hibernate! That's the answer: Get
way out from it all and hibernate .... In a nice cosy Cave .. *
Like theLione on lower Kennedy Avenue' Then you're REALLY way out:

Walk through those cowboy-style doors and there you are, starting
your adventure to the bottom of the sidewalk. Take a drink at the bar,
relax, and you are on your way. As you get bolder you will want to
journey further. You pay, and receive the secret seal stamped on the
palm of your hand. Now you can enter the second room, music is all
around you. There are walls, there's a floor, stools and tables are
scattered around the room. In the centre there is a large gaping hole.
Music surges upwards and you look down *g... lights flash .....
suddenly it's dark ... they flash agan

"Let's go dowh"
"Me! You Mad.'
"Come man Giri~ don't be foolish:"
"How you know they don't have
nothing down there? You don't
remember that Dracula picture
week before last when th4 woman
with the big mouth .... "
"Tch' Don't be stupid" and Aown we go1 Down a spiral staircase
dotted with little footprints. The AiMA$ The Cave ... Lights flash
and you realize they are in time with the music. One wall is black
and white and moves to and fro before you, but you touch it and it's
only painted. Your eyes'nmove, your feet move and the music beats;
Louda It's all around you tries to get inside you and you dance, you
have to, there are no seats" You feel as if you're not on Kennedy,
Avenue *.... not on Dominica ..... not on the World *... just way out
*... just in The Cave.


Oh lower your standards, Davey me boy,
Ando.loer your sights to zeros
'-or the order of the day is full back pay
.. And the Pundit is visiting Mero.

Oh what a marvellous charlatan crowd
Is crammed on the upper deck!
But some are nervous, because a cloud
Foreshadowed Christena's wreck.

The Admiral acts like a cabin boy
And the cabin boy does the steering;
Oh lower your standardcL Rocks ahoy!
And the day of judgment is near ing.

Yes, lower your standards, Davey pal -
For they can't sink very much lower;
But if worse befall, try a backward crawl
And become a banana grower.

Satu da Novegby 14 1970

r-TH rn AT

Saturday, Nvomber 14, 1970



. 9 4..-. -
lMadam,.: .Applicatiol
Ktindly allow me spa6o in your co- countant i1
lumns to be vociferous, if I am still- f othe 17O'
granted my freedom of spoeeh uMer such Trinliiz8
a dictatorial, insipid, obstructive h. Afi-a4':
"labour government." .Allo.f us in abiy .i-i-
Dominick do admit that it "wan the of Dirc'38
choice of the majority elctoirate to tnivdraity
give the Honourables and Unableo, the Mona Jama
seat for anothob period. Harsh i'or"s *'
i.solont remarks., victibizatibh ofi some Further pa
are supposedly gone and.o ipe ~ pl dgod from the E
under one Dominicann Spiri'.obo Roseau.
conproi-iso 625-1/4-
I am sti11 of thc..."opini io taSt.t -
Josophl-will and I assort ,- i oT'h .bo O
included on- the map of Doiiniar a3 fat Dear Editbi
as improvemonts are coheo:rnedi 'Ouit
I1inistors have promised to build big
schools i highways, proper sanitary Nationald*
facilities etc. etc. but I still think side. T te~,:
that there are moans of substitutionin coolly, Free
St. Joseph. For example a building is. sioL Band, a'
at present under construction ajfy Froodom Vot.
Godsa Ask its purposo-yo6u rill be scared, foar3
shocked to know,$ is a a irosidence for a little tro
tco csrgoant and his wifo. Already by a most dot
there is a big police Station with va- citizen che
cant rooms that can be used as dormi- tho thickk cre
torios. "Vote Froodo.
UWc are badly in nood of a Post Of- thing Passed
fice could the government not think of itrvancd.
using that building for the purpose in -
question and a4 least for ttio class- CONTPTACW
rooms? Our Post Office is in a doto- Governmeni
riorating condition, the post nistresse tract with D(
-clock sooms always advanced fiftoon pany Ltd., f.
ritnutos, ddpriving us, the people of a bridge acre
St. Joseph of our mail facilities Melvillo Hall
That is-progress according to some Construct"
Dominicans conception of "progress" on Monday 9t1
but lot them know Time Pwill toll, I --weeks before

Pa ,rc -:ieo
.. TI.. s.CE ....
ns are invited for the
countant/Assistant Ac-
n the Dutsary, University
t Indioa, St, Augustine,

aS ary SAfie 1M sMdit-
.i6ci p6r'sohns f'6 the poo1;t-
3 of E:ztra Mural Stidio4d, -
of 'hd' tfost Indios,.
rticulars cajW obtainedd
extraa IIural Dopstrfronitm


aythas rahoir quigb-t'tuS
rump Up" 4so passed off
dom had a fairly good-
big crowd, singing "Voto
P People were somouhat,
.ng this might have caused
lblo, the Band being' ladiaod
;orminbd chap., who groot4d
fully whilst passing ii
wd and'tolling them
SAgain." However overy-
off quietly,. nothing
.-,.t. a .. e..
1had elated into a con-
minica Cowstruction Co-
Or the latter to construct
osS the Clyde River at

Lon'work is to commando
i November twenty-foura
anitigintnrg ran'ed com lti n-

nmy not be there but maybo my childrontaho contract figure is $106,*000.00o
children will see a big school in tho steel provided by the Ministry of
no:t two or four decades. Communications and"'orks. Initially
Time tells me I must stop but from only a single traffic lane and a 5
time to time I shall be writing you. foot pedestrian foot path will be
Before I end let me in a community spi- used;--. Ltter--ibt-jA'l--Tbecomt two-wayrwgr-
rit. congratulate our representative .
E.J, Shillingford; and hope that along PASSlVE. qESr Hi The a~ sion of
with the villagers he will tight body ova ahoty o of spoi.
and soul for the development of our fic laws by various non-violent acts,
little paradise St. Joseph. such as public demonstration, or
CARTORi A deliberate abstention, or fasting
St. Joaoph; i' (as Gandhi did):. .'
ITEI1 AIRCRAFT FOR LIAT? The throo-engined Britton-Norman Trislandor airliner is
a "stretched"' version of the successful twin-enginied, ton-seat Islandoer five of
which are used by LIAT. It has a third piston engine built into thj top of tho-
cr n sfioon oile and xtra go iincAQi of fuelag, anc o.result:
1sp3 d M1o males an houra

-;a. &c~,Non~. 4,17
~;~Uq~#kP~a~amarY~*oi~sngr' dC U ';h-PI*4WP -~4C~-f~ltR, L --d~BbilB




to pPLz.e Pzand maintain



and the



AU ef which is at present under construction.

Interested persons should apply by letter to:
The Manager,
Dominica Electricity Servics,
P. 0. .Box 143,

E~r?69Il(cau-Ta .arr ------~~~ -- .-w-- g-~rr rula.9~~i~~rwa=..:"rrB~

*fFOR A2"' Dst

!t iseH eksrown that as years go b2y rmiany ren sesa
c-i of the snd vig.our they enjoyeJ when young.
? theea is good ?new;s for these -who -
A n4 vgoter !neAicine is isw
! beimg impaorteds, W's crawled
U-"l Elixir.

Akr*^ NJ-Tl-'


{ l'tT sc~ss

k',= b Ii ll

i Pit adetft bappliss
' back Iato your Ifte



L .. '

.: ;- -

'. -
^^^*^ -

qtAr&~i Inr4'

o .

t t "' "

l .. .; ::-. "

'I-. ~-I-

.L] ''~ ~

%Ka l.s U K Cu i a t.
range of VPBritislhvines:T.hsamne grapes
to makeVPthat go to make a lot ofexpensive
tlines.Which accounts for VP fine quality

SBuyabottle today. '

24 JU



EskJe'Cw, Novtibr 14, 1970

---.i .-; A A

Si 'N i
t,- S. t.'k - N I E 11 1 M


Saturday. November 1t. 1970
d. ALIf*- *- _I?... .. A -.*. V t..

The 4-day Workers' Education Seminar
sponsored by t he Amricanii-titute for j
Social Studios of the CLASS and the
DA'WU ended with a Social atthe Catho-
lic Social Centro tlhi week,
Yesterday,. Seminar participants
hoard Mr. C.A. Maynard, Assistant Man-
aging-Director of J. Astaphan & Co
(1970)Ltd. who was up to recently Per-
nanent Secretary in the Iiiniatry of
Homo Affairs, spoal on "Traod Union
Legislation" while the final lecture on
"The Economic Respohsibility'of Citi-
zenship"-was delivered by l.r. John
Bully, O.B.E., Chairnan of the Police
& Public Services Corissions and for-
rnrly Financial Secretary.
Hon. Earl Leslie perforiod his first
public engagement as '11iistor of Home
Affairs in addressing the Seminar. Mr.
C.A. Maynard and Mr. John Bully also
spoko .
The second DAVrU Seminar for 1970 is
scheduled to be held from'Docembor. 8th
11th to be followed by the Union's
Annual Delegate Convention.
**********:* =*

ALCOIOLISIH by Dr.Curtis HI.Baylor
For many generations over-indulgence
in intoxicating liquors was regarded
simply as a bad habit. Anyone so af-
flicted uas criticized in a destructive
nannor by nearly everyone in the com-
nunity. This made bad matters worse,
Today alcoholism is regarded as a Mani-
festation of emotional instability, and
the rehabilitative treatment for alco-
holism is to treat the alcoholic for
his emotional instability.
The unstable person uses alcohol as
an 'escapo Aichanismn with which he
tries to obtain relief from feelings of
unhappiness, frustration, or other pro.-
blems, largo or small.
The basic unhappy'situation may be
in his domestic lifo, in the loss of a
loved one upon jhom he was too depen-
dent, in his rwrk, or in a sense of
guilt or personal failure. The batic
causes may be difficult to uncover1 but
they will usually come to light under
careful analysis.
The most unfortunate part is'the
fact that the avergac alcoholic, with-
out help, docs not understand the whole
mechanism. If asked why he drinks to

At the first of two Uorlkors' Educa- excess, he cannot tell. Some who think
tion Seminars sponsored by DAWU and they understand the *cause and:pffect'
CLASC, 30 participants from all over still follow the path of escape and
the State were addressed by the 11Hn-- they resort to alcohol to drown their
ister for'Education & Health, TIon, H.L.troubles o- to bolster their ego
*Christian, followed by lectures on momentarily.
Trade Unionism, Collective Dargaiining Alcohol in small quantities proba-
and Economic Dovelopment. bly does the avorago individual iq
The Seminar continues on Sunday withharm. It is converted to sugar' ; the
lectures on "Wages and Productivity" bybody and used as fuel.' However, ox-
Mr,. Milchael White, General I-iahagor, cossive quantities and, above 9.1,j:
Dominica Agricultural Marketing Board. failure to eat enough nutritious ood
"Rights and Responsibilities" by Mr. Aswith the alcohol, produces damage in
Frederick Joseph and "Leadership"'by various parts of the body.
the-Local Government Commissioner, M*r The chronic a16oholic rarely keeps
S.V. Joseph. up good nutrition, and often the pe-
riodic heavy drinker will live for
SWEEPSTAKE PPRTIZES days on alcohol and black coffee.
The first prize in the nationall Day Acute gastritis with bloody vomiting
Sweepstake was won this year by may develop from such a bout., but thi
Evangoline Pascal of Grand Fond (aged chronic drinker with a poor diet more
10)... often develops liver damage called
Mr. Farid Abraham donated his $50.00 cirrhosis. After several years the
consolation prize to the Dominica In- blood has difficulty getting through
firmary. Fifty-six residents shared in the liver and complications may
the 7.,000.00 National Sveoopstako. develop.

.The margin of over $3,000,00 in this
'largest swoop has boon lodged in the
Arts Promotion-Fund to be used later
for. the promotion of local talent. in
its various forLns.
i~** *


Other tissuos' especially the brain
and blood vessels, are affected in
time. Vision, equilibrium, and a
sense of caution are impaired early in
alcoholic intoxication and account for
many motor vehixcol accidents,
(Concluded on Pao 16)


Pt 2rv kUU~--. hmL.s;1--~6.


(from a Fasbian panph let by
AnthIany Wedge-wotad Bermx)
Fev wilt'have to tb leaders rmiher more
aw Moses moA~litiim, drawin- their power Jess
rrom, tile exccutike authorlhv thev hbve
acquired by cmietiori and more from iniu0eace.
helping lotwine to set what they can achieve! for
thceclves. and acting as a cotmzsuhfntt.
o,2uiapd With all the necessary support and
flu:il:nc:. to allow them to do ii Th1is ;, not i
charter to1 araehTi~rnno- % dreavn nf Lreati!ni
ai whoft;i setlf rtguinrl'1_ %orionrl~c n-w.' poti eii
sV!tem. LUadership &.crem- must be. hut n)ol all
ftrnm the toIp, Leadership is nsuepari'L.hic fromn
,es;ponsibil~tv aind eesihiirt jN t;VepyrC hi
from povwe,. and if. a. I have argued. peAer
now h e ing f i,-tsn;iuated more rv ie c
leader.ihip -will haw wi be tornc ,i dha,e
too. Indfeted.. w a world bulgffl.o%:i. e -J e h, nc
pwowner, thc sheer oljurn of york For- leadv-r to
cio Is so erea! a:h tri uie 'it tiabre *;.f "V
arwmen take 1et l ~haf :w *:ih lOad o!
leaderhl-'hi P arid zlrievm':-. ann d heoime
rpn-:i.the whoic w5.e.iP I-)reuk down
fhrwoigh sheier Nomanarenbirx. 1o t ini _ionidd
po~siht' be wise ertjugih. lrt ar'Ie
enough,. or hae dir tmir and skill 1,, rji h
ivOrld toda y- even if he had till tne authority *m
ail the exrk'rt adv ice he asked i to doi the :,h.
I ndt~~!~ v idud' eopl htea- ;at toiir do !i~ci c
and argue it out :s thte go along.
..Morv :hna Stii -,ear., before the hthl rt 'F
Christ. Lao Tzu. t;he Chinlest phiiwsopher. had
this to sav abomu leader-rhijp: 'As iAr the hiee
leaders. the people Joi noii ricithe- twir ex stcrct-.
TIhe next best !he people honi O-ur and prais'e- The
next the peopi t-ear, and the ne a the people
hate. But ehen1 thc best %ed' o irk i donte
te people say. --we did it ourselle\s":


To inspect the above -
RinZg 2282 ^ys see Anthony Agar
Beot offers Wforte 30th No'femb'er will secure.
lsm. -gw 0-E

Card of Thanks

Mrs. Mary Vanterpool and family, MisS Yvonne
Hurtault. Mrs. Dorothy Defoe and family, Mrs,
Gertrude Casimir and family, Pnd Mr. Louis Hur.
tault would like to thank all those who sent card4,
cables, wreaths, flowers, or other tokens of sayi-
patby on the occadicen the deai cf their beloved
Rcderick Hurt~alt. 2?.i

ti_. -.~rsr~aarlB

Miss Myrle Charles. Mr. & Mrs. Balthzawtr E. Barris
and family, Mrs. Philomen Charles & Family, Mr.
Leo Thomas, Mr. Wayland Thomas, Grardson,
Nieces and Nephews abroad, Mrs. UrTular DomtR
unique and F.mily wish to thank through thi, medium
all those who sent wreaths, cards, or other token
Sof sympathy or assisted them in one way or another
during their recent bereavement. 434.1 :
] rp Ta~mu~amB M





Produoc" Dept" Church Street.

Schedule of Apkicadlon for Certificare of Titrl_ arri NotlngT
thereon and Caveats for week ending 7ch day of Nov_, !E J
DqtRecjueszred 4 f'eso- Pasefnt:nM Nature of request whexh-
ler a Cert firiae of I'r t

RexF*L dwaed ih. J 'ees;-'us Repqut for th&in
zr:'n day of ~~j~b:i rTa -re Cr!c: cr
1.)y i b cia ti te tTl re If of P
P seatedth5t h P s portion on Ant l
day of Nov., 1970. Cjlna A _M Duptigty Shsbury '. 1 he

Aout 2. 4 fng cw'
North-East by land of Koford Louis; Sctut b. ib,;, P,
Antlli; Bruno ard Ray'rrind Alcxls; Sozarh-Ws;t by z RiFht of;
Way tand i;nd of Ravniord Atex5 h Nest by iand o
Perymar Federick Nichoecksr. ch.g ,2
c w ile of AppiicCz-o for of Titte and Nt:nnt
thereon and Caveats for week erlding 14th fty Nov.. 1977.

Date Requestid. Person Presenting Nature '-4 reqilert
whettcr a Ce ti~Ec~t
of little ;f Notin-
Orerzon or cayea.
Re~att 6WT ginRaerReqaies 194 the pae
TITyQIPQ~. of a Firq! Ce8flirc:50 1 ar
2rA dayv of Nas. f v-tCri~e~-
1970. lhr 501mliw Title iii -regote, d a
P'esntel ihe loth ;onri ci of Ittna a?
dav of Nov., L970. ; Cilia A .&I .ti. Diep'h V~iiajze-_ntbnt
at 3.25 PM i psirishrd -
~dU-U lllm~II-~ataiorsil~ ib6.i ft! Etii J
bounded as follows_--
North by kznd o Of tO C0lt4Dter: South b'? 13nd Of Eueldd
Aoyer; Eazt by litnd of Ogiste Christophier; Wrt!, by lard of
Mende Phitllip. 63I/W I
Du~e Reauertod Person Presenting Jature of *elnen j
whether a Certificatn
of Title of NcL-IUg
jtoquen t dwarehe Aile Ggrmxim Rmuczt row the SepawI
190h day of OcM., C), a PiroI Crtkeoe _o.,f
1970. ky his Solicitor i tit in res-pect of a
pesantedtt e 12tO h vortiopn of land at
atv of Nov., i A. Cibew A r.M n upigny st. iaqtP5 Vlttage ir fe
t Pfirish of St. Josr cn-
taininr 150 to. ft ts-
On the Nortb-Weet by zhe Public RcBa to Savefs r
Fait by an Acceki Road which separares it fCorn !4nds of Fdter
)nn. Baptixte. Or the West b.lands of Elztbeth jolly. Ot
tttt South bty lar,& of HUBert Lynch. E~-fl

n~iaitrar's Off~ce S'YLVIA BEPEJTKANL
P..~seaa. rO~ A~s~rar T cs.
NOTE Any person whe. destres to obk'-t toi the oser of' c'F;a
Certificate' of tott on the above apptieation may tnrntr ai Caveat
in the Above offiCaR Wthin 5X WPIrKS itr-M thC date ol t0e FirFU
appearance of ttsi schedule in -he STAR NtwsipPer pubfishbd
in this State or from Lhe date when the notice pretcrlbed by
law eist Iazt served on anry owner or occupier of Oicliirig
lard in respect of which the application Is rmtade.



PiaL9+~ C~41

r;^; SRR&

~pa~o Thirtocli

I P _74 4 1- --
---,-- -- 4.. *y -- LZ.1' c ... -, ^
"AT HOONEST MAN, TIE iOBLEST UORtC OF Yes, the man who cannot charm me will
GOD"' POPE make life an expensive thing for me.
TRUE LABOCRITES UIi.TE t -$VIVE TIHE DLP "Ignorance of the facts alone could~ .
Sn permit such foolis6hnoss in a (so-calld0
The overnight disintegration of the civilze Tcouidiiy.T NICKIESWORkH.''.
Dominica Labour Party has'shown that ........... .
the mass of the people"have no Party 'DAIiZGr IIl CHILE
convictions. They only'play upon
their emotions and expose themselves President Allondo of Chile is a
to the whims and fancies of indivi- Marxipt. 'lie has been for years,, and
duals. It would be a gross over- he has never made -any effort to dis-
statement to say that the Pure or True guise the fact. he has also called
Labourites have all gone into hiding. himself a 1hrxist-Lenieist. But at
hat do they have to hide from? Cer- no timo hda he tried to use the arms
tainly not the fear of being swallowed that Lenin used to take over in the
aby LyBlan and his Par y Soviet Union. Is patience has been
by LeBlanc and hi fruitful; he has now become President
In all my travels amongst the peo- frutf h hano bco Pr
ple, I have met but one follow who has of Chile by completely legal means.
maintained his affiliations with the He has also given guarantees about
formerly monolithic. D,L.P. y, I ask democracy; and this is why the Chr'i-
uyself have the D.L.P. numbers of the tian Donocrats have been prepared to
'50s and 160s deserted the party? give him the benefit of the doubt in
Even though many of them (were unable the congressional confirmation of his
to or) never attended political electoral win. But do they knowlwhat
meetings? Allende's guarantees are worth?. H him-
I always supported the actions of self must be well aware of Lenn'ts
the three protesting Iinisters. Their remark: "There is absolutely no con-
actions formerly tho-uhtl" too late, tradictioh in -rinciple between Soviet
sometimes thought timoly.-nay perhaps democratism and the use of dictatorial
now be thought too early. So while power by single individuals."
the Labours play a came of "Political In ay case, if Allonde himself is
Football" in which thd identifications in earnest about looping something
wero hat versus shoes, the Freedom that othersbescidos declared Narxists
Party offered rescue for those disen- and Leninists rocognise as democracy
chanted or crushed in the process, there will be many of his supporter
The D.L.P. now has an endless who will not be in earnest and'who eill
vacuum. But there is time and leisure be biding their time. Already, boe
now, to bring forward its case and foeB his installation as President,
regroup*p there have been signs that the Rule
So while LoBlanc had to come over of Law is to suffer. Threats have
-the radio to ask his followers (and been made against the lives and fami-
many of them required this ) to behave lies of Concross members tempted to
themselves, the Freedom Party took vote against Allendo's candidature.
their- defeat honourably. And while There are serious indications that
the 'paper Cabinet' was being Marxist-Leninism is about to become
announced a voice came out asLing for a compulsory part of the curriculum
help and co-operation of all citizens, in universities and high schools where
I defy LeBlanc to continue to win known Communists are already in con-
elections on the slogan a vote for his trol. People in Europe who have
candidate is a vote for him. LoBlanc lived through the post-war years are
knows that aware of what those sort of signs
"To be ignorant of one's ignorance is mean ......
the malady of the ignorant." Either Chile remains a free country
The rapidity with which forhnor or it relapses into totalitarianism -
Labour Government minictors have re- there is no Diddle way. And if-
signod from political organizations Allendo tries to find one, he may load
shows not only that thoey had personal his country into tragedy,
gains at the forefront of their minds, uISS PRESS VNEITS.
but that they .are sickened by the men-"
tality of their fornor menborship. WORDS TO REMEMBER
The Premier created noreiiinisiteos The tendency is still to wait for
to fit his stooges, and isn't this problems to become emergencies before
going to cost the tza-(us) payers more action is taken. N'IGEL CALDER

~~e~d~, ZI~Thtinw;Zih~ 1~, ;~70

T'TTB' .Crk'

pS3gp o Futpnk THE STAR Saturday, Novomber 14 1970
FA'T "HE R E D W D AL D A L 'X A ND D2.R's Radio Tribute to GENERAL.DE GAb~LE
Charles de .Gaulleo :- ..I- UNI& G D GRA)D UN GRAlD. Oh .
"A-' all man, a great kan." In those words many people described the late
General Charles do Gaullo. As I listen to the broadcast of the solemn Requiem
Mass which formed part of the hMmorial Service of the late' general, I cannot
help recalling this description of him and how true it was. De Gaullo was a
tall' man, taller by far than many; in a crowd his tkepiod' head would always
be soon towering over everybody elso's as the Eiffol tow6r over the other
buildings of Paris; He was a groat man in many respects, greater than many of
his contemporaries, greater than many others who hold the came posts and per-
formed the same functions.' A groat soldier, an astute politician, he was one
of the World War Igreats, and can take his place of honour'near men like
Churchill, Eisenhower, Montgomory.'. Ae loved being a soldier, and showed this
by appearing most times in uniform. He was a Christian, a Catholic, a man who
had in him the charity of' Clrist, and who transmitted that came Christ in his
political and public life. Do Gaulloes christian life is a great denial of
the false idea of many of our Wost Indian politicians that success and groat-
ness lies in the rejection of God and his Christ and all that they stand for.
He had great faith in God, in'the Eronch people, and in his ability to do
something for the world and for his country. Without this ho could never have
succeeded in doing what he did in extremely difficult circumstances.
MI first recollection of Do Gaullo goes back to thirty years ago, when as a
boy .6f three I heard local philosophers discussing Uorld War II which was then
ragjag. Names like Churchill, Li-tler, Roosvolt, Do Gaullo wore mentioned.
There is a gentleman of -Biocho still living, an admirer of the general, who
called himself Do Gaullo; to this day he is called Do Gaulle by his friends.
After the war very little was heard of De Gaulleo he went in voluntary poli-
tical ojeil because he dislTied the proposed new constitution of'1946. He
also felt that he'was not wantedd, he stood down until his recall, for his purz
poso was to servo, to serve tlio land that was his and which he loved, Franoe,.
He was called back in 1958 when France most needed someone to remove her from
the moss of instability and insecurity. France had oo0 'through the war of
Indo-China which she lost; the wiar in Algeria was raging, and that war was
spreading to'Franco. To give France some sort of stability'and respectability
in the world, he was extremely firm and had to assume powers which gave him
the tag of dictator. He steered France through a most difficult period and
was happy to take his exit'voluntarily from the political scene when he saw
that ho'was no more wanted, in the minds of many no more nhoedod. He had done
his job, he had fought the good fight, he had run the race.
As groat asahe was. General Do Gaulle was not loved by everybody. Many of
his measures were unpopular, but he accepted criticism as a man, a man seven
foot tall. He more than seldom w6nt to the people to'ask tlhom to ratify his
measures which appeared unpopular, and it was in one of those referendums that
the people told him that his time was up. He took it like 'a man and retired.
An emptiness was felt all over France, but De Gaulle, a great statesmanpre-
pared someone to continue his work, to continue to guide France along the
right way..
In preparing this article I am listening to the Actual Ha-s of burial which
is taking place at the parish church of the general, at Colomboy los deutx
Eglisos. A man who was ofohn called proud, did not want a State funeral. iez
funeral is as that of any humble citizen of France, among humble folk, among
the parishonors and parish priest of la Colomboy.
I recall the years that I'spont in France, spent under the reign of General
Do Gaulle, and although I'never met the man personally, I fool that I have
lost a friend. We all have lost a friend, not only his fellow citizens, or peo-
plo like me who have lived in his land for some time, but the'whole world; for
he was one 6f those who laboured for the freedom of the world, the loader of
free Franco, one of those who risked his own life for ias land and for world
.. actho. peace. -af-Chriat. .which. .paasath..all-uadcer-atanding. remain with him.....
forever. .. ...
-.T--- ITE ', WORLD & LOCAL NEWS (Se0 Page Throe)

^ ^-r^Wlat Joy ey 1f,, -i. 11i, STAR X-, r 6ago r^een
Dear Mad. Curiously the word "broughter" which
PATOIS A REJOIITDER in soim- of the EnGlish speaking islands
is the local equivalent of "la yappe"
If your correspondent "Femne patois" is also of Spanish derivation*
had confined her comment on the letter I cannot help thinking it a pity "
criticising the spelling "nepuis" to and this in my excuse for a lengthy
saying that spelling the word with a letter that we should so fast be
IWI" instead of an "r" would have been losing interest in our past and mis-
nearer the dialect pronunciation than pelli g and deforming place names,
the French "e*pris" I should have family nanes and even common Clristian
agreed with her* names that persons with no more than a
It is for this very reason, the fact primary school education should be
that "nepuis" does not co-respond with familiar iith.
the dialect pronunciation, that I be-
lieve it to be a straightforward mis- VIEUX CIEOLE
spelling of what is taken to be a FrenchEDITOR'S BOTE: We side with "Vieux
word Creole" on patois spelling, veering
Ig I may, without offence, voice sharply tpwards the Frenchier version,
what is'perhaps only an individual pre- though wie tod brdeal dodm sometimes
ference, I think "Femme creole" would
have been more elegant than "Femme My Dear Editor, ....
Patois." But your correspondent if she PRACTION FROM BRITAIIT
had chosen that pen nane would not have No.Star as yet this week and so I
spelt it'"cweole," still less "cueole" haven't really caught up on what hap-
It is, of course, difficult to de- peed at the Elections. I have though
cide how best to spell French words had a letter from St. Vincent saying
that are deformed when used in patois that LeBlaaic is back with a good ma-
speech. I suppose there is something jority. It c:qpressed surprise be-
to be said for the phonetic spelling cause from reading Androcles it was
advocated by Mr. Douglas Taylor. I thought that the Freedom Party stood
personally do not like it. I cannot a good chance; and I must say that "I
read it fluently due no doubt to my was sure that you all -~rould win."
own fault and I must confess that I What happened? and how coula the
find it ugly. A phonetic spelling Dominicans allow themselves to be so
using the conventional dalhabet like, bamboozled into being so stupid? Alas,
for instance, the "Konfessay awena" alas Poor Dominica. You must be bit-
which appeared in an Androcles article terly disappointed and I just hope.
misses the.connotations that the cor- there wont be any repercussions. These
rect spelling !'confesser a renard" politicians always say that they wi161
would immediately bring to light; or not victimise their opponents, but they
perhaps not so immediately for a friend jolly well do.
,with some knowledge of French only Real sympathy to all thinking
understood why "rwnard" when I remindedDominicans on the election results,

hin of ReUynard thne xox.
To return to your correspondent, I
did not know there was any record of a
Spanish invasion of Dominica or, apart
from its name, any evidence of Spanish
influence like in Jamaica or Trinidad.
"San" was not retained because it Was
never in use. here until I was told,, the
late ItMr J.E.T. Roberts introduced it.
Considering the contacts that the
inhabitants of the islands probably had
with Spanish sailors or Spanish speak-
ing freebooters it is striking how
small the Spanish influence has been on
the French patois. Either the small
islands did not attract the Spaniards
or their Carib inhabitants wore not
encouraging. I can thin'- of only four
words of Spanish origin in patois :
iche,, guerillas, matador and la yappe,

l..(fominican in BritaiH)

-WELcoI- vrSIT
On Friday the 6th November at
3.00 p.m. a group of Student Nurses
accompanied by a Sister Visited the
Mental Hospital. They were very
attractive and sang a wonderful song,
It is expected that they will come
again. Ar11obty tuweoce awaits them.

Any established paper which makes
sudden and arbitrary changes in its
character, uwhther in terms of its
political' line or'journalistic
values, its 'stylo, presentation or*
content does so at its own parilf-Tom

Pare Sixteen THE STAR Saturday. ITovonbor 14 1970
***s-- .A RS P 0 R T S *y *********** LCOHOLISI (froa ao eleven)
"O G : ....e..--.... RohabilltaTion' begins wit the indi-
ANTIGUA CIIMIOtIS in|,m. vidual recognizing his plight and having
S-Due ia the Stato tod'y ar a powerful an earnest doeire to be helped. If this
f-t'e z a o 3 JE=TS FOOfBALL CLUB,- feeling is not present and cannot be in-
League dhamapions of Antigua: with six duced, one usually has to conclude that
of Antigua's National players they willthe victim is beyond redemption.
come up against the might of Dominica's 0hco the patient indicates that -he
1969 League Champions, Spartan, fresh is seriously interested in overcoming
from their tour of St. Nitts uhore they the drinling habit, help may be obtained
gained alot of experience. Tomorrow from-thosei clddo to the patient, osno-
the .Jets play the ITl-tiolial on yo --i-ially'his wuie or'other members of the
cently-annaouncod or the Pophan Taruna- familyy, his doctor1 his supervisor, or
m nta: included are two nowconcrs in his rinistor.
Vivian Reno of Spartan and 1Rginald Various drugs have boon tried, either
Murphy of Celtic United. '"ho team is by placing them in the drink or giving
led by Henry Jno.Baptist&, and managed them directly by mouth. Those drugs
by Dosnond Martin. Zhe rest "of the cause the person taking them to become
team: Roy'Williams (vice-capt.) G. violently ill on consurring alcohol. By
ToussaintG, Mondcsire; J. Xentish, such roflcox conditioning it is hoped
F. Prospore G. Williarn J. Faustins that the victim vill develop an aversion
0, Joseph, P, Horsfo-d and D.Dowhurst- to alcohol. Antabuse is the latest drug
a well balanced tear, all'sot to give so used, but no drug is the complete
a 'good account of thonsolve.a The answer.
Teoa has boon undergoing sone heavy Some alcoholics have been helped by
training sessions and nay iroll reap a psychiatric consultation, by hospita-
harvest for Dorinica. Ilcaivuhilo in lization over a considerable period of
the 1970 Football Loague on" Saturday time, and, more recently, by the o:e-
Saints gave Los Santos a 6-3 drubbing collont wurk being done by Alcoholics
with Brinsloy Charles scoring four of Anonymous,. Tlo out of three alcoholics
thdo. On Sunday Blachburns suffered are currently being helped, but the ro-
ono'of many defeats, this time at the lapse rate is high, The third evidently
hands of Celtic United who soaioed thonhas no desire to be helped,. Experienco
5-2. In the main encounter of the has shown that t aporing off' has not
wook Harlon Rovers scored a 3-1 win boon successful.
over Enoralds in a rm t oecitinag on- Mndanontally good results are ob-
countor. Harlem wont into the load tainted by re-oducating the patients
thru their floct-footed right ,dngor way of thinking and his attitudes to-
S. Soannos in the twelfth ninuto and wards lifo and society. This may be
ton minutes later H. Emanuol stretched tried by getting the facts, if possible,
the load. Joe Kentish narrowed the in the individual case and explaining
load for Encraldo with a w ll tinod to the patient hou the alcoholism
header after the intorvil but Soannes develoTod.
conploted his double iearing the end Thio helps to eliminate a sense of
rith a neat placement. Thrlon now mnctguilt or inferiority that may be pro-
Saints in a replay in what may uoll be sont. The second stop is the grdual '
the .oaaons docider. ---.....--- substitution of a now interest in life,,
CRICiKTs EZERALS ROSALI FINAL such as hobbics. This is,followod by a
Enmrald Itflside '3tatcs ae 'through now slf.-confidenco. The problem then
to the finals of the Village Cricket is well on ttf' way to solution,
Tournament after gaining a coventy- When the alcoholic realizes the iorth
eight runs victory over Tobacco Fac- of these goals he is already on the road
tory last Sunday.e Batting first to recovery. A sincere desire to be
Emerald piled up 162 ith GrOysoon helped is his best nedicine.
Shillingford scoring a-Tagnificont 70, Alcoholics are found in all walks of
A. Grant 27 and C. Jocoph 23, BowlinS life and many are brilliant people.
foz Tobacco Factory, David Defoo When'any individual, gifted or other-
bagged 7 for 45, In thoei rOepl the wise, is roatoref to heath and to pro-
Tobacco boys could only iustro 4 withh ductive life, great profit and a scnso
Dofoo scoring 25 and Irving shil1n1fcdof aCf .aio li~ n .the..indivi.
doing the damage with 7 for 27 and dual, hi-. family and to society.
Graycon 2 for 8. Emoealds .,iill now Printed .1e .publdshobVy tho prorioter .
noot Rosalie United in toh finals Robert E.Allfroy of St.AAromont.D/ca:,a"
lator this month. 26 Bath Rd., ,ooeau,, Dortinica, W.I.