Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 26, 1970.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). September 26, 1970.
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Star (Roseau, Dominica).
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the Study of Man,
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Vol. X Ne. 13.
'- s ~, *>inl^th.


dtor 14 HL
EditorF PHYLLIS. S;-~otND %A L i_,7 P- Y

Saturday Septemrbe'rW1'70


-- L -.6 4L &1t Efo wn j

Election Date October 26
IEWS that the House of Assembly has been disolved
and that there will be a General Election on Monday,
October 26th. was received throughout the State with
rejoicing, not only by Freedom Party supporters, but by all
those whowant to see this vexed situation settled and
done with before Christmas, not to mention the jump-up
on National Day.
There are eleven seats to be fought over, and two
Parties In the struggle: Dominica Labour Party, which
has been in office for ten years; and the Dominica Freedom
Party, born out of the fight for freedom of the Press and
of Expression, and consequently of the four freedoms of
the United Nations, in the latter months of 1968. Those
who name the Freedom Party as the old D. U. P. P. are
falsifying the issue: naturally Freedom has attracted former
opponents of a dictatorial Government calling itself
'Labour', but they are by no means the left-overs of an
earlier contest. Indeed, they are a truly Popular Front
group with a goodly representation of youth, brains and the
worklng-class which Is backing Freedom with zest.
That Is what the outgoing Premier said when he related
on Thursday the coup which Mr. Ducreay, Mr. Stevens and
Mrs. Mable James faced him with by demanding an emer-
gency meeting to choose a new political leader. He also
made the strange statement this is a normal circumstance
which some people would like to make Into a national
crisis." And he sacked the 3 Ministers.
Man. It certainly is a biter blow for you: the sort of
blow you yourself have ruthlessly Imposed on others; and
!t SS a ni-rihSl :risls; but we not shedding any crocodile
taars for Ducrosy. Stevens and Ma James either. As they
perembulate the place seeking sympathy, all eyes are dry.
The people have been paying thair money all this time to
support' a team which did not even remain ioyal to each

Mr. Parry Be!iot has been made Editor-In-
Chief of the British Columbia Institute of
Technology Student periodical LIN K.
Here Is his photograph at the editorial desk :

rW X e S2M 2-. -. -t
Misaitera led by a diacomforted LeBlanc will rua i .:-
affairs of poor little Dominica.
Earl Leslie Trade & Industry
R. P. St. Luce Home Affairs
John Royer Communkations & Wori3
Ronald Armour changed over to Educatic-
Everybody, as we said at the start, is loo:
forward to October 26.


sr. 00s"PP

F 41, -and''

'i. p *1 R 'war
i'i Ri Rc'
-4I i. I r1 "4 ,

it h, m a i

, W ,- I&~ILIU.F :' -.


i ~.~L

LXK is a well-produced modern 16-pag
illustrated devoted to youth Interests.

This picture and caption
from an Essex (England)
newspaper, show ho* far
Caribs can travel as
they are said to have done
In Pro-Columbus Time s.

VISITING his mi:oher in
din Road. West Thuri-,a
iS ?ifr. IvoT Eltiad. st 1i, -i
Irom the Tahit'bea t"hIs
i t.vsit Mith b diflrerent.c -
has with him n(o: or4,
2j-j~ear-ok1 id mu Riiw, ~;
Ilk., Ud(pcied dauga'tlcri
a sevcn-vear-old C(wrih 11A



arpme. R AP R-+ r, S teer 26o, 19 47

By Androcles
When the House of Assembly met on the 10th September, lHon. Anthony
Moise, Lead6r of the Opposition, posed this simple Parliamentary Ques-
tion to the Government:
"What steps has Government taken during the past two years to arrest
the continuous increase in the cost of living in this State?"
It took the Government nearly 3 sheets of typed foolscap paper to
give the Reply, which, in effect, amounted in sense to one word: "None."
But to get to this, one had to wade through an unnecessary academic
dissertation on what are the elements of "landed cost" -- a concept
quite familiar even to small shopkeepers. Such an approach makes non-
sense of a Parliamentary Question. It is quite clear that the Ministers
are entirely in the hands of civil servants, otherwise, as in this case,
they would have perceived that nothing was contained in the Reply to
dull the sting of the Question. The Ministers should really have taken
a hand in such Replies for the sake of their own skins.
We were told that in March, 1968, some 80 essential items were
brought under price control, but that Officers to effect such control
were appointed only in June, 1969 -- 15 months later,
-Nothing is said about the adverse effects of CARIFTA on the cost of
living; no mention is made of the increased price of electricity
authorized by the Government some months ago, although the dissertation
lists "Refrigeration" as one of the elements of landed cost for some
commodities in general use. A very poor attempt is made to defend the
indefensible repeal of controls of local fish and meat prices 4 years
ago and the Government knows very well that the hardships caused by
these decontrols is out of all proportion to the "limited extent" to
which supplies may have increased.
There are so many things that Government could have dohe to arrest
the cost of living and I consider a few of them, even though I realise
the copy-catting risk involved.
As a general proposition with which all will agree, let me say this :
that watching the wicked waste of Government money taking place all
over the State (e.g. road repairs which require to be re-done 6 weeks
later), the welfare of citizens would have been increased if a portion
of Government revenue had not been collected but left in the hands of
taxpayers to meet the increased cost of living. Waste in any form can
never be condoned. Thus, had the Government abolished the import du-
ties on animal feeds, particularly poultry and pig feed, and retained
price control on poultry and pork at levels appropriate to such cheaper
feed, the cost of production and consequent selling prices could have
been set at lower levels and these-are foods in widespread use. Such
loss of revenue wasted in inefficiently conducted and politically moti-
vated schemes would be more than counterbalanced by the welfare of the
wage-earner in cheaper food. The Government should by now have learned
to use fiscal manipulations as a promoter of public welfare. The
Opposition Party, for example, has pledged to abolish or'considerably
reduce the import duty on the more expensive drugs.
Another approach is to use legislation to bring about the economies
of large-scale purchase of essential items. This Government was noto-
rious for promoting legislation for bad purposes: it is now too late
to do so for a good purpose. One can enact that to get the benefit of
lower prices, importers must bulk purchase essential commodities, the
various agents of such type of commodity getting the privilege of
supply in rotation when quotations are equal or else to the cheaper
Another step worthy of consideration is the reduction of the ad
valre profit margin of essential commodities in a proportion as the
C.I.F. values increase. (Conclu4p. on Pe, -oo~)


S,1-~~ul~~rt SPn~t.F~mhF17 ~~~?c~rrn

Saturday, Soptember 26, 1970 T STAR Pa Three --

Having had considerable practice of
exrpulsions and of Oasing others out to
benefit themselves, ncitheor faction of
the split-up Labour Party should moan
at the presmet disgraceful situation.
Thousands who listened to the dis-
missed 1i-nisters on T1iursday night in
Rosoau made this clear. The noting
endod on a note of inaudibility at
9.20 p.m. On Press night (Friday)
Premier eoBlanc will addrcsa the popu-
lace from the same DTU hall.
At Ducroay's mooting, he declared
himself Political Loader in place of
E.O. LoBlanc since the emergency meet-
ing of the Party. which listeners wore
told had a quorum, on Thursday after-
noon. The crowds gave him a fairly
quiet hearing, but when Chairman
Oliver James announced "This is your
new Political Leader of the Labour
Party, silence was total. ITo
As ex-Education Minister Et ovens
started talking, a storm of heckling
broke out, people calling out "It's
too late we dontt want to hear!" so
that his speech was totally lost.
Ex-~inistor Mrs. James also received
strong heckling, and when'she said
"I'm a Dominican like you," a section
of the crowd cried: "You lie you're
a ittitiant."
Main revelation of a sordid account
which indicated that since 1906 things
had not been straightforward in the
Party was the reason for the coup:
Ministers' and Members mooting at
which LeBlanc is said to have put for-
ward Ronald Armour as Political Loader,
with the implication that he, LoDBanc,
might become Governor.
Freedom is waiting foo all those
ojl1anations to be heard, c-onied and
pondered. Then the Freedom Party will
have its say.
'C~ [r Vl _0 i k A L T'n" ^.:r' S '
ST. K.ITTS -- Canada's goodwill envoy
to the Caribbean Paul MIartin said the
unemployment of West Indians in Canada
owas not because of discrimination but
the present high level of unemployment
in that country. It was untrue the
Canadian Government was discriminating
against West Indians either in gaining
mnployeint or entering educational
institutions.* In Antigua the Senator
denied a Press charge that Canada had
Colonialist designs on th l i- st Indies.

by Si and G
Hollo, IIr. Ilartini Hoy, whydda know?u
We're a-wclcotning this Canadian gov-
ornment chap. 'ut you no-thinking no-
body, read on. And then you realism
that the tone and subject matter is far
from aolcoming. "They're mad," you
say, but as the afternoon shadows gra-
dually lengthened and dwn approached
on padded foot the scurrying, hurrying,
sounds of csoos on the go displl.ed
your previous'conviction. Astonish-
ment, concern, and, fear is portrayed
on your feeble finicky nind. For we
were all going-a-dcmonstrating in'the
name of Black'lPo1;er. A big front, a
brave gesture, but what? Only time will
tell .
And- speaking of demonstrations
young 'ur,why dc'on't you do some o: '.
It's happening all about, and all the
time. Lot's makre it contagious, 'What
I moan is: If Daddy, IMimma, Uncle,
Aunt, Sister & Brother are in for a
large wook-pay this month-end and an
increase salary due to Pusinelli, why
don't your pocket allowances rise too?
Itts a vicious spiral circle, for the
cost of living also affects you, right?
If you're making this. your business
then join the Y.U-?.I. Young-funs
Union for Poc::ot Increase. President,
Secretary, Loader, Canpaigner, NLego-
tiator Yotrr Humble- Servant. Our'
motto: If U, I- not IUS.
Say, haven't you noticed? Or isn't
she one of them? Unless ofcourse if
she's stopped from school. For while
the Sisters let off their veils and pull
up their skirt lengths, they're as2in
the girls to let down their hemlines.
Not so serious? Then why had Sixth Forn
to lose a day off school to let down
those hemsi Soors and Sages War a-wagos
For play will have her sayJ But why
mothers and aunts, nonnens and cousins
have you noticed this only now. Poor
dears, I sympathis6 with you in this
recent boreavonent, but cheer up:
every day isn't a school day.
Until I hear from one of you, hero's
wishing a happy hilarious heavily-
hearted weok-long w.eekendl As to our
national dramatics, listen next time
V'"OE1'ifl G IT N E I S
Shockig massacres have been going onli
Jordan,'and Amman (capital) is full of
corpses, prisoners and snipers. Dut the
Jordanian army secured the release of a
quarter of air-hostages in the Jordan
desert 8 of 'hem British. *** TIOOTT
VACE:, ~bvieo ui and spaceship Lina '..G
ourGio, , 3s of- lunar OPSCl.pu .--'"
ni,_ c "vousa1.nCo rva4lry wtISh uinA.

S t d S t mber 96 1970

ANDROCLES (Continued from Page Two)
If a profit margin of say, 20% is allowed on a C.I.P. value of, say,
$1 (yielding 20 cents), there is no moral case why, if the C.I.F. va-
lue rises to $1.50 (yielding 30 cents), the margin should not be re-
duced to, say, 1570, raising the selling price from $1.20 to $1.72, in-
stead of to $1.80.
There are other ways in which the cost of living could have been
held in check by Government action such as this column has mentioned
from time to time, as, for example, operation of Government-owned
fishing trawlers for catching fish in our waters to sell at prices
lower than the extraordinary prices we now have to pay. Also it could
have helped by the importation of live cattle for slaughter locally,
a food policy which was such a feature of a previous government.
I do not go further with ideas, but I have tried to show that with
a little imagination the Government, which has been in office for 10
years now, could have done something to arrest the cost of living in
Dominicas Apparently, it has not bepn concerned until the matter is
brought forcibly to notice in political form. This view receives con-
firmation from another direction, namely, the callous indifference to
the sufferings of the extreme poor when a Government can pay a human
being $1 per week on the pauper roll to maintain himself at current
prices. Whys when the Ministers go abroad on conferences, say in St.
Thomas, give them $90 of our money per day as subsistence, in addition
to their salary? This $90-per day is equivalent to what Government
calculates a pauper can liVe on for nearly two years. Need more be

The first, last and only history of Dominica was published in 1791.
A period of 180 years has elapsed since Thomas Atwood wrote his "His-
tory of the Island of Dominica" and it is more than time that we come
up with something new and more comprehensive.
We have our national anthem and other symbols of nationhood, but a
knowledge of our history is indispensable at this stage and more efforts
should have been made in this direction. Fortunately for us, we have
two scholars in the history of Dominica who, between them, can produce
something of scholarship and value. Much of the research has already
been done and the time is ripe for the publication of a new history of
Dominica. The two scholars are Father Proesmans of Pointe Michel and
IMr Joseph Borome, whose parents were Dominicans, and who is presently
Professor of History at the City College of New York and who has al-
ready published several monographs on facets of our history. The ex-
pected new Government should commission a joint work by these two his-
torians and pay the cost of publication.
There is much more material for a history of Dominica than is popu-
larly believed. We have a great deal of researched material on the
Spanish, French and Carib Periods; on Slavery; Constitutional and Mili-
tary events; leading figuresvin our history; history of the Christian
denominations and a host of other topics. Nearly every part of
Dominica figures in one way or another in our history. In the interest
of the nation and while these two scholars are able to undertake it, it
is of the utmost importance that for the sake of coming generations
this work be done. I believe 1971 will see this project well on its
way if the expected happens.

It has been announced that Father Edward Alexander, native priest,
has been appointed Parish Priest of St. Joseph. Subject to correction,
I believe that this is the first time that a native Catholic priest is
taking full and canonical charge of a parish.
(Concluded o, Paie Eleven)


age Four L u-11 1-- VAyL~


T i 1

sg- i~-~*~"-ssamailacl

In Exrcellent Working Con
Apply. F. C. JOSSE Telephor

No. 194*
it 2671-2

S..hedule of Application for Certiicate of Title and Notin
t ier tor and Cayezts or week onrdlng 1i2th day of Sept. 1970

D i't Rerzuested Person Presenting Nature of request
Whether a Cer:fic;Ke
Sof Title of Noting
t hereon or Caveat.

Sthe Siutioa Charles Requet for the issa
Ai4rb h y of April, of a Pirst Certificate of
vI70. by her Soicitor Title in respect of a
iPreien-id the th 9 | portion of land
SV : n- cr. MAmour at icack Portimotth
las. .. i n the P ariih
..... of St. John, contain-
in- 1563 si, t. and
ti ioundcd ils foilows--
Noirt : Land of Agnltta toseph South: Scott Street. Wo si:;
L:Id -f Ernest Pascal. East: Rollo Street. 525a42
Sci eduie of Application for Cerificate of ie and Nottrigs
r.;-. r aNd Caveats for wePe end 19th oa Set170
-ie -quted 1 Person Presenting Nature of request
er a Certificate of Title of
SNo;dctg thereon or Caveat.
ii'tme *- dated thc Ethe! Robin Request for the fas
I i- d uf Sept., or a Firrt Ce tifieate of
I 'Y. by her Solicitor Title in respeci of a
8se 'ed heb 14th portion of land
dty of Sent., 1970. Cilma A.M. Dupigny at Botiom Wesley,
art 3.i: p.m. in the Parishb
ol St. Andrew. coniair.
ing 7024 sq. ft arnd
bounded as toli!ws :.-
N,;r0 by land of Jowell Stephen North-East by a Fubi~ c Road
a.ri a Rigtht of Way; South-East by 'arnd of Helen Danne
:,orSn; South West by land of Newton Telemaque. $3; ./sa
S hedui of Application for Certfi(ate of Title and NotingE
thk.mrt a and Caveats for week ending 2ist day of Sept., 1970

aite Rtquested Person Presenting | Nature of request
'whether a Certificate
of Title of Noting
thereon or Caveat.
--:.9:;- -a

;cI_,ct datied the
19ri cay f Aug.,
P". sei td the 2!st
( of. Se pt., 1970.
;.L: 1 a.:n.

Gordon Cyril
by his Solicitor
Jenntr B, M. Artnou

N',,rtui L-nd f Simon Lawrence.
Ell.n and Aoraharn Peter. WrMt:
of' tiolel facob.

Request for the issue
of a First Certificate of
Title in respect of a
lot of land in the
ar ; village of Calihishie,
in the Parish
Sof St. Andrew, contain-
ing 15,2?2 q ft. and
b~..dtit as ollc tws -
South: Land of Liorel
Public Road. East: Land
47- '--/

RitimIpI7r's Ofrre, Mona igsby lmis,
R.: 3 Lminica, ;970. Registrar of Tutlc.
i i : Arn person who dBrres to cblect to the ssuz:ng of a
'Curdfkcam of title on the above applkdthc~n may enter a Caveat
lin ta above office vlthin six we"ks ft c-n the date of the First
'I "!~'>ra~ice of thfis schedule in the STA' Nerspaper 'ublisiwd
in -s; StatE or from the date when t0he notice prescribed by
ww :v#, last served oz any owner ,r occupier of adjolsiing
11pro~ii n rcrpoct of which the app!icttion Is made.


Aird heretofore called and known by the name ct
Bernice Rita Coulthard t citizen of the United Kitnl
dom and Colonie by biarh, hereby gives Pubhic
Notice that on the 21st. day pf July, 1970, I fornma-l'
and absolutely renounced and abandorne '.d' "
my said surname of Coulthard AND iurhtr 'Nt>t
such change of name is evidenced by Deed Pto
dated the 21st day of July, 1970 under my hand
and seal duly executed by me and attested Register
ed in the Registry for the hiand of Dominica on the
29th day ot July, 1970. and recorded in Book of
of Deeds W No. 8 folios 127-129.
Formerly Bernice Rita Coulthard4

resus Credi, g
Estb. 1953 r

WNo$ for Charity, sot for Profi, but for Servcs"

Members of the St. Alphonaus Co-operative Creit
Union Ltd., of Goodwill are notified that the I8th
Annual General Meeting of the Society will take
place on Friday, 2nd October, 1970 at the Goodwill
Parish Hall.
'Attractive door prizes mRay be won by the early
birds. There will also be distribution of pens.
Members are requested to make every effort to
attend, and to be punctual.



G E N T S,
C E N TS !

Hand Bags, Shopping
& Travel Bags.
Brief Caies & Travel

Dry CGoods


-s .

u r *I>

-h- _



An Assortment of Inexpensive

Books on a wide range of

Health Subjects.




Saturun.- ,otoraber 26, 1970

N 0 T I C E
--It is notified -or general--information that His Excellency the
Governor has been pleased to appoint the following persons to be Re-
turning Officers for the undermentioned Electoral Districts, in pur-
suance of Section 14 (i) -of the House of Assembly (Elections)
Ordinance Cap. 183:- .
Ip. Electoral District Names 'Addresses
i"T Roseau Northorn S.V. Joseph Got. i~/J/qrs. Roseoa
2. Rosoau Southern S.L. Jolly 41r River St,, Rosoe
3. westernn C.H.E. Guiste St. Joseph
4. Notth Western Horminie Gabriel Colihaut
5. South -Western Woofers Jules Soufriere
6,. Eastern J.Johnson Thomas Castle Bruce
7. Iorth Eastern J.Maurice Joseph Iarigot
8. South Eastern J.KHenderson Dolices
9. Iorthorn S.T.Hyacinth Vioillo Case
10. Portsmouth B.A. Carbon Portasouth
11. .Southern Peter George GrandBay
G2/2-. 542-O /1. : ..V .- I... ...... ..I. STONf
22,9.70 Supervisor of Elections


His Excellency The Governor having issued his writ for the election of a
member of the House of Ascoubly in respect of each of the electoral districts
mentioned below, the Returning Officer of each district will on the 9th day of
October 1970 now next ensuing between the hours of 9 a.r. and 4 p.m. in his'
respective district procQdc'to the nomination and if there is no opposition,
to the election of a member.
Foirns of nomination paper s may-be obtained from the Roturning Officers.
Every nomination paper iiust be signed by-six or more electors qualified bo
voto in respect of each particular district, and should bo handed to the Ro-
turning Officer betwooan the said hours of 9 a.m. and 4 pn.
No nomination paper shall be valid or actedupon by the Returning Officer
unless it is accompanied byi-
(a) the consent in writing of the person therein nominated and,
(b) a deposit of one hundred and twenty dollars in cash
Every candidate shall at tio time df this nomination deliver to the Return-
ing Officer a statutory declaration of his qualifications mado and subscribed
by buch candidate or, if the candidate is absent from the Stat9 on nomination
day, by his duly authorisod agent. If such statutory declaration is not
dollvored as aforesaid the nomination shall be domed to be void.
In the event election is being contested the Poll will be taken between the
hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p,.m. on the 26th day of October 1970 in each electoral
No. Electoral District Returning Officer Address.


SV. Joseph
S,L, Jolly
C.H.E. Guiste
Hcrminie Gabriel
Woofers Jules
J.Johnson Thomas
J.Maurice Joseph
J.K. Henderson
S.T.. Hyacinth
B.A. Carbon
Peter George

Govt. H/qrs. Roseau
41 River St., Roseau
St. Joseph
Castle Bruce
Vieille Case

Supervisor of Elections.


- -



atur-dacy Septombor 26C19,2 THE STAR Pagg cy _..
The dates'for nomination, Friday 9th October, 1970, and election, Monday
26th October, 1970 having boon announced this Bulletin is specially addressed
to Political Parties and prospective candidates.
-I should li!ke to inform all candidates for the forthcoming elections of the
requirements of the Election Ordinance with regard to nominations and alloca-
tion of symbols.

A candidate desiring to propose his name for nomination should adopt the
following procedures -
(a) HTe must be nominated in writing by at least six'rogistored electors of the
electoral district for which he seeks to be elected, and he must consent in
writing to such nomination.
(b) He must at the same time submit a statutory declaration that he is quali-
fied to be a candidate. If the candidate is absent from the state on
nomination day such declaration must be made by his duly authorised agent.
This declaration should be made before the Registrar, any lIagistrate, a Jus-
tic6"of the Peace, Notary Public, or Commissioner for Oaths and should boar
a 60o stamp.
(c) lie must pay to the Returning Officer of his electoral district a deposit
of $120.00 in cash.
(d) He must present his doctuaents between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 pm. on
ITomination Day i.e. Friday 9th October, 1970,

If any of the above roquircmonts are not fulfilled the ITomination is void
and the pcospectivo candidate's name will not be considered for Elections.

All forms required fo- INTomination can be obtained at the office of the
Returning Officer for any particular district.


When the Supervisor of Elections is satisfied that a recognized political
party has applied to him for a'party symbol, he shall allocate one of the
syribols numbered 1-6 inclusive, to such party and the official candidate of
such party in each electoral district, shall be entitled to have the party
symbol printed opposite his name.

i~ the case of other candidates the supervisor of elections shall
allocate one of the symbols numbered 7-16 to each such candidate. Provided
that the order in which such symbols are allocated shall correspond with the
order in which the nance of the candidates, excluding official party
candidates appear on the ballot paper,

The "HAND" symbol has boon allocated to the Dominica Freedom Party and the
"IILTH" symbol to the Labour Party of Dominica.


5, S OE 6. A 7. CLOCK 8. FORK
9. KNIFE 10. T2; E 11. BIRD 1-2 BICYCLE
3.. CAR 14. SHIP 15. TEACUP 16, HEART

Supervisor of Elections.

AppIication fer liquor Licece
STh.e Magistrate District "E"and the Chief of Police
SI ANNE GREY -novw residing at Trafalgar
.h of St. George di:; hereby give you notice that
P; m y intention to ap-dy at the Magistrate's Court
b) be held at Roseau o:. Wednesday the 5th day of
. "Otier 1970, ensuing for a TAVERN LICENSE
F. -#spect of my prem ises at Trafalgar Parish of
eo. Corge.
C ater the 4th day of September, 1970.
;-. ,: ANNE GREY

AUSTIN 1100 No. 1378
v can be inspected by arrangement with Mr.
-? ot, phone 2683. Offers for purchase by cash
7 oiy to be received before 10th October by Marna.
4 %r, 0minica Electricity Services, P. 0. Box 143,
f *] ^ &w. _S _S



VOLKSWAGEN :Saloon Reg, No. 1544

FORD Diesel Trader Truck 15 cwt.
Reg. No. 1650
FORD Gasolene Trader Truck 15 cwt.
Reg. No. 1646.

Contact: Manager Estates,
Geest Industries (W. 1.) Li
Woodford Hill Estate.


COCA--COLA Metal Ice Box Bottle Coolers,
Seven-case capacity, Limited Supply at Low Cost
1 i 7-.00. May be inspected at COCA.-COLA factory.
A. ?o one (1) 6 Ton FORD Diesel Truck No. 386
one (1) 1 Ton COMMER Pickap No. 1279


Sc per Ib.



Schedule of Applicati~on for Certificate of Tit-l a"Id tgs
thereon and Caveats for week en ding 26z' ds of Sept,, ki97~.0
Date Requested Person Presenting N_"ure of r-4quesu A
whetherr a Ce~~s.rt;ve1
lof 1:4de of Notzini

Request dated the George Dodds ltt'quiml fol 1p_
420.h, day of Feb., of r, ,i t Qi' C' 4,
S1969. by his Seliciter Tille ift mespoZi of a
Pmsenfed the 2tsf Portion nf Jand iuthu
d~ay rof Svpt,, 1970. %'snya Du~pigny Vlaeo C,,y
at1 the Parish
of SFt. Anccontu',12
tni 7515 %q. It, Ind
t'oundrd ds toltows-i
On the North by land of Mrs. Waymol Prosp,-r. On the
E~st by land of Rosemarie Dodds, On the South East by lAng
of Mnadriana Dodds. On the' South by land of [.;turetta i11c~co-
nie. On the West by land or fteirs of jamci O*Prien.
Reitar's Office,
RoCSeaU, DOcMtnca, 1970. Ripgzrar of Tts
SNOTE : Any person who desires to object to the ~ngof ;I
Certificate of title ont the 34bove Application mnay enter a cavetl
in ,hetabove offce wit hir six weeks frotr. the date of the First
appearance of this scheduie ini the STAR Ntwspaper publihthe t
In Offr State ojr from the dte when the notice pre~c'rIed byt
law wat h~st served on any Owner or OCCUpier of adi"Ioiri~n
land in respect of which thle application is made.

Win Customrers and Friends
i fi -- -- --- .^ -- ^^-& mw waitff.nflW a


W m

Notice of Application for
Liquor Licence
To the Magistrate District "E" ad kht, Chif of Police
1, ANNE GREY now residing :t rTrafalyg
Parish of St, George do hereby give you notice that
it is my intention to apply at the Magistrate's Cu'rt
to be held at Roseau on Wednesday the Sth day of
October 1970, ensuing for a NITE GAR LICENSE I
in respect of my premises at Traf- :;c Parish of
St. George.
Dated the 4th day of September, 1970.
To the Magistrate District "1' and the Chief of Poihce
I, MARY LEWIS n.w residing at Cculbistrie,
Parish of St. Joseph, do hereby gve you notice that
it is my intention to apply et the Magistrate's Ccurt
to be held at Roseau on Wednesday the 5th day of
October 1970, ensuing for a retail liquor Th;ence in
respect of my premises situated ai Coulibistrie,
Parish of St. Joseph,
Dated the 7th day of September, 1970.
s ia il MARY LEWIS

- -4 -mi-ov

am, --Awlp

il. $ 16-114

W- Bob,
ma MU6,106 lmb

11pp, A FPAW


Sai-rday. Sctembcr 26 1. 970 THE STAR Page Nine
The Portsmouth Co-op C.U. Ltd, held its 15th A.G.I1. on'Sunday 13th September,
1970, commencing at 4 p.m., chairman Mr. D.V. Fountain.A quorum was present.
Reports of the Board of Directors and the various committoes bore testimony
to the satisfactory performance of the society during 1969. Share capital had
risen from $93780.40 to $108,091.14, representing an increase of $14,310.74.*
LoAns outstanding at 31/12/69 wore $105,585.49 repr6senting an increase of
$8,076.40.* Membership in 1969 increased by 65 to bring the total to 729 at
the close of the year.
The General Meeting accepted the Board of Directors' recommendation that
3%' dividend on shares and 10,i rebate on interest paid be paid to the members.*
The Credit Committee Report revealed that a total of 164 loans were granted,
totalling $438,553.
Election brought the following persons to serve on the various committees.
Board'of Directors CREDIT Comrn SUP.Com,
1. iMr. D.V. Fountain Mrs. S. Israel Mr. G. Carty
2. Mr'. i.' Paul Mrs. A. Noel Mr. C. Parillon
3. Mrs. D. Lee Miss Y. Waldron IM. A. Joseph
4. Ir. R. Dyer
5. IM. R. Panthier
6. It. J. Joseph Understudy
7. Mr. R. Thomas Miss J. Wade
Present at the meeting were the Parish Priest Rov. Father Chauvet; the
lion. E.A. Leslie, the Registrar of Co-operatives 1r. B.E. Barrio, and the Vice-
President of the Dominica Credit Union League, Mr. Wyllis LoDlanc. The last
two gentlemen addressed the meoting. Before closing the nccting the'chairman
e:prossed on behalf of thie m6nbers his gratitude to the pioneers of the. Credit
'Union movement in Portsmouth, and thereby made special mention of Mr. T.M.
Waldron. He then referred to the departed Board member Iirs. Angela Samuel who
vas one of the society'r faithful members. At his suggestion the mooting paid
its respects to Mrs. Samueol by standing for a one-miinuto silence.
Mr. Paul lMartin, Leader of Government Business, Canadian Senate,
..."We find it necessary to inform you that we can no longer be fooled by
the myth':of friendly relations between Canada and the Test Indies. The events
surrounding the Sir George W'illiam University affair have put into blatant fo-
cus the potent anti-blackZ f6eling that has been latont in Canadian society..
Black students in Canada have in no uncertain fashion boon made to realise that
white society tolerates them only to the extent that they know and keep theit
place. That place, Mr. ilartin, implies a suffocation of black consciousness,
black pride and black expression an acquiescent subjection to the dictates
of whito society.
You may note, Mr. liartin,'that with three Dominicans before the Courts of
the Canadian power structure, Dominica is in a very real way involved in the
affair of Sir George -- and i shall not regard the proceedings in a spirit
of helplessness. For too long has our relationship with Canada been a more
acting out of the colonial game; for too long has the Oest Indies as.a whole
boon content to play colony to Canada while Canada in turn finds no diffi-
culty in turning her full night on the backs of black people on her shores..,
1o regard the trial of ;ost Indian students in Canada as a blatant act of
racism and we therefore insist that your government carry out a full-scale
national investigation into the allegations made by the students, as only an
investigation at this level can begin to satisfy 'ost Indians. DOINICA
5 Stober Street,
KINTGSTON, JAMAICA -- Jamaica's first organ transplant patient, 16-year-old
Dorotto Campboll, died last wook, 19 days after the operation was performed
at the Kingston Public Hospital by a team of Jamaican Surgeons.

Pag q Ton
N 0 T I_ C E
Colcti OTn o Li iccCE
Collection of Liuo~r Licences -

Northern District
(Cap. 272)

Holders of Certificates for Liquor
Licencs'granted by His Worship the Ma-
gistrate, District "G", are hoeeby no-
tified that a Revenue Officer will be
in attendance at their area Police Sta-
tioni on the date shown below for re-
ceiving foes for the period October
1970 to April 1971 .
Date Place of Collection Licences
Tuesday Police Station CalibislIc
6.10.70 Calibishic Woodford



Police Station -
Police Station -

Police Station -
Vicillo Case


Ag. Comptroller of Inland Revenue
for financiall Secretary.
Fileo Io.IR.,2
Date; optember,; 1970
G.113 552-1/2 ... ---
Tenders are invited for the pur-
chase of the undermentioned itoms:-
"Romains of Land Rover i10. .1301 con-
sisting of Engine bloch, front and rear
differential," lying at Melviloe Hall
Airport site,
Tenders should be in soaepd enve-
lopes and clearly marked ;'Tenders for
purchase of used Public Works Division
Heavy Equipment" and should be ad-
dressed to:-
The Chairman,
Tenders Board,
Ministry of Finance,
and should roach him not later'than
2,00 p.m. Saturday 3rd October, 1970.
Government does not bind itself to
accept the highest or any tender.
Financial Secretary
C. & U 11/21
Ministry of Communications CJ Works
12th September, 1970.
G.172, 543-1/1


STAR Satur1day, Soptombor 26j. 1970
Registration for Extra Mural Classes
in Rosoau will open immediately. The
term will start by October 5th and end
by December 12th,. Classes wi-11 be of.-
fored in English '0' level throe times
weekly Economics A' level and West
Indian History t01'level twice weekly
- Social Structuro, Iiusic,q Commerce,
Book-Keeping. Shorthand as well as
Mathematics 'O/'A' level once weekly.
Special courses in Intermediate Gerran
five times weekly. Psychology twice
weekly and Social Structure three times
weekly either at the. Dominica Grammar
School or Police Training Centre will
also be accessible to students not bo-
longing to the above mentioned institu-
tions. During the first term there
will be no'Mathematics 0'' level. There
is however, hope that classes might be
arranged on a three times weekly basis
after Christmas. French 'O' and u'i
level classes will also be available
if there are enough students to justify
the courses..after Christams. It is.
hoped that British Cohstitution 'A'
level and Elenments of Law will be con-
tinued. Students who want to sit for
'O' levels night be admitted to 'A'
level courses upon the discretion of
the tutors concerned. Fees are to be
paid in advance unless other special
arrangements have been made. In-
terested students can contact the E:xtra
Mural Dopartncent in iodiatoly.
Registration for the Grand-Bay Con-
tre will be on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of

Sister Shirloy Jacos and Nurse Joan
Jacobs of the PrincosG Mararart Hospi-
tal left for Kin;ston, Jamaica over
the weekend to commence a one year
course in Public Health Nursing through
the W,I. Training Scheme.

There will be a meeting of execu-
tives of Agricultural Marketing Boards
of CARIFTA lHomber Territories in Feb.
1971 to discuss LLarketing Boards mat-
tors and problems. Details will he
announced later by the Commonwealth
Caribbean Rogional Secretariat after
consultation with memberr Territories.

Saturday, September 26 1i970_ TME STAR Pag Eljevel.
Short-Short: THE DATE By Aynos Zuzaka ANDROCLES on Father Alexander(frP.4)

A new boy has just arrived at the
D.G.S. and is already the- centre of .
attraction. His name is Nelson, and he
is in fourth form. After only one
month at his new school, Sally (a High
School student) tries to make a date
with him. He is at the Hostel when she
phones him from her home..
ITelson "Eello, who's speaking?"
Sally "Guess who. -I am in the
same forr 'with you. "
ilelson "Well, it's certainly hard
to guess. Do I know yott very well?"
Sally "Not so well, but well
enough to remember my namee"
Nelson "Well! you are Lydia,
aren't you.?"
Sally "Do you like Lydia that much
already? I was the one who answered
your question this morning. You remem-
ber the one you asked about dating?"
Helson "Oh! Then you must be Sally.,
without doubt, I like'the way you
answered that Question, You must know
a lot about dating,"
Sally "Oh, noi because right now
-'na to make-a date with you and
I don't know where to start."
Ielson "Well, as you said this
morning get straight to' the point.
Furthermore, I can't even see you."
As Sally (though bold in some ways)
is rather shy, she blushes.
Sally "Well, I ..... I .... er ...
there's a good show on tonight at the
Cinena and I .... er .... I would like
us to see it together you see, it's
all about dating."
ITelson "Great. honey, Great sure,
why not. I was planning to go myself.
I'll come to your home at eight, okay?
and don't you worry about tickets
'cause I'll get them."
Sally.- "Okay. Thanks and bye for
now," (smiling into the telephone)
Nelson "Bye, honey. See you."
And the two of them return to com-
plete their homework then to prepare
for their first date, which wAs rather
a successful and exciting one, and
turned out to be the first of many..

One does not have to be in complete
accord with Father Alexander's approach
to recognize that'he is a man of con-
siderable ability, great energy and
vast potential. One of his strong
points has been his facility of relat-
ing his ministry to the local environ-
ment. He will find nuch scope for his
many talents at St. Joseph and his
friends and admirers in Roseau will
watch his management of the parish wi-th
sympathetic interest, One aspect of
his ministry which has impressed this
columnist has been his peculiar sym-
pathy and comfort of the bereaved when
he conducts a funeral. We wish him
well in his ne1i assignment.

It is notified for general informa-
tion that the following appointments
have been made under Section 4 (2) of
the Motor'Vehicles'dnd Road Traffic
Ordinance, Cap. 200,, with effect from
15th August, 1970:
No. 134 Corporal I, CHRISTMAS
No. -1 Corporal S. JNO. BAPTISTE
Permanent Secretary
I-inistry. of Home Affairs
File No. 11/23/12
Date : Septenmber 10, 1970
G.171, 54i1-i/

Mr. Gauman P2obin, Director of Audit,
has been selected'under U.K. Technical
Assistance Scheme, to attend an 11-
week Accountancy and Audit Course held
at the BritiSh Council Courses Depart-
ment, London, front Soeitember 28.

LONDON --- 'Tho youligerl~ of two brothers
accused of the murder of Mrs. Muriel
McKay was afraid of his older brother,
the Court i.rn- -'ol'

.. In the fifth day of the "trial with-
MORE CARS T POPLE out a body," in which Trinidad-born

WASIIIITTONT -- The number of cars in Indian brothers Arthur and Nizamodeen
the United States is roving at twice Hosein both den-ied'kidnapping and kill-
the rate of"the population. Official n Mrs. 'IcKay, 55, who disappeared
iGur showed the umber ocar was from her London home last December 29.
incigresinh at the rate of 12,000 a Detective Inspector John Minors agreed
day, compared to a daily population with a suggcction by counsel for
ro, th of 6,000 people. Nizamodeen, 22, that ILizamodeen's
-ro.ith o6,000 people..,
r relationship iith 34-year-old Arthur
was based not on brotherly affection

Pago Twelve THE STAR Saturday,Soptobe 26
**** S T A R P O. T 3 ********* COMMO1iEALTII 1TIEVS (
Charle Scores Seaso's First Dominica ITcs: A Hindu 'High.Priest'
Charlesr Scores Season'y rnst f'lr a Fernaido Trinidad named Pundit
Hqt-Trhe c:* Harem, Rovers Down Ramsamooj Iisira is fasting for eight
t.he Champs, 2-o days from tomorrow at Check Hall (near
Brinsley Charles starred in the sea); he says the purpose is to
Saints convincing win (6-l)over avert disasters of hurricane,earthqual:e
Blackburns last Sunday with the etc likely to befall this State in the
8sason's 1st hat-trick, near future, and iuill be at Kings Iill
Saints shared the better of from Oct. 5 to 'heal the sick,lame and
the exchanges in the first half dumb, and settle home confusion'. We
of play, but were kept at bay suggest ItLnistcra and exMinisters of
to a certain extent by a stal- Governmeant might pay him a visit.....
wart Blackburns; defence.Charles ANTIGUA: The Antigua Workers Union at
opened the scoring for Saints its fourth annual conference cane out in
with a beauty. Soon after Black- support of the Opposition Progressive
burns, hit a sad blow when their Labour Movement in this year's general
goalkeeper Elseworth Augustine election,
was struck on the skin and had ipoinnica: in the suicide stakes of the
to be carried off the field. Labour Party nextt round) a radio news-
Saints piled on the pressure in cast on Friday stated that nine members
the second half and two more of the DLP executive dissented'from the
goals from Charles, two fom action taken by rebels Ducreay,Stevens
Simpson and one from Casimir & aames, on grounds of unconstituionality
sealed the way for a Saints vic- ...we can't go into the tedious details
tory. The Blackburns ga$ied their here: this release was signed by persons
consolation goal through lewhurst.including Patriclk John, Mayor Bernard
On Saturday Emeralds and Cools-Lartigue, Minister R.O.P.Arnour
Santos battled to a goalless & iMiss Acme Trocard. The faction-in-
draw in a hard fight where de- office appears ho have cornered the LP
fence proved to be the mainstay, equipment; Ducreay &; Co. had to borrow
In a very exciting encounter a public-ospeaker for their Thurs.noe-ting.
on Thursday, newcomers Harlem BRITAI: f d Lbr
BRITAIT: '3fe defeated Laboar PaggSto
Rovers gave the 1969 Harlem Re- nu c::: n
vers a sound drubbing on a heavy fo Io
ground before a fair crowd at o- .eao-. o .
the Windsor Park. A ~:r....,m,,, "-t-, C Z -. .
Spartan enjoyed the better of .
the first half, but their for- ..
wards were held back strongly by a ;j -:... .. .-1 .- 'o m e
a tight Rovers defence. It was ood
Domfraid who opened the scoring h q of Brl
for RoversI, making a solo-move iii; DonuLica for a wee::.
on the right flank to put Harlem t: ovrje~ ha. o 'deoe :
Rovers into the lead within five -o:-c o: Enla4 ad st
minutes of the second half. iini r:- _udtoa,6 : ..
Soames made it 2-nil with a well- oos ion. -C Ti;od` rd S:t. .
placed right-footer. It took r_ 0n i S.. 1:: ~a Jland I4- s.
defence man Joffre Faustin to m ms fU e .ll pa es i iovr:.
gain a Spartan consolation goal. Fo7 .: -o 1i ts ha!v b
Outstanding for Rovers was OlivaE ,Xpl fr.~i sOe Afica for sap~ort-
Joseph and for Soartans Cuthbert itn h ld cuf of C~Qet r'eCot-
Williams, on. Roon a.i for the lohera.ti i ma._,:Tr.ita
Guyana's teen-aged Lawn TennjS southern A frie.
Qaeen Debbie Phillips created Domiica .: a. levng r-
history in her country,sweeping hZE-Qar Prio rat her ~oIJy ~ x-
the board in National Champion- the STR office to aney GoP e and to
ships winning girls singles, say he was e oencua ed y.; M "-
womens singles,womens doubles & ters. e E o .
mixed doubles. wiin ad ot
wishring: an,.d courtes1.&
BRITAIN tLATE .ASH Prime Minie- R. Jno.P,: Sorr, bu your letter is
ter Heath denied Govtts Intentionfull of false assa.-ons; we cannot
to do awaz with the Ministry of p fal cannot
.. -Q Ier- 19eomeit print it. Editor.
0: <:.c 1l4oo' i a0od^x ou /ie ;oL I 'o- :
_1 0 ~ 1-I~~ -"C =`-~'- ----- ~
oad 030 nu;