Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 29, 1970.

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Star (Roseau, Dominica). August 29, 1970.
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Mrs6 Jane Lowenthal, M
Research Institute for
the Study of Mani,
162 East 78 Street,
New York 10021, N.Y,,.
0 /5 i -' e, d sc to i L :t
inS' Turner n rdc) Lt.,
i2 Shaftesbury A.e, W I.
8 u. ^f

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r 1 -0 change

DOMINICA your mind

Vr~tUtte 'aAst. E tl an d your
Vlrtul ">is'cs Editor -- PHYLLS SHAND ALLFRESFoR rTHE ST1 OF vernme '",!~
Saturday August 29, 1970 162 EAST 78 STREET TI,* CBtsUf

GOVERNMENT says that damage to the banana industry
wil run close to three million dollars; sx bridges
damaged Roseau, twe near Grandbay. Laronde: and the
Deux Branches Brdge made unsafe for trucks; rma| r land-
slides blocking routes in the north, south and east, and of
course the flooding.
Our water is :ntermittent decerdent cn rain or pro-
ximity to clean rivers Our electricity is on the rota sys-
tem_ Damage to ba:ranas, island-wide, averages 60--70'o
and production wil crop by two-thirds for the next four
months. Food is spo ling and trade is dropping for lack of
power and refrlgerst:on.
The r lti h Development Division has flown in
Engineering and Agricultural Advisers and will no douot
prop us up with substantial aid. But the little mar is pay-
ing already ;n discRomort, and will ray yet more Many
questions r-an be rostd on the subject of prepared-.ess: as:d
tire public is warned to boil Its water and guard against
disease fi-F and theft.
ISee Si'& G's account of Dorothy Crrm Roseau, p. 7)

'T.4( AC /I:0 Fl I S 1" ME
Flying back towards Domini -a in tre teeth of the tropical
storr was Ronalt Vo:neyv hose sercus scine In ury was
healed in England. -le was due in ,-.ntigua or aursday,
and was grounded there until Friday, when he was forced
7i pause in Guadeioupeovernight because of the hu-ricar.e.
On Saturday afternoon he was restored to his anxious
family and seems well and active, getting geared up to re-
enter St. Mary' Academy after much handwriting and Lyp-
ing practise while a patient.
rtnwau .f =.i-~l

The London Financial Time" has a survey on Dominica
thir month covering many aspects of life on the island, wvt h
a half page investmerr advert, from Trade and Industry.

The mr!n topics are general concitlons, industry, the
banana economy, rislrng exports and an exciting place for
the tourist ". Advertisers include Geests. Cable & W re-
less, Astaphans. A. C Shll!ijgford & Co., Barclays BadIk,
emerald Hillside, Fort Young and Surveyor Winskl.

; was drawn up by 'lugh O'Shaughnessy, and by To y
"oz!er (of Barbados ), and is n the ma;n outirnisic, with a
I *w amusing fiaws i Lord Brisol is d4scrlb-d as the Marqu i
Sf B3th, Lenienc is described sa 3 g-ad-lt of the Londo I
! bool of Economics, and or* prophecy made after a
S)uple of day's' visit -- s tha Freedom s'rem-s uhlkly t
t ect DLP in the nmar futuree' Mosn .;f re ma'er-al wa
t -awn from oaial sources, q Ite natural.

. ory ro friont-page pirtyrr sand to Queen & Cofn-
uncnwealth page. Hrr cane n'ade difficilties),
a a- -

rINEV jUNr 2 4l 6 Xis



They shall not vote they must not vote because
They're unacquainted with their country's laws,
And even if they were, are still too young
To know unvarnished Truth, from gilded Wrong;
Also at Eighteen, they are giddy headed.
Which means their Lilliputian minds are wedded
To thoughtless acts, and great frivolities,
So they're unfit to vote now, if you please.
But they can move in predetermined courses;.
Be policemen join military forces;
Wrongdoers trace, and felons apprehend,
And if it comes to war, the State defend
By giving up their young and brainless live,
So that their threatened native land survives,
Although they never really had a say
In how things went, before they went their vray,
And now I ask you this: if youth must die
When blood begins to flow and bullets fly;
If youth must first be sent up on the road
To No Man's Land, where screaming bomnbse pelode;
Why can't they also put in Ballot Boxes
Their Crosses? Strangest of all paradoxes:
That those thought by Democracy unfit
To vote, should now be called io fight for it.
( 7Thi. p 'm 't!i ari'n bh Lhi'- C'. dwa'rds of
Por-t-i :f-iin i.. T7'in doil, anr !d !r'irbl -s...:" up
thc cuse f,," ftie 18 yea(r-('ds. )
-i-. --*- ri-
Application has been made by Government to the
Caribbean Development Bank for a loan to construct
a Deep Water Harbour for Dominica at Woodbridge
Bay. This deep water harbour facility wil cost
some $8 million.



The following appointments have been approved in
the Legal and Judicial Service of Dominica with
effect from Ist September, 1970. Mrs. G. A. James,
Registrar, has been appointed Magistrate a'ed will
take up duties in the new Court in Roseau: NMiss
Sylvia Bertrand. Deputy Registrar, has been
appointed Registrar.

Area 21" %q. miles
Poppulation (1968 r4lrnatea

Export# (in#1114inH
re-iritorts) 1963 -ECS1.4rn.
Imports WS4i8 V820.2m.
Export- 11) I'.. i9#,A ECXS1.5n.
Imports frons U.K.
ME3 Ulu.

On Sat. ::9h August !i C.
LobiacK wii be 7 ; v' t4 e i
Auguti 2c0th Ma Tess' Deeices
matriarch of the famous Sor-
haindo t -lbe celebrated her
102nd birthday,

MARTINIQUE: (See supp.)

t, -~----P------

041. A4 1110. :


PaGe. Two THE STAR SaturdaytAugust 29 1,970
The people of Pottersville and Goodwill are continually being subjected to
Uraiecessary hardship in the matter of their water supply and this does not
seem to be disturbing to the authorities in the least for they have taken a
supine-public attitude for granted.
Ever so often, the Goodwill-Pottersville water supply goes or is closed
without notice. In addition, whenever the power supply to these areas is af-
feotod, the water also goes. Please note that I ami not now referring to the
disorganization caused by the passage of the recent hurricane.
The nost frequent cause of the interruption of the water supply has, it is
said, to do with a notor for pumping the water from the dam at Copt Hall. On
several occasions this single motor becomes in need of repairs and then thou-
sands of persons as well as several industries are left without water. In
one case it became necessary to send the motor to Barbados for repairs which
could not be done locally'and it took weeks, during which time there was no
water in'the area, Again, last week, and just before the effects of hurricane
"Dorothy," the Pottersville-Goodwill area was plunged into waterlessness, a
process which was completed soon after with the passage of the storm.
Why has it not been considered necessary to have a standby notor or punp or
whatever it is to take over when there is a breakdown in the main one? Is
there no consideration for the thousands of inhabitants of Goodwill and
Pottersville who are so often distressed by lack of water? Is there no thought
for the urgent requirements of Princess Margaret hospital and of the several
industries in the industrial area which arst have: water for their operations?
Or the danger of fire in the area during the periods whon the water is off?
Does a second machine cost such a fortune that the Governnont cannot afford
it ("Dorinicans have never had it so good" -- Mr. Ducroay) or is this just
plain incompetence and inability to plan? The second nost senior member of
the Government, Mr. Ducreay, should be ashamed at such treatment of the con-
stitucncy which he reprQsents.
There is a looseness,- a slackness and a general purposelossness in the Gen-
cral drift of the Governant which it is difficult to take and no wonder that
people are fed up to thq throat.
As a further example, take the matter of repairs to the streets. It is
clear to all but the authorities that there is something urong in the method
being adopted. Repairs carried out now need repairso'in about six weeks tine
and even the dullest note this. Yet, the Government, ;who have undertaken to
do the work for the Town Council at the Town Council's cxpcnse, seen bliss-
fully unconcerned with the o:ponsive childish ness which in now street repairs
and no one seems able to improve the system, even 'liile the nan in the street
clearly observes that there is something wrong in the whole business. How
much longer can such states of affairs in the various lines of Government
activity go on without our lapsing into barbarism?

I was recently privileged to have a peep of the Opposition Party's Econ-
omic Development Plan front which I quote this rather inteoroesin section:
"The Party regards a canning factory as a high priority on the list of econ-
ohic developnmet needs and sinco'private enterprise has not been willing or
able to establish such a factory, this will be regarded as infrastructure for
agriculture and undertaken by a Freedom Party Govcrnnont."
A dynamically novel approach, I must say, compared with the penny-pinching
and self-balancing att-itide adopted by some people, particularly a certain
section of the local press.
I think I can see the point. Infrastructure is not a C-roction of the na-
tional outlay in which it is easy to make any kind of cost-bonofit analysis
in monetary torms. It is taken for granted, and oxperionce supports the vie:w,
that an appropriate infrastructure stimulates the relevant ccononic activity,
giving rise over a period of time to greater benefits than the original cost.
(Concluded on Page Four)

tdcm-^dy. August 29 19y0 T-il STAi z,. _o

"Duo to damage sufforod last Friday, The Dominica Frcodon Party wishes
Doninica Electricity Services is unable to convey its sympathy. to the people
to use its Padu power station where most of Dorinica who have suffered loss and
of the Island's electricity is normally hardship through the passage of hurri-
produced. Repairs are going to take cano "Dorothy." In particular, it of-
approximately two wooks and during this fors its condolence to the relatives
period all consumers are asked to use of Fironan Vivian ITicholas who lost
as little electricity as possible. Air his life in the course of giving as-
conditioners and other large itons sistance to distressed persons.
should not be switched on,, and consunes- The Dorinica Froodon Party sympa-
with their own generating plants should thises deeply with those persons in t-
use then. On this basis, electricity rural areas who have lost their crops,
is now being nade available on a rota particularly bananas, due to the heavy
systeon. .. winds which accompai4oed the hurricane
Consumers to the SOUTH of Roseau and and also to those who must now endure
in an area approxiating. to the Southean hardships nd discorforts as a result
half of Roseau, will have electricity of damage by the hurricane to roads
during'the afternoon of Saturday 29th and bridges or to the disorganization
August, the morning and evening of Sun- of water and poor supplies. It only
day 20th August; the afternoon of Mon- hopes that the Government will deal
day 31st August, the noriiing and even- expeditiously to restore the normalcy
ing of Tuesday 1st September and so on. of life.
Consumers to the ITORTII of Roseau and The Party sends greetings to its
in an area approximating to the Northern mebors and supporters all over
half of Roseau, will have electricity Dominica at this tine and joins with
during the morning and evening of Satum then in hoping for better days to
dcy 29th August; the afternoon of Sun- cone. Please keep up the good work,
day 30th August, the morning and even- We now understand that the Gonoral
inqg of Monday 31st August, the after. Election will be very soon. 499-1/1
noon of Tuesday 1st September and so on.- ..-- --
The morning period will be front HAVE GOVEP~RUiETT "PEnSIONERS; BTriT
7.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., the afternoon FOG O'7 iT.7 ?
period will be front 12430 p.n. to 6.30
The PU.SIiELLI REPORT answers the
p.l., and the evening period will be above qu ion ia
above question inplicily with oh on-
from 6.30 p.m. to nidnigh"t. It is
hoped to supply all consunmrs from id- phatic "fy no nacsi'."
Under the heading 'PRESERVING T~E.
night to 7.30 am.n VALUE OF PIrISIOiS' the report states:
1500-1/1 P.J. KING, "Following the 1965 Salarios Revision
T IAL1IGER, the Governmnnt awarded pensions in-
------ -- -------.. creases with effect from 1st: January,
AFTER DOROTHY by. May 1967, to all poisioners who had ro-
I have grown soft. Uo have now ad tired before 1st January, 1965, thrco-
bby seeking to place officers whQ1o re-
nit it boon able to takO 0cloctricity by.scokinG to placo officord who re-
nt it -w ben able tfor gante, triid he tired before that revisionn in a broadly
and pipe water for granted, ud have
got used to having it around., similar position-ac those who retired
S- after that date on the post-revision
Until I get into a new routine for salaries.
nry'daily chores you'll need to excuse The -Dorinica Pensioners' Ascociation
nc. If you want to cone and pass the has recently petitioned the ~ Prenior
tiie of day you'll find me down by the that in view of the mounting cost of
river. Care to join no? I1ll even living they should have a percentage
lot you use "my" stone.' increase at a variable rate-according
to the amount of their pension; the
.... higher percentages being on the small
pensions and reduced percentages on the higher pensions. The Civil Service
Association proposed (and this is generally accepted nowadays) that pensions
should be kopt in stbC) "vith the risin- cost of living and although aynnts to
pensioners are not within our. terns o0 oforoence wo.i would 11hoD.S ti GOvornmont
would ako stops to oeop pensions broadly in liln w--tlh ncrcasing salxarIesl.
Secretary, D/ca. oen. Assoc.
(The Doninica Ponsioncrs' Association, we understand, is preparing for a delega-
tion to moot the Hon.'"Prenior soon with the view of Cott-ing Governnont-carned
pensions adjusted. Ed. )

Page Four TIIE STAR SaturdaffJ ,AustS 29,1970
AFDROCLES (Continued front Ypag Two)
This is the justification for certain types 6f infrastructure and one can
woll envisage increased agricultural production, saving of produce hitherto'
allowed to waste, and consequent increased private and Govern~mnt inconms as
a result of a canning factory. One of the great drawbacks of Governnent po-
licy in the past has been that no effort has been made to give a stimulus to
agricultural production. Uays and means of so doing must now be sought and
conceived by a new Governoint which, unlike the present one that pins its
hopes on industrialization and nineral exploitation, believes that for a long
time to come agriculture will be the principal activity of the people of this
State, supplemented by tourism and placed on a rational basis by diversifica-
. 41. **** *** * S *****o*** o. ..
I was horrified to read in another section of the local press that our Pro-
nior sees no harm in local butchers selling their beef at $2 per lb. -It is
setange, to say the least, to find support for an increase in the cost of liv-
ing coming front such high places. Moreover, the line of reasoning seers to me
extremely fallacioud. That neat from Australia, thousands of miles away, with
the wages of season, cost ofinsurnace payment of import duties and charges,
all added to the prince cost should retail in the shops' at $1..50 per lb. is no
justification for the meat of the few animals locally reared to be sold at
even higher prices because it is "fresh" neat.
"But the nore important question still remains: How'can-the mass of people
with the present level of wages be expected to be able to buy beef at $2 per
lb.? Or is it being assumed that such people have no right to be would-be con-
sunors of neat? I don't think any Government spoklcsan should be putting such
ideas as to the priceo-of local meat in the heads of the few persons here own-
ing an animal or t-wo. I ca sure, however, that the explanation must be that
the Premier expected what he said in this natter to be kept in the village
where he said it. (There are two or throe aninal-owning voters-there). But in
the Dominica of today information moves more rapidly than namny believe.


Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the post of
Staff Reporter, Broadcasting- Division, Premier's Office.
The duties are as follows:
1. To perform the duties required of a staff reporter similar to that of a
2, To cover najor events for the radio station.
53 Search for local news in the normal way.
4. To be on call to take up assighncnts at short notice. This nay include
voicecast by telephone.
5.To be responsible to the Iows Editor Programue A`,istant.
6. To assist where possible in news compilation ahd presentation.
7. To perform other duties which he nay from time to tine be called upon
to do.
The post carries a salary of $1392 x 72 $1536 x 04 1- 91572 x 96 $2160/
$2280 x 120 $2760 x ilJ- --'3624. This salary will be revised shortly.
Applications stating age,. qualifications. etc. 'should be addressed to the
Secretary, Public Service Coinnission and should roach her not later than the
5th September 1970.
P.S.C. 3/19' E. NICHOLLS
10th August, 1970. SECrITAIZY


__ %

.t~ 9iriffi~ tlg68~p.~ S~BB~J
I ~i~Prt ~.i'g\d~ ~tp -ti~trJ L~rlC
-.-.~-r-. r--u1~--~-s*s -- YC~arCPMIIM-~*~-.r*~W va*am~S~r
.__. ---~~a~a~es*~r r_ "aaauP

Schedule of p rf Certlif'icate of Title and Noting
sreaotn and Ceata: *a-l ia-k ending 22nd day of Aug. 1970 ,
D Requete.d | -,- ';on Presenting Nature of request
I I whether a Certficae
| of Title of Noting
t hereon or Cavea,
Request Oated tbhs Geargp ity j Request for the iaste
4i day of Aug., of a Firs.t rctificate of
W9X by cs'8 *Ui'ser Titie in respect of a
Prsteatd thb 7lth portion of and
&d of Aug., i47. Cilm A.,- Dpig Fny aown as a R ies)dinti!
t 2.25 p m. lot at Pic hlin.
i in Ihe Pa rIt h
"of Si. Patrick, o:ntsri-
irg 1i37 (q and
bounded :u foillo-*s :-
North-West by a PutCkr Road. South-East by lands of Davts
iars-r. North-East by lanud of Davis iaron. South-West by
a Drain separating It from lands of SyJney )no. jules,

Lots available to DOMINICANS

at Special Discounts at

'iE'1, F D "T~
J~ehis111 '



by the beach at MERO.
Small down payment. No interest charge.
~'`~^^ ,r"^

Fteglaru, sOf, 1f70
Reseau, Dominkc, 1970.

Mona Rlgsby James.
Rtgistrar of TitRs,

NOTE : Any person who desires to object to the Issuing of a
CsrtifiCszt of tltle on th above appitction may enter a Cavtt,
i the above office within six weeks from the date of the First
apperanc of this schiadule ii the STAR Newspaper published
in eti Sr.ste or front the date when the notice prescribed by
taw was last served on any owner or occupier of adjoining
iad in respt of which the appltcation is made.

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appeal to people of thought
and action. Ask our Advertisers!





Contact: ROYSTON ELLIS (Car 829)
14, King George V Street, Rosiau.



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The B C pe conists of a balf o0 tet-aroed tungsten Carbide the hardest man-nade metal -
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'I~- ~t

1-~---- ----------- ~ ~R~a -labh a aa

Icro Aix

my parlia-
we.rnIarv co[-
Ikafigues and f were
driv-en frIomn ihe
:hanider of the
Hcuse of Commons
hv two canisters of
:.S. gas thrown from
'hc Stranlge'rs'
GMd3e!y. I can per
l S fify thal
this is an extremely
unacom-fortable Con-
C'Eflo l W er dis-
chi-,rged in a confined
The 2711W,16i WSW.1I. J~pq
as -well have bieen a petrej
bomb, or even a. ha, d
W enace. n4exrt Lime It ItjY
be, S"We any em'ay iacuon
Can Pait a tUl crailer idea
intO M =bu 8laned mind.
Whebe the Puerto VfCWIF
Cuzt )ce In ihe Urdted
btatw COcnrems wlith a
OMMY-V Vso60me Years ago,
we a"l shook our headt an
seAd it couldn't happen here.
No one now reels at anl sure
iatl It can't.

P*NHE; fact Is that
7I quwte a lot oi Un-
UpleaaBarit tin ir P.
ttis couldn't happen here
haie Ween happening- Tf!e
Uardtn H0oue riot at Cam-
baigdez was an enr~pie. WAte
are JUst waklnz &up to :I(
1act that we are in i vi-
World of vlolsnce. anid .ro rW.p
s cuiute sure how %e ou';:
i~i !'eact.
One can react to a
sy"X42C threai X.ith
speclm precaution. I do
Wt a3Og Wat tha the
authe.-rii#Sswi! rink having
two eroded o
DemcheW In th e EMne of
COMMONSa m own up.
CEifter Vl*Wra to the
;Mhuz 5WW7 ~wIll have to
bis vubj-adto a very
efiOelmt ftweb or the
Cam WiMi baxe t o e
fwasted with a muesh
Thtat would have been an
unthinkable precaution even
l few years ago. But this Is
what we have now come to.

Hl Z E I! etlin of
violence is MftCh-
Ins. It, Is r, ,ru1znt
Rncf pvmd~c disease. The
Matt erAch ontrg
Tfitee1ves WR siftdalate some
Miare Xiresmpoidiie people to
trZith amte of YIaIenuee.
iEx"WPIr PT 3VbAn~ ents MiY

in this r u-d

of violence ?


deter some, out the addad
spicvt of martyrdom may
actually onieournage some.
The attitude of the mmas
media pW~ticularly tele-
viston-to these people is
very Importa&n. The more
asin~ieant and interestir
they are made to appea;.,
and the more romantic their
exploits are made to sound.
the more attractive violel;ce
will seem to irlmature or
unbalanced minds

IF Bernadette Dev-
UH Il presented
as of Arc,
instead of belng presented as
what she is (which I will not
specify here), there will be
more and more fiss D)evlins
clutching iricks or petrol
bombs in their hot little
hands on the streets of
And no doubt the HB..C.
will spend more time Inter-
viewing them than the
policemen and Brit~i'b
soldJers (or thilr widows)
who are the victims of their
Vialesiee ts ewaitially
atealeOa. It ifn assia to
eB@pet thet 74% car star
it by resolikyw the

shMwtse at ikakeft ofre

th3i kfSl is we t-sea tS
ttets ~nacfe& ko intS)?-8

lao. G &ka-ale 30fia
have fA, be pi iof
OaMA bfit Wk":"t"
are, a frtk amm W6 a
Vile1ame Wall b~e reitei.
Xt Is, for ezaxnipl, rearC-
able what 1in; di
soule P Leop eI EinMd vflll
go "twed wtvh ofsionve
wevupon&~ too Jw#s t. be
provokedd b1y a ovsslng
T'he more vlalerTa there I:,
the more th;e threlrAt of
vlolence komesp to be Iosed as
a pecullarll nasty ftorm of
blackmail against. tthe cctr-
inunlty. Violetice usi-? o be
thcugft of as the n:ns by
which the' stl,1g e;ssed
or explojt'ml tp W ?c-r Orly
too oft;i now It 1a te3
means by -whieb weak
minorities blackml t2he
niaJority. Witembe"r the
South A'rfcan ericke. t'iur?
Rtemerabxr, too. the series
of airline outrageIs and the
kidnapplngs of Wcr1t!1W
awbsaisaodors In WOWt~
Ameflea. Of raurie. the
authorities ctninot let Mn
innocent man be murdexe
It 1hey can- preVent 1t-4.."._
onte they -4eld. Whb else Is

Taf ? ~ el1S5 .

.rw,%HMFi~E are 1"Im %x;~
the pretaitlon"
virhich Mur th: I&O-IleC7
anid other (.'.hr'T1cs -n
take't to privent Isate'l acts
of stlen;. T
cautions htmw I tc "'r"n.

boccl" for the maze
Wha$ t Wtiemu to hav-,_ k' Vn,-
wnwp iat atiin atr ai

~;he ?At all evantU, Lhe
ltanveutlont we h~vf 'a-k
o~Wev*17d Cov Vt rt_
10 teJ~ Makel B 0 M
work jw~pv erlyre WL-j
dan~erinns k it1TOty o0 xs57
ftift-ed by Cirgani'ved po uri

they cannot% by themxretsi.
cart this dlzease or sto-P i'
spreadirn. 6-ilY th~ m4&
ordinary pwale cani do this..
Wc havne vameh to fsty ff
our way bac& to a .SL
climteW In whith t-~e
thinpa VPre u;nthinribi~e.
Thei crime
boxaf~w ttaeF_7 vls-sMn

fiou.Arkb In the cimae

when a fliaratie Ur Vt,4
ehild,, Y-t take a
sc~le v' ongtras zpJar4

As for 4ffences ag-, ,At
Ptivate vrsy, ie
s4curlhy of vtdch mtted te 4
lirylm- tbCY scarely e, at
r-,Ised eY_;'oW.
USn't it ren401i1:. UlM.s
Wuke lip V1 the IPact te s F
R8Ir ji all In ,~i~e~e

it Vs lsrl-?Ir 0,4r owv' -
cB14,.~hl "sie a~F'Ua

THE, s. ak '34t'Jrd,4.Te, .txrust 28, l9V?




,Saturday, August 2CIjO ThE Sl^ TAi- .., Page 6oven
OT TIE LIGHTER SIDE OF THINGS lay flat on the ground; dams wore
by Si and G jannred; pip-- lno lay completely so-
S- vorcd; brides woro swept away; one
The Epitaph was different. The sit- bridg re s t ay; n
nan badly injured and another nan's
nation called for the chanii No tomb-nl badlyju an continued, but
life lost The rain continuede,F but
stono poetry as'the nCsago. For it very unsure of itself. And people
was.not written, but said, and only the aryun e of itl. And ppl
wind and ears bore witness to the words sws to he a
"God is merciful. We just cannot sur- Dorothys ni# an -ork. People with-
vive the full blast of a hurricaneo" out city and r but filled
The reports on Dorotcly's whereabouts wit-ihopo, But the memory of one dead
undiscovered body swept away during
passed in steadily and were repeated on o r ivlry reain
every, wave-length. The earningss dif- bedded in or nind ay
fcred: first it was Galo, then urri- d i friend i the
ctlll, fnd thick my dear friends is the"
cane. And this wan Wednesday night. thought of the wreek. Sad but tire
rl 0 thought of thi ,e uco.' Sad but t-rao,
here wore sone who had sleepless colourful yet dismal, poetic nevertho-
nights waiting in vain. Thursday ls ghastly. Until nt wok at thick
opened with an overcast sly hiding the sas tiul and Uthe sne newsprint -
blazing sun, and a cool wind :entrly and n w- -
this is Si and G vis1i11-ne you all the
toying with the atmosphere. But still i o
S. safest ubc'tc
the warnings persisted and thc. reports safest bst... ..
bogan to grow alairrin. adios wore
brought to work, and Tracking Charts Mdar .....
lay across dok as everyone roew more t uIO ITS NuD sAVICE
alert. No, not everyone. There were that seen suposdly
Responsible Trade Union leaders lead
sone who laughed at hce whimns of the their members round the town like sheep
adults, scoffed at'the growing nervous- to the laughter because while E-
ness of the elders,, fcbuked the falter-ployers clain that the cost of living
ings of the "panicky,, and smiled has gone up .3, ty insisted on a
warily at the matter-of-fact voice of cost of livi inc of O. us
the announcer. workers who still have sono sense o nnt
And then the rain started. It did to know the follohins:
not cone pattering on the rooftops like t or
*(1) Will Governnont repeal the Trado
nervous fingers. It cane in steady but )
Disputes Act since it has been pros-
relatively light torrents. Sonrtinos tituts c' nc t has b
thore was alullbut before seconds had tud for years by Euployers and
ticked awvay, it was there again showing lately U action?
no norcy, giving no quarter, simply (2) As a loader o public opinion,
driving everyone to the shelter of does the Press support the recent
driv Watrfront Union stupid doinstration
their honso. The wind got chilly, Waterfront U-ion stupid denotra1ion
their homes. The wind got chilly, (or is this too political at proCsonit?)
freezing the rarrowrs and forcing the. and
body to seek cover'under the blanket. (3) :ehon ill workers learn to be-
But some stayed.up, for the reports wre of political trade union loaders
wore terrifying: Prepare thyself for and their grand-s-tage shows (or are
thou art in her path. 'We slopt and Antiguan worker noro sensible than
drearot; woke and'dozod, whilst the wind ourn?

noanod all night, lightning blazed an
endless series of white'trails and the
rain dru-nod its mnssagg on the roof-
tops persistont3y. Ue tossed about,
sat up for a few seconds and then back
to bod.
And as we slept the friendly river
slowly turned into a w`rathful giant
rising higher and high-ci whilo its
waters boiled with fury-,, taking down-
tons of silt and debris in their nad
rush. The sound was deafening. The
bridges trnebled beneath the weight;
the concrete oinbar.ilent fought to hold
its own, but the loose carth crunblod
into a million grains of dust as the
river overflowed its hains.
The toll was groat: telephone poles

Perlit no 'to advise all worckrs,
including Civil S6rvico Associati(
noibers and loaders, that if they take
tine off -6 study D'iTUU they will coo
dedication, sincerity and justifiable
stubborncss on principles. They-will
also see that the loadorship has, front
the Union's beginning, kept away from
Party Polities, Unions liko that have
far to go.

C.L.R. JAI.ES is now a Professor at Fed-
oral City Colleoce, U.ashington D.C. in
the Hunanitics Dopt: history & literatio
- ospecialjly about Black people.

'*% '."i-


? ArtkBr H. Cptpta
a Al 64), bp&ys anmd Nbla-

f-eass' g6d in ats prit.
'%sv middle life ead his
seta probehiy mscrawhs.a
.r middle lih.. But i dens
ald0e liiwiame to beiI iahe
I"tateref a p!. man. '1Th
svanis ad ditsIline as
O't1, ta.t star8if e and
*uflf mai sP. id iC.SSt ta-
.isie aed pleagrtes of m@ .
?yo1, ais tlissaes asd

'1e fir thmcSb wiih hi0
A uoI para to 6brfEg a hi e* ;
-arte #ed of his soult Havirs I
swe thus prFdestl4, what
iail NaMure do with biicn)
ntihRbilat iWe? W at I

tmSi tihe da? Y are l sba, hwet ps sBftrtgtal 3 sejnst
tz% v Cireiuily scrutisiaed, we w.avU rasie aiE s oa 2 mst
rItM's nergiee aro gemra5 towa-rvd w disng iwitbis di'a*-
S-remelZs Insp Z-i dof di, th tbefla iooH dal! y v ramidina Mas
es i here ic sn otS lerac.
'7a have Dot and wil Eayr geT artiamad io tEtv
l-zese within as d0tae is ailt itwl ins inci tas. it iv?.
a otaond in tkr pre;e nr. of a deao l-aved ',in weseaese
Ar'se keoay the hurt of tis rysuwriouss monssnter
Man has pelred throghtb
Law-ay inndows iis pi.rirEsm I
-; sE es Wos later s0l sshao s
Mao'. Stafetie is L35 se sit' i.'
ie reMga some asarente 'A ,,t
;eantanlity, but the acitnist
h*e o sE tle ow ats ds s S tTARW
.. sarl iawfia vsihs& W& kwi~flI

26, Bath Road. P'seau, Dcmz
Cable: S:a-. Dozrnica
Tel : Printer- 2691. Editor 2

Coi:u, Turner i Lcndon Ltd.
;22 Sha-csburty Ae. W L,

A nriiu SubscripFiorn
De!'very Rosesu $5.00
Country Post $M.00
tc. an address in world :
$7.60 EC i U.S. $4.00)
U K. .3. 15S.
Africa l6. 101.
U.S. A. $8 00 U. S.
C',a dda $g.O0 Can,
B. W. I $8.12 E,C,

!n Ihis connection ii is uteresiing to iqum': jusi one sentience
:m! a new Viet Nam ijf w which re;Iads. '"Th press sail not bhe
i:1 lo insult the PresiJcd t aid ViC-PrcsVIeiof tith Repblic of
ei1tl N:-m or their Suc:.::,'s "

i U)oe on to li: i na n'mbr i oi ('her pcrsIlns
uti evoivone in public office who r.iust nit s.
.n he r language "insu'. means criti-';.


covering just
be in-sultud by


" kca ( a

3" ..o. vi, s w'r-tr ateons, ",
S f it fdr ic' r'. c 4Z a u r- ,a f

SA year ag-o he left us ;
SSueh'1 torment and Mt u ch paiZn, r
F15 Each day we say :if itf & must, .
Earth's loss but Hiavevn s gain. 4
9- rn? hr..',; i er-lort:irj paree's, ,
b iot) e-r and sisters

Dae Requnted Pernon Presenting' Na re of rean
Schedul:A of 0p! ic.o for A. Ce.g-tfatz of ?itCr a ,-iij.N:',

whether a Crt-'i
of tiine of N'.,7
- I___ thereon or C' Tlt.
Request dated lte Clemarce. Pascal tques' I-t r the igt.s
15S' day of A' g.. of a Firs Cem'cAu o.
19;0. y x r Soicitor Title in o 'reiec: pi' a
Prcscnted he ;:4th por r A o. n l
(da of Aug.. '9?Q, Cilria A. Dur.gnvy at Ri | c .rc C
at. .45 po S. n 1 P -
ing I a yr a";
houndrc 'lo' -
North by PRver Ml aauti. South by a Chff Eart by lana of
Browne Cai.nir V/est by land o janire George.

4- .A

RtgIstrar' Off c,
Roseau, Don-.nka. :970.

'Before I agree t. ':.,k: t: e iob, ju:-t hrow long will it
be before I' rrt promoted to a de4-k job?"

Mon 'r si' y 7'i T ,
Re t.'f a o' ,t .

NOTE: Any pers::n who desires to objecr t t'. tch ssu': r' f a
Certificate of t:i! e n the ab;e applcattAior rm e'ln'-r 3aCa've"t
in the hbove oFi.e 'vithir sx weeks ifrm the dare oir t;:et Frst
appearance ,of this s herile inr tbh STAR Newspp ub! hs.d
In this State or f-or the date wheni the' notice p;resicbed by
law *bs last served on any owner or occupir c f adicnig
land In respect oi which the appliretio is rmade.
L. -. -*-** ..---- --]:



AR! the 'rPfi .1f the St. Martin Schrol Por P-rirat ; r
and VocCtent t Za.sres nre asked teo pa their sch..:
teen caiV tihe Scil office between Septinmber It .rl d
September Biih .
Duet tQ nv'rcrtow.Ted clkas.rc'ar tterc .i1 be i;;
RECIS RAY i' f or new pupils for the Post Pri-
mary !a~ V.ciionaS C'lases.
Thetr-tiH t! b rm trpartion for the "nf.nt Ciasses |
onr Friday ar.' Sadtday, September 4th and 5bh.
493-/2 I

SmuraC, August 29, 19'70 THE STAR Page Lino
"e of a l" is hw a The new post of Professor of Law at
"The chance of a life" is hw University of the est Indies in
young British teacher sees hor forth- Barbados will nDen both a chance'and a
coning tour to study educational no- ar l lph Carnegie, a
thods and general environment in the challenge for 1-. alph Carnegie, a
thods and general nviro n in the Jamaican who sailed from Britain aboard
West Indis.the "Goosthlaven" which is duo at
iass Christina Barritt is naiing Bidetn nxt Su .
the tour under a Fellowship awarded by orthe t s years, Mr. Ra
the Winston Churchill Ionorial Trust. Carnegie of Janaica has been teaching
Carnegie of Jcuiaica has boon teachiing:
Sho will visit in turn Barbados, law to bou t ty students at Jesus
Antigua and St, Lucia (but not, unfr- law to bout taty students at Jesus.
ntiua and St Lucia (but not, unfor- College, Oxford, under the University's
tunately,, Doninica),,, after pending tutorial syston. In Barbados, he ill
about two weeks each in Guyana and be one of two Professors in the now Law
Tri nidad. Faculty responsible for the education
"'I chose the Wes^t Indies because a
lot of the children I teach'were born about students in the fist
there or their parents wcre" she siyear, rising to about 300 after three
there or their parents were,11 she said. year
"I thought it would be interesting tos ad ts.
see their background and get a better Although te ching mtods and t
understanding of the problems that facee slaw bu will be different in B e aosi
thon when they nove to a new country. E ih C n Law. The chl-
I know that other teachers will be ver? to nlih Comon L. Te
keen to har What nge lies in the fact that this is a
oeen to hear Wthat I learn, -D
completely new faculty.
A Saturday night morality play at Lord Constantine, known to the
the Jehovah's Witness Convention at the cricketing world as "Mr. West'Indies,"
Govcrxiunnt School Goodwill promises to Grenadian-born Dr. David Pitt, Carib-
be both Christian dnd candid, bean writers and sporting personalities
The nodern-dross generation cap dra- eminent in Britain are featured in a
na is titled 'Who Needs Your `oelp?' and book just published in Britain.
deals with the problems facing all of h .. n n Br ;
us today, including the so--called New hcboo Britin
ioral-ty. which Lord Constantino is also the
SP ditor, is primarily intended to help
Uitnom spokesnanz Pal Ondcjko says .
the. play will not boat around the bush. imnigrantscsottle happily in Bricain.*
"It's very frank" he said hc-nd deals It has special praise for West Indian
very openly with all aspects and va- writers,, saying: "Io single group of
riat:ions of sex." authors writing in the English langua
has loft a nore dictinictive nark on
'Saving the Human Race in the has lft aorctiv ar
Zingdon WayU on Sunday August 30, 3PM. English literature since the Second
Will be the main talk given by B.F. World War than has the active and va-
lickoo, district supervisor of Jehovah's riod col.lbction of authors front the
Witnosscs in the Leeward islands and English-cspoaing Caribbean."
Doninica. ContribuLt6'd. ''- This fascinating book dreas with
*.. any subjects. Its potted history of
BRITAINtS TOURIST DOO1' the British people nakes the point
Britain's tourist boon continues that'they have always been a*nmi:od
with the prospect of a record 7,000,000race, fron the 'Glts, Angles, Danes
visitors for 1970. London, with its and Saxone onward, and that successive
coromonial and tradition, its art waves of i:nnigrants have been success-
gallories, theatres and concert halls, fully absorbed.
continues to be the .ain attraction. ("Living in Britain," 687 pages,
INDUSTRIAL ADViSiERTi -TAYS ON Virtue and Co. Ltd., OcoanHouse
ir, Worner Vooth, untfo `dlTY'aons Little Turley Lulai London, E.C.4.
InduStrial Developnmon Or ga-isation Ex-. ..rc...e ..-O..*... ..
port, completed a thr io nonth assign- APATHY WOS,1, TILUf VIOLENCE-"The Hindus
nont in Doninica and -reoaind. for always say apathlZy is far worse than vio-
lene, because violence ca always tur
an additional nonth at Govcrnuent's reo- t iA ioh ic always turn
quost. He who has beer advising small saructiy actio.f, but apathy is a kIn
a in uie.. of awful sw amp in which we wallow until
local industries, we're pulled out of it." CH T
IiH 1OOD. "

Pago Ton THE STAR S aturdilays, August 29J 19/70(
The Caribboan Employers Confedera-
Applications are invited front suit- tion will be holding a scninar on Hion-
ably qualified persons, for appointnen day 14th and Tucsday 15th September,
to throd (3) vacant posts of Clerical 1970 in Doninica.
Officer, National Provident Fund. VENUE: The Catholic Social Centre
TIME: 9.00 a.nm. opening
Particulars of the posts are as T E ..Labour/hnagonent Rlationhi
foll :- THEME: Labour/I h'nagemorient Relationship
follows:- a^SEasss:
SALARY: Salary is at the rate Mr. Gas.ton Donjanin (C.C.L.)
of $1,680 peo annun in Mr. C.A. I.aynard (Porn.Soc,-Hono Affairs)
theo'scale $,1680 t 120 Mr.Darnlcy Loeics(B/dos.Enp.Confoderation)
2,400 x) 180 3,300 MrsoDiana I-ahhabir(Caribbean Employors
x 224 3 $3,7803, with Confederation)
incrcnontal credit for Mr. Leon Io Sang(Janaica Enp.Foderation)
additional subjects CONTRIBUTIOH:II4orbors $15.00 per person
over and above the en- .Non-nonrbors $20.00 per person
try requirements. All interested porbons are asked to
contact the Doniiica Employers Fod'ra-
OUALIFICATIONS: G.C.E. "0" Level Pa- tion P.O x 201 Telephone No. 2314.
sos in Englich Lan- 502-1/P Tele e N.
guaCo or I'thinatics 502-1/


or two other Approved
Leave and leave pass-
ages will be granted
in accordance with the
Civil Service General

SApplications giving full details of
qualifications should be submitted to
-the Director, National Provident Fund
and should reach hin not lator than
1st Septonbor, 1970.
H. 17/30/02
24th August, 1970
G.157, 503-1/1


Well, Never Hindi


Cone to L'Ayo Ca Fete

-Where it Swings All Iiight,
Every NightI

Recently a $26,000 contract was
signed between Governnont and Doninica
Construction Company (ilr. Jack Roy6r)
for the construction of foundation,
floors and draiac of a Portsnouth Se-
condary School. Date of completion -
19th October.

First to get pay increases on tho
Governnont Payroll are going to be the
non-cstablished workers front appron-
tices, watchmon and all grades of
skill to supervisors, and these will
draw their backpay (th 'incroaco is
back-dkted to January 1, 1970), plus
5% on their 1969 earnings, during the
third week in'ceptonbor. According to
a GIS release, the increases range
front 33 1/ t'o 66% over existing
rates. Tho-loio-st rate for tun-
skilled fonalo s is and
the highost hourly. rate (thighy
skilled eoployooes) is $1.92: Super-
visors of the latter group get front
$408 to $456 p.nonth and the poor old
clerical assistants, watchnon and
tinekeoperus' scale is from $112
through $1"60 to $224 p.m. The 5%, on
1969 earnings alone i8 calculated to
cost the taxpayer $90,000. Thoes
categories of workers deserve their
increases but it would be less suspect
if they had received these bonuses two
years ago whon the Governnont was in
nidtor -- not a nonth or two before
an election'f."

The Mi-niStor for irado and Industry,
Mr. Ductoay, left on 26th August for
Caracas, Venezuela to attend a noting
of Windward Islands Governnont repre-
sentativos with personnelof the firm
tPapelera Industriale,' which will
probably set up a banana box nanu-
facturing plant in St. Lucia at a
cost of $5 million,

Saturday, August 29~ 970: THE STAR Paj L~evce
Applications are invited front suit-
ably qualified persons for the post of I an a Mother who is living in on
Record Librarian/Typist, Broadcasting of the villacne of the Northern Dis-
Division, Premier's Office. trict who have .two girls attending one
The duties are as fol-.ous: of the Secondary schools in Roseau for
1. To keep accurate records of all the last two years, who is deeply on-
discs and tapes belonging to Ra- courated with the reference that An-
dio Doninica. drocles made with regard to thq urgent
2. To catalogue all such tapes and need of-a SecondaIy school in the
discs, properly indexed for easy Northern Dcstrict, in the Dordnica Star
reference, of Aug. 15th. This Secondary school in
3. To be responsible for the "traf- the North would help to ease and
fic" of the station; that in- lighten the financial pressure that is
ludes handling requests direction us at present in Roseau where o-v
ing the discs and tapos to the children boarding and lodging.
ppropria actions r use at The reason why we the parents and
pth e required tinos ad to be rt gardians in the hiorthern District are
ponsieei for the return to the sending our children to Rosoau, is be-
record library. cause we are ambitious and want then to
4 To ais in grow intelligently and educationally as
4. To nsist in Conoral typing work,
Sespciay ncroon typing work. uch as they can, so that they can be
especially newroom typing work. tken s clerks n the various Fir
5. To perform other dutiess ma y and laes cof sin te various Firmes
*fron tine to timJe arieo and places of'businces as cnployees
from time to time arie.e,
The post carries a salad -f $1392 after they have left school, and become
a 72 $1536 x 84 $1572 x 96 $216/of ago to worth 'for themselves and edrn
$22o0 x 120 $2766 x 144:- 53624. their livelihood. Jo are trying our
Thic' salary will be revised'shortly, best to help our children, not that we
Applications stating ago, qualifica-hav 'the noney (cone people in this Is-
tions, etc. should be addressed to the land, will always state that the pcopio
Secretary, Public Service Connission, of the North have plenty of money?) We
and should reach her not later than ave simply trying to do our best..
the 5th September, 1970. Madame Editor, the erection of a Se-
condary school in the Northorn District
E, ITICGOLLS would bring joy and Sladness to us af-
SEC1LTAJiY ter it has boon built. There are non
PUBLIC SERVICE COirIGGION and women in Rosoau who takdo'iit as an
PS.C, 3/19- opportunity to naao money when riany Jc
10th August, 1970. our children who are boarding; and lodg-
G.152,489-2/2 10 ing with them are poorly fed, annd not
........9/ given the right diet at all. Midan
Dear da Editor, Editor, Ewhat the iinistor of Education
IN P .AISE O .F AID~OCLES is doing? He had ten years to prect a
The "Star" is fortunate Socondary school in the Northern Dis-
The "Star" is fortAunate in having t f
Androclcs as its Leader Uriter; he is trict for us' lid never nado su effort
a rriter of discernment; writos objec- to do so* .ho 1inistor of EduCation
tively, no words was-ted, no irrelo- will never ive us this school, in
ve.ncios. I road his article care- throoe to four nontls froa ndw, for at'
fully, with real inter-cst, the end of such a short space' f tine,
Iis first paragraph of 'Aug. 1st is our Now Candidate will take his scat in
particularly to the point. The public th now H of as a F o
of Doninica must vote or hold their Party Moebor, UoQ have our Now Candi-
peace it goes without saying that date to put in the chair for opr oloc-
Doninica nay learn front other States; trial district who will be noeo syn-'
learn front the days of the Past. Sone hathetic to help us with our hildrcn.
States have fallen into th6 trap of "his and many other roasons explain
prejudice. A cardinal sin, a dirty why we want a cangO .o- .'WU: put our
word. Congratulations to Androcles. backs to thb t nal :0 gio ve r ~
CandLdana a chanced
I.- ---'-. --.-Ap- -- *. -e *^ -I A. ,

Pago Itig)JE


,IY-r- --- -- -..
Applications are invited front suit-
ably qualified persons (nalo) for the
post of Field Manager of the Doninica
Banana Growers' Association.
qualifications required are as
follows :
A Degree in agriculture with extensive
post-graduate experience in agricul-
tural extension work. Applicants
should-not be older than 45 years by
Soptomber 30th, 1970.
The Field Manager i-ll be rospon-
sible to the General IIanagor for all
the field operations of the Doninica
Banana Growers' Association. He will
be required to liaise closely with the
technical staff of WIIBATI, to inter-
prot information front this source, to
decide upon its applicability in the
current situation and to inplnment new
or revised technique in a practical
manner. He will also be required to
be in frequent and intimate liaison
with Governnent's Division of Agricul-
tirro in order to exchange information
and as far as possible co-ordinate
services of the growers.
Appointment will be on a three (3)
year contract in the first instance
Salary will b6 fixed within a range
of 89,600 to $12,000 per annur depen-
dent on qualification and experience,
with gratuity and completion of satis-
factory sorvipoe
Travelling, subsistence and Leave
arrangements will be in accordance
1i4- 4 l 4ti

STAR Saturday, August 29, 1970
Applications are invited front suit-
ably qualified person. (nale) for the
post of Boxing Plant Superintendent of
the Dominica Danana Growers'
The Boxing Plant Superintendent
will be responsible to the Field 1-4.
nager of th6 Doninica Banana Growers'
Association, for the efficient opera-
tion of all the Association's Boxing
He should have extensivee field mana-
gorial experience and a practical know-
ledge of Agriculture with particular
respect to bananas.
Appointncnt will be on a three (3)
year contract in the first instance.
Salary will be fixed at $7,200.00
per annum with gratuity on completion
of satisfactory service.
Travelling, subsistence and travel
arrangements cill be in accordance
with Governnont regulations.
Applications should be addressed to.
the Chairman, Doninica Banana Growers'
Association and should reach hirl not
later than SGpt-onbor 30th, 1970.
27th August,1970 R.F. ARMOUR, Esq.,
49 -1/3 CHAIRMAN.


WVT. t uvuu-Ill g.,..,V.. The Extra Hkral Department of the
Applications should be addressed to University of the Iclst Indies is offer-
the Chairman, Doninica Banana a Four Ilonth'l Course in the Prin-
Association and should roach him not ciples and Practice of Social Work,'
later than 30th September, 1970. The Course will be held at the SociaL
Welfare Training Contime, U.W.I., liona
27th August,1970 R.F. ARHIOUR
h497-173 CAI-AiPdIUI* from January to April, 1971.
SThe Course is deocinod to noot the
nocs of persons iworlAng in the broad field of Social Wolfare either as
professionall workers or as voluntary workers in rocognised agencies but
who have not had professional social welfare training.
Applicants should ni-rally have had three or more years oeporience, but
special consideration wiLl be given to persons who are being prepared for
specific jobs,
Application foris and particulars nay be obtained front the Ministry of
Hone Affairs.
Applications nust be submittod on the proscribed forns to the Ministry of
Hone Affairs not later than 15th Soptember, 1970.
FILE NO. : H 17/39/06 C.A. 1IAYiTAR)
G.156 Permanent -S'cretary,
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Supplement (i) HE ST STA saturday, August 2~ 970
FOOTDALL; The thirty-sik volunteers of Pebble
The 1970 Football Season is due to Hill Prosbytorian Church, Now Yorhk,
start in just over a woek frori today left Doninica for the United States on
and, as promised in an earlier issue, Aug. 27. They were engaged during the
Starsports takes a brief look around past six wocks in painting the Red Cross
the Clubs. HQ, part of-Princoss Ilararet Hospital,
Let's start with the 1969 League the Resident Modical Officer's Quarters.
Champions Spartan.. Can Spartan achieve the Mental Home and Ilarigot Hospital;
the double? They completely dominated and did a fine concrete job in the
the League last season and seen all set Anglican Church.
to defend their crown with a wealth of In appreciation of their services
talent and an array of starts. Lennox the 1~inister of-Education and Health
Emanuel, 1969 Footballor of the Year, gave then a plaqpe bearing the coat of
led the Club to its last season's win: arms of Dominica,: and they received
then there's Clem John, a superb played other souvenir gifts from those they
with a deadly left foot who'll be lead-had aided.
ing the club this season: with John
and Emanuel spearheading the attack I CIVIL SERVAITTSI TEIPORRY ACCEPTAITCE
and stalwart custodian Phillip Ilorsford ollowin an abortive meeting with the
between the bars, it nay owll be that [premier on account of the Clerical Off-
we shall see Spartan taking the honoursicers' refusal to accept the Salaries Re-
again. Tough competition may be ox- vision recommendations the Prenie sug-
pected from last year's knockout Champsgested arbitration by a third party -
Celtic United who have becn busy with the General Bdy of the C.S.A., in support
serious practice throughout the month f the Clerks and considering also the
and appear very fit. They are being taxpayer, met last weel and overwhe6n-
led by stonewall island defender Henry ingly passed a resolution accepting the
Jno.,aptisto and he'll bo having .the present salaries offer as an interim
nidTield support of 'llurphy, e man measure only~ pending immediate re-neg-
who never gives up, the splendid head otiation of the minimum salaries of the
of young Jarvis and the s'ill and ap- lower-paid civil servants: at the same
titudo of Aisles. Hoyl Coltic could time the resolution recommends(that the
have got it made and they have no in- 57 retroactive payment on 1969 salaries
tcrtion of losing the Knockout Trophy. be deferred and the sun held against a
Look out for Saints the aspiring final settlement of the salaries problem.
Club built round a wealth of youth The resolution was sent to the Premier
.zifxo with the experience of five is- T
idwith te expert e oa week ago, In Their covering letter it
land boys keeper Roy illiams, dofen-is pointed out that the lower-paid civil
der IcDonald Roberts, nid-field men servants' demands could be met out of
SDoctrve and strierands could be me ou
oinnon & Docrove and srins- the total sun voted already by a redist-
lcy Charles. They are nissin- four of ribution "in a noro equitable manner".
ribution tin a mere ec!uitable mannor.:
last season's players but have instead It also states that ;the amount returned
ncw boys like Alick Charles (SI3i). Allto Governuent from Civil Svants s:lar..
in all if they can clicg k together as ies in the form of ILcone-Tax will exceed
a team they have great proscpcts. Old by far the annual payment of any i:
stalwarts Blackburns have a deal of c s r t
pr e ld by creases over the present scales." '.he
promise, some bright youn-'boys led by inferences about the proposed huge in-
-, inferences about 'ho -roposed huge in-
L-onry Dyor and Honry '11luin, and the
enrry Der and enriy Lluin, and,. the creases in the Supor Grades (including
young 'uns include lToorian Dorival plus ,whisky money) are veiled.-- but one can
hobinson & LoBlanc late of DGS, They read be n the lines
have their eye on the Chanpionship. In a me ing ntativos
In a moctinr with ioprosontativo of
Enoralds are building up and they the ind l u s 'T WA
oqu the industrial unions, 'DTUe WAJs a: DA-U,
still have old hands Coc:- -a.ocquo .
still have old hands CcI ,,ocqu, on Wednesday this week, the CSA obtained
Cordon Mondosiro and Cuirtis Augustus
Cordon ondosire and .-Cur Augustus unanimous support for their action over
as foundation of a fine team. Santos the clerical icers problem.
the clericaDl o0ficors problem.
having stopped Spartan in the knockout -
last year have their eye on that trophy. Then Crusaders have reshuffled their
players and overcome their lack of finesse; with. ilanc-' defender Mike Elwin they
should be a tough proposition. Newest club is Harlem Iovers from Nowtown: made
up front drop-outs front other clubs and some keen school leaves, Oliver Joseph
is CanPtain and there are some. -ood names but no roon to mention them this wook.
2H FREEDOM PARTY has askedd Mr. Stevens in a letter what he is doing to safeguard
i-9alth during this perio- Hospital toilets are not flushing they suggest the
1_re Brigade can flush the sower manholes near the Hospital. Stovons said "Thank.

ci rL

by Our Special Co-respondent Current meeting of the House will
Pierre Lucctto be held at the Court House,Roaeau,
Just a few words in nidde of and not Govt.HQ at 10 a.m. on 10
Just a few words in tho e lddloro Sept. (Thursday **Speakers and
filing asrist 6th tinique Clerks from abroad have left the
urricany 2st arrv 2 p.d She trat e State. The last three to depart were

kindly the South o0' the Island;but involved in a car accident en rmte
kindly the South o. the Island~bu t the airport: a Bahamian woman
when at 3 o'clock she reached our the airport: a Baamian oman
chief city she ;ot angry and in a u.elegate was cut in the eye and
fow minutes broke -he main bridges taken to Princess Margaret Hospitl.
of -the two rivor8 Riviere Madame & FROM HOBBY TO INCOVME
Riviere Monsieur, each at one end This most useful course sponsored
of Fort do France. T2he bridges fell by Social Welfare and run by the
down in the river bod,actinC as bar- Extra Mural Dept. was quite an ex-
riers and the waters changed their citing achievement. The tutors(vho
course; in 2 hours the streets of worked without pay) Mrs. G.Nassief,
the town overflowed uith rapids, 2 Messrs. T.Miller VSO & D.Gallop VSO,
yards high and over, breaking and and Dr. ialler, tried to develop
carrying ovorything in their path. skills leading to self-employmett
Dorothy left town and uont up all of young people. The costs naturally
the north of the island, causing ran rather high (SOC.WELFARE contri.
landslidessmashing noro bridges sad uted $100); thus the public can aid
flooding all our rivers. A quick this fine venture by visiting the
survey at 10 am Friday showed : main stand near the Market Place Wvere
roads cut, half of the telephones finished products by students will
broken, no waterpipos valid for the be on sale, Saturday (today a.m.)
South of the Island. One house in between 9 and 12 noon,
throo safe in'Fort do F. suburbs.
On Aug. 24., after departure of LETTERS ETC. RECEIVED
the Minister of Overseas Departments, We warmly thank the many readers who
who flew specially front France last wrote in or telephoned in Tpprecia-
Saturday (Hr. RAY), we count 55 dead tion of the fact that the STAR was
people; in Town 800 faiilics corn- the only Dominica newspaper published
pletely without cans; for the whok during last (hurricane) week-end,
land 5,000 hones devastated. Gros particularly our friends from Ports-
ilorne & St. Joseph badly hit on mouth who, 'thanking God for having
the East oast, St. Ilarie & Marigot. spared us so well, Portsmouth not
Mr. Pompidou sent personal aid of having been touched in the least"
10 million O.Francs, the Prime Min- were grateful for "the only news
ister 10 millions also and Govt.has issued on Saturday 22nd to enlighten
roted 50 million Forcs. All thei our public with some longed-for
ArrxyAir, Police Forces are invol- information." Well, thank you too.
ved in the fight to put back life ,
into its normal state. Aime Cesaire ROSEAU TOWN COUNCIL
organized a IIQ of workmen in the During this week's session, Councill-
Fire HQ; bulldozers are cleaning, or Sorhai ndo moved a resolution ask-
the city. And Police have to fight ing for an extra Bursary for a school
against thieves and "voyous" who child; this was passed. The Council
have a good time shop-broaking.The already gives two Scholarships,
banana plantations did not suffer Councilor Hon. R.O.P. Armour hav-
so much,being far front the Port; ing missed some ten meetings;and not
the roads are sevcreX cut. None- having attended for 3 consecutive ones
theless the weather turned fine and the fact wis brought to the notice
we have enough water to push out all of Chairman bernard Cools-Lartigue,
this mud from our houses. I was as according to the rules this should
alone in town and saw cars floating mean the Member should forfeit his
driverless. ity furniture floated seat. The Chairman said he would re-
but I saved my miasi~ upstairs..* port to Council on the matter,A bill
Martiniquans seeoling independence for $300 legal Counsel fees in the
should learn discipline from the recent Town Clerk case was queried
powerful French Army and stop talk- by the two Freedom members of the
ing so much. Saw our young people Opposition. **** *** ~:e
watching their parents clearing mud Nxt5 fiooY6-'" C'IOLERA -front page).

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